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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, February 02, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 9-4-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 FINAL DREAM One of several droppers trying to wake back up and win. Carlson is a guy you always watch on a price horse too! The rail should keep him close. Sits, saves ground, tries to get lucky late? At fair odds, I might include.
2 CHELSEES A WINNER Scratched out of his last try at this level, and then missed an extra week. I’ll probably pass.
3 ACES AND EIGHTS Gets a driver change tonight, upon invasion from Yonkers. He’s been here, and won here before, so keep that in mind. Note the improved speed over last few, but not the stamina. Mixed feelings tonight.
4 MOSCONI HANOVER Also flashed some pretty big speed last time, and Marcus chose here over #3. That is telling. This horse seems overdue now, and has worked his way all the way down the ladder. Time for a bit more, folks.
5 TECH TITAN Took a week off, after the surprising miscue behind the gate. With that said, he also loses Yannick, so I might take a pass tonight and just see if he trots. He’ll need to, just to remain competitive at this level.
6 STARSABOVEALLERAGE 0-4 in last four tries at this level, so that’s not good. Offers good price if you fancy.
7 MUAY HANOVER After hitting the board in three straight, all with good trips, he’s forced up the class ladder. In a race with several droppers, that’s probably not going to work out. He would need even more. Not sure it’s in there.
8 ILLINIMIGHT That race did fall apart last week, setting things up for a closer, but I’ll admit I was wrong about this guy. Team Orange Crush has been patient, and they’ve figured this guy out. Now, he also steps up. What price?
9 PIERCEWAVE HANOVER This has GOT to be the spot, right? Had a couple of “tuneups” to get race legs right. Did offer a better effort last week, in a sneaky way. If not for the post, I’d probably call him a cinch. Post won’t help.
10 TRY TRY AGAIN Debuts for the Burke Brigade on the ship-down from Canada. So far, all these horses off the layoff have been okay and ready! You all know I hate post 10, but I can’t fight city hall! Let’s see how ready he is.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 OHIO LARRY Well, I didn’t get the memo on Larry last week, but the bettors sure did! Steamrolled the field and ended up paying a decent $7.60! Was claimed that night too! Steps up the ladder here and must prove it all again.
2 K-LEES-SHAKENBAKE Somehow, someway, Yannick coaxed a little speed out of the veteran in a seemingly paceless race last week, and that’s what won it for him! Off that near lifetime best, he’s dangled for $15K tag. Any takers?
3 SPAGHETTI EDDIE What do we do with Eddie now? After three recent longshot wins against weaker, he finally steps up. It’s a much tougher spot, so I think the price will be good again. Will he “steal” another? I say no.
4 ITSNOPROBLEMMAN For whatever reason, he didn’t look nearly as strong last week. Was driven conservatively too! So, I don’t really know what to expect tonight. Lowers the price a notch, to insure a better post. Good idea!
5 BAY RUM Had he not locked on a line last week, he might have won and paid big bucks! Look for any equipment changes to hopefully solve that problem. He’s is a veteran after all! Eric A might fire him out again. Usable.
6 IDEAL SON Back and forth between here and Dover. Both spots didn’t work out. This looks like another. Could very easily be coming from last tonight and that rarely works. In a tough spot again.
7 OBSCENE BLUE CHIP Easily the “key” to the race, provided he’s pacing out of the gate. Will be leaving. Set a pretty solid pace last week and got collared late. I think he prefers a stalking trip, so it’s up to new pilot to get him one.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-3-2
H Horse Comment
1 P L IDAHO Tough to get a real read on this one’s form right now. The ship. The scratch. The dull effort. In need of total turnaround and those are very hard to predict. I’ll pass until I see something more positive.
2 SKYWAY BILLY Back and forth between here and Freehold, and a real mixed bag of form. I do believe he was overmatched in that last one. Drops a tick, but is this low enough? That’s a good question. Not sure if ready for more.
3 CC BIG BOY SAM He’s battled away at this level for a while now and hasn’t gotten lucky. Some tough trips. Seems overdue for a bit better luck, but I’d want a fair price to take a shot. Gets inside post, which should help. Needs a trip.
