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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, March 22, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-9-3
H Horse Comment
1 CC BIG BOY SAM Nice spot for the Rick Dane reclaim here. He gets to take the horse home after the race! Drew a cozy inside post for a speed driver in Monica. Might be very tough to catch in this spot. Has to deal with #9 early.
2 I’LL CALL U LATER No real threat when transitioned to this event last week. The race was won on the front, so nobody was gaining much late. Plots for a much nicer trip right in behind #1. Let’s see if there’s most pop in the tank.
3 SO TAKE THAT Was very “lucky” to win two back when things opened up nicely. Was actually very good to win last week when he stormed by the field in race that set up for closers. Will it set up that way again? I have my doubts.
4 I’M SID THE KID Got caught up in the mayhem of the race last week. Launched a big move and flattened out. The move wasn’t bad, but timing and trip are always critical. Joe will have to work out a trip.
5 RUDE BOY Got shuffled and showed little in his first try here. Don’t really know what to make of that, because he has to be better than that. Drew ideal midpack post here and I do wonder what tactics will be. Has to offer bigger kick.
6 CHEYENNE REIDER Reider got parked out last week, simple as that. So, let’s not be too hard on the horse, or the driver. This spot is only a little bit better, but don’t be surprised if we see gas pedal again. Makes things interesting.
7 MOM’S CROSSROADS Invades from Pocono off an eight-hole race, so let’s just toss that. This spot isn’t all that much better, so let’s rate him a longshot from out here for the Double A. Will have to get a little lucky.
8 MAY I CRUISE WEST Avoided some of the mayhem and finished okay last week. Now moves to bad post. Pass.
9 VELOCITY SUB Z He’s the key to the race! Especially from the bad post. No doubt he’s going to leave, but Benson is going to have to find a way to slow him down and rate. No speed duels this week, please! Trainer: Fitting in well, feeling good and loving the Maine air! He may be little, but he’s fast!
10 IDEAL CANDIDATE Doreen Dailey reached and claimed the 13YO warhorse last week. Gelding gave it his usual game try chasing an uncatchable Abbeylara. Tonight’s problem is the post. How can he possibly get good trip from here?
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 CAPT CHAPS HANOVER Looks like a “work in progress” for Team Burke after a somewhat unsuccessful freshman campaign. He did have a “better-than-it-looked” qualifier here last week. Good step in right direction. Has partner.
1A GOES DOWN SOUTH Blew right by the leader, with a very encouraging qualifier. Has same profile as his stablemate but maybe a bit flashier pedigree?I like the post. I like what I saw in the am. Wouldn’t talk you off him tonight.
2 FOREVERHILLREIGN Field’s most expensive yearling buy took a while to get to the races, but that happens. Do note that he’s already been gelded too! Not so sure about that, but I also liked his pair of qualifiers. Don’t be shocked.
3 AB’S ROYAL PUNKIN Still a bit of a mystery to me, but back to longshot status after another miscue.
4 WINGS OF SPEED Andy was very careful with this colt in debut two weeks ago, but he did come on willingly at the end. That’s probably what they wanted to accomplish. Same kind of spot here, but maybe a bit more early?
5 BIG POPPY Barn’s other starter did not qualify as well as his stablemate. I’m going to watch one on this guy.
6 HL REVADON As previously started, barn going very well this year. Colt made only one start last year as a rookie and broke. Also broke in first qualifier, but came back with much better second one. There is some talent in this tank.
7 BOLD GODDESS Hasn’t shown enough here yet, so definitely rates longshot status again. Need to see more.
8 B MEDISTRIKE After being wildly overbet in debut here when he broke, he came back with much stronger mile for Andy Mac last time at 7-1. Stormed home up the pylons, so don’t expect that price again. It’s STILL a tough post!
9 KLYDE DA GLIDE Looks like the other big longshot in here, especially from post 10. Have to pass.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-9-3
H Horse Comment
1 LET’S BE HONEST I know recent form is a little puzzling, but this has to be considered good spot for this guy. Has the rail. Has some speed. Faces a questionable bunch. Have to think Kyle will take a big shot tonight. Might be price too!
