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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, December 08, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-2-8
H Horse Comment
1 INDY INGOT Have to think he's finally found the right spot here, folks! Left out of there from post 10 last time, got shuffled and finished okay. Post relief. Super Brett back. Field of question marks. It's time to step in and play him.
2 FRANKANDJOANNE Corey gave this guy every chance last week, putting him in play too! Fought willingly, but nobody was catching Brookie that night. I like the post. If he gets the trip over #1, could pull the surprise.
3 ROCK STAR Had a couple of tries here so far and didn't show enough. Needs a lot more to get any closer.
4 SUNSHINE WEST Slowly working his way back into shape and last start was the key! He showed much better early zip for Mike Cruse. They give Marcus the assignment now, and that is a positive indicator. Expect similar speed tonight.
5 LEGION OF BOOM As expected, he was monstrously overbet last time and tired after a tough trip. Do you really want to go to the well again on a short price? I don't. If you bet, I will simply wish you luck.
6 SUPER S YZERMAN Just not very good right now, unfortunately. And very hard to drive. So I will just take a pass.
7 GOTAROCKINMYPOCKET Waiting on a wakeup call here and it will come eventually, but I'll probably take the negative view for tonight. I don't like the post, or his current lack of speed. Would be a surprise.
8 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN As expected, the Victory kicked in with a nice rally last time, so he's getting a lot closer to getting good again. I can't really recommend in this particular spot, but I'll be watching closely again. Needs better post and spot.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 ODE TO GRAY One of two in here for the barn and this is also only two-year-old! His qualifiers were actually pretty good, so it looks like he's ready to come around and get the hang of this racing thing. Let's watch one to see. Trainer: Trying to get another The Porter Gray. Really starting to come around and trained really good.
2 LITTLE TJ Invades with a 2-35 slate this year, so that's not overly impressive. He's well traveled, so he handles that. The win on a big-size track at Vernon shows promise. Gelding now just needs to go faster. A lot to prove here.
3 PISCOTTY Had a useful, acclimating mile in debut here last week. Picked up a check too, which isn't a bad thing. Catches a short field here with some question marks. So, if he took a step forward, it wouldn't shock me! Trainer: Good improvement last start. Still trying to sort out his gait issues. Should be close at the wire.
4 CAPTAIN AMERICA Yes, we all saw his disappointing effort last week, but those things can happen. Fact that he's right back in the box is a good thing. Let's watch for any equipment changes or something. Could bounce back.
5 DUCKIES DYNASTY IF you wanted to take a swing against the favorites, this is a very viable option. Had TWO qualifiers, and the second was a dramatic improvment. He's not a lock, but will race better here on the big track. Trainer: Loves the big track! Added knee spreaders last week and qualified good with the ear plugs still in.
6 FOX VALLEY B GUMP Very tough call here! Mostly due to the post. He doesn't show a lot of speed, BUT he did keep up and pace in 51 last week. None of the others can say that. Will he be close enough? That's a good question.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-7-8
H Horse Comment
1 TOO MUCH HANOVER Up the Turnpike from Freehold with a 1-27 slate. Not impressive. However, he does get serious post relief with a lot of the power on the outside. Only has to sit in, save ground, and try to get lucky late.
2 NEW YORK ATTITUDE Can't remember the last time he won, so think of that before you bet at any low odds. Was mysteriously sent off at just 5-1 from post 10 last time and did not fire. Tough to make a strong case here.
3 TALKOHOLIC One of the sophomore fillies in here. She's had a couple of starts here already and wasn't much of a threat. I can't tell you the big turnaround is coming tonight, so I will rate her a medium longshot again.
4 BIG CHECKMATE Kyle took a BIG shot with this filly last week and they almost got the money! First time Lasix. Showed much better speed. Gets a nicer post here and I would fully expect to see the speed again. One to fear?
5 ONE FINE LADY Marcus put a perfect drive on her two back. Used a little harder last time and paid the price late. Figures to go with #4 leaving the gate and would love an easier trip. Then she can pick up a check again.
6 MISTRESS VALENTINE Also showing speed of late, but a bit suspect stamina. A longshot again for me.
7 MUAY HANOVER Gets let into the race by a few bucks in the condition. I guess that last one was a "needed" start after the scratch. Super Brett stays in the seat and gelding has offered solid speed before. Wakeup call time?
8 MONTALBANO BI The Bi finally got it done, and found his way back to the Big M winners circle! Paid a decent price at 7/2 as well! Is this field softer or tougher? I might lean towards softer, so I will consider from the difficult post.
