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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Thursday, December 07, 2017

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-2-8
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKIN REDFORD Finds his way to Club Med after a tough trip try down at Philly. Can't really say that the mile track will pick up his game that dramatically, but you never know. Has the rail to keep him closer to the action. Needs more.
2 FOX VALLEY STEFFEN Has enjoyed success here before, and I probably wouldn't be too quick to toss out if the price was right. There are a few better horses in here, however. Can owner/trainer/reiner win one here? Good question.
3 SOUL TRAIN Firing back on slightly short rest, just like #4,5,6,8. Turned in an even kind of effort here on Saturday, but gelding has beaten this type before and gets Joe Lee. Some positives here, plus an inside post. Back class helps.
4 NEVERDIE Same boat as #3. Was flat here last Saturday, but that was a better field. Still facing some good ones, like #6,8. Not going to be easy and will need a trip. Not completely out of the question, however. Your call?
5 DNIEPER Made a break here on Saturday, so that always worries me. Wasn't exactly a threat at odds of 31-1. New barn just hasn't figured this guy out yet. I will wait for a more positive effort.
6 WILD SMILE Exits a sparkling, but also shocking win at Yonkers on Sunday afternoon. That was a BIG mile to upset the favorite at 12-1. Seems like a grinder, and if the mile track doesn't hinder, he IS the one to beat. Hard to deny.
7 O'WOW In a race full of class droppers, this guy is going up in class. That's probably not going to work out well.
8 STONEBRIDGE IDOL Also won at Yonkers on Sunday, just to confuse us more. But, this one's win came against a much lesser group. This fella has the tougher post now, so any early speed would help. Not sure if he's as good as #6. Trainer: Likes to be involved in the race. In a good spot here and will be forwardly placed.
9 REAL DJ HANOVER Was just okay here last Friday in a spot where he could have been better. I'm not a fan of this post drawn tonight, or fact that this might even be a better field. Demand fair value, if you fancy.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 NOTEBOOKANDTABLET 11-time winner this year is up from Freehold for Surick and I still remember last weekend's shipper Fox Valley Hermia that paid $30! The odds here won't be quite so high. Short priced entrymates hard to beat.
1A ALWAYS FLASH N Pretty sharp, and pretty consistent of late, albeit against a tad weaker? Gets stuck with a tough post here, but she's got plenty of speed to overcome it. Both halves of this entry are very eligible to win this.
2 LITTLE MISS MARIE Not exactly lighting the world on fire lately at Freehold or Philly. Drew inside. Keeps up?
3 SPILLING THE BEANS Dropping in search of a softer spot and this is probably it. Not fully sure that the mile track picks her up, but she should go forward against these. Any takers at the claim box? Maybe.
4 SHADYTOUCH Pocket rocketed at Scarborough on Sunday, so take that into account. That was a $4K claiming field, though. So, this is a big bump up. Seems to pack reliable speed, so expect Jimmy to send her and give a chance.
5 SAM Mare seems to have tailed off a touch in recent races, so maybe the change of scenery will help her wake back up. I'd like to see a repeat of that early speed once shown. That will put Sam in play! A maybe.
6 LETMETAKEYOUDANCIN Looks like she had a tough trip in last at Freehold. Tossed in a clunker prior to that, so it's hard to assess this mare's current form. Drew outside some of the main foes. Should be mid-range price if you like.
7 ROCKERS ALLEY Not a lot of wins this year, but A Nap takes the call, so that may attract some attention. Mare also has some speed in the tank, so don't be shocked if she fires out. It's the stamina that I'd be worried about.
8 MY CANDY Just 1-30 this year, so that doesn't raise confidence. Stuck with an outer post too! Not my type.
9 SWEET BET Had Brett chosen this lass, I'd probably take a bigger look. He opted for #1A. Raced a little better on the class drop last time, but this is probably a tougher spot. Apparently not as sharp, since coming north this year.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 MYSTICAL DEW Certainly didn't look ready for a mile track start here last week. I can't predict a complete turnaround and that's what he would need. Offers big price if you think that will happen.
2 GOLD MEDAL SWAN I really like this horse, but even I will admit his last was a clunker! I thought he had a chance to beat that better field and now he's dropping. It's likely to be all or nothing with this one tonight. I'm all in!
