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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, July 12, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-9-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 SYNERGY Third foal of mare that earned just $8,300. First colt, though! Good foundation with three baby races for Engblom and a pole post to go along with speed. A lot to look forward to here.
2 GENEROUS POUR After a good baby race and subsequent start at Pocono, he tried Philly and broke. Not good. Would need to see a big bounce back effort here on the mile track. A lot to prove, coming off that mistake.
3 ONTOPOFTHEHILL Third foal of this mare, that made $270K. Sibling Sunshine Delight has earned $354K. Got just a little bit tired in his two preps down at the farm, so I do wonder about the stamina level. Might need different trip.
4 DON GRIGIO Regressed into a break in his first real race. I guess we’ll have to pass off that.
5 STARO ON THE ROCKS S Intriguing pedigree here. Just fourth foal from dam that missed eight years? He is a brother to Sevruga, who earned #1.2 million. Would love to hear the story. Went much faster in second baby race. Needs more.
6 CANTAB CADET Not sure this colt is quite ready to deliver the goods yet, but I will caution that barn has recently caught fire. Everything seems to be going well, so let’s look for this $65,000 yearling buy to improve.
7 ROSE RUN VOYAGE Has three starts under his belt, and definitely turned the corner in that last one. I’m not in love with the post, but would love to see that same gate speed. Puts him in play, if Ake wants to take a shot. Maybe.
8 CHESTNUT HILL Fourth offspring of the great Poof She’s Gone, who earned $1.3 million. Her first three foals all made the races and took marks. One of these year, she might throw a killer. This one’s been “babied” so far. More coming?
9 FLY EAGLE FLY Can’t fault the preparation of this Italian-bred first foal. After a good, educational beginning, Sears put him on the lead and the response was solid. It won’t be easy from this difficult post, but he looks better than most.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 ANNAMINSTER Homebred for Indiana connections is just second foal from dam that earned $112K. The first one is doing okay, Scirocco Donnahill. Filly improved in second start for new Hall of Fame trainer. On the right path.
2 ANDREA SUZANNE A half sis to Stella Jane, and fourth foal of mare. Went well up at Tioga, despite having only one baby race. That’s not bad! This does appear to be a tougher spot, so she will need to take another step forward.
3 CONTEPARTIRO DEO Not an easy name to say, so good luck to Ken! Showed up ready for Team Orange Crush and then follow up with a good start here. I like what I see and that speed will serve her well. Can easily be used.
4 JULIA C Homebred for Art Zubrod’s Fair Island Farm. This is a sis to Wolfgang, who was a legitimate stakes trotter. Named after famed chef Julia Child. Pair of baby races both strong, so I’m sure hopes are high! Gains more experience.
5 MOLTO BENE A first foal out of daughter of Pizza Dolce, and we all know that family. Paid instant dividends in very first start from post eight down at Philly. That’s impressive! Back to big track and DM back in bike. She’s ready!
6 DIP ME HANOVER Definitely offered an improved second start for Linda T. But, I do wonder about the missed time since? That’s a slight red flag. Therefore, for tonight’s betting purposes, I will want to watch one.
7 RAMONA HILL Barn cranking on all cylinders right now. Alagna put four in the Pace and ALL four made the final! This filly is a first foal and she looks awfully good so far! Once at the farm and once here. That’s perfect. One to beat.
8 PANEM Another first foal here, but she hasn’t quite got the hang of this racing thing just yet. It will come, but probably not tonight.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-10-7
H Horse Comment
1 DALTON DID IT Dalton hasn’t been doing much lately, but he does return to the mile track and gets a key inside post to help the cause. I know I wouldn’t want any short price, but there is chance he wakes up a little here.
2 BET THE DRAGON The Dragon’s been picking up checks lately, but as no solid threat. Same thing here. Use under.
3 BIG ROCKY Goes to the gate for a new barn tonight and that alone could wake him up. Overall, he’s been a little disappointing here, but that can change in a heartbeat. Let’s see if Lambert can improve the “big guy.” Trainer: I just got the horse, so not sure what to expect from him.
4 BLACK HAMMER The Hammer’s been getting a little tired through the long stretch here. Have to pass again.
5 ROCKS NOBLE ARTIST Sports back-to-back wins, including the Dash final for $15K two weeks ago. His finish has gotten much stronger of late and pilot fits him perfectly. Have to suspect he’ll want to get the jump on #7 here.
6 I’M SID THE KID Sid’s been a little flat for a while, so let’s look for any changes to try and revive his game. Turnaround are hard to predict, but they do happen every once in a while.
