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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, June 12, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 MISS MCKEE She missed the last leg sick, so that’s a small issue. Likely needed the race at Pocono where she set a pretty fast pace and got caught. Plots for different kind of journey here where she can just follow. Usually keeps up.
2 WESLYNN QUEST She hasn’t had much luck here yet, but every start has been a solid one! Can’t fault that. I like this post for her tonight and do wonder how the race will set up with #7. Scotty Z opted to #4 tonight. Worries me!
3 FELICITYSHAGWELL S We’ve all seen her powerful early speed. It always gives her a chance. She still needs to learn how to finish a tad better. Did trot home in 26 and change last time, so maybe I’m being too hard on her. Guns out!
4 A FANCY FACE She did really well in leg two for Team Luther. Fired out with speed and then towed along nicely. Tonight might be a little more difficult with #3 just inside. I like that she’s versatile. May have to change it up here.
5 MORAIRTIME Regressed into another one of her strange breaks. Not sure why she does it. Just jumps for no apparent reason. Back in too tough and definitely a big longshot again.
6 NO MAS DRAMA They’ve tried her twice against these and it just hasn’t worked out. I have to pass for now.
7 MANCHEGO Did you watch the Cutler? Did you watch the Maxie Lee? Are you kidding me! She’s awesome right now! Yannick will take care of her tonight, while Dex has some suspension days. Will YG use a bit more speed from this post, or will he be uber-patient and just let her finish again? That is the question. Trainer: Simply amazing! Has never felt better in her entire life in training. Yannick gets to take her for a spin tonight. Should be fun for him!
8 P L NOTSONICE Like #6, she’s given it her best a couple times and she’s just not been a match for these. That, plus the bad post tonight make it hard. Maybe she can follow #7? That would be best case scenario.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-8-3-9
H Horse Comment
1 ROLLNTHEJOE Still waiting on a wakeup call here, and we haven’t really seen it yet. Gets some post relief tonight, so maybe that will add a little more speed to the show. I’m not sold on this horse yet, so I will watch another.
2 GAIUS CRASTINUS He struggled to keep up in that very fast Trackmaster race. So, is this easier, or harder? I’m not really sure. I’m actually leaning towards easier. He’s still a longshot, even from the good post.
3 UNLOADED N Just seems long overdue to grab a win here. He’s had some good efforts too! When he’s not acting up and fighting his driver. This is prime spot to earn that win. Could go right down the road, IF he wants to play.
4 GLOBALDOMINATION N If you need a reason to bet against #3, this is a good option. Second start off the layoff. A sneaky-good last start. Plenty of back class. Barn looking to get off the schneid here this year. Can happen.
5 BLAYDE HANOVER Wasn’t exactly tearing it up down at Freehold. I want to watch one here first. Pass.
6 SOMETIMESAWINNER Didn’t really make much of an impact at 50-1 here last week. No change to that coming.
7 HAPPY TRIO Hasn’t quite adapted to the program here on the east coast just yet. Gets stuck with another outer post, so he’s a tough one to like a lot. Maybe we get some changes tonight? Something?
8 NORTHERN ROCK That was a real mayhem kind of race last week, and this guy was a big part of it. I have a feeling this will be a LOT easier than that. He won’t have to be used that hard. Yannick gets along with him great, but chose 9
9 SPIRIT OF TRUTH I must admit, I didn’t see that coming last week. Speed? From this 9YO? Just goes to show you that any horse can surprise you at any time. Was Yannick’s choice here, that surprised me. Needs more speed.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 THE DEVILS OWN N He was certainly “live” in that first go off the layoff. But, that tough trip took its toll. Should be tighter, and stronger for this, AND he gets to drop a notch. All systems on go for tonight. Maybe even decent price.
2 ITALIAN DELIGHT N That was a very tough beat last week, folks! Me included. Oh well! That’s racing luck. Couldn’t have gotten a better trip from post 10 and just got nailed. While #1 gets to drop, this guy hikes up. Who do you like?
