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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, July 20, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 6-7-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 GAMBLER’S TALE Gets some much-needed post relief tonight. So, we’ll see if that revives his form a little. There’s plenty of power in here from the outside, so he will need big-time turnup to get closer. A maybe, at a big price.
2 LEGION OF BOOM Took another shot last week, pulling first over again and never got near the leader. It’s going to take a softer journey, and a much bigger move to have any chance.
3 SERIOUS MAJOR Dominated that amateur event for TJ a couple of weeks ago. Got some deserved time off, so that’s probably a good thing. Fires back in this spot and it’s perfect! Will be tough to catch with Andy on now.
4 THE ROCK Didn’t pay any immediate dividends on the claim last week. Different kind of group here, so we’ll see if Joe can get him to go faster. Sometimes, he can. Trainer: Seems to be handling the hot weather pretty well. That’s a big plus
5 MATEO Not sure how, but looks like they got it all down at Philly!! What a form reversal! I’m actually surprised to see him back in here? Obviously, he likes Philly better. Gets in on the Trackmaster rating, so let’s see if that pays off.
6 SPROCKET Been buried a little too high in class lately. This is the kind of field where a horse can wake back up. Crafty trainer here taking a shot and he doesn’t usually waste his time. Give a long look, especially if the price is right.
7 SPIRIT OF TRUTH This is back to the level where he can usually do some damage. I’ve often not guessed right on the Spirit, but I do see that he can be part of this. All he needs is a trouble-free trip. The post won’t make that easy.
8 SPONDULICKS N Had a nice little run there a while back. Didn’t really belong in that high-priced claimer last time and he probably needed that race anyway. This is the spot for him, and we’re definitely going to see speed.
9 FIRST CLASS HORSE Another of the Philly shippers that has rounded into better form, but this one is stepping UP in class. Couple that with post nine and that’s a problem. I don’t see him reaching from way out here.
10 LEX VEGAS Currently suffering a case of the bad post blues! Totally at mercy of pace and trip. Very tough spot.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-9-2
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKAHOLIC It’s tough to get really excited about his chances in current form. He does shock us once in a while with a wakeup call, but those are hard to predict. I’m going with no for tonight.
2 MCRAVEN Racing back on short rest here, after crushing them down at Philly on Wednesday. I’m not a fan of the short rest thing, but Nick has done this many times this year, and often with success. This is a better bunch, though!
3 CONSTNTLYSIDEWYS A New barn starting to “get the hang” of this Down Under gelding. He seems overdue to deliver one of those strong efforts we saw earlier this year. I know I wouldn’t be shocked if he woke up in this spot.
4 LOUPHORIA Curious spot for a 3YO filly here. She hasn’t been consistent, but we do know she’s fast enough at times. Can’t get any lower in class than this, so can she step up and beat the boys? I really don’t know what to expect.
5 JUST N BERLANDER You always know what you’ll get from him! A good, solid, grinding rally. This is perfect post for him, and there could be enough action in here to set things up for Eric A. Would be hard to leave off the ticket.
6 DAVID THE SAINT Scratched last week. Dull at Philly before that. A few good miles here last month, so he becomes a question mark for this evening. I do think he would need a few things to go his way, but it’s not out of the question.
7 LYONS WILLIAM The Auciello barn has acquired quite a few new horses. Sometimes it takes a race or two to turn them around, but I will be watching closely for future evaluation. I’ll also be watching the tote board.
8 KIWI IDEAL N I keep waiting for the wakeup call spot for this veteran. He has faced and beaten better than this in the past. I’m not in love with the post, but know we could see anything if he comes up live tonight. Have to consider.
9 ROCKS NOBLE ARTIST After winning the Dash final two back, he got mowed down in last try by a flying rival way out wide. Simply put, the Rock is still sharp and can blast out of the gate again. Figures to be the one to catch.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-8-5
H Horse Comment
1 PERSONAL PARADISE Enters off an excellent race, tracking the rallying Starita in a very live flow. I’m still waiting to see that speed that she offered over at Pocono. Pole post might give us a clue as to strategy for tonight. Guns?
