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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

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Race Reviews For Saturday, November 27, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 6-8-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 SHAMMA LAMMA Definitely getting a little better now. But, with each race comes the bump up in class. Eventually he’s going to get too high and this might be it. I’m just not sure he’s the same league with a few of these.
2 HEZA REAL DIAMOND Successfully dropped and popped, like he’s done so many times in the past. But, at 3-5, I don’t feel too bad about missing the boat. Usually, when he gets sharp, he stays sharp for a while. Dangerous again.
3 RIFLEMAN He seems to be handling the rising classes okay so far. That was decent rally he turned in last week, and from a tough spot. Maybe he’s good enough to go with these again? Corey will try to put him in the right spot.
4 TYMAL PEACEMAKER Off the layoff here, and he will surely need one or two to get tight. I’m willing to wait.
5 ROGERTHAT BLUECHIP Found his way back to NJ from up in Mass. The first go over at Yonkers was okay, but not great. This is probably about the right level here and I will add that he’s won here before. Live price play? Maybe.
6 GEEZ JOE It’s hard to believe that it’s come down to this for Joe. When he dropped like either this year, or last, I do believe he gutted out a win. On class alone, he is “supposed” to beat these, but I wouldn’t risk the ranch. Your call?
7 SWEET TRUTH Was 67-1 against these from a better post last week and made no impact. Not going to change.
8 TRUFFLE DOG Got stuck in some very tough races at that level, and overall, wasn’t bad. Tonight’s problem will be the post, and getting into the race. He’s been suffering the bad post blues for a while now. Overdue for some luck.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 6-5-7-2
H Horse Comment
1 DEE’S RED DELICIOUS Still getting the hang of things in his new barn and they seem to like him. I hated to see the scratch last week, so I am a little worried. Last year at this time was when he got good. If ready, a big threat.
2 DUCHESSPEDIA No easy spot for a 3YO filly against the older, seasoned foes. But, she did outrace her odds with a decent effort last time against solid bunch. She’s having a good season. Joe will just try to be patient with her.
3 VIC’S WINNER Making second start off the long layoff, and he’s clearly not ready yet. He will be soon, but not in a tough spot like this. We have to be patient and wait for the right spot.
4 SKYWAY KON MAN I still think the Kon Man has worked his way too high in class again. Hey! It happens. He was going pretty good there for a while. Let’s see if he gets any closer tonight.
5 DELTASUN A Flaunted his class vs. lesser two back, like he was supposed to. Then got forced way up the ladder. Couldn’t quite trot with JL Cruze and Dunbar Hall. This is significantly easier. He’ll show speed, try to stalk the Swan.
6 SWAN IN MOTION Up the Turnpike from Delaware for Team Davis. And they’ve found a very good spot for him too! He has been here before. Closing in on half a million lifetime. That’s pretty good! Will add to that total here.
7 LIGHTFOOTEDLEGEND Overall, this guy has impressed me here so far! I wasn’t sure he’d be a true big track horse, but he just keeps charging home. Yes, it’s another step up, but also with a new driver. Very intriguing from out here.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 OPUS BLUE CHIP Those outside posts at Yonkers can be real killers. So, let’s not be too hard on him. Switches over to try the big track and I do think he’s a fit. The pole will give pilot a few more options. He can surprise here.
2 OFFICIAL DELIGHT Missed a little bit of time since last start. And wasn’t exactly on fire then. Must step it up big.
3 BUNGALOW BILL N No real threat from him last time either. Also from an inside post, but with a slowish start. I guess I’ll just keep him on the longshot list for now. Will have to show me more.
4 TODDLER TANTRUM Team B finds a nice spot for their invader into this mini-series. A few of those efforts against tougher claimers make him a player in here. Let’s expect to see a lot more speed out of him tonight. Dangerous!
5 LINEMAKER No, I don’t know what happened in that last Yonkers race. Maybe he A-fibbed? The comeback qualifier at Philly looks okay, but not great. The Captain will try to ration out that speed. We have a longer stretch here.
6 MARVALOUS ONE Was nice to see him come charging home and get another win here. This is his game, these bottom level races. They listed Dexter this time and got him! That is big sign of positive intent. Short price again.
7 FOURBOLTMANE Showed up here a few weeks ago and regressed into a miscue. That’s not good. Needs a very large wakeup call to upset the applecart from an outer post. Not likely.
