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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, July 27, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 BIG ROCKY Not sure what to do coming off the scratch. Overall, I thought he raced better for the new barn, making one big move. I guess it’s all timing and trip tonight from the rail. He’s not completely out of this one. Lambert aboard. Trainer: Just looking for him to settle down a little bit and maybe race off a helmet.
2 DOWN ON MAINSTREET Requalified after that sub-par effort and did so willingly. Went a little faster, but I’m still not sure that’s enough to get into the game here. Simply taking a shot in here with first time Ginsburg. Hope it works.
3 BUCKEYE CHROME Retains large longshot status after another no-threat effort. Needs to find a bigger move.
4 BLACK HAMMER The Hammer took a ride all the way up to Tioga for a race and picked up a check! Passed a few late to earn that, but wasn’t really a huge threat. Back to the Club Med wars and probably back in too tough.
5 MIDNIGHT DYLAN N Took a ton of betting action for some reason last time and did not deliver on it. Was out in the flow and lacked much punch. I would have a tough time playing tonight at any short odds. Needs big improvement.
6 STEADY PULSE He raced VERY well last week and had plenty of finishing kick when it counted. That’s his kind of race! The stalk early and make one run move. Now, it’s a midpack post, so he might need to do it from the flow. Trainer: I’m very happy how he raced last week. Trained great this week and I expect another good performance.
7 BET THE DRAGON He’s good for a check every now and then. When he gets lucky and the trip is smooth, he kicks in with a little. But he never gets it all.
8 BLUE STRIKE Flashed a good touch of speed last week to put himself in play. Squandered a pretty good trip after that, but he still looks better than most of these. Maybe he can stretch out a little more for Marcus?
9 MAKE IT BIG Definitely had the best last race of any of these! Just missed after a nice brush with Corey. I will note that came from the pole position start, and this is post nine w/ trainer driving now. So, it will be tougher.
10 NAH JACK Up from the Ocean on the comeback trail for the Dunning barn. This is first starter of meet for Jody, and the post gods were not kind. Have to prefer others for now.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 JK WILDFIRE Upset the applecart with an explosive late burst to beat weaker last time. Now, he’s forced UP the class ladder quite a bit for his new barn after the Mixed Sale purchase. Wishing them luck, but this is no easy spot.
2 K RYAN BLUE CHIP Hate to say it, but Ryan has simply fallen on hard times lately. Can’t get going, whether it’s here or Pocono, or Philly. I can see that this is decent class drop, but to me, he’s a tough play until the wakeup call comes.
3 INCREDIBLE SHARK The Shark has been in some REAL tough spots lately. But, most importantly for tonight, see who’s back in the sulky seat? Nobody “motivates” the Shark better than Tim T, so let’s hop back on board!
4 ON DUTY Just keeps racing well! Can’t fault that right now. The speed he displayed from the 10-box was exemplary, but he just didn’t relax enough to hold on. This post gives Corey more options. Horse can do it either way.
5 FILIBUSTER HANOVER By all rights, he’s probably supposed to just crush these. It’s been a no-luck season so far, but nothing solves those problems like a class drop. I’m trying the Shark here, but I’ll box ‘em up with Buster. Speed!
6 SEEL THE DEAL N Bouncing around from track to track and having some success. I have a feeling he’s just a tad overmatched with this solid group, and the post won’t help. Would need to get very lucky tonight.
7 SHARP ACTION MONEY The Money has worked his way right up the class ladder. Really having a good season so far, but for tonight’s betting purposes, this is likely too tough. Also wasn’t Yannick’s choice, as expected.
8 QUALITY BUD The Bud just never got into the game last time and I fear a similar thing coming tonight. He’s just in too tough at this level and needs some class and post relief to get close again.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 8-4-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 BYBY LANDON Waiting on some sort of wakeup call here. Some bettors must have thought it was coming last week. Not quite, at the ridiculously low price of 9/2. Not sure about the price tonight, but I can’t be on board just yet.
2 PERSEVERANT Talk about the bad post blues! And coming back on short rest here, after a dull effort at Yonkers on Tuesday. Not a fan of either of those facts. The horse has had some luck here, but I’m probably against for tonight.
