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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, November 02, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-9-1
H Horse Comment
1 THE DARK SHADOW That wasn’t an easy trip last week and he didn’t quit that badly. Plots for another up-close journey from the rail and will probably hit the ticket. I won’t key on top, but will use underneath.
2 BORN TO BE BAD A bit of a question mark here based on that dull recent form, but this could easily be a spot they’ve been looking for. The drop. Hannah now aboard. A good post. Only other knock is overall record. Tuf call! Trainer: Hannah drove him once in a regular race and it was a blowout win! Needs a trip, but more than capable.
3 TWIN B WRANGLER 10YO seems to have rounded into form nicely of late over at Pocono. How those $7,500 claimers there stack up against these is bit of a mystery. He might have to go a little faster here.
4 REAL KID Down from the Spa for a big track try and like many of these, he’s a mystery too! Not sure why he qualified instead of race? Lots of good finishes in his lines, so maybe he can work out a trip and surprise us? Can happen.
5 BYBY LANDON He’s never been one of my favorites, due to total inconsistency. You just never really know what you’re going to get! Got parked the mile, in the way last week, so I’m just going to leave him out tonight.
6 ARTISTIC CRUISER Pulled off the upset shocker for Steve Smith last week and fires back in this spot. Still longshot.
7 MAKE IT BIG Just forget about the race from post 10, and you’ve got a major contender here for a team that’s already won one of these. TJ and Juan Cano! TJ will have to make some speed here, but he seems capable.
8 SO TAKE THAT Things really haven’t been going his way lately. Of course, anything can happen in these amateur races and this gelding does seem a little overdue. Bad post blues too! Needs a hot pace and some live cover.
9 WESTERN DYNASTY Definitely looks like a factor with this bunch. He paced in 51 just a few weeks ago, and that would be more than enough. Has the speed to leave the gate with the Judge and I expect he will. Can he get lead?
10 DA MAGICIAN Have to admit, I wasn’t all that impressed with him last week. He gapped on the last turn and then offered up just a minor rally vs. uncatchable leader. He was okay, but not great! Now, it’s back to bad post.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 DRAGON STRIKES One of the many possibilities in this “Dropdown Derby.” I guess this is a barn change too? That last try down at Philly would be good enough to put him in play and Tetrick now takes over. Very good chance.
2 ALTA SHELBY N Just doesn’t look sharp enough to me right now, so I’m going to take a pass tonight.
3 ASHLEY’S HUSBAND That really wasn’t a bad try when hiked up to this level. He did chase, without offering enough punch. Tonight’s problem is that this field might be better than that one. Needs even more for another check.
4 JENERAL PATTON Had Andy Mac opted here, I would probably like a lot more. That was really solid win down at Freehold for the Jug-winning trainer. I think 8YO can handle the mile track. Worth using, IF price is right.
5 MAJOR DECEPTION Can’t imagine a bigger class drop than this! By all rights, he should just crush these. I fully expect Joe B on the gas pedal early, trying to go right down the road. That’s his style and horse should get it done.
6 DUBIOUS CLAIM Hasn’t done much lately. I thought he might have had a sniff last week when Andy chose him. Unfortunately, he did not. This spot doesn’t look all that much easier, with #5 in here. Have to wait for wakeup call.
7 OCEAN COLONY Perhaps your best option, IF you want to try and beat the favorite. Owns many wins, and many good efforts here. A Mac’s choice and they were probably hoping for easier drop spot. Can he beat #5? Maybe.
8 CONSTNTLYSIDEWYS A A little bit erratic lately, but that sums up his whole career. Been out in the flow without much big kick. Now, he’s stuck outside the main contenders. Back to longshot status for him.
9 SHATTERED GLASS Enters off a tiring effort last time and I’m not going to bite from post nine. Pass.
10 HEARTLAND REVENUE Second straight horrible post. Where’s he going from the 10? Not very far, most likely.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 CHIP WALTHER Somehow ended up the favorite last week and never really got into the game. This is pretty much the same kind of bunch, but he drew rail and gets Scotty Z back. Z won with him a while back. Maybe gets a trip?
