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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, November 09, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-6-3-9
H Horse Comment
1 AB'S ROYAL PUNKIN That wasn't a terrible start for a debut here last time. Did go a lot faster than she ever did. Gets a key inside post again, so it's same thing coming. Sit in, save ground and hope for a bit more late.
2 BIG CHECKMATE Also probably needed that race last time and should benefit from that. She's shown enough speed before to warrant the extra look here. Likely to offer a solid price if you think she'll be closer. Decent chance tonight.
3 CASH CALF Did everything right last week and finished up nicely behind impressive winner. That's a solid step in the good direction and I can make a case she gets even closer here. I do not think she'll be 13-1 with these. Trainer: Coming along very nicely. Very green with the starting gate. Taking baby steps with her.
4 SEVEN ROSES Had a fair qualifier here upon arrival. Wasn't quite keeping pace late, but sometimes it takes a start or two. I'm willing to watch another one and see if she belongs. Will have to drop even more time to stick close.
5 BRUTAL STORM We know he's got speed, but I do have my questions about mile track stamina. I also have an issue with that overall record. Just one win, but a lot of second's and third's. Therefore, I might use under, but not on top.
6 TAKE A WISH Rallied nicely from a pretty tough spot last week. It caught my eye, because of the finish. She's already proven good enough to win a stakes race, so she could be a lot closer in this bunch. Also has speed, if Steve wants.
7 QUIKSILVER BLUECHIP The lone 2YO in here lands the role as fave, off that dominating win down at Philly. Andy Mac drove him then, and will again tonight. Can't guarantee he'll like the mile, but his style suggests so. The one to beat.
8 ALVISI HANOVER Was in-to-go on Wednesday at Pocono, which is after press time for this program. Obviously, the two prior breaks raise a lot of red flags, but maybe Mark thinks he'll need big track? Still, a very big maybe.
9 FLEUR DE HILL Not bad last time! That was not an easy trip, but she persevered nicely. Good step in right direction, and she's been okay overall. I just HATE this post. It will not be easy to pass them all!
10 SHORTIE JOE Got run over in Big M debut, and now gets post 10. Likely a different kind of trip coming here.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 9-5-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 GHOSTTOTHEPOST Coming off a long layoff here, and that qualifier wasn't exactly terrible. She went faster than she had been. I still think she's going to need one, but I'm willing to watch. Might fit perfectly in spot like this next time.
2 KEYSTONE KRYSTAL Usually a very dangerous barn when they invade, but this filly doesn't look all that solid yet. She's also working her way back into shape off a layoff. First two at Philly were just fair. Have to see more first.
3 LILAC LAUREY Added Lasix for second go here and it wasn't all that much better. Barn still off to slow start, so I'd need to see an improved effort before I could hop on board.
4 PARKAVENUEJULIEANN Seems to be on the slight improve of late, but that overall record is just a killer. Only one lonely win from 23 tries. That's simply not good enough. Would need even more to get the job done here.
5 GRACIE G Toss out that last miscue and you've got a fast filly with a chance. The speed she showed up at Vernon is more than enough to put her in play here. I wouldn't leave off the ticket, if the price was right. Consider that.
6 PROTECT BLUE CHIP Tough call here. She did win up on the big track in Canada. She did not seem to race well on the smaller ovals down here. I guess I wouldn't be shocked if she woke back up here. One of these fillies will have to! Trainer: Should definitely like a bigger track.
7 ODDS ON STEPHANIE Didn't really have any excuses here last time. The win was solid, but she's been very inconsistent all along. Still waiting on that immaculate pedigree to shine. Maybe it'll happen one night soon.
8 SILK REED Watch out here, because this filly is very sharp right now. She's overdue for a touch of better luck, and tonight's only problem is the post. She hasn't blasted yet, so I wouldn't like if she gets away last. Tough call.
9 DELIGHTFUL FEATHER Proved me 100% wrong last week. Andy drove like she would be good, and she sure was! That was superb performance, considering the month off. If anything, she should be even better tonight.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 MR RIDGETAKER Retains large longshot status, even from the rail. Would need complete turnaround.
2 DANISH DURANGO I've had more than my share of watching this guy this year. Just not a fan of his incredibly inconsistent form. Gets some big-time post relief this evening, but I still won't bite. Beat me if you can!
3 PINGALING Here we find Joe Lee back in the bike tonight and that's the key. Joe won a bunch of races here this year and this gelding had the perfect acclimating mile here last week. Might be overbet, but can't be ignored.
4 SHADY MCCOY No, I do not know what happened last week! The horse never breaks! So, what do we do tonight? I guess we give him another chance. I have a feeling that #3 will take most of the money. Maybe we bet here instead?
5 HIGH BLUE Rolled along at a pretty solid clip last week and just couldn't sustain it. It still showed me something! It does appear that he's "rateable," so let's give another chance. Maybe a different trip increases the stamina level?
