Race Reviews

Race Reviews For February 23, 2024

Race Review by James Witherite



1STOLEN ARTCompletely uninvolved in four starts so far this year. Lack of late interest is a major red flag right now.
2CLOUDBREAKHe was parked for the first 4f two weeks ago before tiring on the far turn. Post relief yields kinder trip.
4IN NEVADA NNever involved at all last week but put together mild late bids 3 and 4 back. Can sneak in with cover.
5LANESIDE LOGIC GBRode the pocket to a no-match second with Lasix added. He's in with another manageable group.
6ARYIANA STARForced wide around stopping cover and made enough ground to just miss fourth. Better trip helps.
7DRAGON FLY CREEKPulled from midfield and went nowhere last week, then faded sharply off the turn. Wait for better.
8SWEET MOVESFreehold invader was roughed up from the 10-hole last time she was here. Trip help is a must.
9ALL ABOUT RUSTYDidn't lack for late pace a fortnight ago, but was too far from striking range. Kinder foes await here.
10A B COLLINSExpect sharpe from him coming back after he gapped the top trio but dug in to hold fourth last out.

Top Contenders: 5-6-9-2

Driver Choices: None



1HUNT YOU DOWNSteps into tougher after posing no threat in his last two Freehold races. Variables are in play.
3BELIEVEINTHESPIRITExits the same race as #2 but was just one-paced off a stalking trip. Others show a bit more interest.
4LAST SANE MANGround to victory three back at Fhld. Showed massive improvement on arrival, making 5-1/2L late.
5PACK YOUR BAGSFirst-over winner at Fhld two back gapped cover in the faster division but tied the other winning time.
6KASEY JOHN AEmpty in his last couple against $10k company but faces a less formful group on the whole tonight.
7MARVALOUS ONEEven but no threat in the faster TM<71 split last week. Late gains 4 and 5 back prove staying power.
8GLOBALDOMINATION NPulled the pocket to lead in mid-stretch last week, only to be outkicked from both sides. Tougher task.
9FURIOUS BECHCredit his push off live cover to bid for the lead mid-stretch, but he hung. Needs a way into the race.
10SKYWAY BILLYFound room late to nearly reach in a chaotic stampede for home. Wide draw is his biggest hurdle.

Top Contenders: 7-10-5-2

Driver Choices: David Miller: #10 over #1, #7



1I'LL OWE YOU ONEN2L winner two back withstood a barrage of pressure on 2/9 before surrendering. Strong of late.
2FASHION CANTABAfter a pocket win at Fhld two back, he broke amid a bid from astern last out. Switches to two turns.
3IMPORTER EXPORTERForgive his pressing bid into Kovu As two back. Late gains in three of five vs. tougher carry well here.
4USURP HANOVERBroke stride in two of his last four, but now switches to two turns. Let's watch and assess this time.
5BROOKROAD MASTERPressed and closed his way into third in three of five. Exits the faster division from last week, too.
6BACARDIIn from Freehold after failing to menace in two amateur events. Switch to two turns main variable.
7GHIBLIAlmost saved second from a collapsing pocket last week! If he has room, it's a vastly different story.
8BRIGHT EXPECTATIONAlmost lasted two back; was since just even from astern in a faster TM<74. Favorable trip a must.
9BINGO BRAINAfter respectable finishes in N2L company, he floated, sat off a duel, and reached last week. Sharp.

Top Contenders: 9-7-1-5

Driver Choices: Brett Beckwith: #7 over #6 | Barton Dalious: #8 over #4 | David Miller: #1 over #2, #5



1MUSKINGUMHas slid right down the class ladder out of distaff Opens at YR and continues to struggle. Big red flag.
2FIX-IT-UPPushed clear and staved off pressure to beat similar 4 back. Gait issues have troubled him since.
3SHINKANSENAfter a :27.2 rush into fifth last week, he gets class and post relief together. Great chance to bounce.
4CONGRESS HILL EVAExits the same race as #3 after an even finish. Minor player at Freehold needs trip help on this drop.
5ARCHIBALDFailed to fire from the pole at Monti last out. Recent success came in lower-level competition, note.
6POKER PLAYSustained late inroads to just miss second last week after an even 2/9 outing. Trending upward.
7BET BIG ON BLUEDescended onto an extended duel last week and just missed. Can he sustain recent improvement?
8SOUTHWIND FROSTCleared, yielded, and lifted to miss in the faster TM<74 division last week. Post 8 adds a challenge.
9GRIZZ WYLLIEMonti invader hit the board in 3 of 5, all from handy trips. Outside draw demands more work of him.