2 HAPPY TRIO We all missed the boat on this guy last week. That was perfect execution by TJ Miller and they got away from the field nicely. This will be a bigger test, but Andy hops on now and will be using that speed. Steals it?
3 MACH WEST Over from Pocono on a class hike and that might not work out too well. Needs bigger kick late.
4 BORN OF FIRE That was a tough beat if you backed him last week. Simply outmuscled late for the money by well-meant foe. I still liked what I saw and he clearly proved he can handle the big track. Consider right back, with #2.
5 BAY RUM With Vernon Downs done for the year, we might see a few shippers like this. The Rum has been here before and has some good efforts in past. He will have to prove it again, vs. pretty decent bunch. Tough call.
6 SPICEBOMB I keep waiting for the right spot for this veteran and I don’t know if this is it. Andy Mac is back, and he knows the horse well. Wouldn’t be a shocker in here, IF he can get the right kind of trip. Hoping for lively flow.
7 WILDCAT HILTON In from New York where it looks like he worked his way too high in class. Now, it’s bad post.
8 DOWN ON MAINSTREET Very mixed feelings on this one. It’s second start back, but it’s another bad post. I can’t predict total turnarounds, but that’s what he would need. Maybe we watch the tote board for clues?
9 FATHER SARDUCCI Up from Philly for Team Bongiorno. Jenn’s the Trainer of the Week, so they’re hot! The good Father packs plenty of speed, but maybe not the mile track stamina? This might be a tad too tough for him.
10 JACKAMINO Where’s he going from post 10? Probably not very far, in current form. Not my type.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 BACK OF THE NECK That was a pretty ill-timed miscue up in Canada. It’s true that some trotters don’t always handle that surface. Maybe this is one of them? Tired out in Lexington after going too fast. Maybe he’s tailing off?
2 KING SLAYER Added Lasix last week and produced an okay effort. Nobody was getting to #3, but he trotted faster than he’d been going. That’s a good thing. Will sit in here, save ground and try to get lucky late. Not easy.
3 EL IDEAL Uber-impressive out at the Red Mile, AND here too! No, he wasn’t tested at all last week, but those types of confidence boosters always help. He WILL get tested again tonight! Andy seems to fit him perfectly. Hard to ignore.
4 BARLEY Nice steer by Kyle H to “tow along” behind #3 last week. Barn is also going great guns right now. I’m not going to rate him near the faves, but he could easily pick up a check with smooth trip. DM aboard tonight.
5 CHESTNUT HILL IF you think the faves might “mix it up,” then here’s your price play! Colt is a little testy at the gate, but he finished full of trot in the Crown. Needs an alert beginning, but he will be charging late. Hoping for hot pace.
6 SKY CASTLES How good is he? I don’t think we know yet. Like #3, he had a nice, easy time cruising to last leg win. Speed seems to be the key with him, but only one of the faves can set the pace. Which one will offer the better price? Trainer: He’s had a good week! Seems fresh and just finding his best form. Pumped to race him!
7 SHEENA SOLDIER Puts the hopples on tonight, but still has to be rated a longshot here. Outside the two faves.
8 BEYOND KRONOS One of the other longshots in here, mostly due to the bad post. I can’t really fault a few of those good efforts, but he’d had to get very lucky to overcome this slot, and loss of Tetrick.
9 MAESTERAEMON This was Tetrick’s choice and I expected that. Took a brief shot at #6 when they squared off a few weeks ago and proved no match at all. How’s he going to do better from post nine? That’s up to Timmy T!
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 8-5-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 VIRGIN STORM One of many possibilities in this very hard-to-handicap race. Excellent try chasing #5 last week, but that same trip could produce a little more here. They’re not going to let #5 cruise around. Needs that late pop!
