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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, February 09, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 CHEYENNE REIDER Perfect trip and drive from Andy last week to propel the veteran to victory! Do note that he’s the only one in for $12,500, so he gets the inside. Definitely facing a tougher bunch, but he usually stays good.
2 BAY RUM Been bouncing up and down the price ladder with some mixed results. The move inside a few slots should help, but he needs to be a little more consistent. Wonder what the strategy will be here? He can go either way.
3 SPAGHETTI EDDIE Still doing pretty good work and we can’t question his speed right now. There are other “need the lead” types in here, so tactics will be key. Will have to find a bigger burst at the end too! Can’t rely on that.
4 ITSNOPROBLEMMAN Battled bravely all the way last week, but did lose the war. Team Bongiorno listed Yannick, but they didn’t get him. This guy will have to try to get to front here, and that won’t be easy.
5 IDEAL SON Looks like the odd man out in here, even though he picked up checks in both Big M tries. The midpack post means he’ll wait for the flow and hope it’s live. Hoping for another check.
6 OBSCENE BLUE CHIP Did not pay off in the first go for new barn off the claim. So, trainer lowers the price a bit, but not really getting any post relief. This is no easy spot, and he would have to bounce back with a big one.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 NEW TALENT First things first. See how this barn’s horses performed last night. They ALL got a few weeks off, but by now, we should have an idea IF they’re primed and ready. This one gave it huge try on lead last. May try again.
1A CLOUSEAU HANOVER Team Cullipher paid good coin to buy this guy out of the sale and I think they’ll do just fine with him along the way. That qualifier was just fine and I think he’ll be ready tonight. Have to respect his talent.
2 ODDS ON LAUDERDALE He’s just SO good right now! This is the ultimate bump up to the top level, and I’m sure his backers will stay on board. Let’s see if he’s as good as K Ryan, or Tuxedo, or the entrymates. Andy chose K Ryan.
3 MINDTRIP Paid instant dividends on the mixed sale buy! And he did it with a roaring finish! Mitch keeps the drive off that stellar effort and I suspect he’ll be patient again. Hoping the faves mix it up somehow to set it up for a closer.
4 K RYAN BLUECHIP What do we do with this guy tonight? Comes off his first “flat” effort. Missed the extra week, since there was no Preferred last week. Gets post five, which is good for him, and was Andy’s choice! Mixed feelings.
5 TUXEDO BAY And finally, what do we do with this impressive customer? That was an unbelievably strong effort two weeks ago, and what a job Team Silva has done here. They’ve got a super speedy and gutsy 5YO. How good is he?
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 8-2-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 PECORINO Seemed to be on the improve when the Pocono meet came to an end. Got some time off after that. Came back with an okay, but not great qualifier. It left me feeling that he might need one. I’ll go with that for now.
2 SO MUCH BETTOR First time Pelling here, off the usual pair of qualifiers. Only eight lifetime starts, so he’s still relatively fresh. I would imagine this is a “work in progress,” but I like what I saw on the first. If ready, can upset.
3 CORTEZ THE KILLER New barn alert here too! And first Lasix. He was locked in during the one qualifier here, so we didn’t get to see him stride late. If not tonight, I have a feeling he’ll be ready soon! We just have to guess when. Trainer: He’s a “project horse” for some very good people. Seems like the engine is there. I’m anxious to see what has to offer.
4 AMERICAN VISION Had a pretty tough trip in his qualifier, so I’m not going to hold that against him. Since he’s been off since the summer, I’ll leave him out tonight and watch for future evaluation.
5 IDEAL CHILL Look at the horses he’s been racing against! Those were some pretty strong fields. No Larry Karr’s or Rebel Rousers in here, so this might be a good spot to use. He’s race ready, and many are off layoffs. Your call?
6 THE COLONEL Was last seen up at Mohawk almost a month ago. So, the ship down from Canada and into a new barn. Yes, I can see that he’s got speed, but will he have the stamina tonight? Wasn’t YG’s choice, but I expected that.
