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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, August 07, 2020

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 NOBLE WARRAWEE By default, the 11YO has to have a little chance in here. He’s got a little back class, plus a win here. I know it’s been a rough last two seasons, but anything is possible in races like this. Good luck!
2 TOUGH MAC Might even end up the favorite in here, with Sofia aboard. Recent form is better than some of these and veteran tracks to show a little more speed in here. Let’s see how far he goes. Not sure I want short price, though.
3 LASA DIDA LADY Just hasn’t been much good since coming back. John C would need to wake him up in big way.
4 CHIEF JUSTICE Recently added Lasix. Gets post relief. Gets the Judge and is versatile enough to do it either way. He’s got many efforts here in the past that would be good enough to win this. May only need to stay out of trouble.
5 EXUBERANCE Recent form a bit suspect and I just don’t think he’s fast enough for mile track anymore. Not for me.
6 PERMANENT JOY You need to reach back a little in your memory to find some races that could win this. But, we’ve seen Bob K pull this kind of thing off. I wouldn’t be too quick to eliminate in this spot. Might flash more speed.
7 UP THE ALLEY Has only two starts since the comeback and neither one was especially good. Hard to like here.
8 SUPER MANNING Joe P has taken a “lot of air” in most recent drives. Looks like he might have to do that again. I like that he’s got one start under his belt. I like his experience here. I just hate the post! Will have to overcome to win.
9 NEVER LATE KAIT Slowish starter gets slammed with a tough post in a no-win situation. Would need complete mayhem to set up her late kick and you can never count on that. Demand big price if you fancy.
10 MASSAMILLION Already 0-13 on the season and I can’t make much of a case, based on those Saratoga lines.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 8-4-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 ONE TRIX PONY Put the hopples on for second lifetime start and I guess it worked a little better. Still very much a “work in progress” for Team Orange Crush. So, let’s see if she gets any faster in here from the rail.
2 M DIDDY Chased #8 last week, given the perfect trip by Tim, but when the real trotting starter, Diddy got left in the dust. Would love to sign up for same journey, but I’m not expecting him to go by, or get any closer. Needs lot more.
3 WET MY WHISTLE Did have an improved effort in that middle sires stakes leg. Then cross out the race from post 10 in the final. This is interesting spot, IF she fires her best shot. Must also stay trotting too! A lot to ask tonight.
4 BEAUTIFUL GAME Appeared to be in a great spot when she went to running in that big money final. Bad timing! Prior to that, every start was a good one! Will she stay on gait and make a race of this? I sure hope so. Speed!
5 LINDYS DOLLYWOOD Slowly but surely getting a little better every time she steps on the track. I’m not telling you she can win this, but the right trip off a contested pace would give her a shot. Can be used on the ticket at price.
6 CHABLIS Another that picked a bad time to toss in a clunker. You don’t get to race for $160K too often. She might actually be the key to the race, IF Andy Mac wants to send her. He’s back aboard tonight. Filly has some talent.
7 APPALACHIA Barn’s other filly got tired after flashing speed last time. Just not ready for these right now.
8 HELLO I LOVE YOU She figured to be tough to catch last week and she was! The hopples on worked, and she looked to have plenty left. The only test tonight will come from the post. If she gets lead easy, it’s probably over.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-10-2
H Horse Comment
1 FASHIONWOODCHOPPER Very nice spot for this horse to step up and show a lot more! PK hopping back in the bike for first time in a while and his job may be just to keep the gelding close enough. He usually finishes with kick.
2 BABY MAKER HANOVER Yes, he was overmatched in the Big M debut. This is probably when they were thinking about. I do see a turn of speed here, so John M will take a shot and send, to get a trip. Let’s see if good enough.
3 THE CUSE IS LOOSE He doesn’t win all that often. Was in-to-go after press time for the program, so I don’t know how it went up at the Spa. I see some breaks. Overall, I’m just not that enticed to bet.
4 WINGS UP Looks like they took a big shot with him last time at the Spa. They almost got the money, but they ended up with a short price too! Price will be better in here, but horse must prove he can handle big track. It’s been a while.
5 OMAHA OMAHA Things just not going right in the corner, so I will simply take a pass for now.
6 IF I MUST Paul M loves to compete in these races and sometimes, he’s got a horse with a shot. Can trot right around 1:57, but that may not enough. This race has 55 or 56 written all over it. Demand fair price if you fancy.
7 EVERYONE’S TALKIN Knowing the guy sitting in the sulky seat, there’s no doubt about the strategy here. Gelding is firing out and going as far as he can. With main power sitting outside him, he may go a long way. Tough call.