7 TAILGUNNER HANOVER Let’s just call that last one a throw-out kind of trip. He has to be better than that. I’m not in love with this post again, but feel he will get into the game a lot sooner tonight. Expect it. No big price, however.
8 BUCKEYE CHROME Doing some decent work of late. Pushed the issue last time and got a little tired. I guess that might be the key. Not using him too hard early? But, that’s what will happen tonight from this post. Has to leave.
9 MIDNIGHT DYLAN N Can’t really make a strong case for him with a move out to bad post. Need lot of luck.
10 HERE WE GO AGAIN Technically, via the Trackmaster rating, he’s taking a slight drop here. But he also gets slammed with post 10. Dustin does like to leave the gate every once in a while and this is probably the spot for that.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-9-1
H Horse Comment
1 BACK OF THE NECK A first foal here, from mare that earned $66K. Sports two strong efforts for top barn, but this wasn’t Sears’ choice of the pair. A son of European Ready Cash and he sure looks ready. Expect some speed on pole.
2 BALLCAPSNBLUEJEANS Was good in his one baby race here from off the pace. Did awfully well up at Tioga in an Excelsior A event. He is running into some bearcats here, but I hope he continues to do well. Sits, saves, rallies?
3 CUPID HANOVER 12th foal from mare that earned just $936, but produced $1.9 million earner Glidemaster. Tuned up at home base for the Burke Brigade down on the farm, but a little MIA since June 17. That’s almost a month. Tough call.
4 HAYEK Plenty of talent in this tank, but he’s just a bit too high-strung so far. Sears did pick him over #1, however. Melander will eventually “figure him out,” and don’t be surprised if it’s tonight. But, do take a long look scoring down.
5 BEYOND KRONOS First foal of unraced mare here and I’ve got good notes from both baby races. Jim C always careful and cautious with his youngsters and Tetrick kept him under wraps both times. Will be unleashed soon.
6 DUKE OF LINDY Just probably wasn’t ready for that initial try. Plus, he had post eight. So, if you just put a line through that, we’ll see if Jeff has him a bit more ready to go faster. Will have to do that eventually. I’ll watch tonight.
7 BENTLY HANOVER A little late to the part with just one baby race here from last week. Tells me he isn’t ready yet.
8 COVENTRY HALL Unimpressive either time so far. So, let’s pass and watch for any improvement tonight.
9 PRIMO PADRE A first foal here, and after a miscue in the debut, he’s been solid since. I like the way he dug in against a highly-regarded rival last Saturday. He’s got the speed to overcome the post. Could be the one to catch again.
10 SERMON Not in a good spot from post 10, that’s for sure! But, he’s got pedigree and a vastly-improved second start. Pilot might want to be a tad careful, but that’s okay. Let’s see if he can get into the game from way out here.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 HELLO TOMORROW Ninth foal of the mare here, and her first was Dejarmbro. But, Armbro Déjà vu has been a 100% producer. Sports two excellent baby races, and gave a good scare to Hypnotic AM, who is already a winner!
2 READY TO ROCK Definitely a little better in the second baby race, but that’s very typical for this barn. She’s by Donato Hanover and coming along slowly. I think I’m going to watch one more.
3 ALYVIA DEO Picked up one check for Team Harmon in the Sires Stakes and now transitions to the Kindergarten. Good lateral move. She should benefit from her experience so far, which others don’t have. Chance to pick up check.
4 NEVER LATE KAIT Still not quite at the level where she needs to be. Eventually it will come, but not just yet.
5 BAYOU A second foal here. Out of the Bella Dolce family, so that’s good. Hasn’t missed a beat yet with three improving trials. Dug in under tap urging to put it all together last Saturday. She’s ready and is the one to beat.
6 EYE ON THE HILL Also sports an improving set of lines, which I like to see. Also like that she performed better and got a little faster when moved here. IF you were searching for a price “use” kind of horse, you can look here.
7 THANKFUL FOR YOU Looks like Kentuckiana Farms bought her back out of Lexington Sale. She’s a seventh foal, sib to three that earned over $160K. After the initial miscue, two straight good efforts. Should continue to improve.
8 CREATURE OF HABIT Another daughter of Donato for Nifty and co. Sister to Habitat, who earned $1.2 million. Seems to be on the slow path so far, but that’s not abnormal. I just hate the post here. May have to come from too far back.