2 PRINCESS DEO As previously stated, I’ve had it with her! She even regressed into a miscue last time, so she found a new home to race from. Let’s see if Lucas can straighten her out. The ability is there, but manners have not.
3 SEASIDE BLISS The Bliss has proven to be just a hair below the top stakes level so far. But, I will point out she comes out of a very key race behind Millie. That was a VERY good field and she got a check. This is not that steep a bunch.
4 AMERICAN KRONOS Andy gave her every chance to shine two weeks ago and she flat out got tired. That is simply not good enough and she will have to step up her game and stamina level substantially. We’ll still see the speed.
5 SONNET GRACE I really don’t know where they’re at with her either! After a much-improved effort two back, she regressed right back to old bad habits in the Miller. IF she’s trotting, she will fire out as well. Good luck if you bet.
6 WHISPERING OAKS Took a big shot from that outside post last time, but it didn’t work out in the end. With two direct speeds right inside, I do wonder about the plan for tonight. Might have to race her from behind here.
7 HALLINTHECLOUDS Overall, she’s rounded into form nicely. Had a real tough trip last time, setting things up for the closers. That’s okay. I can see the driver change. That alone attracts attention. I don’t love the post. Has a big chance.
8 SISTER’S PROMISE Gets the very “tepid” call as morning line favorite, in this impossible-to-handicap race. The post gods weren’t her friend tonight, but I do know she’ll be happy not to see Millie’s Possesion. Only needs a trip here.
9 MA WAS RIGHT Still trying to prove that she’s a legitimate stakes filly. Ended up coming on belatedly in that last one and I fear the same kind of thing here. Will likely just be too far back.
10 MISSCHECKMATEHILL Just broke her maiden, and now gets post 10 in a stakes race. That’s asking too much.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 JL CRUZE Sometimes things just work out perfectly and that was exactly the case last week for the Cruze! Perfect trip and drive from Corey and the pocket rocket pounce on #6, who got rough late. Will it go that way again? Maybe not.
2 RICH N MISERABLE Stepped up and delivered a monster front-end mile for Tyler two weeks ago! That was a real defining kind of mile to show that he IS a top trotter! Tonight’s problem is doing it again. Tim T subs for Tyler B.
3 LINDY THE GREAT Lindy is working his way back into shape. He did stay trotting last time, but from impossible post and trip. He is capable of stepping up with these at times, but you’ll have to guess. Will he stay trotting again?
4 CRUZADO DELA NOCHE Yes, he was a touch flat against #2 when they squared off two weeks ago. And I’m probably being too hard on him. Overall, he’s been a monstrously-successful horse. Can he bounce back and win? Absolutely.
5 PINKMAN The Hambo champ went out and delivered another top try against #2 two weeks ago. Keep in mind that he had #4 right on his back and still held second. That was good mile! Dex has left with him, every time he’s driven.
6 TROLLEY And, after getting my heart broke last week, what do we do with Trolley tonight? Marcus did everything but carry him to the finish line and he got real rough late. I seriously doubt if he will take that blast again. We’ll see.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-5-9
H Horse Comment
1 MASS FORTUNE K Five starts so far this year and three runner-up finishes. Gapped and ended up breaking against the tougher field in the Dancer. Gets the cozy inside post, so he’s destined for similar trip. Needs a lot more.
2 MEMO Actually raced better than I thought he would last time! That’s not bad, for a post 10 start. Is this guy finally starting to turn the corner? I guess we’ll find out tonight. Tougher field, but better post. Still a longshot for now.
3 GALIXTON He’s been a little bit of a mystery lately. Yes, that was impossible trip two weeks ago against the 1-9 Southwind Chrome, so toss that. He does fit this bunch, IF the journey is a little softer. Might offer a price too!
4 SHEENA’S BOY So far, he’s raced his eyeballs out this season! I guess we’ll find out if they’ll go Hambo, IF he comes up big tonight. That speed try vs. his stablemate two back was strong. We’re going to see that speed again tonight.