Top Contenders: 3-6-8-7

Driver Choices: Brett Beckwith: #3 over #5, #8



1ATTA BOY DANLacked late behind Sunshine's Finest's 1:52.1 mile last week. Pace should be kinder; pole helps.
2MAGAZINE THEMESecond from both pacesetting and deep closing trips at Freehold in his last 4. Clear sailing a must.
3FERDINAND ABack after a week off. In his last, he was subjected to sustained pressure before giving way late.
4ROCKABILLY CHARMStalked well two back to just miss, but toiled late in the same race #1 exits. Key race potential?
5THNDRFRMTHETHRON NHe also exits the Sunshine's Finest race but was a complete non-factor. Tough to gauge on return.
6MV OK PALACIO BRPassed tired foes in a blistering pace last out; solid second both 3 and 4 back. Kinder draw helps.
7KICK THE DIRT UPFailed off even cover last week. Before that, he couldn't clear after brushing into a :29.1 second split.
8MEET THE CREEPERConsistently passes horses late, but struggles to work into contention. Shares with closer live flow.
9GOTTA MINUTE NDid heavy lifting on Saturday before being engulfed. That line two back wow! Roughie potential.
10SHARKNADOLacked late in bottom-level company on arrival from Monticello. Post 10 just adds to his troubles.

Top Contenders: 1-4-3-6

Driver Choices: None



1BADDITUDEWired TM<74 types two back; was a strong two-move second from an earned pocket since. Sharp!
2MISS ITALIAMade 5L of ground late on arrival from Ontario in bottom-level company. Draw offsets class bump.
3ABUELITA HANOVERSwung three-wide off cover and kept even on arrival from Monti. Moves laterally; others are sharper.
4EILEEN'S WISHCarries good form up US 9. Tougher await, yes, but she figures to be able to perch close again.
5ROMA AMORBlasted from post 9 to call the shots through 7f last week. Before, she closed hard for 2nd. Capable.
6MARE OF THE CITYClosed in :27.3 in her last two, but from tough spots to contend. Roughie potential with live cover.
7SOUTHWIND MOLLYEven or slightly better for $10k since pushing to lower-level wins. Slight bump on arrival; needs flow.
8SHAKE IT TWICEStymied from the 10-hole last week, but circled similar five back. Raw speed near the top of these.
9CREAM VIRGINThis gal closed from the clouds to just miss last week, but exits the slower division. Ramping up.

Top Contenders: 1-2-8-5

Driver Choices: Brett Beckwith: #2 over #6 | David Miller: #1 over #8



1TOUCHPOINTStayed on for minor checks at colossal odds in his last three. Pole keeps him close w/similar.
2GUEST OF HONORBroke in his second career start, but regains Andy tonight after they teamed up for second on 2/2.
3DEVIOUS MOJITO ASMakes his local debut after a powerful 1/31 Q. Gains Dex; easier await compared to rookie stakes.
4POLO BARFared reasoanbly well in N2L races at Plainridge in the fall. Back off a respectable Q; likely pace.
5DEVIOUS DUSHIFailed to hit the board in 16 starts in 2023. Local N2L types are tougher than what she saw at Tioga.
6LOVELY HEARTBeat N3L types from the pocket two back and gained well on arrival. Trending up; kinder foes await.
7HEZA SCOUNDRELOvertaken by #8 in last week's Q after securing a handy pocket ride. Minor player w/similar last fall.
8JET ZETTEBack from a 6-1/2-month spell after a respectable Q. May yet need the start; watch and assess.
9STRIKING TACTFULBroke late last week after a failed first-over grind two back. Outside draw spells another tough task.
10CONNORNever in contention after breaking, again, in his local debut. Wait for clear signs of improvement.