3 THE GREEK FREAK I guess this poor guy just needs a confidence builder? I’m still picking #1, but wouldn’t be shocked if this guy beats me. They’ve aimed very high with him and he’s picking up checks. Time to get it all? A Mac pk.
4 SHAKE THAT HOUSE For a while last week, it looked to me like he had stolen one. He actually got collared by his stablemate. I’m sure he’s tightened up and raced back into shape. Maybe different trip coming? That could work.
5 MIGHTY SANTANA N With all the power in here towards the inside, it’s tough to like a horse like this tonight. Unless you tell me we have a speed duel brewing. He’s got some class, but will need a little luck to win here. DM’s choice ov 1.
6 STONEDUST The Dust is still in too tough with these. We can be patient and wait for the eventual class drop.
7 ROCKIN THE ACES Loved him when he won. He got another nice trip when hiked up the class ladder, but lacked the same great finish. So, with a move back to the outside, I just have to prefer others.
8 DEALER’S TABLE Where’s he going from this post against a strong field like this? I think you know the answer.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 DAVIDS COMING HOME Fresh claim here, and an interesting one at that! Plus, he’s got a barnmate stuck out in post eight. That last effort was a real wakeup call kind of race. Maybe he’s ready to get good and turn things around.
2 KIWI IDEAL N Beat a weak group to end the Freehold meet on a winning note. A repeat seems unlikely to me.
3 PANTHEON HANOVER Bouncing up and down the class ladder and from track-to-track for the Dream. Overdue to have something go right? He gets Yannick in the seat tonight and he’s been known to wake one up. A maybe. Trainer: Good spot for him. Put in an okay effort at Pocono. Just needs everything to go right for him.
4 NOBLES FINESSE Yes, he did crank out that one improbable win here earlier this year. Then, he picked up two more down at home base of Freehold. Gotta give credit where due. Back to big track and it gets a lot tougher here.
5 WESTERN REDHOT Seems like everybody wants this horse. Always multiple claims in. So, the “rent-a-horse” situation exists. New barn puts the same pricetag on him, so I’m sure there will be takers. No real excuse last time.
6 MAYFIELD DUKE That was a fairly decent try last week, despite a touch of a shuffle. Transitions back into claimers here and he’s a fit! Just needs to find a bit more speed to get into the game. The right trip could see him get lucky.
7 IDEAL SON Gets the very tepid call as favorite, in a pretty wide-open race. Got wildly overbet when Tim T took over last time and they could only manage a belated second. That’s not enough to get it done. What price now?
8 BIG SWEEP OSBORNE Gets stuck with another outside post, to go along with his lack of speed. Needs lots of luck.
9 ASTOR Barn’s other starter closed the Freehold meet on a blah note. The one try here was no good. I have to pass.
10 FINAL JUSTICE Moves from pole to post 10 and also comes off a no-excuse try where he flattened out. Not for me.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 4-8-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 ZLATAN The time to think about betting Zlatan is when he’s dropping in class, not hiking up. Not tonight.
2 RESITA The Cullipher Crew have three in here, and I guess I’d prefer the other two. At least he’s got an inside post to sit in, save ground, and try to keep up late. That’s about it.
3 DOUBLE ACCOUNT Horse has been pretty hard to gauge lately. Very inconsistent. But, he does get Tetrick back tonight and that’s big. Tim seems to get him to go. Has yet to win at this slightly higher level. Very mixed feelings.
4 HOCKEY HANOVER This is definitely a spot where he can get back into the game. I still remember that one wire-to-wire type effort against slightly lesser. Been overmatched since. Yannick back aboard, so watch out. Speed coming.
5 MOVEOUTOFMYWAY K Overall, Kasper has been doing nice job with this horse. He’s gaining confidence every time he stays onstride. It’s all about the pace and the trip tonight. A live flow would help his cause a lot.
