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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, March 15, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 8-4-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 KIWI IDEAL N Was pretty well-meant on Tuesday over at Yonkers, but stopped on the lead at 2-1 with Yannick. Have to think we’re getting a different strategy here with another rail draw. Might be better off following? We’ll see.
2 I’ll CALL U LATER Sports some real mixed form from down south of late. Seems to have a distinct closing style. Gets a nice post here and there could be some action in here. Not completely out of the question if they mix it up a little.
3 STEUBEN MAGIC RIDE Already 0-8 this year, and he’s been just fair up at the Spa. Can’t expect a total turnaround here on the mile track, so I will rate him a longshot for now.
4 REDONKULOUS Out of the same race at Yonkers on Tuesday as #1, but went a whole lot better. Gets the hot hands of Joe Lee and looks like the favorite with these. Not exactly consistent, but better than these on his best day. Use!
5 ROCKINWITHTHEBEST I guess he got a little tired chasing Stonedust last week and I can understand that. Prior effort wasn’t bad, with the speed shown. Last year, he won a few times with grinding moves. Will have to track down #4. Trainer: Hasn’t been performing to his best ability the last two starts. Going to change some equipment around and hopefully, that will help him.
6 QUALITY BUD IS the Bud finally back? Good question. Last week’s try was his best one in a while. We all know speed is his game and I see nothing keeping him from the lead here. IF you want to swing, I wouldn’t talk you off tonight.
7 MACH ONE Beat a pretty weak field two back at Freehold and then stepped back up and looked flat. I’d be hard pressed to make a strong case for success here from this post. Your call, folks.
8 ON CRUISE CONTROL This could very well be the key to the race! He’s got a big class edge on many of these. Had the typical “tour of the track” after shipping down from Canada. They might have had this spot in mind all along.
9 JACKSRLUCKYTOO Jack’s been a little disappointing of late and you know his game. It’s one way closing. This is the worst post and unless you’re planning on mayhem up front, he might have a little too far to come.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-8-7
H Horse Comment
1 TRUTH AND LIBERTY Scoots over from Yonkers, but into a very difficult spot. Her form has gone south a little lately, so I have to prefer others for now. She’s got a lot to prove here on the big track too!
2 D GS ELSA Was 35-1 on the dropdown vs. Penpal last week and flattened out. This is a bump back UP the class ladder and that simply isn’t going to work out too well. Looks like a pass for me.
3 STYLISH BEACHWHERE That’s a tough beat if you had her last Friday. She did race well. Seems like the only race that Tetrick got beat! Tonight’s problem is the strength of this field. No cakewalk here on the step back up Needs very best.
4 OCEANIA Uncorked a super qualifier where she charged by the Jugette winner, and held off an Open mare in Gold Orchid. IF she fires that same shot, she’ll be right there again. Love the post edge she has too! Mac’s choice of five!
5 DW’SBLISSFULTHINKN Off since June, so I can’t possibly believe she’s primed and ready for this. Did have a nice qualifier, but only one of them. She probably should have qualified twice.
6 SLICK ARTIST A Marched her way right up the class ladder nicely over in New York. This race has a combo of conditions, and she gets in via the NW125K life. Fits these, but this is power-packed bunch, and Andy Mac opted off.
7 BELIEVE IN ME Comes off an excellent try where she hung right in there with Penpal. That was a VERY good effort. However, when you plot this race out, she’s going to get away last. Has flown home before, but it’s never easy.
8 RAINBOW ROOM Used pretty hard down at Dover, considering it was her first race in two years. Yes, she will be speed tightened off that, but I do wonder if she’s ready for a big mile on the big track yet? It’s a tough question.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-8-4
H Horse Comment
1 RUDE BOY Had a much better second qualifier, and we’ve seen Bob Davis show up big in spots like this. So, I wouldn’t be too quick to toss from this post. Horse just might step up with a surprisingly good effort.
1A MARTIAL BLISS Down from Monti with some flat form showing. Have to rate this one a longshot. I’ll pass.
2 MAY I CRUISE WEST Comes off an improved effort down at Freehold and scoots back up the Turnpike to the big track. He does have a few good efforts here in the past, but overall, he’s inconsistent. Demand big price if you fancy.
3 MODERN YANKEE Not a whole lot of luck in this corner lately. Between bad posts, and tough trips, he hasn’t gotten that close. It only takes one good trip to change that. Drew well. Likes to stalk. Hoping the faves mix it up a little.