Top Contenders: 6-2-3-1

Driver Choices: None



1RACING RENEGADELacked late last week in what was his first start in 3-1/2 months. Assess improvement second out.
2MY WISH CAME TRUEAfter closing from the clouds two back, he stalked and struck for second from the pole last out. Sharp.
3ROCK ON LINETired after an overland middle half last week. Well-timed late brushes have gotten him in the money.
4ODDS ON LAUDERDALEReturns after three months off via an even Q. May need the start despite class relief on arrival.
5TAKEMETOTHELMIT GBPassed tired foes for minors at healthy odds in his last two. Midpack draw puts him readily in play.
6SAND SNIPERThis is a definite jump from bottom-level races. There's upside, but he's in the midst of a cold snap.
7BRAZEN BRAZILIANHe's failed to hit the board in five starts this season. A kinder way into the race is a virtual must.
8WHAMMER JAMMERPressed and circled into the board in his last two. Sustained gains + raw speed edge = contender.
9ROLLINWITDAPONYZZZParried sustained pressure and edged clear last week at 7-5. Improving; wide draw adds a hurdle.
10AINTNOBETTOR AHe hit the board 2 and 3 back before overcoming post 10 for the last check last out. There's upside.

Top Contenders: 8-2-5-10

Driver Choices: None



1TRANSFER THE ERAPole should help him finish sharper, provided he's got clear sailing. Credit early exertion in last two.
2AMERICAN WAYDex's choice won his Q on debut for Engblom last week and kicked home in :27.4. Definite upside.
3BRIAR'S DESIRECaught in a dull flow last week and passed the fading foe in front of him. Better trip helps. Gains Ahle.
4HOLD MY DRINKRespectable two-move second on debut for Hernandez. Solid line to build on; can he keep going?
5VEL LARRYHard used in a 2/9 MADC race and fought to the end. Previous lines don't yield much optimism.
6UNSETTLED BUSINESSRises after circling to a 30-1 upset last week. Step forward or mere stroke of luck? Watch and assess.
7GEMINI EXPRESSImproved belatedly to save fifth last week, and only miss second by 1L. Trending upward of late.
8ARCHETTO HANOVERDueled outside for 6f last week and still held third. Any semblance of relief gets him tons sharper.
9LINCOLN BOULEVARDSeeks back-to-back wins after floating, brushing, and holding clear lat week. Clear form edge.
10COIN FLIPOntario invader hit the board in 4 of 5 for $8k. Debuts for Quevedo; form encourages despite draw.

Top Contenders: 9-2-1-10

Driver Choices: Dexter Dunn: #2 over #8 | David Miller: #9 over #3



1CORSINI AParried pressure for a low-level Freehold win last week. Gains the pole, but far tougher awiat her.
2ABSOLUTE POWERYes, she rallied into second 2x in 3 local starts and gains Dex, but she moves back up the ladder.
3VILLAGE JADEThose upper-level lines from earlier in the winter surely attract attention. Cedes form edge, though.
4JK MY GIRLDavid's choice among half the field stayed for minors at Yonkers vs. two levels up. Far easier await.
5SIDE PIECEWon 12 of 16 in two seasons. Variables abound for this BC invader; qualifiers indicate fitness.
6UPTOWN LADY NEmerged a two-move winner at this level two back, then rallied to just miss. Big value player again.
7SHEZAFREAKLIKEMEWorked hard in the breeze to upset at 25-1 last week! Carries good form and staying power.
8SANTAFE'S APPETITEStalker-closer reached 4 and 5 back, but lately outmatched in mid-level fields. Outside draw hinders.

Top Contenders: 4-6-5-3

Driver Choices: Brett Beckwith: #5 over #1 | David Miller: #4 over #2, #3, #8



1XMARXTHESPOTEmerged to contend in upper stretch last week, and only missed by a length. Finishing better lately.
2BANK SEABrushed hard into a :27.3 second quarter before giving way last out. Forgive two back noting traffic.
3JUMPING JAKEChased well for fourth at big odds in two tries since dropping to this level. Post relief yields closer trip.
4LOVE THE ACTIONEmpty in his last four. While he does get a cut back in class here, lack of interest of late is a red flag.
5DYNOMITES PEAKRallied to an MADC win two back after pressing to just miss. Last week, he stayed even w/similar.
6MAKE IT BIGCleared, yielded, and toiled for $7.5k on 2/9. Best when on the point, but recent troubles concern.
7PASSA-GRILLE BEACHMissed last week due to sickness, but worked to keep up with fast fractions on 2/10. Lateral move.
8UNIQUE BEACHOutmatched for $15k in his last few, but stayed for second against just tougher four back. Gains Dex.
9SWORD OFTHE SPIRITYes, he won his last, but class hike and wide draw both await. Struggles for $5k at Miami give pause.
10TERRE HAUTEFloated, was shuffled, and kept even in traffic on arrival last week. Post 10 makes a tougher task.