7 DUCKIES DYNASTY The Duckie is kind of in same boat as #5. Been running into some killers and he’s raced okay against them. Had tough trip last time when he didn’t leave. Maybe this is spot for gas pedal behind gate again.
8 DECLAN SEELSTER I have been waiting for weeks for this guy to reappear. Why the layoff? I wish I knew, because I think he’s the best horse in here. That is, provided he’s ready for an A-1 effort. That, I just don’t know.
9 FORDHAM SIXTY TWO Since these guys have basically won EVERY race here the past two weekends, we have to take a longer look here. No, I don’t think this horse is overly “reliable” right now, but he did finish up strongly in qualifier once Yannick let him pace. Tough post. YG may have to be “careful” with him.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 STONEDUST The Dust has improved slightly with each of the comeback starts. I had a feeling Mitch might leave with him last time and he did! Just lacked that knockout punch at the end. He’s meeting a few “toughies” again, but ready!
2 OUR POSITANO N Looked a little hot to me in that qualifier, so that’s a minor problem. He did pace on willingly, but he’s got to learn to relax. That will come with experience here. This is real tough field too! Hoping he needs one.
3 ARCHANGEL THREE Couldn’t possibly have looked any better in the qualifier. The barn’s had everything primed and ready, and they’re all racing superbly. I guess I’m saying I’d have a tough time going against. They’re just too hot!
4 SOHO WALLSTREET A He took a lot more betting action last week and did not deliver his best effort. Horse does seem to do his better work on, or nearer the lead, so we might see more aggression here. Chance if he moves earlier.
5 ROOTIN TOOTIN Mixed feeling about this guy in here. The race did not set up for him here on the 26th. Followed it up with a bad post “tour of the track” over at Yonkers. He’s going to break out one night soon. Is tonight the night?
6 MCTHRILLER Paid a very nice price the last time he raced at this level. Yes, the race did set up for him. But, he’s always been dangerous on the drop like this. He can leave if Eric C wants. Tough to ignore, even in this good field.
7 BUSHWACKER The Bush might be the key to the race tonight. Why? The post. Went back to the blast for new driver Corey last week and was game all the way. I see a few other leavers in here. Guns, or races from behind? I wish I knew.
8 DULL ROAR Seems like the odd man out in this group. I don’t see him blasting. And I don’t see him sweeping the whole field from last. It’s just a tough spot from bad post.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-3-2
H Horse Comment
1 MAY I CRUISE WEST Ended up in a good, lively flow last time and failed to deliver the needed kick. Longshot.
2 SPORTS VISION Waiting on a wakeup call from this fella. After that nice run in December, he’s simply tailed off. No shot last time from the 10 box, but no pop at all with a nice trip on the 26th. What are we getting tonight?
3 POP POP JOE After that wicked blowout to crush weaker, he just didn’t have the same punch when double jumped in price. It wasn’t a bad mile, but he didn’t have any excuses. Still in for same tag. The one to catch again with Yannick.
4 OHIO LARRY They also aimed a tad too high with Larry last time. That was good bunch and better field than this. This is the right spot tonight and Dunn will be more aggressive here. Has to stick close enough to Joe. Can beat him!
5 CC BIG BOY SAM You could easily make a strong case here too! Sam has been sharp for quite some time now, but he hasn’t had all that much luck. This post is ideal for his stalking kind of move. IF Joe gets tired, Sam can pick him up.
6 P L IDAHO Just not in good form right now, so I cannot make a case for anything more. Has to show us more.
7 MYSHARONA BLUECHIP Not exactly getting much love from the post gods lately. All the power in here is on the inside. While this horse can leave, I do wonder if Marcus will pull the trigger. He might, with a hole in front of #1.
8 DALTON DID IT Dalton didn’t do it upon arrival here and he gets stuck with same bad post. Likely same result.
9 SUNSET DREAMER It’s never a good thing when you see gaps and sick scratches. So, I can’t imagine the Sunset will be able to overcome this post. Watch for future evaluation in softer and better spot.
