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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, May 17, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 JUST N BERLANDER He’s pretty good right now, huh? Eric A won both “shakes” last week to take home the claims. He couldn’t have found a hotter horse than this one. Tonight, top amateur Joe Lee will do the steering. One to beat! Trainer: Fiesty, ill-behaving little guy to be around, but he’s beat the $7,500 claimers a few times. Trained well at the farm but has to go faster with this group.
2 I’M SID THE KID Squandered a pretty good opportunity last time with a nice trip. He just got tired. That’s not good enough and Sid will have to find more to stick closer. Might try to step around #1, since he doesn’t usually leave.
3 SERIOUS MAJOR The Judge has one with speed here! But, that half-mile track speed doesn’t always last as long on the mile. That IS the question for the Major tonight. Figures to deal with #5 early, and maybe #1 late. Tough call.
4 MAY I CRUISE WEST Had a pretty long grind last week and that’s not his kind of game. It’s one move only! There could be some pace in here and that would aid his rallying cause. Not completely out of the question.
5 MR CARROTTS These guys got it done last week with Awesomeness at a short price, so no reason not to think this guy isn’t live tonight. The drop is the key, because he might just be faster than these. I see the 1-18, but vs. better.
6 JACKAMINO Matty Z had him in a good spot last week, but they were just outclassed by the winner. This post figures to make things a LOT tougher! Not sure what the plan will be, but I’d be surprised if he worked out a good trip.
7 GRAVE DANCER This guy’s won here before, and I’m speaking about both horse AND driver! The reigning Amateur Driver of the Year in Joe P! Those skills will be tested from the post, so let’s see if the class drop is enough to win.
8 ASCOT ENCOUNTER A In a race with several class “droppers,” this is a step up, and switch to bad post. I know Hannah has her fans, but she’ll be hard-pressed to overcome this spot on horse that just squandered great trip.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 SHEENA’S BOY Found a nice, cozy soft spot at Pocono for first start of year. A good confidence builder too! But, this is a brand new ballgame against the likes of #2,4. At least we know this one’s come back better at three. Good test.
2 HUDSON RIVER Qualified in excellent fashion both times! That last one was strong, testing out Green Manalishi! Tells me this homebred colt has come back strong too! At least we know he’s going to trot! Not as sure about #4? Trainer: Happy with his qualifiers! He’s got a lot of endurance strength and would benefit from a good tempo compared to a race that turns into a sprint.
3 HOLD MY HEART Aiming a little high here in stakes action, but if a couple of them miscue, then maybe he could get a check? That’s the goal in here.
4 GREENSHOE We’ve all seen his act! It was remarkable what he did last year, with all those miscues, and then coming back to win. That rarely happens. There is an amazing amount of talent in the tank, IF he wants to stay focused this year.
5 BORDOGNA Did pretty well for just a $12,000 yearling buy. Not only did he make the races, but had a bunch of wins. Let’s see how that experience stacks up with the top colts now. He does have a little something to prove here.
6 BATTENBERG Keep in mind that his sophomore debut came against older horses, so it was mission accomplished in getting around onstride, going fast. That will serve him well! Consider him a usable longshot from the outer post.
7 CHEAP TRICKS I still really don’t know where we’re at with this guy. The post killed him last week, but he did stay trotting! So, that’s step in right direction. This spot looks a bit tough for him right now. Let’s see if he can get close.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-8-4
H Horse Comment
1 SAINT ALBRAY I have very good notes from both of those strong qualifiers, so this lass might be really ready for Team Miller! Plus, you get a betting partner that’s pretty good too! Solid entry here and a must use tonight.
1A SHES A MAJOR LADY As I expected, she improved a LOT in her second go around here. Good step in right direction and she gets ideal midpack post for her style. I actually like both of these entrymates, so watch out tonight!
2 STOOD UP Immaculately-bred filly makes her long-awaited debut. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s as advanced as these just yet. Would have to go a LOT faster to threaten tonight and I have my doubts about readiness. I’ll wait.
3 QUIJA Maybe a tad overbet down at Philly? Hard to believe she was favored off those unimpressive qualifiers. Somebody thought they knew something? She did race well, considering that trip. This is much tougher spot now.
