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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, November 03, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 10-2-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 SWORD OFTHE SPIRIT Was loaded two back when he was forced inside the cones. Too hot of a pace in the Dash final, so he probably deserved a week off after that. Gets the rail, and there are many questions marks on others.
2 DAYLYN HORIZON I think that $15K claimer field was just a tad too strong for this guy right now. This is definitely the field he fits, and I like the post too! He will need the right trip, but not out of the question in here. Trainer: Horse is sharp! Just been getting bad trips. It's all trip, and if he gets it his way, watch out!
3 MAJOR WAR More than capable when he's primed and ready for a top effort, but we usually have to guess when that's coming. Like many others in here, he could easily jump up with a win. Price should be okay. Double D aboard!
4 SOUTHWIND INDY Been a little lacking in the stamina department so far. I have a feeling he'll show more one of these nights soon, but I have to see the signs first. Haven't seen them yet.
5 SO TAKE THAT Sprung a nice 5-1 upset for Marcus on Halloween at Philly. Patience paid off there. So, this is a step up and the short rest thing. Horse knows how to win here too! May have to consider that, in wide open race.
6 WINDSONG JACK Gets the "tepid" call as morning line fave, due to the connections, and the speed shown. But, in reality, Jack doesn't seem to be firing on all cylinders right now. I guess I have to rate him a vulnerable fave tonight.
7 RATHER SWELL Owns no early speed. Seems at mercy of both pace and trip. I'm probably going to prefer others.
8 LORDBULLVILLE Another that still looks like a big longshot. Hasn't proven that he can hack it here yet.
9 TIE YOUR SHOE ED Scoots up the Turnpike from Freehold off a break. That concerns me. That one try here was nothing to write home about. Gets a real bad draw tonight. More negatives than positives for now.
10 JOE'S BID And, the key to the race! Joe suffered a slow start and really did not fire in that comebacker. Trust me, he's a lot better than that. He HAS won from post 10 here before, so I'm going to give him another chance.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-2-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 WESTERN REDHOT Rallied nicely behind the uncatchable #3 last week. Overall, hasn't been that bad so far here. Gets a key inside post, since he lacks early zip. Will need another smooth trip to have check chances.
2 MAJOR STARLIGHT Even I will admit, he was wildly overbet last week. I mean he should have been favored, but 3-5? Vinny gave him every chance, and the horse just folded up top stretch. Okay. Change of tactics coming. A maybe.
3 SHOW ME UP Could not possibly have looked any better, with that romping cruise around the oval last week. There were three claims in and Carmen got him. Drew a nice post. Gets Yannick tonight. No reason not to like.
4 MEDOLAND JATE I guess if you want to swing against #3, this is your best option. That was SOME trip last week, grinding all the way. I admit, this field looks a lot tougher than that one, but I wouldn't talk you off this guy.
5 CHARMBO CURIOSITY Also raced well last week. Finished up willingly behind #6. I guess it's all about pace and trip for the Charm. He can finish. And IF the faves mix it up, he wouldn't shock by storming home. Perfect post too!
6 CHEYENNE REIDER Aims for four in-a-row, folks! Razor sharp right now, for barn that's going very well. Drew outside the main foes, but he's got plenty of speed. Would be impossible to leave off the ticket. It's your call in tough race.
7 DANISH DILIGENCE Like #5, he can only close, and hopes for some sort of wicked duel. Can't count on that.
8 TIJUANA PARTY Sat in and kept up in his Big M debut. It wasn't bad, but it left me wanting. The move to an outer post now looks like the killer. I'd need to see more before I could endorse.
9 ATLAS ALLIANCE N Stevie put this veteran in a great spot twice and couldn't quite seal the deal. I think his luck has run out, considering this terrible post. Not sure what he's going to try, but I have to rate him a longshot now.
10 IDEAL CANDIDATE Usually good for a move or two in a mile. From post 10, you need several moves. Interesting spot for the Tetrick fans. Sometimes they bet, no matter the post or past performance. Good luck if you do.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 GANGNAM STYLE K S Have to admit, he improved a LOT with that last start. Eric A just let him keep up and the horse did! Now, it's time to see if he can go any faster. He'll need to, but he starts from ideal post. Seeks a check.
2 GALIXTON No real impact last week from the outer post. Not bad, chasing before that. Liable to sit in, save ground and try to get lucky late. A lot of these fit that profile. Demand big price if you fancy.
