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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, June 14, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-9-8
H Horse Comment
1 CARTERS CAPER Had a tough time in this race last week, failing to gain much ground. I don’t know how much better he could get in a week, but it’s needed! Still a longshot, even from the rail again.
2 SAMMY B HAPPY Another that was clearly struggling to keep up with the pack, and then ended up inside the cones for some reason. Looking like a bigger longshot again tonight.
3 ASCOT ENCOUNTER A Has definitely had a few “adventures” in the series, but the bottom line is that he hasn’t trotted fast enough. I do think the post relief will make things a little easier, but more needed to snap that 0-13 skid.
4 JACKAMINO Mark Silva taking a turn in the sulky seat here and this horse has been performing well. Usually packs that one reliable move and he’s not out of this! Likely to be in perfect stalking spot for driver that wins here.
5 MAY I CRUISE WEST Also retains longshot status, in my opinion. He’s a one move closer that needs everything to go exactly his way, and that doesn’t often happen.
6 MATEO Has worked his way down in class and Corey took a shot with him last week. Horse did get tired, so I don’t know if we’ll see that speed again. Maybe a trip from behind? A price either way.
7 JUST N BERLANDER Has held his form quite nicely over the past few months. Raced exclusively from off the pace, but he picks off many of them despite the pace. I see PLENTY of pace in here, with #8,9 Can he win it from last? Maybe.
8 CC BIG BOY SAM Have to admit, that was a real WOW mile last week! Every time you expected Sam and Monica to get tired, they just kept on going! She’ll be uber-aggressive again, firing out of the gate. This will be tougher tonight.
9 SERIOUS MAJOR A bit overbet last week, off those two monster miles. Wasn’t quite as monstrous last week. That trip was a bit too tough, but will it really be any easier from this post? It’ll be up to TJ to get some kind of better journey.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 ZLATAN Raced pretty well again last week, with some kick at both ends. Has the rail now on a slight hike against a few droppers. Vinny will be aggressive early, and then probably try to follow. IF he shakes free, will have trot!
2 KING CAST Finds his way back over from Yonkers. Bit of a mystery lately, between the breaks, and broken equipment? Not really sure what’s going on, so I expect a conservative trip. Looks like medium longshot to me.
3 YUGE One of four shippers in here, to make things tougher on the handicappers. First starter here this year for Team Lohmeyer and we’re always glad to see them! Looks like this is the right level. Let’s see if horse likes the mile track.
4 HENDERSON SEELSTER Since that win, the wheels have come off! What’s going on? Two straight nasty miscues at the gate, so I would be hard pressed to make a strong case for success. Let’s see if he just stays trotting tonight.
5 ON THE ROPES Made a break in a much stronger event last weekend. That’s a step in the wrong direction. Ake hops back in the bike tonight and maybe he will right the ship? The speed offered at Pocono was pretty good. Sends?
6 DW’S REVENGE More than capable when he’s on his game, but that is legitimate question right now. That break down at Philly really scares me! Back to Club Med now, where he’s won before. Drops a tick. Is that the solution?
7 JOEY BATS Back on the truck and back to Harris barn. That qualifier was just what they were looking for, and he finished up strong. Speed seems to be his game, so let’s expect the full monty blast off. The one to catch? Trainer: Fell off form. I truly feel he will go 52 at Big M. He’s fast! Just have to get him brave again.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 PINEBUSHSEVEN Has now raced 18 times without hitting the board. I think that’s enough said. Pass.
2 CHEAP TRICKS This has got to be the wakeup call spot, right Seems like he’s rounded into his speed by now and any of those stakes tries should be good enough to beat these. A battle between the “0-fors” with #8. Post edge helps.
3 LAZZARO He was okay last week, but not great. Also gets a bit of post relief to make the task easier, but he will need to find a bigger punch to get the whole pie. Not out of it, but not my top choice either. Your call, folks?
4 TOTALLY TAKTER Still very much a “work in progress,” and we’re not there quite yet. I would need to see a good, flat mile before I could even consider. Check the board for any equipment changes, or something. Needs more.
5 GOLDEN TRICKS One of the fillies in here, tackling the boys. She ended her season nicely last fall Started her sophomore year okay with aggressive stakes tries. The knock is the missed time. No race for last month? Why?
6 MISS TRIXTON She squandered a lovely trip in the Sires Stakes final to only earn a minor share. I know nobody was beating Evident Beauty, but you hate to miss those trips. I do wonder if she’ll be overbet here? Lacks winning habit.
7 MARVELOUSTRIX Also found the Sires Stakes just a tad too much, but this is different. I still remember her solid rallies a while back. It’s ALL about pace and trip for her. IF the flow is live, she will come charging.
