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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, November 08, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 MAAJAACKKOBE He’s been here many times before and has recorded a few wins, so consider that. Not sure about the pace scenario in here, with many closers, so Roy might take his usual shot and send. Wouldn’t be a shocker!
2 JUST N BERLANDER Burned a little more money again last week, outkicked late by that huge longshot. It wasn’t a bad effort, but it still wasn’t great either. Tonight, it’s second-time Lasix and first time Joe Lee. Not much price!
3 TWIN B WRANGLER Had a real tough trip in his introduction to Club Med. Will have to find a way to make it easier and he’s not totally out of the question. Good record this year. Nice post. Sits and stalks early, most likely.
4 SCIROCCO MISTYSAID Seems like everything Team Silva is sending out right now is live! Here’s one he just picked up. First two starts for the new barn showed speed, but no stamina. Will have to work on that, to last mile at M1.
5 BYBY LANDON Turned in his usual just okay effort last time. Always at mercy of pace and trip. IF the flow is live, Landon will probably be in it. Might pass a few late, but it’s rare for him to pass them all.
6 I’M AN ATHLETE Trainer Mike Cruse just took over on this gelding and he gets Hannah to drive tonight. She hasn’t had much luck lately, but that can always change quickly. This horse definitely fits the group. May only need speed.
7 WESTERN DYNASTY That was a disastrous start here from a bad post last week. I can’t guarantee it will be any easier from this slot. Retains longshot status, needing a much bigger kick to get any closer.
8 MAKE IT BIG Liked him last week and that was just about an impossible trip. He was four wide most of the last turn and eventually flattened out. It’s extremely hard to sustain a move like that. Drew similar post. Tough trip again?
9 REAL KID Did a nice job of saving ground last time and he shook free with a burst. Needs that again.
10 SO TAKE THAT Where’s he going from post 10? The usual not very far. Hoping for mayhem up front.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 PAT MATTERS Excellent effort and nicely rated pace to score the popular victory over weaker. This is a BIG step up, folks, but she did get the rail and figures to stalk in a good spot. Unfortunately, loses Dex to the champ!
2 LINDY THE GREAT Pretty big test for this Lindy tonight! After that real good roll in September, he wasn’t quite up to the task in the Crown on that very sloppy night. He was used hard too! Got a couple needed weeks off. Not sure if he’s in the TVG, having not raced in half the legs.
3 RICH N MISERABLE Speaking of time off, this fella needed some too! Got roughed up at Yonkers, so don’t hold that against him. We saw how much he liked this track earlier this year. Very nice horse that will need this race.
4 TROLLEY Endured a few traffic issues last week, in a race that provided longshot winner. I’m not going to hold that against him, because he likes things more up front. I suspect he might take a shot and leave in here. I would.
5 MANCHEGO Could very well be the top trotter in North America right now! I stand by that call! She is simply awesome, and has been for a couple months now. I’m wary about betting tonight, because this is simply a “prep” for the TVG, but she might not even need her best to win again.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 10-1-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 INXS Only 3YO in here is interesting newcomer to the Med. I’m unfamiliar with trainer too! I see that gelding won nicely two back when aggressively handled by Danny Cappello. Needs that kind of speed to belong here.
2 TOTAL DIVA Yes, I can see the 0-24 record this year, but this should be considered a sizable class drop. This has to be a softer bunch for the mare. Barn looking to get on track here, with no wins yet. Maybe this lass in an upset?
3 TWO HIP DIP Somehow, someway, somebody out there came alive to the Dip in the Pk5. Unfortunately, the Dip produced his usual result. Still a huge longshot, in need of major wakeup call.
4 LASA DIDA LADY This was the “live” lass last week, and she almost got the job done! It was a good trip and solid attempt. Not likely to offer any betting value tonight, off that effort. And, she’s no cinch in here. Your call, folks!
