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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, February 16, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 PECORINO Could easily be a live price play, in this wide open race. Was Eric C’s choice. Gets the rail again, and is second back off the layoff. Can he win? Yes! Will he be worth a short price? Probably not. Let that be your guide.
2 BETTER BANGBANG We don’t see this barn here much. Gelding finds his way up the Turnpike from Delaware in rather flat form. The one try here was nothing to write home about. Not sure I can get too excited about chances.
3 LEGION OF BOOM Just about impossible to like in current form. Would need a complete turnaround to win.
4 DRUNK ON YOUR LOVE Had a sneaky-good comebacker, folks! Raced a LOT better than I expected, so maybe it’s time he flaunted some of that back class and just dominated these. It sure wouldn’t surprise me. Your call?
5 GRAVE DANCER Jumps up with a big one every now and then, but maybe that was his shot up at Monti? Scoots down to take a big track try and he does have some good history here. Ideal midpack post will have him stalking.
6 SPORTS VISION No, he hasn’t been very good lately, but nothing cures your ails like a class drop. Exits those tougher claimers for this spot and gets Marcus back in sulky seat. He gets along with this horse. Also wouldn’t be a shocker.
7 BUD BAY Yannick opted here over #5 and I can understand that. After getting sick, the Bud seems to be working his way back into shape. Second start at this bottom level and the switch to Yannick. That could spell wakeup call.
8 SUPER S YZERMAN Not one of my favorites, so if he beats me from post eight, so be it. I will pass as always.
9 ROCK N ROLL LEGACY Had Eric C chosen this guy, I’d take a much more positive approach. Since he did not, I will prefer others and see if gelding improves at all with the switch to big track. A big ‘ol maybe.
10 KIWI IDEAL N Freehold specialist takes a break from the half, but is suffering a real tough case of the bad post blues. It continues here and he’s not likely to win from way out here.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 ROUGH ODDS In absolutely super form right now, but he’s finally reached a level that’s just too high for him. In my opinion. AND, after being loyal for months, even Dexter had to pick off. That tells us all we need to know for tonight.
2 CASTLE FLIGHT This could turn out to be a great claim! Super, super win last week and strong drive too! I would imagine barn has sights set on racing him in Delaware eventually, but he’ll have to start here for a few weeks.
3 K RYAN BLUE CHIP Can we make the case that Ryan is starting to tail off? After a good, long run of strong races? OR, has he been completely pace compromised over last few? You could probably argue both sides. Gets better post now.
4 NEW TALENT His speed has been strong, so we can’t argue with that. AND, that was a real slick drive by A Nap stuffing #7 in behind last week. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, as that foe just powered by. What will A Nap try tonight?
5 FUNKNWAFFLES Love this little guy, as do his owners. Had a good qualifier here, followed up by an easy spot win at Freehold. Now, it’s back to the big track and this isn’t his favorite surface. Is he really as good as #7 right now? No.
6 BETTOR MEMORIES Looks like the “wild card” in the group, but I advise extreme caution for betting tonight. He is most likely just “prepping” for the Levy Series soon, and will probably be racing from the back. Expect it.
7 TUXEDO BAY Team Silva with an absolute wonderful job of getting this horse back to life! He’s SO good right now. Even overcame the more difficult trip last week to win easily anyway. Clearly sharpest of this bunch right now, and almost impossible to go against.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 WILLIE BOOTS The Mitchster opted here over #5, so that was a big call! Horse really had NO shot from the bad posts last two, but was rounding into good form again. Tells me he will be VERY live tonight from the rail! Might be price too!
2 MAJOR WAR Gets the tepid call as favorite tonight, because the post helps, and he was very well-meant last week. Raced well, but just not well enough. Not sure I want the low price, but I do recognize that he can win. Must use.
3 YUPPER So far, this barn has brought nothing but live horses here! With that in mind, I do think this guy is going to need another race. He only one twice last year, but this is the kind of spot where he can do damage. Hoping next week.
4 WEBMASTER HANOVER Note his improving trend. Gets another key inner post, so that will have him in play. Likes to stalk and rally and it can work out with the right trip. Corey stuck with #9, so look who gets the call? The hot guy!
