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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, June 18, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 WHATSTROUBLNUROCKY Turned in another pretty good try last week, but that overall record is tough to swallow when the price is always short. Might be a little higher in here, but I still can’t play on top. Must get over the hump.
2 THESPYWHOLOVEDME Didn’t enjoy quite the same good trip when he hiked up to that Trackmaster level. This is what they’ve been waiting for, and last time Juan drove perfectly. Will need that sort of smooth journey again.
3 FRANCO TRISTAN N Shipped down here last month and made it look easy, even from post 10! So, that was enough to keep him home until the final tonight. Joe Lee gets the call again and he has options from an ideal inner post.
4 KINGOFTHEJUNGLE Another one with just one win this year, so think about that. Not sure what the price will be, because they can’t all get bet. Couldn’t stave off #3 when they last met. Will try to do it again. Not impossible.
5 JERRYTONE Been picking up nice checks since returning to the big track. The midpack post also gives JC some options and this horse is versatile to do it either way. Likely to be a game-time decision behind gate, to send or not?
6 ROCKIN RAMBARAN That was an amazing trip and effort last time in this series. I still can’t believe he almost won that night! So, I wouldn’t talk you off him, provided the price is fair. Several in here could get bet hard. Not sure which.
7 NORTHERN ROCK Ran into a pretty salty bunch for that lower level race last time. I won’t hold that against him. Has raced well in this series before, but this looks like a pretty tough spot too! Lots of other speed. Outer post. Good luck!
8 MONTEFALCO N Showed up here last week and brushed and crushed! That was impressive! First driving win for Mr. Slendorn in 33 years! I do have a feeling this one will be a little tougher. That’s just my opinion. Yours?
9 A BETTOR BEACH Took ALL the money last Saturday for some reason. I know a bunch of us picked him, but even money in that spot was ridiculous. He won’t be even money here. And Roy will have to overcome rough post.
10 ROCKINWITHTHEBEST This seems like an impossible spot for him, stuck in post 10. Not my type tonight.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-2-8
H Horse Comment
1 CC BIG BOY SAM One of four elder statesman in this low-level claimer. 11YO has been here before, but it seems like a while ago. Recent Monti efforts are just okay. I would need to see a good one here again.
2 TRICK CARD That wasn’t a bad try last week. Passed a few late. I’m a bit surprised someone hasn’t reached in and claimed this guy yet. He’s only four, with plenty of career ahead. Gets better post and new driver. A maybe.
3 ALWAYS A FORCE One of five coming out of the same race last week. This guy was good! Seems like he could be rounding back into better form. Another decent effort wouldn’t surprise me. Demand fair price, though.
4 ALL ABOUT RUSTY 12YO hasn’t made much of an impact lately, so he will still be a pass for me. Needs wakeup.
5 LEGION OF BOOM Also retains longshot status. Hasn’t gotten to start in a while, so he may need this. Pass.
6 BUGGER BRUISER Pretty much dominated this group last week for Tetrick, so there’s no reason not to expect similar. Just don’t expect to get rich! Luke H would like to make it easier, with softer journey. Hoping for his first driving win M1
7 PREPPY ART Preppy is back for another Big M try. He likes it here, when he’s on his best game. That last scratch has me very worried, however. Take a good, long look at him out on the track first. Drew tough post tonight.
8 GYPSY LEATHER Probably the “key” to the early pace battle, at very least. From this slot, Jack P has to fire out. Will try again to get the jump on Bugger, but it may not matter. Bugger just seems a little better right now.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 3-8-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 STEUBEN GLADIATOR Exits the GSY where he wasn’t much of a factor. I don’t think this will help either. Pass.
2 FATHER FRED Barn bringing a bunch down tonight. This one coming from Monti where he sports a few good efforts. Has shown some speed at times and this would be good spot for that. Can sit and stalk after that. A big maybe.
3 BIONIC Definitely in need of a wakeup call, but new driver Boyd might try to do something different. One thing for sure, he has to keep up better early in the mile. Not out of it, but a medium longshot.
4 BIG SWEEP OSBORNE It’s tough to gauge some of these class levels. Are the $10K claimers better than a field like this? Probably. What about the GSY? Some of those fields were pretty good. This guy gets post relief. Another maybe.
