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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, November 23, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-9-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 STRENGTH OF A WOMAN Filly finds her way back to NJ and in a current form downtrend. Doesn't mean the change of scenery can't wake her back up! It's been three weeks since she raced, however. Do we watch one tonight?
2 DERF HANOVER I distinctly remember this horse being a bit of a "headcase" so that gives me caution. However, I also remember he's got a lot of trot when he wants to play. Qualifier was pretty good, with a nice kick. Off a long time!
3 ALVISI HANOVER Gets some much needed post relief, but that last one really sticks out badly. Would need a dramatic improvement to get back in the game tonight. What happened to that speed of October 22? Don't know.
4 QUALITY KEMP Off since the summer, so that does raise a few questions. Was showing some talent back then, but I can 't say I'm in love with that qualifier against Derf. Didn't have nearly the same punch. Will need a big one now.
5 TAKE A WISH Here's a filly with a lot of talent! Made a nice move in that Philly mile before being nipped late. We know she can fly here, so I'm not surprised to see her back on the big track. Not sure what the price will be? Tuf call.
6 VERY DARK Didn't show me enough in either qualifier, so she looks like a pass for now. A lot to prove.
7 IF NOT WHY NOT Homebred for Mike Polansky appears to have found a new home. Both starts here were solid. Has already proven he can overcome a bad post, and this isn't that bad. Beat a stakes-quality colt last time. Looks best!
8 TALKOHOLIC Another filly with a case of the bad post blues! Not sure I can recommend her from this starting slot.
9 FLEUR DE HILL Did a lot of the dirty work in the race won by #5 last time. It was still a solid step in the right direction. Yes, the post is bad again, but we get a new driver. IF price was right, I wouldn't leave off the ticket.
10 PANDORA'S BOX The last of the fillies taking on the colts. Drew the worst of it, post-wise, but it does look like she packs some speed. Overall, she's developed nicely and seems reliable. I guess it's all about pace and trip for her.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 8-7-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 STORMING MIST On the comeback trail here for Team Takter, but without the hopples on this time. Looked a little more "ready" in the second qualifier, so that's good. The rail is a plus, but there is some other talent in here. Not easy.
2 TOWN HALL JUSTICE Down from Canada. Into a new barn. Off a month, so that's an issue. I usually take the wait-and-see approach with these. Her form tailed off badly lately, so I'll pass.
3 GODSPELL HALL Also off a month, and also moving into a new stable. That does raise a few questions, but this guy does have some talent when he wants to mind his manners. Has post edge on main foes. Is he ready? That's the ??
4 SEVEN ROSES Had a little bit more trouble keeping up in the faster mile last time. Still a longshot to me.
5 BRUTAL STORM This gelding's got some speed too, but he may have suspect mile track stamina. Acclimated last time, but I can't guarantee he'll stick around in what should be a faster mile. Has to prove that first.
6 GOLDEN ZETTE Appears to have some issues at the starting gate, so we're going to try Club Med now. Pilot will be uber careful, hoping to keep the 4YO onstride. Can't guarantee that, so demand fair value if you fancy chances.
7 BIZET Finally put it all together in a spot where he was supposed to win! I will note that second AND third-place finishers did come back to win, so that helps the story. Is the gelding really this good? I guess we're going to find out.
8 WAR STORY I thought he might "need" that first try here and he did. It wasn't bad, and could easily be a building block for more. Unfortunately, he'll have to do it from a bad post now. That adds to the problem. Let's see more.
9 CASH CALF Just when I thought she was "getting the hang" of things, she regressed. Now, switches to a really tough post without much early zip. Will need a little more luck to overcome this spot and surprise this group.
10 LUCKY SHEILA Another that simply looks like a longshot, after a less-than-inspiring Big M debut. I'll pass.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-9-2
H Horse Comment
1 ALWAYS ABOUT CHRIS One of three two-year-olds in here. Looks like a work in progress, so I'm simply going to watch one for now. Let's see if he stays pacing.
2 WESTERN EXPOSURE Very tough call here! So far, his best effort was the debut. Was okay in the follow-up, and that was against Mac's Power, so I won't be too hard on him. Tackled Duddie's last time, but has missed time since. Why?