6 DOG GONE LUCKY Unfamiliar connections here. I do remember that Gaitway qualifier from the summer, and that was pretty good. Not sure what happened in July, but off since then. Qualifier was okay, but a tad slow. Is he ready?
7 FOX VALLEY STEFFEN Benefited from a perfect steer last week to post the upset! It also helped that #9 "hung a little" in last two jumps. For tonight's betting purposes, the trip figures to be a lot tougher, and price may not be higher.
8 WILD SMILE Have to admit, he was a tad disappointing last week. I thought he'd be good, off that hot pace, and he lacked his usual big kick. Why? Did he need that race to reacclimate to mile? I don't know. Have to guess. Trainer: He's had a lot of races this year, but wasn't very good last week. Hopefully, less is better.
9 HOT SUMMER KNIGHT Looked like a sure winner all the way down stretch last week and hung on the money in final two strides. Oh well! Still stuck in a brutal post and it's all about pace and trip again. Not worth short price?
10 GIANNI Can't really make a strong case from this post tonight. I'm going to pass, and watch one.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-5-9
H Horse Comment
1 R BAZINGGA Pretty nice effort behind that impressive winner last week. The perfect acclimating mile! Barn has a bunch in here tonight, so if they start strong, hop on board. I liked what I saw in that finish. Very usable again. Trainer: Finished up really strong last week and should be a little closer this time.
2 IN ROCK WE TRUST Don't be too hard on this guy for last week! All he did was pace home in 26 and change with a deceptively good finish. That's what he wants to do: finish! It's all about trip again, but pace may be faster here.
3 WAWAWAWHAT Second of barn's starters in this race looks a little less accomplished so far. I'll probably pass. Trainer: Should also like the bigger track. He's got one good run to him, but just couldn't get it going at Yonkers.
4 KINEMATICS Added Lasix recently, but it hasn't exactly turned things around just yet. I will note that barn has two winners here already, so might need to consider that. This horse, however, would need a lot more speed to win here.
5 YACHT WEEK Lone 2YO in field certainly has some talent! He's done a fairly good job of keeping up at the stakes-level and that's not easy. My only concern is lack of early speed shown. Softer spot here, so let's see some speed!
6 BARBADOS The Mann's barn is off to a bit of a slow start, but it won't last forever. This gelding shows five wins this year, but none of them recent. Maybe he'll "appreciate" the return to the big track? I wish I knew. Price will be right.
7 WILDMAN Didn't show much in the start here. Then got cooked in the hot pace battle in Maryland. That's an 0-28 slate we're staring at this year. Not sure I can make a super strong case just yet.
8 DEWAR N JACK Firing back on short rest here, after towing along in very fast mile at Pocono on Tuesday. He wasn't going to win that one, and I do feel this may be a tad softer bunch. But, I still hate the post. He has to leave here.
9 ROLLING SEA Very tough call here, because we all remember his prior successes over this oval. Then he started having those breaking problems. Bounced back with big win last time. Is he ready for mile track again? Maybe.
10 LARRY KARR Gelding found the stakes horses a bit too much. He's still been in some tough spots lately. Recently went on Lasix, with more tough trips. Overdue for better luck, but it's still post 10! I may swing against.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-8-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 ARRAKIS Also coming back on short rest here, after an 8-hole tour of the track at Pocono on Tuesday. Just forget that, as it was only a prep for this. Gets a key inside post and has worked way down class ladder. It's time to use!
2 PRICELESSPOSSESION Raced on Sunday at Yonkers and that didn't work out from second tier. Loved her in race before that and she ran into a buzzsaw that came back to repeat. Has speed. Good post. I can make a case again.
3 DOWNUNDERMATTER Has a very good history here, when in the right spot, so keep that in mind, folks. I'm not going to guarantee he's ready with just one start off layoff, but will be soon. Watch closely for the signs.
4 STEALTH HANOVER Hopples came off for last try at Philly and you see how that worked out. Not! They're back on here, but I still have many questions. Probably an all-or-nothing proposition, so I'll vote no. If he beats me, so be it.
5 FROST FREE HANOVER Invades from Pocono with two straight breaks at low odds. That's not exactly a ringing endorsement. I guess I'll take a good, long look at him out on track first. I have my doubts right now.
6 HANRAHAN Still not 100% sure how to compare those class levels at Vernon, to races here. It hasn't worked out yet for many of them. This guy has been here before, and he does have some speed. Reason to take another look.
7 ARCHIBALD Looked like he "needed" that qualifier here. Then went to Pocono and had tough trip when impeded. Shows just a few too many breaks for my taste and I don't really like the post either. Have to watch one.
8 WAITING ON A WOMAN This is clearly the spot they've been waiting for, folks. Barn off to good start. 10YO knows how to win here, especially on class drops like this. The only knock is the post, but he can leave if pilot wants.