5 GREEN MANALISHI S It’s step-up time for him too! He did not have any excuses against Swandre in the Dancer. He was just outmuscled for the money. Is he better in stalk-and-rally mode? Tim may try that, to track down #3,4.
6 CANTAB FASHION He’s a little late to the party, but no one will forget his epic efforts last fall. I sure hope he’ll get rolling soon, because he’s too good a horse not to perform at top level. Dex drives Millie. Now, he’s got this guy!
7 ALDEBARANWALKABOUT Just second start of the year for him too! And a huge step up in class. A longshot.
8 DARTY I’m thinking longshot status here as well. He’d have to step up his game and trot a LOT faster to threaten.
9 HUDSON RIVER Nancy J told me this guy would be better last week and boy was she right! Yes, I know the trip was easy saving ground, but he trotted up a storm once he angled out. Now, it’s post nine. What’s Jimmy going to do?
10 NO DRAMA PLEASE The Drama has picked up checks in stakes, but always seems to be a notch below the best. Gets slammed with post 10 here and loses Mr. Tetrick. In for a long night from way out here.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 9-7-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 BECKHAMS Z TAM The Breeders Crown champ has not enjoyed his trip east so far, but like #9, he’s getting huge class relief tonight. This is a spot where he HAS to deliver more. Inside post gives pilot plenty of options, plus speed.
2 SAGEBRUSH SID Carmen A shelled out $37,000 to bring him home from Sunday’s Mixed Sale. He bought several. Sid was rolling along nicely at end of May, early June. Can he find that form again from inside post? Good question.
3 IDEAL FEELING Inches back down the class ladder tonight, but so do many of the others. So, is it really a drop? He’s versatile enough to do it either way and I do wonder about the pace scenario in here. Not sure how it’s going to go.
4 ITS JUST TOO MUCH He’s definitely a longshot again. Will need some class relief before we see him wake back up.
5 QUALITY BUD Just how good is the Bud right now? I couldn’t believe my eyes last week when he was charging home in 49 and change! He’s going to lose Yannick tonight, so that could be a problem. Let’s see if that good again.
6 BACKSTREET LAWYER So much for the price play? Was as “live” as could be last week and simply did not have enough to deliver the goods. Underlay 3-1 odds too! What price tonight on a hike up? Will have to be lot better.
7 SHARP ACTION MONEY I haven’t guessed right too many times on this guy, but I always respect his speed. Just forget about the miscue at Pocono. He likes it here better anyway. We all know what the plan will be. Guns out.
8 BRAVO TEX N Amazingly, Tex is still seeking his first win of the year. And guess what? It’s not going to come in this spot. This is MUCH tougher field tonight and the post stinks. Might be time to race him from the back again.
9 DORSODURO HANOVER The champion 3YO has just one lonely win so far this year. And it came up in Canada. He’s been buried in brutal spots from horrible posts. Things just not going his way. It’s time for that to change. Steps up!
10 INCREDIBLE SHARK The Shark gets slammed with a terrible post again. He IS deceptively sharp, but I just don’t see any way he can get any kind of smooth trip tonight. It will take a little “magic” to get there from way out here.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-9-7-4
H Horse Comment
1 SPECIAL HONOR Sat in and towed along in last week’s Del Miller. She hasn’t been able to up her game to last year’s level. Maybe it will come? Maybe it won’t. Right now, best asset is the rail. She can sit in and save ground again.
2 GOLDEN TRICKS Talk about getting good at the right time! Where did that mile come from last week? Huge, huge try against a killer in Millie. No Millie’s in here tonight, so Ake will try to blast right down the road. Just might do it.
3 FRAULEIN BLUCHER After a sluggish start, the Fraulein never really got into gear last week. Don’t know what to make of that, but if she isn’t a LOT better tonight, she’s going to get much. Hoping for hot pace, somebody to soften up #2.
4 EVIE HANOVER Evie has hit a nice gear over in Pennsy against weaker. This is a first real stakes test for her, and I’m anxious to see if she can handle it. She will have to trot significantly faster, but maybe she can. We’ll see.