8 SNEAK ON BYE Maybe we can say he’s rounding into better form? It’s tough to gauge on the ship in from out of town. I did see they listed Tetrick, so that also might be a clue that we’re about to see better. I say might.
9 VILLAGE CHAMP Where’s he going from the outside post and coming off a scratch? Not very far.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 5-7-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 BUSH MAN N Finally gets to start from a decent post again. That alone has to help. They took him for $15K and haven’t earned much since. So, this kind of series is a good stepping stone back to reality. Let’s see if he wakes up?
2 FOUR STAR FLASH Corey drove super aggressive for this one’s Big M debut. Not bad. But, he will probably need an easier trip than that. Gelding was good enough to compete in stakes earlier. He’ll have to deal with #5 tonight.
3 SUPERIOR RAVEN Kind of struggled in his Big M return. Yes, against a good group for that level, but I didn’t see enough to make me want to play tonight. Must step up his game.
4 ABERDEEN HANOVER Seems due for some sort of wakeup call. Has worked way down the class ladder and I see who Shaun listed to drive. He’s definitely thinking the same thing. Let’s expect a lot more speed out of the veteran.
5 LITERL LAD HANOVER By all rights, this should be a layup spot for this former stakes colt. At one time, hopes were very high for him. Didn’t quite work out at that elite level. Can regain a little confidence here with a crush.
6 GYPSY LEATHER Back and forth around the area tracks. Some good efforts. Some flat ones. A nice pickup for Luke H here, since Yannick had to take #5. Let’s see if Luke can get him a good stalking trip in the flow and make one move.
7 TUAPEKA TRICK N Still suffering a tough run of the bad post blues for Alek C. This barn has surprised us here before, and their stable star My Pal Joe is in a little later tonight. A Mac takes over tonight. Any speed coming?
8 WHAT’S YOUR BEEF No wins yet this season, so that’s a little strike one. Kind of just went around there from the bad post last time. Another rough starting slot. He’d better find some speed to get involved here. No easy task.
9 IDEAL BIG GUY Found his way east for Big Erv, and he’s seeking the right kind of spot for the gelding. Not even sure this it. Did show some speed at Hawthorne that one time. Needs that kind of effort just to get involved.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 4-9-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 WHAT THE LUCK Recent claim didn’t do too much in first start for the new barn. I guess they’re hoping that switch to mile track will help the cause? Gets the rail here, but catches pretty salty group for this level. Will have to earn it.
2 DENVER SEELSTER Just 1-18 this year, so that’s not great. Has also raced against better stock along the way, so a wakeup call wouldn’t shock. But, those are hard to predict. I want to see a good one here first.
3 SEEUINNASHVILLE A For a little while, he looked like a winner at big price. Troy B put a real nice trip on him, but gelding just couldn’t finish it off. Maybe that’s why he’s 0-30 this year. Doesn’t have that winning habit.
4 MAJOR DECEPTION Had a useful, re-acclimating mile over the strip last time. This is probably what they were waiting for. Gets a nice post and the Captain back in the seat. All systems say go for tonight. Hop on board!
5 COOL BLUES MAN Lots of invaders to Club Med this weekend, and here’s another. Team Crissman hasn’t had a lot of luck here over the year, but they have a nice spot with Blues. He will be a factor in here and he can win with trip.
6 SOHO CHELSEA A I thought he was all lined up to score last week. Came up just a little bit short. That was his one chance in that bottom level and he missed it. Now, it’s back up in class and A Mac opted elsewhere. Tough call.
7 TUXEDO BAY I thought he had a decent chance from the rail last week. When it came time to pace, he just didn’t have it. Now, it’s an outer post against a solid group. Good luck with that.
8 JUMPING JAKE Another one suffering from a rash of bad post draws. It continues here. I just have to pass.
9 ROCKEYED OPTIMIST He’s worked his way down the ladder for a while now. Seeks 43rd win tonight, and can get it, given the right kind of journey. I’m not in love with the post, but Scotty Z knows him well. Will figure it out.
10 EL’S DISCO JOHNNY Trying from post 10 off a double scratch. That’s not exactly a recipe for success.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-4-5
H Horse Comment
1 TYPHOON STRIDE N I really thought he should have been better last week! Dexter put him in the perfect spot and when it came time to burst, he hung a little. Maybe I overestimated him? We’ll find out soon enough.