6 GRAND SWAN Didn’t make it around there in first go for Team Orange Crush. I like that they bring him here to the big track. I’m sure they will make some adjustments. He will eventually be okay. Take a good, long look out on track.
7 IT AINT THE WHISKY I still can’t believe held off Fashion last week, but I guess he just wanted it more. Takes the three-level class bump tonight, but he can probably handle it. In very good form right now. Will come charging.
8 CHIPLOSIVE Drops like this are usually key for Chip. But, he doesn’t get the good post to go along with it. Simon will have to leave a little with him, just to get into the race. The trip after that is critical. Hard to leave out totally.
9 CONQUEST AS Was cross-entered today at Pocono, so I imagine he will show up here? Then again, after drawing post nine, maybe not. I’d want to watch one anyway.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 GOOD ROCKIN MIA for a little too long for my taste. Would love to have seen a qualifier, but we don’t get that. So, we all just have to guess if he’s ready and I hate guessing. Good luck with that.
2 HARAMBE DEO Deo’s been doing great work down at Philly lately, so I guess I’m surprised to see him back here. After tailing off there for a bit, it seems he’s back in top form and that spells trouble for many of these. How sharp?
3 JOESSTAR OF MIA A When he won a few weeks ago, he was so good that night! Not much has gone right since. Off the sick scratch, he has to be considered a question mark tonight. This is no easy race. I’ll wait for better spot.
4 CHASER HANOVER Dropped to this level last time and turned in a flat effort. It’s the first flat mile he’s turned in, in a long time. Probably won’t have to go 26 to grab the lead tonight. Maybe that will make the difference. Bounces back?
5 NO QUARTER I looked up that one Plainridge race and it sure was a wow mile! He wasn’t able to repeat when bumped up to the Open. So, they opt to put him on the truck and try this class. Gets in via n/w of seven. Nice spot. Trainer: He’s hot and cold for me, fighting some allergies. I’m getting him a bit more consistent his past few. He’s given enough confidence to try him back at the Big M.
6 IMA REAL LADYS MAN Remember his race on KY Derby night? We might be looking at something similar here. Tim sailed him that night and there’s not reason not to try the same. I do wonder if the price will be right? That’s tough call.
7 SUGARTOWN How good is this horse right now? Good question! But, this is huge step up the class ladder. He’s in for the alternate $30K tag, but this race seems tougher than that. Nothing less than A-1 best will come close.
8 WES DELIGHT Sometimes, horses just make us look bad. After an absolute clunker when I loved him on the 29th, he bounced back with a herculean effort to steamroll past his heavily-favored stablemate. Oh well. Hikes up. PP8 now.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-9-6-10
H Horse Comment
1 BARGAIN SHOPPER Another Freehold invader. This one sports a 1-17 slate this year, which is not great. Goes back in against seemingly tougher claimers. Would need a giant effort to upset the applecart. Good luck.
2 BETTOR NOTBITTER A After the scratch, he gets to debut as a fresh claim for the Cullipher Crew. They don’t do much of that, so they must really like this one. I don’t know if he’s fully ready, but Tim T did choose him. Interesting.
3 BATTLE STRONG Barn’s got a pair in here, including the outside favorite. This guy’s been a tad inconsistent at lower conditioned level. This might be asking a bit too much. We’ll see about that.
4 ROCK N BLUE We didn’t learn a lot from his first start back here. Was a lot better when we saw him here back in April. Wakeup calls are very hard to predict. But, this barn is capable of one. They’ve shown us before.
5 ROCKIN RAMBARAN No, I don’t know what happened last time, but it was just a clunker. Or maybe he got a little tired in a 48 race? Imagine that. $15K-20K claimers going in 48. This one won’t go in 48. Bounces back, with stablemate.