4 VELOCITY SUB Z You don’t see many horses claimed FROM Nick Surick, so this is nice test. Mr. Merrill had these amateur races in mind when he took this guy. Horse packs plenty of speed. BUT, he has to prove it here on big track.
5 SO TAKE THAT It took a perfect and patient drive from Andy Mac to pull the huge upset last week, so that should be the blueprint for Tony here. This horse has ONE move and timing and trip are critical. Lower odds likely coming.
6 PUMPED UP KICKS After getting torched that one night here in January, he got some time off. Just “went around there” in the comeback qualifier. He does have some good history here, but just rarely seems to win. Tough call.
7 MAC ATTACK It’s taking a while, but this gelding is on the prolonged comeback trail. He’s been absolutely buried in all recent races, but this is a brand new ballgame. Don’t be surprised if he jumps up with a big mile now. Expect it!
8 I’M SID THE KID Very tough call here, since Sid gets Joe in the seat tonight. I HATE the post for this horse, but recognize he has the ability to get involved. This will be good test for both horse and pilot on overcoming post.
9 CHEYENNE REIDER Who is the best and most consistent horse in the race? This one! But, it’s the dreaded 10-box. On the plus side, Reider has overcome bad posts before. Will the price be worth the risk? That is the question.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 ALVISI HANOVER He was okay last week, hot on the heels of the trip-sitting Bizet. Things definitely set up for the closers in that one, and it’s same cast and crew here. The pole post will keep close, but horse will need more late.
2 PRESIDENTE ZETTE Arguably went the biggest trip of all last week. Battled bitterly all the way, and was making Bizet work hard to get by. Horse has rounded into form nicely and I’ll prefer his chances this time, at the better price.
3 LUCKY SHEILA Not sure what’s going on here, but she has regressed a bit lately. That miscue behind the gate leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so I’m now going to leave her out, until we see a good one again.
4 CHIEF JUSTICE Yannick always got along with this horse and seemed to get him to produce. So, this could be good test for new pilot to get the horse a trip and “want” to try. It’s also a step up in class, so I might swing against.
5 BIZET I was against this guy last week and Yannick went out there and put an absolute dream trip on him. Horse did dig in late to get the win, but maybe could have won easier. With that said, I’ll try Zette tonight to try and beat him.
6 ARCHIBALD Capable at times, but only when he wants to trot. By now, I’m sure this horse drives Fern completely nuts! So, if you want to use him here, make sure you get fair value. Could break. Could sweep. You never know.
7 ANOTHER CHAPTER Back after a few rough go’s over at Yonkers. Horse does tend to perform well here when in the right spot. Not sure this is the right spot, however. Will need a hot pace and a live flow to kick in and rally.
8 NOTHING BUT MUSCLE Draws another tough post here and it probably compromises his chances. A longshot.
9 FINAL DREAM Got parked out in the speed duel with #2 last week and he clearly lost the war! Was pretty well-meant that night, based on final odds. Moves from two straight poles to post nine now. Good luck if you think he overcomes.
10 HAMMER TIME The Hammer is VERY good right now, but nothing derails a good streak faster than a post 10 start. The Hammer also lacks any early speed, so he’s totally at mercy of pace and trip. Probably not going to work out.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 6-2-4-5
H Horse Comment
1 TWIN B TK MIA for a couple weeks, and showing only that one try here, which wasn’t good. I’ll pass again.
2 JUST N BERLANDER Loved this guy last week and he was downright flat. First disappointing try in a while, but that’s my typical timing. Since he’s right back in the box, let’s hope for better. The inner post usually keeps him close enough.
3 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE As expected, the whole world bet on the Buckeye last week and were disappointed again. The trip wasn’t easy, but he still got tired. At least the price should be better tonight, IF you want to try again?
4 SPORTS COWBOY As previously stated, he just never wins. But, he’s always usable underneath in the gimmicks. Provided a nice speed try last week and held on for third. Could easily be the same thing coming tonight. Your call?
5 IDEAL CANDIDATE Like #2, he tossed in a clunker last week as well! It was first dull effort in a long time. Note the price drop, which does worry me! But, maybe he’s just a true $7,500 claimer at this stage of career. Low price too!
6 ABBEYLARA I still cannot believe he overcame that brutal trip last week! It was a stellar performance. Moves in a few slots to help for better journey tonight. Would be pretty hard to leave off your ticket now. He’s sharp!
7 ABOUT THE BENJAMINS Another one of those horses that rarely wins, but somehow sneaks onto the ticket. Lots of checks, so consider using underneath at the right price. All he has to do is follow #6. That should be good trip.
