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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, November 30, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 AB'S ROYAL PUNKIN Hasn't quite proven to be fast enough for some of these fields here at the Big M, but this race might be different. Not sure this one will go as fast, so let's see if Punkin can get any closer.
2 TOWN HALL JUSTICE Her current form appears to have gone south, so this is a tough call tonight. She needs to pick up her game in a big way and those kinds of turnarounds are hard to predict. Maybe.
3 BIZET For quite a while last week, I thought Andy Mac had "stolen" another one! But, a more talented foe just burst on by. Okay. No such monsters in here. Homebred gelding is clearly the one to catch and beat. Short price too!
4 BRUTAL STORM It's tough to make a real strong case for this guy right. No moves last time. Speed and fade before that. He can leave for sure, and might benefit from a "follow" trip behind #3. That's best plan of attack tonight.
5 SEVEN ROES Mare also packs a touch of speed, but only very suspect mile track stamina. Marcus had her in perfect spot last time, but she needs to find more stretch kick somehow. That's the issue. Drew outside the main foes too!
6 LUCKY SHEILA That's not a bad start here upon arrival. Considering post 10. The overland trip. Unfortunately, it might be the same thing here! Drew outside. Not sure she can snap into it early. Likely grinding a long way again.
7 CASH CALF It's been a real up and down story for this filly. At times, she's shown ability. At other times, she falls apart. I hate the outside post drawn. I guess we've got to watch one again. Trainer: Took a couple of steps backwards the last two. Still like her a lot. Real green.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-6-4
H Horse Comment
1 CELEBRITY LOVER In from Pocono which has now closed for the season. Shows a pretty solid run of consistent efforts. Fits this group perfectly and Tyler's off to a good start. No reason not to hop on board this boat.
2 ITHINKTHATSMINE Lone filly in here appears to have a world of talent! That qualifier here was very good, so we know she can trot enough. Catches the right kind of bunch, but I do wonder why they're going on with her.
3 FOX VALLEY STEFFEN After that one perfect trip win a while back, it's been a few tough trips since. Tonight's problem is probably strength of field. These may be a touch too quick for this gelding. We'll see.
4 LANDONFITZ Put it all together for Tony V with a nice rally over at Yonkers. Took money too, so somebody bet and got healthy. Obviously, he'd been buried in some spots before that. He fits, so go ahead and use tonight.
5 ARCH CREDIT Came off Lasix for first try here and promptly broke, so that's NOT a good thing. Prior to that, he's shown speed on the smaller tracks. He's still got something to prove here, so I want to watch one again.
6 WAITING ON A WOMAN Uncorked a very nice confidence builder to win handily here two weeks ago. This veteran trotter might be tough to beat after that romp, but he must do it from a difficult post. Expect to see some speed.
7 FROST FREE HANOVER Very hard to get a real feel for his form right now. That's a very mixed bag of efforts. Drew outside the main foes here and gets a new driver with Marcus committed to #2. I think I'm going to pass for now.
8 DOG GONE LUCKY I must admit, I feel for ya, if you've been pounding the Dog at the betting windows. That's three straight losses as fave. What will the price be tonight? Keep in mind, this is a tougher field! Not going to work.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-6-9
H Horse Comment
1 BETTER CALL SAUL That must have been some trip over at Yonkers! Parked three-wide for two calls. I give credit that he still got a check! New driver tonight. Has faced better along the way. No reason he can't improve and surprise.
2 NORTHERN CREDIT Had a nice, easy coasting qualifier here last week. I'll even add points if the runner-up filly did well in tonight's second. IF Team Bon has overcome this fella's breaking issues, we might have an easy winner here.
3 MR PROTAB Gelding finally gets a little break from the post gods, so make sure you consider that. Figures to offer a decent price, and he has uncorked willing rallies here before. Not completely out of this one, folks. At value only.
4 ARCHIBALD Didn't show much in the one start here against better. Followed it up with another miscue. Overall, having a pretty good season with seven wins, so I'm sure he'll wake back up soon. Just have to guess when.
5 MONTABANO BI The Bi is rapidly turning into a money burner, so proceed with caution, folks. I'm not going to tell you to hop back on board yet. He hasn't been nearly as consistent as he once was. I want to see a good one first. Trainer: Is good, but just needs to get in a groove.
