Race Reviews

Race Reviews For December 08, 2023

Race Review by James Witherite



1SKYWAY BILLYBack after a month away. Was flat in last, but shouldn't have as quick a pace to contend with.
2BACKSTREET LAWYERDraws more cozily than in his last five starts, none of which particularly inspired. Needs live cover.
3MV OK PALACIO BRFailed to fire last week but rode the pocket to a fast second two back. Draw can keep him handy.
4FERDINAND AConsistent MADC contender boasts leaving ability, raw speed and staying power. The one to beat.
5KNOX THE FOXSteadily passed horses two back, then made mild inroads 11/17. Can benefit from pressure afore.
6CAVIART SAGEIn from Monti after posing on threat to bottom-level types there. Winless record this year hurts, too.
7GOTTA MINUTE NWide draw hindered this guy last out, but he didn't lack late. Can sneak in for a minor with live flow.
8SWEET MOVESEarned minors in two of her last four via even finishes, but was outmatched in past amateur events.
9MEET THE CREEPERImproved second out, rallying to just miss P L Portia at 53-1! Roughie potential if trends continue.
10STOLEN ART1-for-37 this year and eighth or worse in his last five. Extreme outside draw spells continued woes.

Top Contenders: 5-4-3-9

Driver Choices: Joe Lee: #1 over #8



1CELCIUSDoesn't lack for ability, noting her Philly win 4 back and effort to clear 2 back. Can stalk and share.
2ON A WHIMGood stalking efforts for minors at Saratoga and late gains here, too. Roughie option with similar.
3UTE BLUE CHIPPresser-stalker worked into third in a N3L at Philly two back. Can bounce on switch to two turns.
4SANTAFE'S APPETITEMade serious ground from off the pace in both starts for Lachance! Should be in striking range.
5LET'S MISBEHAVEStakes-tested filly has hit the board in two-thirds of her 2023 starts. Extremely versatile, too. Strong call.
6JUST MY MAMAFhld shipper closed to just miss three back, but into a slowing pace. Much tougher await on arrival.
7RACIN FOR ROYALTYEnjoying similar form as #5, but moving laterally from overnights. Credit her first-over win on 11/17.

Top Contenders: 5-4-7-2

Driver Choices: None



1MASSIVE MATTERFirst-over bids carried him to lower-level Philly wins, and he lifted late on arrival. Stout group ahead.
2IMA DIAMOND BABERises amid renewed form and versatility. After closing at Philly, she battled under pressure here.
3SEVENSHOTSOBOURBONToo far to threaten on arrival last week despite mild late gains. This field shapes up as tougher.
4SWAN FLYERReturns from 2-1/2-month layoff off a sharp Q. Best when nestled close; figures strongly off the shelf.
5BEER CHEESEBreak cost him last week at Yonkers; switches to two turns and drops but so do four of his rivals.
6BALENCIAGAReturns to a softer spot after encountering trouble in his last three. Clearly capable, but mind value.
7BETTERINPINEHURSTBack to winning level after wide draws troubled in tougher Philly fields. Can both leave and press.
8NEW RULESSolid winner at this level 2 back worked hard to clear tougher and battled gamely. Strong right now.
9SMART AS HILLSince his series final win on 11/3, he's been outmatched against tougher. Wide draw hinders more.

Top Contenders: 7-8-6-4

Driver Choices: Braxten Boyd: #2 over #3 | Corey Callahan: #8 over #7



1KATANAForgive his failed three-wide push at Rosecroft last out. This much kinder starting spot should aid.
2DROWNS THE WHISKEYOne-paced from close in an $8k claimer four back, but largely uninspiring since. Watch and assess.
3PACK YOUR BAGSIn three starts back from a 6-month layoff, he's not posed any threat. Wait for signs of improvement.
4UNIQUE BEACHDrops from $15k types at Yonkers, in which he was even. Trip dependent, but can press and stalk.
5IN NEVADA NStalked cozily before fading last time, but stayed on better twice prior. Mixed bag of late, to be frank.
6PAPRIKE BLUE CHIPUncovered pressing bids twice in his last three proved too tough. Kinder trip does a lot of good.
7ROCKABILLY CHARMSeems to have regained his stride in recent Freehold races. Improved finishing strength a big plus.
8THNDRFRMTHETHRON NPressed into second in the slop and stuck around late. Consistent stayer capable of sustained effort.
9HURRIKANEMYSHANNONChased from an easy pocket last out; gained belatedly earlier in the fall. There are bright spots.
10TIDAL SHARKShuffled to last on 12/1 and still made 5L late. Before that, he overcame stalled cover mildly. Minor.