4 MAY I CRUISE WEST Still looking like a longshot to me. Would need a lot of things to go exactly right. I doubt it.
5 CHEYENNE REIDER Tonight might be the night to hop back on board this boat. Draws first decent post in recent memory. I’ll forgive last flat mile, after a scratch. This is the spot to take a shot, but I don’t know what the price will be.
6 SHOW ME UP The 12YO is pretty good right now! And he brings important speed to the party. Mitch has put him in a great position last few and they got one win. Figures to gun and then yield. Can’t leave off the ticket now.
7 POP POP JOE Where on earth did that mile come from? Obviously, I have no idea. It was a real eye-catcher too! Note the Pop double jumps up in price, and that’s a move that rarely works. He’s got to prove it to me all over again.
8 DALTON DID IT Used the rail to full advantage down at Freehold. That’s a good thing. Now, he scoots up the Turnpike for a big track try and he drew outside all the main contenders. That’s not exactly a recipe for success.
9 MYSHARONA BLUECHIP A speed and fade from post 10 last time. AND, that was a month ago. Now, it’s post nine and similar situation. Might be time to give this fella a race from the back.
10 SPORTS VISION I really thought this guy was going to bounce back and race better last week. I was wrong. Pass.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 QUALITY BUD The Bud hasn’t been THIS low in class in a LONG time. Is it finally wakeup call time? Because he’s been NO good for quite some time. I don’t know. We all have to guess, but I can guarantee we’ll see speed. Good luck!
2 UF ROCKIN DRAGON Went the long mile last week, but that’s what bad posts do! They force you into tough trips a lot of times. This is post relief, but it’s been a while since he won a race. Demand fair value, if you fancy.
3 ALL ABOUT RUSTY Rusty has rounded back into good form, albeit with two straight difficult trips. Yes, it’s all about the journey, folks. He’ll need a better one to find the winner’s circle, but it can happen. Not much betting value, though.
4 VALRHONA Took about a month off. Came back with less-than-stellar effort, but against a better bunch. Horse has faced much better in the past, so a wakeup call wouldn’t shock me. Wasn’t DD’s choice, but still has decent chance.
5 ROCK STAR Just missed with aggressive try when lowered to this level. Likely the same thing coming here, but also the low price. Can he win? Yes. Is he worth firing away at low odds? Maybe not. Tough choice in good post.
6 FATHER SARDUCCI We all thought that was a nice spot for this guy in December and he was terrible. Fact that he’s been MIA since is not a good sign. Even further, they listed Dex again and he stuck, so at least that’s a good sign.
7 MCARDLES LIGHTNING I’ve been waiting for this guy to drop to the bottom and here it is! He always opens up well-bet, so don’t let that sway you. The post won’t make it easy, but this is the spot they’ve been waiting for. Usable.
8 WILLIE BOOTS 11YO veteran was put in play by Mitch last week, but that trip was too tough. This is the level where he’s going to win eventually, but I don’t like this post. I will wait for the softer spot later on.
9 SI SEMALU May have needed that last one, but it wasn’t particularly good. Moves to much tougher post now and that’s a big problem. Looking like a longshot from way out here with no early speed.
10 SISKEL Picked off some of the tired ones last time, but the excuses are piling up and tonight’s will be post 10.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-8-5
H Horse Comment
1 COMMONDISCOURTESY Where’s this horse been since end of December? Obviously, I don’t know. That last start, first on drop to this level wasn’t bad. But, can he possibly be primed and ready for this? I have to say no.
2 LIFE HAPPENED Is he finally ready to take a step in the right direction? It’s been a long time coming, but last week was first time he went forward. Moves from post 10 to two and that’s big difference. Might get a lot closer tonight.
3 SO TAKE THAT Pretty inconsistent of late, so that’s a problem. At least he moves back inside. A big ‘ol maybe.
4 BUD BAY Has one start on the comeback trail and after watching it, I feel he might need another. Pass for now.
5 JK PARLAY It feels like a long time since he won a race. Getting checks, but not much more. Tried some new speed last time and you see how that worked out. Back to the closing move? I think so, from this post. For a piece.
