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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

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Race Reviews For Saturday, March 23, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 3-2-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 T J BLAST Not bad, but not great either last time. Was clearly outkicked home by a longshot winner. However, this guy draws first decent post in a long time and that will give Andy some options. Horse is getting a bit better.
2 ARQUE HANOVER Over from Yonkers on the drop for Eric A and he doesn’t usually bring them unless he thinks they can do. This is about the level where he should do some damage and if price is right, I’d include on the ticket.
3 SEEL THE DEAL N Just forget about that one start here, in a race where he was overmatched. This is more like it, and he exits nice confidence builder. Barn hasn’t been seen here much lately, but they’re overdue. One to watch!
4 COWBOY TERRIER Same profile we’ve dealt with for months. The Burke Brigade off the layoff. Most of them have been ready. This one’s only qualifier was two weeks ago, so did he not get in? It does raise a few questions.
5 LIVE ON Also took a couple months off after a long campaign. His qualifier left me wanting. Not ready yet.
6 SWORD OF THE SPIRIT Takes the big step back up, but off a good try. I still think he’s a bit overmatched here, but if he were to blast for new driver, it might give him check chances. Eric A has to drive his own, #2.
7 ALL WEEK I think I guessed right on his one win here this year, and it probably came at this level. The dropdown is very key and he’s got more than enough speed if pilot wants to take a shot. Horse likes to fight too! Usable.
8 CANBEC KINGKAZIMIR Third of four shippers from state of NY in here. This guy’s form is a bit lackluster, but any class drop must be considered. I think the bigger problem here will be the post. Horse doesn’t blast out.
9 J JS DELIVERY Condolences to the barn, on a tough family loss this week. Nothing quite cures grief like a trip to the winner’s circle. We haven’t seen JJ here yet, but he looks like a fit and he’s raced into shape now. A big maybe.
10 SMILEANDSAYCHEESE I have to be honest here and say that I’m just not a fan of this horse. He’s burned a LOT of cash along the way and he does seem like a one-way Charlie. A stone closer, plus post 10, equals pass for me.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-2-8
H Horse Comment
1 BB’S HARLEY Transitions back into the claimers here, and gets a much better post due to that. He hasn’t exactly impressed here on the big track, but one smooth trip might be able to wake him up. A big maybe!
2 FOUR STACES Couldn’t possibly have looked any better last week, scooting well clear of the field. This is a bump back up a notch in price for new barn off the claim. There might even be more takers tonight. We’ll see speed again.
3 SPAGHETTI EDDIE Eddie was a bit compromised by the post last week, trying to chase down well-rated #2. This post will make it completely different! I think it’s back to Eddie showing speed here, where he was most effective.
4 IDEAL SON I still really don’t know what’s going on with this horse, but he gets a touch of needed post relief too! I will say he’s been way overbet last few, and I would not be willing to take any short price again. Let that be your guide.
5 ITSNOPROBLEMMAN Got a week off, and they often help. That was no easy trip from the 10-box last time, so this should help. It wasn’t too long ago that he was the main force in this class. Hoping to pay dividends on recent claim.
6 SKYWAY BILLY That was SOME drive by Eric A last week, to spring the big upset. He’s good at that. But, with full credit for that, this is a MUCH tougher spot and I would be surprised by a repeat. These are too tough.
7 SIR MACHALOT Finds his way back to the mile track. Can’t be too enthused by last Yonkers line, but that was probably a better bunch. I’d still want fair odds to even think about using him here. It’s long trip to the lead.
8 JK PARLAY Here’s the key to the race, since barn has two in here. JK almost surely has to leave, but when he does, he sometimes lack that extra kick late. Plus, I think his stablemate is leaving too! Interesting race, for sure.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 5-9-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 MR PROFETA One of many possibilities in this formless race, but I advise caution, because this Mr. has been absolutely empty late here so far. Now third-time Lasix. Did flash speed last time. Week off. Needs return to form.
2 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Things did not go his way last time, but this could be a little different. No confirmed form in here. A better starting slot. Gelding usually owns one decent move in a race when in this class. Not totally out of it.
