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Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

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Race Reviews For Saturday, June 24, 2017

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-3-7
H Horse Comment
1 LORD GAGA Improved a lot in his second try, behind that runaway winner John Dally last week. Showed better speed and kept up. Now he's got the rail and that helps even further. A big threat with another step forward.
2 POP'S ROMEO Hasn't had a whole lot of luck here yet, but has picked up some checks. I think that's the goal again. Sit in, save ground and try to pick off any tired ones late. Only needs to beat two for a piece.
3 MR VARSITY Exits a very fast qualifier where he towed along and kept up. Time-wise, it was an improvement. So far, barn's returnees off qualifiers have needed a start. We'll see if that's the case again tonight.
4 YOUCANIKNOW The rare "pacer" in a barn full of trotters. So far, this fella hasn't exactly distinguished himself, but he did hint at some talent last year. Yet to come to full speed so far at three. Need to see a better effort first.
5 MEDIEVAL DRAGON Did not race at two or three, which is rare in this camp! Recent form is downright puzzling, because it's all or nothing. I guess he likes the lead? Expect pilot to send and give him a chance. Tough to catch?
6 CLASSIC SEABREEZE Woke up last time up at Tioga, but he did start from the rail and got a perfect trip. With that said, this will be infinitely more difficult and the race will go even faster. Is he up to the task>? I'm not so sure.
7 ROCKET J Not really sure what to do with this fella. Form isn't exactly outstanding, and the recent scratches make the picture even more unclear. Has the outside and no wins yet this season. Lots of experience, but few wins. Your call?
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 1-8-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 ROCK ME GENTLY Burned a lot of money last pair, but it looks like she had legitimate excuses. Impeded two back. Tough, uncovered trip last time. She's certainly faced better along the way, so no excuses accepted tonight.
2 ODDS ON MAGIC Up from Maryland with very flat form and a lot to prove here at Club Med. I will pass for now.
3 CEDAR HALL HEIRESS Technically, she paced a whole lot faster than most of these in her last start. She did struggle to keep up, however and couldn't even hold second. Gets another drop. Has speed. Must be considered.
4 MISS DEFIANCE 0-11 on the season and that one try here doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. That was a better field than this, so she could wake back up in this spot. In this race, you have to find reasons to like anybody.
5 FULL EXPLOSION I cannot find a reason to endorse this lass at the moment. She's just overmatched here.
6 MOJARRA HANOVER Back to a level where she can probably do some good. 10YO war-mare is tough, and she usually launches one solid move. Timing and trip will be critical, as always. But, she is good enough to win this.
7 AARIN HANOVER I do not know what happened in the Gaitway qualifier. Scratched before that. A decent try before that, so basically, she's just a mystery horse in here. Let's see if she improves at all for her new barn?
8 JOYFUL GAME I must admit, I am tired of chasing this mare. She did uncork a nice rally to nail second behind a 2-5 runaway winner last time. BUT, she has ZERO early speed, an outside post again and price will be short. Tough call.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 6-7-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 BUCKEYE CHROME Retains longshot status, even from the rail again. Will just try to keep up early.
2 GOOSE MOUNTAIN Zipped around the Goshen half in fine style and that will serve as good confidence builders. Was good enough to hit the board in some stakes last year. Can he pace in 51 or 52? I guess we'll find out.
3 UFFIZI Advising caution here, folks. Took ALL the money in the start here and made another dirty break for no reason. It's a risky play if you want to bet, but I'm telling you I wouldn't be shocked if he wired these, or made break.
4 LITTLE FOIL Didn't show a whole lot in first start for new connections, but it was off layoff and it was post 10. We can always forgive that. Anxious to see if he takes a step forward and shows more zip. That's been known to happen.
5 NEWS WATCH Looks like he went the "overland" route over at Pocono, but I will give credit that he stuck around an didn't fade. At least he goes forward, which a few of these can't say. Won't be 30-1 this time, but has a chance.
6 ROLL N CATCH A big welcome back to Brett Pelling. This is his first starter here at the Med and he certainly found the right spot, if horse is ready to roll. Back in the old days, Brett's horses were always ready off a qua. Expect it.
7 TIMCAT HANOVER Took a shot in the lower level sires stakes up at Vernon and got used too hard. Wiped out prior effort at Pocono, so no luck thus far. Things can turn around quickly, however. He definitely fits with these. Use.
8 SUNSHINE WEST Finished 6th a couple of days ago at Pocono at odds of 44-1. I can't say that experience bodes well for his chances tonight from an outside post. He's got a lot to prove here.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 6-9-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 ALLEN THE OPTIMIST Picked up a check at odds of 42-1 in Big M debut, so let's call that a success. Meets a similar group, and catches another inside post. That will give Merton a chance to sit in, save ground, try to rally late.