2 FEAR When you look at his form and then see how well bet he was last time, it looks like they got the money! Is horse sharp enough to transition that form to the big track? Against this field, the answer might be yes! Consider.
3 TT CONWAY Showed up after the extended break with no hopples on. Obviously, he had to need that race, especially with no qualifier. Only two wins last season, but was facing some better company. Is he ready now? I don’t know.
4 P L LAYLA It took a while, but mare finally did get going at the end of last time. Last few tries here haven’t been all that special, so I do wonder if she’s better on the small track. Will have to prove me wrong, to get a lot closer.
5 KNIGHTOFVICTORY It’s been a long couple of seasons for this guy. Still a longshot in my book and I will pass.
6 IRON DOME New barn still hasn’t figured him out. After yet another of many miscues, I have to leave him out too!
7 LA DOLFINA We just haven’t seen enough speed in the mornings yet from this colt. Maybe it will come, eventually, but I would be surprised if he jumped up and shocked this crew. Let’s see more, please.
8 PUT ON THE DAY Looks like this barn sold, or transferred #9 to new trainer, so they send out this 7YO and listed Yannick to boot. In a “formless” race like this, bettors will gravitate to catch drivers. Horse WILL have to go a lot faster.
9 TUCKY’S JACK First start for new barn. In race like this, that’s a big angle. Tucky offered fine speed in his first go here and could easily benefit from that acclimating mile. Plus, he was Yannick’s choice over #8. That’s a big call. Trainer: Jogging well and we like him so far. We will have to see what happens.
10 WEEKEND WIT BIGD I really liked this lass last week and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a good effort. Should have had a lot more than that. Now, she gets slammed with post 10 and that’s not going to work either. I now need to see more.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 8-5-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 STYLISH BEACHWHERE She was pretty good again last week, so let’s pronounce her in full return to form. Nobody was beating Oceania that night, so full credit to hold second. Meets another VERY good field here. Needs very best.
1A INVERSE HANOVER Nice pair here sent out by Cullipher Crew! This lass has his speed and has been an Invite type horse for couple years. Will be tested in mile track return, from another outer post. Will she blast, or change tactics?
2 BELIEVE IN WACO They took one shot in the BC Matchmaker and probably wasted their time. She wasn’t all that great here either. Definitely in need of more work, until she gets a lot faster. Still a longshot.
3 NEWSDAY First start up from Florida and definitely “buried” in with this strong bunch. Pass and wait for later.
4 SLICK ARTIST A Her raceline in program from last week doesn’t really do much justice to her effort. Simply put, she was loaded at the end! Everybody did see that, however, so cat’s out of the bag. Don’t expect a huge price.
5 BELIEVE IN ME Reversed her strategy last week and fired right to the front. Did kind of coast along for a while and then got run over late by very well-meant foe. Ok. I expect back to the closing thing tonight. Might work out at price!
6 ALEXA’S POWER Very nice campaign last year, including the one-heat Jugette win! Raced here a few times in stakes with a pair of thirds. She looked just a little bit short in her qualifiers, so I don’t think she’s primed and ready yet.
7 DONGAL RUNDLESCRK J Have fun with this name, Ken W! This looks like honest mare who usually gives her best. Vallee has a few in here this weekend, and I’m anxious to see what this lass can do on big track. She might like it.
8 DIVAS IMAGE The Diva won is dead-game and gutsy fashion here, and then scooted down to Dover for a few high-level tries. She answered the question about speed here, so that’s not an issue. She’ll be leaving tonight, folks.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 2-8-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 NOTHIN BUT MUSCLE So far, this level has looked a little too high for this guy. But, he also gets first decent post and keeps the Double D in the sulky seat. There is a chance for more, with a closer trip.
2 LASA DIDA LADY Talk about sudden improvement! Mare has very quickly raced her way into shape and that was very good rally last week. Transitions to different class here, but also moves inside. Chance to see more, still at a price.
3 MAX VOLO Yes, I was against Max last time, but he scored decisively anyway, so congrats to connections for that. Now, he’s forced WAY up the ladder here and he loses Yannick. If I was against last week, I have to be against again.