3 MARTIAL BLISS I just can’t make a strong case for success here for the 11YO. I will pass for now.
4 NEWBIE On the comeback trail, but I don’t think they’ve figured this guy out just yet. Only one win all of last year.
5 BOOGIE NIGHTS I guess he’s got a chance in here, right? Making only second start for new barn. There could be some changes. The first go wasn’t really that bad. I can make a case that this guy goes a little longer now.
6 BANK SEA Gets only a touch of post relief here and usually needs a lot of things to go his way to have a chance. Will likely offer a big price again, IF you think he can get a little closer when the pacing starts. Tough call.
7 DRAMATIC POINT I have been unimpressed by this “work in progress” so far. I need to see a little something more before I could possibly endorse. Owns zero speed right now, and drew outside this time. Tough to like a lot.
8 BAY RUM I guess if there was EVER a spot for the Bay to wake back up in, this is it! He had several starts a few month ago that would just crush these. I’m not in love with the post, but maybe he can overcome it. What will price be?
9 HEARTLAND REVENUE Gets the extremely tepid call as fave, in this impossible race. His effort from this post last week was a lot better than the rest of these. It might only take a softer journey. That’s up to the driver!
10 KIWI IDEAL N Moves from pole to post 10 and that often ruins chances. He did race well last time he had the 10-box here, so that’s something positive. Should be good value. Maybe we use underneath?
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-8-5
H Horse Comment
1 ODE TO GRAY Absolutely raced his eyeballs out last week! A real top effort, despite a tough trip. And, he probably needed it! But, he does land in another power-packed field. Moves inside. Must make that one move count!
2 ROGUE CHEDDAR Barn’s been a little quiet here lately. This guy has only two lifetime starts and neither one of them was outstanding. Already on Lasix, with a switch to big track. I need to see a lot more stamina before I can like.
3 WAY TO CLOSE Ended up qualifying at Pocono twice. So, I’m a bit surprised to see him here, unless he “needs” the big track. The second prep was a bit better with some speed. Let’s see if he stretches it out here? Big question mark.
4 AMERICAN WORLD Maybe a tad disappointing last time, when sent off at odds-on. But, let’s not be too hard on the horse! It was just his second lifetime start. With that said, we might get a change of tactics here. Back to closing?
5 SKIP TO MY LOU Lately, this barn can do no wrong here. Stablemate to Rebel Rouser was okay in the first qualifier, and then got jammed up in second. I really don’t know what to expect tonight. I guess I’ll watch tote board for clues.
6 S MCKEE Didn’t show a whole lot in the first try here, so let’s keep him on longshot status for now.
7 ONEMILEBRIDGE Also seems to be on the slow and steady path back to the races. Tried it three times last year at two. Slowish starts so far at three. Figures to need either more experience, or more speed. Not sure about him.
8 ACTON HANOVER Was kept to the task in his return qualifier, so it wasn’t as impressive as some others. Somehow failed to win a race last year as a freshman, despite several top stakes tries. I guess if fit and ready, he should win this.
9 LYONS PEGASUS Probably in need of this, and more experience. The post won’t help. Let’s watch one.
10 PAPA BLUE CHIP Barn’s other starter gets slammed with post 10. Doesn’t appear very quick early, so that probably ruins chances. Wasn’t bad last time, though. So, that is step in the right direction. Needs a trip from this start slot.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-8-9
H Horse Comment
1 ROCK ON THE HILL Recent form is downright dull, so I will continue to rate this guy a longshot. In need of a big turnaround, or a further drop in price or class.
2 NORTHERN SPY Already ahead of pace in the win department this year. Wasn’t exactly a solid threat in first start for new barn, but he could improve. I’d like to see better speed here, just to step around the pole sitter.
3 DAVID THE SAINT Now 0-9 on the year so far. Finally moves back to a better post, however. That raises his profile a bit and there are some races in past that would give him upset chance. For the longshot players only.
4 MAGNUM MIKE Mike just ran into a buzzsaw last time, so don’t be too hard on him. Doesn’t get stuck with post 10 here, so that’s huge help for horse of his style. He remains sharp. No reason not to expect a big one tonight.