4 SWEET LUCY LOU She got pounded by the bettors twice! And didn’t get the money either time. Somehow, someway, she hasn’t won a race yet, which is hard to believe. This is a VERY good field, so I won’t be putting her on top.
5 MY LADY DUDE Unfamiliar connections here, but welcome to the Meadowlands with this speedy lass. She doesn’t look 100% reliable just yet, but I can’t wait to see if she likes the mile track. I do think she’ll need this one, however.
6 WICKED N WONDERFUL Cost $100,000 as a yearling, so hopes are always high. This is her first start, and she’s slammed into a very tough field. Did show good speed in both qualifiers this year. Let’s see if she can go with these.
7 SWEET DIAMOND Started her season flashing speed in a lower level stakes race. Not bad. A good tightener. But, a real bad post again. Daughter of Sweet Lou showed us a little something last year. Let’s see how good this year.
8 PACE BABY PACE That wasn’t a bad first trip over the track. Keep in mind, the 4YO won that, speeding away. This 3YO got good experience in that start. She went fast enough. Tonight’s the test, because of the bad post now.
9 ASPECIAL PRESENCE She looks like the longshot in here, so let’s just take a pass out of dreaded post 10.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 TRIX AND STONES Turned in a couple of really solid races here last year, so keep that in mind. And gave it a heck of a go in the Valley Victory final. Rested up. Back now for sophomore season and paid nice price in comebacker!
2 SOUL STRONG Had plenty of experience last year at two, but didn’t really figure out this racing thing! Ok. It happens. Have to be happy with his comebacker at Pocono to gain some confidence. Gets a huge test tonight vs. better.
3 GALIXTON Barn’s other starter here fell victim to the bad post blues in his first race at three. Was conservatively raced from the back and finished up willingly. That’s good. Plus, we get a new driver tonight. Sneaky kind of longshot.
4 MEMO Gets both hopples and Lasix for the beginning of his 3YO season. The second qualifier was a little better than the first, but I’m still feeling he’s not quite ready for this yet. We’ll find out tonight.
5 NO DRAMA PLEASE Had an EXCELLENT first start back! That was strong rally into a very well-meant older horse last week. Exactly what they were looking for! This is a very talented young trotter that will make some noise soon.
6 LUCIUS VORENUS I still really don’t know where we’re at with this guy I wanted to see some speed last week, and did, but I also wanted to see some finish, and he didn’t. That makes him tough play tonight, in another bad post.
7 REIGN OF HONOR Whereas #6 wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders last week, this gelding was! Finished FULL of trot from the back of the pack, and that’s probably what they were looking for. Unfortunately, it’s another rough post.
8 DIVINE SPIRIT Wow, where did that speed come from last week? Showed a new “dimension” with that start off a bit of a layoff. He also got trapped in for a bit, and had even trot when free. I guess we’ll see the speed again? I hope.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-4-7
H Horse Comment
1 MESSI N Have to consider his last a big disappointment. It looked like he might drop-and-pop, but came up absolutely empty instead. Not good. Just not performing well enough to warrant a look here yet.
2 STONEDUST Speaking of drop-and-pop, that’s exactly what the Dust and the Colony are trying here. One of them will probably win this. He’s just too good a horse to not beat up on these, and also has slight post/speed edge. Must use.
3 ROCK ON PRECIOUS Yes, that was a nice rally behind the well-meant winner last week, but that flow was live and he now faces a tougher group for this level. Figures to be a medium longshot once again. Must get that good trip.
4 LIVE ON Tends to perform at his best when in this class, but even I will admit this bunch is tougher than the one he swept a few weeks ago. I honestly don’t think he can beat either #2,4, so demand fair value if you think he can.
5 OCEAN COLONY He’s been very inconsistent this year, which makes him so hard to handicap. With the exception of Dust, I don’t think he’s ever faced a field like this. Has to step up and deliver a top effort to have any chance.
6 WESTERN REDHOT Like #4, he’s used to facing weaker groups than this when in at this level. My bigger problem is fact that he just doesn’t win too often. That makes him hard to play here, even with the Double D aboard.
