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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, July 19, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-5-9
H Horse Comment
1 BIG OIL Nice-looking homebred colt here for the Allen family! Off to a super start with a pair of excellent baby races and then an overpowering Allstars win over at Pocono. Looks like the real deal and has the pole to give Andy options. Trainer: Showed potential in previous starts. Hope to continue with current momentum.
2 GENEROUS POUR Broke at Philly and broke here. And that came after two solid baby races. Looks for John B to continue tinkering with things until it gets right. Let’s start by keeping him trotting tonight.
3 CAPRICORNUS Raced on the same night as #1, but from a tougher post, and went just a bit slower. Still, that’s not a bad-looking line from an eight-hole. Team Melander is winning everywhere, with everything. TT’s pick over 5,6.
4 SERMON Post 10 kind of did him in last week. So, just toss that out. This is a much more reasonable spot, but he’s caught a very talented field. Will have to step up his game just a notch, but is probably capable. Showed in on 6/22.
5 EXPECTATIONS That was a pretty solid effort in behind #1 last time. He flashed strong speed. Yielded to stalk and then had good trot to grab second. Exactly what you’re looking for with a young trotter. Should progress from there.
6 BEYOND KRONOS Really liked his chances last week and he finished up FULL of trot from a difficult spot. Timmy was being careful with him, to teach him something, but he opted off tonight. That surprised me. I still like this guy! Trainer: Acts like a real nice colt! Very happy with his progress.
7 TUFF TO BE LINDY A bit erratic so far, but that’s common amongst two-year-olds. There is some talent in this tank, as you can see. Let’s expect him to be raced from the back again. I’ll be watching closely.
8 ROSE RUN VOYAGE Didn’t like to see that regression last week, so let’s see if he stays trotting tonight. A longshot.
9 LOYAL FOX HANOVER Very nice pedigree here! Hall of Fame trainer. Two excellent starts down at Philly. Flashed some very good speed from the bad post down there, so maybe we can expect same here? Not easy spot, but good!
10 AMIGO VOLO Had this fella drawn a better post, I would probably like a lot more. This barn tends to be somewhat conservative with it’s babies and this could be the case. Facing colts that already have a stakes start. Needs this?
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 AVA KATHRYN I really expect this filly to step up with a big mile tonight. Not sure if she’s in same league with the likes of Ramona, but we will see more. Better post. Some experience. Had flashed speed last month. Ready now?
2 FASHION CHARMER Sometimes it takes a start, or a surface change to get one ready! Definitely liked the strip here in East Rutherford better than the one at Philly. This team is firing on all cylinders right now. (Millies Possession) Trainer: Qualified good, but is in a tough spot.
3 JULA BEAUTY AM I guess if you want to take a shot to beat Ramona, this is your most likely alternative. Almost held that foe off on June 29 with a top effort. Has the slight post edge. Yannick will give her every chance to steal it.
4 RAMONA HILL Couldn’t possibly have been more impressive in any of her three starts so far. I love the fact that she’s won on, and off the pace. Seems to be perfectly mannered for Andy Mac, so on she goes to bigger and better things.
5 JULIA C Looks like the longshot of the group, having drawn outside the main power. She also regressed into a mistake last week, so that’s a problem. New pilot’s job is to get her around there onstride and pick up the nickel!
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 SUNUMA BEACH That could be the “longest pedigree line I’ve ever seen! Glad I didn’t have to type all that in. As for the colt, he’s done nothing wrong yet, and from ALL bad posts! Finally gets a little break here. Has speed. Stalks.
2 HE REFUSES TO LOSE Really not bad so far, but perhaps a bit overmatched at times? Also moves inside, so maybe we’ll see a bit better speed tonight. I have a feeling he’s better than she shows on paper. A maybe.
3 CAPTAIN KIRK One of FIVE in here for the Alagna Armada. This guy hasn’t been asked for much yet, but that will change one of these nights. The kind I call “sneaky-good” in a few of those miles. Could step up with more tonight.
4 WESTERN VACATION Oddly, of his three starts, the lesser one was here. Usually, it’s the other way around. Pocket rocketed to a solid win down at Philly, so let’s see if he continues to progress. I’m anxious to see stamina level here.
5 CAPT MIDNIGHT Comes out of that “no pace” division of the Kindergarten won by a front-running longshot. DO not hold anything against this one, or #2,6. They had zero chance to catch, but were all very good. Time to show more.