10 SHOW ME UP After firing out strongly in several straight races, it might be time to give him one from the back. This is perfect excuse to do that from post 10. Your call, folks.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-7-2
H Horse Comment
1 ALL ARTIST Barn is starting to come to life and these kinds of class drops are dangerous. I guess I’d be surprised if this horse wasn’t “live” tonight. Post and class relief. It’s time for a wakeup call, folks. Usable in my opinion.
2 JK PARLAY One of five in here hoping to drop and pop. It’s been a while since this guy won, but this is the kind of spot where his speed goes further. Just has to avoid making any mistakes. The inside post a big plus.
3 MORE DRAGON I liked him last week against better, but that trip was too tough. Not his kind of race. He likes to roll on the lead when he gets to the bottom level like this. Marcus should be able to get him there. Threat to go all the way.
4 PAPRIKE BLUE CHIP Still a little bit of a mystery to me. Just rode the rail in that last one, and he probably needed the race anyway. I think he still needs to prove he’s a real mile track horse. We’ve yet to see that kind of kick.
5 FOX VALLEY HIJINX Looks like they took a big shot with him on the drop down at Freehold and that didn’t work out. So, it’s back to the mile where he’s had little luck. I guess I’d want fair value to toss him onto the ticket. Won’t be easy.
6 FATHER SARDUCCI Have to wait for some signs of life in this corner. Haven’t seen a good one yet.
7 ALL IT TAKES As previously stated, if this barn’s horses are firing on all cylinders this weekend, then go ahead and expect a top effort from this one. That’s a pretty good-looking qualifier meant to build stamina. He could be ready.
8 BYBY LANDON Looked a little tired at the end of his qualifier, so that tells me he’s going to need a race or two.
9 WILLIE BOOTS Second straight start of the bad post blues. It hurts Willie every time. Can’t see it tonight.
10 SISKEL Also slammed with second straight bad post. It’s almost not fair! I’ve chased this guy too many times, so I will not endorse from this post. Have to wait for softer spot.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 ART DANCER Definitely improved in that second start off the bench. He was pacing up solidly at the end. Gets key post relief, but is still meeting a few very good foes. IF price is okay, I would not talk you off him. Hoping for upset.
2 MONTY’S PLAY Monty remains pretty sharp, folks. Don’t hold it against him that he chased Larry Karr last time! This guy was still going forward. Meets a slightly lesser bunch here, but wasn’t Yannick’s pick. I expected that. Still big shot!
3 REBEL ROUSER Got a week off after the classic “locked in” mile. Yes, everybody saw it, so don’t expect any huge betting value. Might even end up favored over #5, but I’ll let the bettors decide that. Eric C a perfect fit, and will send.
4 ARCH HANOVER There’s really nothing wrong with the way this horse is racing! Surprised everybody with that blast out of the gate, and then he finished smartly too! Will NOT be 100-1 this week, and still faces tall order. Has speed.
5 SHARP ACTION MONEY Here’s the key to the race! Obviously, I don’t know what happened over at Yonkers at 1-9, but those kinds of breaks always scare me. Was purposely raced off pace in qualifier here. What do we expect tonight?
6 LETJIMMYTAKEOVER Jimmy’s been up against it, buried in some real tough spots lately. It doesn’t get much easier here, but he is overdue to unleash that kick again. It’s all about the pace, and the trip for him.
7 LARRYS PETROCK Had the obligatory outside post “tour of the track” last week. I didn’t see enough to really get a gauge. I’ll just watch the tote board to see if he’s “live” in here. I don’t think he’s ready yet.
8 WISE IMAGE Finally, and I repeat, finally gets away from Larry Karr. Gelding has fired out of gate in every start here this year. It’s another tough post. I guess he’ll just have to blast again. Any smooth trip and he’ll hit the ticket.