6 ONE FINE LADY This filly's going very well right now! It's never easy to race against the older foes and she's been offering speed, and a finish. Expect the gas pedal again when the gate snaps. No reason not to include here.
7 MUAY HANOVER Certainly gave it a good try when last seen here. I don't like the follow-up scratch, but in a field of many question marks, that was a good step in the right direction. Just keeps drawing these bad posts.
8 TECH TITAN Gelding once showed a lot of talent here, so maybe the return to East Rutherford will be what the doctor ordered? Not exactly loaded with early speed, so this will be a race from the back. Let's see how good. Trainer: Just got him. Learning as we go.
9 MULTITASKR HANOVER Another that returns to Club Med and he does have speed. This isn't a bad spot to take a shot and blast in. I would. There should be a hole there somewhere to drop in. Then, chances go up.
10 MISTRESS VALENTINE Moves from three straight rails to post 10. "Nuff said. Pass.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 8-5-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 PERPLEXED Yes, she got caught in last week and finished up nicely, but too late. Everybody saw it, so I don't anticipate a whole lot of betting value. That, plus this is a better bunch! Rail not really the best spot for her too!
2 GIVEMEYOURHEART She is sneaky good right now, but this is just too high for her. Still a longshot.
3 PRAIRIE SWEETHEART Been bouncing around the area tracks. Some good efforts too! She's fresh, with this being only eighth start of year. When right, she's more than capable, but I'm going to take a shot and leave her out.
4 SHUTTHEFRONTDOOR Sports good, solid rallies in three of her last four, so we know what the strategy is. This race could have a lot of action in it, if #8 somehow gets involved early. That's the big IF in here. Can be used at price.
5 BRAZUCA Take out that scratch and you have another contender in here. Midpack post seems perfect for her speed. There isn't a whole lot of other confirmed speed, so take a shot if you think she clears. Price might be okay too!
6 DANIKOVA That's a pretty solid Big M debut on view. Ran into a killer, but showed a lot of heart to dig in and hold second at long odds. Price will be much lower tonight, but I do like what I saw. Nice filly here, tackling older.
7 OK HEAVENLY As expected, the trip last week wasn't near the same as it was the week before. We all know she has to come from back. Hoping for that hot pace, live cover setup. Can't ever guarantee that either.
8 PENPAL What should we do with this mare from post eight? The short answer is that I have no idea. She can get motivated early at times and I just don't see her taking back to last. If the "real" Penpal shows up, easy winner.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 6-5-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 IF NOT WHY NOT Colt is getting very good right now, and gaining confidence with each effort. Rated a soft pace for JR last time and sprinted away nicely. I don't see him stealing the pace here, so he will have to step up and earn it.
2 QUICK DEAL Left Pocono on a bit of a sour note. Okay. Horse has been here and won here before, but I don't know about this spot. Plus, Rob decides to drive himself, so he's trying to figure horse out right now.
3 FRANKIE MULLINS Gelding owns only one lonely win so far this year. Looks like he marched his way a tad too high in class recently. Is he a fit for the big track? That's a good question. I'm going to take the wait and see approach.
4 SOUTHWIND COBRA Lots of mile traveled lately, but with just limited results. New connections don't seem to have him right at the moment. Maybe the return to Club Med will wake him back up? Lots of good efforts here.
5 DELCREST HOLIDAY The Burke Brigade just went over the $20 million earnings plateau AGAIN, so congrats to them all for that! They've got two in here, against a former stablemate (#4). Yannick chose this one. Good enough for me.
6 ZOOMING Was overmatched last time and raced accordingly. Takes the drop, in against a field of question marks. I guess it's time to hop back on board. He's gone many big trips here too! Might see some speed tonight.
7 RESITA Had Yannick opted for this one over #5, I probably would have taken a stronger view. This guy just couldn't handle Yonkers, so this is next likely spot to take a shot. They might give him a trip from behind, to gain confidence.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 TUONOBLU REX He figured to have a tough trip from that bad post in the comebacker and it was. So, we can forgive that. Has a better post now, and a speedy partner that likes the track. Seeking revenge on the Trolley tonight!
1A OPULENT YANKEE We know he loves the track. We know he packs big time speed. Did most of his damage over the winter last year. Recent form is a bit mixed, but he'll be good to go tonight. Have to respect the good history.