3 WILDFLOWER IF #2 falters in any way, then this is the most likely winner. Dane gives Vinny the reins and horse is a bit peculiar at the start, so that's the key. Owns a wicked kick when she's right. Have to take long look on the track.
4 TROT COMMANDER Jumps up with a decent effort every now and then. This is the kind of spot for it, so watch out. Any live trip following one of the faves would greatly increase chances. If value is right, you can use.
5 SIBSON Just toss out that last one, as he got parked out. Prior efforts were against mostly better fields, so I think we have to give Sib one more chance. Ideal midpack post. Let's hope for smoother journey and bigger kick.
6 AXIOS Seemed overmatched at the Spa on Sunday, and was 75-1! I don't think the price will be quite so high in here and I'll note that he likes the big track. Won at Vernon. Won here last year. Chance for big improvement.
7 A PENNY EARNED Are the trotting hopples helping? I think the jury is out so far. Merely kept up against the better field upon arrival, so this is the test on the class drop. I guess I wouldn't be shocked by a better effort. Post hurts.
8 SIX BAX Got tortured at Yonkers in the amateur race. Not bad before that at Monti, but against much cheaper. I'm not really sure he's good enough to go with these, and the post certainly won't help. Not quite my type.
9 STAR STUDDED CAST Broke upon arrival, and won a slow race at Monti before that. Drew the worst post here and pilot's job is to make sure he doesn't break tonight and end up on steward's list. Would need a big one.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 ROCK THE OFFICIAL Nice confidence builder last time, given a perfect trip and drive from Vinny. Obviously, he got along with him well. Has the rail in wide open race. Expect to see speed, and hopefully a similar smooth journey.
2 GREEN OLIVES Technically went a little bit faster than #1, but not as fast as #3 down at Freehold. Both this one, and #3 were competing against similar foes down there. In sharp hands, so have to expect another solid effort.
3 ISE THE BY BOY I do remember this fella racing here in the past, so does that give him the edge on #2 on the mile track? Can't fault either of them for consistency. They start right alongside each other, so the battle should be on!
4 HEY DALI I guess this is a viable alternative, if you want to try and beat the favorites. He invades from Dover, where there might be better stock. Horse has a touch of back class, so I might jump in and try this guy if price was okay. Trainer: He is quite sharp right now and I believe the style of racing on mile track will be to his advantage.
5 SOUTHWIND INFERNO Also very consistent up at home base of Plainridge. I can't really tell you if the $5K claimers up there are any better than at Freehold or Dover, so we all have to guess. Hopefully, we'll get some answers.
6 RUSTY TANK Also up from Freehold off a series of dull efforts. The Tank also has some experience here this year, but it wasn't exactly outstanding. He needs a big return to form, and those are hard to predict. I will pass.
7 SALEVSTER STALLION I think we can give him a pass for the start from post 10. However, in reality, this isn't going to be that much easier. Just 1-21 on the campaign and in desperate need of a wakeup call. Not likely in this spot.
8 MAY I CRUISE WEST Came to a pretty quick halt in her big track debut. I didn't like to see that, and Brett may opt to try and race her a little bit easier. However, when you draw post eight, that's a problem. Needs more stamina.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 TOSS CARTWRIGHT Talk about a prime spot to get a win! Pete K's horse has been knocking on the door lately at Yonkers and I actually think he races better here. Has the pole, so should be within range of #2 when it counts.
2 WINNING PRINCESS If Lappe's starter in the opener did well, then I think we can add points here. If we just toss out that disaster on the 26th, then this is clearly the one to beat. Has a qualifying win here too! Lots to like, plus post.
3 PARTY ON THE RIVER Just 1-25 this year and not going great guns right now. Clearly a longshot to me.
4 CELEBRITY STIMULUS Here's the other main speed for Glasser. 7YO's speed usually goes a little further in these events, and I'm anxious to see him tangle with the mare early. Should be interesting race to watch tonight. Trainer: Coming off a sick scratch. Blood work shows improvement. Trained okay this week, and consistent when right.
5 PEOPLESAYIMNOGOOD Not bad in those two amateur events last month. Still needs to find a bigger kick to get past these late and I'm not going to guarantee she'll be any better on the big track. Best asset is probably post 5.
6 ENGAGEDATLEXINGTON Versatile gelding ships up from Maryland with a lot of starts this year and a lot of checks cashed. That gets my attention! Likes to hit the ticket, folks, so keep that in mind, because price should be right.