5 DANCIN HILL Had Mitch opted here, I would probably like a little more. He did not, so, we have to hope the class drop alone gives him revived legs. Yes, I can see he only won once all of last year. Not a consistent competitor.
6 FOX VALLEY HERBIE As expected, did not show much in the first start back from terrible post. This isn’t all that much better, so I’m willing to give him another race. Will be ready sometime soon, but we all have to guess when.
7 PROPHET BLUE CHIP His couple tries here earlier weren’t good, but then again, he was buried vs. those anyway. Is this the spot? Revived form up at home base. I guess I can make small case for more here. And, at a price.
8 QUALITY BUD I’m still not ready to hop back on the Bud’s boat. He’s been huge disappointment for a while now.
9 PAPRIKE BLUE CHIP I have no idea where the love is for this horse? He keeps getting bet and he keeps coming up flat. Corey chose him again, so something’s up. Let’s see if we get any improvement at all. And, he’s stuck post nine.
10 JK PARLAY Did get shuffled a little last week, but it wasn’t going to matter. Post 10 is the problem tonight, and I know that he can leave, but will he? That is the question. I’m going to lean towards no, but I’m usually wrong.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 SUITCASE SIMPSON It’s taken this guy a while to get to the races, but Ramblin Ray can be patient at times. He had a birthday earlier this week, so Happy B-day to Ray! Let’s watch a race or two from the gelding to see if he belongs.
2 AMERICAN VISION I’d call that just an “okay” start off the bench last week. He wasn’t really a threat and he wasn’t really gaining late. BUT, he probably needed that race too! So, let’s look for a little more tonight from good post.
3 SO MUCH BETTOR It’s never a good thing when you scratch out of a comebacker, so I’m taking a very conservative view on this fella tonight. Was “patiently” handled in the qualifier, and I now expect that in first start back. Wait.
4 THE COLONEL The Colonel did not use his good early speed upon debut here and then gapped and backed up. So, clearly he wasn’t ready. I suspect he might need another! Is adding Lasix tonight, however.
5 IDEAL CHILL That was some speed show put on by this fella last week! The favorite came up no good in that race, but Corey’s drive was perfect. Not sure he’ll be left alone on the lead here, but horse might like follow trip even better.
6 JACKAMINO Scoots back up the Turnpike again for another big track try. Not sure he’s up to the task. I will pass.
7 TEN BEACHES LATER I guess that was “Yannick Mania” last time at Yonkers? Had the rail and went off at a ridiculous 4-1. Even Yannick couldn’t get him to go. I would have tough time believing he’ll be any stronger here.
8 FORDHAM SIXTY TWO Burke has two in, and this is the one YG chose. So, let’s expect a different kind of effort from the 4YO that toured the oval in first start back. This definitely looks like a “project horse” for now. Need to see more.
9 ALWAYS A BB I think barn has three in over this weekend and they ALL drew bad posts! That’s not fair, but oh well. BB had the speed and fade in last start here, but that was against much better bunch. Slow qualifier. Is he ready? No.
10 ALWAYS’S CLOSE This is the “other” Burke horse that drew post 10, wasn’t Yannick’s pick, and is just a 3YO tackling older. That all adds up to, let’s watch one and wait for softer spot. Debuts for the barn, but this is impossible spot.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 RUFO Steadily working his way down the class ladder, so the wakeup call seems imminent. Andy did opt here over #6, so that’s a small sign of better to come. I guess we watch the board for any signs? I’d like to see more speed.
2 ALL IT TAKES Most of the Cullipher horses that raced last week were a little bit short. This one actually raced well. Gets the much needed post relief, and A Nap back. It looks like all systems on go for tonight. Hard to ignore now.
3 JACKSRLUCKYTOO IF you’ve been betting on Jack and losing lately, why not take ONE more shot since he’s reached the bottom level? He usually can win at NW5000, and it’s been a long time since he was this low. Still needs wakeup call.
