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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, July 06, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-9-7
H Horse Comment
1 IDEAL FEELING Fought tenaciously for Greg Merton to hold on last week. It was against a slightly weaker bunch, but he gets the rail and a potential tracking trip. Has enough back class to handle the hike. Picks up Scotty Z!
2 ANNIHILATION After a good run of races down at Philly, is he tailing off a touch now? This spot is no bargain and I think he’d have to get very lucky to step up for a shocker. At least he drew inside post to aid the cause.
3 YOUCANIKNOW Odd that his two flat starts were here. Ake picks up a catch drive. I’ll just take a pass for tonight.
4 PRINCE OF TIDES Put up a monster mile here two weeks ago, and we only wish he’d been in the Pace elims a little later. But, can’t change that now! 3YO should get a real test from some older foes here in daylight race. Will go fast!
5 CLOSING STATEMENT Still on the comeback trail here and I don’t know what happened on June 8. A real puzzler. So, he’s a big mystery tonight. The qualifier was okay, but I think he’ll just try to get around there tonight. To see if okay.
6 WHITTAKER N Aimed a little too high over in the Ben Franklin, but at least he earned some bucks in the conso to make the trip worthwhile. Back in against a tough group here, but he owns wicked kick if they mix it up early.
7 SPORTS COLUMN Well-traveled of late! That’s for sure. Shows up at Club Med for Blake Mac with some real mixed form, and yet another outside post. Likely to take a shot with speed one time soon. Maybe tonight? At a price.
8 WHEELS ON FIRE We know he’s got speed too! But, he doesn’t always pack the finish to go along with it. There will be NO taking back here, but he’s had trouble at this upper level. Must deal with #4 early. Should be good race.
9 HAYDEN HANOVER And, the final piece of the speed puzzle! Back from a shuffle-job over at Pocono, so don’t expect Andy to let that happen again. Fought valiantly in both tries here last month. A very good horse!
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 7-3-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 DAIYMIR Returns to the mile track for Team Teague and I don’t think he could have found a tougher spot. Horse has raced here before, and with some success. But, he’ll have to be very good tonight, just to have a chance.
2 WESTERN JOE MIA for several weeks, just like a few of the others, so be careful. Joe might still have some lingering issues, which have prevented him from racing. This is a usual tough spot, so expect Scotty Z to be bit conservative.
3 ENDEAVOR Camp Cullipher shows up with another Midwest invader, and he looks pretty good! Been battling the likes of Castle Flight and Always A Prince. I guess he fits here, but I must note he wasn’t Tetrick’s choice. Your call?
4 MCTHRILLER I almost think we should vote McThriller the “Horse of the Meet!” He’s earned it! However, when he gets stuck racing against the very best, he’s not quite as good. Same situation here. If he beats these, I’m impressed.
5 TRUMP NATION The Trumpster hasn’t raced in a while, so in reality, this is only his second start since May 18. Can he possibly be cranked and ready to pace a 48 mile? That IS the question, and I don’t have the answer. Have to guess.
6 THE WALL This guy deserved a little time off, after all the travel. Andy Miller takes a turn in the sulky seat, hoping they mix it up early. He will almost surely get away last in here and that’s hard to overcome.
7 NONE BETTOR A I really don’t think we know how good this horse is yet! He won the Battle in fine fashion, and he backed it up with a HUGE effort against Courtly Choice and co. This horse is for real and he should sail right down the road again. He’s just not staked to that much.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 SAMS A CHAMP A Nice turnaround by this guy over the past few weeks. Good to see! Because Sam had many fine efforts earlier this year. So, after the win, he begins the ascent back UP the class ladder. Facing seven dropdowns.
2 ITS JUST TOO MUCH Still in too tough, and still a longshot to me. Pass again and wait for a class drop.
3 HIGHLANDBEACHYCOVE Talk about the bad post blues! How bout three straight eight-hole draws at Yonkers? I’d leave too! Last Big M start was actually pretty good! Could be very interesting price play in here tonight.
4 HOO NIEN A Another that tends to show up on the drop in class. Haven’t reached that point yet. I will wait.
5 BACKSTREET LAWYER Really don’t know what to do with him tonight. You can just about throw out his last two races, and this group looks more to his liking. Not sure I’d want a short price, but I definitely would consider.
6 STONEDUST Tetrick had an option here and elected to stick with #8. Big call, because this is a WIDE open race and the Dust is one of many that can win. Will be put in play earlier tonight. Toss the post 10 start and expect better.