8 DAYLYN HORIZON On the slow and steady path back to the races. Moves to outer post now. Will need another.
9 ATOMIC REI I liked this guy to hit the ticket last week and he did! At nice price too! Tonight’s problem will be the move back to outer post. He doesn’t leave, so totally at mercy of pace and trip. This will be much more difficult.
10 THE SECOND STAR It would be hard to make a strong case for success tonight. Horse has been rather dull of late.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 BELL A CHICK Still not delivering the goods, so it’s still longshot status, until he turns it around with a big one.
2 PRINCE OF MINTO The first start up from Florida is usually a no-no for me, but I will caution that this horse has won here before. It was a couple of year ago. Overall form over past two seasons isn’t great. Very mixed feelings.
3 MONTEPULCIANO He was in a pretty good spot last week, but lacked that knockout punch to get close. However, overall, he’s gotten a little bit better of late. Gets another good post. I could make a small case for more, with a trip.
4 WEEKEND WIT BIGD Didn’t really seem to belong in that last race, so just throw that out. Connections may have had this spot in mind all along. Barn rarely comes here without power. I’ll be positive and use the Big D tonight.
5 FASHION WINNER The combo of post and class relief can easily wake one up. Eric’s been patient driving this one, as he’s geared up for a better spot. THIS is the spot! So, we have to consider this one for a piece too! Watch the board.
6 MAX VOLO I really don’t know what to do with this guy. Yes, I see the lackluster overall record. But, this is a drop back to the bottom level when he turned in best recent performance. I don’t expect a big price, so it’s your call, folks.
7 KNIGHTOFVICTORY Got bet pretty hard two back against these and was put in play. Just raced from the back of the pack from a bad post last time. This slot isn’t all that much better, and horse can’t leave a lick! Not my kind of play.
8 P L LAYLA Rounded into form nicely down the Pike at the Hold. However, when you ship back up here, things get a LOT tougher. The post drawn won’t help the cause. Demand fair value if you fancy her repeat chances.
9 EYORE HANOVER That’s a tough beat if you backed Eyore last time. It took a flying Dawson Springs to beat you. So, we get a missed week. We get a bad post, and no wins yet this year. Not easy to accept, but possibilities with speed.
10 AVENTURE Did some good work in the amateur races here last year. Tonight, those amateur races are paces, not trots! Maybe next week when the trots come back? Horse is a one-way closer anyway. This isn’t right spot.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-9-8-1
H Horse Comment
1 SHADY MCCOY Shady did well to pick up a check last time against a similar field, and it will be same boat here. Note he “fits” a lower condition. Eventually he will find that right spot and win again. But, probably not tonight.
2 OSVALDO BLUE CHIP Looks like it’s going to take a while before we see his best again. Both here, and at Yonkers, those races were unimpressive. I need to see a little bit of a turnaround before I could consider.
3 ATABOY HANOVER One of three in here that barely fit the condition. Horse got completely stuffed in a bad box last week, but many saw it. I do wonder if the price will be undervalued due to that? We’ll have to wait and see.
4 NEWCASTLE It’s not good to see this one coming off a scratch, but barn has been on fire of late. This level has proven to be a tad high for him, but can’t count out anything from these connections right now. Figures to show speed.
5 CHROMEO Where’s he been the last month? That IS the question. We all know the gelding is more than capable and can pack a big move, BUT is he primed and ready for best? I wish I knew! We just have to guess.
6 LASA DIDA LADY She had her “tour” of the oval last time and will almost surely need another. A longshot.
7 EXPLOSIVE RIDGE No, I didn’t expect him to blast out and win at 80-1 last time, but give credit where it’s due! With that said, he’s forced UP the class ladder now and I guess I’d still be surprised if he repeated. What will price be now?
8 NOWS THE MOMENT For a brief moment, it looked like he was about to power away to another strong win. Then he just stopped! I don’t know why, but it makes me wonder. Another outside post. Another speed show. Will he be better?
9 RUBBER DUCK Barn’s “other” starter was unleashed last week to a monster bounce back win. If memory serves, the Duck usually stays good for a while, once he gets good. He can leave too! Should be interesting sprint into turn one.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 8-2-1-5
H Horse Comment
1 SWANSEA This is a REALLY tough bunch for this level, but let’s give credit where its due! Swan is 10-24 so far in his career. He marched right up the class ladder over in New York, and now gets a big track try. Is he this good?