4 MCARDLES LIGHTNING Definitely getting closer, folks. Even left the gate and forced the pace last time. I guess if you wanted to play him tonight, I wouldn’t talk you off. Lots of other “question marks” in here. A big ‘ol maybe!
5 WHITE BLISS The Bliss figured to take all the money last week, with Yannick aboard and he did. He also got stuffed in a little too long, so that was his excuse. This field looks a little tougher this week, so be careful. Not worth short price.
6 UF ROCKIN DRAGON Had Andy opted here, I would be a lot more positive. He’s driving a lot for this barn right now and horse was even favored two weeks ago. Did not deliver the goods. So, add it all up, and we probably get a pass.
7 HOO NIEN A Was bet last week like he already won the race! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way! Plus, his effort was just okay, not great. BUT, he also drops to the bottom now. What will the price be tonight? Plus, he adds Lasix.
8 FOX VALLEY HIJINX Not enough last time. Not enough at Freehold. Basically, it’s been not enough for a while. If you think he can overcome post eight here, I will simply wish you luck and hope you get a big price.
9 SO TAKE THAT Has zero speed, so he’s totally at the mercy of pace and trip. Nothing short of total mayhem will give him a chance to sweep the field. Not my kind of play.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 EVER AGAIN Delivered another high-quality effort last week, so we know he’s sharp now. Corey chose again and now they get the rail. It’s no easy spot, but he plots for another up-close trip. I wouldn’t talk you off trying him again.
2 BRAVO TEX N Some of us liked this guy last week, and boy were we right! That was absolutely HUGE try where he battled the odds-on favorite into the ground. Unfortunately, the 4-1 price is now gone. Expect to be favored now. Trainer: Raced well overcoming a tough trip. Trained good this week!
3 AWESOMENESS On the plus side, he won the last time he was here at this level. On the downside, he looked flat again over at Yonkers, so I do wonder why they bother racing him there. He’s not good enough on half. Back to M1.
4 KENRICK N Gets both post and class relief, so he also might be ready to wake back up with more. IF you feel a need to swing against the favorites in here, this could be legitimate option. He’s better than he shows on paper.
5 STONEDUST Now, I don’t know what to do with the Dust. Yes, he figured to need that race last week, after the three-week gap, but he was backing up late. That’s not good. Would be tough for me to play, after seeing that.
6 HE CAN FLY N He’s actually had a couple of good starts here so far, so let’s give credit for that. However, he’s running into a few beastly dropdowns here, and the post is still rough. Would need a dream trip to get by them all.
7 ROOTIN TOOTIN Another that I’ve kind of fallen out of love with. Waiting, and waiting for his best to show and it hasn’t come. Yes, he’s had a few excuses, but I’m tired of waiting. That, plus a bad post again make him a pass.
8 BUSHWACKER The Bush went yet another tough trip, game effort again last week. It’s the same thing week after week! Since he drew bad post again, why won’t it be the same? How can he possibly get a good trip from out here?
9 SOLO STORY Back up from Freehold and still no love from the post gods! Every time he’s drawn a bad post here, he fails to get into the game. I fear the same story here. He’ll have to go monster trip to win this. Those are hard to predict.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 HEARTLAND REVENUE Moves from post nine to the pole. Debut here was uninspiring, but I just think he’s overmatched at this level anyway. Will have to prove me wrong. At least he’ll be sitting somewhat closer tonight.
2 MAC ATTACK Team Silva hasn’t figured this one out just yet, but I’ll be watching closely for the signs.
3 WISE IMAGE The printed line on paper doesn’t really do justice to his effort last week. From the outside slot, they finally raced him from behind and he finished up sneaky good. Moves inside now, with longshots inside. Leaves now! Trainer: I thought he raced really good for coming off the pace. I liked how he finished up.
4 DUCKIES DYNASTY What a picture perfect drive from Vinny to get this gelding a sparkling new lifetime mark. That was the ideal journey for the conditions last week. Now, he has to step up and it will be a LOT tougher in here.
5 LYONS STEEL Did wake back up a little in the Yonkers try. One of these nights, he’ll probably find the right spot to step up and surprise us. Unfortunately, I don’t think this it it. He’s running into some serious killers in here.
