Slembarski, Lipinski, O’Malley & Slader Qualify for WHHC Final

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Todd Slembarski, of Swoyersville, PA, captured the April 30th World Harness Handicapping Championship Qualifier at the Meadowlands Racetrack.

Slembarski only cashed in on three of his ten wagers but it was enough to finish the contest with $220, a $20 profit.  His largest win came in the very first Meadowlands race with a $140 score on #3 Leon David. Todd earned $600 with the contest win and a $1,000 seat into the World Harness Handicapping Final.

Greg Lipinski, Patrick O’Malley and Russ Slader also qualified into the WHHC Final with their second, third and fourth place finishes.

The $400 Qualifier required contestants to place exactly ten $20 win wagers on Meadowlands races.

The World Harness Handicapping Championship is a one-day tournament [September 10, 2022]. Players that did not earn a seat through a qualifying event can directly buy-in for $1,000.  The $1,000 entry fee includes a $300 bankroll, with the remaining $700 going to the prize pool.  The WHHC contest format requires players to bet 10 races: their choice of seven Meadowlands races, plus three designated mandatory races.  Players keep all pari-mutuel winnings.  Prize payouts are to the Top 10.

Players that have qualified for the WHHC Final include:

  • John Settembrino – Meadowlands November 2021 Free Qualifier
  • William Alemijevic – Meadowlands $400 January 2022 Qualifier
  • Jaime Ortiz – Meadowlands $400 January 2022 Qualifier
  • Karen Fossli – Meadowlands $400 January 2022 Qualifier
  • Joe Barre – Meadowlands $400 January 2022 Qualifier
  • Sean Loebs – Meadowlands $200 February 2022 Qualifier
  • Stefan Ferrara – Meadowlands $200 February 2022 Qualifier
  • John Vail – Meadowlands $200 March 2022 Qualifier
  • John Murphy – Meadowlands $200 March 2022 Qualifier
  • Leo Talback – 2022 Winter Survival Challenge
  • Michael Kepler – 2022 Winter Survival Challenge
  • Charles Polgar – 2022 Winter Survival Challenge
  • Jeff Marrotte – Tioga Downs
  • Frank Palmasani – Vernon Downs

The Meadowlands Summer Survival Challenge kicks off this Friday, May 6th.  The contest is free to play and the top three finishers earn a $1,000 WHHC Finals seat.  Players can register at

The next on-site Meadowlands qualifier is Saturday, June 4 and a free mythical contest.  Contest details are available at

For more information on how to become a WHHC partner outlet or sponsor, contact Rachel Ryan, Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment ( or 201-842-5015.