5 MAY I CRUISE WEST Speaking of post relief, the Cruise finally gets some! And look who’s driving again? Dex did choose him over #6, so that’s one sign of positive intent. I would not accept any short price though! Not worth it.
6 WILDMAN Not sure what happened in that one try here, but it wasn’t very good. Faded again down at the Ocean. So, Danielle D opts to try him again on the mile. I would need to see a lot more stamina this time.
7 TITUS SEELSTER Flashed a touch more speed last time in the claimer, but did not get close late. Is this spot any easier? I’m not so sure. But, I would like to see that speed again. Another one that must find more stamina.
8 RIGGINS ART Gets the extremely tepid call as morning line favorite in this impossible race to handicap. Most of them have more strikes, than positives. His last two look a bit better than most of these. Maybe he can stick around longer?
9 KELLY’S CHAMP Slowly racing back into shape, but not quite there yet. I’m willing to watch another one in pp9.
10 MAKE IT BIG Showed absolutely nothing in his comebacker, so he’s a real reach, even in a race like this. But, somebody has to cross the wire first. IF you like Big, get a fair price.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 VITANI AS Not sure what to make of that Philly form. It’s not very consistent. And she shows that break. I guess I need to watch one here on the big track first. Not my type of play.
2 DEW CAN DEW Just one win this year. Just one win last year. I always see that first. I see recently added Lasix, and a decent first start here. Can she improve on that? That’s a good question. Must keep up better early.
3 TEQUILA N ROSES Been stuck in a variety of tough spots lately, so she’s got to have a chance in here. Also seems due to snap that losing skid. The better post will offer pilot a few more options. I guess I wouldn’t talk you off.
4 BILLIE CLAIRE Just 1-28 lifetime, so that’s a problem. Todd has driven her before, and produced a good effort. Sometimes, certain drivers get along better with some horses. I would consider using underneath in gimmicks.
5 MAKERS MASS Another big question mark in a field full of them. That last break concerns me. Does have a little history here, and a win. So, maybe that gives an edge? IF he trots, he does have a chance. Consider that.
6 SOUTHWIND FROST Bob H gave him every chance in that last GSY try. Couldn’t quite finish it off, though. I don’t expect much of a price, so I usually swing against. Drew midpack post. Will need the right kind of trip to win.
7 MASSTER BLUE Also out of series races and I have to consider him a longshot in current form. Not for me.
8 BARLEY This guy has one win this year and it did come here. Vic K gets call, with YG not here. Barn brought a few up from Philly for big track tries again. Not getting any post relief and is a question mark just to trot. Your call?
9 SHADY MCCOY Shady’s in for the optional claiming tag, but I don’t foresee any takers. Another rough post. Pass.
10 DOC’S SWAN SONG Trying to race himself into shape. I’m not sure he’s quite there yet, but I will be watching for future evaluation.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 9-4-10-8
H Horse Comment
1 CHABLIS Lots of fillies in here, and this is one of them. Enters off one of her better tries in recent memory, so let’s see if we can keep that going. T Mac will just try to sit in, save ground and try to get lucky late.
2 CRICKET FASHION Picked up a couple of checks in the sires stakes, so that’s not bad. This is a class drop, but also a loss of Tetrick, who stuck with #9. That has to tell us a little something. Let’s see if he’s ready to go faster.
3 AVENIR Took all the betting action last week when dropped to this level and it didn’t work out. Hoping she’s not back to old bad habits. So, I will take a good, long look at her out on the track, and then make a decision.
4 AWESOME TRIX The only blemish on her card right now came on that miserable, sloppy night. Other than that, she’s been solid here! That was pretty good finish last week. Sets her up for something very similar. Can be used.
5 ALTAR Comes back this year with the hopples on, and it worked out great in the first qualifier. Not so much in the second. I guess she just has some bad habits? Another one that we just have to take a good, long look at on track.
6 CAMDEN HILLS Got some light experience last year at two. Seems to have come back okay at three. Enjoyed a nice, professional kind of win over at Pocono. The follow-up wasn’t bad either. Let’s see if he likes the big track too!