7 SO TAKE THAT Was flying late again last time to just miss catching Awesomeness. We all know his game, but I do wonder about the pace scenario in here and feel he’s facing a better bunch. Would need a dream trip to threaten.
8 POP POP JOE Can we make a case that Pop Pop is just tailing off a bit? I think so. He didn’t offer up a whole lot of fight two weeks ago. Extra week off. Maybe he needs even more time? On plus side, they did take out of claimers.
9 WILLIE BOOTS Willie gets slammed with a bad post again and it usually ruins his chances. Pass.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 BIG WEEZY Weezy seems to be rounding into some form now, just in time for the Sires Stakes. This is NO easy task, however, even from the rail. Wasn’t Dave’s choice of the two from the barn, so let’s expect a sit-in trip tonight.
2 EVIDENT BEAUTY This was Dave Miller’s choice and she’s clearly the more accomplished of the two. Prepped in super-solid fashion, but is running into a filly with benefit of a start under her belt in #4 Sometimes, makes difference.
3 SISTER’S PROMISE Absolutely nothing wrong with liking this lass in here. You get Tetrick. You get two solid qualifiers with speed. You get Lasix! She will probably try to “steal” this, but that’s never easy in a stakes race. Your call, folks.
4 FRENCH CAFE What a superb and crafty patient drive from Scotty Z on this lass last week. That was exactly what they were looking for. I expect her to be handled in that conservative fashion again and if she gets there, she gets there.
5 STARITA After a couple of “less-than-stellar” qualifiers, she sure showed up with a good one last week. If not for a perfectly-timed move from #4, she would have won. Can she win tonight? Of course! Hope the price is still good!
6 TRIX ARE FOR KIDS Gave it a very aggressive try last week and may have been a little too hot? This is an even tougher field, but her natural speed puts her in play. Andy Mac will take a turn in sulky seat to try and slow her down.
7 MISS TRIXTON This was Sears’ choice and that’s understandable. Plus, she was absolutely loaded from the post 10 start last time! Yes, this is a better bunch for most part, and the post is only slightly better. What’s the price now?
8 FLAMING TRIX Made no real impact in the maiden race here last week, so this could be aiming a bit too high.
9 TAJA MAHALA Looks like a longshot again, from a much tougher post, in a viciously talented field. Needs more.
10 GOLDEN TRICKS Where’s she going from post 10? Probably not very far tonight. Pass.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 8-9-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 TOTALLY TAKTER Took a pretty aggressive try for his racing debut and sometimes, horses aren’t ready to cut one out. It happens. Look for Yannick to take a different tactic here, with #9 in race. This guy might want to follow/finish?
2 FIERY LADY She’s buried in a very tough spot here with the boys. Probably not ready for this just yet.
3 WINNING HABIT Mr. Kelley put the hopples on for his first start this year up at Vernon. I’d call that an okay race, but certainly not a great one. It’s probably going to take a few more races until he goes faster. Trainer: Probably needs another race, but I do think he’s going to progress into a productive 3YO as the summer rolls on.
4 HATIKVAH Didn’t have a very successful freshman season, but that experience of racing usually helps going forward. This year, it’s hopples off, but Lasix on! Second qualifier was obviously a lot better. I need to see another good one.
5 LAZZARO A touch erratic last week, but eventually he did kick in and made it close late. That’s probably a good foundation builder back on the mile track. Loses Tetrick here, but we expected that. Nice post. Will grind into it.
6 NIGHT HALL Hasn’t had a whole lot of luck yet, so I would have a tough time building a strong case. Let’s pass.
7 HOLIDAY HANGOVER Well, he’s had three chances here so far, and only one of them was good. It was the first one! Since, he’s been a little bit lackluster and this is an outside post, a loss of TT again, AND a stronger field. Tough call.
8 PILOT DISCRETION Wasn’t really “tested” in the qualifier two weeks ago, so I don’t know what to tell you. Got blown away by the wind on 4/27, so I’ll eliminate that. Beat the late closers at Lex last year. He could be ANY kind! Don’t know.