2 SEMI TOUGH He hasn’t had a whole lot of luck lately. But, that can always change in a heartbeat. It’s been a while since he was able to drop like this. Drew good post and gets Yannick back. I see a big try coming tonight. Decent price.
3 PADUKA N The Duke forgot how long the stretch is here, in his first start back. With that said, he does like this track. Always good for one solid move, but timing and trip are usually critical. T Mac will get him better trip now.
4 DEALER’S TABLE The Cullipher Crew have their usual pair in here. Both on the class drop, which is their most effective angle. They listed Tetrick on both and I was surprised he opted here, not Harambe. We’ll see how it works out.
5 ROCKIN THE ACES Finished his mile full of pace from a tough spot last week. Was nice to see that. He’s such a tough warhorse that always goes out and gives his all. Perfect post for a similar setup. Hoping they mix it up early.
6 DA DELIGHTFUL Looks like the one that is overmatched in here. Likely to get away last too! Not going to work.
7 HARAMBE DEO He’s back! Just to drive me crazy. I suppose he “needed” that first start back over the track. More importantly, Tetrick could have driven again, but chose not to. I have to read a little into that. He’ll still beat me.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 9-5-10-2
H Horse Comment
1 ZLATAN After hitting the board a few times, poor Z has to step up the class ladder tonight. Makes him a longshot.
2 JACK VERNON It’s been a while since we saw Jack here at Club Med. Seems to be working his way back up the class ladder and he’s usually good for one solid move in a mile. The Captain knows him well. Any good trip gives chance.
3 CROSSFIT MOUSE Did race a lot better in the second try here, so the barn brings him back again. But, also up in class. All the droppers are on the outside, so maybe that gives chance to the hikers. Still needs to do more.
4 BEANTOWN MADNESS Down from Mass on an improving form spree. Into the Harris barn. He does very well for this owner most times. I’m not sure he’s the right fit at this level. Has to prove himself here.
5 INNISFALLEN Handled the transition to the last level very willingly. Usually this is when the water gets a lot deeper for him. But, it’s dangerous to ignore sharp horses. He does have a liking for this track too! Scotty Z a perfect fit.
6 NO DRAMA PLEASE Dropped and popped two back, like he was “supposed” to. Then moved up this this class and was just okay. He’s got to find that burst again. Will try to get the jump on those outside class droppers.
7 JUSTLIKEHIM Been bouncing up and down the class ladder, between here and Freehold. He did get good here earlier this year. Not sure I like this post for him, though. Tyler will have to get him involved in time. No easy spot.
8 BELIEVER For most of the mile last week, I thought I was going to get rich at 7-1. Troy B put him in the perfect spot, but the horse just couldn’t trot enough to go by. Not Troy’s fault. This trip figures to be tougher from outside slot.
9 RICH AND MISERABLE Which Rich is going to show up tonight? The one we’ve seen beat very good fields? Or, the one who sometimes makes breaks for no reason. I wish I had the answer. On class alone, he’s supposed to do good.
10 MARION GONDOLIER Ordinarily, I’d like this level for him. But, maybe not tonight from the rough post. He can leave, though, and Yannick has driven him before. If the price is right, consider tossing him onto the ticket.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 VIRGIN STORM Inches back down the ladder a bit, and he looks to need the relief. Had a couple of starts to get used to Club Med, but hasn’t flashed much. I’ll give one more chance to see if he delivers a better effort.
2 BULLVILLE TERROR Very quietly, he’s been racing well. Finishing off his miles strongly for Marcus M. MM not here tonight, so new pilot aboard. The patient plan will be the same. Hoping they mix it up early.
3 ITALIAN DELIGHT N Have to give him a pass for that return try here vs. No Lou Zing. That foe would be 1-9 in here. We’ve seen Delight go some big miles here in the past. I like this spot for him. Have to include no matter what.
4 ENOUGH SUN Another that recently arrived and put together two decent efforts. The trip did him in last time. I liked that rally in first go here. He’s a factor, but will need a few things to go his way. That’s not out of the question.
5 SPOILERONTHEBEACH I didn’t get the memo on him last week, but the bettors sure did! Overpowered the field too! So, we begin the ascent back up the class ladder. This will be tougher, but he seems sharp. I wouldn’t talk you off.