5 DEDI’S DRAGON We’ve seen this classy guy here before. Now over $900K lifetime, so that deserves respect! The bad post and slow start left him with too much to do last time. Could be a lot closer here, or just follow Mike?
6 OH MY JOEPA First start for new barn off the claim, but disastrous effort. I will note that knee spreaders were taken off last week, so I would be surprised if they don’t go back on. Either way, needs total turnaround to pay dividends.
7 WESTERN REDHOT Doesn’t win all that often, so that IS a problem. Can sometimes sneak onto the ticket, but will need a lot of things to go his way and a live outer tier. Your call?
8 RATHER SWELL Wow, that was some brush and crush last week! Goes for another new barn, but is razor sharp and has raced well for everybody. My only knock is the switch to a tougher post. That makes things tougher.
9 POP POP JOE See how Four Staces did in the second tonight. If he won again, then add a few more points here. Last time he drew this post, it hurt badly when he got cooked. Has to avoid that scenario, but can’t ignore sharp horses.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 7-8-10-4
H Horse Comment
1 REDONKULOUS Took ALL the betting action last week and never really got into the game in that amateur event. Back to the regular races here, but from a much better post. I’m still very wary about taking short price on inconsistent horse.
2 EXIT CAM Been a little dull of late, and big wakeup calls are hard to predict. I’m still thinking longshot here.
3 TALENT SOUP Burned a LOT more money last time. Sat well off the speed duel up front and even got a little rough. I don’t really know where’s he at right now, but I’m certainly not willing to take low odds again. If he beats me, so be it.
4 ROGER MACH EM It’s been a while since we saw Roger here. And that last one at Freehold wasn’t very good. He likes the big track too and has beaten far better than this in the past. Is he sharp enough to threaten these? Good question.
5 MAJOR WAR Tough trips and bad spots of late, but that’s on a pile of many excuses. Not my type usually.
6 LETJIMMYTAKEOVER Hung two back. Hung again last time. Do you get the theme here? For whatever reason, he will probably end up overbet again and if you decide to plunge in, I will simply wish you luck. Needs a LOT more to win.
7 QUALITY BUD I think the Bud might be back to better form. And I emphasize “might!” Yannick was listed this week, so that’s huge sign of positive intent. IF the Bud feels good, he’s going to blast. Might be tough to catch now.
8 FOX VALLEY HIJINX Barn is back to suffering the bad post blues here. Didn’t really belong in against Rebel Rouser last time, so forget that. Prior efforts vs. this type weren’t bad. BUT, he does need a trip somehow from tough post.
9 HUDSONANDBERNARD Owns no speed and drew post nine for second local try. Would need big wakeup call.
10 STREET BOY Simons stable not exactly getting any love from the post gods either. Second straight post 10. You see how the first one went. Are we looking at more of the same, or will he take a shot? I wish I knew.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 8-4-2-9
H Horse Comment
1 CRUZING HILL Have to think this guy is going to need a race or two, after one slowish qualifier. I’ll watch one.
2 TACT TATE N At this point, do us handicappers have ANY idea what to do with this horse? On and off sick. Some good efforts. Some disappointing ones. Bottom line is just one win this year. You’re on your own with this one.
3 ALL IT TAKES Was 50-1 against these two weeks, but yes, that was from post 10. I still think he’s a bit overmatched at this level, but barn did list Yannick, so that’s small sign of positive intent. I’ll probably swing against in this spot.
4 LIFE HAPPENED Went the real tough trip into a repeating Stonedust last week, so let’s give him a little respect for that try. No Stonedust in here, so he becomes the tepid favorite. Will need a slightly better journey, but can win.
5 YUPPER Like a few of these, he’s just plain been overmatched in this class. Did pick up two checks recently and does draw a good midpack post. Still needs a lot of things to go his way to have any upset chance. I don’t see it.
6 MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING Barn brought a few over this weekend. Some of them have tough posts. This one’s dropping a bit after suffering the bad post blues in NY. The right kind of “flow” could bring his kick into play late. A maybe.
7 WILLIE BOOTS Willie has had a few good chances lately and wasn’t able to convert. That makes him 0-9 this year. Just 1-12 last year. A hike up in class and a switch to an outer post. That all adds up to pass.