2 DUDDIE’S LOR Making his first start since the Gov Cup of 2018! So, obviously something went wrong. His second qualifier was a LOT better than the first, so the talent is there. But, he’s going to need a race or two.
3 BRO Did pretty well up in New York! I also see the one win vs. Respect Our Flag. That’s a good one! Only knock is the miscue from Lex. I think he’s a fit here, and the price might be okay. Consider using at real value odds.
4 BETTER THAN SOME He’s been towing along vs. this type a few times now. Hasn’t come close to beating them.
5 DA DELIGHTFUL That was an awfully impressive Big M debut last week! Marcus seemed to fit him perfectly, and won with plenty left. There are a few others in here with some talent, so I expect a bigger test. Price won’t be so big.
6 PASSA-GRILLE BEACH Had Tetrick opted here, I would probably like a little more. That was impossible trip grinding after #5 upon arrival. He didn’t exactly pack it in, however! Needs softer journey, and one bigger punch to upset.
7 SKIP TO MY LOU After a couple of solid efforts down at Philly, he took a shot in that stakes and was outclassed. This is back to where he belongs, but he doesn’t have good history here. This is no easy spot. Would need giant mile.
8 AFLAME HANOVER Here’s the biggest threat to the fave, in my opinion. I’ve watched this gelding a few times now and see he has serious talent! Andy Mac picked him, over #2 as expected and he’s got speed. Has to fly out of there.
9 U S CAPTAIN Was he a tad disappointing when lowered to this level? Maybe. My bigger concern for tonight is the post. I see a ton of inside speed, so it might be back to off-the-pace in here. Either way, it will be a rough go.
10 INTERNET HANOVER Tetrick’s choice of three. So, when you consider that and see some back class here, you might want to think about including. Look at the Dover win from post eight. Now that was a big mile. Needs all of that.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-6-10
H Horse Comment
1 HALL OF AM S She’s awfully talented for a horse with just four starts so far. Had a nice, easy confidence builder in a leg of this two weeks ago. I think she’s a big threat here, especially from the pole. Will try to get past Rita now!
2 SCORCHED ROMANCE Squandered a pretty good opportunity last week. Had a very nice trip right behind Rita and simply got lost trying to chase. Have to rate her one of the longshots after seeing that. One of three for Nifty!
3 WORD OF HONOR I’ve been a bit critical of her recently and maybe I’m being too tough on her. She stays trotting, but Andy is always extra careful to make it easy on her. He will probably drive to try and get a check here. We’ll see.
4 CONFIDANTE Hasn’t really been up to the level of these so far. But, Mr. McCarthy was the upset King of the Breeders Crown! Those kinds of rolls tend to continue. Can he get this lass into a live flow? Absolutely. She can get a piece.
5 JULA BEAUTY AM She’s been kind of in-and-out so far. Would need a monster effort to threaten.
6 CREATURE OF HABIT Looked just a little bit more all out last time, in contrast to the cruise on the 11th. Is that why she got an extra week off? Could be part of huge night for barn that’s been on roll, but will need VERY best to beat #7
7 SENORITA RITA I have loved everything I’ve seen from Rita lately. She is a truly talented young trotter, and from a very good barn! They’re brought her along perfectly. Zeron has steered with total confidence. I have to give her edge.
8 MOLTO BENE Hasn’t been a real match for these stakes fillies just yet and drew a real tough post. Have to pass.
9 HEAVEN After that really good start out in Lex, she has simply tailed off. Not to mention the bad post. Not for me.
10 DIP ME HANOVER Probably the “key” to the race. From same barn as the fave, she went up to Canada and made the Crown final. Unfortunately, she didn’t get any money. Now, her bad luck continues with post 10. Needs dream trip.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 NO EASY DAY I was a little surprised to see A Mac choose this one over #8. Was very good two weeks ago, albeit with a perfect trip. Wasn’t nearly as strong when hiked up to this level last time. I will not accept short price here.