6 CAPTAIN NEMO Was absolutely loaded with pace once he hit his top gear last time. If anything, that kind of mile will serve all those colts well. They learn to relax and then finish. Timmy chose this one, as expected. Similar post. Watch out!
7 LOTTERY WINNER Also prepped nicely for Team Johansson and then had a “go around” up there at Mohawk. It’s never easy to ship one all the way up there and back. So, there’s a chance this guy might need another race.
8 ROGERTHAT BLUECHIP Certainly didn’t do anything wrong with the good kick here, but these may be too tough.
9 FATHER NUNO Sixth foal of Worldly Treasure, who’s first baby was Captaintreacherous. They’re all by the great Somebeachsomewhere. That’s why the pricetag was $360K. Looks awfully good so far, but a tough-post test tonight.
10 JUST SAY JOE Tired on the lead in first real race, so will be nowhere near lead now. Let’s watch from behind.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 O SO EASY Indiana-bred here by Swan For All. That sire had a pretty good night here recently! Caught my eye with a pretty good finish in that track record race. Moves from post 10 to pole and keeps Scotty Z. Much better chance here.
2 TOP EXPECTATIONS I will admit, my “expectations” were a lot higher on this mare last week and she did disappoint. Hey, it happens! Technically, she trotted faster than most of these, but still has to step it up a notch to beat the boys.
3 HOMICIDE HUNTER This is a real “tester” spot for the fastest trotter ever! He’s been just a hair lackluster so far this season, but class drops often do wonders for one’s confidence. He is supposed to step up and beat these. We’ll see.
4 TOP FLIGHT ANGEL Raced pretty well here last week, sitting right in behind the winner. Andy just let him trot on own late, as they were sprinting home pretty good. I’d love to see similar speed and maybe same kind of trip? That works.
5 TIGHT LINES Pride of the Gregory stable here and why not? He’s closing in on half a million, folks, and that’s pretty good! He’s had a few spins here in the past, but usually ends up pace-compromised. Will be coming from behind.
6 ZLATAN Excellent steer from Vinny so “steal one” here last week. But, that was against a lesser field for sure. This is a much stronger bunch and he gets stuck with the outside gate. Not sure what to expect in this spot tonight.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 LUCIUS VORENUS Still trying to find his way as a 3YO. I guess he didn’t handle the turns too well up at Goshen. Had a needed race at Philly before that. He’s always been good here, so let’s see if he steps up his game a few notches.
2 CHIN CHIN HALL Hopes were high for this guy entering the sophomore season, but it’s taken a long time to get him to come around. Saturday’s qualifier was best we’ve seen yet, but he still needs even more. Will we get it tonight?
3 CAPTAIN MORGAN I wonder what’s the story with this guy? Only three starts last year. It’s taken until July to get him going this year. His qualifier was okay, but nothing to write home about. Very anxious to see what he can offer.
4 ON THE ROPES Hammered down for $46K to Carmen Auciello on Sunday. Yes, the horse did make a break in his final chance to impress. He was very good during the month of June, so plenty of talent to work with. Carmen will figure out.
5 BIODETTI HANOVER I really like the way this guy is going, even if he gets a little hot! That was another solid race here last week with both speed and a decent finish. No doubt about the strategy again. Will be gunning out.
6 WINNING AMERICAN I guess we have to keep him on the longshot list. No chance from post 10 last time, and only a slightly better spot here. He will have to go faster to be competitive here. Might need added class relief too!
7 EUROBOND Paid instant dividends on the “barn change bonanza” last week! Gets to meet the same exact group, so we’re looking at a VERY short price. He’ll probably win again, so good luck guessing on who finishes second and third. Trainer: Put in a great effort last week! Hope to repeat again this week.
8 FIRST CALL Very interesting new shooter to Club Med for Team Hochstetler. Plus, she gets the switch to Timmy! I do wish she’d drawn a better post, but seems versatile enough to race either way. IS she as good as #7? Probably not.
9 SPECTRE That was a surprising miscue from this fella last week. I know they were motoring pretty good, but I thought he was a touch more solid. Draws yet ANOTHER horrible post, so I expect different kind of trip tonight. Off the pace?