Top Contenders: 8-4-7-10

Driver Choices: Joe Lee: #7 over #1, #3



1MISSILEGains in N5L fields at Philly are a plus. Forgive last due to mid-race traffic. Figures to be handy.
2URNTROUBLE HANOVERBreaks troubled this guy in the fall, and his 11/25 Q was uninspiring. Will likely need the start.
3P CHICOConsistent minor player at this level and tougher shows ability to sustain wide gains and not regress.
4FASHION KENHit or miss of late. Three back, he circled wide and flew home; last out, he lacked. Who shows up?
5PINEWOOD HANOVERBroke in 3 of 4, but has stayed on stoutly to share in tougher fields. Class drop and big track can aid.
6SECRET OR NOTNon-threatening in recent tries but has had enough to stick around for minors. Minor option w/cover.
7BELIEVERRose to this level last week, cleared, yielded, and chased for a one-paced third. Trending upward.
8KEYSTONE APACHEPhilly invader's gonna have to bring a lot more in terms of raw speed to contend; post hinders.
9DRIBBLING BIAfter a confidence-building win, he's back up slightly. Wide gains 2 back are promising. Can share.

Top Contenders: 5-1-7-3

Driver Choices: Braxten Boyd: #6 over #2 | Marcus Miller: #3 over #4, #7



1CLOUDBREAKWorked to clear on debut for Erzene last week but gave way a quarter out. Others stay stronger.
2TEAM MACOf the invaders, this one impresses most. Level finishes in fast miles over three turns prove fitness.
3JERRYTONEWhen handy to the pace, he's able to stay on. Potential for traffic trouble is my main concern for him.
4CAMLACHIE CHROMEExcusing 12/1 in the slop, he's the strongest closer in the field. Strong sweeps 2 and 3 back entice.
5CHEYENNE RYAN LEEStalked and closed for minors in Philly amateur races in 3 of his last 4. Can share with clear road.
6WHAMMER JAMMEREarned his first-over win three back and made serious late inroads last out. As sharp as any here.
7LINCOLN BOULEVARDHit-or-miss on the whole, with good sustained gains two and four back. His A-game is enough.
8ATTA BOY DANBack to a winning course and class! Two back, he pushed three-wide to clear and stayed strong.
9TERRE HAUTEBurke trainee stayed on OK in October lines, but others in this field pack more potent late kick.
10SUNSHINE'S FINESTSwept to victory three back, but was since too far from striking range. 10-hole's his biggest hurdle.

Top Contenders: 4-8-6-2

Driver Choices: Joe Lee: #7 over #5



1ABERDEEN SEELSTERRises on arrival after a one-paced third from a cozy tracking trip. Outmatched in previous M1 tries.
2MONEYMAKEHERSMILEStayed even with tougher in NY consistently. Inside draw can land her close; clear sailing a must.
3BOLT OF BEAUTYPost and class relief combine for this 22-time winner. In October, she kept up for minors in for $50k.
4WESTERN ROSIEPost 10 was her biggest hurdle on debut for Stallworth, but she still gained after swinging four-wide.
5LETS RYDE GIRLMade improved ground on the step down last week. Another one who needs a way into contention.
6ABUELITA HANOVERWon at odds-on last out at Monti, but only managed a 1:59.3 score. Variables abound on arrival.
7GET ANSWERSSteps down after chasing tougher evenly. Staying power suddenly counts for a lot more here.
8SECRET GARDENFinds relief via TM provision following a N3L win at Philly. This group is kinder on the whole.
9CASH ROLLSince arriving, she's put together increasingly strong late rallies. Can absolutely crack exotics.
10SHEZAFREAKLIKEMEToo far from contention last out; folded on the point two back. Mixed bag not aided by post 10.