9 HEARTLAND REVENUE Stuck in impossible spot here and probably overmatched anyway. Pass from out here.
10 MAC ATTACK I don’t know what happened last week, but he came to a complete stop. Not good. Also a pass.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 SPORTS COLUMN Gets both post and class relief, folks! And that’s always a dangerous combo. Wasn’t Marcus Miller’s choice, but it was a tough one. I still think this guy will be ready to roll tonight for Blake. May offer value too!
2 IN A SINGLE BOUND As previously stated, this barn is starting to come to life and here’s another example of a horse that could quickly wake back up on the class drop. That last one serves as the perfect speed tightener. Usable!
3 PRETTY BOY HILL He’s found these a little too tough of late and probably will again. Have to wait for a drop.
4 VAPOUR N Invades from the half-mile tracks for a very potent team! Horse has been racing well and consistently of late. IF you think he can go just as well on the mile, then go ahead and use. I like the versatile speed I see.
5 AVATAR J This was Marcus’ choice over #1,9. Note the big improvement in the second start back over at Yonkers. That’s exactly what you’re looking for. One of these droppers is going to win, and it could easily be this one. Trainer: Came back off his holiday great! Threw a clunker first start back at Big M. Track was greasy and he had flip-flops on.
6 WINDSONG JACK In a race full of droppers, Jack is the one hiking back up! Will it work? Maybe. BUT, in this instance, if the price is short, I may take a stand against. It’s dangerous and I know that. But, they can’t win EVERY race.
7 JOHNNY Q After a little roll there about a month ago, Johnny tailed off a touch. Also got stuck with bad posts. This isn’t all that much better, so I’m going to prefer a few of the others for now. I will wait for a better spot.
8 KENRICK N Brutal trip in debut here. Followed up with a sick scratch. Gets stuck with another bad post. The theme just isn’t good for this one yet. He’s a longshot.
9 NASCAR SEELSTER Marcus put a nice trip on this fella for Camp Cullipher a few weeks ago. Like the rest of barn, they ALL got a few weeks off. This is a step up. A move out. And a loss of Marcus. That’s not going to work.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 GINGER TREE MARTY What do we do with Marty on the class hike tonight? Yes, he won fair and square with a nice kick last week. That came despite a layoff too! Will he be even stronger tonight? Could be. But, I’ll go against.
2 SEEL THE DEAL N It’s hard to know what the correct class level for this guy is. He’s bounced up and down, and back and forth between here and Yonkers. Tried something new with the speed and that didn’t work. Drop, and back to mile.
3 BRAVO TEX N This is a horse that will benefit from his first trip over the track. That was a very good field, and he just rode the pylons with even late pace. There should be more in the tank here, but will it be enough? That’s the question.
4 EVER AGAIN Might have been the most “live” horse of the whole weekend! Pounded at the betting windows and he almost got the job done. IF you took 2-1 last week, you might as well come back and try again. Might be bigger price.
5 BIG STRETCH MARK I just don’t ever guess right on this guy, so don’t let my opinion sway you. That was a real tough trip last week, battling early and late. He needs a softer journey, but I always respect that blast out speed. Sends again?
6 TACT TATE N That was one of his better starts last week. Still a tough horse to drive, but DD knows what to do now. He’ll be going forward out of the gate and he’s long overdue to win one again. I would have tough time leaving out.
7 DUBIOUS CLAIM MIA for a couple weeks, like the rest of his barnmates. That last try was a touch disappointing too! Loses Corey here to #4 and I understand that. I guess we have to rate him a medium longshot now.
8 MR CARROTTS An in-and-outer. That means he races well every other start. So, this would be his “good week,” right? The post will greatly complicate matters. I see too much inside speed for him to blast. Let’s see about that.
9 SMILEANDSAYCHEESE Still getting way overbet. For a one dimensional performer. Gets stuck with terrible post again. He can only win with total mayhem and a pace meltdown. That’s not worth 4 or 5-1.