2 TAG UP AND GO The Preferred was just a touch too much for him last week. So, he drops, along with #4,5,7,8. So, it’s not really much of a drop, is it? Gets a key inside post and loves to stalk and pounce. Not out of the question.
3 ZLATAN Racing his eyeballs out of late. That was a fine kick he uncorked again last week. He is versatile enough to do it either way, and I like that. It’s very hard to ignore sharp horses, but he is stepping up a LOT in this spot. Tough call.
4 THE LAST CHAPTER Figured to “need” his first one back and I’ll gamble that he needs another. Will be watching!
5 ROCK OF CASHEL The Rock actually was good again last week, but in that very tough spot. So, I’ll give credit for the good try and expect his recent good form spree to continue. Post is perfect and he will grind into contention again.
6 LIFE WELL LIVED Back and forth between here and Yonkers, but in good form both places. This is interesting spot for horse with three straight seconds. Pilot has option to leave in here, since there are closers inside. Interesting!
7 RESITA Didn’t show a whole lot in first start for new barn. But that can always change. Horse is not easy to handle, but he also has speed, if that’s the plan for tonight. I’ll rate him a longshot, but know he could wake back up.
8 TWO AM Love him, but always hate when he draws outside. Like a few others in here, he is VERY versatile and Tyler just might take a shot and send him tonight. Regardless, you can’t leave him off your tickets tonight. A must use!
9 LUMINOSITY Finds his way across the river for a big track try, but he couldn’t have found a tougher spot. I’ll pass.
10 FASHION CREDITOR Well, we definitely missed the boat on this guy last week. SO, if you didn’t go to the wedding, I suggest you don’t attend the post 10 funeral? Where’s he going from way out here? Probably not very far.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 BLUSH HANOVER Looking for the drop and pop in second start off the layoff? Well, here she is! The Blush is more than capable of beating these, provided she’s primed and ready. I’m gambling that she is! Marcus’ choice of three.
2 GIVEMEYOURHEART Ordinarily, this is the right spot for this lass. She wins on drops like this, but this bunch might still be a tad too tough. Either way, demand fair value if you fancy her chances from an ideal inside post.
3 WELL SAID MARIA Pretty tough to rely upon and she’s probably still in a tad too tough anyway. The main goal tonight is to get her around there ONGAIT. We’ll see if that gets accomplished.
4 YOU SHOULD BE HERE I haven’t had much luck guessing on this lass lately, but recognize she’s in the right spot here! IF #1 comes up short in any way, this is the next most likely winner. She has speed too! Must use it tonight.
5 ROSY OUTLOOK Looks like she’s slowly rounding into form, but gets forced up the class ladder here. Fits via one of the alternate conditions, but I still think she’s in too tough, even with the Double D.
6 LIVE ODDS Also looking like a longshot in this spot, which appears to be over her head. Wait for better situation.
7 KEYSTONE NIKKI Not sure why she qualified last week, but it went well. Those were upper level mares that went by her late and she tried hard. Prior two efforts were strong, so let’s not be too quick to toss her out. Speed would help.
8 ELLA CHRISTINA We all thought Ella had a chance in there last time, but that wasn’t the case. My knock is that she’s missed a couple weeks. That’s not usually good, but if ready, she can more than contest this. Post could be issue too! Trainer: Was battling tie-up issues, but seems to be over it the past week. Needs to get involved from outside post. On her best day, she crushes this field.
9 VELOCITY LANA They took a big shot with her two weeks ago and that pace was just too hot. Now moves from pole to post nine and that hurts. Also wasn’t Andy Mac’s choice, so that’s a problem. Will need to get a little luckier here.
10 SHEWEARSTHEPANTS Set a sizzling pace over at Yonkers and stopped. Shows up here now, and with post 10, so let’s look for one from OFF the pace. Watch closely for future evaluation.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-10-7-9
H Horse Comment
1 HANKS TANK Newcomer to Team Harmon shows up in interesting spot. I’m going to guess that gelding might need a race to acclimate to Club Med, but sometimes they don’t! From top Canadian barn to top east coast barn. Trainer: Trained okay, and seems okay.
2 HIGH BLUE That’s a real mixed bag of efforts over on the half. So, Mr. Dane decides to give him a big track try. I can’t guarantee it will be any better here, but you never know. Sits in, saves ground, tries to get lucky late.
3 DAWSON SPRINGS Finally put it all together two weeks ago to get the win. I thought that was a pretty weak bunch that he powered by. This is a BIG step up, but Dex stays loyal. IF price ends up short, I will be swinging against.