6 SAYING GRACE N Here’s the other live possibility. He tends to be VERY good when dropped in class and this is that. Plus, Tetrick still aboard. Another one that’s hard to ignore, even from an outer post. Take a good, long look.
7 OREGON TRAIL Invades looking for his fourth straight. But, he lands into a pretty tough spot. Yes, he’s been here before, so respect for that. Would probably need a career effort to surprise these. I sometimes need to see it first.
8 B LIKE CRUISER Moves from pole to post nine, which is never good. Definitely looking like a longshot.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 9-4-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 LIFEONTHEBEACH A That was a nice spot he found down at Freehold. Just went down the road, paying a fair price. Back on the Turnpike now, but in the upper price claimer. Is he this good? The price should be okay. Worth a shot?
2 PALOMAR Eventually, he’s probably going to need a softer spot. That dull effort, followed by scratch make him pass.
3 SUGARTOWN We haven’t seen him here in a while. But, we should remember that 48 and change win! Recent form is certainly good enough and Tetrick takes the call again. The one to catch tonight? Could very well be. Use.
4 BLACK CHEVRON N Actually raced pretty well in the big claimer last week. Did a lot of the dirty work and wasn’t exactly packing it in. Showed me something there. This is good post. And race that could have action in it. That helps.
5 REVOLVER N No real threat upon arrival, so let’s leave him on the longshot list again. A lot to prove here.
6 EAST BEACH Moves into new barn here, on the road trip from Indiana. Turned in some pretty good efforts at Hoosier, so this should be similar. We’ll see if he needs a race to acclimate? Sometimes they do.
7 ROLLINLIKETHUNDER The Nickerson barn sends down a partner for their trotter who raced earlier. A rare opportunity to bet Dexter at a big price. Horse will need to get a little lucky to beat these, but you never know.
8 SAVE ME A DANCE That was a VERY tough beat if you had him last week. He actually stuck his nose in front very late and got outfought by Komodo. Still, a solid try. Can’t fault that. But, it will probably be tougher from this post.
9 YACHT SEELSTER The Yacht sure proved his win was no fluke! Stepped way up and delivered another strong performance. So, maybe we should expect him to stay good for a while. Bad post, but we know he can take air.
10 IMSTAYNALIVE MIA too long and post 10. That’s never a recipe for success around here. Let’s take a pass.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 PATRIKTHEPIRANHA A Don’t forget he turned in his lifetime best performance right here earlier this year! Can’t forget those kinds of things. Gets a pole post here. Seems razor sharp. Will give the faves a serious tussle.
2 LET IT RIDE N I really thought he was going to beat Catch The Fire last time. I was wrong. It wasn’t like he raced bad, but just wasn’t a match that night. Overall, he seems to have come back strong. Now he must deal with Mystery.
3 BEE TWO BEE I was very impressed by that qualifier! I just wish he’d found a softer spot somehow. This is no easy field here. Real nice horse here, adaptable on any size track too! I wish I owned him!
4 WORKIN ONA MYSTERY Picked a very nice time to throw in a huge race! Crown time! That was the most explosive finish I’ve seen from him in a long time. Will it continue? I sure hope so. He’s such an easy horse to root for.
5 MY PAL JOE I have a lot of respect for Joe too! He just kept getting better and better all year. This is pretty brutal spot to come back in, but I will be watching closely for future evaluation. Soon, he’ll find the right spot.
6 MAYHEM HANOVER Might need a little mayhem to jump up and shock these. Loses Tetrick, as expected. I don’t envision him blasting, so it could be a long night.
7 VETTEL N Is absolutely the key to the race! This is easily one of the stable stars, and he’s had a VERY good season for Team B. Vinny G drove him well. Toddy Mac let him finish in the qualifier. Tonight, it might be blast off for Joe B!
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 DARKRSHADEOFPALE N Found his way back to Club Med in last and delivered a decent effort. T Mac sticks with him tonight and they move all the way inside. Still a little to prove at this level, but he might be dangerous in here.
2 FIGHTING EVIL Tough spot for a 3YO filly. Tackling her more seasoned rivals, but from a better post. Loses T Mac, which was expected. Has to be considered a medium longshot in need of good trip, one big closing move.
3 ALICORN Barn’s got two in and I had to wait to see which A Mac would pick. I thought he might go the other way, so I was wrong. Ali likes this track and this is a good spot for her on the drop. Will be well within range to deliver big move
4 STOWAWAY HANOVER Down from the Spa where she was burning betting money. Will she turn out to be a true big track horse? That’s a good question. And, I don’t have the answer yet. I want to see her finish well here for Brett B.