3 COTTON TO YOU Went off big price in both recent legs. He's a big price again, and probably not quick enough.
4 DIVINE SPIRIT Benefited from two perfect trips and drives from Andy Mac recently. Also in the Harrisburg mixed sale, so keep that in mind. Gelding is gaining confidence and he's got the talent. That's a nice package to have.
5 SEVEN HILLS Couldn't possibly have been more impressive in those two wins here. He hasn't lost yet, so that says a lot too! Drew the perfect post for his versatile style and Corey will hop back aboard for the final. The one to beat! Trainer: Seems like the real deal! Hoping to keep it going for Valley Victory. Should be good in there, as long as he stays healthy. Been so much sickness everywhere of late. Fingers crossed.
6 REIGN OF HONOR Put the hopples on recently and improved a LOT. The race on the 19th was sneaky good. The brush to lead was eye-catching. He wasn't going to beat Thunder that night, but he IS getting better. Dangerous!
7 MEMO So far, has shown the look of a horse that just wants to follow and maybe keep up. I don't like the move to an outer post in a spot like this and Andy Mac obviously chose #4. Could hit ticket, but I won't key on top. Also in sale!
8 LUCKY WEEKEND I hate to see that scratch last time. With SO many sick horses around, this is not the way you want to come into a $221K final. BUT, you have to take a shot. This horse improved a lot in the second try here. Maybe.
9 SOUL STRONG Regressed into a miscue last time, so that's not good. The post stinks. Hard to like way out here.
10 REVE TOUJOURS Barn got three into this final, and two of them drew worst posts. Ouch! This gelding is actually improving a bit, but I just don't see how he can overcome this starting slot.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 BUSHWACKER Is tonight finally the night? I feel bad if you bet at that ridiculous price last week. But, you're probably going to get it back tonight. Looks like the perfect candidate for the droo-and-pop in third start back. Expect it! Trainer: Slow progress, but doing very well.
2 QUALITY BUD Is tonight the night for Bud? Probably not just yet. Eric A has raced him into shape, from bad posts in tough fields. The wakeup is coming soon, folks, but I'm not betting him against the Bush. Just saying...
3 BURKENTINE HANOVER This guy is going to take some money too! Had absolutely NO chance with impossible trip from post 10 last time, so don't hold that against him. This post will give pilot some options. Can he beat #1,5? Maybe.
4 ROCK THE NITE Gave it a pretty good speed try down at Philly last time. Note that he's also dropping a notch, and we know he can be pretty quick here too! I wouldn't totally eliminate, and he should offer nice price. Very usable.
5 DURANT His solid back class resurfaced in a big way last week. Scooted right down the road for Vic, but now the ascent back UP the class ladder begins. This is NO easy spot and I can't wait to see if he's back to the "ol Durant.
6 SAMS TRIPLE CROWN In a race with a lot of "live" horses, Sam is liable to be ignored a little. And that's dangerous! He can jump and beat you at times. I do wonder about his current form, but it won't last forever. Needs the right spot.
7 EXPRESS STRIDE N I haven't guessed right on this guy yet, and I'm probably off the bandwagon for tonight, despite the class drop. I don't like the outer post for him here, so I'll gamble and take swing against. It's your call, folks.
8 MAAJAACKKOBE The Kobe is back and into this medium class level where he can do some damage at times. I also think the post is a big problem for him, but I can see the speed, and I can see who's driving again. Lots to consider.
9 K RYAN BLUECHIP Midwest invader for Virgil lands into a pretty difficult spot. That's a pretty nice win out at Hoosier last time on front end, but I don't see him plotting for the front here. He's got lot to prove in a spot like this.
10 IWILLMAKEYOUSAYWOW Currently racing pretty well, but the outside post might ruin that streak. A longshot.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-9-1
H Horse Comment
1 CAN'T TOUCH IT Filly is really on the improve towards end of season for Takter. Sometimes, it takes that kind of patience and this lass fits the bill. The rail is important post tonight, because she has speed. Let's see if she gets trip.
2 JEZZYS LEGACY This is also a filly with some serious talent. Finally got the chance to flaunt it down the road for Ray two weeks ago. He listed Tetrick, but Timmy chose to stick with #10 understandably. Doesn't mean she can't win!
3 SOUTHWIND PERCY Been a minor player with these for a while now. Just hoping for smooth trip for a check.
4 GLOBAL PAGEANT Hasn't done anything wrong lately. Fought tenaciously to stave off her stablemate last time. That showed both speed, and heart! Has BIG post edge on her two barn partners. Will try to make that work for Scotty Z.
5 BIG WEEZY Nifty's got a pair in here and they both drew well. That will help. Filly just towed along last time, but that was probably the mission. Tonight's the final. Can she spring the upset with a rally? I'm not sure, but a maybe.