9 AVA KATHRYN Second foal here for the Crawford Farms. They’re campaigning her high-speed brother Lucious Vorenus. I don’t really know what to expect tonight, after the scratch and break. Very tough call. Check her out, out on the track.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-9-7
H Horse Comment
1 CEDAR HALL HEAVEN Homebred really doing okay so far. It’s not easy to keep up in those Sires Stakes races and he did. Gets another cozy pole post here and the strategy is the same. Sit in, save ground and try to get lucky late.
2 ROCKSTAR HEAVEN Retains longshot status, since he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of this racing thing. Pass.
3 VILLIAM Regressed into a miscue last time, and that is NOT a good thing. Pilot’s job tonight is to just stay pacing.
4 FOLLOW YOUR HEART Gave #9 a pretty good scare last week. Strong and solid speed effort. Hasn’t really done anything wrong yet, so that’s a plus. And, he gets a better post here to utilize that speed. Nice colt for Aaron L. Trainer: Has had a good week and couldn’t be happier with his run from last week. Looking for a big showing.
5 ROCKIN THE GATES We’re all still shock at the betting action on this fella last week. He was green behind the gate, but somehow got back in the race. Deserves a little respect for that. But, what will price be now? No mistakes, please.
6 ALEX HAVING FUN Can’t really fault him yet. He’s just got to learn to go faster. It’s not all that easy. Longshot.
7 ROCKIN JUKEBOX This gelding has picked up substantially with the switch to the big track. Russell F has himself a nice little horse here. May eventually sell him? I do hate this post, but know he will finish well. For a piece of $200K?
8 ROCK N TEEN He’s a handful, that’s for sure. Good enough to make the final after that strong second. Of course, I hate the mistake last week. I don’t like the post either. I’ll probably let him beat me, if he can. Needs a little mayhem.
9 ROCKIN THE ACES The only possible Sires Stakes Sweeper! Looked strong on the lead last week, after the pocket pounce in round one. BUT, he gets a real tough post test tonight. Will not be allowed to waltz around the track.
10 SEA ISLE CITY Gets slammed with post 10 again. Almost not fair. Have to prefer the barn’s other starter. Trainer: Has had nothing but bad luck. He’s better than what he shows.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 6-2-10-7
H Horse Comment
1 SCIROCCO ROB One of many price possibilities in this wide open race. Whenever the fave gets post 10, anything can happen, and Team Silva has done great work with this guy. Sits up close and stalks, hoping to shake free late.
2 SAY YOU DO Is there anything this horse can’t do? After a well-earned few weeks off, he scooted up to Tioga and beat a pretty good field in the Open. This is yet another step up to tackle some good ones, but he has post edge.
3 GOLD MEDAL SWAN Barn’s other starter has just worked his way too high up in class. Needs a giant mile.
4 JL CRUZE I’m really on the fence with the Cruze right now. These top races have been a bit tough on him. He does have that good burst of speed, however. Corey could end up putting him in great spot. Let’s see if he’s good tonight.
5 TOP FLIGHT ANGEL Did battle with #2 up at Tioga and lost the war. Just towed along in the follow-up over at Yonkers. He’s had some success here in past, but it’s been a while. Very mixed feelings about him in this spot.
6 TROLLEY Trolley was very specifically handled from off the pace last week, in race won up front by impressive foe. Pretty soon, the gloves will come off again and he will fire out. Tonight could be the night, with fave out in post 10.
7 HOMICIDE HUNTER Yes, he’s been a little “disappointing” lately. Yannick put him in the right spot last week and he just didn’t have the trot. Similar tactics coming tonight? I don’t see why not. Will just have to find that burst again.
8 YES MICKEY Super two back to beat Pappy and Cruze. No real factor here last week, but that trip wasn’t going to get him much. He can leave if DD wants, but I doubt he would. This race might have more pace than you think.
9 LA GRANGE A No luck from the post gods here and I think that seals his fate. Not for me tonight.
10 GUARDIAN ANGEL AS No doubt he’s in razor sharp form right now for Anette. Overpowered them at Northfield. Week off after that and a “maintenance” race here between stakes. It’s post 10. What kind of speed will we see?
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-7-9
H Horse Comment
1 CAN’T BEACH THAT MIA since June 19, so that is a problem. Burned a lot of money in his last two, so I’m definitely leaning against this evening. IF Pelling has him ready, he can win, but it won’t be for me.
2 HIGHLANDBEACHYCOVE One of a couple taking slight class drops. But even I must admit not one recent race looks good. Would need a complete turnaround and those are very hard to predict. Good luck guessing.
