Drag Reduction at The Meadowlands

Thursday, January 6, 2022

The Meadowlands has expanded to 15 races for both Friday and Saturday this week, largely to try and get more horses raced considering many have been idle due to fewer racing opportunities over the reduced holiday schedules. 

To get the lengthy cards completed by a reasonable hour will require shortening the time between races. This scenario presents an opportunity to conduct a real time experiment on the effect a significant reduction in the “drag” leading to off time will have on the handle. 

The plan for Friday and Saturday is to cut the drag time in half, from 8 to 4 minutes. With the forecast cold, you may expect the horses to spend less time on the track so to avoid being shut out please be aware of the shortened scores. 

To accommodate those wagering remotely and the delay included in view the simulcast signal, the “Countdown Clock” will be adjusted to engage at 3 minutes to off time and the horses will head to the starting gate as it ticks toward zero. 

First race post time is listed as 6:20pm and you should expect the horses to be going behind the starting gate at 6:20. You may expect a race approximately every 20 minutes thereafter, with a bit more time added heading into the $50,000 guaranteed Pick 4 wagers. 

Based on the effect on handle over this weekend’s experiment, Meadowlands management will consider further reducing the drag in the coming weeks. 

The Meadowlands has launched a brand new, updated website which features extensive racing information, including a capsule of each race and full card free programs, right on the landing page. Complete wagering information and Dave Brower’s Race Reviews are also available. 

Big action is in store for fans of Harness Racing’s Greatest Track with plenty of opportunity to make a nice New Year’s score. It will begin on time at 6:20pm Friday.