Meadowlands Statement on Post Time Drag Experiment

Thursday, February 17, 2022

The Meadowlands, in response to customer and horsepersons frustration with the length of the race cards resulting from the post time “drag”, has conducted a six week experiment with reduced time between races and an earlier end to the races.

Unfortunately, with the shorter drag and a reduction in the time between races, handle has declined by 22% since the experiment began. Although the comparison is somewhat skewed vs 2021, as COVID protocol in Canada had suspended racing at Mohawk during this period and five of the top Meadowlands drivers are currently absent, the cost is simply too great.

Meadowlands GM Jason Settlemoir outlined the plan moving forward, “We had hoped that we could greatly reduce the amount of time the races consume and at least stay close on the handle, as no one here is a fan of the “drag”. Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

“So, for the next two weeks we will be “spotting” our races more carefully to avoid going at the same time as a competing signal from a major track. This makes a huge difference to what we handle remotely, but it will sometimes increase the amount of time between races and the “post time drag”. The idea is to be able to execute this process while still getting done earlier than we were last year.

“The following two weeks we expect to see the return of several drivers our players associate with Meadowlands racing, which we are hoping will give the handle a bump.

“After those four weeks are finished, we will analyze the result to try and determine if it is the elimination of the post drag or the absence of the drivers that horseplayers have become accustomed to handicapping at The Meadowlands that is more responsible for the decline in handle. Off that analysis, we’ll decide just what our format will be for the rest of the year.”