5 NEW YORK ATTITUDE I guess we could call that last one a bit of an improvement? Got a check, right? Still looking very much like a longshot to me, but I see good midpack post. Let’s see if there’s any more in the tank.
6 ARAGORN HOSS FI Impossible play, based on last two miscues. So far, Lasix hasn’t been the answer.
7 AMITYVILLE LINDY Vernon is now closed, so we’re going to see a few shippers from there. We know they can handle a big track, but finding the right class might be difficult Not sure where this guy fits. We’re going to find out.
8 ARRAKIS Had EVERY chance in the world last week, setting a pedestrian pace and then he just got run over. With that said, I doubt he’s anywhere near the lead this week, but post will make the task a whole lot tougher.
9 ILLINIMIGHT I do remember this guy winning here earlier this year. It doesn’t look like he’s razor sharp right now, however. The post stinks, as his run of bad starting slots continues. Will need a lot of luck to get it done.
10 YOU CANT HABIT Comes out of same race as #4 and raced just about as well. Last time he drew post 10, he sailed out of there and almost stole it. That’s what we need tonight! A full send! Take a shot.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 SHEEZA GNP N First starter of fall meet for this barn. Seems like she’s been buried in rougher spots over at home base. This is a sizable class drop and mare has raced here before. I will take no excuses from the rail tonight.
2 GIRL ALMIGHTY She’s also dropping a touch, and I’m intrigued by all those seconds! Gets post relief and plots for a nice trip right near #1. That would help the cause. Can you say backwheel at a price?
3 BACKSEAT TERROR Yes, she won last week, but she was all out, life and death. That’s still not the same mare we saw earlier this year. With the bump back UP in class, I would be reluctant to try again. She’ll need even more tonight.
4 VINTAGE BABE She just hates to win, I think! Had every chance in the world to outmuscle #3 and could not do it. So, she can be used underneath in gimmicks, but definitely not on top! Same boat as always.
5 BOOGIE ROLL Ended up in a good spot last week and came up a little flat near the end. Okay. Sometimes it takes a race or two to develop that mile track stamina. I do consider this a class hike, though. That makes it tougher.
6 SAINT ALBRAY She certainly proved the win was no fluke! But, she did it exactly the same way, given another picture perfect patient drive from Marcus. So, what will happen one night when she has to rough it? That IS the question.
7 NARCIAN JEWEL Yes, that’s four straight thirds on view! She’s got a lot of seconds too! Draws a tough post tonight for The Mann and I do wonder what the plan will be? There’s lots of speed inside. Very tough call, but usable.
8 SWEETER LULU Gets the outside slot for the second straight start. That’s not fair! Will likely be coming from last and you all know how I feel about that.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 6-5-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 SIMONE Looks like the Hochstetler’s left this one up here with Rick Dane. Is she a fit with a group like this? That is a good question. I’m going to lean towards no, until I watch one. Does get Dexter, though. Let’s see.
2 JOHN’S ONE DESIRE Hasn’t really been all that sharp here yet. I do like the post relief tonight, as she plots for a different kind of trip. Stevie’s been lucky of late with those one-runs after saving ground. Maybe the plan here?
3 DISH HANOVER Yannick opted here over #10 and that makes sense. Mare is definitely sharp now, but this will be a brand new ballgame tonight. She has to prove she belongs with these on a big track. I need to see it first.
4 GRACIE G This was Vinny’s choice, and that made sense too! Found a much softer spot down at the Hold and now returns up the Turnpike. She will have to be better than she showed on 10/18, but maybe she will be! Consider.
5 SUMMER ROCK She’s now had two starts here and didn’t get into the game either time. I have a hard time believing Mr. Oakes will drive here to take her back again. Will wake up one night soon. Maybe tonight? This is the right bunch.
6 FOLLOWTHEWIND N Gets the extremely tepid call as morning line fave, mostly due to the post relief! She is better than she shows in recent form and she’s won here before. Time to take the gloves off and put her in play tonight.