3 JOE JOE JOE I wasn’t on Joe when he won. Looks like he found the class hike a bit much after that and now he’s forced up again. That is probably not going to work. Not my type.
4 ALWAYS BET DE GREY Wasn’t all that bad in speedy Graduate leg two weeks ago. If anything, that should serve as the perfect acclimating mile. They didn’t send him here to waste gas, so this could be stepping stone, drop and pop.
5 BARIMAH A He’s stepped up and beaten fields like this before, so I hesitate to toss him out. The post is perfect to give Tetrick options. Horse usually has one good move, but timing and trip are critical. Can be used at price.
6 SADIQ HANOVER Liked his effort two back. Not so much last week, as he didn’t have the same pop. Therefore, I have NO idea what to expect for tonight. Loses Sears to #4, but I expected that. Would need the right kind of flow.
7 COUGAR HALL Had a tough time attacking first over into that slow pace over at Yonkers. 9YO on the comeback trail for Gillis, and I’ll note he took his mark on big track. He just might be ready to uncork a big one. Maybe.
8 BIG STRETCH MARK I think Stretch is going to need some class and post relief before we see his best again. Pass.
9 BRAVO TEX N Still trying to find a way to win, and still hasn’t gotten the job done. Moves even further outside now, to make the task that much tougher. I will use underneath only, not on top.
10 WORLD ON EDGE Probably the key to the race tonight. On the class drop, the sophomore will have to blast out. He can do that, but he clearly doesn’t like to win too often. At low odds, from post 10, why take the risk?
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-4-9
H Horse Comment
1 STELLA KEMP Turned in two solid efforts to make tonight’s final and the post gods were kind to this Ake trainee. She’ll be a longshot, but she can get money from this post, IF the trip is smooth. Must avoid the “shuffle.”
2 JULA CHAMPAGNE Was completely ignored by the bettors last week and she went out and raced well. Obviously, this is much better starting slot and that will give Yannick many more options. Should be nice price again.
3 SPIRIT OF DEO She wasn’t quite as strong in round two, as she was in round one. But, that may have been by design to get her more experience going into the final. This is exactly the right post for her to begin that grind with Anthony.
4 CAVIART EVA Beat a nose and beat a neck in first two tries. Can’t fault that in any way! Took it to #9 late and it was good battle. She has huge post edge tonight, and that pure speed should serve her well. Can she stick nose in front?
5 FORTUNE STARLET Was “babied” in leg one, and then the gloves came off for round two That WAS very strong, steamrolling win last week, with a huge sprint home. Scotty Z will try to do the same thing here. Grinds ‘em down?
6 COMMON SENSE S Just like her stablemate, she raced well in both legs. Wasn’t quite trotting with #5, but still went okay. Pilot would love to sign up for that same trip tonight and it might happen. That could get her a piece.
7 VIOLET STRIDE Really expected her to take a big step forward last week and it simply did not happen. Leaving the gate may have taken the sting out of her. Now, it’s another tough post. What’s TT going to do? Wish I knew.
8 TRICKY SISTER Did well to keep up from the rail last week, but it’ll be different scenario here. Too tough a post.
9 SPOILED PRINCESS After a very “encouraging” debut for Nifty and Sears, she put it ALL together in round two. Dug in tenaciously to hold off Eva. This post will be huge test! Just might change things up and try to stalk. We’ll see.
10 DRAMATRA Looked absolutely vicious in the opening leg, and then not-so-much in round two. Got NO love from the post gods here, so this is real tough spot. No idea what to expect, or what the plan will be. Wishing luck.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-5-4-7
H Horse Comment
1 LIFE WELL LIVED Not sure why he’s in this race, since he fits a cheaper slot. Definitely a longshot.
2 U NEED STONES It’s been a real up-and-down year for him so far. Something went wrong last month and his comeback race at Philly wasn’t all that good. I’m going to guess no on him, but caution he’s beaten me before.
3 CHECKMATE TIME She’s had a couple chances already and hasn’t gotten lucky yet. This is monster bump up in class and I just have to feel it’s too much. Will have to prove me wrong to win it.
4 MAX VOLO Max has tailed off a bit, but one of these night’s he will wake back up. This barn did it with On Duty at a nice price recently. Wakeup calls are hard to predict, but this is a better post too!
5 HENDERSON SEELSTER The clear-cut speed of the race, IF Sears want to try it again. He changed up the plan last week and horse did not fire out of the flow. I think he’ll look at this bunch and go back to the gas pedal. For a piece.