8 CAFÉ AMERICANO Sarah has won here before, so keep that in mind. Gelding has trotted faster than most of these can remember. I’m not in love with the post, or potential trip. She may only need to be patient to sail by late.
9 CARAVELLE 0-13 on the campaign and stuck in a very bad post. Would be tough to make a strong case.
10 TYMAL TULLO Had he drawn a better post, I’d love to build a stronger case for success. I can see that he’s got a touch of class, and that he wins once in a while. Will need exactly the right kind of drive from Tony D to reach.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 A PERFECT DUTCHESS Took a shot challenging that impressive winner last time and that didn’t work out. Still, she’s learning her lessons well, and should continue to get better. I wouldn’t be too quick to eliminate. Your call?
2 SHINING BRIGHTLY She made it to the Sires Stakes final and picked up a check! That’s not bad when you’re 26-1. Her speed a month ago was pretty solid. She does need to find a little more stamina, but not out of the question.
3 THE QUEEN B They put her on Lasix for most recent qualifier and she did go a lot better. She’s got the pedigree to be a good horse, but it’s getting time to step up and deliver. Wasn’t Dexter’s choice, but I expected that. Usable.
4 QUEEN TILE NO A little late to the party, but this barn never rushes one. They get there when they get there. I was pleased with her qualifier, and she was flattered by Hello’s next win. Have to see if she’s fully cranked and ready.
5 PRESTO Yannick got used to her for the big final and she raced great! That was impossible task, from post nine and she hung on for a board spot! That showed me something. She’s the real deal, and will be very tough to beat here.
6 DUTIFUL We can see that she’s got the speed. But, so far, she doesn’t have the stamina. That’s hard to fix, unless they just develop more. I do wonder if it’s time to give her a race from off the pace. I’ll go with that for now.
7 KIMBERLY LYNN DEO I love these “experiment” horses. The hopples went on for qualifier and she looked like a brand new horse! Don’t ever discount the Hall of Fame barn. I’m not in love with the post, but she should trot.
8 LEDGES I’m going to keep her on the longshot list for now. I didn’t like to see that last miscue.
9 EAZY PASS Very tough call here, especially from the bad post. She’s only stayed trotting once, so don’t even think of accepting a shot price from this slot. If she beats me, she beats me.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 8-6-1-10
H Horse Comment
1 HILL OF A HORSE Ran into an absolute buzzsaw here last week, but was trotting up a storm late. I saw that! Hannah usually gets overbet in races like this, and that will probably happen again. Will have to get “away” from #8 early.
2 SUMATRA Not the worst spot for Andy’s son, TJ. The gelding has worked way down class ladder and seems to be raced back into shape by now, Might even try to step right around his cousin on the rail. Sits a trip after that.
3 OOH RAH Hasn’t fired his best shot yet off the long layoff. Not sure I see things setting up for this one tonight.
4 TT’S D-JAY Finds his way back to Club Med. And keep in mind, he’s won here this year! I do believe it was in a softer spot than this, but I like that kind of experience. Looks like honest horse that goes out and gives all each time.
5 SOUTHWIND FROST Andy turns over the lines to Bob H, and he’s a pure speed driver. So, there’s no doubt about the strategy here. But, can Bob get this gelding to finish? That IS the question. I’m not sold on this one either.
6 ZLATAN Wow, what a solid effort from this guy last week! Left. Got shuffled. Shot through inside and had plenty of trot behind impressive comeback winner. This is his level, and I see Sarah as a nice fit for him. Don’t be shocked.
7 MUSCLE HIGH Both of Tony D’s horses didn’t have much luck at the post draw. This looks like a difficult spot, for gelding that has early speed. Could be a LONG way to the lead if he guns. That might even set up some mayhem.
8 MUSCLE DIAMOND I, and many others took a real bath on the Diamond last week. Yes, I know that winner looked like a killer, but he should have had more trot. Now, I’m very leery about taking ultra-short price again, Tough call!
9 BIZET Sofia’s other horse gets slammed with horrible post. Plus, this level might be a tad too high anyway. Had they drawn better, I could make more of a case. They will need to get a little lucky from way out here.
10 DAYSON He’s the key to the race! Has huge back class edge on all but #8, but it’s still post 10! I don’t know what the plan is, or what the price will be? So far, horse hasn’t been all that sharp since the comeback. Your call, folks?
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 DUBAI PRINCESS She bounced back nicely in the Geers, chasing the uncatchable Sledge. No monster like that in here. She’s still got to prove she wants to stay onstride, but I like the rail for her. Scotty Z knows her now too!