7 SONG OF THE VALLEY Recent form is downright dull, but those were much tougher spots. When Joe Lee hops in the bike, you better expect a bit more. Not sure what the price will be. He'll have to wake this mare up. Possibility!
8 AVENTURE Likely coming from far back in the pack tonight and that's not likely to work out well. A pass for me.
9 KEYSTONE THOMAS Usually good for one move in a mile and I think it's going to be a rough go from the nine box tonight. If he sends, he gets used up early vs. the likes of #2,4. In need of a dream trip somehow.
10 KNIGHTOFVICTORY Not getting much luck at the post draws lately and this slot looks like a killer. Plus, was just fair when he started from the rail that one time. I guess I'd be very surprised if he jumped up and swept the field.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 4-8-9-6
H Horse Comment
1 TERROR OF THE NITE Doesn't own many wins this year, but he always seems to be around the number. That was excellent trip and drive here last week. Has the rail now, so pilot might even save that one burst. For a share!
2 DR C'S Z TAM 11YO warhorse is trying the Big M now that Pocono has closed. Up and down the class ladder in PA, and this doesn't look like an easy spot, with power on the outside. At mercy of pace and trip most likely.
3 BETTORSLUCKYSTREAK Seems to have come back okay, after a brief freshening. Squeezes in for the condition, so connections opt to take a shot here. Simply put, we'll see if he belongs. Has to prove it and go a LOT faster.
4 WHATAORSE Very tough call here, because I DO remember his sub-1:50 win here this summer. I know recent form is a little "suspect" but I will expect a big, bounce back kind of mile here. Versatile enough to do it either way too!
5 WORKANDPLAYHARD Pulled the 10-1 shocker for A Nap here last week, and was one of two wins for the barn. With that said, A Nap opts off and this is a better bunch tonight. Will have to prove it wasn't a fluke. Lower price too! Trainer: After finally getting a win for the year, I've raised him up to a $15K claimer. Hopefully, he can hang with them.
6 CAM'S LUCKY SAM A bit inconsistent of late. Seemed to race a tad better on the bigger size oval at Vernon, so I'll be watching closely to see if Sam picks up his game here. The flow could be very live in this race. That would help.
7 CITY PIE Never really had a chance last time at underlay odds. If anything, this could be a tougher spot, and with Brett still aboard, I wonder about the betting value. Horse will need a much bigger kick to get home and surprise.
8 NORTHERN ASSASSIN A A Nap had himself taken off #2,5,6 to end up on this one. That's a very telling fact. Horse plunges back down the class ladder and he's a clear fit with these. Probably the one to beat, but at no price.
9 WE THINK ALIKE Got beat a head in last try by horse that came back to win the Saturday finale here! That's a key race! I hate this post, however and I don't think he'll offer a big price either. Will need a Billy The Mann trip!
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-10-7
H Horse Comment
1 A AND C ARTIST Didn't show very much upon arrival here, but the race certainly didn't set up for him. It's Andy in the seat now, and he wakes them up from time to time. Absolutely wide open race here, so why not swing for a price?
2 J PATCH Took some tote action in last Rosecroft try, but did not deliver the goods. Tends to be a plodder early, and that's never one of my favorite characteristics. Would probably need a dream trip to jump up and shock.
3 I'M SID THE KID I know he showed nothing last time here, but barn had a VERY good week last week. Simply because of that, we might expect a wakeup call. First time A Nap. I guess I could make a case for more.
4 ALWAYS A DIAMOND Doesn't win all that often, but he does possess good speed for a part of the mile. Trip is always critical for this gelding, but this pace scenario seems okay for him. Will be part of it early, and maybe late? Trainer: Was pressed hard last start. This is a weaker field and just need a little luck.
5 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Retains longshot status until we see some sort of improved effort. I will pass again.
6 RU READY TO ROCK Hoping to drop and pop here and it can certainly happen. Barn and pilot have teamed up for a lot of winners that look like this. Horse had to "need" the start at Yonkers. Expect a much better effort tonight.
7 CRUZING HILL Brett had a few options and ends up on this one. Was claimed despite post 10 last week, so that caught my eye. Didn't race badly and flow didn't really set up for him. Not the biggest stab in the world, if you like. Trainer: Haven't had him long, but seems good enough for this class relief.