6 HE CAN FLY N No idea what happened over at Yonkers, but he did come back a few days later with okay qualifier. Is that enough to make him competitive again here? I want to say no. I think he might need the bottom class.
7 MR CENSI Real mixed bag of form here too! But, he’s been waiting for a class drop as well. This is it. Didn’t get Yannick, as listed, but he’s probably still live in this spot. IF he were to take tote action, I’d pay attention.
8 AVATARTIST Cost $27,000 at the mixed sale a few weeks ago. I think that’s a fair price. He is a 9YO, after all. My big problem here is the post. Doesn’t exactly appear “loaded” with early speed. Will have to grind into it for new barn.
9 THIS IS MY SONG Yes, I was a doubter on this guy last week. Guess I was wrong, huh? Brushed, rated, and dug in like a pro! So, now it’s a hike up, it’s a switch to a bad post, and still a short price. I’ll probably go against anyway.
10 JACK’S A ROCKIN Yes, we all liked him last week and he basically crumbled on the lead. That’s not good! Switches all the way out to post 10, which kills. He’ll be coming from off the pace in here and it probably won’t work.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 BRAVO TEX N Debuts in North America tonight, and comes off a sneaky-good qualifier. That’s a FAST mile for a qua up at Monti and Durant won it. I can’t guarantee he’s primed and ready for this, but he will be soon. Watch. Trainer: Was really good in the qualifier. Post helps. Nice little horse.
2 WINDSONG JACK Jack gave it a pretty good try from the tough post last week. Ran into two very well-meant foes. Now, it’s an inside post and a slight drop in class for the hottest combo at the track. How can we go against?
3 PHIL YOUR BOOTS Returns from Yonkers, but perhaps still in a little bit tough. I think I’ll wait for one more drop.
4 MR CARROTTS Took a LOT of betting action last week and I guess he was very live! Came on willingly, although outfinished. Still, it was a good effort. This horse has rounded into nice form. He is very usable again in this spot.
5 HOO NIEN A The other “newcomer” to Club Med is interesting here. Since he broke at Freehold, he might need the big track. Gets the ideal midpack post and figures to offer a fair price. I can make a case for some success here.
6 IWILLMAKEYOUSAYWOW Was easy to like in that spot from the rail last week and couldn’t get the job done. Moves out a few slots here and I’m anxious to see what Corey does with him. Guns, or waits? We all just have to guess.
7 BIG STRETCH MARK Yes, the whole world saw him get locked in last week. So, does that mean he’ll be too short a price? If yes, I might take a shot against. That, plus what will Eric A do? Horse can go either way. Very tough call.
8 MACINTOSH N Vallee barn has a few in here tonight and it seems they ALL drew tough posts! That hurts. Pass.
9 TACT TATE N Easily the key to the race, folks! He still looks a little too difficult to steer out there, in my opinion. He gets same tough post. He does drop another notch, but at short price, I’m tempted to go against. Your call, folks!
10 SPIRIT OF TRUTH It ALL worked out nicely for this guy last week. But, for all those reasons, it’s not going to work out so well on the hike up from post 10. For me, he’s a pass from this spot.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 WHITTAKER N Might have been the most overbet horse of the weekend last week. Ok. It happens. Now he moves all the way inside and the price won’t be that big again. We could see a touch more speed here. The one to beat?
2 REDONKULOUS Dex tried something different with Donk last week, moving him to the lead, and it didn’t work. It was also a tougher field. Back to the grinding move tonight? I think so. If horse comes up good, he’s hard to fight off.
3 BUSHWACKER The Bush is LONG overdue to get a win, folks! I will note that he gets a new driver tonight, but it wasn’t Eric C as listed. He opted to stick with #1, as expected. Still, it’s all about the trip for this guy. Gets good post.
4 SOHO WALLSTREET A IF you were looking for a sneaky price play, this could be your man! Crunched a similar field when well-bet on 12/29, and this is that kind of spot. Don’t be shocked if he gets rolling early with brush to lead.
5 MEETYOUATMIDNIGHT Been battling away over at Yonkers for a while. Probably benefited from that break. This is a drop back to a more reasonable level and he has raced well here before. One of many possibilities in wide open race.