6 ZLATAN Comes out of a 1:49 trotting mile, so let’s not be too hard on him! Prior to that, benefited from a very slick drive from Vinny G. I think same thing coming here. Has to get out of there and try to sit that trip. Can happen.
7 ON THE ROPES In the Sale on Sunday, so last chance to impress. I’m definitely NOT in love with the switch to anouter post here. Puts him up against the ropes, trying to make up ground. The hotter the pace, the better it is for him.
8 SHEEZ ON A CRUZE What do we do with this mare? I just don’t think she’s as sharp as she was here a few months ago. But, I probably said the same thing about Lather Up and we saw what happened there. Not an easy post for her.
9 SIMPLY VOLO Corey put a good trip on him last time, but he just didn’t have enough at the end. So, what do we do now from post nine? He can leave, but doesn’t always. The trip will be deciding factor here.
10 ARMAGEDON SEELSTER Pat Berry put a good steer on this longshot last week and it earned them a second at 20-1. From post 10 tonight, the price might be similar. Have a feeling he might need to get a little “luckier” here.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 TIE YOUR SHOE ED He’s a real tough horse to handicap. Pretty inconsistent. But, overall he’s been just okay here. Seems to pack one move only, so it’s early or late. From the rail, it’ll probably come late. Needs a dream trip.
2 ALL IT TAKES Keeps Marcus over #1, and does come off a confidence builder. Was 3-5 and all out to beat weaker This is solid step up and he will need even more to beat these. At least he has good inside post to stick close.
3 CHANGE STRIDE N Yes, I can see the driver change! Got burned up in the pace battle two weeks ago. Will probably benefit from a week off. He’s hinted at serious ability when stalking. I just think he will be way overbet!
4 STORMONT CZAR A The slowish start cost him dearly in that amateur race, so Rob hands over the lines to Tyler now. Horse has a big back class edge on these and I will accept no excuses in this spot. Good post. Versatile horse. Trainer: Should be okay in here. Tyler driving him. He knows him really well and won’t be gapped 15 lengths at the half!
5 FOUR STACES He’s a little bit of a mystery in here, off that scratch. So, he hasn’t raced in three weeks. Dexter did choose him, however. That’s a small reason for confidence. Post is ideal. Must find that form from months ago.
6 SPICEBOMB I usually like it when Spice shows up in a spot like this, but am mystified why DD didn’t choose him. Any of his good efforts make him a threat in here. It’s all about pace and trip, and maybe the price will be right.
7 KEEPMYWIGLEGAMETYT What on earth do we do with this guy? Team Teague homebred 3YO likes to win, that’s for sure. But, is this the right spot after missing several weeks. I simply don’t know, and have to guess. Good luck!
8 KIWI IDEAL N He’s not without a chance here, on the slight drop. The post certainly won’t make things any easier, but he can motor if A Mac wants. I will be watching the tote board for any clues. Plenty of past success here.
9 SHATTERED GLASS Goes back to an outside post tonight and that probably seals his fate. Not for me.
10 CENTURY CHURCHILL Last two at this higher level have been nothing to write home about. Got cooked in the pace battle last time, but draws yet another poor post and Andy will have to work out some sort of trip. Not likely.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 HUDSON RIVER Still very much a “work in progress.” Jimmy T will drive to get a feel how horse is. Pass.
2 EUROBOMB Moves to a new barn here and should very much have the edge on a few of his younger rivals. When right, this is a VERY good horse. I don’t know if they can turn him around in two weeks, but we will find out!
3 WHITE TIGER Really hated to see that break two weeks ago, when first time Lasix. Andrew H has had two weeks to straight things out. He usually does. I’m sure they would like to try the Hambo with him. He must perform well here.
4 FINALLY FOUND AWAY Man is he good right now! Bobby S has turned this guy into a fairly decent trotter. This is a massive step up in class tonight, and I’m anxious to see if he can go with these. Dave M will put him in play.
5 GUARANTEED Another one facing a stern and severe test on the Road to the Hambo. IF they’re thinking about it, the colt will have to step up and deliver powerhouse performance. I can’t say I liked that break two weeks ago. Tough call.
6 BIODETTI HANOVER Hard-knocking gelding here. Dex almost got lucky and stole that race last week. It was a very good performance. I’d be shocked if he didn’t try same thing, but may have to follow tonight. Still can be used at price.
7 FADE INTO YOU Put the hopples on and produced a better effort. I’m still not putting her in the class of some of these, so look for Yannick to be extra careful with her Just to stay on stride.