6 KINGOFTHEJUNGLE They declared him ineligible for last GSY race. Oh well. Prior efforts have all been great. But, he wasn’t Tim’s choice in here. That worries me a little bit. This is no easy spot, but he will be showing some speed. Maybe.
7 ROJAN’S WAY Doing decent work down at Philly, but doing it there, and doing it here are two different things. I find it interesting that he goes in for a tag now, after working way up ladder down there. Are they dangling him for $15K?
8 DUCKIES DYNASTY Duckie is still a longshot in my book. He would need a giant mile to threaten these.
9 GRAND TETON Definitely one of the “keys” to the race. Will have to leave a little from this outside post. He’s versatile enough to do whatever A Mac wants. Plus, he knows him now. Very dangerous again, even from the bad post.
10 TJ BLAST TJ is firing on all cylinders right now, but hasn’t gotten lucky enough to win one lately. Overdue for that to change, but post 10 is post 10. That always complicates things. It’s Simon’s job to overcome that. Maybe they can.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 KENZIESKY HANOVER Simply put, she just hasn’t been sharp enough to go with these ladies right now. Pass for me, even from the pole with her regular pilot aboard.
2 SORELLA Can’t really fault her last try against #5. Dove simply stole the race! I think it’s taken a few races for Sorella to get race-tight, but she’s there now. Yannick will grab good early position and then probably stalk again.
3 AB’SATTITUDEXPRESS Will get a new driver tonight, with Tim committing to Stuff. I understand that. This lass has done nothing wrong, however. That grinding trip a few weeks ago was too tough. Nobody was catching #5 that night.
4 NEXT LEVEL STUFF How awesome has she been? I’m already thinking about the possibility of a Delaware County Fair final of this, taking on Manchego! Don’t you want to see that? Stuff got used hard to that half last time and kept digging in like a champ. Tim knows he can’t let Dove control this. Should be very interesting race.
5 WHEN DOVESCRY Even Dave Miller admitted in post-race interview that he “got away with one” last time. So, the Dove has fully raced herself back into shape. That means trouble for many of these. Can she hold off Stuff? We’ll see.
6 PURE CHANCE As previously said, the Beaver barn hasn’t really had a bad start here yet. This lass arrives a little late for the series but might still earn some points for home-base final? Maybe? I hope she’s good enough to compete.
7 SPOILED PRINCESS Tough spot last week from an outer post. She did fire out and then kept up. Will she gun again? I sure wish I knew. Would change the complexion of early pace battle. No easy spot for her again.
8 GHOSTINTHESHELL S Definitely seems like a “work in progress” for Team Svanstedt. She’ll get there, but not quite yet. I really hate this post for her. Ake will probably just have to take up and go around there from back of pack.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-9-3
H Horse Comment
1 HEZA REAL DIAMOND He’s the kind of horse that drives us handicappers crazy. But, I still love him because the backstory for Quevedo barn is so good. They’ve had him forever and he always earns his keep. Steps back up again.
2 TATTOO ARTIST They’ve taken two shots with him in the Graduate and he didn’t race badly in either one. This is serious relief and another chance at a confidence booster like the win at Philly. Must deal with #4,5,9, so it ain’t easy!
3 VETTEL N Very interesting to see Team Bongiorno bring him back here. Been racing his eyeballs out in PA lately, so full credit for that. He likes to grind, and will get that wish from a nice post. Can he really track down the stakes horses?
4 BRASSY HANOVER I really don’t know what to do with him tonight. On his best day, he’s more than good enough to go with these. But, almost all of his history is in Indiana, not here. Showing up here, and proving it, isn’t easy either.
5 CHIEF MATE I’ve been chasing him a bit for a while now, and he’s had absolutely NO luck. Got shuffled and trapped in again last week, but I thought he had plenty of pace. I’m going to swing one more time. No more excuses, please.
6 COVERED BRIDGE I’ve already missed the boat on him, so no reason to try and hop back on board. His dangerous speed usually puts him in play, but even he can handle 53 halves. Has to find way to make it easier.