6 MONTY’S PLAY Poor Monty has just been running into killers lately too! And, it probably continues here! Seeking revenge on Art, and getting a new shooter in Trump. He will have to step up his game even more to threaten late.
7 ART DANCER He figured to be “well-meant” in that spot last week and he sure was! That was superb brush and brush for the Double D, and they beat a very good foe in Rebel Rouser. Now, post is tougher, and must face #9. Not easy.
8 MR PROFETA In a field of killers, this looks like odd man out. I don’t see how he can beat these faster foes.
9 TRUMP THAT This horse was SO good in that a.m. trial that I featured him on my “Qualifier Report” ono the SNY recap last Saturday! Obviously, I was hoping for an easier spot than this, but oh well! He’s my pick!
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 5-7-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 THREEOFTHEBEST A Back off a little bit of a break, so that does worry me a touch. This is monster field, and impossible race to handicap, and he’s one of the question marks. Nothing less than A-1 best will get the job done.
2 GINGER TREE MARTY Surprisingly, Yannick chose this fella over the stablemate, #3. I thought he would go the other way. Yes, Marty looked superb in both wins, but they were both with perfect trips. He might need another on jump.
3 WINDSONG JACK Just when you thought Jack couldn’t get any better, Yannick opts off tonight. Why? Is horse going to scratch? Yes, it’s another hike up, but #2 is double jumping! So, don’t we have to play against Jack now? Probably.
4 MR CENSI I have to admit, even I was surprised at how good he was on the big class hike last week. But, now he jumps up again and loses the Double D. Is this too high? I think so.
5 MINDTRIP Actually raced pretty well in the Preferred, all things considered. Horse has been consistent and sharp since he got here and this drop back to a more comfortable level is all he needs. Continues to pay dividends. Trainer: Should be right there! He’s not really an Open horse. At least one of his legs isn’t anyways.
6 REDONKULOUS Dex had a tough choice and elected to stick with this guy over #4. I guess I understand that. This gelding is inconsistent, but capable of huge miles at times. That may give him better chance than #4. Okay.
7 STARZNHEAVEN The Starz loves this track, and he’s more than capable of beating these, provided he’s ready to roll! After a one-month gap, he shows a slowish qualifier up at Spa. Is that enough to have him ready to pace in 50?
8 BELL I NO The Bell was a little bit of a disappointment last week. He secured the lead, and rolled at his own clip. Maybe it was too fast, but when the test came, he gave it up. Now, it’s a switch back out to post 8, maybe tougher field.
9 MCTHRILLER Picture perfect drive by Eric C to win last week. Usually, when this gelding gets this steep in class, he’s overmatched. I have to go with that, since he drew post nine. A repeat would surprise me.
10 CLOUSEAU HANOVER The big $$ buy out of the mixed sale needed last and I think he’ll need at least one more.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 SISKEL When you’re hot, you’re hot! And even trips from post 10 sometimes work out. That’s what happened for Yannick and this guy last week. So, now it’s up in class, a better post, but a loss of Yannick. Mixed feelings for sure.
2 SMILEANDSAYCHEESE Got bottled up inside last week and never really got a chance to fire. We know he can fly late, but you’re always at the mercy of the pace and trip. Better starting slot tonight, but probably overbet as usual.
3 ROCK STAR Finally found a “field of his friends” to beat the lesser group. Now, it’s WAY up in class. I will pass.
4 DUBIOUS CLAIM I really can’t get a handle on this horse right now. A complete mixed bag of efforts over last couple months, so we just have to guess what might be coming. Demand fair value, if you fancy in this spot.
5 PRETTY BOY HILL Dropping back to the level of his last win, so that immediately puts him back in play. Andy chose to stick with the favorite, so that’s a small knock, but this horse will be live tonight. I wouldn’t talk you off him here.
6 AVATARTIST Yannick opted here over #1, so that’s a vote of confidence. Horse raced with the hopples back ON last week and turned in strong speed try. He is forced up the ladder a notch, but I like that YG stuck with him. Consider that.