7 TANGLED LOVE They’ve been racing him conservatively so far and he keeps finishing up okay. The times have been improving. Barn does take its time with the youngsters. Another outer post. I expect similar off-the-pace steer.
8 KIMBERLY LYNN DEO Talk about talent! She certainly has some! But, what she doesn’t have is manners. I have absolutely no idea what to expect tonight, so good luck guessing. The post won’t help matters.
9 RATTLE MY CAGE He put it all together two weeks ago, powering right down the road. Tonight, he gets an outside post, but it might not matter. He’s facing mostly fillies here, so no excuses. Another top effort should be coming.
10 DUCHESSPEDIA It’s taken a little while, ‘but she’s really turned things around. That was nice trip and perfect drive last week to surge by when asked. Not exactly “rewarded” with this post. Dex opted to #5. This is no easy spot.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 THROWING COPPER Barn’s got a pair in here, and they both look like medium longshots. This guy hasn’t won yet and he’s had nine tries. I see the speed, but I don’t see the stamina. Let’s see if he “follows” tonight. Needs more.
2 PRAYFORTHEWICKED The brother to Captaintreacherous hasn’t quite lived up to that profile yet. But, he’s off to a good start so far at three. That was solid confidence booster down at Philly. Takes the step up to big time now.
3 BAKLOUVA Maybe a tad disappointing in the Stallion Series? Pulled in last pair, but could not get close enough. Yes this is a drop, but same story for several in here. Will need to step it up a little to get back on track. Switch to big track.
4 TORONTO Do you get the feeling that he just likes to “follow?” Can’t really fault any of his efforts, but we could see a bit more late. Ran into buzzsaw last week and might be running into a few more tonight. Tough call, if price is short.
5 CAVIART LOTUS How good is he? I guess we’re about to find out. That last blitzing rally makes him the fastest in here, and it was also his first win. Not bad! That was also first start for new barn. On the improve for now?
6 SOLID ALIBI Also sports some even-looking efforts. Drew outside here, which will not help. Will just have to hope for some mayhem, so he can pick up some pieces?
7 CURBSIDE PICKUP Probably the “key” to the race. Because he hasn’t shown much early zip yet, but will need some here. Maybe he got a little “lonely” on the lead last time? I’m anxious to see what he brings to the big track.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-7-5
H Horse Comment
1 MANHATTAN PLAY Picked up another check at long odds last week, so at least she’s earning her keep. Just never wins, though. Can be considered underneath in the gimmicks, but that’s about it.
2 ALWAYSABEACHDAY Not an easy spot for one of the 3YO’s in here. Scratched the last time she was entered in this class. It should be easier than some recent races. I still need to see a bit more before I could endorse.
3 SPECIAL ACHIEVER Been toiling away up at Monti with some decent tries. But, doing it there, and doing it here, are two different things. I would need to see a good one here first. Can she keep up? Maybe.
4 SUNDAY AFTERNOON The two class-droppers finished one-two last week. Very understandable. Yannick put her in the right spot, but just couldn’t catch the winner. Similar spot, but another new driver. YG not here. Must use.
5 CITY BY THE BAY Squeezes into this race via her Trackmaster rating. Really don’t know what to make of her current form, mostly on the smaller track. The one try here was flat. Will have to step it up and prove she can handle it here.
6 THINK OF GALAXIES Also a 3YO, but coming out of a decent stakes try. She has also proven good on the big track too! Might offer a better price than #5 and might have more talent anyway. I guess we’ll find out tonight. Dexter on! Trainer: Stakes filly for me last year. Trained back great for PK, but had a very bad episode in first start. Had a reaction, possibly to the Lasix. So, we have removed that, and been very conservative coming into this, which she clearly needs.
7 MILADY DENVER A If you don’t want one of the youngsters in here, you could opt for this 11YO. Raced for the 200th time last week, so congrats on that amazing milestone. She’s also in her due to the Trackmaster rating. Easier spot?
8 LOOKATMYART No real threat here upon arrival and now stuck with another outside post. A longshot.
9 BEAVER CREEK MISTY Ships up the Turnpike for a big track try and she’s got a lot to prove here. I need to see it.
10 BE BEST Moves from pole to post 10, as barn’s other starter. I have to prefer #4 tonight, but know she can blast.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-9-5
H Horse Comment
1 MOVEOUTOFMYWAY K Kasper F is still doing a real nice job with this guy. That was good, sneaky move through at the pylons to snare second. Not bad! Similar situation here. Sits, saves, and tries to get lucky again.