6 JOHNNY DISCO A Seems to be racing his way into shape. Sometimes it takes these down under horses a little longer to get used to racing here. Eventually, they figure it out. This guy made a LOT of money at home. He has talent.
7 PRETTY BOY HILL In a race full of possibles, this probably isn’t one of them. This level is too high for him. Pass.
8 WHEN YOU DANCE Did not race well in first start for new connections. I guess I have to pass after seeing that effort.
9 DURANT Durant got a couple of months off and he surely needed it! Came back with good, fresh-looking qualifier. I do have a feeling he might need this too! I’m willing to wait for softer spot.
10 JOHNNY Q Johnny’s getting slammed with these tough posts. Unlikely to blast, so he’s totally at mercy of pace, trip.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-9-2
H Horse Comment
1 DULL ROAR Picked up a check from a tough post when hiked up to this level. That’s a good thing! Now, he moves all the way inside and it’s same thing. Probably a touch overmatched, but likely to sit in, save ground, try to get lucky.
2 ROCK THE NITE Lot of people picked this guy last week in the Preferred, but it’s just too high for him. Now, he steps back down a notch, but this is one tough bunch! Not sure what price will be. I’ll probably swing against, even in pp2.
3 SOMEBADDUDE Uncorked an amazing win over Larry Karry when last seen on 12/29. Then went through the sales ring to the tune of $90,000! Debuts for the Walner connections and tackles another tough spot. Is he primed, ready?
4 BELL I NO Was also in the sale, but was bought back for less than he was worth. Good idea! So, they keep racing him here, and he’s in for the $50K tag. Any repeat of his stellar efforts stamps him as the one to catch. Watch out!
5 BARIMAH A Seemed like everybody loved him last week and he delivered on the promise! But, with that said, he is forced to take DOUBLE jump up the class ladder. I don’t think he’s good enough to collar these. We’ll see.
6 MCTHRILLER Ended up firing out of the bad post last week and then got shuffled a little. Ok. This post makes things different, but this class might also be a bit steep for him. I’m going with that theory, and will let him beat me, if he can.
7 ROUGH ODDS Boy, is he good right now! Full credit for that. But, this is totally new ballgame against a field like this and he did not get lucky at the post draw. With all of that said, I will probably have to go against. A lot to prove here.
8 IDEAL JIMMY Kind of the same boat as #7. Yes, Jimmy is good right now. But, he may also be hurt by this post drawn. He can leave, but faces a LONG trip to the lead if he tries. I’d probably race him from behind in here.
9 MINDTRIP The third of our sale horses! Team Harmon plunked down only $45,000 for this solid performer. I thought that was a very good buy. That remains to be seen, but he does drop out of Preferred. But, this is NO easy spot. Trainer: Just bought him out of the sale. As long as he doesn’t change his performance, will we be okay. Seems good.
10 LYONS STEEL Can’t like ‘em all, so this looks like odd man out. I’m going to take a pass.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-8-5
H Horse Comment
1 JACKSRLUCKYTOO Jack let everybody down a little last week, with that somewhat flat mile. He could have easily had more kick. So, what do we do tonight on the hike back up in class. The rail is interesting post. Not always best for him.
2 WESTERN DELIGHT N Whereas #1 hikes up, this guy drops. And gets second time Lasix. He probably “needed” that last one and could easily wake up with a lot more here. IF he were to take tote action, I’d be a lot more interested.
3 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Still in too high with these, and we need to wait for the class drop to try again.
4 SPICEBOMB This is a pretty tough race to figure out. I rated Spice as the tepid morning line favorite, because he always takes money. The post relief alone puts him back in play, and Nap knows him. Will grind into this somehow.
5 FIREBALL Here’s another Burke “mystery” horse. Over from Yonkers when he worked his way UP the class ladder. I’ll just toss last race, after missing much time. Is he primed and ready for this? Or will he need a class drop? Don’t know
6 EVER AGAIN Had that race over the track, off the short layoff. He’s also a horse that tends to do better at one level lower than this. With that said, I will pass and wait accordingly. Your call?