3 BET THE DRAGON About to make his 53rd lifetime start. No wins yet this year and a big ship up the Turnpike from Freehold. And coming off a break, so that's not good. Has raced well here before, but needs big turnaround.
4 IN ROCK WE TRUST Took another shot down at the Hold and didn't make it around. Guess what? He's a big track horse! Owns ONE solid move, so timing and trip are always critical. Needs patience, but does have ability.
5 DUDDIE'S LOR Had the great misfortune of drawing post 10, taking a shot in the Gov Cup elims. Didn't think that was going to work out and it didn't. Right back to where he belongs and no excuses against this group. Short price!
6 FOX VALLEY B GUMP A bit of a mystery horse, since he got to the east coast. That qualifier really wasn't bad, as he did pace in 54 against some serious horses. I'm not willing to bet the ranch, but he could show a lot more here.
7 CAPTAIN AMERICA Added Lasix for that last one, after missing too much time. He obviously needed that race, but isn't helped at all by this post. I'm going to want to see a whole lot more before I invest in this corner.
8 ALWAYS A BB Another that had a needed start after a scratch. Drew poor post again, so I don't know what to expect. Several fit that "questionable" status here, so be careful.
9 BARBADOS Pretty nice miles here so far! Nice job by The Mann. He's going to leave again with this guy, but I like what I've seen so far. With several question marks in here, he looks like a much more reliable commodity. Your call?
10 SPEED TO MARKET Been off way too long and drew post 10. Isn't that enough said? Will need this.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-8-9-2
H Horse Comment
1 KNIGHTOFVICTORY Has yet to hit the board in 13 tries so far this year. I can't be too confident tonight.
2 DOG GONE LUCKY Massively overbet in both amateur tries, so I don't know what to tell you. The first go was a lot better than the second one, so I have serious concerns. Yes, I can see the driver change. Overbet again?
3 WHATNBLAZES 12YO warhorse has been here before, and sometimes squeaks out a check. That's usually the goal, and his recent form isn't all that bad. Will have to go faster here, but usually does. Can be used underneath.
4 MONTALBANO BI Speaking of wildly overbet, the fans took a bath on the Bi when he rushed out and broke! Isn't forced to requalify, so what do we do now? This field is even softer than last one. IF HE TROTS, he should win. Trainer: Put himself in a bad spot last week. Wanted to leave harder than he can and made a break.
5 NEW YORK ATTITUDE Back to Club Med with some incredibly mixed form. I have to rate him a longshot here.
6 ONE FINE LADY Sophomore filly has turned up her game lately at Pocono. Pcd is now closed, so she's got to race somewhere. Let's see if she's a fit for the Big M? I have my doubts with those last quarters, but ya never know.
7 KEYSTONE ACE Definitely a "work in progress" right now. Just making too many breaks for my taste. Would need to see some major improvement before I could recommend again.
8 MUAY HANOVER Corey put a nice steer on this fella last time, giving him every chance. Basically got run over late by Verdi. Draws another tough post, but I'd do the same thing and power out. Too many of the others make breaks.
9 LINDY'S BEST YET Really liked him last week, especially with the Lasix, but he was just fair. Switches from the two box to post nine, so that greatly complicates matters. Should still offer square price if you expect more. Can happen.
10 AXIOS Never really fired in Mr. Sowers Big M driving debut. Okay. It happens. Sadly, he and horse gets stuck with another brutal post and assignment. Looking like a longer shot now from poor starting slot.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 3-2-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 SPORTS VISION Another Pocono invader, now that PcD is closed. This one's recent form just isn't very inviting. I can see that he's had some bad posts, but I would still like to see a good one here before I could consider.
2 PUMPED UP KICKS Finally gets a break at the post draw. I had a feeling he might try one from off the pace last time, but it's different story here. Will fire out and establish some good position. He can be used here at a nice price.
3 MAGNUM MIKE Romped easily twice, and there's no reason to think it won't happen again. Still in for the $10K tag and that's good management. We're looking at a very short price, folks, so try and figure out who can be 2nd, 3rd.
