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Meadowlands Issues Reminder of COVID Protocol

Thursday, October 29, 2020

 With the New Jersey state inspectors on high alert and having a presence at The Meadowlands on live racing nights, we remind all persons travelling with the horses to the racetrack to be aware of your personal health and the COVID practices required of you while on the property.
If you don't feel well, don't come to the track. 
If you've had exposure to someone who isn't feeling well, don't come to the track.
It is mandatory that everyone wear a face covering while in the paddock area, both inside and out.
It is mandatory that you observe and keep the recommended safe social distance.
It is IMPERATIVE that you adhere to ALL of the protocols required by the state if you come to The Meadowlands in any capacity.

We strongly suggest that you check everyone's temperature before you ship in.
Anyone with an elevated temperature will be denied entry.

Please have this form filled out to present to the attendants upon arrival to avoid delays.

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