7 I WILL DO IT Doesn’t win all that often. Gets another tough post. Doesn’t usually leave all that well. I’ve got more negatives than positives. Will just have to hope for the right trip from the back and kick in late. Can happen.
8 RD IOU I haven’t seen enough from this mare yet. She hasn’t proven that she can hack it here. Pass.
9 PIRINEA’S PRINCESS Doesn’t appear to be in very good form and she moves to a much tougher post. Also a pass.
10 FAMILY ROLL CALL Yes, that’s 0-31 this year, so that’s never good. Invades from Pocono for a change of scenery, but she wasn’t Yannick’s pick. Can’t really say she will be mine from dreaded post 10.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 MAX VOLO Dexter was listed on three in here and opted for this veteran over #2,5. That’s a big call! We all know the gelding is more than capable of beating these, IF he’s fully primed and ready off the layoff. That’s a BIG IF.
2 CAMPBELLINI Has tried it twice on the lead now and tired both times. Guess what? He WON’T be on the lead this week! I respect the 10 wins on the season, so let’s see what he can do from just off the pace. Sits and saves now.
3 MR HOUDINI I thought he was just okay last week. That was a field similar to this. Pat had him in the flow and he has some trot, but not bursting trot. Yannick in the seat tonight, so maybe he can make more speed? We’ll find out.
4 KABU Another one down from Vernon. I believe that many of them won’t be a fit here. MacDonald gets Dave Miller to take the call tonight, so that’s a plus. Let’s see if the gelding is fast enough. He “likes” to win too!
5 LIFE WELL LIVED Had Dex opted for the re-ride here, I would be a lot more positive. He was all out to beat a similar type of group last week, but I will let the driver do the handicapping for me, and prefer others. First meet win for barn.
6 ALVISI HANOVER Off the layoff here, and he certainly doesn’t look ready after those qualifiers. I will pass for now.
7 MAJESTIC SUNSET Admittedly not one of my “favorites,” and he finds his way back to NJ with the hopples on. In the past, that wasn’t really the answer for this gelding. Maybe A Mac will be a fit, and wake him up? Big maybe.
8 CYCLONE MAXIMUS I really thought he had a shot upon arrival and he raced well. Not bad! Tonight’s problem will be the post and it will be up to Scotty Z to somehow get him into the game. Likely another tough trip coming.
9 MAYFAIR JOHNNY B Simply put, he’s just not good enough right now to overcome a post like this. I’m waiting for some sort of wakeup call from Johnny. Then we’ll hop on board.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-7-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 MIKEY LIKES IT Mikey’s been here before, and he’s won a couple of times in the right spot. This is a much better post than last time he was here. Yannick takes the call, which adds intrigue. I suggest we watch the tote board too!
2 MUGSHOT JESS 12YO war horse was truly buried in those last two here. This is a slight drop, but I still need to see a lot more before I could endorse. He’s got to go faster and we haven’t seen it yet.
3 KADABRA QUEEN She’s definitely a fit with these on the drop back down. Barn won it’s first race of the meet last week, so let’s look for a roll to start. This mare might be just the ticket! Scotty Z’s choice over #5. Maybe mine too!
4 UNCLE HANOVER What a dramatic improvement last week! A real eye-opener to beat the weaker bunch. Maybe the Captain gets along with him better? This is the obligatory step up, but I’ll probably go against anyway.
5 MYSTICAL MOTOR Was very good here in the win. Looks like he was good again up at home base. Jordan puts him back on the truck south and into a tougher spot. But, I respect sharp horses. Had Z opted here, I would like more.
6 BILLIE BLUE Bouncing up and down the class ladder out of town. Seems like a fit for this level, but does move out a few slots. Will we see speed, or the rally? I wish I knew. Could be very key to the race. It’s your call, folks!
7 FRENCH MONI So far, the shippers from Team Betts have done well on the move to NJ and the Cano barn. Have to respect that success. Just not so sure about those hopples off. I will be watching closely out on the track tonight.