7 MIKE’S Z TAM High-class horse, but mostly on the smaller tracks. He’s usually a slowish starter, so totally at mercy of pace and trip from this outer post. Not sure he’ll be able to reach from out here.
8 ROCK THE NITE It’s been a long time since he got some class relief, so this is it. Battled bitterly down at Philly two weeks ago. This is a much nicer spot, and I really like that Tetrick chose here! That’s a big call! Vote of confidence.
9 ON DUTY Ended up working his way too high in class, so now we begin the slide. The problem is, he’s joined by many other droppers! That, plus the post, plus fact he’s tailed off a bit make him hard to bet. Must overcome bad slot.
10 NOCTURNAL BLUECHIP Love the horse, and hate the post! Turned in solid try back on June 1 here, and then got brutalized by the post gods over at Yonkers! Guess what? He got the 10-hole here! Almost not fair.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-8-9
H Horse Comment
1 SENSIBILITY Earned her very first win over the difficult strip up at Buffalo, so full credit for that! Now that the lightbulb is on, she just might jump up and win again! Scotty Z knows her well and she likes big track. A must use.
2 HALLINTHECLOUDS If you get beat in a NW2 as the favorite, you’re not supposed to win a stakes after that.
3 SWIZZLE STICKS Looks to me like she squandered a good opportunity down at Philly. I will note that Biodetti Hanover raced here last night, so I might add a point if that rival did well. Still, this is MUCH tougher spot.
4 PRINCESS DEO Didn’t seem to get all that interested from post 10 last week. I guess it served as a “prep” for this? Let’s go with that, and expect the gloves to come off and see the speed she offered in qualifier. IF so, watch out!
5 MA WAS RIGHT Really don’t know what to make of her at this point. Did stay trotting last week, but it wasn’t a very impressive effort against a weak field. Would need a huge improvement to jump up and win this tonight.
6 CLOUD NINE FASHION Other starter from the barn. Has had trouble staying onstride so far this year, but she’s running out of time to make a statement. Trotted all the way in the qualifier, but was a hair flat late. Tough call now!
7 MARVELOUSTRIX Bounced back nicely in her last appearance, but this is a brand new ballgame. Longshot.
8 SPECIAL HONOR Hasn’t showed up quite as strong so far at age three. Disappointed in the Sires Stakes final and then got some time off. Her qualifier was a tad better than #6, and she finished up okay. Needs even more in bad post.
9 WHISPERING OAKS Was left in the wake of Manchego’s big qualifier. And keep in mind that’s fastest she’s trotted. Should set her up for a step forward here, but the post presents some problems. Would need a BIG mile to overcome.
10 GOBI PRINCESS Slowish starter here from the worst post. Would need a dream trip to upset.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 3-8-7-5
H Horse Comment
1 HANNA DREAMGIRL The post gods were pretty kind to this barn this weekend. But, this filly didn’t get it done up at Buffalo from the rail. She was flat in last big track try up at Vernon. I have to rate her a longshot vs. these.
2 PERSONAL PARADISE Was bet like the International Good Thing here two weeks ago and never really got into the race. Trotted in 53 before that at Pocono. So, which filly shows up tonight? I have no idea. Good luck guessing.
3 AMERICAN KRONOS Showed extreme speed and talent last year! Take out that miscue at the Meadows and she seems on course so far this year. Two straight solid qualifiers, and I loved fact that she stalked in second one. Ready!
4 HANOVERS BEST Another with NO luck at post draws lately. It hurts on the smaller-size ovals. Looked like Tyler put her in play twice over at Pocono and she did win one of them at a price. Chance to fire out and sit a trip here too!
5 BEAUTIFUL SIN Best known as the “sales topper” two falls ago. She’s only raced twice so far at three, and she was just okay. Came on with good, belated burst in the qualifier, so that tells me she wants to come from behind. Reaches?
6 JAZZY FASHION When she wants to trot, she’s pretty good. But, that’s the trouble. She doesn’t always stay onstride. Seems Dave Miller gets along with her most times, but he had to stick with #8 here. As expected. New driver!
7 STARITA Was good last year and seems good again so far this season! That was VERY nice tuneup down at Philly, despite missing a month. Back to Sears tonight and he’ll try to get the jump on Beauty. It just might work!
8 EVIDENT BEAUTY Keep in mind I have this lass on the Hambo Future list! That’s respect! She’s been absolutely superb so far, but she enters tonight off more than a month. Not even a qualifier. This is a prep, so be careful betting.