5 PANSY’S IMAGE A tad disappointing in her last pair. Odds-on both times. So, I do wonder what the price will be tonight? It shouldn’t be that low. She’s a rocket off the gate. Just needs to finish one notch better to win one.
6 WINDSONG PARISIAN Seemed to be doing okay over at Yonkers, but this is a step up. And off a sick scratch. Pass.
7 NIMAH FRANCO N Had A Mac opted here, I was ready to go all-in. That was nightmare trip last time, so just throw that out. Got the extra week off. I still think she’s got great chance, and now at a better price. Don’t be afraid to use.
8 WATCH MY LUCK Also had a tough trip last time seen here. This post isn’t going to make it any better.
9 LILY GRACE Not a lot going right in this corner lately. Another bad post. Another large longshot needing miracle.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 6-1-7-5
H Horse Comment
1 ARCHANGEL THREE Delivered two fine efforts since showing up here. Stays in same class and gets the pole position again. All systems say go again. The price should be okay too, since others will take majority of action. Consider.
2 MISTER HAT Just okay here last time. With a rail ride at 75-1. Won’t be that big of a price, but still has a little something to prove vs. field like this. It’ll be a while before he fits a conditioned event.
3 BETTOR NOTBITTER A Mixed feelings about him back on the big track. Did have some good efforts here earlier. Technically, this is a substantial price drop. Barn knows that you have to race them where they can win. A maybe.
4 WAGON MASTER It would be hard to make a strong case for success here, especially off the scratch. I’ll watch.
5 MINDTRIP I never thought the Trip was winning at any point in the race last week. Somehow, he did! And, Corey got to give him an off-the-pace trip, which he likes. Not sure what plan is tonight, but he’s still the one to beat.
6 THDRFROMTHETHRON N Worked his way up the ladder a bit down at Philly. They have to put a tag on him tonight to get into the race. He’s the kind of horse that might get claimed. $28K is the price! Hard to leave off the ticket.
7 LUCK N ROLL K Three straight rough posts. He’s in for $29K, so sometimes, trainers have to gamble a bit, knowing they’ll get outside post. Dexter sticks, however. He’s good enough, if he can get a decent trip. Tough race. Trainer: Has been racing well. Far from ideal trip last week. Needed class relief and I like this spot for him.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 HOTLIKEWASABI Wasabi has the benefit of a race over the track. Sometimes that helps. He did struggle a little to keep up, so more stamina will be required. Must prove that he’s a true big track horse. I’m skeptical.
2 SO TAKE THAT Keeps Luke H in the bike, and he’s done very well behind the veteran. This is the proper spot for Big M return and he likes to win. He’s a lot more reliable than Brute. Luke will give him a big swing in here. Very usable.
3 EXOTIC SAND Over from Yonkers with some varying looking lines. He’s got a lot to prove here. Not just yet.
4 MR D’S DRAGON If we just take the GSY races out of the equation, the Dragon probably has a chance in here. Yannick will take the call, and gelding packs good turn of speed. All of which work in his favor. I want fair value.
5 OUR REGAL IDEAL N That was a bad try here last time. Outraced his odds to pick up a check, and that will be the goal again. T Mac knows him now. Let’s see if he can get any more out of the 10YO veteran. A maybe.
6 MAKE IT BIG I’m not really liking his form lately, so I will probably just take a pass and watch for more.
7 BAY BRUTE Will either crush this bunch, or make a break! So good luck guessing on that. I must note that barn listed Tetrick, and he chose not to stick around. That’s never a good sign. Scotty Z probably the perfect guy for horse.
8 RISE UP NOW Barn’s had him a couple of starts and he hit the board twice. Not bad. This will be a little different here, especially in rough post. But, they got Dexter to go along and that can’t hurt. Wil try to grind into it late.
9 CAPTAIN’S REIGN Another bad post. Off a flat trip from the back. Looks like the same thing coming, so he’s tough to like a lot. Demand a big price, if you fancy his chances.
10 ITZALLDOWNTOLUCK N Looks like he was getting better, up until that last miscue. So, he invades from Monti for a big track return. Do keep in mind that he has won here before. That’s a plus, even from post 10. Consider at price.