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 ARCHIE HILL Still very much a work in progress, and I don’t think he’s quite there yet. Let’s watch one.
2 HATIKVAH He’s still going okay at the moment. Pilot earned his first Med win recently and he steered nicely. He’s used to this colt and they drew key inside post. Could step right around #1 and secure a good spot. Can be used.
3 SOLATIRE HILL They put the hopples on this filly for most recent qualifier and she did stay on gait, but she did not flash enough speed or stamina. Looking like a longshot.
4 KNIGHT OF VALOUR Red’s got this one going in the right direction. Went a lot faster, and a lot better in the second go around down at Philly. He’s up on the truck with Biodetti. They can both earn checks here tonight. Consider.
5 SHEER MUSCLE They took a shot in the Beal and he wasn’t terrible. They took a shot in the Dancer and same thing! He’s just not as advanced as those top colts, so this is perfect spot for a confidence booster. Can Lucas get to the front?
6 STAR TRACK HANOVER Andy and Julie shelled out $53,000 on Sunday for this guy. He started the season pretty well with a big win for Steve Smith and then regressed a little. Nobody better at a “project” like Team Orange Crush.
7 MARVELOUSTRIX After a real nice bounce back rally last month, she went right back to old bad habits. Not sure what to expect tonight from yet another bad post, but I will probably have to pass. Let’s see if she minds manners.
8 HS JUDY JETSON Here’s a new shooter to the Med! Up from the Ocean after super run through the Maryland Sires Stakes. The homebred filly gets the huge test for class, AND a bad post, but I’m anxious to see what she can do.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 9-5-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 HELLBENT FOR AM S Swedish-born colt by Muscle Hill made quite an “impression” both here, and in his first real race at Pocono! That was a strong, hard-fought win! Do note that Mattias gets the call tonight. Rail, plus speed.
2 PRIMO PADRE Couldn’t quite handle the pressure in his first real race and went to running in crunch time. That’s not good, but not the end of the story. He’s been a speed-demon so far. Look for Andy Mac to race a little differently now.
3 RUKIDDNME BLUECHIP Pretty solid improvement from debut to second start. That’s what you’re looking for. This camp knows how to develop a good horse, so expect that trend to continue. Now, just has to go faster.
4 STARO ONTHE ROCKS S Wasn’t all that impressive in his first real race. Got a little tired when it counted, so more speed will be needed. Hopefully, he can find some. Will need to, to be competitive with these.
5 STAY CLOSE On the improving trend in his preps. That’s good! New Hall of Fame trainer too! Got caught by a pretty impressive winner last Saturday, so I like what I see. Expect another step forward here with Dave M at controls.
6 NIMBLE KID Any young horse can be forgiven for not making the turns at Yonkers. Did awfully well up at Tioga before that. So, this is perfect place for John B to test him on big track. I imagine he will go a lot faster here.
7 PLATOON SYSTEM Other starter from this barn. He’s gone a little faster than his stablemate so far, but hasn’t won yet. I’m not in love with the post. He’s shown speed. I wonder what the strategy will be tonight? We’ll find out.
8 I HAVE A DREAM A $65,000 yearling here. Weakened a little in his first few on front end, and then raced very well with a tougher trip from off the pace. I hate the post and hope he will come from behind again. Needs that here.
9 ONTOPOFTHEHILL Probably the key to the race, folks! Cost a cool quarter million with that regal pedigree. Exits a superb try against the highly-rated Synergy. He’s definitely going in right direction for the Burke Brigade! Bad post.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-7-2
H Horse Comment
1 TRAFFIC JAM Finds her way back to Club Med, where she reeled off some strong efforts a month ago. She actually worked her way too high in class! I’m not really sure if this is any “relief” or not, but post will get her stalking trip.
2 BESTSELLER HANOVER One of several 3yo’s in here, between stakes engagements. I still remember the unbelievable mile in the Lismore. Got cooked in race after that, so Scotty B gave her some time off. VERY good idea! Starts back now.
3 WALK ON AIR Tough call here. Needed the race two back. Just toss last try from bad post when bothered. I guess it’s been hard to find a good spot for her. Reunited with Yannick now. We could see a lot more from her tonight.
4 ABIGAIL DAWN Barn coming off VERY good Pace weekend! They almost got it all! This filly has been exceptional all season and she finds a perfect spot to flaunt her mile track legs again. She looks best to me, as DD’s pick over #7.