10 ASLAN That was a nice, belated kick trying to chase #1 last week. They’re both forced up in class, but this one just gets killed by the post. Also loses Dunn. “Nuff said.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 BET THE DRAGON He did pass a few of them through the stretch last week. And, there’s not a lot of confirmed good form in here. Moves all the way inside, so we can make a case he gets a little closer. Will need to be patient, however.
2 GIACODELIGHT Waiting on a wakeup call here and we simply haven’t seen it yet. He’s a pass for me again.
3 WHITE BLISS Gets the extremely tepid call as morning line favorite, mostly due to Yannick’s presence. Horse really suffered the bad post blues for a while, but he’s also been MIA for a month! Can he possibly be ready? I don’t know.
4 DEEPFAVE HANOVER Marcus was aggressive with this fella last time. I did like to see that. I did not like that he was a touch flat late. That was first start for new barn after the mixed sale. Okay. Not bad. Needs only a bit more to threaten.
5 ALL ABOUT RUSTY This was Marcus’ pick over #4 and I get it. IF you just toss that last one, and remember the two good tries, he can win this. This is the kind of field that Rusty can beat. Only needs a smoother journey.
6 DRUNK ON YOUR LOVE First start back off the long layoff. I don’t think he’s ready for this just yet, but you never know. Barn has sprung a few surprises on us. This is a former stakes winner. This is also the bottom level. Your call?
7 MATRIX OF LUCK Also not primed and ready for this, so he looks like a big longshot from an outer post. Pass.
8 BUD BAY In a field devoid of good form, sometimes you can make a case for a class dropper like this. Yes, I hate the post, but it’s third start back after being sick. He DID race a little better last time, to give us a hint. May be usable.
9 MAJOR WAR Dexter chose this veteran over #2, but this horse and bad posts do NOT have a great history together. He can leave, however, so if Dex gets the green light, he may take a shot. Have to get around a few of these.
10 SUPER S YZERMAN Moves from pole to post 10 and that’s rarely a winning recipe. Horse is quietly good right now, but this looks like impossible spot.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 ROOSTER RABBIT That was a pretty gritty effort here a few weeks ago. Yes, it did come against lesser, but he gets post relief and Yannick again. Have to pay attention to that. This might be only longshot he drives all night.
2 IDEAL TYSON A It’s the new barn alert here, folks! After getting torched in last at Yonkers, he got week off and probably needed it. It’s one more touch of class relief. IF he woke up here, would it shock you? Nope.
3 IMAGINEUWITHOUTME That’s an awfully good-looking qualifier out at Miami Valley. Barn sees fit to ship a bunch more of them to New Jersey for a month. This horse ended his Indiana season with a win. Stepping back up now.
4 SPICEBOMB This was Nap’s choice in here, folks, and that’s a BIG call! He could have driven #3, or #8. That tells me he knows #3 may not be fully ready. The Bomb is good right now, but will need an easier trip than he got last time.
5 MR CENSI Dex did everything right with this guy to beat that weaker field. For all the reasons you could have liked him that night, there may be that many reasons to go against now. This is much tougher assignment. Your call?
6 DEMOCRACY N Doesn’t win all that often. And when he does win, it’s rarely here. Yes, I can see the slight class drop, but horse would need BIG wakeup call to get home here and upset. I just don’t see it yet.
7 HE CAN FLY N Flew out of the gate last week. It put him in perfect position, but he just didn’t have the same punch as #5. That, plus it’s been a long time since he won. I could maybe use underneath, but definitely not on top.
8 FRANKANDJOANNE Where on earth did his last mile come from? I can’t explain that, but I don’t see that coming again on the double class hike. Also suffering a case of bad post blues. I’m against in here.
9 DEPENDLEBURY A Liked him last time, and he was definitely “live.” Unfortunately, the pace and pressure were just too hot. What are we getting from post nine now? Might be time to race him from behind.