2 HEAT WAVE HANOVER Continues to work her way down the class ladder, but she just doesn’t look sharp right now. Tries switching things up with a move to the big track. Will it work? I don’t know.
3 DANCINGINTHEDARK M Couldn’t possibly have looked any more impressive in that last win, and Tetrick had some good things to say about him. This might even be an easier spot tonight? Just a maintenance mile coming. Strong!
4 JUSTLIKEHIM Definitely a “work in progress” with the hopples going on now. I need to see a good one.
5 BEYOND ORDINARY All things considered, that was a pretty good try against #3 two weeks ago. Bob McClure tried to steal it and almost got away with it. New pilot aboard tonight, but an aggressive try likely coming again. Digs in.
6 NYLANDER Did a little bit of the dirty work two weeks ago, with #3 right on his back. Held pretty well through the drive, albeit as no match. What’s the plan for tonight? Might go back to the speed here to try and get better trip.
7 HOCKEY HANOVER Hockey really squandered a golden opportunity last week. He was in perfect spot right behind the winner, but clearly could not keep pace late. Has to do better than that, and I can’t guarantee its coming.
8 ALL CHAMPY As said earlier, Zingale barn bringing a few here tonight and they post gods were not kind! Champy has been here before, but he finally gets some needed class relief. Does have speed, if pilot wants to take a shot.
9 BLUFFINER He’s got speed too! So, it makes for a very interesting tactical race tonight. Also seems to be in good, steady form right now. No reason to take back here. Can he try and get the jump on the 3YO? He will try.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-3-2
H Horse Comment
1 STONEDUST We’ve all been waiting for this spot for The Dust! He’ll try to pull off the ‘ol drop-and-pop. And, he should probably do it. Tetrick will steer a little differently tonight and be more aggressive. Clearly the one to beat.
2 PARTY BOY After the well-meant win at the bottom class, Party has been stuck in some real tough spots. Don’t hold that against him. He can most definitely go with these and plots for a nice trip if the Dust blasts off. Rides pylons.
3 THE DEVILS OWN N I liked him two back and he was good. I liked him again last time and he was no good. Gets yet another class drop, so what do I do now? I guess I’ll bail, and watch him beat me. It’s happened before. Dex’s pick.
4 VASARI N Did not make much of an impact in first try back here. Have to consider him a big longshot again.
5 JUMPING JAKE Not exactly going great guns at the moment, so let’s take another pass on Jake again. Needs more.
6 ANA MALEK N A fresh face from the Cullipher Crew! Invades with an 0-9 slate out in Indiana, so that’s not great. But, sometimes a change of scenery can do wonderful things. This seems like a class drop. But, do we prefer barnmate, #1?
7 GODS SPIRIT N I guess we have to consider him a big question mark tonight. I liked him last time, even from post 10 and he just got rolling a tad too fast. The scratch since really worries me. I have no idea what to expect. DD opted off.
8 BIG STRETCH MARK The Stretch qualified okay, but this doesn’t look like the right spot for him yet. Wait for softer.
9 A MAJOR OMEN He’s had two chances at this lower level and didn’t get it done. Now, switches out to a much tougher post, so this won’t be any easier. It will be a long way to the lead if he tries to blast. Not so sure about that.
10 B LIKE CRUISER Another fresh face, and moving into a new barn. I do see some speed, but I also see one gate miscue. Maybe we need to watch one here first? I’m going with that for now.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-7-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 WARRIOR ONE Finds his way back to Club Med, after a one-race tour at Philly. Seemed like he was overmatched in there, but I can’t say that I’m happy with that lackluster finish. Might need additional class relief to wake back up.
2 GOTWUTEVERITTAKES Yes, he’s still driving us crazy. After two more clunkers, retains longshot status. Pass.
3 JL CRUZE Cruze enjoyed a nice trip last week, but just couldn’t catch the well-rated, and well-meant #7. They square off again with a few new shooters. Maybe the big knock is that Dex was listed, and opted for #8 now. Tough call.