7 SOHO WALLSTREET A In a field with several class hikers, it’s often wise to take a class dropper like this. When he won back in December, it was against a field like this and he completely dominated on lead. I imagine we’re getting speed. Trainer: Looks to be in a spot to succeed.
8 SPIRIT OF TRUTH Post gods really not kind to this fella since he hiked up in class. This is too tough a spot again.
9 MR CARROTTS Another that looks post compromised, unless he decides to leave the gate tonight. I don’t foresee that coming but you never know. He’s definitely a longshot again.
10 PRETTY BOY SWAG The Swag is actually sharp right now and gets slammed with his second straight 10-hole. That’s not fair, but he did fire out nicely for Marcus last week. Will he take another shot? Wish I knew.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 10-2-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 INCREDIBLE SHARK Another of the Cullipher horses that came up a bit short after their three-week vacation. IF you can excuse that and concentrate on that steamrolling win end of December, you might have reason to bet. Tough call.
2 ALOTBETTOR N Raced very well here from the 10-hole two back, and then on the lead vs. better at Yonkers last week. Gets a softer spot back on the mile and would be hard to leave off the ticket. Horse is sharp right now.
3 MEETYOUATMIDNIGHT Hasn’t missed a check in a while, but that’s his game, isn’t it? Take a look at his lifetime record and you see that pattern of on-the-board finishes. SO, let’s use him underneath, but not on top tonight.
4 AVATAR J Was he a bit “pace compromised” with Windsong Jack last time? Maybe. Horse should be raced back into shape by now and I can easily make a case he gets even closer tonight. Provided he gets a smooth trip. Needs that.
5 BARIMAH A Gelding is used to tackling a tad softer level than this. Plus, there are a few dropdowns to take on as well! Yes, he can fly late, but I will probably take a stand against him for tonight. That could be a mistake. Can’t like all.
6 CITY HALL He’s been buried in some of the same tough spots at Yonkers. He does have some very good history here over last few years, so I hesitate to toss him out. It’s ALL about pace and flow and trip for him too! Needs live flow.
7 DULL ROAR Andy Mac had a choice and took this guy over #6. Had he shaken loose ONE step sooner last week, it would have been a huge upset at 30-1. So, don’t expect those odds now and this spot is just as tough. Needs luck.
8 DELIGHTFUL OFFER N I had a positive note in my program on this guy from last week, but unfortunately, I feel this is an almost impossible spot. The post just kills, unless he leaves and gets very lucky. Big price again.
9 ALL WEEK Found the tougher level way too much and he squandered a good trip too! Now, it’s outside post, pass.
10 ARCHANGEL THREE The final piece of this impossible race. Loved his qualifier. Liked his try on the lead. If anything, that should have tightened him up. But, you all know how much I hate post 10! Has to fly out of there now.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 JK WILL POWER Off since mid-June, so could he possibly be ready for this? Did have TWO qualifiers and was good in both of them. This isn’t a super-tough spot, so I’m leaning towards yes, on being ready! Barn usually has ‘em on go. Trainer: I worked him hard this week! Made sure we had 2 qualifiers into him. He’ll be ready for this class to be honest.
2 URBAN RENEWAL After a couple months off, trainer Watson has this guy sharp! Credit for that. Tonight’s problem is the second straight class hike. The inner post should keep close enough. And, he was A Nap’s choice. Positives.
3 VALRHONA Took plenty of betting action and was very live with Yannick last time. But, he didn’t win, and now he’s forced to take double jump up the ladder. That’s not usually something that works. But, dangerous to bet against YG.
4 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN The Daze is still in too tough and it might take another week or two before he can drop.
5 THIRTY TWO RED Probably needed a few months off. I wouldn’t call his 2018 campaign a rousing success. Figures to need this, for sure, and I will pass for now.
6 TWINCREEKS JESSE Very mixed feelings about Jesse at this level. His best work usually comes at a notch or two lower. That, plus the dull effort after the sick scratch. I guess he would be a big surprise to me.
7 FRANKANDJOANNE Talk about the bad post blues! Hasn’t drawn a good slot in recent memory. It continues here. He can leave at times, and I would advise that. Has to get around a few of the longer shots in here to have any chance.
