Battle of the Masterminds Returns for 2024

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Last year, TV host Dave Little prevailed in the 19-day Battle of the Masterminds with an $11,643 bankroll, raising $1,000 for his selected charity, the Standardbred Retirement Foundation.

This summer, the Battle of the Meadowlands Masterminds returns with Jess Otten, Michael Carter, Ken Warkentin, Dave Little, and Gabe Prewitt pitted against each other in the ultimate handicapping contest. The fun kicks off Saturday, June 1, and runs through Friday, August 2.

While our track handicappers battle it out, our fans get a chance to win the nightly cash prize and have a chance to grab the $10,000 grand prize on Hambletonian Day – Saturday, August 3!

Battle of the Meadowlands Masterminds Rules:
• Each race night, the five handicappers are given $500 in “mythical battle money.”
• Their mythical wagers must be on races 4-9 each night – $500 will be wagered by every handicapper
• The battle money wins, and losses are tracked, with results posted as soon as possible following Race 10
• Every night on track, there will be five drawing barrels, each with a corresponding Battle of the Meadowlands Masterminds name assigned. Fans can complete the entry form and deposit the slip in their chosen handicapper’s barrel before Race 4 each night.
• Entry forms are available in the live racing program and at the Players Club Desk.
• After Race 10, each live race night, an entry from the winning handicapper barrel will be selected to win a $200 betting voucher.
• On Saturday, August 3, the winning Battle handicapper is announced on Hambletonian Day.
• At the end of the Battle, the winning handicapper will receive $1,000 for their selected charity; the second will receive $500, and third through fifth place will receive $250.
Handicapper Charities:

  • Jess Otten: New Vocations
  • Dave Little: Standardbred Retirement Foundation
  • Gabe Prewitt: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Ken Warkentin: Harness Horse Youth Foundation
  • Michael Carter: Pacing For The Cure
  • All 18 season-long Battle winners are eligible for the $10,000 grand prize. Ten names will be selected during the Final Drawing – 1st –5th name will receive a $200 betting voucher; 6th name will receive a $250 betting voucher; 7th name will receive a $300 betting voucher, 8th name will receive a $400 voucher, 9th name will receive a $500. The Final name drawn (10th name) wins the $10,000. The remaining eight names will receive a $100 betting voucher.

Fans can also follow @JessicaOtten1 @Gabe_Prewitt @davelittlebigm @mcarte1 on Twitter to keep up with the “friendly” contest trash-talking.

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