3 DAVID THE SAINT That wasn’t a bad start here last week. Went forward early and late. That’s the kind of thing that works well. Moves to better post here and packs the speed to get involved. I could use him on some tickets.
4 ROCKS NOBLE ARTIST Also getting some much-needed post relief. He’s been rock solid of late and finds a prime spot to bounce back big for Scotty Z! Don’t leave him off your tickets. Only needs a slightly smoother journey.
5 ATOMIC REI Appears to have tailed off for now. Needed last start after missing time, but I can’t like tonight.
6 B WELL Dave Miller controlled the race last week and stole away just enough to hold on. Meeting a similar bunch tonight, so you know the speed is coming, but I don’t know if he can steal this one. There will be challengers.
7 JUST N BERLANDER After a good long run of strong rallies, Just was flat last time. Hey! They can’t be sharp every time! So, back to the Trackmaster class. Race could have some action in it and that bodes well, IF he’s better in here.
8 SPROCKET Liked him a little last week in Big M debut and he got completely blocked and locked in. SO, will he be overbet now? Have to think YG will be aggressive, but I probably wouldn’t take low odds. Demand fair value.
9 FINAL JUSTICE Also raced at Yonkers on Tuesday and it was nothing to write home aboard. Bad post here. Pass.
10 SIR BRADFORD Moves from pole to post 10. Can’t really like those breaks on view, so let’s watch one here.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 MCTHRILLER Enters tonight’s final after a couple of well-deserved weeks off! I’m not really putting him in the same class as High or Joe, but from the rail, Corey can protect him and just sit in and save ground. Minor check maybe?
2 MACH N CHEESE The Cheese really had no shot the way the race went last week, so let’s not be too hard on him. I like the post relief. I like the chance for a hotter pace and don’t be shocked if barn’s “other” starter comes charging.
3 SWEET ROCK I think I can speak for ALL bettors right now and say we’ve had enough of the Rock! Burning cash week after week and now back in against the tougher horses. Watch, he’ll probably win tonight at about 10-1!
4 HIGHALATOR One of my favorites horses this year. He just shows up and gives a top effort every single start. Rick should be able to control this one any way he wants and that will get Highalator home one more time! Speed!
5 TRUMP NATION Usually needs a few things to set him up for that patented kick. It didn’t come on Pace night, where he was flat. That’s not like him. Let’s look for a little bounce back here, but still needs the right pace setup vs. #4.
6 WESTERN JOE Joe appears to be back in top form, after the super romp over at Pocono. We all know he loves it here at the Big M and this will be a prep to defend his title in the Sam McKee Memorial. That’s his goal for now.
7 DEALT A WINNER It’s always dangerous to leave this fella out of the number. He’s deceptively good right now too! He doesn’t blast all that often, and I don’t see him outkicking the other closers. Another tough trip coming?
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-8-9
H Horse Comment
1 EVIDENT BEAUTY We saw a brand new dimension from this super-talented lass in the Del Miller. Speed! Where’d that come from? I think it was a good “test drive” for daytime racing next week. Will Dave try to get jump on Millie?
2 STARITA Do not discount this lass tonight! She’s just getting good again for her Hall of Fame trainer. Not sure she wants to be on the lead anymore, but plots for perfect trip tonight to insure an appearance in final. Only has to follow.
3 SEASIDE BLISS Finally put it ALL together last week, given the trip of a lifetime by Marcus. That’s a shiny new lifetime mark that will serve connections well. Can she do it again? I usually say no. Must prove it all over again. Trainer: This filly has finally blossomed on the big track! She’s always been a good worker, but struggled on the smaller tracks. Kind of funny, because her mother was a NYSS champion for me.
4 ASIAGO Her stock has fallen a point or two over last two starts. Just hate to see that miscue in the Miller where she didn’t even make the gate. So, back to the drawing board here and expect some changes. Must stay trotting.
5 SONNET GRACE She is VERY hard to gauge right now, with some inconsistent form. BUT, she was VERY good again last week in the Geers. Can she string two-in-a-row together? That is the question. Loses Dave Miller tonight.
6 QUEEN OF TRIXS Delivered a surprisingly good kick behind Millie in the Del M. so why not take a shot and enter the Oaks? Probably won’t be 61-1 tonight, but still must be considered a longshot. Was it a fluke? We’ll find out.