9 GUARANTEED So, what do we do with him tonight? That was a little disappointing on the lead last week. Just got “outhoofed” by two other talented horses. It happens. I wonder if Tim will go back to the “stalk and rally” tonight?
10 STENHOUSE HANOVER Had an excellent bounce-back start here last week! I know the trip was good, but he still finished very well. Tonight’s problem is the post, of course. Not sure how he can get into this one from out here.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-9-2
H Horse Comment
1 MISS YOU KELLY Tim opted here over #7, so take that into account. Her first start as a soph came against the boys, so she just went around there. This could be much more aggressive try going for stakes money. Usable longshot.
2 QUEEN OF TRIXS She improved dramatically in the second qualifier, going much faster, but only against a few overmatched goes. I’m still waiting for her to go some miles like her dam. She was pretty good! Has speed.
3 LADY ALLAIRE Also started against the colts last week in the comebacker and she probably wasn’t ready for that. I would imagine we’re getting a completely different kind of trip tonight. The post will allow that.
4 SONG OF THE SIREN Sent east for the sires stakes and let’s see what she’s made of! It’s asking a lot for just second lifetime start, but she did trot home in 26.4. That means there IS some talent in this tank. Let’s see how much.
5 MARVELOUSTRIX After her rip-roaringly good qualifier, she somehow still went off at 9-1. Repeated the performance under perfect Smith handling and now has a nice, shiny new lifetime mark. She is MUCH better this year, folks!
6 CELEBRATE IT ALL Coming out of same race as #5 and wasn’t nearly as good. She needs more experience.
7 DARK AS A POCKET I guess Timmy remembers her dull effort in that KY Sires Stakes final? He opted off tonight and maybe we should too? It’s not easy to accept that break in her first start of year. Will need some “tinkering!”
8 WHISPERING OAKS Very talented filly here, but I will probably take a stand against for tonight. I hate the post. I wasn’t overly thrilled with her qualifiers. IF she does get overbet, as I suspect, then we’ll take a shot. Might need one.
9 SPECIAL HONOR I really don’t know what to tell you here, either. I can forgive the miscue in qualifier on that windy morning. Andy moved her quickly in seasonal debut, and the colts ran her over. Now, it’s post nine. Bounces back?
10 SOLATIRE HILL Seems better so far at age three, but this does look like impossible spot tonight. I’ll watch one.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 TORKIL Couldn’t handle the class hike, or post eight at Yonkers last time, so quickly back to Club Med and barn has two of them! Timmy opted for the outer post one, so that has to tell us something. Can we see the speed again?
1A EXS AND OHS I guess Mr. Tetrick was impressed with that rally to beat weaker last Friday. This is a pretty substantial hike up in class, and the post is bad again. For me, it’s all about pace and trip and I just don’t see it here.
2 KING CAVIAR Speaking of closers, here’s another. I was shocked at how good he was two back. It just didn’t work out last time, so toss that from your consideration. Gets the rail here, which is tricky, but also gets Dave back. Consider.
3 YOU CANT HABIT Seemed to be overmatched in the debut here and was. Still, it was an acclimating mile and we see Carl G back in the bike. He used to win races here in the 90’s. This is a better spot, and he knows the horse. Maybe?
4 LIFE WELL LIVED Yes, that was a little disappointing last week. Marcus did everything right, putting gelding on the point with the huge class drop. It still didn’t work out. What’s he going to try now? Won’t be favored here.
5 MAX VOLO That was about as good as he can race last time. Now, he’s forced way UP the class ladder. I’ll pass.
6 SWANCREDIT It feels like a long time ago when he won that race here this year. It probably was. He’s been bouncing up and down the class ladder with no luck lately. Andy Mac back in the seat. Will he try something new?
7 TACO TUESDAY Leon Bailey was listed to come drive Taco last week, but did not show. He’s back on the program again, so let’s see if he shows up. This is only slight post relief and Taco can be a little testy! Needs that speed.
8 CRAZSHANA You never know what to expect from this gelding when he shows up here. That was sudden bounce-back good effort last week. But tonight, he gets slammed with post nine. It’s also a bump back UP in class Tuf call.