4 SKYWAY KON MAN The Kon Man suffered impossible trip last week. Don’t hold that against him. Still a longshot.
5 BOURBON EXPRESS Bourbon didn’t seem nearly as good last week, as he was when he won. Not sure why. Maybe he just needs to get involved? Sometimes horses don’t try as hard when they take back. We’ll find out tonight.
6 DOUBLE ACCOUNT He’s pretty hard to handicap right now. Was as good as a horse can be last week, and three back, but empty in between. Therefore, I have NO idea what to expect tonight. Good luck guessing. Tim chose #5.
7 ONEY HALL Finally put it all together with a down-the-road display last Saturday. Several of us had been expecting that type of an effort. It just took a little while. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, let’s see if he can repeat. Maybe.
8 CHAPTIAMA Many horses will drive you crazy. This is one of them. After being absolutely empty in the race two back, he came right back and just exploded with a monster rally. Dex sticks with him. Tougher post tonight.
9 CRYSTAL FASHION Classy double millionaire dominated a pretty good field over at Pocono. But, when he gets good, he usually stays good! I know it’s post nine, but he’s still the horse to beat no matter what. Marcus will get him close.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 10-5-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 TEAM KIWI N Owns just one lonely win so far this year. But, she did outrace her odds with a nice rally last week. She seems to be rounding into better form. Gets post relief. Still might need class relief, but she’s usable in pole position.
2 BREAK THE DEAL Got used up early in her Big M return. Might be a tad longer shot now after that one.
3 BEST HONEY HANOVER Continues her slide down the class ladder and now we’re getting into reasonable territory. This barn’s horses tend to get bet when they’re live, so I will consider if she takes tote action. Tyler will put her in play.
4 WINGDING HANOVER Barn’t got two in here and Tetrick chose #8. Have to read into that a little. I like the way she charged home nicely two weeks ago. I certainly couldn’t talk you off, but price might end up short.
5 DARKRSHADEOFPALE N Dropped and popped successfully last week. I guess she was supposed to win that race. This will not be that easy. From midpack post, pilot does have options, and mare is versatile. Confidence builders help.
6 RUBY ON RAILS Overall, Ruby is having a pretty good season. Scotty B has gotten her sharp, and her late kick is lethal, with the right setup. This race has major potential for plenty of action and that helps her cause a lot.
7 MAJOR BATTLE Barn has this lass pretty sharp too! She’s marching UP the class ladder, but still delivering good efforts. It’s hard to fault sharp horses, but this post might test her out a little. Needs a hot pace too!
8 IDEATION HANOVER Tetrick had choice of the stablemates and opted here over #4. That surprised me a little bit. But, this mare is dropping again and the barn has great percentage on drops. Maybe that’s all we need to know?
9 SO NICE HANOVER Gained a little confidence down at Philly, but I’m not so sure she’s as good as these. Your call?
10 STONEBRIDGE SOUL Dexter ended up taking off #7,9 to drive this one. That’s a big call! Those kinds of moves are rare, but with a million late driver changes tonight, it can happen. This mare is LONG overdue to get a win. Even pp10
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-3-9
H Horse Comment
1 ART SCAPING Just ran into a buzzsaw last week, so don’t hold that against him. Other than that, he’s been performing very well. Switches to Dexter tonight and lands a pole position start. Lots of things to like here.
2 CASHNCAM Exits the GSY series where he kept picking up checks. Not bad. It’s hard to gauge when one of these move into a Trackmaster race, so good luck guessing. I like the post. Will be sitting and stalking.
3 JUST WAVE GOODBYE Tetrick’s choice over #8 wasn’t a surprise. Won with this fella at this particular level a while back. I guess he can win again, but I wouldn’t want any short price. One of three that “squeak” in at TrackM level.
4 DAVIDS COMING HOME The reclaim angle is always a strong one. Mark C took him back for same price, and I guess, why not? If Luke J didn’t win earlier with Bugger Bruiser, maybe he can get a win here with David.
5 DOC HALLADAY Barn change here. And yes, I will remind you that barn has surprised us before. The Doc would be a big surprise, based on his form, but you never know around here.