5 KEY WEST MIA for several weeks and that does worry me at this time of year. Sick? Needed few weeks off? Was a disappointment back on June 21. I’m going to take the cautious view here and watch one. Needs giant mile.
6 ART LECTURE Yes, I can see the barn change here, but it might take more than one start to get things right. However, IF she were to take wild tote action, I may change my opinion. Your call, folks?
7 KIMBERLEE This is a pretty good mare too! I almost feel bad that Dex “loses” the drive for tonight to stick with Abi. However, if you want to go ahead and bet, I wouldn’t stop you! She’s already proven over this track as well. Sharp!
8 MAJOR MAID The Maid’s been just a tad overmatched against these so far. That, plus the switch to bad post make her a longshot tonight. Needs to get a little lucky for Eric A.
9 MONEY SHOT HANOVER The last of the sophomores will use this as a prep for her next stakes start in New York. I would be shocked if she fired out of the gate in this spot.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 3-2-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 ROME PAYS OFF Pretty confident handling to capture his debut over at Pocono. That was one of the slower divisions, just for the record. His full brother, Marseille is the only horse to finish in front of Greenshoe this year. Plenty talented!
2 WORTHY OF HONOR Colt with a nice pedigree here too! It took a big mile from Hellbent to get by him over at Pocono, and I will add points if that foe won again here tonight. Might like “stalk” mode instead of on the lead.
3 SYNERGY Super impressive so far for Team Engblom. That was a virtual “walk in the park” here last week. I do have a feeling we might get more of a challenge tonight, but he seems up to it. Should be able to control things for Yannick.
4 HAYEK Was just about out-of-control on the track last week. That’ll happen sometimes with these young trotting colts. Note that Marcus will take the lines now, to see what’s up. He will get this guy figured out eventually.
5 RAINTREE REBEL Going pretty well for Chuck so far. He’s been a bit behind the top colts, but that sires stakes was perfect for him and his rally in the final wasn’t bad! That’s a good check, behind uncatchable winner. Tough spot here.
6 COVENTRY HALL Squandered a pretty good opportunity last time when well-positioned by Ake. He ends up driving #7 tonight, so we get new pilot. Would love to see same speed, but maybe a little more stamina? Has to find some.
7 LIGHT BLUE MOVERS Excellent bounce back in his second try. Son of Ready Cash, folks, that cost $100K. This is a real tough post, AND spot for the colt. Especially if there’s no pace up front? Let’s see if he races well again.
8 CHESTNUT HILL IF you think the fave can be beaten, maybe this is your option? Has been carefully and confidently handled from behind up to this point. One night soon, the gloves will come off. Had NO shot vs. #3 last week.
9 CUPID HANOVER Another monster pedigree and big ticket yearling here. Was just okay last week from a better inside post. Loses Yannick, as expected. Will likely be coming from too far back again.
10 DON GRIGIO Another with a lot to prove vs. a field like this, and the post gods were not kind. Have to pass.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-9-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 SPORTSMANSHIP Found his way back to NJ last week and turned in a very sharp effort! Solid second behind a heavily-favored winner. That’s what you’re looking for, and now he’s got the rail. There will be speed, folks!
2 JACKAMINO He’s been okay in some starts here before. Plots for a very nice trip, provided he can keep up with #1 early. Would be pretty hard to leave him off the ticket completely, unless he gets stuck in a shuffle.
3 TIE YOUR SHOE ED Been doing a good job of earning his keep with check after check. BUT, he rarely wins. So, consider using in the underneath spots, but not on top. Patience will be key here.
4 CROSS MY MIND On the comeback trail here and I need to see a good one, before I could endorse. Pass.
5 SURFING TIDE We haven’t seen him here in a while, but I do caution you not to forget prior success over this oval. That Philly line has the look of “sneaky-good.” Don’t be shocked if he takes some tote action in here. Could be live!
6 GOOSE MOUNTAIN Down from the Spa and into a pretty rough spot. He’s got a lot to prove here, including if he can go fast enough. Wasn’t Tetrick’s choice, but I expected that. Let’s see what the Goose brings!
7 SPICEBOMB This was Tetrick’s pick and I figured that. Was okay, but from a tough spot last week, in reacclimating mile. Timmy doesn’t like to take back in spots like this, so let’s see more speed, please. A must use on my ticket.