4 CASEY HANOVER Finally found that nice, soft spot at Philly. It IS hard to believe that you can be 48-1 one week, and then 3-5 in the SAME class. But, that's what happened. He won't be 3-5 here, so go ahead if you think he can repeat.
5 INTHEBLINKOFANEYE Had another really tough trip last week from the outside post. Yes, he moves in a few slots, but do you really think he can beat Mike? At this point, I do not. He should hit the ticket with any smooth trip.
6 ADMIRAL Also in from Pocono, but also with some VERY mixed form. Not really sure how to translate that to here, so good luck if you can. He shows speed capability, and versatility. Might be worth including, if price is right.
7 CC BIG BOY SAM After that nice run of races earlier, he's tailed off since. Simple as that. Drew outside the main contenders, so I will probably prefer others. Not sure how he's going to get into this one.
8 DAYLYN HORIZON Went on a serious speed mission down at Philly and ran out of gas. Scotty Z handled him nicely here before that. He'll need a little Scotty Z magic to overcome this post. One move type, so timing/trip critical.
9 ITSNOPROBLEMMAN Perfectly positioned last time and tired. Now, it's post nine. Not going to work out well.
10 DIABANDO No idea what's going on with this guy, so he's an easy pass from post 10.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 MARTY MONKHOUSER A Marty's been here before and he's taking a slight drop, along with several others in here. He gets a nice post. He gets a new driver. He's got one good move in the tank, so don't be afraid to use him.
2 INDY INGOT Has been steadily working his way down the class ladder, so wakeup call time seems imminent. He's hard to rely on, but if he were to take some betting action, I would pay attention. Prone to surprise at times.
3 MAJOR AUTHORITY I guess he really had NO chance in that wicked 49 mile last time, so I won't be too hard on him. Overall, this is the correct level for him. He gets a good post and I wouldn't be shocked with more speed this week.
4 URBAN RENEWAL Pennsy invader shows real mixed form, but I will note his overall record. See how often he sneaks onto the ticket? Often a nice price too. Good post. Versatile spot to offer pilot options. I can make a small case.
5 JACKSRLUCKYTOO By all the rights, this looks like the perfect spot to regain winning form. It's not going to get much easier than this, and the midpack post is perfect for him. We're at the point where no excuses accepted. Trainer: Disappointed on his trip and the way things worked out last week. The horse is fine!
6 JUPITER JOHNNY Another of the MANY Pocono shippers. Johnny can handle any size track, and he sure has been suffering a case of the bad post blues. He might need one more dip in class, but I'll be watching closely.
7 SUNSHINE WEST On the comeback trail, with Lasix. He's not ready for this yet, so we can safely pass for now.
8 LONE WOLF TERROR After that one crunching brush and crush, it's not been the same since. His woes continue here, having drawn a poor post. He doesn't usually leave. How does the Wolf get into this one?
9 STILL FRISKIE In for the tag tonight. Squandered a good opportunity last time, but it was that fast mile. He can leave from spots like this, and has done so before. Not sure what to expect, but get a good price if you like him.
10 OBSCENE BLUE CHIP Keep in mind that he does like the big track, but he usually needs a trip to do any damage. Your chances of getting a trip from post 10 are minimal. Good luck!
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 BEST OF JENNA All things considered, that was a pretty nice drive by Mr. Stratton to "get the cash" last week. But, they got only 4-5! Now, this talented mare begins her ascent back UP the class ladder. This is a double jump!
2 SHADY CAROLINE No, I do not know what happened last time, as she simply fell apart late. But, the good thing is that she's right back in the box, and on a class drop. IF she fires her better shot, she can bounce back and win.
3 DO YOUR JOB Found the Big M waters a little deeper last time, but she had missed almost a month before that. Switches to different class level here and I'm not sure she's a fit. Will have to prove it with a very big mile.
4 PERPLEXED Comes out of a much stronger division of this class, so keep that in mind. She was within range, and finished well, but not well enough to win. Best as a one-move performer, she can grind into this. The one to beat.
5 SHUTTHEFRONTDOOR She's won here this year, so remember that! Also shows a distinct closing style, so this is the ideal post. If she, and #4 grind away, one of them will probably pounce. Have to guess which one, though.