9 CON AIR HALL The Emperor's barn has brought a whole slew of new shooters to the Med this weekend. See how they've done so far, to give you a gauge going forward. This one fits, but the post is bad, and he lacks speed.
10 TECH TITAN My co-host from last night (Pete K.) has a "work in progress" here. Eventually, horse will find the right spot, but this probably isn't it. Looking from some improvement here.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-8-1
H Horse Comment
1 DUKE OF DELRAY Tough to get a real read on his current form right now. Finally gets a break from the post gods and it's usually a bad idea to leave Super Brett out in a spot like this. Could be a nice, live longshot tonight.
2 MCCITO I thought he had a nice shot in the last try here and he was flat. Set the pace and got run over on Wednesday at Philly. So, this is short rest, coming off two clunkers. I can't be all that positive folks.
3 DAYLYN HORIZON Seems a little "overdue" to get a little lucky. Trainer inches his down in price to insure a good post. He's been showing speed of late, but with little stamina. It's time to strangle him off gate, let him stalk. Trainer: Down in class, and with a fresh set of hands. Trained his best this week and is feeling sharp. No excuses.
4 ROCK ON THE HILL Sports two straight solid efforts since showing up here. That makes him look a LOT better than most of these. Has a post edge on two main foes, so it's all about the trip here. If Mitch gets him one, he can win.
5 DANCING RUSTY Not getting any respect at the betting windows last few, and maybe that's our fault. Two good second place finishes. The ideal midpack post, and this race could have a lot of action in it. That would help him.
6 WALTZACROSSTHEWIRE No real threat or shot in the comebacker here. I guess I'd need to see a lot more before I could endorse. Up against it, from another tough post.
7 DAVID THE SAINT Fresh claim here. Takes the one notch step up in price, and switches to the mile oval. Not too long ago, this guy was pacing a lot faster than most of these can go. He's got speed. We're going to see it early.
8 CHEYENNE REIDER Looked home free last week, only to get collared late, much to the delight of Dave Little and his pk4. Easily the most consistent here, but he's had many hard races in a row, and now gets the worst post. Vulnerable?
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 IWILLNOTBEMACHED Not much in his current form leads me to believe he will wake back up. A pass for me.
2 CC BIG BOY SAM Absolutely overpowered this bunch last week, with a very convincing grind with the Captain. If anything, he gets a nice spot to repeat. A better post. Same foes. I would have tough time going against.
3 ITSNOPROBLEMMAN He's been okay lately, outracing his odds over last few. But, he hasn't been a big threat for a win. With that said, he draws key post right alongside the favorite. Maybe he can just follow him? That would be good.
4 HI HO STEVERINO 11YO warhorse is back. Off a bit of a layoff, but for new connections. I have a feeling he might need a start here, just to acclimate back to mile track racing. We'll see.
5 MAGNUM MIKE Mike's win streak finally came to an end, but he still raced well! I'm not saying he can turn the tables on Sam, but you never know. Horse was reclaim by Nick and that's always a positive angle. Only needs the trip.
6 BEACHCHIP HANOVER In a race that appears to lack early speed types, it usually pays to take extra look at horse like this. He's a guarantee to fire out of there and might clear pretty easily. If he does, his chances go way up.
7 OBSCENE BLUE CHIP I liked him last time and he was just okay. Since he doesn't leave, it looks like a tough task from the outside post. Can he outkick the likes of #2,5? I'm beginning to have my doubts.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 3-8-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 DEWAR N JACK Added Lasix last time and produced a much improved effort. Yes, Wise Image was a runaway winner, but this guy showed newfound speed for his new driver. Corey gets a "recall" but they face #8 again. Guns out.
2 BET THE DRAGON Picked up two checks here, both times at long odds, so that's a good thing. That IS the goal again, in a solid bunch like this. Hits the pylons and just tries to keep up. Must find a lot more to get any closer.
3 PLAY JET RAY After being completely buried against the likes of K Ryan Blue Chip and Geez Joe, this is MONSTER class relief, folks. Yes, I know Wise Image was impressive last week, but this horse is sitting on go big time tonight.
4 BARBADOS Doing pretty good work out of The Mann barn. I thought he raced even better last week, than when he won. Now, he's facing two killers in the likes of #3,8. Will hope to stalk them, and maybe get lucky, split them.
5 ROLLING SEA For one very brief, shining moment last week, I thought he was going to win. Eric A probably thought the same. Horse did flatten out, but note he stayed pacing and got involved. That's BIG step in right direction.