2 BRAVO TEX N Little bit of a mystery horse tonight. Tyler B chose him over #7, but I expected that. We’ve watched him race many times here, but without much luck. Not sure if he’s better here, OR on small track. Tough call.
3 GRIFFON HANOVER That was picture perfect drive from Vinny on this veteran last week! That’s how you overcome post 10, right? He’s got more than enough back class to handle a hike like this. And, he gets a better post.
4 NASCAR SEELSTER Been suffering the bad post blues lately. But, when’s he going to wake back up? I can’t answer that one, but I do see Mr. Tetrick is aboard again. He’s gotten along with this veteran before. Not totally out of it.
5 AWESOMENESS I’m going to take a pass on him at this higher level. I will wait for the eventual class drop.
6 BIG STRETCH MARK Stretch did everything right last week, but got outmuscled by a VERY game foe in City Hall. It was perfect drive from Eric and he WILL be leaving again. That’s a 100% guarantee. Might trip out again.
7 JAY JAY Barn sends a bunch over from Pocono and I’ll be honest in saying they all appear to be in tough spots. I’m not ready to hop on board this boat, IF Tyler opted off. That’s not a vote of confidence here.
8 ROCKATHON I really thought Andy Mac would have taken this guy tonight. Oh well! He was very good when he won. He owns prime time speed! So, I switched the odds a little and we’ll see if I’m right Has to fire out of there.
9 THESPYWHOLOVEDME I kind of like this horse, but realize this is just about an impossible spot. Wait for a drop.
10 WILD GOOSE CHASE Where’s he going from post 10 on a class hike? Probably not very far, but I will note that last week’s race was a big improvement over first start for new barn. They figured something out.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 5-8-9-2
H Horse Comment
1 SHINING BEAUTY First of two for the barn and they got VERY lucky at the post draw! That should help. The Rock appears a little more “accomplished” at moment, but this filly is no slouch either. She can get a piece with pole trip.
2 ROCKNIFICENT She’s the one to beat, no doubt, but this is going to be a very good test! I was amazed at how patient, AND confident, both Z and T were in those last two wins. Will it work that way again? I wish I knew.
3 ANTHEM She’s been no match for these fillies so far, so I have to rate her one of the longer shots. Not my type.
4 LOVE FOR SAIL Was pretty good in each of her last two tries, so can’t fault her for that. Andy seemed like a nice fit too! I do wonder what the plan is from this post, since she can go either way. Packs a nice kick, IF she gets nice trip.
5 HEN PARTY The Hen jogged in the two tries AFTER I bet on her! Oh well. Yannick will take a turn in the seat tonight, after two superb drives from Pat Berry. She seems to like the lead, so I imagine that’s where she’ll be. Fights off #2?
6 SAIL BY After the “lock wheels” nightmare last week, she ended up tiring on the lead. Prior to that, she suffered another impossible trip trying to chase down Hen. Seems overdue for some better luck, right? Maybe.
7 CAVIART HEATHER Her last was one of her better efforts. She may be ready to turn the corner and get better, but it’s not likely going to come against a field like this. That, plus the tough post, make her a pass.
8 MARLOE HANOVER I really like this filly too! She’s been awesome in just about every start. Almost pulled off a stunner in the Crown at 55-1, splitting fillies. Tonight’s problem is the post. Dave will have to get her into it somehow.
9 ANNABELLE HANOVER She’s going to be the “key” to the race! The post is going to hurt, but she’ll be going forward out of the gate. Seeks just a little revenge on the Hen, but she can get it. Gets the hot pilot back too!
10 COURTING MARIE Have to admit, Marie is getting better too, but this is a killer post and spot. Good luck!
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 BLUEBIRD RECON Recent claim by Eric A was battling some real toughies over at Yonkers. He probably thought this would be easier spot on the drop, but it’s not! Protects the pole and sits in from there, hoping to get lucky late.
