Party Policies & FAQ


Deposit & Timeline

  • An event is considered booked and the event space is secured when a 20% deposit is paid
  • Event contract must be signed by both the client and event coordinator at the time deposit is placed
  • DUE 1 MONTH PRIOR TO EVENT DATE: Food and beverage package selections. This includes any allergies and gluten free specific requests.
  • DUE 10 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT DATE: Guaranteed minimum guest count


Tax & Gratuity

  • 6.625% NJ state tax is added to all events
  • 21% gratuity is added to all events
  • Tax and gratuity only apply to food and beverage charges



  • Final payment is due 10 days prior to event
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, wire transfer, or check
  • If the final headcount at the event is more than the guaranteed guest count supplied, the host is responsible for paying for additional guests. In the event the headcount is lower, the host is still responsible for paying for the guaranteed minimum number of guests given 10 days prior
  • Bar tabs and any outstanding balances are required to be paid in full by the completion of the event


Food & Beverage

  • No outside food (excluding dessert) or alcohol is permitted
  • We are happy to prepare a special meal for someone with an allergy or dietary restrictions.  We ask that you notify us of any special requests when you submit your menu choices.
  • There is a $35 cake cutting fee for outside cakes
  • Bar Packages are not available without a food package
  • Fees may apply to bartenders and carving station attendants
  • Adults are considered anyone 13 or older
  • Adults who consume alcohol MUST be at least 21 years old and have a government issued photo ID


Decor & Event Set-Up

  • Your space is available for set up two hours before the event starts. If you require additional set up time or need to drop off any items earlier, just contact your event manager to make arrangements.
  • Clients are permitted to bring their own decorations. Please avoid use of confetti or glitter. Fixing decorations to the walls using tape or other means is prohibited, along with anything else that could potentially damage walls, furniture or equipment. Note that if your event is in an outdoor area, we suggest avoiding balloons or candles as it can get quite windy.
  • Pending location of the event, clients can bring their own music (or DJ), but please note music will not be played through our sound system.


Event, Venue & Racing Details

  • Most private events are 4 hours from start to finish, but guests can determine the length of their event based on their needs and agenda.
  • Our venue is fairly large. We will have directional signage set up to guide guests to your event.
  • If your event falls on a race night, the races will start at 6:20 p.m. and usually end around 11 p.m. Each race is approximately 2 minutes in length and there is about 15 minutes in between each race.
  • You may purchase betting vouchers ahead of time for your guests. Our staff will be more than happy to help first time bettors make their picks!
  • $200 Named Race Package: This is something special we offer that you can’t experience anywhere else! The name of your choosing is printed in our racing program for a specific race. Your group then goes down to the Winner’s Circle to watch their named race up close. The winning horse and their owner will come into the Winner’s Circle for a souvenir photo with your group.
  • Our venue does not have hotel rooms however we have numerous hotel partnerships within 5-10 minutes of our venue that we can gladly refer to you.
  • Parking is free