6 ALTA SHELBY N Had a VERY good qualifier here, but then a subsequent scratch. That worries me. This is no easy spot, so I guess I want to watch one. I will also watch the board to see if he takes action. Will be good, soon.
7 WAVES Couldn't possibly have found a tougher spot for Big M debut. Plus, he's just 1-2 this year. I'm going to prefer others for tonight.
8 WISE IMAGE Talk about an eye-catcher! How good was that mile in debut here? Looks like a real nice buy for Team Harmon, but he'll need all of that, plus more to beat #3 tonight. Stuck outside again. Your call, folks.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 CLOUSEAU HANOVER Received a month off after a really good run of starts for the Burke Brigade. I was surprised at how good he got! Came back with a nice, easy, but very good qualifier. This is tough spot, so he might need one.
1A MAROMA BEACH Battled bravely upon return last week, but just got steamrolled by a very sharp foe. Faces that foe again, but with slight post position switch. Pilot will have to be aggressive again. Racing back into shape.
2 DULL ROAR Making 45th start of year tonight, so that deserves an award. Looks like they found the right spot last time over at Yonkers. The rail here is interesting, because he only has to sit. Still don't think he's as good as these.
3 BELL I NO Another of the eye-catching miles from last Saturday. A real "Wow" down-the-road score. He is facing a MUCH stronger field tonight, but Andy chose him over #4. That's a VERY telling pick! Can he hold off #6? Maybe. Trainer: That mile didn't surprise me at all! He's a horse that I knew would love the stretch out on the mile. and I think he will keep getting better.
4 TACT TATE N I'd rate that a very good educational first start in the states. Ran into a buzzsaw in #6, and faces him again, but with that race under his belt, I will try again. Should benefit from that experience. Speed both ends.
5 NEW TALENT As previously stated, if any of the Cullipher-trained horses have raced well this weekend, keep looking at all of them. As I write this (Thurs morn) I'm taking the tact that they all might need one. I could be wrong. Trainer: Been off since the meet ended at Hoosier Park. Trained sharp and will be ready to go!
6 K RYAN BLUE CHIP How good is this horse right now? Very, very good! I still can't believe he sustained that bid in very tough trip last week, but he did. Does move to an outside post now, so maybe that gives us reason to try against? Maybe.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 TERROR OF THE NITE Paid $34 the last time he raced at this level, so keep that in mind. Gets the rail tonight too! So, if you wanted to swing on a "live longshot" I certainly wouldn't talk you off him. It's a good bunch, but he's sharp.
2 BETTOR'S EDGE What's up with the Edge right now? Last two tries here were rather disappointing. Not sure what to expect tonight, but I'd probably need to see one of his top efforts, before I could bet again. Your call, folks.
3 BALLERAT BOOMERANG Was very good again last week, behind an impressive, uncatchable winner. That makes two strong starts in a row. Have to believe we'll get a third, but that 11-1 price is gone. Needs another good trip too!
4 AWESOMENESS Just can't find a way to win one, folks, and he's forced back up in class again. With exactly the right kind of trip, and some good luck, he can pace with these, but I don't think he can beat these. Usable underneath only.
5 NEXT SUCCESS Cashed in a nice, easy soft spot up at Monti, but it's back to the wolves here. A longshot.
6 ENOCH So far, most of the time, the Burke returnees have been ready! Was very good and game against K Lees in that qualifier, but isn't this too tough a spot to start back in? That's a long layoff, folks. Has a few issues.
7 ASHLEY'S HUSBAND Traffic troubled two back. Overbet and tough trip last time. A scratch after that. The excuses are piling up and I'm off the bandwagon. Owns little early zip, so the switch back to outside post hurts too!
8 BUSHWACKER Of this entire field, I think this horse is the sharpest! You might not feel that was after last two losses, but they were great efforts against superior foes. Gelding is clearly back in best shape. The one to beat for me.
9 PARKLANE EAGLE Finds his way to Club Med tonight and gets the absolute worst of it, post-wise. I would have a tough time making a strong case for success from way out here.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 SOLO STORY One of four that Dave Miller was named on, and he opted here! Horse raced pretty well again last time, rallying behind uncatchable winner. Drew the key inside post and will be riding pylons again. shakes free, will have pace.
2 IDEAL ROCKY 0-2 since showing back up here. A continued longshot, until we see some sort of wakeup call.
3 INCREDIBLE SHARK Pretty competitive at an Open level at Hoosier. How does that translate here? Not really sure just yet, but I am going to watch one off the layoff. Trainer: Off nearly a month since last start at Hoosier. Freshened up and will be coming on at the end of it.