5 FADE INTO YOU Her comebacker with the hopples on against the boys was a success. She trotted faster than she’d ever been, and even picked up a check! Maybe that’s the answer. Back in vs. the gals in perfect post. Expect more!
6 MATTERLEI Obviously, that was not a very good start in the Reynolds. Extra week off. Another new driver, hoping for a big turnaround. Those are pretty hard to predict.
7 BEAUTIFUL SIN The comeback story continues, and she’s racing herself back into shape. Wasn’t all that bad last week and will benefit from that start. Tonight’s problem is the post. Not sure she’s ready to gas-pedal out of there. Your call?
8 ANTONIA She’s definitely got speed, right? But, she’s yet to show the stakes kind of stamina yet. AND, Dave Miller opted to #4. That is not a good sign when he bails out from this barn. She has to be a longshot now.
9 STELLA JANE Her effort here in the Reynolds was very good! Especially from the second tier start. Followed it up with a strong burst up at Tioga, so she IS good right now. Will need at least a touch of speed to grab position from bad post.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-5-9
H Horse Comment
1 COUGAR HALL Didn’t make much of an impact in first try here. Gets some post relief, but I’d need to see a whole lot more before I could endorse. Let’s see if the Cougar steps up his game a notch?
2 DUBIOUS CLAIM Back to Club Med from a good roll of races down at Philly. I guess we could call that last one a slight disappointment, since he was 2-5. Also, he loses Dexter tonight. That’s not good. Maybe use underneath?
3 MESSI N I guess we just have to forget about that last one. He was just ramping up into better form before that. This is no easy field, however. Do we really think he can pace with the likes of #4? By all rights, no.
4 SWEET ROCK I’m getting a little tired of the short prices and losses, as he’s worked his way down the class ladder. It’s time for him to step up and deliver one of those super miles. Remember? The 1:48 type? Dex stays loyal. Brush, crush?
5 MUSIC IS ART Slides back down to the more reasonable class level here. And he has beaten these before. Also loses Dexter, but I still give him legitimate upset chance. All he needs is that right kind of trip to deliver a burst.
6 CHANGE STRIDE N Enjoyed the trip of a lifetime for Yannick last time and now can call himself a 1:50 pacer! Shaun hops back aboard tonight and will hope for some kind of similar trip. Even with that, these may be too much for him.
7 BARIMAH A I gave him a puncher’s chance last week and that trip was way too tough! I guess I should give him another chance, right? The price will probably still be right to use. Give him some cover, and a hot pace, maybe?
8 SOLO STORY Second straight bad post, as he transitions back to mile track. I have to rate him a longshot here.
9 ANOTHER DAILY COPY Battled bitterly and gamely last week. Another top-notch type effort! I liked that. I hate this post! His speed is strong enough to get him involved early. Only needs a slightly softer journey to have big chance.
10 ON DUTY Things worked out very nicely for him two back with a flying finish! Who knows? Maybe it will set up that way again! There could be LOTS of action in here. If that happens, watch for the green colors of the Captain late.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 PILOT DISCRETION Went the absolute BEST race of his career last week and still got steamrolled by Greenshoe. Take nothing away from this guy. He’s been super solid all season. Will have to “deal” with a couple from Ake tonight.
2 FINALLY FOUND AWAY Gets his first real stakes test tonight, but at least he got a nice post to just sit and stalk. I like what I’ve seen from this improving fella, so anxious to see if he can handle this. It will be MUCH tougher.
3 CONSUS VICTORY So far, having a much better sophomore season for Jonas. He’s hinted at stakes ability, but tonight will give him the test too! Will have to step up and trot significantly faster. I’ve got to see it to believe it.
4 SOUL STRONG Here’s a gelding that is LOADED with ability! Dexter got along with him two weeks ago and horse just exploded once he got him straightened out. No doubt about the strategy here. Just keep him out of trouble early.
5 FORECAST I’m beginning to wonder if he has gotten any faster yet at age three. Had super freshman season, but not every horse can trot in 52 or faster later on. He’s been a bit below that radar lately. Needs to find more burst.