8 BRUCE’S MAGIC Pretty safe to say Bruce will be firing out of the gate here! Last three tries from outer posts weren’t good enough, however. SO, if price is short, maybe we should swing against?
9 MARTY MONKHOUSER A I don’t have a good history of guessing on this guy. But, I will say when he draws a post like this, I’m usually against. Same situation tonight. If Marty beats me, so be it.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 SPAGHETTI EDDIE Gotta hand it to Eddie and trainer, horse is razor sharp right now! I didn’t think he’d get by leader last week, but he got very close and gave his all. It’s hard to ignore sharp horses and Eddie gets rail for the speed.
2 ROCKIN THE HOUSE Getting a little long in the tooth now at age 12. Plus, if memory serves, it takes him a race or two before we see best. I’ll go with that theory until proven otherwise.
3 BAY RUM The Bay was just fair again last week. He’s become a little too inconsistent for me, but he does get a new driver tonight, who can wake one up. IF the price is right, maybe we toss onto the ticket? Maybe.
4 SOVEREIGN BANNER N Off several months. Good-looking qualifier, but he’s facing pretty tough group here. Did not win a race all of last year, so I’m leaning against for now.
5 K-LEES SHAKENBAKE Remember, he was forced to scratch last week, so don’t hold the missed week against him. Was absolutely dominant when claimed by Fusco. Now in for $17.5, so I wonder if we see a reclaim? Bet on it!
6 ITSNOPROBLEMMAN Fought tooth and nail to stave off a determined Eddie last week. It was a thrilled right to the wire! Different post and pace scenario in here. I think it will be tougher, and if he cuts it, must face Shake at some point.
7 IDEAL SON Keeps getting bet, but keeps having trouble getting into the right spot. Same thing here. He’s not leaving. He’s hoping for some kind of hardball amongst the favorites. But, if he doesn’t get it, will be too far back as usual.
8 TERROR OF THE NITE First time claimer in a LONG time! If you remember, Kyle took this guy for either $10K or 12.5 a year or so ago. It’s worked out nicely, but I guess it’s time to race them where they belong. Will he gun out?
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 FATHER SARDUCCI Boy, I wish he wasn’t forced up in class. That last try was a HUGE improvement. A real wakeup call. Had he gotten into similar spot, and had Dex chosen him, I would be on board. Neither happened. What now?
2 LETJIMMYTAKEOVER This HAS to be considered a big class drop, but Dex didn’t take him either! Because he’s stuck on the favorite. Jimmy had a real tough trip against front-running winner. I still say he’s a VERY live longshot here.
3 ASLAN You could also make a solid case for this guy tonight. Just toss the post 10 race. Was vicious rallying before that. Gets the perfect post and pilot to make things happen. I prefer his price to that of #4. Hop on board!
4 TACT TATE N After all the excuses, and various tough trips, etc, the gloves came off last time and horse just crumbled under speed duel pressure. So, what do we do now? Drops again. Will be favored again. Do we bet again? Your call.
5 LIFE HAPPENED After a LONG run of dull miles, he finally woke up a little and gave it a good speed try. That was two weeks ago. And he was well-bet, so they knew. Unfortunately this field is a LOT tougher than that one. Good luck!
6 WESTERN DELIGHT N Here’s another eligible price play in a race like this. Was stuck in traffic last time, Recently on Lasix, and yet another class drop. Wakeup call is due! And, price might be right. Only needs the right kind of trip. Trainer: Had a lot of pace last time. Lasix seems to be helping him a lot. Needs some luck.
7 DEMOCRACY N Also dropping, but waiting on something more here. Drew outside the main contenders and I think I just have to prefer others for tonight. I will wait for a softer spot somewhere down the road.
8 CENTURY CHURCHILL Been a big disappointment for several months now, so I’m not endorsing him either.
9 BUNGALOW BILL N After tonight, Bill will have raced here three times and he drew post NINE all three times. Pretty soon, Vallee not going to enter him here. And I get it.
10 TALK SHOW Over from Yonkers and into a seemingly impossible spot from post 10. Good luck if you fancy him.