6 PRINCESS DEO Qualified for this final with her earlier work in the series. Enters off a tough trip in her Crown elim and elected not to race in last week's final preliminary. Eventually, that amazing pedigree will showcase itself. Eventually.
7 MARVELOUSTRIX Another that's done a good job of picking up checks. Tonight, the post is going to hurt and filly might need a little luck to cash in again.
8 STELLA JANE She was good enough to make the Crown final and got ruined by the post drawn. That bad lucky continues here. I do see that Stella can leave, and she might have to tonight. Just to have any shot. Tough call. Trainer: Nine-hole killed all chances last week. Drew 8 this week. Will leave to Corey to decide what to do. Been very consistent all year and should be good in there, as long as stays healthy.
9 HANNA DREAMGIRL Hanna made her barn partner work last week. It was a nice bounce back mile after the miscue. She's not exactly "rewarded" with this post drawn. Andy Mac will have to be aggressive, in field full of speed.
10 SISTER'S PROMISE And, finally, the Sister who broke again last time, before making nice recovery. What's going to happen from post 10, if she gets a little squirrelly behind the gate? I have no idea. Short price too.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-7-8-4
H Horse Comment
1 FRANKIE BOY Almost got lucky last time, given a nice drive by Mike M. This is arguably a solid step up in class, so I'm anxious to see if Frankie can handle it. The pole post helps, so he should be in position. A usable longshot.
2 FRANKANDJOANNE On the comeback trail here, and so far, so good! Did a nice job of chasing both at Freehold and here. He proved he can still go fast enough. Plots for another stalking trip, but this is also a tougher bunch.
3 STEADY PULSE Paid off in the easier spot down at Freehold. He's gone a couple of good trips here as well. I do kno he'll have to go a LOT faster here, so that's why he's a longshot for now. Must prove it all over again. Trainer: The pride and joy of the DiCostanzo stable! Gave him a break after racing tough here last meet. Gained his confidence back at Freehold. Two wins on the program. Big step up here, but shows setting a lifetime mark at this track. Need some luck!
4 ANDY'S IDEAL How bout that drive from Eric A last week! Put this longshot right in behind the fave and it worked like a charm. Don't expect 50-1 this time, but we can probably expect similar speed. Will it work again?
5 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Still not ready, but getting closer with each start. Awaiting the drop to the right spot.
6 MCTHRILLER This HAS to be the right spot for this guy, right? Gets a third straight class drop, and comes off a huge bounce back rally. I know it's small risk, showing those breaks, but I'd have tough time leaving him out. Big time kick.
7 BULLET BOB Finds his way up the Turnpike from Freehold. I'll note that he took his mark with a win here last year, so Bob knows the track. This is definitely class relief. Needs that speed to get the jump on Bob. Might work out.
8 SPORTSMANSHIP Steamrolled a field at same class level on Tuesday at Yonkers, so he's "eligible at time of entry." Wasn't bad here prior to that, against better. I guess my big knock here is the post. He, and stablemate #9 are in sale!
9 BUGGER BRUISER Barn has two in here and I guess they both have a shot. This fella has blasted in two straight and faces a tall order from the bad post. He's lacked just a touch of stamina late, so that's an issue. Demand value if like.
10 GRAND THEFT Can't like 'em all, so this is my pass from the dreaded post 10, after having rail twice.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-2-8
H Horse Comment
1 UNDER THE HOOD Picked off a few at the end of the mile last week. Not bad. Drew a key inside post, so she should be up close. Might get lucky and pick up another check in this $148K final. Needs that trip.
2 TREACHEROUS REIGN She was good enough to make the Crown final and then got stuffed in after that. Raced very well behind her stablemate up in Canada. Definitely one of the live longshots in here, from a good post. Needs best.
3 DARN TOOTN HANOVER She's been okay in the series of late, but they all look good in a final. A longshot.
4 A BEACH COWGIRL Had every chance here last week, nicely rated up front, and she still got run over. I don't see her on the lead this time, so maybe that will help. She wants to follow and if she keeps up, has check chances.
5 MICHELON'S FILLY Wow, this is some fast filly! She can simply fly when it counts late. Midpack post is probably perfect for her, and it's Marcus' job just to keep her out of trouble and in the flow. If cover is live, watch out late!
6 SWEET DIAMOND Has also done a good job of rallying lately, but do note she drew outside #5. Do you really think she can outkick that foe? I don't. Not at this time, anyway. Hoping for a hot and heavy pace to set up the kick.