8 SILVERMASS VOLO First starter of meet for owner/trainer. He’s campaigned this ridgling exclusively at Pocono. The big knock tonight is the post. That will be up to Andy Mac to get him into the game somehow. Won’t be easy.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-8-5
H Horse Comment
1 DIXIE STAR N Overall, that’s a pretty impressive record for the down under invader. Of course, none of that came here. So, big test coming tonight on the mile track against very competitive field. She’s not without a chance.
2 KAY’S DELIGHT I’m not usually a fan of the short rest thing, but that wasn’t a bad try on Tuesday night at Yonkers. Very similar spot to this and she did have a tough trip. Is Kay ready to wake back up? I don’t know.
3 BROOKLYN LILACS What a nice drive from Vic on this lass for Team Bongiorno Bit of an upset at 5-1 too! This is pretty much a similar bunch, so she doesn’t have to hike up in class just yet. Fits on Trackmaster rating. Usable again.
4 JUXTA COWGIRL Over from Yonkers on the drop. That can always work! This is just a professional mare that paces any size track. When she’s down in class like this, she’s always a threat. Nice post. Have to give her a long look.
5 MAJORETTE ANGIE Haven’t seen this mare here before from Team Drolet. They brought Mikey earlier, so why not put a few on the truck, right? Angie found the hike up a little too much last time. Will she like the mile track?
6 AMERICAN SARA Looks like the Cullipher Crew acquired this lass. But, she has not raced in over a month. Can she possibly be ready for this? I usually guess no, but with this barn, you never know. Very tough to get a gauge on.
7 ROCKIN THE BOYS A Another possibility in this impossible race. Faced better last time she was here, so this is definitely class relief for her. Also speed tightened last at Yonkers. She’s a major player with these.
8 SWEET LUCY LOU Gets the tepid call as favorite, due to connections and current good form. But, it’s never easy for a 3YO to beat her more experienced elders. The post is tough and the price will be low. Is she beatable? Maybe.
9 MONICA GALLAGHER Monica simply isn’t sharp right now and we probably have to wait for signs. Moves pole to post nine and I won’t bite. Maybe she needs some class relief too?
10 FRANSCHOEK Looks like a longshot, despite a class drop. We don’t see this barn here often, but I imagine Scotty B envisioned an easier spot than this.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-6-8-4
H Horse Comment
1 FOR A DREAMER Found the class hike, and much tougher trip too much last week. And, he’s up in class again! So, demand very fair value, IF you think he can handle it. I’m leaning towards no.
2 THE LAST CHAPTER Very nice, professional win for Mert and Hart last week. That’s how you have one ready off a qualifier! So, the Chap is forced up in class, but at least he gets a decent post. Has back class to work with.
3 MISSLAROSE Just put a line through her start from post 10. She is a confirmed Big M lover and the move back inside will wake her up. Rose will offer at least one turn of speed and she does like to fight. Can be used here at price.
4 MAX Newcomer from the Burke Brigade. Was Yannick’s choice over #1 and I expected that. Gelding has been all over the place recently, and with some success. Towed along behind Trolley last time here. Must deal with The Cruze now.
5 LA GRANGE A The post and slowish start gave him little chance last week. This is a lot more like it! But, this is no easy field, either. 5YO packs a powerful kick when he’s in position. Lot of speed and power to outside. Needs that trip.
6 JL CRUZE All things considered, he raced pretty well last week. He’s not high on the list for the TVG Open Trot, so not sure if that’s a plan or not. Dexter got along with him nicely. His best weapon is speed, so we’re going to see some.
7 VERY VERY FAST The 10YO is deceptively sharp right now, but he’s been stuck in some tough situations. This is probably another, from the outer post. A Mac will take over tonight and don’t be afraid to use at any good price.