6 FANCY CREEK JOLENE Midwest invader doesn't arrive into an easy spot. She also appears to lack any early gear, so I don't see her outkicking the likes of #4,5. Does get new driver. A big maybe at new home.
7 FROG POND PRINCESS Beat the weak field. Stepped up and struggled to keep up. Drew a bad post. I'll pass.
8 PARTY BEACH Draws third straight bad post. I will note that she took her mark on a big track up in Canada. Might we see more with a return to larger oval? I sure wish I knew if she could leave the gate. Only way into this one.
9 ICOMMANDMYSPIRIT I usually like this mare when she drops in class. It's going to take another week or two before we see that. Plus, the bad post always hurts. Not quite my type of play from out here.
10 ZANE HANOVER Drew post nine upon return. Gets slammed with the 10-box here. That's almost not fair.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 10-4-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 ZLATAN Was just okay from the outside post last time. We know he's usually got a good move in the tank. From the rail, pilot should be able to sit, stalk and try to get lucky late. This is a very strong field. That won't help the cause.
2 NEW JERSEY VIKING Unfortunately, I have no idea what to expect from this fella right now. He's gone in the tank last few. Missed an extra week. He's just a huge question mark against a field of this quality.
3 CHELSIES A WINNER Hot property at the claim box to close the Pocono meet. Yes, those wins look strong, but this is a brand new ballgame racing here. Can you really put her in the category with likes of #7,9,10? I can't Not yet.
4 MAYFAIR JOHNNY B Johnny got a much deserved week off, after three sterling efforts here! I mean off the scale sterling! How good is he? Tonight we find out, because this is toughest field he's faced. At least he has inside post.
5 TOUR DE LINDY Showed up last month and broke. Missed too much time since. Looks like a big question mark.
6 TROLLEY Lot of people were on board his boat two weeks ago. He was actually in good position, but clearly outfinished by Johnny and others. Yes, he needed that race. Could he be stronger? Maybe. Demand value if you like.
7 FASHIONWOODCHOPPER Really tough spot for the recent purchase by Burke Brigade. 3YO vs. older. Coming out of several difficult stakes starts. Is there anything else on his schedule for 2018? Or will he just race overnights?
8 ZOOMING The Zoomer knows his way around Club Med. But, I must admit, his biggest successes usually come against a field weaker than this one. I'll probably watch one and hope for a softer spot next time.
9 TUONOBLU REX Very, VERY tough call here! Looked a little bumpy-gaited in the first half of that qualifier. Then he caught a gear and finished well. Still very much a work in progress for Camp Silva. Not sure I want short price.
10 LINDY THE GREAT While it's been a pretty tough year for this Lindy, this seems like nice spot to get healthy in. He does have speed to fire out and overcome the post. And it's been a LONG time since he faced weaker foes like this.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-1-5
H Horse Comment
1 DIAMONDTOOTHGERTIE One of the MANY possibilities in this impossible race to handicap. 11-time winner this year has been up and down the class ladder, but she gives top efforts every time. The rail is a plus. Andy Mac's choice!
2 FOREVER LIZA She's pretty hard to gauge right now, especially here on mile track. Have to rate her a longshot.
3 FOLLOWTHEWIND N Remains sharp. Each of her starts here has been a good one. Probably belongs at that one notch lower in class, but let's see if she can handle this. It wouldn't shocked me, based on what I've seen.
4 DELIGHTFULMEMPHISN Did deliver the goods here two back. Got rolling just a tad too late at Philly, but that was a serious back classmaster she chased home. This is perfect spot for Big M return. NO excuses accepted tonight.
5 NARCIAN JEWEL The Mann adds this mare to his stable. I suspect she'll be a nice fit here, but maybe at one level lower than this? However, she seems honest. The flow figures to be live. Let's see if she can handle this at M1.
6 PRAIRIE SWEETHEART Gets bet hard each and every time, but maybe not this time? I can't really be a fan, showing just six starts this year, and only five last year. One win. Is she worth betting if price is short? No.
