Race Reviews

Race Reviews For June 25, 2022

Race Review by Dave Brower



1I'M A BIG DEALGot real good all of the sudden and dug in like a champ to hold on last week. Gets another crack in the final here for $30K and will be the one to catch. Especially in a daylight race. Would be hard to leave out.
2THULHURSTSANTANNA AGets a key inside post here, so that will allow him to just ride the rail and try and keep up. IF they mix things up, he could come up with a move late. Not totally out of the question.
3ON THE CARDS NLiked him in that spot last week, but so did everybody else, so we got the worst of it, price-wise. Plus, he didn't win! He raced well, but not enough to go by #1. Will it be any different this week? Maybe not.
4CAVIART LUCAThat was some flying finish he uncorked to roll by late in round one. So, one division was won on lead, and other was from off pace. Which do we expect tonight? In the daylight? I usually lean towards the speed.
5PASS-GRILLED BEACHI know he raced well in round one, even after missing some time. But this is a very tough bunch, and they can't all be favored. Get a fair price, IF you think he upsets the applecart.
6MARK WITH A KWent from awesome one week, to empty the next. I hate when that happens. So, against these finalists, he has to be considered a longshot from an outside post.
7WHOLE LOTTA LOUPoor Lou now owns three straight seconds, all lost in photos. Yes, he was digging in gamely last week. Maybe he didn't see #4 on the far outside? Sometimes that happens. Will have to deal with #1 early now.
8SHNITZLEDOSOMETHINGood old Shnitz had a tough trip in his Big M comebacker. Do note that he held pretty well! But, how's he going to overcome this post? I don't have the answer for that one.

Top Contenders: 7-4-3-1

Driver Choices: Yannick Gingras 4 over 8



1BIG CITY PEARLWasn't a real big threat in her first go here last month. But, it was still a nice, acclimating mile. With the short field, she's guaranteed to pick up some shipping money. Let's see how much!
2HERCULISAI think we all remember her explosive burst past Atlanta here a few weeks ago. She was good again in the second Graduate leg. Couple weeks off. Maybe a less-than-stellar comebacker. But, they were prepping for this.
3CINDY MICHELLEHer last few here have been strong. So, I now consider her a better fit for this series. I do wonder what the gameplan will be tonight? I guess she'll just sit in stalk mode and hope for smooth trip? Maybe.
4HP MAMA BThe Armbro Flight did not go well for her. But, they put her on the truck anyway and ship south anyway. She's been forced to take on the boys many times. She does have a nice early burst, IF Tim wants to try it.
5BELLA BELLINIPoor Bella got stuck in a dull flow with poor cover and it really cost her momentum. I'm going to toss that race out. But, keep in mind, for wagering purposes again, she's probably NOT leaving in here. Pace could be soft.

Top Contenders: 2-5-3-1

Driver Choices: None



1BNGS EXPRESSWas pretty aggressive in leg one last week and didn't race badly. Gets the same post draw, so that should help and keep him in the ballgame. Does need to make it a bit easier to get any closer. Possibility.
2BILBO HANOVERBilbo just threw in a clunker last time, when he got away slow from an outer post. This field looks just a wee bit softer than that one, so it probably raises his chances. Will need to stick a lot closer and grind.
3AIR GUITARDown from Monti after missing leg one of the series. That's a small knock. Also, he hasn't raced in almost three weeks. Can he possibly handle the transition to mile based on that? I will go with no.
4HENRICOForced the action in that GSY division and stopped. Looks like they sold him afterwards. So, far, many new ones to Team B do improve. But not all of them. We all just have to guess at times.
5SUNSHINE'S FINESTI guess we all liked him last week, and Mark Mac sure changed things up. I just don't think that's Sunshine's style! So, I'm looking for a return to the off-the-pace move. Let's see if it works. One more chance.
6A B COLLINSThe bad posts are just killing him. Didn't really make any moves last week. Understandable. This is bit different situation, so let's see if the gameplan changes. Can we see some speed again?
7SNOOPY SNOOPThe other Monti shipper was facing much weaker up there. A lot to prove here, even with Dex.
8COLD DECKEDAlso had a tough trip last week and paid the price. I don't see how it gets any easier in this post.
9LANAS DESIREDidn't make that much of an impact in first go around here. Will need to step it up a lot.
10ELRAMA NThat wasn't a bad try last week. Against a well-meant, front-end winner. But, the obvious problem is post 10. That's never easy to overcome.