8 LORD CROMWELL Gave it a good go for Marcus last week. I loved that speed, but do wonder what the plan will be tonight. There is a TON of speed in here and he’s got post eight. Has the class, but needs a smooth journey again.
9 MUSCLE M UP Andy took an aggressive try with the 4YO and it did not work out. Seems like most of horse’s better races have come with Ake aboard and he’s back tonight. But, it’s still post nine? Not my kind of play from out here.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-9-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 ALL YOU CAN DREAM Returns to NJ showing very mixed form. Think I want to watch one first. Pass.
2 ELEKTRA KING Took zero tote action from the rail upon arrival and she tired. I can’t say I loved that effort, but do expect a different kind of journey here. Gets Yannick back, and we’ll see if she’s any better. Will have to be to win.
3 PRINCESS HOLLY N She’s just so hard to gauge right now. Inconsistent, to say the least. She also loses her regular driver tonight. Vinny chose #6. The price might be lower again and I’m not liking that. If she beats me, she beats me.
4 GLENFERRIE BRONTE N One of the possibilities in another impossible race tonight. Loves to race. Seems to do better from these inside posts. I can easily make a case that she steps back UP tonight. This is good spot.
5 THE LADY SHERIFF Added Lasix last time and never really got into the game. I think she’s better than that. I like the post relief and better potential for trip. Seems like a one-run closer, so Scotty Z must have her in position. Price?
6 FEAR MY SHADOW Vinny G’s choice found a soft spot down at the Hold. Came off Lasix for that too! Maybe that helped? I don’t know. But I do know this race will be a LOT tougher than that one. Figures medium longshot.
7 WINDSONG PARISIAN Can’t really make a case for her in current dull form. Not my type of play.
8 BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE Ended up scratching from the outside post last week. It happens! I still don’t like fact that she broke here upon arrival. This post isn’t much better, so what do we do? I’m going to prefer others for now.
9 ROSY OUTLOOK Gets the tepid call as favorite, simply because she’s dropping. She’s got speed, but hopefully a little more stamina than last try here. Last time Dave drove, they stole one! That’s the plan, Stan! Will be leaving.
10 TRAFFIC JAM Took ALL the tote action last week and produced an even type effort. It was just second start back, but she still didn’t look ready. Now, it’s post 10 with 9 blasting in her face. Needs to get very lucky to win this.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 PIERCEWAVE HANOVER Have to be careful here, because this is a pretty good horse, with a few huge upset wins here! Had real tough trip from post 10 when last seen here. This will be different. He’s a factor here, and at a price!
2 GLORIE DREAM Invades with all kinds of mixed form. I’ll note she took her mark on a bigger size oval out at Hoosier, so maybe Glorie raises her game here? Demand fair value, IF you fancy her chances with Tyler. A maybe.
3 SMOKEE MIRRORS Been a little bit of an underachiever for this barn lately. Scratched out of the one scheduled start here, so that’s an issue. I really don’t know what to expect tonight, but I do see Yannick aboard. Tough call.
4 DONTFORGETMASTER Liked him in that spot last week and he delivered the goods! Takes the step back UP in class now and wasn’t Dexter’s choice, so that’s mixed signals. I still give him a chance, based on easy win. Usable.
5 MAGIC MVP This was Dexter’s choice last week and again this time. If you watched closely, you saw a lot of late trot against the better field. This looks like the spot, but he will have to track down Sheila late. Not sure what price will be.
6 KNIGHTOFVICTORY Bouncing up and down in class lately. I guess it’s all about the trip and flow. IF the Knight gets to follow #5, that could be very live cover. Not a total toss on the underneath part of the ticket.
7 CRAZSHANA This is another tough horse to gauge, especially on the mile track. Marcus had him out and rolling last week, but no kick was delivered. That’s simply not good enough!
8 LUCKY SHEILA We know her game! It’s speed. But, she also offers a late kick at times too! And she likes to fight. Andy’s not here tonight, so we get a new driver in the seat. Instructions will be same. Send! Hard to leave off ticket.