7 DANIKOVA Pretty tough spot for the 3YO filly against these. Not every Burke horse ends up in right spot. I'll pass.
8 GIVEMEYOURHEART That was super gutsy win last time, and Delightful Feather was on a roll too! I give full credit for that, but moving to post eight now seems like a bad thing. This is a very good field. She'd need career effort again.
9 SEVENTIMESAVIRGIN Lot of history and back class with this mare. She's a true competitor and handles every track and situation willingly. I HATE this post for her, so I'm probably going to watch one, see if this is right spot.
10 OK HEAVENLY VERY few horses win from last here at the Meadowlands, but that's what this mare did last week. I congratulate you, if you bet and got 18-1. Now, she's undervalued, with the same post and task ahead, and no AMac.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-8-9
H Horse Comment
1 GOTAROCKINMYPOCKET Recent form just a little too suspect right now. Must be considered a longshot.
2 CONSTNTLYSIDEWYS A Couldn't possibly have had a better qualifier! And barn already won with horse off layoff. IF she's got this gelding figured out, this does look like pretty easy spot. Just don't expect much price.
3 MONTY'S PLAY Found a nice, easy soft spot last month and crushed 'em. BUT, that was several weeks ago. Where's he been since? This is much tougher situation and I don't see him steamrolling this bunch like he did that one.
4 LIVE ON Have to admit, that was one of his best efforts last week. Finished full of pace to just miss. Yes, he is usually a one-move type, but horse is obviously good right now. If #2 were to falter in any way, this could be his night.
5 ROCK STAR Up the Turnpike from Freehold and into a vastly more difficult situation. I can't play him vs. these.
6 MAJOR WAR Usually needs that softer field at this level to do any damage. These look way too tough for him at the moment. Overdue, but we have to wait for an easier bunch.
7 PERSEVERANT Another one that's capable at times, but against a field less accomplished than this. Drew outside, so that greatly limits options. Would be a tough play from way out here.
8 ROCKIN ROGER Recent claim got a check in first go for new barn. Horse loves to win, based on his overall record. Barn was on a roll a few months ago, but that was then, and this is now. I hate the post. Want to watch one here.
9 LARRY KARR He's now disappointed twice, and I'm expecting it to happen again. Draws third straight brutal post. Will have to be used hard early again. It's softened him up in late stages. I don't see that turning around.
10 DEEPFAVE HANOVER 4YO has a good case of the bad post blues going! Yes, I can see that he can leave, but he'll do that right into the teeth of #9. No matter what happens, it's not likely to be good for this one. Demand price if you like.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-7-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 ABOUT THE BENJAMINS Hasn't hit the board in a while, so he looks like a longshot, even from the rail.
2 CHARMBO CURIOSITY Exits those $10K claimers for this more proper spot. The inside post usually keeps him close enough. He can kick in with a rally at times and this may be one of them. Usable underneath in the gimmicks.
3 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Off the layoff, he's not ready for this. I still remember bettors taking a beat back in summer.
4 IDEAL CANDIDATE Had a decent kick from a tough spot in that last one. That field was a bit more potent than this one. Draws a similar post for his new barn and still needs the trip, which you can never count on. Tries catch #7.
5 FREESPIN N Looking for a wakeup call here? Barn doesn't start many here. This one's been battling some pricier foes. The post is a bit better and Andy Mac has won with him before. I can make a case here for him, more than others.
6 ATLAS ALLIANCE N Never really had a chance in that last snoozefest. Won on lead off slow fractions. This guy can leave and has done it several times. IF horse is right, Stevie will take a shot and send tonight. Also very usable.
7 IDEAL ROMANCE Looks like the favorite again, after delivering instant dividends on the claim. Because he drew further out, it could be a bit more of a test. Should we swing against if odds are very low? I say maybe.
8 SPANISH ART I still remember his lifetime best, taken her last year. It's been a long road since, but his patented late kick is still there. IF there was some sort of mayhem, he could pick off many, if not all. Consider that.
9 ROCK ON THE HILL Really wasn't bad last time we saw him here. Tonight's problem is obviously the post. Versatile enough to go it either way, but I'd also want fair price to use him too! This is no easy spot from the nine-box.
10 ASHOK ACE Looks like the longest of shots from post 10, with current form on view.