2 DRAGONINTHECHIPS Exits the same heat as a few of these, but he wasn't exactly exploding late. That was second try here, so now I'm beginning to believe he may just not be quick enough. We'll see about that one more time.
3 DARE TO BE GREAT Was in a quick race two weeks, but struggled to keep up along the way. Extra week off might help, plus this group could be just a touch softer. Needed the race off layoff. I guess I can make small case here.
4 ULSHOOTUREYEOUTKID Has also had two tries to get used to mile track speed and he did go a little better last time to get the "nickel." That might be the goal again. Retains longshot status, in my opinion.
5 ROCK THE OFFICIAL I don't know what happened in last pair, because they weren't very good. A few of his earlier races here were good enough. If he were to revert back to the "good" Rock, then he's got a big chance tonight.
6 JAY BEES GRIN N Five-time winner this year for Rick Dane appears to have found the perfect soft spot to win again. Technically, he's faced much stronger $8K claimers and beaten them with speed. By all rights, he should crush these.
7 OUTCRY 3YO with poor form is in an odd spot here. There's nothing in his recent form to suggest he can pace with these, but pilot has done very well with longshots this year.
8 STORMIN RUSTLER Had a couple of traffic issues before gearing up last week. He usually kicks home smartly, but tonight's problem will be the post. I don't envision him blasting, so it's a much longer road to get close enough.
9 YACHT KING Not bad last time, so that makes him a factor again tonight, even from the tough post. He is capable of leaving and I don't see Vinnie taking back here. If a hole develops, and trip is smooth, he's got a big chance.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 LUCKY MAN 12YO warhorse has been here before and won here before, so that's a big plus in his corner. Has plenty of speed to protect the rail and he's a definite fit in here. Would be very hard to leave off the ticket.
2 NORTHERN ASSASSIN A Just one win so far this year. Only one win all of last year. Do you sense a theme here? Shows a few rallying thirds at Pocono. I guess I could consider him in the underneath spots of tri's and super's.
3 MACHTU N I think the whole world saw his traffic troubles against a MUCH better field last week. So, with that said, Nick will drive himself tonight, but don't expect much of a price. He's probably just a much better horse than these.
4 MAGICAL COWBOY Shipped all the way up to Saratoga on a big class drop, got the rail and still struggled. Pass.
5 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Usually has a level where he can be effective and deliver a decent rally, but I don't think this is it. With that said, if he's out in the flow and it's live, he can pass a few. Minor share chances tonight.
6 JACKSRLUCKYTOO Perhaps the biggest threat to #3? When he gets rolling, he's got a pretty big kick. The drop should improve his chances a lot, as long as #3 doesn't steal away too easy. A must use underneath.
7 MISTER TRUTH This fella's usually at mercy of pace and trip and I'm not sure this one will work out so well. The outer post doesn't aid the cause. Needs to get a little lucky against these to have a chance.
8 SIR JACK Jack found this higher level a little too much last time and might be up against it again. I will pass now.
9 WHATAORSE Almost got lucky to steal one, upon return to Club Med. It's that speed that usually puts him in position and he'll be charging out again. Would love a "follow" trip near #3. That gives shot to hit the ticket.
10 MACHS BEACH BOY Was in-to-go on Thursday at Philly, which is after press time for this program. If he did actually race, I would probably lower his chances here from post 10. If he didn't, then maybe this is a better spot?
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 7-3-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 JUSTIFIED Found the waters at this higher level just a little deeper last week, but that's ok. He still went forward, attacking on the rim. This trip could be a lot different. Was very effective with the one move charge before that.
2 HOWSABOUTAKISS Shocked everybody with a perfect trip upset down at Philly! 38-1. Just goes to show that a perfect pocket trip can get anybody home on occasion! Taking a big step up here, with a lot to prove at M1.
3 OH JONNY B GOOD N Scoots over from Yonkers with a huge class drop. He does seem like a small track specialist, but this is a wide open race and he's got perfect post to just sit and wait. That one move could be a big one!
4 CLASSIC AMERICAN N Hard to gauge this fella off the three-month layoff. I think he'll be ready, after two tow-along qualifiers down at the farm. That's the usual way barn qualifies them. If he takes action on board, I'd consider.
5 HE'S A LOCK Marched his way right back up the ladder up at Saratoga. Can't like the scratch last week, and this just might be a tad too tough for him. He's no lock in this spot against the several droppers in here. Your call?
6 LAST DRAGON Just locked on a line earlier this month and dropped out of the race. Judges made him requalify and it looks like he was okay. I'm still hesitant to endorse him at this higher level. He'll probably need a drop to get close.
