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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, March 23, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKIN REDFORD Back into the amateur series where he did so well with Marohn earlier. Gets the key pole post here and should be forwardly placed enough. I expect a return to form, and a possible win here if primed, ready.
2 URIEL I'm beginning to wonder if this gelding is tailing off a little. Last few haven't exactly been spectacular. We saw a bit of the speed last week, but no finish. You have to have both to win one here. Back to longshot status.
3 FOX VALLEY STEFFEN Returns after some half-mile track tries and I do wonder if that's a good thing. I will remind everybody that this gelding packs serious speed at times, and has stretched out here nicely before. Rebounds?
4 KEYSTONE BLADE Newcomer to the group, but I always hesitate on horses shipping up from Florida into the cold. Sometimes they need a race or two just to acclimate. I will go with that for now.
5 SIX BAX Down from Monti with some slow-looking lines, and some breaks. I will pass for now.
6 MISTRESS VALENTINE One of the other speeds in here. I'm not worried about the speed, but I am worried about the stamina. Mare just doesn't finish her miles too well. It'll be up to Yarock to save something for the stretch.
7 WILD SMILE Yes, he has a big class edge on these, shipping back from Yonkers, but I will caution everybody that horse has disappointed in this situation before. It's all about trip for him. He MUST be closer before kicking in.
8 FIJI Just another wrench in the potential speed battle. If Dave gets him to the gate on time, they're going to fire out, so we could be looking at a little mayhem into turn one. This is the kind of race that just figures to set up for a closer. Trainer: Has been racing well. Will be interesting to see him in amateur races. Happy to see mystery owner Dave aboard.
9 HOT SUMMER KNIGHT Not in a very good spot here from post nine. Plus, he was a little flat in that last one. This race figures to have a solid pace to it, but do you see him outkicking #1,7? Unfortunately, I do not.
10 GOLD MEDAL SWAN That was a very nice steer by Mr. Marx to get his first Big M driving win! Kudos for that. The pair are not exactly "rewarded" with this post, however. Not likely to work out as well in here.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 DOUBLE L LINDY Got another week off, after the extended layoff, so that does make me wonder a bit. However, there's plenty of back class in this tank and IF he's primed and ready, he will give his entrymate a good battle.
1A OPULENT YANKEE Turned in a superior effort two weeks ago, when given a perfect trip and drive from Andy. Simply put: same boat here! Will undoubtedly fire out and get to the front. Can he hold them all off this time? We'll see.
2 DI OGGI Tough spot for the 4YO here, but interesting choice that Andy Mac chose him over #5. I'm questioning if he is as good as some of these, but the trip should be nice and smooth from the rail. Let's see how good he is!
3 BUFF Down from the Spa and into a pretty rough spot. But, last time we saw him here he did very well chasing two better foes. Vinny will be nice and patient with him and hope the leaders retreat a little late. It can happen.
4 MONTALBANO BI Very interesting claim for the Burke brigade here. Obviously, they saw something they like a lot from this guy. He's been good all season, so this is big test against some possibly faster foes. Let's find out.
5 IRON MINE JOHNNY Poor Johnny just can't keep a driver around! Tyler gets a return call now and he sure got along with this fella in February. I wouldn't rule him out of gimmick possibilities if they mix it up early. He can fly late.
6 DEKEYSER Probably the key to this race, from a pace standpoint. Has tuned up nicely down at Freehold with speed. He's got the six-hole here, just inside Yankee. Almost HAS to leave, so he doesn't get away last. Likes to win too!
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 8-2-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 COASTIE First start back off the layoff here and so far, barn hasn't had them cranked and ready. So, let's pass and watch for future evaluation.
2 LDEES MIA I like the way she bounced back nicely last time. Another slow start, but that will change with more experience. Draws a good post again and it might be time to hop on board. Won't offer much of a price, though. Trainer: Developing nicely and we were happy with her last race. Expecting her to keep progressing.