6 MARSEILLE Ake “stole” the Beal final, as we all saw, but let’s give credit where due. He held off Greenshoe, albeit a little lucky! Tonight, he gets his chance to prove that it was no fluke! Has speedy stablemate to help tackle #1.
7 GERRY Lot of sharp handicappers were on board Gerry last week and they did not get the money. He kicked in belatedly, so maybe that’s the way they want to race him. New pilot Tetrick will race him from behind, most likely.
8 CHIPLOSIVE That’s a pretty nice win from a bad post over at Pocono. But, he will not get away with that kind of pace tonight. In fact, he might never see the lead. This post is a killer, and he might need to get lucky to have chance.
9 FINAL CLAIM Didn’t like to see that break in the Dancer, and now slammed with post nine. Not going to work out.
10 OSTERC I feel the same way about this one! I did not like to see the miscue. So, that’s two breaks in a row, and now saddled with post 10. He will just go around there, and hopes to stay onstride all the way.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 HIGHLANDBEACHYCOVE Retains longshot status, even from the rail, even on the drop. Not my type.
2 SHATTERED GLASS Wow, Corey almost stole one at a huge price last week! Tremendous effort for sure, but now the cat’s out of the bag. Will not offer those odds here, but the post will get him the early lead, at least. Tough to catch?
3 BIG STRETCH MARK Stretch begins to “slide” back down the class ladder and this is where he usually bounces back big! With that said, he might gas pedal with #2 and dive in right behind. That’s his kind of trip. Usable at price.
4 IN ROCK WE TRUST The Rock got a few weeks off after a no-chance trip from the 10-hole. I still think he might be a hair outclassed with these, but at least the post is better. Don’t be surprised if he gets into the flow and grinds. Trainer: He likes the Meadowlands and has been kicking home good lately! I trust him!
5 CITY HALL Had a nice, easy, coasting win in that soft spot last week. So, it’s back up the class ladder we go and he’s run into decent field here. I imagine TT might switch to off-the-pace tactics tonight, but I’ve been wrong before.
6 BRUCE’S MAGIC Bruce had the typical 10-hole “tour of the track” two weeks ago. This is a lot more like it. IF we end up with a hot pace, Bruce’s kick comes into play. He’s not out of this, and the price should be okay. Your call?
7 JOE JOE JOE Joe worked his way too high in class, so he begins the descent here. Unfortunately, he catches a tough post, a good filed for this level and loses Corey. That’s too many knocks for me.
8 ALL IT TAKES Found this level a little too much last time, and I fear the same thing coming again. Horrible post.
9 ODDS ON LAUDERDALE By all rights, shouldn’t he just crush these? In second start off the freshening? He’s just too good a horse to not flaunt his class at this level. I thought he was “sneaky-good on Pace Night. It’s time to shine!
10 IDEAL CHILL Currently suffering a case of the bad post blues! Where’s he going from post 10? Not very far.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-3-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 ASTOR Had a race to get used to the mile track again and it wasn’t bad! Gets a cozy inside post here for Vinny, but might be facing a tougher group. Looks like the ‘ol sit-in, save ground, and try to get lucky late trip.
2 ALWAYS A DIAMOND We all missed the boat on this guy last week! Once they put Yannick up, I should have known. YG not here, so Dex will take a turn and he’ll probably drive the same way. Aggressive! Must deal with #7. Not easy.
3 GOOD DAY MATE The Mate has been doing good work of late! I respect that. He even showed speed last time, that I didn’t know he had. I wouldn’t even think of leaving him off the ticket here, and the price is usually right.
4 STELLA’S PHELLA Took a shot up at Vernon and was just okay. Back to longshot status here, needing more.
5 BYBY LANDON Unfortunately, he’s just not good right now. Has to be considered a longshot, until we see some sort of improvement again. That’s usually hard to predict.
6 BIG CC’S ROCK Let’s give this guy a break, and a pass for his first start here. He had missed some time. And keep in mind, we usually go faster here than out at Hawthorne. I would be surprised if he didn’t show up with more tonight.
7 ROCKIN M Nick S is very good at finding the right spots for his horses. This would be one of them. I’d be shocked if he didn’t show up and race well tonight. Andy will likely send him. If they get lead, watch out. Could go all the way.