Top Contenders: 7-9-8-4

Driver Choices: Braxten Boyd: #5 over #1



1GOOD DEALEnters off back-to-back wins, both from far off the pace. Lee's got options galore from the pole.
2SEEUINNASHVILLE ACan stay OK when insulated, but toiled badly on an earned lead 3 back. Needs a lot to go his way.
3SHORTYS GIRLRises from MADC 1 events after closing for minors at big odds in four straight. Can crack exotics.
4SPEED SNIPDayton invader debuts for Alvarez after even but lackluster miles in N2L fields. Big question mark.
5T DOGVaulted four-wide and shocked at 11-1 three back and since made milder late inroads. Solid stayer.
6BIONICNo factor in his last three thanks to a logjam two back and failed parked bids otherwise. Hard pass.
7ROLLINWITDAPONYZZZRolled from the pocket to win a $15k series final two back. Month off, trip dependency give pause.
8ITS SHOWTIMEWon with Cano from an earned pocket five back. Ability to work clear and stay involved impresses.
9PRINCE MCARDLE NTwo-move winner last out sprinted off through the final furlong! Raw speed and form are tops here.
10BARGAIN SHOPPERToiled from a cozy tracking trip last out; was torched from post 8 three back. Draw stings him again.

Top Contenders: 9-1-8-5

Driver Choices: Tony Beltrami: #4 over #8 | Jacob Stillwell: #3 over #10



1LADY CHRISLYNCircled the field to win at Monti in last, and she's pressed OK in prior outings. Rises amid strength.
2BEACH MOMENTCleared, yielded, stalked a duel, and kicked away on debut. Another plum draw keeps her handy.
3SHELTER IN PACEWide draw kept her out of striking range last out. Consistently fast last quarters helped by post relief.
4DANDY IDEADebuts for Sheridan on arrival f rom Rosecroft. Generally finishes evenly; potential minor player.
5DBLDELITEBRIGADE NMoves laterally after passing tired horses for third at 23-1 at YR. Early exertion cost her twice before.
6CHEVRONS BYPASS NDueled stoutly last week before #2 outkicked her from the pocket. This gal did tons more work.
7CORSINI ATowed into minors at this level since returning from a well-earned Freehold win. Needs flow for best.
8HEY HEY DBAYNever involved from the outside last out. Pressing and stalking bids in PA lines are a truer indicator.
9FIRSTUPSteps down mildly off failed bids, but draws outside in a field with ample stalking and closing ability.
10NITE TIME DEALLast week, she cleared, yielded, pulled pocket and just missed at 22-1. Tougher task awaits.

Top Contenders: 6-3-2-8

Driver Choices: Corey Callahan: #3 over #4, #7, #8 | Marcus Miller: #6 over #9



1ERINWOOD YVESMade 3L in the final quarter against similar last week. Minor player with similar at Pocono, too.
2KOOTENAY SANTANNANever got involved from astern on arrival last week, but stayed even. Early positioning is key.
3BARRIERRises after vaulting clear from the pocket in :27. Can continue to build; class hike main variable.
4SOUTHWIND SAMBUCCAAfter a strong N2L win 3 back, he showed better in his second try at this level. Can rally for a piece.
5BET ON ALABAMAShowed little from astern on debut. Midpack draw can help him show pressing/stalking ability better.
6FLIRTIN JKTwo-move winner at this level last week drew away steadily in the final furlong. Lots to like right now.
7TANKALICIOUSBreak cost him in his first start back since September. Watch and assess for potential improvement.

Top Contenders: 6-3-1-4

Driver Choices: none



1GOTAFOOLISHDESIREDrops from $15k company but has shown little late in his miles, from an objective standpoint.
2SAMSUN OF A BEACHDouble drops after showing nothing from the back last week and toiling in traffic on 11/18.
3TEXAS MIKIEarly exertion stung him when he was in for $7.5k last week. Toiled even from cozy trips before that.
4CATCHMEONTHEBEACHSpa shipper has hit a cold snap, but hit the board in nearly half his 2023 starts. Watch and assess.
5MAXIMUM IDEALOne-paced third after stalking the top group on arrival. Staying power is ample to share again.
6PROVOCATIVEPRINCEN35-time winner gets major relief from $20k claimers across the river. Current downturn gives pause.
7MISTER HATAnother one dropping from claimers, but has rallied some from astern recently. Threat with cover.
8SPRINGSTEENMade two moves to push the pace before tiring last week. Earned minors vs. tougher before that.
9BULLVILLE TERRORClosed in :26.2 last week, but was too far off the pace to threaten. Another wide draw likely limits.
10FIREBALLBatavia shipper outmatched in tougher events when tabbed with wide draws. Variables abound.