2 SHERRY LYNS LADY Exits the same race as several of these, but she had the much tougher trip. The flow just wasn’t going anywhere that night. Tim will change tactics here and show some speed. That puts her in play for sure.
3 HANNAH Disappointed at the Meadows. Difficult trip at Pocono before that. Maybe she “needs” a return to Club Med? She does have serious ability, and I guess I wouldn’t be shocked to see it show up again tonight. Maybe.
4 MS SAVANNAH BELLE Uncorked a much improved effort when Lasix was added. She wasn’t catching the Sister, but I liked what I saw. Very dangerous connections here, IF Lasix was the answer. Would be hard to leave out.
5 DUNE HILL I guess she’s the one to beat, but I’m not pronouncing her a lock either. Homebred has really come around this season for the Burke Brigade, but she’s yet to do it here. Mile track racing is different. Must prove herself.
6 COMMON SENSE S Got caught in that mad scramble finish of the other division two weeks ago. Showed a ton of talent last year, but hasn’t quite come to that form yet this season. Maybe she’ll get it later on? Red Mile?
7 IMPRESSIVE FASHION Regressed into a miscue over at the Meadows last time. Hate to see that. Gets first tough post test in a long time. She will need to bounce back big, and you better get a price if you think so.
8 SPOILED PRINCESS Barely outfinished for the cash two weeks ago. There were about seven fillies across the track. Brian put great trip on her too! Not likely to enjoy that kind of journey in here. Plus, Brian took #4.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 SWEEPING RAINBOW Just “went around there” from post 10 in the first go here. No worries. She showed some talent prior to getting sick. It may take a while, but I think she’ll be okay. Possible live price play in here.
2 SISTER CHRISTINA Hasn’t raced in a few weeks and wasn’t great in last start. Have to consider her a longshot.
3 MONI FOR LINDY Homebred here out of that great maternal family. I don’t like the gap between baby races, though. That’s not a good sign. They’re taking their time with her. Not sure she will be primed and ready for this yet.
4 GRANT HALL Colt hasn’t shown much yet, so we have to keep him on the longshot list, until we see more.
5 ETRA DE VIE Not a lot of luck in this corner just yet. I hated that post last week, so just putting a line through it. This is much better spot to show true talent. Has to face the boys, but might be able to threaten. Nice price too?
6 ITERATION Both horses from this barn were in-to-go on Wednesday. After press time for this program. Brian was listed on both, so that makes it a bit more confusing. This lass was good in last start, but it was month ago.
7 SWAN BY LAND A tad inconsistent so far, so that’s a bit of a problem. Overall, he does seem to be getting a little better. Note he’s been gelded already Sometimes that helps a lot.
8 IMBOSSIBLE Looked awfully good charging home in that first win up at the Spa, but then regressed at Yonkers. Hopefully, she navigated the course at Pocono on Wednesday. Drew tougher post than her stablemate.
9 SQUABLE Maintains large longshot status. Just isn’t fast enough to go with these yet. Pass for me.
10 BRAVADO FASHION Offered up a much better second baby race. Chased Zenith home, but did it willingly. I really don’t know what to expect from post 10 here. Has to leave a little, just to get around #9. Will need trip after that.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 MAX VOLO Max got a good steer from his latest driver last week. Picked up a check after flashing that speed. Will try to do the same here, but it IS a step back up for him, and this is where things get a little dicey.
2 WISENHEIMER Caught the right bunch on the slight drove over at Pocono. 11YO warhorse is one of barn’s favorite horses, and rightfully so! He knows the mile track too! I guess it’s all about pace and trip. He’s not totally out of this.
3 SWEET CHAPTER Keeps getting pounded at the windows, and tonight’s the night to maybe get it all back. Finally, some post relief. The controlling speed with #6? Those two should have it their way. We’ll see who’s best late in lane.
4 LION SAFARI AS IF you want a closer in here, this might be your play. Dropping back to the more reasonable level and this post is perfect. Will hope the faves mix it up a little and that’s not out of the question. Take a long look.
5 CHIPLOSIVE Tough call here. I was very disappointed when he got beat. Then, he was in too tough last time, but raced better. I have a feeling driver will race from off the pace again. Totally at mercy of pace and trip tonight.
6 HASHTAGMADEYALOOK Gotta hand it to this horse. He’s really good right now! Ran into a monster two weeks ago, but did good work keeping up in 51 mile. He’s sharp. He’s tight. Should be good battle with the mare. In for tag.
7 MUSCLE FASHION Had absolutely no chance with that trip last week. Don’t hold that against him. Tonight’s problem is that the trip might not be much better. It will be tough to get close from this starting slot. Not my type of play.