3 BIG HERO I thought he had a sniff in that potential debut, and then he scratched. That can't be a good thing, right? Therefore, I will want to watch one here. If he races well, we'll consider for next week. Almost "has" to need this.
4 CASINO KING DEO Was struggling early when he broke last week. I didn't like him that night and will go with that again. I do expect to see some changes, equipment, etc. Let's see if he's any better.
5 PRESIDENT ZETTE In a race where two of the faves are closers, you usually have to make a choice and back one, or the other. Last two from this guy haven't exactly been spectacular, so I'm going against this one. If he wins, so be it.
6 SAKE Either needed that race, or simply wasn't able to keep up on the mile track. With that said, he's probably a tough play tonight, even with Corey. Would need a whole lot more stamina than we saw in debut here.
7 AMERICAN STEELE Very interesting horse here. Won his season finale for Erv in October at Pocono and then went on the shelf. Shows up for new connections, but off a very slow qualifier. Will Bob B have him ready? Wish I knew. Adds L.
8 ACTIVIST Really liked this guy last time, and it's hard to describe that race. Raced "erratically," with some speed, then a gap, then a sort of re-rally. I'm guessing he HAS to be better than that now, and should sail right to the front.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 BEYONCES ROCKIN One of a few from this barn back to the big track from Monti. She has history here and some if it's okay. There's also tons of back class and I guess I wouldn't be shocked with a very quick return to form now.
2 PURITY Was as live as can be last week, but the trip was difficult. Packs one good turn of speed in a mile, be it early, or late. But, timing and trip are always critical. Not sure who will set the pace in here, but it might be this lass.
3 HIPNUMBERONE Returned to M1 last week and turned in a somewhat disappointing effort. Left, caught a tuck, and just tired. From this better post, I will assume it's back to the closing move, which works a lot better for her.
4 BETTOR N BETTER Gets additional class relief tonight, so this could be the now or never spot. I liked her speed last week, but not her finish. But, this field is a lot softer than that one. I guess no excuses accepted tonight. Trainer: Needs the springtime.
5 GIRLLOOKATTHATBODY Got parked for her life last week, which we all remember. I'll give extra credit to the mare for not completely packing it in! If anything, that will have her tight for this one. Can't leave out against these.
6 SHAREN HANOVER I've tried her here before. And lost! She was a real "handful" and not easy to drive a month or so ago. Took one shot in the Yonkers series and stopped. Couple weeks off. Still needs some serious tinkering.
7 MOJARRA HANOVER Still a big longshot to me, since we haven't seen her best effort in a long time.
8 QUEEN KENDALL Passed some of the tired ones in her second try here. Both tries weren't bad, but she will have to find a little bit more to get any closer. Moves back to a rough post to make the task harder. Adding Lasix.
9 WIKEDWITCHOTHEWEST Looks just a touch outclassed by these, but ya never know. We'll see if the mile track picks up her game, and we'll also see how well Ken W. pronounces her name during the race. He'll get it right.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-8-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 DELAINE HALL Anxiously awaiting this one's debut for the Burke brigade. Showed a touch of professionalism in the qualifier, and there is some ability in this tank. They've been patiently, so let's see what he's got. Sits and stalks.
2 BROADWAY SISSY Had two qualifiers to get ready for this. Finished up okay into a vicious headwind in the second one, so that showed me something. Will have to go a lot faster here, but maybe she can do it. 4YO too!
3 SEVEN ROSES Was all out chasing #7 two weeks ago and clearly no match. But, it showed me she can handle the mile track. That was good speed offered. Now, if there's just a touch more in the tank, she's a solid threat.
4 FLAMINGO PETE It's been a nightmare since Pete delivered the goods against a weak field here on Feb. 16. Pete also has a good turn of speed, whether it be early or late. I can easily see him firing out here, and sitting a trip. Maybe.
5 DEJAROVER That's a strange looking qualifier for Pocono. Slow start from the rail and then a mild finish. Since it wasn't here, I can't tell you any more than that. I do feel that he's going to need this one. Just to acclimate.