7 R J P Lone 3YO in field gets in via one of the extra conditions. Those are some powerful races he comes out of, and he really aired it out in the confidence building win at Pocono. He's ready for this. Beats up on his elders?
8 LOVE TAP HANOVER Everything worked out perfectly for this gelding last time, so that was his lucky night. Tonight may not be that lucky, as he hikes up big time, and gets slammed with the outside post. Not recipe for success.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-1-5
H Horse Comment
1 CITY HALL Very, very sharp right now for Team Buter and he proved a lot by handling the class hike to this level last week. Meets another tough bunch, but owns key inside post. Will make presence felt at some point. Hard to leave out.
1A IWILLMAKEYOUSAYWOW Got beat a dirty nose with a top level speed try over at Pocono. Efforts here at this level were okay, but just a little bit short. With that said, I prefer his betting partner for tonight. Tougher post.
2 TITUS SEELSTER Professional 6YO brings his A game each and every week. Proved he likes the big track with that lifetime mark at Vernon last year. This is the perfect spot for a Big M try on a class drop. I think he fits perfectly.
3 CALVIN B I guess if we just draw a line through the Toga race, this is the horse to beat! He was awesome in winning here last month and looked like he could have gone faster. This field is tougher, however. Cal will have to "earn it!"
4 IN THE ARSENAL Didn't have a good season last year, but was forced to race at the top level most of the time. We can always forgive that. Now, he's a 5YO and back, ready to roll. Building stamina, but might need one more.
5 SEELEY MAN This is a tough call! Horse was awesome and unbeaten last year, but against vastly lesser. Has found the stakes waters a little too deep lately, but this is clearly an easier spot. Just might have the punch to beat these.
6 BETTOR'S EDGE Went the "overland" journey at Yonkers last time and didn't pack the punch. We all saw him cruise around the oval, onstride, on June 3. If the "real" Edge steps up, he can go with these, but it's no easy spot. Tuf call.
7 MORE DRAGON I guess somebody has to be a longshot in here, even if he paced home in 25.2 in that strong qualifier. I just have a feeling the goal is to get around on-gait and wait for a softer spot. I'm willing to wait.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 CHUCARO ACERO BC Turned in a professional-looking effort for the big win last week over weaker. Kicked in nicely late for Andy, and now Marcus will take over. The key inside post will help keep him close. Can you say another?
2 BET YOU Slow starts on the small tracks are costing this horse. Might be why they're taking a shot here and I don't blame them. Horse loves to win and has class. This is a sizable class drop and Vinny will keep him close enough.
3 MATTAMERICAN Certainly logging lots of miles all over the tri-state area lately, but he's not making any money! A class drop like this can instantly wake one back up. We've all seen it. Expect a better effort tonight. Very usable.
4 BRUCE'S MAGIC Outperformed my expectations with a solid third last week against a better field. Unfortunately, he's not rewarded with this spot. Just about every horse in the race is dropping, so this is no easy spot! Needs more.
5 ALLSTAR PARTNER Team Harris' other starter just looks buried against these. Too many droppers. He's up in class.
6 THAT'S MY OPINION Nice horse that gives a good effort each and every time. He even won a race here earlier this year, so that's a plus. Recent affinity for finishing third may not be good. With that said, I'll consider for underneath.
7 TOATSMYGOATS Another that's probably effective in a spot like this, but this field is exceptionally tough for the level. Squandered that great trip last week at Yonkers. Will he fire out here? I'm guessing no. Will have to get lucky.
8 MARTY MONKHOUSER A Another that seems up against it, in a spot like this. Not much early zip. A tough, outside post in a field full of class droppers. That's not usually a recipe for success, unless there's total mayhem!
9 THE ROCK Took three months off and came back with a less-than-stellar qualifier. I think we can safely wait for an easier situation somewhere down the road.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 TO BEACH HIS OWN Kirby opted here, which surprised me a little, after he talked up #9 in interview last week. So, I'll add a few extra points here. Got shuffled last week, so that was excuse. Has speed. There are things to like tonight.
2 DAYLYN HORIZON Just missed in that blanket photo finish with about six horses across the track. It was a good effort and this fella is clearly sharp right now. Can't ignore sharp horses. Inner post keeps him close. Live flow?
3 THAT'S MY HARLEY Excellent drive by Bill Mann last week. Fired right to the front, was able to "yield" when the fave came calling, and then he kept up well to be a clear second. Not facing that fave this time. Expect big speed.
4 QUALITY BUD Recent form isn't very good, so that's a problem. Took a shot here back in May and wasn't very good. I can forgive last start, due to the brutal trip, and he was well bet, so somebody liked him. Can you say wakeup call?
