Meadowlands To Use “Per Starter Purse” for Opens; Try New In-Race Graphics

Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Meadowlands will adopt the “purse by field size” format for all open class races beginning next weekend. Director of Racing Scott Warren has set the number at $4,500 per starter for the top class and $3,500 for one class below. It will apply to all open class races including pacing mare and trotters.

“I noticed the release that Mohawk sent out that said they were using the “per horse” purse to try to get the top races filled and thought it’s worth trying at The Meadowlands,” said Jeff Gural. “We have struggled to get those filled and as we move into spring and better horses qualify leading into stakes they need to get raced. We’ll offer it and see if we can accommodate those and get races that have fuller fields.”

*$4,500 (OPEN 1)

10 horses                        $45,000 (+$13,500)

9 horses                          $40,500 (+$9,000)

8 horses                          $36,000 (+$4,500)

6 or 7 horses                   $31,500 (Same)

*$3,500 (OPEN 2)

10 horses                        $35,000

9 horses                          $31,500

8 horses                          $28,000

7 horses                          $24,500
*Per starter


The new classes will be on the next condition sheet.

New Graphics

Fans will notice a slightly different look on The Meadowlands TV graphics on Friday. The “Running Numbers” that show the order of the first four horses at the bottom of the screen throughout the race will now include the driver’s name beneath the name of the horse.