6 COACH CUMMINGS Certainly outraced his odds last time, and that finish wasn't bad. There is a TON of speed in this group, so things might set up well for the closers. Gelding will be tighter this week. Let's give him a maybe for a piece.
7 MASTER OF THE HILL Well, the trip didn't work out the same way last time and horse broke on top of it. Therefore, what should we expect now, and what will the price be? It won't be 7/5! Will be leaving all he can go, along with #8
8 LAW OF ATTRACTION That was perfect drive from Jimmy on this fella last time, keeping #7 at bay and then digging in with plenty left. But, NOW the posts are reversed. It won't be that easy to get to the top. Let's see how good he is.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 8-6-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 MOTOWN JACKPOT Wasn't bad in that first try here. Showed me a little something, and obviously, there's no Misslarose to deal with anymore. Gets the rail. Has versatile speed and Pants knows the horse now. Lots to like here.
2 ANNAPOLIS HALL Had the obligatory race over the track off the layoff. I still say this gelding is a "work in progress" but he does jump up with a good one every now and then. If not tonight, then it'll come soon.
3 IRON DOME What's going on with the Dome right now? He looked very hot on the bit scoring down last week and promptly made ANOTHER break behind the gate. Jimmy will try to keep him quiet, and then be careful before start.
4 ACES AND EIGHTS Absolutely impossible horse to figure out right now. With that said, I will likely be swinging against him. Let's see if he stays trotting. AND, let's see if he has anymore in the tank. Last wasn't good. Trainer: Trained good this week. Just has to mind his manners.
5 FLAGSTAFF Didn't make the gate last time at Yonkers, so he's quickly sent back here. Wasn't exactly overwhelming when last seen here. Have to rate him a longshot, having to go much faster on the mile. Not sure about that.
6 TECH TITAN Had the obligatory "race over the track" two weeks ago. Can't say I like the extra week off, but I will say that if Double L Lindy did well in second tonight, maybe this one will too? Possible upsetter if cranked and ready.
7 LOOKINGFORAMIRACLE Slowly racing back into shape for Jeff. She's not ready for this just yet, so expect a conservative effort from the bad post. I want to see if she stays trotting too!
8 CHAPTER TOO Sports two SUPERB efforts here already. Will be VERY hard to beat tonight, if she shows up with anything like last two. Only knock is the post, of course. Andy will float her out of there. Hard to go against.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 PETAL TO THE METAL How bout her mile last week! Grinded a LONG way, and wasn't exactly quitting. This is one good mare, and Stacy sure has her good right now. Unfortunately, she's now way too high in class. Sits in, saves. Trainer: Got an abscess in her foot after last race. It cleared up fine. Jogging sound into the race.
2 CHEYENNE TRIENGEL This mare is very good right now too! But, eventually they all end up too high in class. Marcus fits her perfectly and will take the conservative approach here. Looks to leave around #1, and then sit patiently. Trainer: She remains in good form.
3 SHUTTHEFRONTDOOR Was awfully good the both times we saw her here. That looks like a no-chance trip up at the Spa against Betabecool. This is a touch different, but she will need her "A" game to threaten. Can happen.
4 JUXTA COWGIRL Jimmy had a tough choice in here and opted for this lass over #7. She will need every bit of that speed shown last time at Yonkers to land the spot behind #5. At least, that's the way I handicap this one. Gets a trip.
5 WINDSUN GLORY Had a VERY good qualifier, folks. And, barn has shown they can have one ready off just one prep. This mare outclasses these by a LOT. So, if she's even halfway ready, she will probably wire these for Andy Mac.
6 SAIL TO THE BEACH She also had a very good qualifier, but it left me feeling like she might need one more. I don't like post, having drawn outside the main rivals. Let's see her race from behind. Maybe try her next week.
7 TICA HANOVER The key to the race! Had Jimmy chosen her, I probably would have liked more. Shows versatility, so Eric can leave, or float, or do whatever he wants. It won't be easy to get by #4,5 early. That's for sure.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 7-8-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 P L HERCULES Basically "refused" to race last time, acting up badly before the race, with some sort of equipment problem. Therefore, check for any changes tonight. AND make sure to look at him out on the track scoring down.
