Meadowlands and SRF Join in Series of Races

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

In an effort to support the efforts of the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) as well as providing starts over the mile track for green horses in the Spring of the year, The Meadowlands is scheduling races for 3-year-olds of each sex and gait that are Non-Winners of 2 Pari-Mutuel races or $35,000 Lifetime as of January 1, 2023 to be raced throughout the month of April.


To help generate much needed revenue, vital to the work SRF has done for 33 years helping owners that retire their horses by securing homes and careers, a donation of $200 (payable to SRF) for each horse that is intended to compete in these races will be required to be submitted to The Meadowlands by February 15, 2023. The Meadowlands will in turn match each and every donation made with a like amount sent to the Foundation. All of the revenue will go directly to SRF, none will go to the purse for these races or be retained by the track.


“We’ve had many requests for something like this. I wanted to have races that can be counted on for young horses in April before the stakes season starts and at the same time show our commitment to helping find a home for retired horses and came up with this idea,” said Meadowlands President Jeff Gural.  “Hopefully the horsemen will support our efforts to provide these races and at the same time help the Standardbred Retirement Foundation’s cause by racing their young horses.


Unique in its mission, SRF follows “Best Practices for Equine Adoption Programs for Optimal Welfare”, the essential practices to protect adopted horses. SRF is the largest and oldest organization dedicated to Standardbreds with 512 trotters and pacers under its care and expense,


More information is coming soon and may be found here.