Kindergarten Series Points Updated

Saturday, October 21, 2023

The fifth and last leg of the Kindergaten series is scheduled for Friday, October 27 with the $850,000(e) finals set for Saturday, November 4.


The point standings, updated through Leg #4 are posted on The Meadowlands website. Stakes conditions are on the web as well.


Those conditions state that to be guaranteed preference to race in a final, the horse must start (scratched horses do not get credit for a start) in a minimum of 50% of the preliminary legs. With the odd number of five legs being raced in 2023, to meet that 50% requirement requires starting in three legs to meet this clause. Horses that do not have three starts may enter for and will be accepted into the final in point order after those that have met the minimum start clause in the conditions.


Consolation races will be offered for each division.


The Kindergarten also provides a “Win & You’re In” clause to the officially declared winners of the Kindergarten Finals, if they are eligible to the Freshman Fall Final Four stakes as of June 1, 2023. Those horses will be eligible to advance directly to the final of their respective division at the discretion of the owner(s). They are also entitled to be put into the post-position draw the same as elimination winners if eliminations are required.



All horses must be properly declared for each leg and the final & consolation of the series. All declarations for these events will close at the time and date designated on the condition sheet of the Host Track.