8 STENHOUSE HANOVER That’s a tough beat if you had him last week! (Dave Little) Just ran out of time. However, horse is still sharp and seems long, long overdue to finally win one again. Guaranteed blast out of the gate.
9 HOLD MY HEART Greg drove him to a win down at Philly, but that was against a much weaker bunch. Found the class hike too much, and look who won that race! Guaranteed. Tonight’s problem is the post. A slowish starter.
10 FULL RIGHTS Ray put the hopples back on this guy for a fairly decent qualifier. But, I do have a feeling this will be a “test drive” from the dreaded post 10. Let’s see if he gets around there all way without making a mistake.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 BROADWAY EXCEPTION Is used to competing at a level lower than this, so I have to rate him a longshot, even from the rail. I would be very surprised if he jumped up and beat these.
2 MUGSHOT JESS Moves back inside, which is an immediate help. The race two back was pretty good, and that’s the blueprint for a nice trip again. Jess likely to make one big move and hope for a smooth journey. Can happen.
3 VOSS VOLO That was SOME trip from this gelding last week to fly by weaker. Full congrats for that, but this is a pretty steep class hike tonight. I guess I’d be surprised if he jumped up and swept the pack again. Your call, folks?
4 FASHIONWOODCHOPPER This looks like a “now or never” spot for this underachiever. They paid big $$ for him last fall and started the season aggressively in stakes. He “needs” a confidence builder and this race HAS to be it.
5 WARRAWEE SHIPSHAPE IF you think the fave might be vulnerable for any reason, then this is probably your best betting option. He’s used to facing a bit better on the class scale, so let’s see if he can jump up, put a scare into #5.
6 EXPLOSIVE RIDGE I guess we could call that a needed comebacker. He’s not the “winning type” overall, but I do think he’ll improve a little here. Moves out a few slots, so that may not help. Can be used in gimmicks, if price is right.
7 GONNA FLY I’ve now tried this guy a couple times, so I guess I’m off the bandwagon. These outside post, and very tough trips are ruining his chances. Since I’m passing now, watch him get great trip tonight and beat me!
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 EUROBOND I’ve never been lucky trying to bet this guy, but I do respect his talent! Actually raced his eyeballs out in the Graduate here and then made a mistake up in Canada. Back to Club Med, and back on the rail. A must use!
2 SPECTRE Barn has two in here and I guess we’ll find out how good this fella is? After the nice confidence builder up at Tioga, this is thrown to the wolves. I’m going to take a chance and watch one. Maybe hope for a softer spot later on? Trainer: Just got him in from Canada last week. Seems oka. Will try him here.
3 SOUL STRONG No, he wasn’t going to beat Greenshoe in the Sires Stakes final, but that break is very disappointing. A week off after that and a somewhat softer spot for a comeback. He was VERY good on May 17. Needs that effort.
4 CHIEF JUSTICE Quietly having a decent season so far, as he’s marched up the class ladder. He’s found this level a little too much, but still getting checks. That’s probably the goal again. Would love to follow #3. Live cover!
5 MY LINDY WINNER Team Harmon’s other starter put a real big scare into Say You Do last week. That tells me he’s very sharp right now and he may be the one to catch now. Expect speed. Expect him to try and steal this. Maybe. Trainer: I thought it was a perfect trip to win, even with a monster on the front. After looking at chart, I sound like a sore loser! I don’t know how much more I can ask of him.
6 CASA PALMERA Did real well down at Philly and then tried Yonkers and that didn’t work. Barn showing up here for first time this year, so see how earlier starter did in the second. May give us a gauge on what to expect from this one.
7 U NEED STONES Like #1, I have NEVER figured out this horse. He’s SO inconsistent. Didn’t look like much of a threat vs. these last week, and now the post is even tougher. I can’t hop on board his boat right now.
8 MAX VOLO Max got us all real good with another perfect trip and drive to post an upset win. With that said, I guess Corey will take a shot and send again. It’s worked out nicely. I’m still not betting on him, though!
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 7-3-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 SWEET DIAMOND Barn has a pair in here and this is the one that’s missed some time. That’s a big red flat in spot like this. So, I think she might need this. Will try to keep pace with her older foe in #7, but that’s asking a lot. Trainer: She’s going to need this race, as she’s had a little trouble getting in recently. She’s a nice filly, but not 100% on her game yet.
2 JK MARDI SAYS This one’s got some questions too! Had a tough trip from the eight-hole over at Pocono and now finds herself back at the Med against a quick bunch. Is she ready to deliver the goods? I’m leaning towards no. Trainer: Adds Lasix! She hasn’t been finishing her miles to her ability and has more to give. Question is: will she?