7 TWINCREEKS JESSE Like a few of these in here, Jesse worked his way a bit too high in class. He’s also stuck with second straight tough post. It’s probably not going to work out, but I’ll be watching closely for future evaluation.
8 DASH OF DANGER After a good roll there for a while, the barn has cooled off a touch. Most horses moved up too high. That would be the case for Dash. That, plus the bad post blues! Will he send? I wish I knew. Usable it he does.
9 SMILEANDSAYCHEESE Was the second most overbet horse of last weekend. Okay, I get it. Tonight’s problem is the post. He gets Eric C back, but will need some sort of hot pace to set up that potent kick. Not sure it’s coming.
10 BUNGALOW BILL N Another Vallee horse that drew poorly. Where’s he going from post 10? Not very far.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-2-10
H Horse Comment
1 MORE DRAGON Had Dex chosen this fella, I would probably be a bit more positive. I still think this is the right spot for the Dragon to wake back up. He’s done it many times with the drop and pop, so don’t be surprised. Use!
2 ELECTRIC WESTERN Another looking to cash in on the class drop, along with the big post relief. He’s got speed, so expect an aggressive steer here. Barn was on a recent roll. Might even offer a nice price. Worth using.
3 GINGER TREE MARTY Yannick stays loyal here, but I don’t know if Marty is primed and ready for a big mile. The double gaps between races are a concern, but I can recognize the new connections. I guess we watch the board?
4 URBAN RENEWAL Flew home to pull off the big upset against weaker. AND, it came first start off a layoff. That’s impressive. Even further, A Nap chose him over #8. Surprised me a bit, but he knows better. What price tonight?
5 RUFO Here’s another possible sneaky longshot, in a race FILLED with them. Gelding has worked his way down the ladder. That last start was a bit better than it looks on paper. Perfect midpack post. I can make a case for new barn.
6 ALL ARTIST We just haven’t seen enough from this horse, or this barn yet. Don’t worry. It will come eventually.
7 ASLAN Thought he had a sniff on the drop last week and he didn’t have enough late. Takes an additional drop and keeps DD over #1. That’s a big call! So, maybe we’re going to see more from this one tonight. Very tough call.
8 THAT’S MY OPINION Had A Nap stuck here, I’d probably be a lot more positive. Now, I don’t know. Was good vs. these two back and that’s the way into this one. Has to show some speed.
9 TERROR OF THE NITE As stated in earlier race, after the nice roll for barn a while back, the horses worked their way too high in class. Same here. Horse gets slammed with a bad post, however. Not sure what to expect tonight.
10 CENTURY CHURCHILL Was the “livest” horse of the whole weekend last Saturday, and they ALMOST got the money. Got nipped late, after total form reversal. He’d better leave in here from same dreaded bad post. Low odds again?
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-10-7
H Horse Comment
1 GIACODELIGHT Thought he might have a sniff on the drop to this level last time, but he wasn’t very good. Therefore, he’s a tough play now, after seeing that. Would need a complete turnaround and those are hard to predict.
2 WEBMASTER HANOVER Recently added Lasix doesn’t appear to be helping. Can’t get any lower. A longshot.
3 B WELL Gets the tepid call as morning line fave, due to A Nap’s choice of this one over #8. He could have picked either. This gelding gets some much needed post relief and that Monti form is good enough to go with these.
4 BET THE DRAGON Another that looks like a longshot, in current form. Not sure I can recommend right now.
5 JDS BRENT N SHEREE I think he’s been here before. Don’t remember if he won or not. Did show a 50 and change mile up at Vernon, but only two wins for the season. So, mixed signals for sure. First starter of meet for this barn.
6 NOBLES FINESSE When Pat Berry left the gate last week, I thought I’d missed the bag! Horse did stop again, however, so I really don’t know where he’s at. Very, very tough call. This is the level where he can do damage, IF ready for best.
7 SWORD OF THE SPIRIT This was Eric A’s choice over #5. I understand that. I think gelding will benefit from that “race over the track” again. He’s been here before. Draws same tough post, however. Will the tactics change? Wish I knew.