7 LYONS STEEL He was my price play last week and I’m proud of his effort. Went off almost 10-1 and kept on digging and grinding all the way into uncatchable foe. Now, he moves outside, and I don’t see the same setup. Tough call.
8 SUNDOWN KID I haven’t come close to guessing on the kid lately. GB not here tonight, so we get another new driver. I hate the post. I just have to go against.
9 NO LOU ZING Perhaps one of the question marks in here, mostly because of the post. Josert has always gotten along with Lou very nicely. Horse is plenty versatile nowadays too! He doesn’t have to blast, but can leave enough. Grinds. Trainer: Hasn’t really found his form after some late spring sickness. Josert drove in his first few starts last year and will drive him like he did then: to finish strong!
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 JL CRUZE The Cruze bounced back nicely last time when dropped in class. Tonight, he gets forced back up and gets Yannick substituting in the sulky seat. I can’t remember if he ever drove Cruze? The pole post means speed. Your call?
2 JOEY Last time we saw Joey here, he was cranking out a strong 53 mile to a big win. Recent efforts at home base seem mixed. Maybe a bigger knock is that Dave Miller had to choose Chin, which is understandable. Medium price?
3 ONEY HALL I guess he’s just never going to win a race here! IF he was ever going to win, it was with that trip last week. Todd did everything right and he still got nailed at wire. Will give it another go. Overdue to get “luckier?”
4 BOURBON EXPRESS The Bourbon just crushed ‘em last week! Flaunted his class and Timmy drove perfect. This will be significantly tougher, but I still like what I’ve seen from him. Would love to see the same kind of speed. Tests them.
5 CHIN CHIN HALL No, I don’t know why he just stopped last week. Some things can’t be explained. But, we have seen this horse bounce back from empty to awesome. Maybe Dave will let him chase, and finish? Seems to like that trip.
6 SKYWAY KON MAN The Kon Man is still in too tough with these. Wait for softer spot and better situation.
7 MCMATTERS Very interesting entrant here. He’s always hinted at major ability. That first go for Team Orange Crush was awesome. Is he good enough to tackle the inner favorites? I guess we’re going to find out. Another tough post.
8 RICH AND MISERABLE I just hate it when he regresses into old bad habits. Now that he gets slammed with another brutal post, Mark Mac will just try to get him around there, ON-STRIDE.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 BEST HONEY HANOVER Appeared in a bit too tough in that last Philly try. So, she finds her way back to Club Med, on the drop, and gets a nice, cozy draw. She would not be the worst big longshot to take a swing on. Needs a trip.
2 BLUE DIAMOND EYES One of two sophomores in here, getting ready for later stakes engagements. I always hesitate in spots like this, because this is not an important race, in overall scheme of things. Should she win? Yes. Has to? No.
3 RUBY ON RAILS Stormed home again last time, so Scotty B really has her going in the right direction. It’s all about the pace and trip for her. IF they mix it up early, you can watch for her to come charging home late.
4 ROSE RUN VICTORIA She’s been stuck in some tough spots lately too! This really isn’t that much easier. I don’t like that last miscue. I guess I have to keep her on the longshot list until we see more.
5 TREACHEROUS REIGN She’s had a couple of starts to get those legs rolling again. They were ambitious spots too! This is a lot more like it. Sometimes, mares like this need a confidence boost. This could easily be it. Perfect mid post.
6 CAVIART AUDREY Not really sure I like this spot for her, off the layoff. Obviously, she went a lot faster in the second qualifier, so that’s good. She was awesome up in Canada last year. She will be ready soon, if not tonight. Your call?
7 BETTORS HEART N Not a lot has been going her way lately. It happens! I don’t really see this one setting up from an outer post, but I’ve been proven wrong many times before. Demand fair price, if you fancy her chances.