8 AMERICANFIREWATER Firing back on short rest here, after a strong Monti win on Tuesday. Barn usually excels at moves like this, so take an extra look here. Horse has speed and likes to win. Facing better, but very capable. Trainer: Anxious to see how those 55 miles at Monti on snow-covered track rates here at the Big M. I think he is a 51 pacer! We will see. Very brave right now.
9 FATHER SARDUCCI The whole world, me included, liked this guy last week. And he really had no excuse. Launched big move and was outhustled home. Not exactly “rewarded” for the try with this post drawn. Much tougher now.
10 TWOMACSONESHADOW Slow starter from the dreaded post 10. Where he’s going? Not very far, likely.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 BUSHWACKER Used pretty hard again last time and this time, he paid the price late. Gets a much better post here, but in an absolutely impossible race. I see new driver listed, but everybody gets along with the Bush! Usable.
1A ROUGH ODDS Of the entrymates, this is the less-heralded one and that’s probably not fair. He’s been pretty solid for just about the whole year so far. I’m not in love with his post, against a field like this. It’s nice that you get them both.
2 DRAGONOLOGY Pretty nice-looking 4YO here for Camp Surick. Marching right up the class ladder now and tries his hand at the mile track. The rail is tricky post in race like this. He’s got nice brush, but must time it right. Trainer: Just not sure if he’s a horse that the mile track would pick him up. I’d love to get away 4,5,6 and then be second over.
3 SPORTS COLUMN Back and forth between here and Yonkers. Raced well the one time he drew inside, but that was against weaker field. I have to rate him a medium longshot vs. a power-packed bunch like this. Needs to get lucky.
4 DRAGON TIME Qualified pretty well against his stablemate racing later tonight. A couple of taps only. Was super competitive vs. these when last seen last year. One of many that can jump up and surprise these with top effort.
5 HIGHALATOR Vicious high-speed horse here! Was pacing in 48 against top class here last year. Looking at his lines down at home base, it appears he’s rounded into form and they bring him here with good foundation. He’s ready!
6 OCEAN COLONY He’s very, very good right now, but can’t catch a break with the post draws. We know he likes to stalk and close, but it’s ALL about pace and trip. He needs to be closer to deliver the knockout punch.
7 EVER AGAIN Also loses that inside post help and I think he’s a touch overmatched with these anyway.
8 STONEDUST The Dust is back in top form, finally. But, is he this good? To tackle this extremely tough bunch? That is a good question and I don’t really have the answer. I hate the post, but know he can leave enough. Stepping way up.
9 MCTHRILLER Like #7, I think this is a little too high for him, plus the post is a killer. I’ll pass tonight.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-8-1
H Horse Comment
1 WILDCAT HILTON Received a nice “tour of the track” as expected from the tough post against the better field. So, now he drops and moves inside for Mr. Simons. I’d like to see him in the bottom class. Maybe next week.
2 FRANKIE BOY Frankie actually raced better from the 10-hole than the two. Ironic. Gets inside draw again, so he should be able to sit a little closer. If the pace up front is solid, he can pass a few late.
3 BRIGHT FUTURE Now 0-8 and counting on the season, but this HAS to be the right spot to take a shot! He’s faced better along the way and actually wasn’t bad. It’s time to hop on board this boat, and hope for a decent price.
4 LEGION OF BOOM Really had no excuses last time after coasting along on his own lead. Came home in 30 seconds, folks. With Yannick! So, if you want to take a short price again, on a class hike, I will simply wish you luck.
5 SUPERIOR RAVEN Like #1, he took the good tour of the oval upon arrival. Will definitely benefit from that acclimating effort and it really wasn’t bad. But, he saved all the ground and now has to step UP in class. Tough call.
6 BACKSTREET LAWYER Considering he faced Stonedust last time, this is definitely a better spot. Hasn’t been overly effective here yet, but this is the spot they’ve been waiting for too! Barn good on drops like this. Hard to ignore.
7 IMSPORTY Also drops, but coming off a really dull effort. Not sure I can expect that much more in tough post again.
8 MORE DRAGON Always a little “hard to predict” but he is good right now. My problem for tonight is the post. He can leave, if pilot wants, but we all have to guess. Not sure about pace scenario in here. It’s your call, folks.