1A DW'S REVENGE I don't know what happened two weeks ago, but something went amiss. Simply came to a stop and now shows up with Lasix, so I guess that's the answer. Bled. Looked as good as can be before that. What tonight? PP9.
2 HANKS TANK Off since November. Shows one good-looking qualifier at Pocono two weeks ago, over a very slow track. But, why not qualify one more time? Or race. I'm going to guess that this gelding will need one.
3 SWEET JUSTICE Boy, has he gotten good again! Was full of trot last time, all the way from last. This is better post, but also tougher field. However, I always hesitate to eliminate sharp horses. Let's see if he's all the way back to top form.
4 MY CHERRY PIE I don't know what happened to her two weeks ago. Regressed into a mistake. Was as good as a horse can be on Feb 23. Which mare do we get tonight? I have no idea. I will simply wish you luck, if you bet.
5 SHADY MCCOY He was overmatched in that last one, so don't hold that against him. While this is a slight drop back down, it's still a pretty vicious spot. Likely to offer big odds again, if you fancy him getting a trip. Trainer: Raced well last week. Trotted solid through the stretch after getting away in the back. Had a good week. We'll see how race unfolds.
6 P L ICABOD Finally got a "smoother" and better trip last time, so that's why he did well. Chased a couple of bearcats, but did it willingly. I would have to think Brett will send him out of there again. No reason not to. Can be used.
7 ROSSINI Was also stuck in a spot where he didn't belong last time, so don't hold that against him. Was absolutely in very top form before that. Tonight's big knock is that Carlson chose #8. I still like this guy and expect aggressive try.
8 ROUNDTOWN ROCKER Eric C probably drives a few more horses for this barn, than #7. Might be reason for choice. However, the Rocker has been awfully good since moving to Dane. He's just a good horse. Has to leave again. Trainer: Looked a little choppy last week in winning. Making his hopples a little tighter this week. Needs to overcome post.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 2-9-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 PSYCHO CINDY Had her trip over the track two weeks ago and lands into a similar spot here. She did start very sluggishly that night, so it left me feeling she might need a few more. Pass for now, and watch for more.
2 ANDERSON SEELSTER Had a very good qualifier, despite the very long layoff. This is a pretty wide open race, and she has big post edge on a few. Praline is liable to be overbet again, so give this lass an extra look. Might be ready.
3 THE SIGNATURE Trainer's had a good run here so far, and brings this one along for the ride with her earlier entrant. It's just as easy to ship two as one, right? This mare probably isn't ready, but I'll be watching closely.
4 CLASSY CHAPEL N Did not race well in her first go on Lasix, but it came after a sick scratch. She definitely had to need that race, so I do expect a bigger return to form here. I like the post and she should work out a nice trip here. Trainer: Has had tie-up issues. Steps out better this week.
5 PIRAEUS I still think she might be a touch outclassed with these, but she has surprised us at times before. Pass.
6 BRAIDA HANOVER Not exactly in great form right now, so I don't know what to tell you here. Didn't race well here, or at Yonkers. Have to see signs of life before I can endorse.
7 QUEEN ELSA Also retains longshot status, until we see a more positive effort, or a big class drop. A pass for me.
8 THE GIRLS OF IMAGE Wow! Almost shocked us last week at 46-1. Love the way she raced too! Obviously, won't offer those odds now and the post is still a bit tough. I don't know if she can leave, but if not, she gets away at back.
9 ROCKIN PRALINE Gets lucky that she doesn't have to qualify, after that equipment disaster last time. I think she broke a hopple. Prior to that, she was great, so don't expect any huge price tonight, either. The post is still bad.
10 WINDSUN BROOKLYN Had she drawn a better post, I'd be a lot more positive. Because, this mare has some ability, and some good races over this strip before. BUT, since she got post 10, I'll probably watch one more.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-5-9
H Horse Comment
1 BWT TAJ Endured the tough trip last week and didn't quit that badly. So, with that race under his belt, he could be even more of a factor here. It's not an easy spot by any means, but he showed he could handle the mile.