Top Contenders: 5-4-2-1

Driver Choices: Yannick Gingras 3 over 6, 8 | Joe Bongiorno 4 over 10



1VENERATEProbably used last week's race as a prep for this. That's okay. I'm beginning to believe this horse needs to be managed carefully. Gets the rail again, which is tricky post for a one-move horse like him. Will hope for hot pace.
2MYCROWNMYKINGDOMLightly-raced gelding here, considering he's four. I just hate to see that last miscue before shipping south. Nice to see James Mac with us here tonight. He will try to ''trip out'' this fella for a piece.
3STORM IS RAGINGFour-for-four since entering the Burke Brigade. Not bad! Yes, this will be the ultimate test for class tonight, but I never put anything past this outfit. They know what they're doing. Let's see if he's good enough.
4RATTLE MY CAGEI do know he's good enough! It's been a superb 4YO season for Cage so far. To me, he just keeps getting better and better. I can see him putting a real tussle on Cuatro tonight. Should be excellent battle! Keeps YG!
5BALENCIAGAFor once, most of us were right on him last time. But, he did have to dig in and earn it! Should tighten him up nicely for a test like this. He won't be favored in here, I can promise you that. Probably won't set pace either.
6CUATRO DE JULIOCuatro returns from his base in Kentucky for leg three tonight. His effort in the Cutler was sensational! It was a world record mile too! Got a nice tuneup at Oak Grove. And A Mac knows him by now.
7DELAYED HANOVERYes, we were all a little dismayed with Delayed last time. Hey, it happens. Moves to a much tougher post now, and that complicates matters. I don't see him blasting. And I don't see him winning from last.

Top Contenders: 4-6-3-1

Driver Choices: Yannick Gingras 4 over 3



1TACHYONNice confidence builder over at Pocono. He's always hinted at serious ability. But, some tough posts, against good fields have gotten in the way. Here's a rail against another extremely good bunch. Let's see more.
2LETSDOIT SHe's trotted in 53 twice since coming back. Seems like they're taking their time with him. Can't say this is a great spot. It's practically a stakes race! So, he will have to step up his game even more to get home on top.
3GRACELYN HANOVERI guess she ''appreciated'' that class drop last time and just blitzed right down the road. She needed that! But, that was several weeks ago. This spot is much, much tougher. I need to see even more, please.
4YANABAPretty much brushed and crushed against an older bunch last time. She needed that race, coming off the strange miscue. We know she's a top-quality filly this season. Now, she meets a few good colts for a new driver.
5SHINKANSENI just knew he wouldn't like sitting in that hole last time. Horse got real good there for a while, but he needs to up front to do his best work. Will he be able to cut this mile? I'm not so sure. Will try to steal it, though.
6MOLOTOV COCKTAILA New York champion! A Kindergarten leg winner. Can't ask for much more than that in a sterling 2YO season. So, now we begin the quest on Road to Hambo. Hated to see the miscue at Vernon. Bounce back?
7RAISED BY LINDYI love her too! She looked great last year at end of season. She's looked solid so far, for this week's birthday boy Cecere. Nice tuneup at Vernon on what was a good day for the barn. Will she send or rally? Not sure.
8KING OF THE NORTHRamblin Ray has taken his time bringing back the 2YO champ. Hey, he knows best! Do note the hopples have come off this year. I find that interesting too! Two qualifiers in. He's supposed to be ready now.
9B A SUPERHEROMade it to the NJSS Final, but the hot early pace probably took its toll. Given some time to recover. Do you really think he will just blast out again? I don't. Maybe I'm wrong, but he can't get used too hard that early.