9 SANTIAGO STYLE Has now had two starts to get legs back under him. Neither one was overly impressive. But, I’m sure wakeup call is coming one of these nights. I’m expecting that it’s not tonight.
10 GRIFFON HANOVER The Grif got caught in a tough spot last time, but the excuses are piling up. Now, it’s post 10 and he’s got a weak history from bad posts like this. I have to go with that.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-9-6
H Horse Comment
1 BELL I NO I’ll say this, if you watched him win last week, you’d have a VERY tough time betting against him now. Back to best form, and now a switch to the intimidating pole post with his speed. Might roll right down road again.
2 HIGHLANDBEACHYCOVE Didn’t show much on the switch to mile track, but that came from outer post. Could be completely different situation here, as he sits right behind #1. That would aid the trip cause! Maybe shows more.
3 DUBIOUS CLAIM This is still too high for him, and I will pass and wait for the eventual drop back down in class.
4 SPORTSMANSHIP Improved dramatically with a nice rally last time at huge odds. Obviously won’t be that price tonight, and I don’t know if race will set up the same. Especially with #1 in here. Would love more consistency too!
5 DASH OF DANGER He hasn’t had a whole lot of luck lately. At least he gets the right post in here Kyle can do it either way, but many will be looking for that seat behind the Bell. Only one of them can get it. You decide which one!
6 AMERICANPRIMETIME I’ve always liked this tough campaigner, but I do try to seek the right spot for him. Yes, this is a drop, but is he really going to be as sharp as the Bell? I have my doubts, so I might wait one more week. Trainer: Down to very competitive level for him. Most likely using his speed here. He’s ready!
7 THEFREEDOMFIGHTERN Newcomer to the mile track. Overall form and record are pretty solid too! I do wish he was dropping, instead of hiking up. This spot may be a tad too tough for him, plus the outer post. Watch closely.
8 ON CRUISE CONTROL Benefited from an “expert” drive from John C in the amateur, but I hate to say that they’re not rewarded much with this huge class hike, or bad post drawn again. Simply put, these are too tough for now.
9 SPEED AGAIN Have to be VERY careful here, because this guy’s qualifier was better than it looks on paper. BUT, he’s forced to return at a higher level. He drew post nine. And faces a difficult pace scenario. Pilot will have to get a trip.
10 HEAVENLY SOUND Got shuffled off to Buffalo last week. Everybody saw it. BUT, what do you do from post 10 again? No matter what happens, I can’t see him getting a trouble-free trip. And, what will the price be tonight? No idea.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 6-9-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 MR CENSI Last time we saw the Censi at this level, he won like a “good thing.” Does history repeat itself? Figures to take plenty of betting action from the pole post again. Let’s see how he deals with the Shark!
2 AVATARTIST Hasn’t found a way to win here yet, but he’s knocked on the door a few times. He plots for very nice stalking trip here, no matter what. I guess I wouldn’t be shocked if he stepped up and got close again. YG to the Shark!
3 MR CARROTTS Got lost in the wake that was Bell I No last week. Obviously we can add a point or two if that horse repeated in the 10th. The inner post will keep him close enough to the action, and he has kicked in before.
4 SISKEL Back up in class and probably back in too tough! I will pass tonight and wait for him on the drop again.
5 BIG STRETCH MARK Very quietly very good again! His speed has been strong and I don’t see any reason why Eric A won’t send him again. Has to deal with the Shark, but should be able to outhoof him into the first turn.
6 INCREDIBLE SHARK Dropped and popped to a monster win two weeks ago. Extra week off. Only one notch back up in class. Tim was listed again, so that’s positive intent, and then Yannick took off #2 to driver the Shark! Interesting.
7 FRANKANDJOANNE Loses that inner post help and for this Frank, that’s a lkiller. Looks like a big longshot.
8 QUALITY CLOSER Didn’t race all that well upon return two weeks ago. This looks like impossible spot, from the outside post here. I would love to see him in softer spot soon, and from better post.