5 MISTY'S DELIGHT Now making third start back off the layoff and that's often the best one. Did go forward last week, with a first over bid. If there's more in the tank tonight, he could be a threat. Will be a big price!
6 SPICEBOMB Somehow found a way to prevail in that blanket finish last week, but if the leader didn't "hit a wall" he wasn't winning! Should have had more punch, so I'll take a shot and downgrade that effort. Maybe he beats me?
7 OPENING NIGHT GAME Simply doesn't appear to be a threat to these in current form. I will pass.
8 FRANKIE BOY Jon Roberts fired this fella out of the gate last week, and it looked like a great move, until the gelding got a little tired down the long stretch here. Taking a shot again? Why not? Maybe he'll have more stamina.
9 UF FAST FEELIN This poor horse has more excuses than I do! Lots of bad flows, slow starts, traffic troubles, etc. Even Victor K bails out on him now. That lack of early speed is always a killer. Hoping for some sort of hot pace to help.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 EVER AGAIN Looked like he was "home free" last week and just hit a wall. Simple as that. Let's note that this post will clearly aid the cause tonight. Pilot can "save" a little something for late. Any effort like 6/3 would be good enough.
2 RUSTY TANK No, the trip wasn't easy two weeks ago, but the Tank was flat! Prior to that, he was gearing up into some better form. Missed a week? If you need a longshot in your gimmicks, you could do worse than pick the Tank.
3 HEFTY LEFTY Can't find a way to endorse this fella in current poor form. Definitely a big longshot.
4 WORKANDPLAYHARD If you bet on this guy last week, I feel bad for ya! Somehow lost that photo, at an agonizing 33-1! With that said, he won't offer those odds now, and still needs a bigger kick to get the whole pie. Your call?
5 TWINCREEKS JACK Will he be claimed tonight? Probably. Will he go right to the front tonight? Definitely. Surick is "dangling" this speedball for the $10K tag, which is surprising, considering the purse they go for in the final. H'mmm.
6 CAMTURO BEACH Speaking of speedballs, Vinny Fusco dipped right back in and took him back! The effort last week against Julian was strong. Never stopped trying. Might be interesting "sprint" into first turn with Jack. Tough call.
7 MOONLIGHT RANSOM Another that took a week off and I can understand that. Was sharp in his last two, so that's a good form spree. Not sure how Jonathan will plot the trip here. There's just too much other speed. Sits and waits.
8 VILLE VALO Finally paid some dividends on that sale purchase. And yes, if you were sharp enough, you got $2.20! Yes, $2.20. Made me feel like a genius (Lol!) Tonight's field is tougher, and so is the post. He's probably still best.
9 JETSKI LOUIE Louie is suffering a case of the post position blues and it gets contagious! Three straight horrible posts now and you see how he did the last two weeks. Same thing again? Probably.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-2-1-5
H Horse Comment
1 SHIPPS XPECTANCY See how Team Harris horses have done tonight, because if they've been successful, then this fella is likely to do well. Note the big improvement in second start up from Florida. He's probably ready now.
2 WINDSONG GORGEOUS Can he be ready enough to win this now? Probably. It's been a while since he won, but this is prime spot for somebody to step up. Trainer said he would need a race or two. I think it's time to bet!
3 PIERCE Ron Pierce had a birthday this week and we sure miss him here at the Big M. This horse is off to a slow start in the 2017 campaign, but he's in shrewd hands. His qualifier at Gaitway was good enough to win this. H'mmmm.
4 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE The Buckeye got very, very close against that bottom level bunch, and then was forced up in class. I think he needs that NW2,000 level and this ain't it. Pass.
5 YANKEE HEAVEN Ran into a couple of roadblocks last week, so don't be too hard on him! Victor figures to have him out and rolling into what could be a live flow. Plus, that field last week was a tad stronger than this one. (Ville Valo)
6 SILVERADO I guess he's got good speed, so that's a minor plus. I don't see any gate blasters inside, so if he sends and clears, I guess it gives him an upset chance. Still has to prove he can do it on a mile track. Hasn't done it yet.
7 BLACK HAMMER Moves to an outer post, which I think pretty much ruins his chances. Hasn't had much kick here.
8 ST LADS FLIRT Perhaps the biggest question mark in the race? I thought he had a great chance on June 3 and he was flat. Maintenance qualifier at Gaitway doesn't bother me. Vinny G took #2, so Vinny F will do the steering.
9 RELENTLESS DREAMER Another that's just killed when he draws a post like this. Unless you're predicting total mayhem, I see him as too far back early. He can finish, I admit, but from where? Your choice.