8 IF NOT WHY NOT I hate to ignore this barn when they ship here. Keep in mind this horse took his mark here a few years ago. Been racing well on the big track up at Vernon, but vs. much lesser. This will be real good test.
9 VALLORIA NM Had post 10 for Big M debut and did nothing. I think same thing coming tonight.
10 TACO TUESDAY The Taco is not one of my faves, especially here on the big track. He does not have very good history here and now it’s post 10 to boot! Good luck if you fancy his chances from way out here.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 BETTOR OF THE WEST Not off to a bad start, as one of the few pacers for this barn. Scotty Z knows him now, and this will be good test. Likely to get that sit-in, save-ground, and try to keep up trip. That’s possible for a piece.
2 ABUCKABETT HANOVER Can’t fault this colt in any way so far. Super kick home in the baby race here. Towed along and finished up strong at Pocono from bad post. Might be time to unleash! Gets better post. Watch out!
3 SIMON SAYS HANOVER Been okay so far, but not great. I’m going to prefer the barn’s other starter tonight.
4 INTELLIGENT AM You got a nice price if you believed he would be ready down at Philly. Tetrick put perfect trip on him too! Still had to earn it, but that was great educational start. Should continue to get better for Per E.
5 LINDYSALWAYSTHINKN So far, each appearance has been a positive one. I like to see that. Colt has a reliable turn of speed and he seems versatile too! Both positives. Gets another new driver, but that’s okay too. Has to be used.
6 PERFECT STING Yes, we can all see the pedigree. And so far, the colt has flashed that extreme high speed. He’s not the easiest horse to drive, though. Had to work very hard to hold on for the tie at Pocono. It will be tougher here.
7 CAVIART LOTUS A homebred Betting Line colt here. And so far, he’s done his work well! Gets a little tougher test here from the outer post, and stuck outside the big speed of #6. This isn’t going to be easy, but he LOVES to finish.
8 KATHY’S CHAMP Another homebred here, but filly tackling some serious boys. Not going to work tonight.
9 BAZOOKA HANOVER Yes, that’s $119.80 he paid for $2 out at the Meadows! And, he was very good to win. Unfortunately, gets slammed with difficult post here and loses his regular driver. Coming from too far back?
10 DILLINGER Have to keep him as a longshot. Still learning and tonight’s goal to keep him pacing.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-8-9-4
H Horse Comment
1 LIGHT BLUE MOVERS The hopples went on for that qualifier two back and then he broke again. Pass.
2 SAYLOR They haven’t quite figured this guy out yet either. I would be hard-pressed to make a strong case for success. Hochstetler takes over the training. Let’s see if they get him right.
3 MISTER WALKER Tried stakes company and that may have been aiming high. He stays trotting most of the time, but doesn’t pack a kick to threaten. Better find one.
4 CUPID HANOVER Took his first real step in the right direction last time at Pocono. It took a while, but he finally showed he could go faster. Now, tries it on the mile track and has slight post edge on the power. Better use wisely.
5 HILLEXOTIC Mixed feelings about him right now. After a good start back in June, he’s been a step below. Chased a Hambo finalist at Pocono and did it willingly. That was a fast mile. Drew midpack post. Needs a step forward.
6 SAXON Made breaks in his last three appearances, so that makes him a pass in this spot. Not my type of play.
7 PLAY TRIX ON ME I really like the way this guy is going! Cashed a real nice paycheck in the NJSS Final. Wasn’t quite up to the top colts in the Dancer, and then bounced back solid in the Geers. This is softer bunch. He should reach.
8 SKY CASTLES They thought enough of him to write the big check for Hambo. They knew it was a gamble, but oh well! Chance to get some of that back with another new driver in Yannick. The only knock is post. Needs some speed.
9 DD’S REDEMPTION He was okay last year, and so far, so good this year. Flashed plenty of speed when last seen here, so we can expect that again tonight. Only needs to add the late kick too. That’s not a guarantee.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 REIGN OF HONOR If there was ever a spot to regain some confidence, this is it! He raced very well in the Graduate, even charging home behind Gimpanzee. No luck in the Maturity, but trip was rough. Should battle with #3 here.
2 INNISFALLEN Don’t like to see that last miscue. Would need a big turnaround to cash a check against these.
3 KINGS COUNTY IF #1 wasn’t in here, this guy would probably be a lock! I loved his efforts in the Graduate off the VERY long layoff. Somehow, they had him ready. Impossible trip in the Maturity. If stays sharp, the one to fear.
4 SKYWAY KON MAN Ships all the way back from Indiana, but while in pretty good form. I’m not putting him in the same class as #1,3, but he could earn a share with smooth trip. Might even gun early. Tough call.