7 GRIMMIE HANOVER Makes her Big M debut for the Cullipher Crew and she couldn’t possibly have found a tougher spot. In career form right now, having a much better 3YO season, but is she really good enough to threaten #1,8?
8 MILLIES POSSESION Puts her unbeaten string on the line tonight from a very tough post. Remember, the goal is winning next week for half a million. She’s mowed down everything in her way so far. Will have to try track down #1.
9 GOLDEN TRICKS Could very well be the “wild card” in here, because she is VERY good right now too! But, this is a terrible post and Ake might have to blast. Could easily put him in a bad spot. Deserves to make final, but can she?
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 E Z NOAH That wasn’t a bad try over at Yonkers on Tuesday, considering her odds and the higher class. Basically this horse is just going very well right now and might be usable in this spot from the rail. I’d want fair odds, however.
2 SOLO STORY Not really one of my favorites, so let’s assign him continued longshot status. Needs wakeup call.
3 BRAVO TEX N Still waiting for him to step up and win one of these. It hasn’t happened yet this year. Loses Tyler again, since he has to drive his own. Gets a nice inside post. Can be used, but probably not on top for me.
4 WHITTAKER N I’ve been waiting a while for the right spot for this guy, and maybe this is it? Gets Tetrick back in the seat from a much better post. Has worked his way down in class. This is prime spot to wake back up in. Must use!
5 CHANGE STRIDE N Shaun was very aggressive with him again last week and it did not work out. I do think this is a notch too high in class for him, plus you know he will be overbet again with Yannick driving. Needs another perfect trip.
6 CITY HALL How good is he right now? I’m not sure, because that was sparkling front-end mile last week, despite the jump up in class. This is another jump up, but no reason not to think he’ll be good again. Fires out for Tyler.
7 SURFING TIDE A few folks were on board his boat last week and they just missed. That was big underlay price and I will note the jump up in class here. That, plus the post might work against him in here. Hoping for very hot pace.
8 BACKSTREET LAWYER We’ve taken a little beating chasing him over the past two weeks. I do wonder what the price will be tonight, especially with the class drop? The post stinks, and he doesn’t usually leave. At mercy of pace and trip.
9 LETS ROLL Had Tetrick opted here, I would probably like a lot more. Back from Yonkers with a tough case of the bad post blues. He doesn’t usually leave either, so that’s a problem. Very tough call here, and I’ll wait for better spot.
10 COUGAR HALL A little better last time, but slammed with the pole to post 10 move. That’s not going to work.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 MCRAVEN Didn’t have much luck with the shuffle last week and gets a prime post here to sit close to his stablemate. Either one of them is probably good enough to win this. The race goes through them in these great starting slots.
2 FIRST CLASS HORSE What a slick drive from Vinny G on this guy last week! Sometimes things just work out and I congratulate you if you cashed at 13-1. Will they be that “fortunate” again? I can’t say no. Anything can happen.
3 SERIOUS MAJOR Battled hard a LONG way last week and don’t forget that came after a three-week break. If anything, he should be tighter and stronger tonight for the final. Will have to deal with #5 at some point. Who wins? Trainer: Should be best in G Notes final! Being off three weeks cost him winning last week.
4 LEGION OF BOOM Still a big longshot, and I guess I’d be shocked if he won this. Would be a big surprise.
5 CONSTNTLYSIDEWYS A It took a little while, but he finally returned to his better form for the new barn. With that confidence-building win under his belt, he might be even better tonight! Sets up for great matchup with #3. Your call?
6 KIWI IDEAL N I feel a bit bad if you bet this guy last week Was very well-meant. Andy put a good steer on him and they just missed to a resurgent #5. In same boat tonight and I do wonder what A Mac will try? Guns again?
7 GAMBLER’S TALE Looks like one of the longshots again, despite his super try at 52-1 last week. It took a flying finish from #2 to deny the longshot players. Won’t offer the price this time and plots for tougher trip in bad post.
8 GOOD DAY MATE Burning a little money lately! That’s for sure. Also slides back out to much tougher starting slot and it usually makes a difference. I guarantee he won’t be favored here, IF you want to chase your money. Tough call.