9 SOCK IT AWAY Also coming out of the Bell race, and he wasn’t bad, but with a pretty tough trip. That was first Lasix, so it must have helped. However, tonight’s situation isn’t that much better. Will he be sending this time? Wish I knew.
10 MCCLINCHIE N Can’t really make that much of a case for success out of post 10 tonight. Good luck if you do.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 FORDHAM SIXTY TWO Tried to grind after #5 last week and that wasn’t going to work. Not only does he face that foe again, but his partner is pretty good and Rebel Rouser is back. Would need to get VERY lucky to have a chance.
1A PLAY JET RAY Even though Yannick didn’t drive Ray in the qualifier, he still chooses this one tonight over #5,8 to stay loyal to the barn. He told me Ray qualified great. And he was driving Dragon Time, who was solid second. Tough choice.
2 YOU GOT TRUMPED In a field full of killers here, you can’t like everybody. This one looks like a longshot.
3 DUCKIES DYNASTY The Duckie has been suffering a case of the bad post blues, and it’s finally over. On a few nights earlier, he was more than good enough to go with these. It will be up to Vinny to somehow get him a good trip.
4 ALTA SHELBY N Also moves back inside and that raises his profile a touch. Overall, I don’t feel he’s quite as talented as the favorites, but I’ve been proven wrong many times. Demand fair value, IF you fancy his chances tonight.
5 SPORTS LEGEND How good is he? We haven’t answered that question yet, as he looked even MORE impressive last week. Gets a new driver, with Yannick on 1A. Gets to face another killer in Rebel. It should be a GREAT race.
6 SHADOW CAT Stablemate to #5 has misfortune of landing in this field right off the bat. Coming out of same qualifier as #1A, and he held pretty well! In any other spot, I’d probably like a lot. Not tonight. Adding Lasix now.
7 ART DANCER Keeps running into one monster after another. Chased again last week, willingly. Tonight’s test comes from an outer post and this will not be so easy. Nothing short of career effort will win this.
8 REBEL ROUSER After a much-deserved week off, the Rebel is back! He’s looked virtually invincible over the last month, but even good horses get tested from bad posts. Back to A Mac. I’m giving the very slight edge, despite post.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 TO THE MAX Pretty nice effort to beat the maiden group here last week, given perfect trip and drive. With that said, the step up from NW1 to NW2 is usually a LARGE one. Gets a nice inside post. Lasix obviously helping. Tougher field.
1A DOWAHS BOY Was raced a little more aggressively last week and that didn’t work. Moves out several slots now, and it will be back to the closing move. Hoping somebody softens up the favorites a little.
2 JK CAPTAIN JACK Rated nicely, and sprinted home smartly in his second qualifier two weeks ago. This barn doesn’t rush them, and I do wonder if he just didn’t get in the entry box last week. He’ll be tested in here from outer foes.
3 BACKSEAT TERROR Didn’t have quite the same good journey last week and wasn’t catching that winner anyway. He’s a nice “follow” horse and I feel the tactics will be stalk and rally. A hotter pace would probably help.
4 SMART TALKER Definitely outperforming his odds of late and will try to do it again. This is pretty talented bunch, so he will need smooth journey to hit the ticket. Horse is getting better.
5 VODKA ON THE BEACH Had everything go his way in the win. Not so much last time, but he rallied nicely from a tough spot behind uncatchable winner. Faces a few other talented foes here, but in better post. Very usable.
6 MARK WITHA K Looks like the Cullipher Crew bought this guy. Horse has some ability too! They’re testing him out here on the big track. May eventually head to Indiana? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
7 UNION STATION Faced the very top stakes colts last year as a freshman and won only once. His first qualifier back was a lot better than the second, so that does raise some questions for me. Corey sticks, but I expected that. Tough call.
8 BOMBAY HANOVER Hard to believe he was 1-5 vs. these a month ago, and flattened out. Since, he shows a miscue at Yonkers. Gets slammed with another bad post here and wasn’t Yannick’s choice. My, how times have changed.
9 MILANO HANOVER This was Yannick’s choice, but I do wonder about readiness here. Just went around there in only qualifier and draws poor post here. Speed doesn’t seem to be his game. I’m guessing we have to watch one.