7 ALKIPPE Got shuffled a little in the leg two weeks ago. Took last week off. Did not get lucky at the post draw here, but I do see speed. Will Timmy take a shot and send her? I would, because she can't outfinish #5,6. Tough spot.
8 ODDS ON ST LUCIE Speaking of speed, this lass has that brush and crush move. BUT, can it be done from post eight? That IS the question. If she doesn't get an alert beginning, it puts her up against it. Wins were strong, but not easy now.
9 LOVE AT FIRST BITE In a race full of talented fillies, her form looks a bit soft. Have to pass from bad post nine.
10 JK MARDI SAYS What do we do with this one from post 10? She doesn't exactly look loaded with any early speed, so that's a problem. I know that she's good right now, but she'll have to get lucky to enter the fray from out here.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 1-8-3-7
H Horse Comment
1 OCEAN COLONY Been racing pretty well of late and ends up in a new barn tonight. I'll also add that Dave Miller opted here over #2. Interesting. Gets a key inside post to go along with his versatile speed. I can make a case here.
2 AWESOMENESS Suffered an impossible trip from the outside post last week, so don't hold that against him. Still searching for the "right spot" here and I don't think this is it. A lot to prove to get to the Big M winners circle.
3 DRAGON TIME Not 100% sure what to do with this 3YO right now. Down from Canada. Into the Burke Brigade. They have to start somewhere and this is a pretty steep level. However, horse is pretty fast. Very mixed feelings.
4 MESSI N Nowadays, any sick scratch on view really worries me. Way too many sick ones here on the east coast. This gelding is more than capable, when he's right, but I have serious doubts about it now. Let's watch one. Trainer: He's been hit by the sickness that's going around. He's trained up and seems sharp now.
5 ROLL WITH HOWIE Howie finds his way to Club M off two straight breaks at Philly. Okay. I suspect he could be a lot better here, and look who gets the call? Timmy T. That alone spells positive intent. Needs a live flow to kick in late.
6 NEXT SUCCESS Barn was on fire last week, and they almost got this one home at huge odds. Won't be that price now and is forced up the class ladder a bit. That's a combo I don't usually like. Drew a bit further outside. Tough call.
7 BILLS FELLA Did very nicely last week as one of my Pk4 selections to key a big number! For that, I'm grateful. Nice drive by Stevie too! Tonight, however, figures to be much more difficult. Let's see if Bill can handle the hike.
8 GEEZ JOE Five-time winner this year invades from Pocono and I might know why. Barn catches a slight class drop here on a horse that can finish powerfully. Joe might like the longer stretch here, and if so, the rest better watch out.
9 ASHLEY'S HUSBAND Things worked out nicely for this guy two weeks ago, and he responded to perfect drive by Mitch. Tonight, the horse is not exactly "rewarded" with this post. He'd have to get even luckier from way out here.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 CENTURY FERRARI This was Marcus' choice over #8, but I expected that. Can't really fault the horse, as he's going very well right now. I like the post. I like the versatility. It'll be up to Marcus to get him some kind of trip. Chance.
2 SOUTHWIND OZZI Tetrick ends up on this guy, after also being listed on Melanie. Again, when I see a recent scratch, it really worries me. Obviously, if the horse is right and ready, he's a major factor here. The post is a plus as well.
3 MAC'S POWER Can't fault Mac right now either! Plus, he's in the Harrisburg sale next week, so buyers will be watching. Dave got away with a very soft middle half last week and that helped. Won't get away with that now.
4 ESCAPETOTHEBEACH The added Lasix is definitely helping. He did have a lot of pace when free of the box last week. I have to rate a few of these longer shots then they should be. If the price is right, I would include him. You?
5 NO ORDINARY MAN Hasn't won yet, so that's an issue in a field like this. Hasn't raced bad, but I guess I'd be surprised if he jumped up and beat this talented bunch. He'll have to prove it to me first.
6 WATERWAY Responded very, very nicely to a perfectly rated drive by Super Brett last week. He fought off the heavy favorite and dug in with plenty left. That caught my eye. IF Brett can secure the lead easily, that would help a lot.
7 MELANIE'S TEDY Well, which Tedy should we expect tonight? The one that was vicious upon arrival? Or the one that was clearly outfought home by #6? No love from the post gods. New driver. Lots of questions to be answered. Trainer: Wasn't as sharp last week. Hopefully, will bounce back with big effort. Acts fine right now.
8 CUB FAN Gelding raced really well in both starts here. That's the plus. The negative is the post. Barn has two in, so you have to figure Marcus would take the one with better shot. I'll have to agree with him here.