3 KEY WEST Couldn’t quite keep up with the elder mare Backseat down at Philly a few weeks ago. I think we’re pretty much looking at the same thing here! I know that was just her first start of year, so maybe she’ll be tighter now?
4 LOUPHORIA Yannick didn’t seem all that happy with this lass when he last drove her here. Maybe that’s why he opted off tonight. However, whenever YG takes OFF a Burke horse, that’s always going to be a negative. I will pass too!
5 DISTURBED HANOVER Not really sure what’s going on with this lass right now. After a very good start to the campaign, she ran out of luck up in Canada. This is a very reasonable spot to try here, but she’s been MIA too long.
6 NEWSDAY I’ve got a real sour taste in my mouth after watching her get very tired last week. Sometimes, these mares can be very inconsistent and drive you crazy. IF she’s good, she has big chance. But, that seems like a BIG if.
7 BACKSEAT TERROR By all rights, she should blast right to the front and go right down the road again! Looked like a monster doing it here on May 10. Kept it up down at Philly. They found a very nice soft spot for mile track return.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-8-7
H Horse Comment
1 WELL SAID MARIA Nickerson barn bringing a few south for big track tries. We’ve seen Maria race well here before. The rail is a huge plus for mare with big speed. She’ll blast, and then probably follow. Has square upset chance.
2 VINTAGE BABE Didn’t look all that ready in her comebacker. She’s probably not ready for this either. Pass.
3 MAJOR MAID The Maid tried it on the lead last week and got run over late. She needs the “Big Stretch Mark” drive! The blast and then follow. She’s impressed me so far on the mile track. Can she get around #1 early? Probably.
4 SLICK ARTIST A Really don’t know what to do with this mare, sporting that 1-18 record this year. On her best day, she’s good for one solid move, be it early or late. I imagine it will be late vs. these. Needs that ideal journey.
5 SHEWEARSTHEPANTS Ended up with a nice journey tracking #3 last week, but it was the stronger field at lower level that did not help. This is a big step UP for her now and I have to rate her a longshot.
6 WHISKERSONKITTENS Tetrick had an option and chose this mare over #1. I get it. She’s been pretty consistent of late and really did her best work with Tim aboard. Will be on the gas pedal leaving, and needs a trip after that.
7 TRAFFIC JAM Found herself in deep waters against that tougher bunch last week. She still knocked out a check, so that’s not bad. On the slight drop back down, Tyler will have some decisions to make, with all the speedsters in here.
8 SANNA CRUZA A Had this lass drawn a better spot, I could probably make more of a case. She also had a “needed” race after missing a few weeks. And, it wasn’t bad. Eddie Hart taking a few for Camp Cullipher. Has to get lucky here.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 8-6-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 SWEET ROCK One of the many price possibilities in this vicious race! Do NOT forget he shocked us once here already this year, and he’s got more than enough blast out speed to protect the pole. Interesting spot if he can follow #8.
2 CLASSY DRAGON Sears was originally listed on both #5,9 and ends up on this guy for Team Bongiorno. I must note that he outraced his odds with strong efforts in both earlier legs of this series. A super patient drive coming tonight.
3 TRUMP NATION We all know that IF somebody softens up Highalator, this will be the power finisher! He can flat-out fly at the end of it and I have NO idea how this race is going to go. IF price is fair, you’d better include the Trump. Trainer: He’s just been consistent and true to his form. Did miss time due to a virus, but trained back great. Seems good.
4 DEALT A WINNER IF you’re a believer of the “confidence builder” maybe you want to try this guy again? That was good, strong, dig-in win for Bartlett two weeks ago. IS he really ready to tackle the top ones again? We’ll find out.
5 OUR MAX PHACTOR N What a super drive JB put on the Phactor two weeks ago. And he was flattered when Joe came back to win impressively last week. BUT for tonight’s betting purposes, can he possibly get good trip again? No.
6 WESTERN JOE Joe is back and in a big way! What a monster test coming up tonight when he squares off against Highlator! Regular driver Scotty Z is BACK in bike and he performs miracles at times. Can he beat Highalator? Maybe.
7 MCTHRILLER No, I cannot argue that the Thrill is in career peak form right now. But, I can make a case that he hasn’t faced powerhouses like this in a while. Corey staying loyal, but the Thrill won’t beat these tonight.
8 HIGHALATOR Answers every call. Delivers pure speed at any point. Rick has driven him superbly all year. I won’t go against, but if you think post eight might hurt him, go ahead. I will wish you luck. He’s just too good right now.
