Meadowlands Standards for Stakes Participation

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Per its November 3, 2023 press release containing the New Meadowlands Racetrack ”exclusion list” and as a result of its pending internal investigation on performance enhancing substances, NMR announces that any persons, entities, owner(s) and/or trainers identified on the previously announced “exclusion list”, who have paid into the Meadowlands stakes and whose eligibility and exclusion has not been resolved to the satisfaction of NMR management by May 1, 2024 may result in horse(s) owned or trained by those on the “exclusion list” being denied eligibility to those stakes and being denied any refund of previous payment(s) without recourse for liability to NMR.

In mitigation of the above, NMR will require documentation, including evidence of payment, for the sale of any horse(s) previously owned by excluded person(s) or entity(s) to establish proof to the satisfaction of NMR that any horse entered to race has been legally sold with its title transferred and duly recorded in advance of the time of entry, before that horse(s) will be accepted to race. Such transfer of the title to any horse(s) must be final and recorded with the US Trotting Association or Standardbred Canada by that date otherwise any such entry will be denied.

In the event the owner and or trainer of any horse nominated for The New Meadowlands Racetrack stakes has been determined to be ineligible or appears on the “exclusion list”, that owner or trainer may present for NMR’s consideration documentation, information, or argument to disprove or counter the ineligibility and exclusion determination made by NMR. In addition, such owner or trainer may request an in person meeting with NMR management, at which the owner or trainer may present such information and argument to counter their ineligibility and exclusion. The New Meadowlands Racetrack will consider such information and argument in its discretion, reserving all rights to determine the eligibility or continuing exclusion of the owner, trainer, or the participation of any horse.