8 STENHOUSE HANOVER Yes, he finally won a race! Now that that’s over, let’s see what he can do against a field like this. Like #3, this is big bump up, and he’s slammed with another outside post. Want to see the same speed, please.
9 SPECTRE This Buter guy can drive a little, huh? That was picture-perfect and patient steer to produce yet another longshot winner. Drew similar tough post, but now faces a few powerful new shooters. Plus, the price is gone! Trainer: I’m looking for him to race the same. Hopefully, the outcome is the same. If not, he should be right there!
10 MEMO No factor from better post last week. Now, it’s the 10-box. That’s not going to help.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-7-9
H Horse Comment
1 BIG CC’S ROCK Begins next stage of career for a new barn here. Most of the time, Dan M gets them to go. This one has missed a few weeks, though and that’s an issue. Will have to be VERY ready to pace in 52 to be competitive.
2 TARAMAKAUREACTOR N Getting closer and closer for The Mann, but I don’t know if I can go to the well one more time. He’s gotten me a few times already. Has that same finishing style as the fave, but the better post. A maybe!
3 ROCKAHOLIC Regressed into another miscue, so he’s pretty tough to swallow at this point. He wins….I lose!
4 HAYMITCH Had an acclimating mile, which always helps. We have seen horses like this “wake up” in their second start here. Wouldn’t be totally out of the question tonight for Team Scicluna. Not easy for a 3YO vs. older.
5 GOOD DATE MATE He’s kind of sneaky-good right now, so I definitely wouldn’t talk you off him tonight. I like the post. I like his style. Just needs some pace to rally into. I would want a fair price to toss onto the ticket.
6 SUPER FREEKEH He still looks like a big longshot to me. I will pass on the Freekeh one more time.
7 ALWAYS A DIAMOND Returns to the mile track on a drop and gets Yannick. That almost automatically means no value! The post can be a problem for him, but if Yannick feels good about it, he will leave. Almost has to.
8 LEX VEGAS Really liked his first try here. Not so much in the follow-up. Mizz Hall then took him to Philly where the bad post blues kicked in. It’s ALL about pace and trip for Lex too! Not sure this can work out too well in slot eight.
9 JUST N BERLANDER Did I forget that, or was he really 1-5 two weeks ago? I guess so! He DID deliver the goods, but I might take a swing against him from this post. Can’t leave a lick, and I just don’t see much pace in here. Your call?
10 DAVID THE SAINT IF just toss the race from Philly, the horse is pretty good right now. What ruins good streaks? Post 10!! Let’s see if Stevie can somehow get him into play earlier. That might give him check chances.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-5-7-4
H Horse Comment
1 THE ROCK In a field of EIGHT class droppers, this is one of them, and fresh off the claim. He didn’t have any excuse when last seen, but I don’t know if he wants to race on the lead anyway. Look for a different kind of trip tonight.
2 LEGION OF BOOM I have to admit, I feel bad for Keith T that he got beat last time. That’s the best his horse has raced in a LONG time. Unfortunately, the field he’s facing tonight, looks a lot stronger than last time. No cakewalk here.
3 ASTOR Pretty dull form of late. In need of a total turnaround and those are hard to predict. I’m taking a pass.
4 SOUTHWIND MASIMO Could be brush and crush these? Absolutely. But, is he worth the short-price risk of staying pacing? That is your decision. I’m preferring a more reliable foe in #6, but wouldn’t be shocked if Masimo won.
5 BYBY LANDON Stopped badly here two back. No real factor at Philly. He’s not really going to be 6-5 like he was on June 22, right? Just 1-17 this year, so I suggest you get a fair price, IF you think he can improve and win in here.
6 CITY HALL By all rights, he should just crush these! He’s got a big back class edge on this field and his last start is better than you think! Might even be the best bet of the night for Team Buter! I’m not going against.
7 SPORTSMANSHIP If you think City is vulnerable for some reason, maybe you try this one? He’s won here before, but not yet this year. Only win came at Yonkers. Has steadily worked his way down the class ladder. The post might hurt.
8 CONSTNTLYSIDEWYS A New barn still trying to figure him out. That hasn’t happened yet, and I need to see it first.
9 GAMBLER’S TALE Has the look of a big longshot from an outside post like this. Wasn’t Dunn’s choice. Mine either.
10 JACK RACKHAM If Eric A can somehow get Jack into the race, he might have a player’s chance. Wasn’t bad in that last try here at this level. But, you all know how I feel about post 10. Good luck if you back Jack!