4 NO EXCUSES Looks like he’s been buried lately over at Yonkers. Finds his way across the river to try the Med and I won’t guarantee anything here either. I need to see a good one first, before I could endorse.
5 PIERCEWAVE HANOVER I kind of like this horse. I feel he’ll benefit from that trip back over the track at mile track speed. Sometimes it takes a race. Jordan D not here tonight, so we get new pilot. I give him a puncher’s chance!
6 MAYFAIR JOHNNY B It’s taken a couple of races, but Johnny is probably ready now. He flashed just enough kick last time to warrant the extra look here. Remember him steamrolling a few fields last year. What will price be? Maybe short.
7 LANDONFITZ Eric A tends to pick his spots with this veteran. He’s capable and races just as well here on the mile. Looking at all the inside “closers” this looks like a leave spot. If he guns and clears, chances go way up! At a price.
8 MIKEY LIKES IT Mikey took a shot and flashed that speed last week and it didn’t work out late. This is transition to different class now, so I do wonder what the plan will be? It’s a bad post. Very tough call from way out here.
9 MISS RUBY Overall, she’s been racing pretty well, but mostly from inside posts. Yes, this is more difficult spot, but Yannick is still aboard and he can make magic at times. I wouldn’t call her a lock, but wouldn’t toss her either.
10 ARRAKIS Had Dex opted here, I probably would have liked a lot more. But, he stayed loyal to #3. Okay. Eric C gets a turn and he’s made the most of pickups like this. Horse is dropping and has more than enough speed. Will be sending!
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 NORTHERN SWIFT The last time she dropped to the bottom, she was very live, but couldn’t overcome tough trip. Gets a MUCH better post tonight, but loses Corey to #4, so that’s very mixed signals. Still have to give a big chance.
2 DANDY’S BEAUTY Been racing pretty well for her new barn since that claim. Mare has always liked this track too! The speed has been good, but maybe she’s lacked that knockout punch. Interesting spot and Andy aboard again.
3 SHE’S MY ROCK Beat much weaker up at the Spa, so this is rather big step up. A lot to prove vs. faster bunch.
4 DO YOUR JOB I was surprised when Corey chose this lass last week and she turned in a BIG trip. He opts for her again, so that’s another big vote of confidence. Better post. Versatile style. No reason not to like, so go ahead and use!
5 TEARFUL OF HAPPY I do believe this mare has tailed off, but I also see who claimed her last week. She gets Yannick back in the bike, so that’s a big call. It will take a turnaround, but we’ve seen that before. Hard to ignore barn’s stats. Trainer: Came out of last race pretty sore. Changed her shoes. Has trained up exceptionally well this week. Her race to win or lose.
6 ALWAYS PICKY No wins yet this year, so that’s minor strike one. Crawled home as the fave down at the Hold, so that’s strike two. Will she possess better mile track stamina here? I’m guessing no, so that’s strike three for me.
7 DUCK DUCK DRAGON She’s worked her way down the class ladder, so a wakeup call seems imminent and wouldn’t shock me. Overall, barn having very successful meet, so no reason not to expect a turnaround. Price might be right too!
8 PERSUASIVE HANOVER Finds her way back up the Turnpike after a confidence builder beating weaker. Moves to first bad post in a while and that might derail her chances. Would need even more kick to threaten this crew.
9 BETTOR CHILL OUT Has just one win over past two seasons, but it came here and it came at this level. Post hurts.
10 TEMPUS SEELSTER I really thought she would “need” that first trip back over the track, and she did. Unfortunately, she didn’t get any post relief here, so I’m willing to wait a little longer.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 VILLAGE JACKSON 11YO paid instant dividends for the new barn down at home base of Freehold. Brandon sees fit to scoot him up to the big track now and I think that’s a VERY positive indicator. Should go a lot faster here. Trainer: Shocked me at Freehold his last start, going down the road! Wanted to try him on the big track and hopefully, he will perform the same way.
2 REDLINE RUSTY Rusty got tired both here, and at Freehold, so it’s hard to make a strong case for success. Pass.
3 ROCK ON THE HILL Gelding hasn’t exactly been lighting it up since the claim. He’s still in for the $10K tag here, but might need a further drop. I need to see more before I could endorse.
4 MCCITO Corey had a choice and opted here over #6. After a good run a while back, horse has tailed off a touch. Jason Johnson takes a turn off the claim, so let’s see if there’s any more in the tank. We all just have to guess.