Top Contenders: 4-7-8-6

Driver Choices: Scott Zeron 6 over 4



1TEST OF FAITHDid you watch her finish in the Roses Are Red? It was breathtaking. And Dave Miller said afterwards that he felt very confident at all times. Maybe she can defend her Horse of the Year title? Off to a very good start!
2CHASE LOUNGEGave it everything she had in that first go on Lasix and still got gunned down. Seems like a need-the-lead type and she probably won't have that in here. It's an infinitely tougher spot. A longshot.
3MIKALAI've been waiting for her to get the test, and THIS is it! The Magical Acres smoking qualifier is unbelievable! Didn't know they could go that fast around that place. So, she is sufficiently tuned up to tackle Test. Let's see it!
4GRACE HILLAfter the incredible season last year, and at two, her stock has fallen just a bit. No match for #3 when they squared off. Lasix on since. Not much better. She needs to find her game again.
5SCARLETT HANOVERThings worked out very nicely for the Jugette champ last week. She probably needed that kind of confidence boost too! But, will it be enough to put her in the ballgame with #1,3,6? Good question. Not sure.
6OAKWOODANABELLA IRTossed in a tiny clunker out at Scioto, but reportedly scoped a little sick. Clearly, that wasn't her at her best. So, it's right back a week later, after the ship in. Gave #1 all she could handle last month.
7FIRE START HANOVERShe seems to be back on her better game. That was a sterling pylon rally behind Test up in Canada. But, what's going to happen from this post? Will need a few things to go her way. Doesn't always happen.

Top Contenders: 1-3-6-7

Driver Choices: Tim Tetrick 5 over 2 | Todd McCarthy 5 over 2



1AMABASSADOR HANOVERFailed at 1-5 and then at 3-5 at Pocono, so that's not good! Now, he's in against the killers again. I would serious expect a helmet trip tonight, not a pacesetting one. Let's see if he goes any better.
2AHUNDREDDOLLARBILLI was beginning to have my doubts about him a month ago, but that was erased with a monster effort last week! That's the best he's looked in a long time. Let's hope he stays that good for a while.
3INAMINUTE HANOVERDoing okay work up at home base, but this does look like an ambitious spot for him. Was good in that one leg, so that makes it worth a shot to send him here. James Mac will try to trip him out too!
4SONOFAMISTERYTurned in a huge mile last week, only to get gunned down by a massive #2. They were both superb! So, the rematch is on, and it might up in a similar way. Just has to deal with a few fresh Canadians!
5TAKE ALL COMERSIt would be very hard to argue with how good he has been this year. In leg one, that wasn't even his fault. He was too far back and loaded with trot. Couldn't fight off #7 up north. So, the rematch is on there too!
6DEE'S RED DELICIOUSHas very quietly rounded into better form lately. But, this looks like a herculean task against an outstanding bunch. I have to make him a longshot vs. these.
7LOGAN PARKPretty sure we haven't seen this guy here before. Probably a good idea for Fellows to send him here, just to get used to the track. The final is on July 9. This will be good prep. Post won't help, but he can blast.
8INCOMMUNICADOAke will drive #1, so Yannick gets the call on this one. I know he's got speed too, but this does look like impossible spot. I don't want to see him break again.