2 GONEINAPUFFOFSMOKE Didn't look all that ready in his first try on Lasix. Probably going to watch one more.
3 TWO HIP DIP With the scratch-in of #10, the Dip finally loses Brett. He gave this guy every chance last week, sailing along on the lead and he got tired late. With that said, new pilot might be patient this time. Could work out.
4 ROSE RUN QUICKLEY He's been raced into shape nicely. Last week's rally from post 10 was the final piece I've been waiting for. Veteran is more than good enough to beat these when ready. I'll hop on board for tonight.
5 WILDFLOWER Can't really blame Eric for taking a shot and leaving with her last time. It was very windy too, so I won't hold it against her. Midpack post again, and also a possible change of strategy. If the trip works out, watch out late. Trainer: Not the front-running type. She's much better coming off a helmet. Right trip gets her there.
6 SEVENTEEN TABS Turned in much improved effort for new barn in the debut here, and then tried to leave last week into the wind and broke. Ok. back to the rally, right? I think so. Might get to follow #5 and that's live cover.
7 COMMENTARY Jimmy stays loyal to the barn here, picking over #4, but I much prefer the other horse. This guy just hasn't gotten the hand of mile track racing. Not driver's fault. He's put him in some good spots too! A pass for me.
8 ITS CHOCOLATE TIME In for the $10K tag here, and really doesn't have to be! He's eligible on the condition anyway. Not exactly firing his best bullets lately. Would be tough to like a lot from this post.
9 TROPICAL TRICE Now that Mitch has won a race here, the pressure's off. He gets the steer back behind this mare and she'll need a touch of speed to get into the hunt. It's not out of the question, and she will offer square price. Usable.
10 WONDER BUNS Gets "lucky" to scratch into this spot, but is it really lucky? Probably not. I would have a tough time getting excited about chances from post 10, but Super Brett surprises me all the time. At fair value ONLY.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-9-3-7
H Horse Comment
1 BULLVILLESTEPHANIE There aren't too many words that adequately describe that mile last week. Incredible might be one of them. So, is she really that good on the mile track, or was it a total fluke? Let's find out. Steps up in class now.
2 FINA PATINA Came to a pretty quick stop last time, so that makes me worry. This is a slight drop, but she needs it! I can't say her stamina level will go up all that much. Likely a longshot, even on the drop.
3 OK HEAVENLY Has burned a LOT of money along the way, so I'm not guaranteeing anything. BUT, she ran into very well-meant foe last week at this level and simply got outmuscled. It might finally be her turn to shine. We'll see.
4 BLUSH HANOVER Out of same race as #3. Simply rode the cones and kept up. Not that much more. Even Brett bails tonight, and he likes this "little mare" as he called her. So, I have to wonder if she's sharp. I'm not that sure.
5 KNOW IT ALL I imagine Eric A has been waiting for this spot for this mare. Finally gets the drop to the "right level" and this is go time! Took ton of action last week and I see no reason not to take a shot again. Hop on board!
6 SOPHISTICATEDKELLY Was in-to-go Wednesday at Rosecroft, which is after press time for this program. I will assume she did not race, but ya never know. Either way, she looks like a longshot in here.
7 MADE OF JEWELS AS Lot of these mares are coming out of that one key race last week. This is another. Trust me, she's better than that line shows. Gets Marcus in the seat now and don't be shocked if she wakes up with speed.
8 SAGE N Speaking of speed, this mare better find some soon too! The slow start and dull cover flow against #1 last time cost her big time. Has to get more involved earlier and I expect that to happen. Offers better price here now.
9 PHYLLIS JEAN Absolutely the key to the race, folks. She's back to the level where she belongs. Had two straight no chance trips. I hate this post, but know she can fire out. I'd be shocked if she didn't. A must use. Trainer: The trip will be the key here. Does have a little early speed and down one class. Needs some luck.