8 SADIQ HANOVER I still can’t get a handle on this guy right now. At least he’s back in the spot where he belongs. Tried some newfound speed in last and then faded. What’s coming tonight? I have no idea.
9 BIG JER Fits this group perfectly. Had a pretty nice maintenance qualifier and picks up Dave Miller here. That’s a big sign of positive intent. I guess my only knock is the post. We’ll leave that up to the Hall of Famer.
10 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Moves back outside AND steps up in class. That’s probably not going to work out.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 FIRE LIGHT Mixed feelings about this one back on the mile track, but I will note that last time Corey drove him, he won! That’s key. Slow starter gets a big break with the pole draw here. That will keep him close enough to threaten.
2 SOUTHWIND DARWIN He’s still a little tough to drive, but there is talent in this tank! Didn’t get around down at the Ocean, so it’s right back to Club Med. Hopefully, Scotty Z can teach him a little, and they can get a check.
3 DALTON DID IT I just don’t like what I’m seeing from Dalton, so I will simply take a pass for now.
4 BIG ROCKY Rocky took a few more forward steps for his new barn, but he’s definitely a “work in progress.” Let’s look to see if any more equipment changes are made, and let’s look for a different kind of off the pace journey tonight.
5 C’MON BUZZ OFF Definitely “needs” this class relief. To me, this might be slightly softer spot. Horse will have to step up with more effort, however. Still a longshot to me, but I’ll be watching for any more.
6 B WELL Gets “lucky” to scratch into this spot, and ends up being Dave Miller’s choice of several. I have to believe those Philly $12.5K claimers are better than this, so let’s look for a bounce back kind of mile. He can also be used here.
7 HURRIKANE KINGKONG This gelding’s been all over the place, after the ship-up from Florida. After that much better effort at Pocono, he should be about ready for best, and look who gets the call? Yannick. All systems go tonight. Trainer: It’s been three years and three broken bones and seven screws since he broke his maiden at the Big M in his first lifetime start. The racing Gods have not been kind to Kong, but we have time for some payback.
8 TARAMAKAUREACTOR N Just when I thought he was getting good again, we got a sour effort last week. I now give up completely on trying to guess with this horse. Just hoping he’s good again, for The Mann’s sake! Tough call.
9 FRANKIE BOY Frankie’s a tough play from a post like this. Up and down the class ladder. Even with Dex aboard, I’d have tough time relying on him to hit the ticket from way out here.
10 HAYMITCH Goes second time with Lasix, but it’s very hard to come up with way to succeed from out here. Pass.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 10-6-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 MARLOE HANOVER Well, the cat’s out of the bag now! That was monster effort chasing a 1-2 shot, at odds of 95-1. Typical improvement from this barn. So, what do we do tonight? This is vicious field. Has inside again. Do we use?
2 LADY LOU Really liked her preps, and then she had to work a little to hold off #1 in her first real race. One of three in here for Tony A and Andy Mac chose #6. Doesn’t that HAVE to tell us something? I think so. Must prove herself again.
3 JK FINENDANDY Tried a different tactic last time and that didn’t work. She’ll be nowhere near the lead this time.
4 SILK BEACH In this vicious field, somebody has to be a longshot. Has to be this fily, on a BIG step up in class.
5 CAVIART JANE Both fillies from this barn were awesome in their last appearances. Very hard to separate them. This lass has the better post. But, #10 has a super real-race win. No faulting either. Will try to give them a tussle tonight. Trainer: Nice filly with some solid qualifiers. She is in a good spot!
6 REFLECT WITH ME Except for that one little miscue, she’s been outstanding so far. Note that she hasn’t come home slower than 26.4 yet. 25.1 in first leg of series. Andy Mac’s choice over #2 and he will drive her same way again.
7 DESTINY’S CHILD Second of barn’s starters, but she’s not ready for this quite yet. I’ll be watching closely for future evaluation. Expect her to race from off the pace tonight.
8 CAVIART HEATHER She’s been just a hair outfinished at the end of her first two appearances. Ends up in against this brutally talented bunch and she’s probably not ready for this kind of test yet. I’m willing to wait.
9 ANNABELLE HANOVER Third filly from Camp Norman. Did well both times, so hopes have to be high. She gets slammed with a real tough post here and I don’t envision her blasting out. Another that will need a softer spot.
