Meadowlands Seeks Sponsors For Breeders Crown

Thursday, December 28, 2023

While The Meadowlands is pleased to host the 2024 Breeders Crown, the cost of the “Crown” will come at a high cost to a Meadowlands purse account that is already stretched to the limit.

The Meadowlands remains reliant on pari-mutuel handle as the primary source of revenue to purses, a virtually unique situation in these days of large casino subsidies. The Meadowlands receives a total of $6 million grant from the state of New Jersey, money is legislated to be used for overnight purses only and may not be used to cover the cost of stakes.

By comparison, Yonkers purses are bolstered by more than $50 million and the PA tracks receive over $100 million in casino ancillary revenue for purses annually.

In this light, the generosity of our stakes sponsors takes on an even greater importance.

From the perspective of the connections of many competing horses, the Breeders Crown being held at The Meadowlands accommodates operating from their home base as opposed to shipping/stabling in Canada or the mid-west, resulting in a significant reduction in costs to those participating.

Considering that financial aspect, and the convenience and comfort for both the human and equine participants, the support via sponsorship of those competing in the 2024 Breeders Crown at The Meadowlands is necessary and appreciated.

The Meadowlands annually spends many times the amount that the highly subsidized regional tracks spend on open Grand Circuit stakes each year.  Those are the type of stakes that incentivize the breeding industry and in turn contribute to the record totals at recent public yearling auctions.

The support of those whose business is enriched by as much or more than any facet of the industry by a healthy stakes program, the Standardbred breeders who sold nearly $130 million worth of yearlings at the 2023 public auctions, is solicited, and appreciated.

Jason Hall is the Director of Sponsorship for The Meadowlands and can inform anyone interested in becoming a stakes sponsor of the benefits of the program. He may be reached at (607) 972-6526.