2 ZLATAN Pretty good effort last week, towing along behind #5. He wasn't going to get close, but I do like the way he raced. Has the rail again, so similar trip likely coming. Can't get too far behind, however. Demand value if you like.
3 CHELSIES A WINNER Was no match for these upon arrival and it looks like the same thing again. A longshot.
4 MISSLAROSE After watching Rose make a break during her warmup, that turned me off her. So, she scooted out there and won anyway! Oh well. Tonight's problem is the huge step up in class. This is brand new ballgame now.
5 TROLLEY Could he possibly have looked any better last week? No. That was a dazzler! If we get anything close to that, he'll probably win again. Might get a little test from the entrymates, but how could you bet against? I can't.
6 CAN DO Has done here in the past, but usually against a lesser bunch than this. Since he drew poorly for his comebacker to NJ, I'll take a pass and watch one. I'll wait for a drop too!
7 CASH ME OUT Here's the key to the race! This guy has raced here before, so that helps. Nothing but incredibly consistent form on view. The problem is the post. Will he try to leave into #1, 1A? That will make it a lot tougher.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 COLORFUL JASMINE As long as she's over that recent sickness, this is a pretty good spot! She's won here bunch of times before. Takes that key drop. And gets the rail to help her speed. Would be very hard to leave out.
2 NARCIAN JEWEL One of several in here taking class drops. One of them is likely to win this. This mare is usually good for a solid turn of speed in a mile and I like the post drawn here. Can shadow #1. Good chance if she gets trip.
3 ZANE HANOVER Finally getting a break from the post gods. That helps, and so does the class drop, even if it's against other droppers. IF the price is enticing, I'd think about including her on the ticket. Has talent.
4 FANCY CREEK JOLENE Didn't show a whole lot in that debut here. Okay. Sometimes, it takes a race to acclimate. I'm not going to pick her in this tough spot, but I will be watching for some improvement. She has to fit with these.
5 EDEN PAIGE N In a race full of class droppers, it's very difficult to take the one hiking up. That's the case here. On plus side, the mare seems sharp now and ran out of conditions at Freehold? Let's see if she can hack it here.
6 ICOMMANDMYSPIRIT Every time this mare drops to this level, she's very, very live! I expect that again. I'm not sure she can beat the likes of #1, but she'll give it her all. There will be speed coming from this tank tonight. Must use.
7 TEARFUL OF HAPPY In for the tag here, so that's how she fits. Missed a week, which always worries me a bit. Tried something new with the speed last time and it seemed to work better. Gets stuck with another rough post, though.
8 SCARLETT O TERROR Tough to get a real read on her form, especially after the sloppy track disaster at Yonkers. Early forecast is calling for no rain til Saturday, so that helps. Just don't know if she can threaten her elders. Tough spot.
9 SHEER TALENT Also up from Freehold where she faced weaker. Not going to reach from way out here.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 FREESPIN N I really thought that was a good spot for him here last week, and in truth, he couldn't have been any worse. I'm actually surprised to see him back in the box here. Would need complete turnaround to win this.
2 ATLAS ALLIANCE N Kind of got "bottled up" in behind #3 last week. Could never really get fired up. Seeking same trip here, hopefully right behind the fave. Stevie will get him out this time, to make a race of it.
3 IDEAL ROMANCE Tyler controlled his own destiny with this guy last week and it's basically the exact same situation. Unless you tell me a few from the outside are going to blast, we might see a repeat. Will try to steal it again.
4 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE The Buckeye has had one start back. He'll need a few more. Still a big longshot.
5 JAMAICAN COWBOY Tried the Spa once and drew a bad post. Had a few nice efforts at Vernon. Still not sure he'll be a fit here, so I'll take the wait and see approach. Would have to turn up the jets substantially.
6 MY DAD ROCKS Scoots up the Turnpike for a big track try. Overall, this 12YO warhorse is a pro, so the track size shouldn't matter. He fits with this group, so don't be afraid to toss him onto the ticket. Should sneak in somewhere.
7 DANCING RUSTY Had a little bit of a wakeup call last time and then shows a scratch. I don't see much early speed on view, so Rusty is probably at mercy of both pace and trip. Not sure this one's going to work out. Bad post hurts too!
8 TERRORS PRINCE Fresh face to the track. Down from Mass, with some mixed form on view. Again, it's about the post and lack of any early speed. If he doesn't leave, how does he get into it? Not sure about that.