8 JACK RACKHAM Jack had post 10-itis last week and scratched. Now, he’s got post eight with a ton of inside speed. So, Jack will have to come from the back and it might not work out all that well. Needs a little luck out here.
9 S MCKEE This is probably the wild card in here! A 3YO in odd spot trying to tackle older. Obviously, I hate the post, but can see the speed. Just want to root for him due to his name alone. Hopefully, he can find a seat early.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 AMERICAN HISTORY Just had NO chance in that historic Graduate final, so don’t hold that against him. Was super against the Shadow back on June 22, when he exploded home. Long overdue to deliver a “statement” kind of mile.
2 DECOY Missed a couple of weeks after getting sick. Had some bad post blues before that. Overall, he hasn’t been very lucky lately. He’s still got a little something to prove at a level like this. Good post tonight. Will we see more?
3 LYONS STEEL Actually found an “easier” spot here on Pace night on the class drop. Fought tooth and nail to stave off Quality Bud. If Quality Bud was in here, he’d be 20-1. So, the Steel will have to step up his game even more.
4 CLOSING STATEMENT Loses Andy Mac tonight, after a very well-meant and game try. He was definitely “live” last week and just missed at a huge price. Stepping up to tackle tougher, but he will probably race well again. Is it enough?
5 MACH N CHEESE The Cheese found his way back to a winner’s circle! That’s a real nice bursting finish for Yonkers. That’s not easy to do over there. I love that this guy can handle any size track. It will be off pace again. Hopes hot pace.
6 SHADOW CAT Dex had a tough choice in here and opted for the Cat over the Cheese. Might have “needed” that last one, after couple weeks off, which he deserved. He’s got big-time speed, so expect the gas pedal early. Needs a trip.
7 BACKSTREET SHADOW Looks like the Shadow was purchased privately by the Burke Brigade from Scotty D. This is their kind of horse! I can’t say I’m in love with this spot tonight, however. Tetrick will have to “invent” a little speed.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-7-2
H Horse Comment
1 MAKE IT BIG Gets the tepid call as morning line favorite, in this very hard-to-handicap race. Corey chose him over #9, but I expected that. Didn’t race too badly here on June 29. Any improvement off that makes him a big threat tonight.
2 STEADY PULSE Finally gets a break from post gods! And it will help! He’s been known to pick up checks here when he can get a smooth inside trip. Looks like that is what’s coming. Don’t be afraid to toss onto the gimmick tickets.
3 BLUE STRIKE Seems to have rounded into better form lately. Can’t fault that. Gets another key inside post to keep him close to the action. Will launch one big move at some point, and we’ll see if it’s enough to get close.
4 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE This Buckeye is also sharp right now! So, he can’t be left off the ticket. Mr. Pollio is hoping to add to that one win so far this year. But, I do see a tough, grinding trip in his future. That’s not easy to overcome.
5 THOR Down from Monti and into a much tougher spot. Would have to go five seconds faster. I need to see it first.
6 BET THE DRAGON The Dragon never wins, but he sometimes sneaks into the gimmick. Midpack post sets up his style of rallying. It’s ALL about pace and trip for him. Flow must be live and pace must be hot.
7 I’M SID THE KID Sid gave hints that he’s ready to return to form. Once he got rolling, he hit a nice gear for Dexter and passed many of them. I just don’t know if the pace scenario is hot enough for him here. Plus, lower price.
8 MIDNIGHT DYLAN N Andy raced him from behind last week and horse wasn’t bad. He can leave too! I would, in this spot, because there are so many dead closers in here. He won’t pass them from the back. Might as well take a shot.
9 LIGHT WIND Odd spot for a 3YO vs. older. He’s been trying the lower level Sires Stakes and he’s doing okay. This is probably a maintenance race until the next one of them. I will have to pass from a tough post.
10 BECKYS DREAMBOAT Becky loses that inside post help and it’s going to hurt. Vic Kirby might be looking to his left behind the gate just to see if he can take a shot and fire out. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long night.