9 STELLA’S PHELLA Also flashed a sneaky-good late kick last week, given a smart drive by Mr. Darish. Saved ground all the way. That will be a little harder to do from this post, but you never know. Hoping for a very hot pace.
10 ALWAYS A DIAMOND Made it look easy last week for the Double D, but I’m telling you flat out it won’t be that easy this time. Slammed by the post gods with a 10-hole and I will simply wish them luck. Will have to change tactics now.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 MISS TRIXTON Did pretty well in the Del Miller, just towing along and saving ground. I’m sure Sears would like to sign up for that kind of trip again. Maybe! Still has to prove that she’s an “elite” trotting filly, but will have chance.
2 SWEET CHAPTER Well-traveled throughout New York state lately, and with some moderate success. Connections are aiming a bit high here, but they have every right to do so. Drew a good post and will be in stalking mode early.
3 BEAUTIFUL SIN Getting better and stronger with each start back, and that spells trouble for many of these. She’s got plenty of class and would make for a very nice comeback story. Nice job by Per E on this talented lass. Makes final.
4 CLOUD NINE FASHION Proved her win was NO fluke, with that giant battle in the Del Miller. Gave Evident everything she could handle. I’ve gained respect for this lass in short time A real good one-two punch for Jim Campbell. Off L.
5 WHEN DOVESCRY Last year’s “second-best” trotting filly behind Woodside Charm is back! She’s been carefully prepared for this by Allard and seems ready to peak after three preps. I promise you she will be ready for this!
6 SOUTHWIND CASHA Down from Canada for a top-notch horseman in Bax. He wouldn’t come, if he didn’t think she could do! It is asking a lot, but I’ve learned over the years not to ignore this guy. All 10 starts this year at three.
7 PERSONAL PARADISE Lot of folks like her last week in the Geers and she was well-meant! Maybe just went a little too fast? Ake will take the lines again and I’m anxious to see what he wants to do. Just might send on out of there.
8 THE ICE DUTCHESS She’s overcome a little sickness to get back into the Oaks wars! I do hate the post, but respect her talent. Won the Jim Doherty on Hambo Day last year, so she likes this time of year. Will have to force issue early.
9 AMERICAN KRONOS Did race a LOT better in her second try vs. the top fillies. So, I guess Team Orange Crush has this lass heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, this post looks like a killer. May need a little luck to make final.
10 PRINCESS DEO Did just okay with the hopples off for her new barn. But, post 10 tonight makes her a big longshot.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-7-2-11
H Horse Comment
1 REIGN OF HONOR Gets very key post relief tonight and that immediately raises his profile. He packs one solid burst in a mile and new pilot seems like a good fit for him. Will use his patience and then kick in late. Watch out if pace is hot.
2 CANTAB FASHION They’re admittedly playing “catch-up” with this super-talented colt. I liked what I saw in the comebacker and he will take another step forward here. Will have to race twice next Saturday, so he needs this!
3 NO DRAMA PLEASE Went on Lasix for the Geers last week, but had no shot from post 10. He’s probably one of the “fringe players” for the Hambo next week, but he won’t have Lasix that day. Needs to perform well tonight.
4 FINALLY FOUND AWAY Unfortunately, he’s found these upper level type trotters just a bit too much so far. Pass.
5 SHEENA’S BOY Couldn’t be any sharper for Team Svanstedt! Could be one of three for this barn to enter the Hambo next week and why not? They’re all good right now. A very good second to Manalishi last week. Will gun out for sure.
6 FAITHFULANDTRUE Delaware connections taking a little shot here. He is not Hambo eligible, but this is nice little test to see just how good he is. Will have to trot a lot faster, but he’s kept up with the stakes horses already. Still a price.
7 MR VICKTOR Has been campaigned superbly for these connections. Earning a TON of money in NY and now ready for his last test before the Hambo. Was very good chasing Gimpanzee twice. Can he jump up and win at M1? Maybe.
8 ALDEBARANWALKABOUT Also taking a big shot here, and the post gods were not kind. Needs a lot more.
9 UNION FORCES Missed a month before last qualifier, so that’s probably not a good thing. Has to be a longshot pp9.
10 DON’T LET’EM One of the “keys” to the race! Didn’t like to see that miscue last time, but Nancy J will have explained it on “In The Sulky” Friday night. I sure hope she gets him right, because he’s a very good horse! I just HATE post 10.