9 HENDERSON SEELSTER Gets the tepid call as morning line favorite, in an absolutely wide-open race. Why? Because he’s taking a steep drop in class, with so many moving up. Plus, look who’s driving? Won’t be 71-1 this week! Lol.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-10-1
H Horse Comment
1 WHETHER OR NOT FI Gets “lucky” to scratch into this spot, with the defection of Bizet. That’s a pretty solid win and nice roll over at Yonkers too! Don’t know what the price will be, but it’s the rail and Scotty Z. Can’t go wrong with that.
2 THE ICE DUTCHESS The “defection” of Bizet allows Yannick to steer this super-talented filly. I get it! She had two superb qualifiers too! She’s ready, but this is probably not the ideal spot to debut in, against the boys. We’ll see. Trainer: Very happy with her qualifiers, and how well she’s been coming from off the pace. First start of the year against older horses that are tighter than her, but she’s got plenty of go!
3 DW’S REVENGE YG totally changed tactics last week and you see how it worked! Much better! He beat me that night, so I’m developing a sore spot for DW right now. I can live with that. Loses YG here and takes a BIG step up.
4 MY LINDY WINNER Had a VERY strong finish right into that big favorite last week. It was an excellent start and should have him completely ready for this. Drew nice post and cannot be left off the ticket no matter what.
5 DON DREAM Tried to make a move into that very confident winner last time and that clearly wasn’t going to work out. The trips could be reversed here, having drawn an ideal midpack post. Do you want the speed’s, or the closers?
6 SAY YOU DO Could not possibly have been any more impressive in either win here. Real eye-opening efforts! I know it’s too late, but I am now on the bandwagon. Very nice horse, and now he’s shown he can leave gate too! Total pkg.
7 ZLATAN Usually tends to wake up in spots like this, but I just don’t feel it tonight after the recent scratches.
8 GOLD MEDAL SWAN Still not ready for this, so the Swan looks like an easy pass from an even tougher post.
9 OMAHA OMAHA That really wasn’t a bad effort for first start here. He wasn’t catching Ake, but trotted home nicely and in a fast mile. Tonight’s transition is a problem. This is tough bunch and the post drawn kills. Prefer others.
10 LORD CROMWELL Marcus stays loyal to this one, even though he was listed on #6! That’s a really tough call. It does probably mean that the Lord will be more aggressive on the drop here. He fits, but he must work out smooth trip.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 KG ROCKS Quickly back to Club Med after a failed attempt at Philly. This is finally the right kind of spot where this mare can wake up a little. She’s got the right guy in the seat for that and we’re going to see more speed now. Trainer: Has had pretty tough miles lately with no luck! Since she’s dropping in class, she should be right there! Corey knows this mare and was pretty upset last week with her luck, but told me she was really good! Feeling great!
2 JK MARDI SAYS That’s the way you love to make your first start in! A nice, low-level stakes win before tackling the real killers of the 3YO group. Be careful, however. This is just “maintenance” race vs. older. Coming from off pace again.
3 WHISKERSONKITTENS We ALL missed the board on this mare last week. I thought that was just too tough a group for her, and I was wrong! Oh well. Now, it’s up class again and the value/price are gone. Needs another big one.
4 PARKIN IN HEAVEN That race just didn’t set up for her two weeks ago. The prior wins here, and at Pocono were solid. Maybe she needs a sloppy track? New driver tonight with Tyler not here. What’s the plan, Stan? Wish I knew.
5 FAMILY ROLL CALL This is arguably not one of my favorite horses, but she does grind out checks. I wouldn’t even think of putting her on top, but cannot leave out underneath on the ticket. She’ll grind into it somehow.
6 BETTOR CHILL OUT This is still probably a little too tough for her. Have to wait a few weeks for the class drop.
7 TRAFFIC JAM That was a real WOW rally two weeks ago! Not sure where it came from, but she clearly enjoyed the long stretch here. Tonight’s problem is the tougher post, and presence of other closers. She might be too far back.
8 FILLY FORTY SEVEN Dave’s choice over #9 and when he looks at the program, you KNOW he’ll be leaving the gate in here, with all the closers. It’s a slight drop. Barn’s been ON FIRE. No reason not to take shot tonight.