9 DUPLICATED N Moves from pole to post nine, which really hurts. Does get the “stable” driver with Tim aboard again. Gave None Bettor a good run a few weeks ago, and we all saw that foe win the Battle of Lake Erie after. Can he overcome the post with #8 blasting just inside?
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-6-1-5
H Horse Comment
1 WINDSUN BROOKLYN If Mr. 11,000 is having a good night so far, you better take a long look at this mare. I don’t know how good she is, but we’re going to find out tonight. She started streak on mile track. Might be this good!
2 BETTERTHANBRIE Seemed poised for a big mile last week and couldn’t possibly have been more disappointing. Fro that reason, I have to hop off the bandwagon. This is very strong bunch again. Needs a big wakeup call.
3 GIVEMEYOURHEART Usually performs well in this spot, but this is a particularly solid bunch for the level. I’m going to pass on her again and wait for a softer spot somewhere down the road.
4 FOX VALLEY HERMIA “Stole one” last week, on her Trackmaster rating. But, believe me, that was a much softer spot. She’s in for the tag here, but Timmy opted no for the re-ride I think he’s right. This may be too tough for her.
5 LIVE ODDS Like #3, she’s usually at her best in this bottom class. But, in reality this is tougher! She still has a chance, due to the perfect post for her style. IF the pace is hot, and IF the flow is live, she could come storming home.
6 NARCIAN JEWEL Another with a huge chance in here! The Mann has her in the right spot at Club Med for first time in long while. He’s not taking back! Aggressive attempt coming, and she would be no surprise in the winner’s circle.
7 BETTOR CHILL OUT Really liked her two weeks ago, but that overland trip was too much. Unfortunately, it might be similar type trip, but I will try again. She’s in the mix here, but Dave has to get her a better journey. Somehow.
8 D GS SHADOWBELL Appears to have tailed off just a touch, so she’s a pass from the outside post.
9 MOTU MOONBEAM N She’s disappointed since arriving at this lower level. And guess what? It will continue due to post 10. I don’t see how she gets into the race.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 JL CRUZE I was dead wrong about the Cruze last week! He did literally “steal one” however. Flaunted his back class, and he will need ALL of that again, just to threaten this top crew. This is one heck of a race, folks! Can’t wait to watch.
2 YES MICKEY In a field like this, somebody has to be the longshot and Mickey is it. Hasn’t beaten this type in a long time. Best asset here is the post. All he has to do is sit, save ground and try to get lucky. Not sure about that.
3 PINKMAN I will always have a soft spot for this Hambo hero. He chased Trolley last month with NO chance to catch. This race could be a little different. And, he might be the beneficiary. DD got along with him at Philly. BIG chance now.
4 TROLLEY What do we do with Trolley tonight? After the well-rated sprint-off here, he had the really tough trip trying to track down Angel in the Maxie Lee. So, what will Andy do tonight? I think he’ll use that post position edge.
5 GUARDIAN ANGEL AS I was absolutely floored by his monster mile in the Maxie Lee. It was THAT good! It’s time to start giving this horse the respect he deserves. He is the big fear here, but I do wonder how Timmy will steer tonight.
6 CRUZADO DELA NOCHE My “lack of respect” for him cost me a nice ticket here in the Cutler. Followed that up with a no-chance mile from post eight against #5. Okay. Will they mix it up enough to set up his rally? I wish I knew.
7 PAPPY GO GO Pappy is usually a little buried in a spot like this. He looks like one of the longshots tonight.
8 NEW HEAVEN That was a real torturefest in last Yonkers try. That’s not going to happen in here. Eric A will protect his top trotter and race from behind to try and pick up some pieces. There may not be many to pick up.
9 MARION MARAUDER What should we expect from the other Hambo winner in here, in just first start off bench? I don’t have a clue. I can tell you his qualifiers were both super. It’s a horrible post. There are bigger fish to fry on down the road.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-9-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKIN PRALINE Firing back on short rest here, after a VERY good second to a 3-5 on Wednesday at Pocono. I’m not a huge fan of the short rest thing, but you all know I love this mare! Andy’s choice over #3 will protect the rail.
2 ELLA CHRISTINA Of Surick’s pair in here, I prefer Praline for tonight. Tetrick didn’t take her here, so that tells me a story. I’m looking for her to have a sit-in trip and shake loose late with some pace. Finds softer spot later.
3 INVERSE HANOVER Have to think she’s got BIG chance in here, even if Andy opted off. After the flat return try here, she was MUCH better here last week. Stormed home. The perfect guy gets the call now. Any smooth trip: huge chance!