2 ANOTHER DAILY COPY That was VERY tough beat if you had him last week! But, it was monster step in right direction in second back off the layoff. He’s good now and gets another inside post. Would be hard to leave out.
3 ANNIHILATION Seemed like the whole world knew he was “live” last week. Got the job done too! In style! Begins the ascent back UP the class ladder in a race that looks very tough. I guess I’d be surprised if he repeated.
4 DECLAN SEELSTER Clearly marching his way UP the ladder right now! Nice job by Mr. Harder. Is the gelding good enough to handle another hike up? I’m going to guess now, but I’ve been proven wrong many times.
5 QUALITY BUD I think this IS a decent spot for the Bud! Tim T opted for #6, but I understand that. The Bud loves the Big M. He loves post relief like this. And he likes class drops too! I won’t leave him off the ticket. You shouldn’t either. Trainer: Suffering the bad post blues! But this week, no bad post. Miller I see good things for explosive finish style.
6 BLOOD LINE TT chose this guy, but I do wonder if he’ll be overbet here. And he was outmuscled his last two down at Philly. I’m not pronouncing him a lock in here, so be careful He can win, but will need a few things to go his way.
7 ANYTHINGFORLOVE A What do we do with this fast fella? I see a 25.4. I see a 26 flat first quarter, so there’s little suspense about the strategy here. Will the big track pick him up? I’m not so sure. I guess I want to see one here.
8 SAMS A CHAMP A Really let me down last week, when given a perfect trip by Tyler. He just had NO kick! I guess that’s why TB chose #10. In reality, they’re both up against it from the bad posts in field full of speedballs.
9 IMSTAYNALIVE Seems pretty sharp right now, but draws into impossible spot here. Have to pass in post nine.
10 REBELLIOUS He was absolutely super to hold off Respect Our Flag, but that came from post two. This is now a big hike up AND post 10. Tyler’s choice, but he will need a miracle steer to get the repeat.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-9-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 MAJOR RISKY Yes, the Alagna Armada has SIX of the nine finalists, but this is the one with the lowest chance of winning. He’s still a work in progress, but at least he got the rail. Only has to sit in and keep up, if he can.
2 CHIEF MATE As soon as I bailed off the bandwagon on this one, OF course he won! Finally put it all together with a really nice drive from Mitch. He gets the return call for the big money final too! Let’s see if they can do it again.
3 SEA OF LIFE This guy’s actually getting a little better lately, but I would still be surprised if he upended this field and won. Have to keep him as a longshot, but you can use underneath in gimmicks at square price.
4 IDEAL PERCEPTION Fought off BOTH of his stablemates two weeks ago in game and gusty fashion! That’s a good thing. He probably needed that race after a mini-break. Would love to have seen him last week too! Why missed time?
5 MAJOR BETTS After that monster upset out in Lexington, he’s flattened out a bit since. Back to longshot status.
6 ROLLING WITH SAM Sam is simply in too tough with these right now. Would need career effort to threaten.
7 FORCE N FURY My respect level for this colt has gone way, way up the past few weeks! He’s really good! Vic K has driven him well and gets the call for the final too! I like that as well. We’re going to need some speed, but colt has it.
8 KEYSTONE DASH I wish we’d gotten the memo on him down at Philly! A nice 14-1 upset, given a perfect drive by A Mac. He’s committed to #9 understandably, but this colt might take a shot and send. Mixes things up if he does.
9 CAPTAIN BARBOSSA What do we do here? After a vicious run of races up to last week, he looked a tad vulnerable late at the end. Of course, he draws post nine, in field full of speedballs. Will get the ultimate test to bounce back.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 ELECTRIC WESTERN Wasn’t Andy’s choice here, which is always a concern. Still, he’s been racing his eyeballs out lately. The pole post is perfect for his speed. He should get a nice trip in here. Would be hard to leave off the ticket.