4 FINAL DREAM The bad post cost him any chance last week. So, just toss that out. The prior efforts at this level weren’t bad. Yes, he does need a trip, but that’s a lot more possible from a post like this. Will still offer square price.
5 U NEED STONES I thought he looked a little short in his first qualifier back. He loses Yannick for obvious reasons and I’m not willing to hop back on board just yet. I think he’s going to need at least one more.
6 LUCKY SHEILA Bounced back with a much nicer effort last week, chasing the two faves. She was no match, but it was good step back in right direction because she stayed trotting. Now, the post is a little tougher. Your call?
7 HAMMER TIME The Hammer has now missed a couple weeks after the scratch. And keep in mind that the Hammer doesn’t have much early zip. When the gate springs, he’s likely to get away last, so be careful if price is short.
8 BIZET Yes, I liked Zette to beat Bizet last week, and for once, I was right. However, this guy did stay trotting. He offered a very strong challenge AND he stayed trotting. Nothing keeping him from the front here, IF Yannick wants.
9 CHIEF JUSTICE The “other” Burke Brigade starter gets a tough spot here. And, it’s his first bad post. I don’t see pilot rushing him out of there, but I could be wrong. Needs that certain kind of trip, with one big move. A big maybe!
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 FASHION WINNER Dropped to this level last time and produced a better effort. It wasn’t enough to win, but it showed me this is where he belongs. Gets the pole now to boot. Now, he just needs to finish better.
2 MONTALBANO BI I’m still not on board the Bi, so if you are, I will simply wish you luck! The post is ideal. The race could have action in it. Let’s see if he fires a better shot at the end of the mile.
3 ARCHIBALD Finally gets out of that class where he seemed buried. Last try against similar field produced a good mile. It’s ALL about whether he wants to trot or not. And for that, we all have to guess. Demand value if you like.
4 CELEBRITY LOVER This just has to be a wakeup call spot for this veteran, right? It’s a better post. It’s coming after a no-chance race. He should easily be able to sit closer and then make one big move. I do wonder what price will be?
5 EYORE HANOVER Eyore’s still going okay of late, but he can’t find a way to win one of these. That luck has to chance and this is a better post. I wonder if Eric A will look at this bunch and blast. I would! Could be very live in here.
6 TROPICAL STORM BI Barn sent a few down from home base at the Spa for tonight. This horse has raced here before. Last start was strictly a “re-acclimating” mile. If the flow and trip were right, he does have a chance. Big time closer.
7 JUSTCALLMERONALD A bit inconsistent, to say the least! Last try was another good one, but it seems you never know what you’re going to get from Ronald. Loses that inside post help. I’ll probably swing against for tonight.
8 TECH TITAN Been caught with some real tough trips of late, but I do like the way he’s improved over past few. This is very interesting spot and Yannick will be aggressive with him. If he gets to lead easy, his chances go WAY up.
9 GET TO DOIN IT Off dull lines, and a sick scratch, he looks like a pass from way out here.
10 SORTIE HANOVER Former stakes-type horse has been an enigma for a long time. Gets slammed with worst post for new barn here and I guess I just need to see one, to gauge where he’s at. I have no idea.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 6-2-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 LIVE ODDS Hasn’t won in a long time, but gets major league post relief here in a race with all the power outside. Pat will simply protect the inside, sit, save ground and try to get lucky late. Maybe for a share.
2 NORTHERN SWIFT It’s been a long time since she won too! Now owns several tries at this bottom level, without getting the job done. She’s burned a lot of money along way too! Maybe Dex will find a way to wake her up.
3 AMETHYST SEELSTER Faced much, much weaker up north, so I’ll simply take a pass to see if she belongs.
4 DUCK DUCK DRAGON Overall, she’s not in great form either. Endured brutal trip last time, so just toss that out. But is it going to be anything better here? I have my doubts and wonder what price will be? I don’t want a short one.
5 FOX VALLEY BAILEY She’s quietly rounded back into somewhat better form, but I wonder if her grinding style will work in here? When I look at the classy #6,8, I don’t put Bailey in the same ranks. Will have to prove me wrong.