8 ENERGY SHAKES Been dull and coming off a scratch, so things don't seem quite right in this corner. Pass.
9 BUCKLE UP Been a little dull. Drew poorly and doesn't see to pack a lot of speed. Hard to be excited bout this one.
10 ARPEGGIO HANOVER Didn't deliver the goods at Rosecroft on Sunday and he was off at 5-2. Does have the speed to leave the gate, though and that's only way into this one. Let's see if he can go fast enough on the mile track in trainer's first starter here at M1.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 PAN GRAD Tried a little speed upon arrival and that didn't work out. From the better post, pilot might be able to save some of that. Horse has surprised us before. Not out of the question in here, from this slot.
2 MASTER OF PUPPETS Somehow, someway.....Andy Miller kept this guy alive to post the upset. It showed some guts, and horse now owns two good efforts over this track. Has slight post edge on #7. Let's see who wins this week.
3 TRYS LITTLE PRINCE Nap had some options in here and took this guy. Didn't really have much chance last time, and I'll add that he's been a tad better since Lasix was added. Price should still be ok. Nap needs to get him a trip.
4 FOUNDMYTREASURE Not a lot going on in this corner, so I will rate him a longshot again. Nap opted off. Pass.
5 ONE EYED ALLEY CAT Simon sent him out of there against these last week and just might do the same. The Cat will need to find a touch more stamina tonight, but it's not completely out of the question. Owns one decent move.
6 SOUTHERN SPORT The Sport is a one-way closer, so he's always at the mercy of pace and trip. Looking at the power on the outside, we might just get a good, hot pace. That would aid his longshot rallying chances. Consider.
7 FOX VALLEY CADET Lost the stretch slugfest with #2 last week, but he was out a long way and still dug in. The price was an underlay, so I think you'll get better odds this time. Seeks revenge on #2 and just might get it.
8 ACTION ONELASTTIME A six-time winner this year from only 16 starts, so he's definitely a bit "fresher" than most of these warhorses. I guess my knock on him is the post and hike up in class. Has something to prove in here.
9 ESPRIT DE KAYJAY A A winning machine for Nick down at Freehold, but after watching those races at Freehold, they basically just surrendered to this horse. I have a feeling he won't "steal" away quite so easily here. Your call?
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-9-2
H Horse Comment
1 TWIST OF FATE My co-host, Mr. Horowitz liked this filly last Friday and she had no chance from that slot. This spot, however, is MUCH different. I think she's a big factor here with a potential wakeup call. If price right, must use!
2 IANTHE HANOVER Big time money burner out of town. With that said, she gets a much better post here and will offer much better odds. Certainly in the right spot with these and I wouldn't be shocked if we saw more.
3 PANCAKES In for the tag here, with a yearly slate of just 2-32. Been racing just okay up at Spa, and with Simon aboard, she doesn't figure to offer a huge price. Would need substantially more to jump up and beat these. Trainer: Loves a bigger track! M1 is more suitable for her. Should do well in here.
4 AARIN HANOVER Almost got lucky at Freehold two back. Really had no chance behind impressive winner here last weekend. Keeps Brett in the seat from a similar post. Any smooth trip gives her a decent chance to surprise. Trainer: Racing off a short week. Finished good coming off the pace last week. Gets Brett Miller again.
5 PURITY What do we do here? Acted up on the track and broke early with an equipment issue? Her qualifier was good, so I really have NO idea what to expect tonight. I do suggest you take a look to see if she's calm out there.
6 QUIKSTARTMYHEART Been okay lately up and down the class ladder at Freehold. Not sure if Stacy has tried her here on the mile track. The post might be an issue, since horses doesn't tend to blast. I need to see one here.
7 CHARMING HILL Seven time winner this year is in for the tag, or she wouldn't fit the class. Looks like the perfect spot for barn's first starter here this meet. Was Jimmy's choice over #10. I see a lot of positives here. Can be bet!
8 DUNESIDE LIFE I don't see a whole lot of positives here, with this post drawn. Likely to be well back early. Pass.
9 DRAG N SAND The key to the race, with Nap getting the call. This is significant class drop back to a level where she can do some damage. Expect some speed, even from the nine slot. Not sure I want very short price, however.
10 JARNAC Faded at Philly after being used early. I don't know what to expect from this post with Mr. Mann. Plus, that 0-32 record this year sticks out badly.