10 JK FIRST LADY The very first foal from a Horse of the Year motored home and measured off to a perfect victory in her debut. Had plenty of early speed that night, and will need some tonight. Either way, tons of talent, ability here. Trainer: Impressive last time out! Post 10 not ideal for 2YO’s, but I think she’ll put in a solid effort.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 PRIME POWER N On the comeback trail here for Erv Miller. That’s not a bad looking qualifier over at Pocono. I’m not sure he’s ready to trot in 53 or so yet, so I’ll probably watch one to see if he’s prepped. Maybe not yet.
2 SWAN CHASE Every horse that owner Barnard has sent east to Adams has done well. Consider that! Off those two good second’s and break, on the truck he went! Stable’s main driver is up! Take a good, long look out on track.
3 MISS RUBY She doesn’t win all that often and takes a rare road trip tonight for Big Red. He’s got several in tonight and they all have decent chances. IF the night is going well, then consider using this mare. She’s got some speed.
4 LIFE WELL LIVED Been a little disappointing lately, so that’s a problem. BUT, there’s nothing like a class drop to wake one back up. We’ve seen it from this team before, so I’m very wary to leave horse out. They’ve beaten me before.
5 MAX VOLO Barn has two in here. Max is just like #4. He’s tailed off a bit. But, the big drop is apparent. Don’t be shocked if Max shows up with newfound speed for Tim T tonight. He’s got three wins this year too! Dangerous.
6 ARAGORN HOSS FI Newcome to North America. Note that he’s earned 20 wins down under. That’s a lot! I like horses that like to win races. Improved in the second qualifier. Let’s see what he’s got for Dave Miller in sulky seat.
7 O U SEXY GUY Recent form isn’t all that great, so he’s looking like longshot. I’m going to pass on him from out here.
8 U NEED STONES I’m advising extreme caution here IF the price is short. No doubt he had tailed off. I didn’t think he was all that great last week, finishing second. He HAS dropped and popped before, but I’m very wary tonight.
9 MAJESTIC FIRE Matty K almost got lucky with this guy a few weeks ago. They were really coming at the end after a shuffle. So, what do we do tonight from post nine? That is always a big challenge for a slow starter.
10 SHADY MCCOY Suffering a terrible case of the bad posts blues right now. This is only a slight drop back down, and it looks like a LONG way to the lead if Eric A wants to take a shot. I might think he’ll wait for a better spot. Maybe.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 CAPTAIN BARBOSSA Was very good in that second baby race with a strong charge home. Had zero chance trying to gain into a big last half two weeks ago. He’s got pedigree. He’s got the rail and Corey gets the re-ride. Usable.
2 KEYSTONE DASH After a pretty good Pocono try, he regressed into a break out at the Meadows. Not good. I think we need to see more of him, before we can make full judgment. I’ll wait.
3 SUPER MAC Chased along nicely here two back, and then again over at Pocono. I don’t think we’ve seen his best just yet. That might take time. Likely in “follow” mode again, so I’ll rate him a longshot.
4 FORCE N FURY One of FIVE in here for the barn. Dex drove all three times so far and ends up taking #7 tonight. That has to tell us a little something, right? Horse really hasn’t done anything wrong yet, and he’s got some speed!
5 CHIEF MATE Here’s the favorite, I believe. Prepped well twice and then went out and delivered the goods with a wicked sprint home. Has the post edge on #8 and I think A Mac will use it. The one to beat, in my book.
6 BOMBSHELL HANOVER Also a really solid performer so far for Team Orange Crush. Can’t really fault him. Comes out of that race with the wicked sprint home from the front-running longshot. No disgrace there. He should be firing out.
7 ROLLNTHEJOE This was Dexter’s pick. Was solid in both babies at the farm, so that’s good foundation. Coming out of a race where he had no real chance. Gloves might be coming off tonight, so let’s look for more. What will price be?
8 THE GREEK FREAK Great name and real nice colt so far! Was ready to go, and the star of day at Gaitway both times! Used pretty hard in first real race out in PA Maybe looking at a little different trip from this slot? Maybe.
9 SEA OF LIFE Been okay so far, but not great. Gets the worst of it, post-wise, so he will be raced from the back in here. Let’s watch for any more late life!