8 STONEBRIDGE SOUL The Captain took a real swing with her last week, blasting out of the gate. If anything, that type effort should tighten her up. Unfortunately, she gets slammed with same tough post. I would still consider, at price.
9 GOTTALOVEMYSHADOW She’s been awesome lately too, but this is probably too high in class for her. Plus, pp9.
10 IDEATION HANOVER Fought tenaciously last time, so full credit for that. But, how does she get into the race from the dreaded 10-box. I think it’s too tough a spot. Pass.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 ALLYWAG HANOVER Well, if you thought the win two back was a fluke, you (and I) were wrong! That was powerhouse, steamroll effort past a horse that was unbeaten this year. Really looked like the real deal! Has rail now.
2 AMERICAN HISTORY Gave it his all in the Comm Barry down at Philly last time. Really took it to the pacesetter, led, and then got caught. Still a top notch effort. Barn has him razor sharp for a while now. Must deal with #1. Not easy.
3 STARS ALIGN A Anxious to see how he will bounce back out of the Battle. Gunned as hard as he could to grab that pocket, but could not keep pace late in the fastest half-mile track race in history. He might like it here better anyway.
4 MACH N CHEESE Did a good job through the Yonkers series. Barn freshened him up a bit, which is always a good thing. The qualifier at the farm was easy. He just might need one start back before we see best again.
5 BACKSTREET SHADOW Ended up in an Open on that big day at Philly a few Sundays ago. Post eight never makes things easy, and you see why. Got just a touch tired late. What’s Tim going to do tonight, vs. #1,2? Good question.
6 HESA KINGSLAYER N Really liked him when he won here, albeit with perfect trip and drive. He really had no shot in the Battle, but passed several of them late. It’s ALL about pace and trip for him. New driver with Dave on Ally.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-10-8
H Horse Comment
1 MISTER HAT I guess the Hat has found a new home here in New Jersey! Bounced back with another very decent try last week. Tonight, he gets much-needed post relief too! Should still be fair price in the wagering. I would consider.
2 ART SCAPING Figured to have a very good shot in the Saturday finale and outmuscled them to the line. He earned it too! Hopefully, whatever was wrong in May is over. Hikes up a notch in Trackmaster racing, but not too tough.
3 DEPENDLEBURY A Comes out of a mile that went in 50 and change. No wonder he struggled to keep up. I don’t really see this one going in 50, so he probably has better chance to hit the ticket. New driver, since Bob M went home.
4 MARVALOUS ONE I think I’ll keep him on the longshot list for now. I need to see a lot more first.
5 TOPVILLE OLYMPIAN Took a trip up to the Spa and uncorked a nice rally. It’s so hard to win from that far off the pace up there. He does have some prior success here, so don’t be shocked if he gets a lot closer from ideal post. Trainer: Just getting going again after successful throat surgery. Loves to close on this track when he’s sharp. Trained super in the bike on Wednesday.
6 P L LEEROY Overall, he really hasn’t been bad lately. Not sure why he was entered in that race last week. Ended up scratching. This is more like it. Like several in here, it’s a slight bump up the Trackmaster level. Is he good enough?
7 A BETTOR BEACH Things ended up working out very nicely for Roy in that wild, mayhem GSY race last time. I know he wasn’t keeping up early, but that was probably a good thing. This may end up being tougher from outer post now.
8 THESPYWHOLOVEDME Benefited from the perfect trip and drive from Juan to capture his GSY leg. Got the customary week off after that. Shows up here from even tougher post. Yannick will take the lines now. Interesting.
9 JUST WAVE GOODBYE Really tough call on this guy from way out here. But, when Tim sticks around for the finale, you better pay attention. He will find a way to get gelding into the race. Maybe get lucky and win one? Maybe.
10 TOLLY-HO All things considered, he was awesome just keeping up in that wild one from Luck N Roll K. I know it hurts if you bet on him at 4-5, but he just ran into a buzzsaw. Tonight’s problem: post 10. Will need some more early speed.