9 SONNET GRACE Solid filly trying to get back into better shape. Had a useful qualifier at the farm, and then a “prep” race against the boys where she stayed onstride. That was the goal. Now, it’s post nine. Will she gun out? Not sure.
10 MAGICAL BELIEFS Stuck in a real bad spot from the 10-box and looks like a longshot tonight. I will pass.
11 STELLA JANE Recently put the hopples on, but I don’t know what to make of the Buffalo race. It wasn’t very good. This is interesting spot from second tier here. Should be stalking midpack, but better find more late.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 CUSTOM CANTAB One of four mares in here. A mare, Ariana G won this last year! Nice post for the Cantab tonight, and she’s got big speed to protect. Might have to be patient after blasting out, but can pick up a piece.
2 MUSCLE M UP Did a lot of the dirty work last time, setting things up for Atlanta’s powerful finish. Overall, this horse has earned my respect! He’s okay. Not sure what the trip will be tonight? Almost looks the same. That’s not good.
3 FIFTYDALLARBILL IF you want to bet against the favorite, this is surely one of your options. He’s very, very good right now and that was a supreme surge to vault right by Six Pack two weeks ago. Same kind of journey coming.
4 ATLANTA What more can you say about this supreme superstar? She’s just awesome! Definitely “deserved” a week off, after racing four straight weeks. Will that matter? No! Anxiously awaiting to see how Yannick will race her tonight.
5 CRYSTAL FASHION Was super up at Tioga. Timmy gave him every chance here and he could not hold them off. That front-end try does make me wonder what Tetrick will do now? He has the option to try and follow #4? OR gun! Which? Trainer: Has been racing very good! Tough group here, but he had a good week!
6 PHAETOSIVE Let’s not forget about her either! She’s already shocked us once this season. IF we saw some sort of big battle up front, would it shock you to see her sail by late with Sears driving now? Wouldn’t shock me, folks!
7 MISSION ACCEPTED In a race full of killers, somebody has to be a longshot. Just hoping to pick up another check.
8 MISSISSIPPI STORM Maybe a little bit overmatched vs. these again? And, the post gods did not help much.
9 SIX PACK As usual, he’s the key to the race! Simply outmuscled for the money by Fifty last time they squared off, and now he’s got to deal with the big mare and post nine! It’s asking a lot, but we know what happens when gate folds.
10 MANCHEGO And what do we do with her tonight? It’s first time Lasix. Off a suddenly awesome qualifier. Dexter seems like a perfect fit. But, if she tries to blast, it’s right into the teeth of Six Pack. Very interesting race coming. Trainer: Made some small changes in the qualifier and she responded very well. Unfortunately, she has not managed to draw well all year and has been affected by that.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 CAPTAIN CRUNCH The Crunch “reaffirmed” his spot at the top of the glamour boy division with a superb and sterling effort in the Cup! He earned it! Couple weeks off, opting for no Hempt. I like that. The rail gives Scotty Z plenty of options and respect. Very clearly the one to beat! Trainer: Could not be happier with how he is training! Trained a fast mile at the farm last Saturday and was awesome!
2 U S CAPTAIN The “Alagna Armada” Captain’s show up in force! And don’t let that qualifier fool you! He had plenty of pace, raced purposely from behind. Good job by Matt K to get him ready. Unbeaten so far this year! Back to Dexter to sit a very cozy inside trip here. Only needs to shake loose late.
3 REIGNING DEO Admittedly, he hasn’t come back quite as strong so far this year at three, but it is a long season of battles. The Sires Stakes races on the smaller track have me wondering if he’s ready for a big track try? In the Pace, no less! It’s asking a lot, and I guess I’d be surprised if he jumped up good enough.
4 WORKIN ONA MYSTERY After the massive pace battle in the Cup, he probably needed a few weeks off! Each of his four starts so far this year have been excellent. He’s got huge speed under push-button handling. Will he “set the pace” or yield to Crunch? That looks like matchup for tonight.
5 MANGOGH Hasn’t raced since the Governor’s Cup final here last fall. That can’t be a good thing, right? Wasn’t exactly exploding in either of last two qualifiers. I just think they’re up against it tonight and this post probably won’t help.