Top Contenders: 5-2-4-7

Driver Choices: Ake Svanstedt 1 over 8



1SYRACUSE EXPRESSTeam Okusko shipped down two for tonight and find themselves in some very tough spots. At least this guy got a good post. Not sure what happened last at Vernon, because that's his home base. Bounces back?
2LOUKES PERRYI've been chasing this horse seems like forever. Somehow, some way, he just can't get it done often enough. Transitions here from Philly and he did have a better start last time. Needs even more to beat this group.
3CAPTAINRYANMICHAELWe know he likes this track, so that's why I tabbed him as the tepid morning line favorite. Not that it will be easy in any way! Joe P has brought him along carefully. He is fast! One move is best, but versatile.
4CODE CRACKERI really thought Yannick might take this one, of the two in for Burke. He chose Louke. Overall, this homebred gelding is having a better season, beating up on somewhat weaker foes? I guess this will be good test.
5CAUGHTINALANDSLIDEAlso in from Pennsy and this looks a little rough. Must prove he can handle the mile track.
6CAPTAINGIDDYUPNGODex chose here over #8,10, so let's take another look. Had one decent start back. Most horses from this barn improve after a race. Should benefit from that little bit of time off. Let's see how good he is.
7THE CLAWLeamon barn have two in, and they did not get much love from the post gods. This looks too tough.
8SHAKE ITWhen Dexter opts off a Ryder trainee, I get a little concerned. Shake was doing okay in New York. I guess this is a maintenance start between stakes engagements? Also, doesn't appear to pack much early zip. Tough post.
9HECANDANCENCRUISEAnother homebred here. Been earning his keep out of town. So, let's test him out on the big track. I hate the post. And, the strength of the field. Will need a giant mile to get the whole pie this time.
10POMPEO HANOVERFinally broke his maiden, and now he gets slammed with a post 10 vs. NW4? Ouch!

Top Contenders: 3-2-6-4

Driver Choices: Yannick Gingras 2 over 4 | Andy McCarthy 7 over 5



1CARBINEHas been nothing short of awesome this season at four. Only time he lost was the time I bet on him! (of course!) This will present a very interesting matchup with Charlie May, but that foe has been off a few weeks.
2SOUTHWIND GENDRYGendry just got rolling a touch too late last week. It was a daylight race, and the winner rated nicely. He'll be in the stalking spot again, chasing the favorites. I'm not so sure he can get by them late.
3WHICHWAYTOTHEBEACHJust one win so far this year, so that's an issue when you show up in a field like this.
4CHARLIE MAYPoor Charlie never had a chance up North of the Border. Don't hold that against him. Rested up since and he's back to a track that we know he loves. The question is: can he catch Carbine? It will take big mile to do so.
5BETTORS DONTTELL What a tough beat if you backed him last week. Fought all the way to the wire, with about five of them across the track. But, he continues to impress me. Picked up checks in both prior legs. Will be in the final.
6ONE EIGHT HUNDREDFinished up with his usual good late kick up north, and made Carbine work hard to hold on. They're both very good horses and either one can win on a given night. Recently on Lasix. Will be closing too! Nancy had a birthday this week too!
7AS ALWAYSFinally got a little confidence back when he shipped to Philly. But, it's back to the real wolves here and the post gods were not kind. Back to longshot status.
8BILLY CLYDEThis is an interesting spot for Billy too! We know he can leave. But, will he? This is third start back. I doubt he gets much if he just takes back to last. Very tough call, but price will be right if you want to take chance.

Top Contenders: 1-5-4-6

Driver Choices: David Miller 4 over 2 | Dexter Dunn 6 over 7



1MR DS ROCKNo real impact in round one last week, but there was a lot of traffic trouble for many in there. This guy did get shuffled. Draws same post, so will need a smoother kind of trip to have any upset chance.
2J M MANDAMINI don't think I've ever seen him fly home like that! Just an incredible move once Vinny G got him going. Beat his stablemate, who got locked in. So, what will the price be tonight? Will tactics be different?
3PRIMARY COLORSHeld his own pretty well, considering the steep bump up to a level like this. The Captain was very aggressive and will probably be so again. Can't get too far away from #5 in this situation. Hard to leave off ticket.
4BACKSTREET SHADOWStill waiting for this classmaster to step up and find his form again. It didn't come last week when he was clearly outkicked from behind. Tetrick back in the seat tonight. Maybe he gets along with him better?
5UNDRTHESOUTHRNSUN NYes, the whole world saw him get stuffed and stymied in behind horses in his Big M debut. Just don't expect to get much betting value now. With that said, Joe B will probably try to take no prisoners.
6BLLACK HOLEBoy was he good last week off the layoff! Nice patient steer from Tyler M too! So, will he be in right position in flow to deliver a knockout punch. He's done it before. But, I must point out that Tim T did opt to #4.
7WHITECOOKIEPut up some very solid pace numbers last week and just kept on going. He's been getting better lately, so it's dangerous to ignore sharp horses. The post won't help. Yannick will put pressure on #3,5.
8STONE HANOVERPoor Stone had no chance from this post last week. Guess what? It might be the same.
9LAKE CHARLESAmanda K sends another one south for a big track try, but her barn is getting zero love from the post gods. Nothing but outside slots. This horse has raced here before, so it won't be totally new. Tough trip coming.
10JACK'S LEGEND NWhat's going on with Jack right now? Obviously, I don't know. I guess I'll just watch one.
11CASUAL COOLWe all know his game. Just be patient. Second tier very interesting, IF they mix it up early.
12ULTIMAROCAGot a little tired here upon return. Would be tough to like from this post now. Pass.