9 FLAMEPROOF HANOVER You can't like them all in a race like this, so this is definitely the longshot. Also in sale.
10 ODDS ON BOCA RATON Believe it or not, this could be the key to the race, from a pace standpoint. BUT, he comes off a scratch and a loss as a favorite. So, is he really in good shape or not? I don't know.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 MORE DRAGON Clearly didn't look ready for his comebacker and I feel he'll need another. I will wait.
2 LIFE HAPPENED No recent wins. A decent try last week, off a bit of a layoff. The bigger knock is that Stevie opted for #3. That has to tell us a little something, right? I guess I'll pass on this guy for now.
3 SPIRIT OF TRUTH It's always a very tough call when this gelding resurfaces here. He's in good form. He draws a nice post. He was Stevie's choice. I can make a case that he can hit the ticket at a price , folks. But, make sure get a price.
4 GHOST PINE Another that we have to take a guess on. I can still remember when he zipped around here in 49 and change earlier this year. There is back class here. He gets a speed driver in Super Brett. Maybe we watch the board?
5 DASH OF DANGER Somebody bet a good chunk of money on this guy last week, and he broke. It wasn't me, so I'm not guilty. The Dash has worked his way down in class, so the wakeup call seems imminent. Good luck guessing.
6 CREDIT RISK Can't fault the horse's consistency. Maybe we can fault that he doesn't win all that often? He also rarely offers a big price, so is the risk worth it? All legitimate questions. Loses the Double D to #8. Very mixed feelings. Trainer: He's a really nice closer. Coming into the race healthy and happy.
7 STRATOCASTER Every once in a while, a driver's choice puzzles me. Mike Merton drove this guy perfect twice here. Yes, I know this is tougher field, but horse is a "gamer." Mike opted to Jack. That has me puzzled a little.
8 ROUGH ODDS Double D staying loyal by taking this guy over #6. I get it. This is now second straight bad post for the gelding. He does have some talent, but he's forced UP the class ladder here and it looks a bit too tough. Your call?
9 JACKSRLUCKYTOO Yes, I remember how much Jack loves this track, but isn't he going to need another race? Maybe Mike wants to keep this drive for this barn in future? Maybe. Let's see if Team Harmon has him ready tonight. Trainer: Really affected by all the sickness in barn. But, he should be better this week.
10 TWINCREEKS JESSE Whenever you move from the rail win over weaker out to post 10, it's almost an automatic pass for me. Jesse is good right now, but he's not going to reach from way out here.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 RU READY TO ROCK The Mann sent him out of there like he was well-meant last time. Horse got tired. Will that speed tightener have him more ready tonight? I wish I knew. He's had some good nights here in past.
2 GALACTIC GALLEON N Firing back on short rest after taking an eight-hole "Tour of the Track" at Yonkers on Tuesday. Don't worry. They had THIS spot in mind. Vallee knows how to win here too! Have to hop on board here.
3 SPORTS COWBOY Had his "tour" of Club Med here last week. Wasn't bad either! Horse had to need that race, so let's see if he gets a little closer here. He doesn't "like" to win, based on record, but I can make a case he hits the ticket.
4 NOBLES FINESSE Classmaster here, and when he finds the right spot, he's tough to beat. Barn off to very good start at the meet and it's just a question of readiness. That's a LONG layoff, but two solid qualifiers. It's your call, folks.
5 LONE WOLF TERROR Not sure what's going wrong with the Wolf right now, but it's not good. Two straight clunkers, so let's check board for any equipment changes or something. He's got to bounce back, and in a big way.
6 I'M SID THE KID Sid looks like a longshot again in current form. He needs a big wakeup call too!
7 ASCOT ENCOUNTER A Unseen since Oct 8. Another case of the sickness that's affecting all barns. I have a feeling this fella is going to need a race or two, so let's watch one tonight.
8 TARPORT ANDY So far, it's been tough to gauge where the Vernon shippers fit on the class scale. I like fact that he woke back up with a well-meant win two weeks ago. It was fast time too! Maybe a live longshot in here, despite post?
9 HOPE FOR BADLANDS I wasn't really enamored with his effort here last week. The race before was a bit better. This post stinks, so that's three straight tough starting slots. Overdue for a bit better luck. Gets the Double D back.
10 BETTER BANGBANG They sure had this guy setup for a top try last week. Almost got it done too! BUT, still ended up at a ridiculously low price. You'll get better price now, but will have to overcome post 10. He is sale-bound, however!