9 PIRAEUS Bouncing up and down the class ladder. This is no easy spot, so I’ll just take a pass for tonight.
10 LOUPHORIA That was strange kind of effort from this post last week. It was odd spot for the 3YO and this is again. After gapping her cover, she eventually re-rallied. It’s post 10 AGAIN. I’ll probably go against again. Your call, folks?
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE The Buckeye is back! After getting a month off. He’s back in his usual spot too! The pole post drawn does give him a chance. IF, Mr. Pollio can work out some sort of decent trip. That’s the tough part.
2 DAYLYN HORIZON Never really got rolling in that last one, so I would just forget about, if I were you. This is a much better spot! He belongs in this claiming level and the post is the big helper. Will be in the mix, grinding away.
3 HERE WE GO AGAIN Got a check at long odds last week, so that’s a good thing. That’s always the goal for this longshot. Same situation here.
4 OHIO LARRY Larry has a win here this year, so don’t forget about that. He finds him back at Club Med, IN the correct spot, but Yannick didn’t bite. He opted for Jackson. That’s a very important choice. Still, Larry will be live tonight!
5 VILLAGE JACKSON Jackson finally gets away from Berlander. That alone improves his chances a LOT. Plus, Yannick chose him over #4. That’s a BIG call! I just have a feeling we’ll see a return to the speed strategy. Just might work.
6 ABBEYLARA Abbey seems to have fallen out of form for the moment. It happens. Plus, the post gods have never been kind to this poor horse. He’s at mercy of both pace and trip in here. Might not work out again.
7 FREEPSPIN N Could be one of the wild cards in here. Timmy took a shot with him, attacking into that slow pace two weeks ago. I know we don’t see any speed on paper, but this sure would be the right place for it. Send him!
8 OH MY JOEPA Used pretty hard in first go for new barn. Paid the price late, so I can’t be too encouraged with this post now. That will be up to pilot, because I don’t think he can win it from last.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-9-3
H Horse Comment
1 ARRAKIS Dropped to this bottom level last week and completely disappointed. When I look at this crew, I see that he’s going to be overbet again! I will take a stand and say he’s just not sharp enough right now. Must prove me wrong.
2 KNIGHTOFVICTORY After that big win of a few weeks ago, the wheels have kind of fallen off since. At least he moves back inside and keeps Andy Mac in the seat. Plots for a better trip, IF he can stick close to #1. Needs some luck too!
3 YOUCOULDBETHATGIRL Hasn’t had much luck here yet. She was “live” last week too, taking a lot of betting action. That trip was too tough, so it’s up to the Captain to work out a better one. At least the post is better now!
4 LUCKY WEEKEND Yes, he’s been a little disappointing here so far. But that can always change with a class drop.. Moves into a now-or-never spot for barn and no excuses will be accepted with Yannick in the seat. I think best.
5 ARCH CREDIT Why he was bet down to 7/2 last week, I will never know. Flashed a touch of speed, got shuffled a little, but was clearly no threat late. Same speed coming, but he’d better find more late. Your call, folks.
6 LEVITATION Had a deceptively-good first try here, with added Lasix. Had some solid late trot. Tonight, Carl G gets fired for Marcus Miller, even though he’s driving one earlier on the card. H’mmmmm. This guy might be very live!
7 KLYDE DA GLIDE I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with Klyde right now. Yes, that was a much better effort last week, after the disaster of two weeks ago. A “work in progress,” I guess.
8 TECH TITAN Didn’t really have a lot of punch last time, despite perfect positioning. That’s not good. Needs more.
9 TOO MUCH HANOVER Tetrick won with him down at Philly and hops back aboard. Horse didn’t have much luck here prior, but that can always change. Will surely be showing speed from this bad post. May only need smooth trip.
10 DONATO’S WISH One of two in for the barn here. Why not bring two? It costs the same as bringing one. Unfortunately, this guy drew a horrible post, but after a deceptively good try. Mixed feelings tonight. Trainer: Came out of last race super. Simon was pleased with how he raced. “Donnie” does well down the stretch, so I’m excited to see him on the mile track. Don’t let the limited starts fool you. They were limited due to family issues last year.