6 MAAJAACKKOBE It’s been a long time since we saw him here. Yes, I can see only one win this year, and only one win last year. Best as a one-move type. Will need a trip and bit more luck to threaten.
7 MARVALOUS ONE Working his way back into shape and he’s not quite there yet. I’m patient and willing to wait.
8 GAIUS CRASTINUS It would be tough to make a strong case for success tonight. Especially from this post.
9 WESTERN REDHOT Keeps getting claimed. Keeps getting overbet. And the only thing he doesn’t do is win. So, with that said, I will simply wish you luck if you play him from post nine. If he beats me, he beats me. I can live with that.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-6-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 EAZY PASS One of the fillies in here, trying to capture this “Dropdown Derby.” I’ll give her a pass for that miserable sloppy night on 5/28. Few weeks off will do her some good. Should bounce back strong in this spot for Dexter.
2 HOT AS HILL She also performed well through the sires stakes, and got a decent check in the final. Same situation as #1 and they both get inside posts. Can either of them beat the boys? Very good question. I’m not that sure.
3 TAKE A WISH That was her “kind of field” in the GSY last week. There was plenty of action and it set up nicely for her and Dawn A. Congrats! Will it set up that way again? Probably not.
4 ZLATAN I’ve been waiting for the class drop on Z, but this might not be enough. Too many other droppers. Pass.
5 WINGS OF SPEED Not sure what’s going on here, but it isn’t good. Would need monster bounce back effort, AND stay trotting to have any chance. That’s Tyler’s job here. Just keep him on gait.
6 LOOK IN MY EYES Tetrick had a tough choice in here, but did not opt for this one. This horse has been stuck in some very tough spots. Any of his better effort could put a scare into #7, but I let Tim do the handicapping for me.
7 THE VETERAN Just getting used to his new barn. That was top-notch qualifier against Venerate. I liked what I saw. If he’s ready off the layoff, he will be very hard to beat. But, we won’t get rich. That’s for sure. Tetrick’s choice.
8 LIFE WELL LIVED Another in need of more class relief. And probably post relief too! Not for me tonight.
9 CHIPLOSIVE These outside posts are just killing him. Yes, I know it’s another drop, but he has to find a way to get into the race a little sooner. Post nine prevents that. Will have a long way to come from the back of pack.
10 BIZET I’m sure barn was hoping for a much softer situation than this. Post 10. Tough bunch. Have to pass.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-8-4
H Horse Comment
1 BOLDER Nearing the end of his racing career, at age of 14. Sits on the pylons and tries to keep up. Maybe.
2 DEPENDLEBURY A He’s a little hard to gauge at the moment. Pretty erratic efforts of late, but I do still remember the nice win. IF he were to offer that effort tonight, it puts him in play. Demand fair value if you fancy.
3 NA NA NA BAATMAN Another of many inconsistent performers at this level. At least he finally gets a decent post to start from Maybe that will help and propel him into the mix. Maybe.
4 SOSSY’S KING KONG Fresh claim here, so maybe the change of scenery will get Sossy to be a little more consistent? Some of his efforts are good enough to threaten. This is wide-open race. Somebody has to step up and win.
5 STIRLING ENSIGN Yannick seems to get along with him best, so he’s not here tonight. Yes, that Dexter guy is pretty good too, but it’s hard to buck that LONG losing skid. Especially at a short price. Good luck if you do!
6 MR MCDREAMY Was right there at the wire with these last week. Overall, I think he’s rounded into somewhat better form. But, like many of these, he hasn’t won a race in a LONG time. Makes it hard to get up and go to the window.
7 MAJOR ASSET Second time Lasix. A slightly improved effort in last, with a tough trip. I’m not ready to bet the ranch just yet, but I guess I prefer him over a few others in here. Somebody has to step up and win this. Good luck on that.
8 IDEAL TYSON A IF you want a reasonable price play, maybe this guy is it? His form looks a lot better, AND more consistent than several of these. Yes, I know it’s a bad post. But do you have any better options? Very usable.
9 FINAL JUSTICE Drew post 10 last week, and post nine tonight. That’s almost not fair. Exits claimers, but needs more.
10 NOBLES FINESSE Didn’t show a whole lot upon return. Now it’s post 10. You know how I feel about that. Pass.