6 CAPTAIN AHAB Ahab could be the “key” to the race tonight! Why? He’s got to leave a little, doesn’t he? Not sure what happened up in Canada, but it wasn’t very good. The qualifier here last week was excellent! He was loaded with pace. So, here’s hoping the good Ahab shows up here to make a race of it. Andy Mac will have to get him a trip.
7 MAC’S POWER Here’s another horse making his seasonal debut in the Pace elims. Hard to explain. But, I will tell you I wasn’t all that happy with the qualifier. He’s on Lasix now. Needs to find MUCH more stamina to threaten these.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 6-1-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 LOVE ME SOME LOU That’s an awfully nice prep for this down at Philly! A good, steamrolling win! And Lou had a great qualifier here before that. Has come back strong for Team Cancelliere and he fits here! Will protect the inside for sure as Dave Miller’s choice over #8.
2 ESCAPETOTHEBEACH Probably fourth on the depth chart of Alagna Armada’s entrants. And that’s okay!I think we can safely say he WON’T be setting the pace in here. He’ll be a better “follower,” and has good chance to keep up.
3 BEST IN SHOW Enters the Pace with just 10 lifetime starts. They’ve aimed very high with him so far this year and colt is definitely doing his job, staying competitive. He has yet to step up and beat a field of this quality. Needs career effort!
4 CAPTAIN TREVOR Had a little too far to come in his Hempt elim. Made up for it with a gritty win in the conso. Definitely seems to be better from “off the pace,” so expect that style. This post is probably perfect for him, as long as we get healthy pace up front. Will be grinding his way into the final.
5 HURRIKANE EMPEROR He’s really been a “tough luck” horse in the big stakes so far. No shot in the Cup. Very tough trip in the Hempt, battling away. Dube will look at this bunch and know he has to fire out. Makes things very interesting. Trainer: Emperor is back home and we’re looking forward to the Pace! Expect a big performance from him!
6 BETTOR’S WISH Has earned my respect with each successive huge effort! Really blossoming under the care of the Down Under Duo! The qualifier here last Saturday was the perfect tuneup, and Dex can do whatever he wants with the colt. He’s just that good!
7 CAVIART ROCKLAND Went a pretty big trip in the Cup conso, only getting tracked down final yards. The race in the Somebeach was terrific too! Scotty Z gets the call again, with Yannick opting to #8. Just needs a little bit more tonight, to overcome the post and try to land his spot in the final. Trainer: With a good trip, he can be right there. Fast colt that is starting to come into his own. He trained with Crunch last Saturday and was very good!
8 DE LOS CIELOS DEO What do we do with this guy tonight? After that monumental finish in the Cup elim, he tossed in a complete clunker in the final. Unseen since. The outside post. Received Yannick’s confidence, but the horse is a total guessing game for tonight. Your call, folks?
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 8-2-3-9
H Horse Comment
1 MATTERLEI Should benefit from a “confidence builder” with that last win, but it’s definitely back to the wolves tonight! This is a much better field she’s facing. Gets a new driver, but the pole position to sit close. Needs a kick.
2 JEZZY’S LEGACY She’s pretty good right now, but will it be enough to tackle the top stakes competitors? That IS the question. Tyler driving lights-out everywhere and he really gets along with this lass for Ramblin Ray. Price play?
3 SISTER’S PROMISE That was a really good effort against the boys off the bench here last week. Did not get the re-ride from Yannick, as he chose #8. But, if you were looking for some betting value, you can use her! Only needs more.
4 FRAULEIN BLUCHER No match for #9 the last time they squared off. It does appear that she’s gotten better since, With all the power on the outside, one of these inside fillies could get lucky. She’ll be waiting for live cover w/AMac.
5 GOLDEN TRICKS Definitely heading in the right direction for Team Svanstedt, but is she a true “stakes filly?” I guess we’re going to find out. This is a brand new ballgame with the quality in this field. A huge test to try and pass.
6 ANTONIA Does show that one good stakes win from May. Been battling conditioned fields since, and doing it well! Dunn was listed, but opted for #9 as expected. She’s not without a chance in race that could have LOT of action in it.
7 SEASIDE BLISS Somebody’s got to be the longshot, so the Bliss is it. Needs mile of her life to compete.
8 ASIAGO Really can’t fault her season yet. Been solid, except for the one tiring effort at the Meadows. I can forgive that. She’s probably got just as much pure speed as Millie, so we’re looking for a very interesting sprint into first turn.