6 BLUSH HANOVER Really liked her last week in the second start back off layoff, but that trip was just too tough. Has a post and speed edge on Ella, so she’d better use it. Has to get the jump on that foe and should from this slot.
7 ALWAYS PICKY Picked up a check at 60-1 upon arrival, so Eric A brings her back again. I guess she won’t be that price tonight and she might need even more from similar post.
8 ELLA CHRISTINA What on earth do we do with Ella tonight? After another disastrous performance, she drops all the way to the bottom. She’s either going to blow this field away, or continue to stagger home. NO idea what to expect. Trainer: Never fired last week and now finds basement level. Your guess is as good as mine!
9 BETTOR CHILL OUT Draws second straight horrible post. This isn’t the spot, so let’s pass and wait for better.
10 DANDY’S BEAUTY I have no idea when she was doing last time, but it wasn’t good. Gets slammed with post 10 now, so that’s a problem too. I think trainer might just want to “get her around there” tonight. Andy gets return call.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 ATABOY HANOVER After getting stuffed in, in the comebacker, he was overbet last week and used too hard. Just toss that one. Back to the patient approach here and he should be in good spot to make one move. Chance at a price.
2 DI OGGI What do we do with this guy tonight? Hasn’t raced in a month. Came up rather flat last time we saw him. Catches the right kind of bunch for a comebacker, but do you really want a short price on this horse? I don’t.
3 CHROMEO Kind of the same mystery position as #2. Shows a decent race and then a month off, and then a scratch. I guess I can’t be too positive showing that. On other hand, after listing himself to drive, Trond switches to Corey!
4 NEWCASTLE I really don’t know where this horse is at either? Was good here back in February, then something went wrong. The effort against his stablemate last week was very uninspiring. But, how can you leave this barn out now?
5 NOWS THE MOMENT After a career performance a few weeks ago, something slightly amiss since. Launched a big move, only to flatten out vs. the Duck. Now, there’s no Duck in here, and we might see return to speed. That helps.
6 DOUBLE L LINDY Shows only one qualifier for the layoff from July. The qualifier was “better than it looks,” but can he possibly be A-1 cranked and ready? If you think so, go ahead and bet. Might surprise us and go right to the front.
7 PRESIDENTE ZETTE Really liked him last week and he showed true grit and fight to win. Now, the Zette transitions to completely different class here, tackling other veterans. He moves outside. This will be a whole lot tougher.
8 FILLED DONUT Finds his way up the NJ Turnpike for dangerous barn. Shows a real mixed bag of form here, but I don’t like the post, or fact that Yannick opted off. That has to tell us something, right?
9 PIERCEWAVE HANOVER No, I did not get the memo on this guy last week, so I hope you did! Andy Mac drove like horse was well-meant and he overcame tough trip to win. So, what do we do now, on the big class hike?
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 9-7-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 SWANCREDIT Another one that I failed to get the “memo” on. Took all kinds of betting action. Fired right to the front with suddenly newfound speed and won decisively. Ok. Now, this field looks a LOT stronger than that one. What now?
2 GODSPELL HALL Another huge question mark tonight. After dispatching a lesser bunch with a measured sweep, he regressed right back into a mistake. Barn has two in here. Dex named on both. Opted for other one. I still can’t like a lot.
3 HIGH BLUE Didn’t show me a whole lot in debut here at 60-1. Have to rate him a longshot again.
4 DAWSON SPRINGS Shows kind of the same profile as his barnmate. A win, followed by a disaster. So, I have NO idea where either horse is at. I do know Dex took this one. That surprised me, so I have no idea if I can like either one.
5 HANKS TANK Still looking very much like a “work in progress.” He’s not there yet, so let’s watch another.
6 HAMMER CREEK The Hammer is very good right now. Closed from impossible spot last time, so don’t’ be too hard on him. The prior win came against weak field however. This is also a field of question marks. At least he’s good now!
7 MIAMI Added Lasix last time. Changed up the strategy and just had misfortune of running into a bearcat! Extra week off. Different spot here, but the speed will be coming again. IF the Lasix is helping, he might be tough to catch.