Top Contenders: 5-3-6-7

Driver Choices: Tim Tetrick 4 over 6, 8 | Yannick Gingras 7 over 12



1AMERICAN COURAGEFormer top-level stakes star is working his way back to better form. That was a nice confidence booster for him at Yonkers, given a perfect trip and drive. Will he get another from pole tonight?
2LOU'S PEARLMANPoor Lou has been buried in some tough spots, with not-easy trips lately. He is overdue! But, this is a world-class field he's up against. I don't think that's going to work out too well.
3I'LL DRINK TO THATThe Drink was awesome too back. Flattened a touch in the follow-up. I'm on the fence here, but believe these may be a bit too much for him. I guess we'll find out.
4ROCKYROAD HANOVERHe's always been a hard-luck horse. Not that the talent isn't there! Loses his regular driver tonight, but that did not surprise me. So, T Mac with another great pickup. Let's see if he can get luckier with Rocky.
5LINEDRIVE HANOVERThat was SOME war in the Mohawk Gold Cup! A true stretch slugfest. Linedrive is a great story too! Coming back from some injuries. He's 11-15! That's pretty good. At the top level of the sport. Welcome to M1.
6BULLDOG HANOVERJack Darling called this the best horse he's ever trained. When he says something like that, I am listening! The only bad luck Bulldog had was up at Flamboro. Even kicked Allywag's butt last time. Big effort.
7ABUCKABETT HANOVERThe Buck did everything he possibly could to catch the Bull. Raced very, very well. But, tonight, he moves from pole to post seven and that's not going to help. Tetrick back in seat. Must get him into hunt.
8NATAMERIPoor Natameri has been beating inferior foes up at Tioga. When he looks over from post eight and sees this field, he'll be looking for a ride home.

Top Contenders: 6-5-4-7

Driver Choices: Dexter Dunn 6 over 4



1PINK COCO CHANELThat was a weird kind of an effort last week when parked the mile from a bad post. Shouldn't happen that way from the rail, but you never know. She has the talent, when she wants to focus on business.
2COWBOY CRUSHNCrushn raced a lot better last week. Took a while, but maybe she's about ready to finally come around. I want to watch one more to make sure.
3VIVIAN'S CROWNEnters off two breaks, so that makes her an immediate pass in a spot like this. Big longshot.
4DANCIN ON THE WALLMaybe used a bit too hard in first start off the layoff? Yannick will take over in the sulky seat tonight and that will make little bit of a difference. Price should be okay too! I might take a shot and use.
5PEYTON HANOVERMaybe a little overbet last time? Yes, I know it was a huge drop, but she was raced conservatively and just didn't have that same pop coming home. Probably needed the race. Should be better here.
6PENELOPE JHasn't had a whole lot of luck in the win department, but she's definitely got ability! She's got speed. She's got T Mac. She's got a Hall of Fame trainer. There are reasons to like, in a pretty-wide open race.
7UNLEASHED KEMPTwo straight miscues behind the gate. That's not good, so we have to take a pass on her too!
8MAGNOLIA VOLODid not use any early speed last time and never really got rolling. It's an even tougher post tonight, so I can't really like her chances too much. Would be a surprise from out here.
9YOU'RE DEAD TO MEDid not use any early speed last time and never really got rolling. It's an even tougher post tonight, so I can't really like her chances too much. Would be a surprise from out here.
10QUAINTNoel D's other filly has no early speed at all, so totally at mercy of pace and trip. Good luck with that.