Driver Choices: Brett Beckwith: #4 over #5



1FASHION FOREVERRallied to upset at 9-1 three back; chased OK two back, and passed tired foes since. Improving.
2SWAN CAPTAINCan class relief lift him out of a cold snap? In his last two tries one level up, he's finished evenly.
3CALLE PALEMADrops again after lacking late from a cozy stalking trip. Others are showing better ability to do work.
4HAZYSHADEOFWINTERSDebuts on US soil after putting a lot together in her second Q. Cut back to a mile improved speed.
5BUDDY EARLNearly lasted on an earned lead on the drop to N2L. Slides a little farther down amid improvement.
6DINGLEMoves laterally on arrival from Fhld after mustering mild mid-race gains. Surrounded by tougher.
7PENCILS DOWNPressed and bid for second last out before leveling off. Drops again off markedly improved effort!
8CHIPLOSIVEParried pressure to win at Philly on Sunday, but bottomed out in order to do so. Rises, draws wide.
9MARION GONDOLIERHe's stuck around for minors in 4 of 5, mostly just above this level. Nine-hole's his biggest obstacle.

Top Contenders: 7-4-9-1

Driver Choices: Corey Callahan: #5 over #3, #7



1GASCOIGNE ROCKSShips in off two seconds, but both were against beaten $5k types. Lots more variables in play here.
2BLUEBERRY HEAVENOutmatched for $12.5k, but battled stoutly in defeat at this level two back. Lots to like off that line.
3LET'S FOAL AROUNDWinner four back at Vernon has hit a downturn since moving to New Jersey. Others stronger now.
4SMILEANDSAYCHEESEAngled third-over, dove in up the backstretch, and hooked three-wide to draw off at Fhld last week.
5SNEAK ON BYEWon well for $6k three back, then was just one-paced for $8k. Will the big track help or hinder?
6HENRY THE DRAGONThis guy circled three-wide from astern and made serious ground on arrival. Improvement noted.
7ARCHETTO HANOVERStalked and lunged late to just miss last week. 36-time winner isn't lacking for staying power.
8SPORTS HEROWon for $7.5k last week after two instances of exertion. Pressed hard in a game defeat before that.
9ILLINI DUKEHis 10-1 upset two back game from a cozy pocket. He'll have to do a lot more work from this spot.
10FIRE LIGHTHasn't hit the board in his last four, and showed little from astern last out. Outside draw hinders.

Top Contenders: 8-3-6-4

Driver Choices: Brett Beckwith: #8 over #3 | Braxten Boyd: #7 over #2, #6



1HL CANDY TIMEEked into second on debut but was too far from range twice since. Pole helps, but far tougher await.
2FIGHTING FITGait issues troubled this guy in Ontario. Q on 12/2 was OK, but he'll likely need to acclimate more.
3QUEEN CABALBroke on 11/16 and hasn't raced since then due to sickness. Others come into the race sharper.
4CANDY BOMBERChased respectably for third coming back last week. Expect sharper second out; speed is ample.
5CHEZACTICHit the board in 10 of 17 in '23 and has shown effort in N3L and N4L fields. Can press and sustain.
6NARANJOBroke on arrival after doing the same twice at Northfield. Others instill more confidence.
7COAL CREEKRebounded from a break 3 back to chase for minors in last two. Moves laterally; can share again.
8KNICKKNACK HANOVERDrops after some OK showings at Philly. Largely dependent upon trip, but can boost exotic value.
9ITS YOUR CHOICEWon from an earned pocket in the slop on debut for Burke. Retains Beckwith; tougher post looms.
10KOVU ASCame back from sickness with a steady close into a no-match second at Yonkers. Draw main hurdle.

Top Contenders: 5-9-10-8

Driver Choices: None