8 ARRAKIS Used pretty hard from a bad post last week and he lacked that extra punch late. It happens. Could be stuck in same boat here, if he tries to leave with Miami. Not sure his trip can be good, but he definitely needs one to upset.
9 SHADY MCCOY In the past, I’ve usually guessed right on Shady! He’s a must-use when he drops in most spots. BUT, this one looks tougher than usual. I hate the post and pace scenario. He will have to grind and earn this one. Trainer: Raced very well last week. Got caught behind a bad horse and trotted home very nicely in a 52 mile.
10 DOVER DONY Comes off another excellent try and deserves respect, but this might finally be the spot to race him from off the pace again. If that’s the case, he probably won’t reach. The post 10 blues!
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 GRUBICH GIRL Vicious here two back upon arrival. Much more difficult trip on the big hike up in class. Inches back down here and gets a better post as Andy’s choice of three. So, that IS positive intent. Might still offer some value too!
2 KEYSTONE NIKKI Cranked out another check with some good speed last week. Faces many of the same rivals, from a better post, so there could be speed in the offing again. Sits for a trip after that. Chance.
3 BETTERTHANBRIE It’s been a slow and steady return to the races. Andy qualified her twice, yet opted off, so that’s probably all we need to know for tonight.
4 TEARFUL OF HAPPY Could not possibly have been any better with a huge improvement last week. Yannick did stay loyal to the barn of #10, so I do understand that. This lass has the better post and speed. Might even offer better price.
5 SHUTTHEFRONTDOOR Here’s a live price play on the slide back down. Love the midpack post for her, and love that there could be a LOT of action in here. Either case, that would help her rallying cause. Grinds into it.
6 GIVEMEYOURHEART Probably still needs one more drop to the bottom. Still a longshot, and I will pass.
7 YOU SHOULD BE HERE I really thought Andy would choose here. He did not. Nobody was catching Maria last week and this mare did well in chase. She’s got more pure speed, so have to expect an aggressive try. Guns early.
8 DO YOUR JOB Corey again chose this lass, over one I thought might have a better chance. Oh well! The Job chased an uncatchable #4 last time, so why should things be any different from a tougher post? Going to need a little luck.
9 SHEWEARSTHEPANTS Actually surprised me with that first try here, but gets slammed with another dreadful post, so she’s a longshot again. Let’s see if the faves soften each other up to set up a rally.
10 WELL SAID MARIA Looked like a “brand new horse” last week with the brush and crush. BUT, now she’s got post 10! Her problems are at the gate, so is Yannick going to try and fire her out? That is a VERY good question.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-1-9
H Horse Comment
1 THISGUYISONFIRE Was bet off the board two weeks ago, and had the great misfortune of running into a resurgent Rubber Duck! Do note that foe came back and crushed even better! So, that flatters the Guy. He steps up too!
2 LANDONFITZ Landon has worked his way back down in class and he comes off a fine try against a very well-meant winner too! Gets a cozy inside post and likes to stalk. Will probably get that kind of trip and can be part of this. Trainer: Fits here. Was full of trot! Got a rest in the middle of the mile and had a good week. I expect him to be very competitive.
3 ROUNDTOWN ROCKER Fought tooth and nail to win two weeks ago. I love that kind of fight! But, in a race full of class droppers, he’s stepping up. Don’t think that’s going to work for this evening’s betting purposes. Prove me wrong?
4 PERSEVERANCE Finally woke up in a big way down at home base. Instead of class hike there, they ship him up the Pike to the big track again. It look like a lateral move to me, but they didn’t get Yannick. Still has big chance.
5 LAUDERDALE Don’t know how, but this barn has turned this veteran completely around. He was on cruise control in that qualifier, well clear of #6, who was also on own to finish. #6 doesn’t have as much pure speed, so speed edge here.
6 HOCKEY HANOVER Yes, he was good in that qualifier and Yannick stays loyal tonight. However, this horse doesn’t appear to be a blaster and IF Lauderdale gets to coast up front, I don’t see him catching. Especially in first start back.