9 SWANCREDIT Ordinarily, I'd usually like a spot like this. However, this field is full of speed and with the favorite just inside, I'm not sure how this guy can get a trip. That's up to pilot to prove me wrong. Should offer nice price.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 I'M TRIGGER HAPPY That was a very sharp effort for the 3YO last time, even off the sick scratch. As much as I liked it, how much tougher is this spot? Do you really think she's ready to beat the likes of #5,6? I don't.
2 PENPAL Not really sure what to do here. We all know mare loves the long stretch here, but she has disappointed at low odds before. That, plus she couldn't possibly be in any tougher. I'd say get a good price, if you want to bet.
3 MONICA GALLAGHER Love this mare, especially here at Club Med, but maybe against a field just a bit weaker? I will respect her record and her easy win at Yonkers, but this one won't be that easy. Your call, folks?
4 SKIPPIN BY Nick shipped all the way down to Harrington for that Open try and she suffered impossible trip. The prior pair were dazzlers! Is she as strong here on the mile track? I guess we're going to find. This is field of killers. Trainer: In very tough, but having great year! Missed few weeks, so might be a little short to tackle this bunch.
5 DARLINONTHEBEACH Super classy mare finds her way back to the races for another try. She's been off since May, so I thought she'd been retired. Both of her qualifiers were excellent, but is she truly primed, ready for big mile? Maybe.
6 CAVIART ALLY Very quietly went a super mile on Crown Night, behind uncatchable winner. Note how well Ally dug in all the way home. Unfortunately, she must overcome an outside post again. That always makes things tougher.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 MISSLAROSE Wow, what happened last time in her comebacker to favorite track? I don't know. Rose has a great record here, but only when she trots! I have NO idea what to expect now, but she does have a betting partner too!
1A U NEED STONES Scooted all the way to Indiana for an unsuccessful stakes try. Back in NJ where he probably belongs. Still can't guarantee he's ready to beat his elders, but he has gone fast enough. Very mixed feelings this spot.
2 BROADWAY CREDIT 3YO did superb work over at Yonkers and then shows a scratch. Can't really explain that, but I will respect the speed shown, and the good post here. Has the pedigree to like the big track. We'll find out tonight.
3 ROUNDTOWN ROCKER Probably needs one more level of class relief, and it'll come after tonight. I'll pass.
4 MAYFAIR JOHNNY B What on earth got into this horse? Two straight monster rallies, after showing weak form up in Massachusetts. Gets a better post here, on second straight class hike. Is he really this good? I'm wondering.
5 CELEBRITY EVENTSY That was SOME attack this mare turned in last week. Made that front-running favorite work hard to fend her off. It caught my eye, though! Any similar effort definitely puts her in play again. A must use.
6 FREDDIE MAC Finds his way back over from Yonkers, but this doesn't look like the right spot for him. I'll wait. Trainer: Has had a long year. Always liked it over here before.
7 NEW JERSEY VIKING After a peculiarly disappointing effort two weeks ago, the Viking shows up for new barn. He just HAS to be better than that last showing, right? On a good day, he's more than good enough to win this. Trainer: Just got him week and half ago. Very nice horse!
8 TROLLEY Has basically been off a year. It's not easy to have one rip-roaring ready off that long of a layoff, but those two qualifiers were both very good. I just HATE this post in field like this. I don't think they're going to rush him.
9 SIMPLY VOLO Actually very sharp right now! Easy win up at the Spa. Deceptively good rally here two back vs. uncatchable winner. BUT, what do we do from this post? Has the class, if pilot can somehow overcome the slot.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 8-5-9-6
H Horse Comment
1 GIVEMEYOURHEART Honest mare here, but she usually does most damage at a level below this. Pass.
1A ICOMMANDMYSPIRIT Like her stablemate, she also tends to do best work against slightly weaker competition. This lass drew post 10 tonight, so makes her an immediate pass. Wait for softer spot.
2 GLAMORGAL Missed several weeks off that somewhat dull effort last time. She blasted, pocketed, then tired. Maybe she's one of the many sick horses in every barn right now? Could be. I probably want to watch one again.
3 BLAMEITONTHENIGHT Seems to be returning to her best form right now. Vernon has closed, so we'll see a few trying to make it here at Club Med. Some will. Some won't. I like this gal's speed. I'll give respect and use here.
4 OUR ELS DREAM N A little disappointing in the starts here. Improved a bit at Pocono, but this is a BIG class hike tonight. Not sure she's ready to handle that, but barn is overdue to deliver a solid mile here. Need to see it first.
5 FOLLOWTHEWIND N Followed up her strong win with a complete change of strategy and it didn't work out. Was it the class hike? Probably not. This is much better spot to be more aggressive. I give big chance to rebound.