10 PRETTY BOY SWAG One of four horses in here coming off a win. They had to take him down to Freehold to regain form, so I don’t see all that much hope, back here, with post 10. Demand fair price if you think he threepeats!
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 CASTLE FLIGHT Love the way Pat Berry drove this guy a few weeks ago, but he ends up on #3 tonight. So, who do we get? Yannick! Horse should appreciate the weeks off after that win. Will give Bell a real tussle from the good post.
1A INCREDIBLE SHARK Really hasn’t had a lot of luck from these bad posts lately. In this particular case, I prefer the partner, but it’s nice that we get them both. IF things get a little western out there, he could come flying.
2 ROUGH ODDS Really hit peak form over the past couple of weeks, but even he found this hike too much. Yes, he paced up a storm late to pass a few. From the better post, DD will be able to sit closer and save ground. Rallies?
3 ALL WEEK Just kept on coming two weeks ago, to earn a deserved win. With that said, Pat stays loyal, so we’ll see if that grind is as effective on the hike up. I think this will be a lot tougher. Can he really chase down the Bell? Maybe not.
4 BELL I NO Considering the layoff, due to the mixed sale, that was pretty good try last week. Battled bravely all the way, and that’s his hallmark! Same spot here. He should be tighter and he is clearly the one to catch and beat.
5 ROLL AWAY JOE That’s an awfully impressive rally for a win over at Yonkers. It’s just SO hard to make up that kind of ground. But, how do we rate the talent in that field, to the tough customers in here? That’s a very good question.
6 DELIGHTFUL OFFER N This does not look like the ideal spot for this fella on the mile track. Yes, he has talent, but he seems up against it with these. I want to watch one anyway.
7 REDONKULOUS He’s basically been ridiculously good of late. But, he crumbled the one time he tried this level and now moves to a bad post. Loses Dexter tonight. I guess I’ve got too many negatives.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-9-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 MACHTU N Finds his way back to the mile track for Team Surick and it’s not a bad spot! I don’t think horse is truly at his best on mile, but the rail and Andy will help that. He’s only got to protect the inside and then follow. Very usable. Trainer: Has battled sickness all winter, but followed a very good run away winner last start. Should be able to stalk here.
2 COMMONDISCOURTESY Just haven’t seen enough from this guy lately. He looks like a longshot again. Pass.
3 JACKSRLUCKYTOO Jack is back on the drop and he’ll take money again. Probably too much money. In all honesty, he hasn’t very good lately, including that try on the 26th. I’d be VERY wary of taking low odds on him tonight. Your call?
4 HOO NIEN A Here’s a legitimate option if you want to try and beat Jack. It’s taken a while to race this guy back into shape. He finished up very smartly from far back last week and this is a class drop too! It’s time to bet. Trainer: Should be good. I changed his routine this week. Definitely needed the last run. I think he’s better suited on the front, first over.
5 AVATARTIST Was raced pretty conservatively in first go for new barn after the sale. Okay. I get it. This is a better post, but he does lose Corey to #7. I expected that. Also note that the hopples go back on. Probably a good sign.
6 DASH OF DANGER This HAS to be wakeup call time for this guy, right? Kyle hops back in the bike after being MIA last weekend. IF horse opens up well-bet, then you better think about including him. Overdue for a big mile.
7 BRUCE’S MAGIC Can Bruce win here? Of course! He’s been known to improve dramatically when he gets to a level like this. Corey chose him. I’m not in love with the post, but he can leave. Also overdue for a big mile. Consider.
8 FOX VALLEY HERBIE I doubt he’s ready for this, so let’s pass and watch one from the outside post.
9 BUNGALOW BILL N Poor Shaun Vallee hasn’t drawn a decent post here EVER. He’s probably tired of it, so just blasted this guy last week. I don’t blame him. Keep in mind this is an additional class drop. Guess what? Speed!
10 HOPE FOR BADLANDS From post 10, he could be the longest shot of the night. No shot from out here.