11 SWANDRE THE GIANT Turned in the BEST race of his career on Pace night in the Dancer! That was unbelievably good. I didn’t expect that, so I must now “rethink” his talent level. Second tier is no bargain here. Has to avoid trouble.
12 SUPER SCHISSEL What a tough spot this is from post 12. Actually trotted well in the wake of Greenshoe last time, so that was solid step forward. Plenty of talent here, if Per E can keep him right and ready. Scotty Z’s choice over #1.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-6-5-9
H Horse Comment
1 TOP FLIGHT ANGEL Raced well again last week for Team Orange Crush. Two straight miles in 51 and change. Draws the rail here to aid the cause and he’ll be hustling out of there for position. Stalks again. Only needs find bit more late.
2 HOMICIDE HUNTER Maybe a tad bit disappointing lately? Hasn’t found the speed or kick that made him the fastest trotter ever last year. The season’s not over yet, however. Expect him to bounce back into gear one night, or day soon!
3 LINDY THE GREAT Slowly working his way back into shape for Team Lindy. He’s another that can jump up and shock you at times. Has those two races under belt. It might be time to see more. Good post. Will also be in stalk mode.
4 JOEY BATS Really nice horse for Team Harris, as he’s worked his way right up the class ladder. But, I have to think this may be too tough. Loses Tetrick, but I expected that. Would have to step up with career effort just to threaten.
5 MARION MARAUDER Hambo and Triple Crown champion is back again. Looked awfully ready in that cruise control qualifier last Saturday. This is a PREP for next week’s Cashman, so I can’t guarantee anything. Would love to see speed.
6 SPEEDING SPUR N What kind of horse is this? We don’t know yet. Looked great in that second qualifier just chasing #5 with plenty of trot himself. On Lasix. Tim’s choice. Hall of Fame trainer. Has earned $800K. What more can ask for?
7 YES MICKEY Mickey is having a long season so far, with just one win to show for it. I really don’t see him beating this top-notch crew. Especially from an outside post. A longshot.
8 MISSION ACCEPTED Easily one of the “keys” to the race. Poor horse has been buried lately, in brutally tough spots, from very bad posts. He’s overdue to get a little luckier. Will be going forward out of the gate, I imagine.
9 MANCHEGO Speaking of bad posts, it’s back to a horrible one for the champion mare. She’s really turned the corner again for Nancy J and just had impossible trip in the Maturity. I loved her blast in the Graduate. Needs that here.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-8-4
H Horse Comment
1 SEEING EYE SINGLE One of three in here for the Burke Brigade. Yannick chose #8. Horse has been good all year, but I do feel the field he beat last time was weaker than this one. Needs a huge step up to defeat this quicker crew.
2 THE WALL Finally gets a break from the stakes wars and horse probably needs it! Did a lot of the dirty work up at the Spa and got tired understandably. Loses Andy here, but horse was good vs. None Bettor earlier this month. Big shot!
3 HAYDEN HANOVER Had an impossible trip on Pace night. That’s what outside posts do! This is back to easier slot, but maybe tougher field? Horse was brilliant when he won in 47.3. That’s the speed we’ll likely see tonight.
4 LYONS STEEL Watson has this veteran in prime form right now. Can’t fault in any way. That was real nice kick home to grab second behind an impressive winner. Should still offer fair value, because you can’t bet them all. Give him a shot.
5 DECOY Probably needed his last after getting sick. This is a high-class horse that sometimes gets ignored in races like this. He is a factor, provided the barn has him right. IF he’s good, we might see some solid speed to put in play.
6 ENDEAVOR Don’t really know if he’s a fit for Club Med yet. Was overmatched in last two and this really isn’t that much easier. We haven’t seen the early speed from him here yet. Maybe it’s time to take shot? Find out what they have.
7 PRAIRIE PANTHER Looks like Deters has this guy in prime time form right now! Respect for that. But, when I look at probable pace scenario in here, I don’t think it sets up for him. He might even get away last. That rarely works.