9 ROUNDTOWN ROCKER Came up sick last week and got scratched. Gets slammed with same post and these may be too tough anyway. We’ll have to wait for the eventual class drop and better post.
10 MUSCLE HIGH Here’s the other “speed” that didn’t use it last week. Why, I don’t know. I can’t imagine he’s taking back again But, overcoming post 10 is a lot harder than you think. I can use, but not key near the top spot.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 DEPLORABLE TOM I really don’t know what to expect tonight. Tom got caught in his debut here. Scratched, and then broke after that at Philly. Very quickly back to mile track and in somewhat soft spot. Will show speed. Lasts?
2 OBERTO Was absolutely flying last week at 81-1 when he probably out-trotted himself and broke. Transitions to different class again, but gets better post. Needs a little luck, but will be sitting in and saving ground.
3 SPECTRE Finally showed a little bit more life last week from terrible post. Still fits this group perfectly, IF he’s ready to find that form from here earlier this year. I’d want fair value, but I’m probably back on board tonight.
4 SOME MORE PRINCE Dave Miller had a choice and opted here over #7. Last time he drove the Price, horse was very good from way back. He must remember that. I know horse is just 1-32 this year, but definitely chance tonight.
5 CREDIT FRAUD I like this mare on the comeback trail too! Just toss her last and concentrate on the big, grinding win before that. This is probably perfect post for her. Won’t be easy to track down #6, but maybe she can. We’ll see.
6 GRANDMA HEIDI Heidi won easily here last month. She followed it up with two nice races at Pocono. Back to the mile and clearly the one to beat against this field. Once she clears, that’s the end of the leads. Hard to deny.
7 ALDEBARANWALKABOUT Not sure what happened last time, but it wasn’t good. Now draws the outside post and wasn’t Miller’s choice. Would be tough to envision a scenario that works out well.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-6-3-9
H Horse Comment
1 SOMETHINGINTHEWIND Current form just isn’t all that great He’s probably for the Dunn fans out there. Maybe the post relief can wake him up a little? Maybe?
2 R M BLACKHAWK Also showing poor recent form out of town. He’s raced here before, and been a factor. Change of scenery sometimes works. I’d still be hard pressed to expect a top, winning effort. Needs total turnaround.
3 BETTER BANGBANG The Bang unleashed an improved effort to be second last time at Pocono. Finds his way to Club Med now and in the same claiming class. If we see that speed again, he’s probably got chance to hit the ticket again.
4 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Back for another go, off the layoff. He tends to race himself into shape, so I’m not looking for that big sweep just yet. I will be watching for clues, however.
5 BEVERLY HILL BILLY Hit the board at Pocono, which was a lot better than the Freehold try. He’s hit the board in more than half his starts this year, but I don’t think any of them came here. Has a little something to prove on mile.
6 WALKS OF LIFE Just hasn’t been able to get lucky and win one of these. He’s still sharp and can’t be ignored tonight. I’m not betting the ranch, but I’m also not leaving him off the ticket. Moves out a few slots to make it tougher.
7 DAYLYN HORIZON For a brief moment, I thought he was going to win last week at 6-1. He squandered the opportunity. That was his kind of trip! Scotty Z does seem to get along with him. Hoping for fast pace, live cover.
8 TERROR OF THE NITE I thought he might take a shot last time and he did! But, the trip was just too tough. Facing similar situation here, but I’m going to take another swing and hope he makes the lead. If he does, watch out!
9 CC BIG BOY SAM Tried to brush and crush and just ran out of steam last week. Was claimed by sharp outfit, so that’s a good thing! The post is the bad thing. To pay instant dividends, he will need a few things to go his way.
10 PREPPY ART Somehow, someway, Tyler got him to pace the last 50 yards and horse won for the first time in FOREVER! He’s not exactly “rewarded” with this post, unfortunately. Will need even more luck tonight.