5 HL REVADON Hung a little when it really counted two weeks ago. Wasn’t anywhere close to getting to #6. I don’t see him being 6-5 in here, but he will still need a much bigger punch to get in range. Not sure it’s coming yet.
6 GOTWUTEVERITTAKES What a very nice steer Cory put on this gelding last time. Made it pay off when horse just steamrolled on by late. Was it a fluke? We’ll find out tonight, at much lower price. Has speed and surge, IF he trots.
7 SHAKE N BAKE Broke at Yonkers and then bounced back nicely on the slightly bigger oval at Philly. He needed that kind of confidence builder. But, he’s stuck outside again, and facing two classier foes. Will need big one to repeat.
8 THUNDER Makes his first start back off a LONG layoff. Nice to see him back, but for wagering purposes tonight, he can’t be a real play from way out here. Let’s give him one, just to get legs back under him.
9 HATIKVAH Hasn’t been great since the comeback, and some of these posts have been really bad. I don’t see it.
10 CAPTAIN KRUPNIK I guess he’s the “wild card” in here, due to that strong early speed. The post gods haven’t been kind to him either and this looks like a very difficult spot. Maybe he can fire out and then stalk? Won’t wire these.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 SOUTHWIND TYRION Might be the shortest-priced favorite on the whole card. He was awesome in the NJSS Final and any repeat of that type effort will crush these. Ake might even test him for early speed. Have to find out.
2 CARTIER BI Stayed trotting in most recent qualifier, but got tired when it counted. Not good enough.
3 RED REDEMPTION Interesting stablemate of #1,8. Looked okay in that first baby race, but I never like to see the break in the follow-up. Therefore, new pilot will try to be very careful with him and stay on gait. Not always easy.
4 TOPOFTHEHILL S Another that regressed with one one, but two behind-the-gate mistakes. I have no idea what to expect tonight, but I won’t be betting on him. Showed some talent before that. Let’s see if he trots tonight.
5 RARE MUSCLE Barn is on a roll right now. This colt has some ability and put it all together with nice confidence boost down at Philly. This is brand new ballgame here, vs. the likes of #1. Will have to step it up significantly.
6 TAKE THIS SOCIETY Got run over by #5 down south, so I can’t really like his chances tonight. This is tougher spot.
7 CRICKET FASHION Sometimes, it takes a while and then the lightbulb goes on. Maybe that’s the case for this colt? Not a homebred, so Jules bought him for $65,000. No mistakes so far. Could be nice colt. We find out tonight.
8 CALLE PALEMA Barn’s third entrant gets the worst of the draw, so that hurts. But, I do like the progression he’s offered so far. The big knock is lack of speed, coupled with this post. Will grind into it, but from how far back?
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 WHITTAKER N That was a real tough beat if you had him two weeks ago. The prior win over lesser was solid, but all out. I do wonder just how sharp he is, and I see a few others in might prefer at proper odds. No short price, please.
2 AMERICAN INFLUENCE Very interesting horse in here. Gets in via his Trackmaster rating. Hot property at claim box over the winter, and Yogi had to feed him for three months. That’s why no claimer. He’s got a shot in here.
3 HOT DEUCE Not a lot of luck so far, but there is talent in this tank. His rally two back was superb. Got shuffled and jammed up last time. This is another class drop. I’m taking a shot, and giving him the edge on #1. Joe B will send.
4 DECISION DAY I’ve had more than enough of chasing him, at least for the win spot. I will definitely use underneath on the ticket, but he’s had way too many chances for my taste now. If he beats me, so be it. Your call, folks?
5 LOVE THE BLUES N He’s got to have a big chance in here too! If not for a razor-sharp Palomar last time, he would have had the brush and crush. Draws perfect midpack post again. I definitely would not talk you off.
6 SALTY ROBYN N The qualifier here was strong, and that was with added Lasix. The follow-up trip at Pocono was rough. Good chance this guy might like the big track better. Keep in mind those 20 lifetime wins, $193K. Lauren’s debut
7 ITS JUST TOO MUCH I think his name sums things up for tonight. This is just too much, and a bad post too!
8 TEXICAN N Every once in a while, things just work out. That’s what happened for 12YO last time. I do not expect him to enjoy anywhere near as perfect a trip. Plus, it’s a step too high in class.
9 SWEET ROCK Maybe, just maybe he’s showing a little more life now? It’s a reach, because he hasn’t been up to his old self for a while. The post gods didn’t help. Let’s see if he takes another step forward.
10 BANK SEA Like #8, this appears to be too high a jump. And post 10 will have him last early. Not going to work.