4 BELIEVE IN ME Just can’t find ways to win. That’s why she’s just 1-15 this year. I rate her a longshot tonight.
5 MISS YOU N Really overachieving here this year. She was deceptively decent here on May 24, but then took few weeks off. Why? Qualifier was okay, but this is also a much tougher field than she faced. Is she this good? I doubt.
6 TERROR AT NIGHT The last time we saw her here, she got beat by Traffic Jam. And, it wasn’t much of a fight. In this field, I think Traffic Jam would be 15-1. I can see that she swelled up out of town, but I need to see good one here.
7 PERCY BLUECHIP Has more than enough back class to beat these, folks! Can’t question that. I do wonder if she’s at her best on the mile track, but she was VERY good again last week. There will be speed! Tries get jump on the Ace.
8 CATCH AN ACE Yes, I saw her devastating rally last week! It was eye-catching, and it was impressive! You’re not supposed to sweep a field that easily, but she did. Same thing coming, but how far back will she be this time?
9 DELISHKA N We have not seen this one here yet. I love the look of her lines at home base, but this is pure torture spot from the worst post. She left the gate in 25.4 at Dover, so I guess she can leave a little, right? Lol! Dexter blasts?
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 8-3-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 MAGNIFISPIN Definitely looks like a “work in progress” for Team Fusco. I want to watch one here first, before I invest Let’s see if she can go fast enough. Andy Mac takes the call, so that’s a positive.
2 ANOTHERPRETTYFACE Andy’s choice sports two straight good lines, so that’s a plus! So is the post! So that might give her a chance to get the jump on some of the closers in here. I wouldn’t talk you off this lass, for sure.
3 PETAL TO THE METAL We finally get to see Stacy’s top mare back on the big track! It’s been a while, and we’ve missed you! The horse is a grinding monster, and she has more than a few wins here. Don’t be afraid to use. Trainer: Been finishing well her last couple starts from outside posts. Hopefully, the inside draw will help her out.
4 STONEBRIDGE PEARL Why on earth was she 5-2 last week? Did I miss something. Apparently, I didn’t, because she she not fire with any pace. She will NOT be 5-2 tonight. I will pass anyway.
5 MISTRESS ANGELINA Not exactly in great form right now, so I will pass on both starters from this barn. Let’s see if either one is good enough to race here.
6 JOHN’S ONE DESIRE Sports three straight good efforts here, so that’s a big plus! For a while, I thought Tyler had stolen one last week. I have to think he’s blasting again, but might want to “follow” this week. That would help.
7 ALWAYS AS FAST Hasn’t been much of a factor here lately, so she looks like big longshot tonight.
8 WHO SAYS THAT Easily the key to the race, but we DO have to guess. She was downright flat on Wednesday night at Pocono, but I’m sure barn has THIS spot in mind. With Timmy aboard, we’re going to see a completely different orse tonight.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-5-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 THERAPUTIC By this time Friday night, I’m going to NEED some therapy! Finished up that Gaitway qualifier with a fairly decent kick, so we’d better take a long look with the Captain aboard. Wasn’t great back here in May. More now?
2 JUSTCALLMERONALD Went all the way to Massachusetts and stunk. That’s a long trip for nothing. A few of his races here are good enough to put him in play. IF you were playing Super Hi 5’s. I would use in underneath spots.
3 BOSS DU FOSSE Just trying to get him back into real races for money. Must prove he can trot here first.
4 ARCHIBALD Regressed back into his old bad habits over at Pocono. We all know he’s more than capable of winning this, but WILL he trot? Fern listed himself. Then he listed Yannick. He ends up getting The Mann. Keep him trotting, Bill!
5 OSVALDO BLUE CHIP Arguably not one of my favorites, but even I realize he probably has big chance in here on the big class drop. IF Mr. Shay has him primed and ready, Mr. Tetrick can probably get him rolling. Consider that.
6 KNIGHTOFVICTORY Retains longshot status, after another clunker. He’s not my type for now.
7 DIAMOND STARLIGHT Just 1-27 last year. This is second start this year. Simply because barn is SO hot right now, we have to take an extra look. This is the bottom class, where horses sometimes find renewed speed.
8 FERRISWHEEL JUNKIE Timmy chose this one last week and I didn’t know why. He did not choose the Junkie tonight, and that makes sense. He was okay, not great. Will need to find a lot more zip to overcome another outside post.
9 CHECKMATE TIME Gabe and I needed this mare BIGTIME last week, and she tried hard. So did Dupont! Just got a little leg weary neat the end. My only knock tonight is the post, since she’s not a real blaster. Maybe grinds ‘em down?
10 BLAZIN DELORES Another huge longshot, stuck out in post 10. That’s not going to work.