7 OSVALDO BLUE CHIP Gets a touch of needed class relief, but oddly, it’s a very tough spot! Wasn’t Dex’s pick, as expected and he’s got no early speed either. Totally at mercy of pace and trip. Demand value if you fancy.
8 ARCH CREDIT Finally got lucky and had things go his way. With that said, he hikes up, moves out and faces a LOT tougher. A repeat seems unlikely.
9 EXPLOSIVE RIDGE As expected, the double jump in class was too much, but he DID leave the gate! That’s the key here! If he can somehow find a seat behind #5, that would greatly aid the upset cause. Sharp now, and usable.
10 ODYSSEY BLUE CHIP Yes, I respect the current roll for this 5YO, but I can’t imagine Jordan was thinking of this spot when he entered here. This looks an impossible spot.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 RESITA Actually was a lot better last week, folks! Now he gets the rail and plots for a bit closer trip, IF Andy Mac can keep the horse relaxed. Believe me, it’s not easy. Let’s see if the improving trend for new barn continues.
2 ZLATAN Just toss his last, as he was buried with no chance. Prior to that, horse marched right up the class ladder. Unfortunately, I don’t rate him a true Preferred horse, so I will wait for some class relief soon.
3 RUBBER DUCK Just how good is the Duck right now? Looked like his old buzzsaw self last two, but this is the ultimate jump back up to top level. This is where he’s run out of steam before. Andy must drive #6, so Corey takes over.
4 LIFE WELL LIVED Actually racing well right now, but bumped up to impossible level. Looks like the longshot.
5 TROLLEY For the first time all year, the Trolley looked a bit beatable two weeks ago when Sutton cruised along up front. NOW, the posts are reversed and I can’t see Marcus just taking back. Has to be aggressive. Good racing coming!
6 SUTTON Full credit to Team Orange Crush here! They brought this guy back super sharp! And Andy took full advantage to wire these two weeks ago. Extra week off will always help. Can he step around #5 again?
7 WINNING SHADOW Even I will admit, this horse was a real eye-opener last fall! He looked super! Ronnie opted to give him some time off after 19-start campaign. Probably a good thing. Qualifier was vicious, but against weak field. Gets stuck with the outer post, amongst the faves. What is Yannick going to go? I wish I knew.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-4-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 DAYLYN HORIZON It didn’t take long for Daylyn to pick up a check again. Fairly decent rally into the front-running #8. Moves all the way inside and he can sit a little closer. Hoping for some sort of mayhem to set up his kick.
2 TWIN B TK Still looking like a longshot to me. Hasn’t offered much here yet, so I will pass again.
3 JUST N BERLANDER Now I know these lower claimers aren’t usually consistent. I get it. After a flat mile when I picked him, he bounced back better again last week. He IS a one-way closer, so he needs both a hot pace and live trip.
4 CODE WORD Got stuck in a traffic jam when he last raced. That was two weeks ago. IF you think anybody can soften up the fave, then don’t be afraid to use this one. It’s a risk, but may be worth the price. Your call?
5 ABOUT THE BENJAMINS He’s been a little pace and trip compromised in last two tries here. One night he might just wake up and shock us. But, you will have to guess when, and I don’t think tonight’s the night.
6 TWINCREEKS JESSE Just toss his last race, as he got torched in the pace battle. Has the post edge on Abbey here and will be gunning out. Also note he’s back in for the $7,500 tag. That’s aggressive! Any takers out there?
7 ROCKS NOBLE ARTIST Unplayable in current dull form. Looking very much like a longshot again.
8 ABBEYLARA What a mile last week? Unbelievable! Survived the hot pace, just kept digging in like a good horse! Yes, he moves out a few slots, but much sharper than these right now. Might be hard to deny. Trainer: Super sharp off three wins in a row! Draws bad again, but looks two seconds the best back in same class. Hoping for a claim.
9 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Attacked Abbey last week and did not live to tell about it. Guess what? Same boat here from the MUCH tougher post. I would be shocked if he found a way to win from out here.
10 SUTTON SEELSTER Looks like they “got the money” last week at Freehold. So, it’s a big hike up in class, it’s a switch to the mile track, and it’s a dreaded post 10. That is NOT a recipe for repeat success.