2016 Hambo Holly Tips

Posted by Bob Heyden on Thursday, August 04, 2016 12:15 PM
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$20 To Bet 


10th Race $5 win and Place #6 Wings Of Royalty. Brian Sears on Hambo Day is like the NY Yankees of the 20s-30s-40s and 50s. Reliable-Always right there 


16th Race $10 to win #4 Hope For Badlands. Go OUT a winner-last race of the first 40 Years of the Meadowlands (9/1/76). This horse was facing clearly better than these early on-was speed tightened and is going to be a bit of a price.  




1) DRIVERS-TRAINERS-CARETAKERS-OWNERS: ALL EYES are on you. IF you are planning any Horse Of The Year parties-you had better be in the winners circle-TODAY! Very few horses have been able to fall shy on this day and still get the hardware.  


2) The bigger the race-the BETTER the BETTER drivers do. The top 5-6-7 drivers in the world are not only feeling no pressure-they cannot wait for the clock to strike 12. They WANT to hear the starter say "GO"-the lesser named drivers on these kinds of days do NOT want to make a mistake-thus-they tend to drive a bit more conservatively and take the smaller shares.  


3) SPEED SPEED SPEED. Hey-it's AFTERNOON racing-the sun is out (hopefully). Horses often show a new dimension-and some who never left the gate before are suddenly on top to a fast 3/4s. Don't be afraid to back a horse at a price-and with SEPARATE betting numbers-we can even get a price on Takter or Burke.  


4) Mile and an eighth races are much worse for the second TIER horses than the mile races. 3-4 horses sprint out of there and get position-you are starting from post 12-next thing you know your 8th as the quarter time goes up. The added distance-ESPECIALLY on the Meadowlands straightaway for the extra eighth of a mile, brazens up a few drivers and you could be looking at a tough road uphill if you are starting from the second tier-in DISTANCE racing. 


5) "All" Button & $.10 supers. Remember the NJ Classic where Brett Miller split horses and won by a nose at 90-1? I remember using him on all tickets-10 cent supers-and NOT cashing anyway. The point is, THAT is what the 10 cent super is for-and the "ALL" button too. Hey-it's closing day for the meet-send it in on the 16 race card-the BIGGEST Handle of the year is right in front of you so all you need to do is cash on the right 3-4 races and you're in business.  



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