Top Contenders: 5-6-4-1

Driver Choices: Todd McCarthy 6 over 8



1SOMEBADDUDETeam Bongiorno have the controlling speeds in here from posts one and three. Joe opted to drive the other one, but that doesn't mean the Dude can't win! He likes this track and he is very good right now.
2SHAKE THAT HOUSEMarched his way right up the class ladder and I guess it was too much? Outfinished two back. No real threat last week. So, he gets a drop. Should be sitting close enough to #1,3. Can he overhaul late?
3TOWN GOSSIPHe's clearly rounded into top shape lately. They're bouncing him back and forth between here at Pocono. This IS a step up, though! He does have a partner on the rail that can protect. Should be interesting early.
4HURRIKANE EMPERORTechnically beat a better field over at Pocono than #3. And we all know about his back class. Might even offer the better price here, so go ahead and take it. Will still have to ''earn'' it, having drawn outside #1,3.
5DE LOS CIELOS DEOGets his favorite pilot back in the seat. We've seen him upset in spots like this. I like the post, provided there's some action in the race. That just might happen. IF it does, his chances go WAY up.
6HAIL CHRISTIAN NHere's the other interesting dropdown in here. But, I think I've guessed right just once on him before. I'm going to let him beat me, if he can from out here.Totally needs a trip.
7ROCKIN ON VENUSSecond go at this reduced level. Picked up a check last time at long odds, so that's not bad. Looking for the same out of this tough post.
8ALTA ENGEN AHe got sick there for a bit, and hasn't quite come back together yet. Trust me, it will happen, but maybe not tonight, not from this post.

Top Contenders: 4-3-1-2

Driver Choices: Joe Bongiorno 3 over 1 | Mark MacDonald 4 over 7



1SEEUINNASHVILLE AGave it a good charge home into the Big Deal last week. So, that makes two good starts in a row. Usually, a third is in store. Should still be nice price on the rail. Sits, saves ground and tries to get lucky late.
2HIGH BALLERShows only one good recent effort out of town. It was a good one. Is this good spot, or not?
3BANK SEAThe Bank has been waiting for that trip his whole life. He took advantage and captured a nice GSY division. So, here's the transition to this level. It's hard to compare. This race figures to go a little faster now.
4THEFLYINGROCKRegained top form down at Philly. But, sometimes doing it there, and doing it here are two different things. Yannick takes the call, and chose him over #1, so consider that. Barn continues in good form too!
5LEON DAVIDHe gets a touch of MUCH needed class relief. Been duking it out against a LOT better lately. Some tough posts here. Mark Mac has handled him well in the past and should do so again. I'll give him the edge.
6STRAIGHT TALKSports a real mixed bag of efforts here lately. Moves back to an outer post, which might actually help. There could be some pace in here, and that would aid his rallying cause.
7BETTER TAKE ITTetrick had the choice and went here over #5. That could have gone either way. Last time he drove, horse won, but against slightly lesser. And it was a perfect trip too! Might need that sort of ideal journey again.
8MACHDAVIDMach hasn't won in a while and I just don't see it coming from this post, in this spot.
9STONEBRIDGE REEFEnjoyed that nice, cozy soft spot against NW2 a few weeks ago. He was ''supposed'' to win that race. This will be significantly tougher, especially from a bad post. First real good test of season for Reef.
10FABRIZIO NThey tried Yonkers and you see how that worked out. Experiment over. Back to Club Med, but killed by post 10.

Top Contenders: 5-9-3-4

Driver Choices: Yannick Gingras 4 over 1 | Dexter Dunn 9 over 8 | Tim Tetrick 7 over 5