9 MILLIES POSSESION We haven’t seen Millie here yet this year, so I’m looking forward to it! She did not race at two, but sure looks like some kind of special 3YO for Jim and Jules. Gets first real big test on the big track from tough post. Trainer: Has been racing super in PA! Gets her first race on a mile track.
10 MISS TRIXTON Things set up nicely for her two weeks ago, earning second win of year. She does NOT appear loaded with any early speed, so isn’t this an impossible spot from post 10? I think so. If she beats me, she beats me.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-2-9
H Horse Comment
1 BACKSTREET SHADOW Tetrick had a vicious choice to make in here and opted for Shadow over the Bus! That’s a big call, and we’ll see if he ends up right. He won this last year with Don’ttellmeagain. Prob won’t set the pace tonight. Trainer: Been racing great! Gets the inside. Post should work out good trip.
2 ALWAYS A PRINCE Finally put it ALL together here, with a gritty and gutsy win last week! He really earned that, especially when Jimmy came calling at the pylons. Can he do it again? OF course! But, I think he’ll need easier trip.
3 LATHER UP Keeps having some issues with those turns, folks. But, please do not forget how he likes it here too! I have NO idea what the price will be, because so many others have to get bet. Will he stay pacing and storm home?
4 THIS IS THE PLAN Yannick has been putting on a driving clinic with this guy lately! And, the horse keeps delivering the goods! That was huge mile to win the Franklin up the inside. Guaranteed to blast and try sit same trip tonight.
5 THE DOWNTOWN BUS The Bus is VERY, very good right now! A very dangerous customer here tonight, and a nice pickup for the Captain. I am touch surprised that Tetrick opted off, but my money will probably be on this one!
6 COURTLY CHOICE Certainly had every chance to dig in and win last week, but he was outmuscled and outgunned by The Bus late. So, what will Dave try tonight? It just might be time to put him back off the pace, like he won the Pace!
7 THINKBIG DREAMBIG I don’t know what’s gone wrong here, but he has definitely tailed off. Another flat performance last week, so I’m almost surprised to see him back in. Let’s see if we get a better mile.
8 DONE WELL Not in a very good spot tonight, moving from the pole to post eight. I see that he’s capable of anything, blast or take back. IF he guns, it’s a LONG way to the front. Might just be at mercy of pace and trip this evening.
9 JIMMY FREIGHT Talk about the bad post blues! If it’s Jimmy in a final, it must be an outside start! Almost not fair, but he’s used it by now. There’s no mystery about the plan here. He will be firing out, but how hard will it be? Tough call.
10 AMERICAN HISTORY The way this race is going to set up, who knows, maybe this guy can sweep the whole pack! He’s got that kind of burst at times, but I still have to rate him one of the longshots, due to the terrible post.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 FASHION CREDITOR Been amping his way up the class ladder lately, so that’s always a good thing! So is the pole position post! But, he’s still got to prove he can step with these “elite” trotters. That’s why he’s a longshot.
2 RICH AND MISERABLE How good is this horse? Really blossoming in the care of Team Buter and he’s only four! Lots of good future ahead for this rapidly improving trotter. Owns key early speed and Tyler will be using it!
3 JL CRUZE Have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the Cruze a few weeks ago. He gave it up late under the pressure. Tonight, I think Corey will try to drive a little different and make it easier on the 8YO. Might try to stalk.
4 CRUZADO DELA NOCHE This is some kind of monster too! And don’t worry about the layoff. He thrives on that! Will almost assuredly be grinding his way into the race, cover or not and then he digs in with more. Very hard to beat.
5 PINKMAN The Hambo champ goes back to the Double D tonight and he really fits the horse well. Put him in fine position last two times he drove and probably will again. Early speed to then sit and stalk. Will need racing room late.
6 YES MICKEY Loses Dexter after a pretty big effort here two weeks ago. It was big, but that came against a lesser bunch, in my opinion. Would need the race of his life to upset the applecart tonight.
7 HOMICIDE HUNTER What do we do with the world’s fastest trotter tonight. Yes, that was then, and this is now. Off two straight less-than-desirable efforts, I have NO idea what to expect tonight. Back to Yannick. Good luck guessing.
8 TROLLEY The Trolley has come up a little bit flat in his most recent efforts, and this post drawn will present a big problem. If he’s NOT at 100%, I doubt Marcus will leave with him. And, I don’t see him outkicking all of them from back.
9 LINDY THE GREAT The Great is having trouble getting back into top form, and nothing ruins one’s chances more than an outside post. His goal is just to stay trotting tonight.