6 OK HEAVENLY Just toss her last race, as the outside post sealed her fate. This is a slightly better spot, but also a more reasonable field to deal with. She's not one of my favorites, but I wouldn't be shocked if she got very close here.
7 TEARFUL OF HAPPY It didn't look like the right spot for her upon arrival. I'm not really going to say this is any easier, but she has to have more pace than last. Will be watching carefully, to gauge for future.
8 DELIGHTFULMEMPHISN Came charging home to make it close, behind well-rated and well-meant winner. Since this is now third start back, it's probably time to bet. I'm not in love with post, but somebody's gotta win. Should be her.
9 FAMILY ROLL CALL Barn has two in here and this one has better chance, even from post nine. Has worked her way down class ladder, but will need an "alert" start to get into it. Tell me she leaves, and I'll tell you to use.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 6-5-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 AIGLE DE LA VALLEE Hasn't been overly successful since finding his way here. Can the switch to big track possibly pick him up? Maybe. The better post should keep him closer. Will have to find a touch more speed, however. Trainer: Just has one speed and it's not the one I want!
1A VERDI D EM Finally gets away from Mayfair Johnny. I did like the debut here, flashing some sneaky late trot. Does not appear to pack any early zip, so that IS a problem. It's likely all about pace and trip for this guy right now. Trainer: He's trying to find his way.
2 PEGASUS POINT 11YO warhorse finds his way to Club Med. As previously mentioned, Vernon is closed now, so a few horses will take a shot here. He's got speed. He tries. There are reasons to expect success here. Let's find out.
3 HAILEYSGONEDANCING Up and down the class ladder for this mare. She's in for the tag here, so that's how she gets into the race. Effort here last month wasn't all that great, but this field does look a bit weaker. Chance for more.
4 SAILER EDDIE Broke in last two starts, including one here, so that IS a problem. Exits a very slow qualifier on off track up at Monti. I guess the goal tonight is just to trot. I'm going to watch one, and see if he does.
5 BIZET Gets the very tepid call as fave, in field FULL of question marks. That last start was best I've seen this guy go. If he can build on that, and improve just a little, he might be able to beat these. Andy Mac got along with him.
6 ANOTHER CHAPTER Want a nice, live price play? This could be it. He's faced a lot better along the way. He qualified better than you think. He's won here before and few of these can say that. I'll take a positive view, and say he trots!
7 KEYSTONE ACE Broke at the Spa. Broke here. Drew an outside post. It's hard for me to be that positive tonight.
8 IF NOT WHY NOT Another 3YO. I can't really say that any recent race gives me confidence to like here. He'll have to find a way to go a lot faster, AND overcome the post. Can't rely on that just yet. Adding Lasix tonight.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-3-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 DOV'S SONG Didn't take any serious betting action last time upon arrival, but didn't race all that badly. If she benefits from that experience here, there could be more in the tank tonight. The post is good, and Andy Mac is still in the seat.
2 GINGER SPICE N New barn here! And on an underachieving mare. Nick likes these old-time warhorses. Not sure what to make of that scratch, so this is total mystery for us tonight. We just have to guess if she'll be good. Trainer: First start for my barn and not dialed in just yet. Figures to need a start or two.
3 DANDY'S BEAUTY Have to like this mare's chances here tonight. She's an honest tryer! She's got eight wins on the season. She's got speed. And, she faces field full of question marks. Can't leave her off the ticket for Irish Joe!
4 PERSUASIVE HANOVER Yes, she's 0-16 this year, so that's a problem. But she's a consistent rallier that always gets into the number somehow. With that said, she's also a must-use in gimmicks from a good post. But, underneath only.
5 QUIKSTARTMYHEART Nice job by Stacy to put her mare in great position last time. Big fave broke behind the gate, if I remember correctly. Towed along nicely. It might be a little tougher in this bunch, but she went fast enough.
6 LIVE ODDS Seems very hard to make a real strong case here. Bet hard last time and still failed. Have to pass here.
7 FROG POND PRINCESS Barn doing this a lot lately. The short rest thing! Had an eight-hole "tour of the track" on Tuesday at Yonkers, in race won by two faves up front. This HAS to be a better spot. Must find that back class to win.
8 HEPBURN HANOVER Barn's other filly is a LOT younger! (3YO) Been up and down the class ladder lately, at a few different tracks. Shows a nice win at Pocono in 53. She certainly fits this group. Has speed to overcome the post. Trainer: Was sick a few starts back. Missed a week. Bounced back good last week, and should be okay!
9 WELL SHADED One win last year. Two wins this year. Lots of starts, but not a whole lot of early speed on view. It's a bad post, so I'm probably taking the negative viewpoint for debut here. She's got to prove she belongs.
10 FRANNY THE GREAT Moves from pole to post 10 off a dull effort. Therefore, she is a big longshot.