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Harness Racing’s Greatest Day, featuring the Hambletonian  Final and Hambletonian Oaks Final

Doors open 10 am with first post at 12 noon

$5 admission includes commemorative 97th Hambletonian Hat for adults & kids. Click here to purchase admission and promenade seating


STAKES (purses estimated)

  • $1 Million Hambletonian
  • $500 Hambletonian Oaks
  • $400,000 Peter Haughton Memorial
  • $400 Jim Doherty Memorial
  • $300 John Cashman Memorial
  • $275,000 Cane Pace
  • $275,000 Sam McKee Memorial
  • $175,000 Lady Liberty
  • $175,000 John R. Steele
  • $90,000 Shady Daisy

Hambletonian Sponsors

Guarantee your spot to dine and watch an epic day of stakes races on Saturday, August 6, 2022.


  • Center of the action with front row seat to Victory’s giant screens. 2- and 4- top tables and VIP couches available.
  • Opens 10:00 a.m.
  • Price acts as credit towards sports bar food purchase.
  • Reservation valid through end of live racing.


  • Table for 4 near the Winner’s Circle
  • $100 per table – price is a credit towards cafe food and drink purchase

Click here to purchase Cafe and Lounge dining

West Tent Dining:

  • Tent has great views of the track and finish line
  • $48.95 per person (excludes tax and gratuity)
  • Menu features brisket, beef sliders, mac & cheese, salads and dessert
  • West Tent Menu
  • 201-TheBigM for reservations

Trotters/West Deck Dining/Pink Dining:

  • $55.95 per person (excludes tax & gratuity)
  • Dining rooms open to Trotters members, horse owners with horses in to go Saturday, August 6
  • These 3 areas feature the same menu which includes boneless ribeye, Atlantic salmon, chicken piccata and a variety of salads and desserts
  • Pink Menu | West Deck Menu | Trotters
  • Call 201-TheBigM for reservations


Guarantee your spot to dine and watch an epic day of racing.


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