8 WHEELS ON FIRE Snapped a little skid there with a huge effort from post 10 on Pace Night. What kind of mile was that? Got a week off, which he surely deserved. Back to the wars and back to a bad post. It’s your call, folks.
9 DONE WELL Gets the worst post of the Burke Trio and it really hurts. Gelding has just been tortured from these bad posts and I really don’t know what to tell you? Should we take one more shot? Will he blast? Or will he take back?
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 WESTERN EXPOSURE One of the many possibilities in this impossible race to handicap! Just on post relief alone, he’s a big factor. Can’t question his stellar speed. Maybe the stamina level? But, that’s being way too tough on him.
2 CAN’T BEACH THAT They took a shot and put him in the Adios and he didn’t race badly. Just couldn’t gain into the wicked back half. This is prime spot for another big track try. I don’t think we’ve seen his best yet. May be coming.
3 WORLD ON EDGE Was super the last time we saw him here. Yes, that was probably a weaker bunch, but the blast-out from post 10 was what won it. This start slot gives Matty K plenty of options, on a very good horse. Will be part of this.
4 CAVIART ROCKLAND Been aiming at the top of the Glamour Boy division and he’s come up just a wee bit short. So, you find a spot like this, to maybe get some confidence back. Any effort like the Cup conso, and he can win this.
5 BRING THE THUNDER Third member of the Burke Brigade in here. Maybe the lesser one? A longshot to me.
6 MAJOR DECEPTION MIA since the 5th, so that’s a bit of an issue. He’s tried the upper stakes level and also found that too tough. This is more like it, but I don’t like that missed time. He can’t possibly be A-1 primed and ready for this.
7 HE’S PACKIN On quite a roll down at Philly, but taking a huge step up here. This is almost like a stakes race, so the transition from non-winners of three looks like a lot. He will have to prove it to me first.
8 TRUMP THAT A little bit disappointing down at Philly, so he scoots back UP the Turnpike with his stablemates. Wasn’t Yannick’s choice and I expected that. So, we have to rate him a medium longshot from the bad post.
9 IN ROCK WE TRUST This is definitely not the right spot for poor Rock. He’s buried against a field like this, and he got slammed with worst post. Have to pass for now.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 MEETYOUATMIDNIGHT Still looking like a longshot to me, coming off that scratch, even with a slight drop. The pole could be a plus, but he needs to step up his game a little. I usually need to see it first.
2 JUMPING JAKE Barn hasn’t had much luck here this year, with very limited starters. They invade from Pocono, hoping to drop and pop a little. I guess it wouldn’t shock me, because field is full of question marks. I’d want price to use.
3 GO SUE ME This guy sure races a lot! 43 starts last year. Scoots up from Ocean Downs on quite a roll right now. He’s not catching the toughest field ever. Can he go with these on the mile? I guess we’re going to find out. Consider.
4 IDEAL CHILL Gets both post and class relief and that almost always helps one’s chances. More than capable of stepping up with a better effort vs. this crew, and I would have a tough time leaving off the ticket entirely. Very usable.
5 CROSS MY MIND Had that “needed” race over the track on the comeback trail. They probably had this class drop in mind the whole time. You see Yannick taking the re-ride, opting over 1, so that is vote of confidence. Watch the board?
6 SPIRIT OF TRUTH He’s only got two wins so far this year, so that’s a problem. Marcus took a big shot with him last time, firing out. Got a little tired. The Captain takes a turn in the sulky seat and can get it done. Low price, though?
7 UP UP AND OUT Makes just second start for new barn. Needed the first one, after missing some time. I guess I can make a case for improvement, but will he be ready enough to win? That is a very good question. Don’t have answer.
8 SADIQ HANOVER I have a feeling this guy will get bet tonight. A few sharp handicappers liked him last week in the tougher spot. So, shouldn’t you try again? I can’t guarantee horse is in top form, thought. Maybe TT will get him rolling.
9 LYONS WILLIAM He rolled on out of there last time with a prolonged move. I actually thought he raced a LOT better for his new barn. They probably have him cranked and ready now, but he still has to overcome the post. Not easy.
10 MIKADO BLUE CHIP Post eight at Monti, and now post 10 here. That’s almost not fair. Pass.