9 ONE MORE MIRACLE We know he can leave, but lately he just doesn't finish. Was in-to-go at Monti on Wednesday, but may opt for this spot. Still a very tough call no matter what the situation is.
10 SMOOTH MOCHA Squandered a golden opportunity here a while back. Went back to Freehold with a fair effort. I just can't say that he's sharp right now, so that's an easy pass for me when you draw post 10.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 3-7-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 MASTER OF THE HILL You just never know what you're going to get from this guy, but he's basically very unreliable. So, if you fancy chances from the rail, I suggest you get a big price. No low value allowed!
2 CELEBRITY BLUECHIP Overall, having a pretty decent comeback year. Lots of on-the-board spots, and a few wins mixed in. I can't guarantee that the big track will help much, but you never know. Will have to go faster here.
3 KOLBEE'S STAR One the many possibilities in this impossible race to handicap. At least this guy shows a turn of speed. Many of the others can't say that. He's faced better. Tyler will send him to lead. Might be tough to catch.
4 KNIGHTOFVICTORY Couple more steps and he would have hit the board at almost 100-1 last time. That's a nice step in the right direction. Catching a pretty soft bunch again. Is there any more in the tank coming tonight? Wish I knew.
5 LINDY'S BEST YET I guess I should officially hop off the bandwagon here. That means you should probably go bet! Got run over on the lead last time, so Kyle won't try that again. Let's see if he can stalk and pop to beat me.
6 WHATNBLAZES He's gone some nice miles here in the past. Had a race to reacclimate last week. Couldn't be in a softer spot and gets Yannick. That will attract some attention. Probably more than horse deserves. Overbet? Trainer: Tough trip to overcome last start here, especially after being off for a few weeks. Draws into an easier field and gains the driver back that he set his lifetime mark with.
7 TIME OUTA JAIL Barn shipped in a few new shooters tonight. SO, if there's been any success, expect this one to race well too! I know he shows slow races, but this is perfect spot for wakeup call. Expect it, and don't be surprised.
8 BIG CHECKMATE He's had every chance and simply has not stepped up with a solid effort. I'll pass again.
9 BOLD FRESH Not sure what was going on with the 3-5 odds last time? Then shows a scratch, so I have NO idea what to expect here. The post is bad. He'll have to find that form that saw him win here earlier this year.
10 NEW YORK ATTITUDE Outraced his odds last time to hit the board. That would be the goal again. Post 10 stinks.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 DANGEROUSPRECEDENT In for the tag here, so that's how she fits. Not sure how to translate that class level up north to what she's facing here, but there are no killers in here. Barn is overdue to grab a win here. Maybe this one.
2 PERSUASIVE HANOVER Has a few decent efforts on view and this inside post should keep her close. Sits, saves.
3 LADY OF HEAVEN Off the long layoff here, so I don't know what to expect. Just towed along in the qualifier, almost looking like she needed another. This race would serve that purpose. I'm going to watch one and wait.
4 BETTOR CHILL OUT Also on the comeback trail, after missing a long time. I didn't see enough from her in the qualifier to make me want to bet. So, I will rate her a longshot.
5 DEPRIVED Pretty consistent, right? Trainer's had good success here with very limited starts. I like the speed I see. Perfect midpack post. It's easy to build a case for this mare tonight. May only have to go a bit faster. She can.
6 LIVE ODDS Hit the ticket at 47-1 last time, so that's a good thing! Same situation here, but probably at much lower odds. Usually at mercy of pace and trip, so be careful. She'll need a few things to go her way. Doesn't always.
7 OUR ELS DREAM N On her best day, she could beat these. But honestly, does she look sharp to you on paper? No. It's a bit of a drop, with several other question marks in here. Very tough to pick a winner in here. Is she ready?
8 GEMMA'S BEACH GIRL She's had one start since the layoff, but it wasn't very good. Takes the plunge. Gets Yannick. Don't you think she'll race better in here? I do! Let's see if the barn has found the right spot. Hard to leave out.
9 SHE'S MY ROCK Another layoff horse. Another bad post. I guess I'm going to pass on her too, and watch one for future consideration.
10 SHOCK N AWE I guess I'd be both shocked, and awed if this mare won tonight. She doesn't seem to have any early speed, so that's a problem.