5 RATHER SWELL He’s been swelling up with some solid starts of late. Drew the ideal midpack post again and it gives the Double B some options. Horse has always been best from just off the pace. Only needs smooth journey here.
6 TWINCREEKS JACK Had Corey opted here, I would probably like a lot more. Getting it done up at Monti lately, but he finds himself back on the mile. Been here many times before. One thing I can guarantee is speed! Firing out.
7 DEDI’S DRAGON Been through a few different barns over past months. The form is mixed. We could just toss the last Freehold try from bad post. To have ANY chance tonight, Dedi would have to leave. Won’t be easy either.
8 OH MY JOEPA That really wasn’t a bad first try for the new barn. Nobody was catching the leader that night. This guy did flash a bit of speed. Tonight’s problems is the post, so I don’t know what to expect here. Demand value if you like.
9 DAVID THE SAINT Can’t recommend him from an outside slot like this. Definitely looks like a longshot.
10 MAGNUM MIKE Mike plus post 10 tonight! How do we handle that? He’s not really known as a leaver, so this could be a problem. Plus, you know the post won’t be very big. Interesting test for the 11YO warhorse.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-2-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 LET’S BE HONEST Raced pretty well in that last one at Freehold, despite the tough trip. But, he scoots up the Turnpike now and this could be a bit too much for him. I need to see a good one on the big track first.
2 JUSTCALLMERONALD Goes back to the trainer that last won with Ronald. That was a big mile back then too! A tad disappointing since, but turnarounds can always happen. I wouldn’t completely rule it out.
3 SWEET ROYALTY That last try here was okay. Having some issues on the smaller oval since, so barn sends him back south. Drew a nice post, but wasn’t Corey’s choice. Definitely some mixed feelings, but I’d like to see more.
4 MONTALBANO BI The Bi took a week off and finds himself back in the usual spot. Do you think the Bi will want to race tonight? He’s been just about impossible to gauge. The price doesn’t figure to be all that big. So, it’s your call. Trainer: We will see which one shows up. Should fit in here.
5 CAPT SERIOUS Looks like a “work in progress” for Jordan D. He’s not here tonight, so new pilot involved with horse showing a couple of breaks. I would imaging the conservative approach is coming. A longshot.
6 GET TO DOIN IT Current form just doesn’t make him bettable right now. Have to pass here at Club Med.
7 TUCKY’S JACK Of the shippers, this looks like the one with best chance. Trotted in 56 last time we saw him here, which more than puts him in play. He’s a 17-time winner, so don’t forget about that. The knock is clearly the post.
8 SWANCREDIT Corey had a choice and opted here, so that’s a very positive sign. Yes, the post makes things difficult, but horse raced huge on March 1. That kind of effort makes him the one to beat tonight. But, at low price.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-2-8
H Horse Comment
1 ARCH CREDIT Made a surprising miscue down at Freehold, so it’s quickly back on the van and back to the mile track. The pole post is huge for him, because Andy can save some of that speed. Not a lock, but will be big part of this.
2 TECH TITAN Yannick drove Tech very confidently last week and horse came up a tad short. He did “hang” just a bit at the wire, but he DID stay trotting and flashed very nice speed. That’s solid step in the right direction. Hard to leave out.
3 BIG EXPENSE I loved him last week and Kyle put him in positive. Unfortunately, he lacked the needed knockout punch, which surprised me. He’s drawn right outside two others with speed, so this could be more complicated.
4 TWO HIP DIP I’m still not on board the Dip. He retains longshot status, in my opinion. Not for me, just yet.
5 CASH FOR GOLD Been marching his way down the class ladder and finally hits the bottom, which is the right level. Expect Cash to be very “live” tonight, but I will caution that he’s disappointed before. Worth the risk? That’s your call.
6 EURO GAP Suddenly got bet off the board in last Saratoga try and did not produce at all. Ships here? I’ll pass.
7 TROPICAL STORM BI One of many Spa shippers here tonight, and they all show suspect form. This horse has performed well here before, but I do have issues with current fitness. He’s a one-way closer too! Tough call.
8 CELEBRITY LOVER Just when I thought he was ready to step forward and do some damage, he broke! He never breaks! So, what do we do off that? The post is a little tougher. I know I don’t want 7-5 on him tonight.
9 FROST FREE HANOVER Took a ton of betting action for his new barn last time and wasn’t very good. Moves all the way out to post nine now, to make the task tougher. Needs a complete turnaround to jump up and win this.
10 SCREAMING CONWAY Where’s he going from post 10 off two straight breaks? Right to the back.