4 DREAMFAIR MESA Somehow, someway, got past the most well-meant horse of the weekend last Saturday! That was superior effort, and just a perfect drive. Again has the post edge on that foe, so will take some beating again.
5 THREEOFTHEBEST A Just how good is he? I don't think we know yet. Powered past his foes not once, but twice since arriving here. Got a week off and deserved it. Figures to give #3,8 ALL they can handle, and I can't bet against.
6 CENTURY CHURCHILL Seems a little overdue to get lucky here and who knows, this could be the spot. Gets a better post. Has worked his way down in class. If the faves were to lock up, he could pick them all off for the Double D!
7 MARINER SEELSTER Very tough call here, especially since it looks like a class drop. In reality, this might be even tougher spot. Wasn't Dave Miller's choice, and isn't going to be mine.
8 MINDTRIP I guess myself, and the whole world bet on this guy last week. Yes, 1-5 was the off price. Dave rated him through even fractions and he still couldn't stave off #4. Dave opted off tonight. Doesn't that tell us something?
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-1-4-5
H Horse Comment
1 QUALITY BUD The Bud is still driving me (and his owner) crazy. Used hard last week, but boy did he stop. that's not good. Gets huge post relief here, so he might not need to blast that hard. A very eligible price play tonight.
2 DUBIOUS CLAIM Dave Miller had a tough choice in here and went with the 3YO over this Cullipher trainee. By now, you know whether these horses have shipped in ready or not. Make your determination that way. Fits this class. Trainer: New addition to the stable. Trained well. Likes a big track. Expecting a good effort.
3 LUCBOBSKI Didn't look all that ready for the comebacker, but it was strange race, with Larry Karr running off. I won't be too hard on him, but I will need to see more first before I could endorse. Wasn't Dexter's choice either.
4 MORE DRAGON There is NO doubt that the Dragon is back! He's good right now, and almost stole that race on the class hike last time. This is better post, but a new driver in Vinny. Not the easiest horse to get along with. Tough call.
5 BROOKIES PRINCE N Gotta give credit where due! To both Dexter for a perfect drive, and to Dave Little for the successful Pk4 single! The "real" Brookie showed up. Now he hikes up a notch, but is still Dunn's choice.
6 HEAVENLY SOUND Yes, he was buried in those stakes starts, and upper level conditions before that. Back to scene of his lifetime mark, so we know he like the track. Was Dave Miller's choice, so that's enough for me. A must use! Trainer: No chance last few. 3YO vs. older, class drop and driver will help.
7 LATE NIGHT JOKE Another Burke invader, but this one without the superior form we usually see. I hate the post, since last time he left gate, he stopped. Very mixed feelings on this one for now.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 STILL FRISKIE Eric A has been putting some really nice drives on this guy lately. Hit the board twice at fair odds. Not sure what the price will be tonight, but I sure wouldn't leave off the ticket now. A must use in all gimmicks.
2 TIE YOUR SHOE ED Very quietly good right now, so consider that. The problem that goes along with that, is tonight's hike up in class. I have to rate him a longshot with a group like this, but give him an outsider's chance to hit ticket.
3 JACKSRLUCKYTOO Jack beat the weaker group, given a perfect trip and drive. Never really got rolling on the hike to this level last week. No problem. Not sure how much "action" in here, due to Larry Karr. Needs a pace to rally into.
4 COUGAR BAIT Had the obligatory race over the track. Gets a better post, but still a pretty tough bunch. I could make a case that he steps it up a little bit to get closer. I like the post. Might get to follow Jack and that's live cover.
5 MCTHRILLER Since that win, he's been buried in a variety of tough spots and had bad trips. The winner of last race would be 1-5 in here. Would love to know strategy. Larry was pretty big last time, so can't let him get away easy.
6 LARRY KARR It took a while, but Larry finally put it ALL together last week! A rip-roaring, dazzling, down-the-road display. However, that was much weaker field than this. The price won't be great. Can he be that good again? Maybe.
7 GRIFFON HANOVER Slowly working his way back into shape. Might need either one more start, or a further drop in class to get close again. I'd also like to see him start from a better post. Makes a big difference.
8 NOBLES FINESSE Still seems buried at this level, and now he moves to a real bad post. Not going to work out.
9 DECISION DAY Big trip and drive from Corey got this one home last week. It was a key win too! When you beat a big favorite, it catches my eye. Unfortunately, horse is not exactly "rewarded" with move to this post. Stepping up too!