Top Contenders: 2-1-8-3

Driver Choices: Braxten Boyd: #7 over #3 | David Miller: #2 over #8 over #10



1SPEAK YOUR MINDBoyd's choice drops a level after pressing and closing into minors w/tougher. Big chance to strike.
2CASIE'S BELIEVERMissed checks in four straight but drops a level on arrival. Can this cut back help turn her around?
3MONEYMAKEHERSMILECleared, yielded, and re-emerged to just miss last week after brushing and tiring two back. Rising.
4MISS CHANTILLY NGains Dex after tough trips in her last two. Post relief from her 1/26 line should yield enough oomph.
5LAZIN ON THE BEACHTraffic hindered her in her return outing. Expect sharper 2nd out; can deliver or withstand pressure.
6CASH ROLLDrops in class after making late inroads for third a level up across the river. Staying power a plus.
7LETS RYDE GIRLPressed gradually before leveling off last out; stayed on for a no-match second prior. Minor player.
8CAVIART CHERIEReturns to Eaton after a brief spell. Forgive 12/11 owing to interference; watch and assess ability.
9BULLVILLEKARLAWins vs. TM<74 types 1 and 3 back prove versatility, but she's struggled at this level. Draw hurts.
10CLEAR THE WAYDex opts off this improving stalker-closer. Post 10 is her biggest obstacle. Raw speed edge noted.

Top Contenders: 4-1-6-10

Driver Choices: Braxten Boyd: #1 over #7 | Dexter Dunn: #4 over #10



1DINGLEConsistent minor player at Freehold will have to pick up raw speed on arrival. Pole keeps her handy.
2HERE IS HELPDebuts for Team Orange Crush off a sharp Q. Stakes type in Indiana is sharp late when at his peak.
3MISSILEClass relief isn't much, admittedly, but the improved draw should help staying power count for more.
4DYLAN THE GREATRises after winning on debut for Quevedo. Expo shipper dug deep to prevail and retains Dunn.
5GLIDE IN THE WINDLifted to win at this level four back, but he needs a way into striking range on a step down he shares.
6HOCKEY HANOVERBack off a brief spell via a respectable 1:56.2 Q. Likely needs the start after form downturn in 2023.
7FASHION FOREVERIn his last 3 at this class, he rallied from astern into the money twice. Six rivals step down with him.
8DRIBBLING BIGalloped throughout last week. Returns to a level where he was a two-move winner on 2/2.
9KEYSTONE BLADEEven but no threat last week after rallying to reach two back. Outside draw, class droppers trouble.
10HALLIAMANever involved from astern in his first start back in 8 months. Another wide draw looms. Assess.

Top Contenders: 4-2-3-7

Driver Choices: Dexter Dunn: #4 over #6, #9



1LADYZAREasy twos-on winner two back failed on the step up. Keeps Beckwith on arrival; pole gets her closer.
2COOLNCALCULATING NEven but no threat last out after significant regression two back. Clear sailing a must; needs trip help.
3BEAN SHOOTERPost relief is the big variable after the 10-hole stung her last week. Mild gains 2 and 3 back noted.
4URSULA BLUE CHIPLifted mildly on arrival after floating into the four-hole. Midpack draw can leave her sharper late.
5PULL ME THROUGHGains Dex after a futile effort at Pocono. Forgive 2 back due to traffic. Raw speed is ample, it seems.
6MISS MAYCEETook air and finished a game second in two tries for Estrada so far. He's winning at 38% this meet.
7COLLUSION ILLUSIONLacked last out after pushing a :28.3 third split two back and lifting off cover before. Roughie option.
8SHELLIE DE VIECredit her bid out of traffic last week as well as her sustained gradual improvement of late. Rising.
9SAMOSA HANOVERCleared, yielded, and tired in last week after chasing better two and three back. Draw main hurdle.
10MARCED MERCEDESDebuts for Tirella after improved lines at Monticello. Class hike exacerbated by post 10 on arrival.

Top Contenders: 6-8-5-7

Driver Choices: David Miller: #6 over #3