8 FRANKANDJOANNE Gelding doesn’t win all that often, and if a short price, I may take stand against. Currently suffering a case of the bad post blues. It continues here. Wasn’t A Nap’s choice. Very mixed feelings here.
9 LEGION OF BOOM Still not getting the job done, and most times an underlay price. That’s not my type.
10 DEEPFAVE HANOVER Cost only $17,000 at the sale and I think that’s the right price. I’ve watched this horse get some real bad trips. He’s long overdue for little luck, but maybe not here from post 10? Wishing new connections good luck!
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 SURFING TIDE Was taken out of the sale, due to slight injury. Too bad, because he would have brought good coin! First start back was okay and he gets a touch of needed post relief. Have to think Andy will protect rail, with #2 gunning.
2 LARRY KARR Larry bounced right back to the winner’s circle, as expected last week. He was all out, but horse is game! Gets into this again on lifetime earnings cap, so it’s one more chance to “enjoy” the soft spot. The one to catch.
3 MONTY’S PLAY Monty has been absolutely great here so far! Take nothing away from that. However, he hasn’t met Larry yet, and therefore he loses the services of Yannick. We’ll find out who the better horse is. Price better here.
4 MAC ATTACK Eric C had a choice and opted here over #8. Horse does have a race over the track, after a TWO-YEAR layoff, so obviously he needed it. And, it really wasn’t that bad. Ready for more? That’s a tough guess, folks.
5 WISE IMAGE Just keeps delivering solid efforts. Yes, he got a touch tired last week, but that came after missing a week and was used hard early. Might change things up here and try different tactic. I love the post to just sit and stalk.
6 LETJIMMYTAKEOVER Got buried along the inside last week and didn’t really have much chance. It might end up happening again, because he can’t leave. Totally at mercy of pace and trip and I just don’t see it working out tonight.
7 IDEAL CHILL He looks like a longshot, on the BIG step up in class here. These are simply too tough.
8 LARRYS PETROCK Invader from Canada into new barn. Either bought privately, or at the sale. I’m wanting to watch one here first. This is way too tough a spot from a bad post. Evaluate for future consideration.
9 ARCH HANOVER As previously stated, barn hasn’t fired its best shots yet. Same spot here. Wait for later on.
10 ART DANCER I have a pretty good note in my book from last week. Despite that “iffy” start, he wasn’t bad after that. I also think he’s going to need a better situation, however. Let’s give him one more race.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-8-9
H Horse Comment
1 ADMIRAL He’s generally used to facing weaker, so I’m very hesitant to hop on board, even from the rail. Pass.
2 MCCITO Ended up pretty well-bet last week, as I suspected. And, Yannick definitely gave him a chance through rated fractions. Yannick opted off now, so that probably tells us a lot. Maybe stalking trip for new pilot now? I think so.
3 ROCKAHOLIC A bit hard to gauge right now, off that suddenly improved effort. Was it the drop to the $10K level? Sometimes, that’s all it takes. Draws better post. Should be sitting up close. Anxious to see if he kicks in again.
4 WESTERN REDHOT MIA a bit too long and probably in a bit too high for $10K. Your call, folks?
5 SUNSET DREAMER After that monster win back in December, something’s gone wrong since. That, plus he was probably in too high for 12.5 anyway. This is where he belongs, so wakeup call not out of the question. Tough call.
6 MASTER OF PUPPETS Took a LOT of money in a formless race last week and wasn’t nearly good enough. But nobody was beating Larry that night anway! Marcus listed and opted to #8. Needs the right kind of trip. Can’t count on that.
7 RATHER SWELL After that mysteriously good blowout earlier this month, he’s come back with a pair of just fair efforts. Yes, it might have been the price hike. Back in for $10K, so what are we going to get now? Have to guess.
8 WALTZACROSSTHEWIRE Marcus chose here, so he must have liked that distant second behind a well-meant runaway last week. Note that barn bumps up the price, so that’s very positive indicator. We’re going to see speed!
9 FOUR STACES Very mixed feelings here, folks. He couldn’t catch Eddie last week. He was out a long way with that grind, but didn’t look as strong to me. Now, they “lower” the price. Why? Gets stuck outside anyway. Beware……