2 PROPHET BLUE CHIP Ended up with a great trip last week and simply lacked a knockout punch. Needs more.
3 BUSHWACKER The Bush is back! After a long layoff too! This barn can have them VERY ready off the bench at times, but I really don’t know what to do tonight. I don’t think they’ll gut him right to the front in comebacker. Your call?
4 MESSI N Also racing his eyeballs out right now. That was huge try two back, and then huge effort to win last week. The Mann has him in top form and they now step up. Demand fair value if you think he fits this tougher group.
5 OFFICIAL DELIGHT Is it wakeup call time for this fella tonight on the drop? I don’t know. Trust me, he’s a lot better than he showed in those two recent tries here. Gets the post relief too! I’d be watching the board if I were you.
6 SOLO STORY This was Andy’s choice over #1,2, and it’s a class drop for him too! That’s big. A bigger knock is that horse is just 2-38 this year. Is he worth taking low odds with that record? I’m not so sure. It’s your choice, folks.
7 CITY HALL Boy, does he have class! Dug in for all he was worth to stave off Stretch. I’ll add even more points if Stretch came back and raced well again earlier this evening. It’s a step up, but sometimes he can handle it.
8 STORMONT CZAR A Takes the biggest hike up in the race and loses his regular driver. That’s a pass for me.
9 MAKO BANNER N Interesting newcomer to Club Med We can’t question his speed, but maybe his class? This is rough post and competitive field. Very best will be required to try and fight them all off. Trainer: Is getting his first test against the big boys! He has speed and should be in the mix.
10 BIG BAD BILL Bill found the higher class too much. He inches back down, but lands worst post. Not my type.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-3-9
H Horse Comment
1 WHITTAKER N I have been burned by this guy before, so I hesitate. It’s a couple months off. It’s a fair looking qualifier. But, it’s also the bottom level of this “Dropdown Derby.” He’s hard to toss out completely.
2 MELODIES MAJOR Still waiting on the big wakeup call for this former stakes winner. He gets both post and class relief. I really don’t know what to expect in this impossible race. Good luck!
3 REAGAN’S AVENGER Had A Mac chosen this fella, I would have liked a LOT more. He did not. Loomed off cover vs. City Hall, but couldn’t finish it off. City Hall would be 1-5 in here. Only needs another good trip, slightly more kick.
4 BACKSTREET LAWYER Can he jump up and win this? Of course! IF you consider his back class, and prior success here, he’s a must-play. He just HAS to be better than those last two races. Wakeup call time looms.
5 DUCKIES DYNASTY He’s been off since June. I highly doubt he’ll be primed and ready for this. Wait for softer spot.
6 NIHILATED TRUTH His form does nothing to excite me right now. I would need to see a lot more first.
7 AMERICAN MUSIC That wasn’t a terrible first try here. I don’t like the lack of early zip, or the post, but know that if they mix it up, he could come flying. Not totally out of it with Mitch aboard.
8 HIGHLANDBEACHYCOVE Also coming off a long layoff. His qualifier was just fair, and I’m being kind. He owns only ONE win this year and it didn’t come here. Very hard to hop on board this boat right now.
9 HUDSONANDBERNARD Over from Yonkers with just one win this season, and only one win last season. It is a class drop, but he wasn’t Andy Mac’s choice. I think horse is better on big track. Maybe Vic can get him a trip out here.
10 IDEAL CHILL For some reason, Andy Mac chose this guy despite the bad post. Last time he drove the gelding, he broke! IF you fancy him from this starting slot, then I suggest you get a good price. Will need some luck too!
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 HURRIKANE ALI Off a one-year layoff here, so he’s not ready for this quite yet. Pass despite the pole.
2 FINAL JUSTICE Finally gets a little break from the post gods! Doesn’t look like a very quick starter, but he does pack the odd finish at times. I could be swayed into tossing him onto ticket underneath in the gimmicks.
3 MASTER OF PUPPETS Here’s another horse that has burned me at times. We usually have to guess when he’ll be live, but this sure looks like the spot. He likes to grind, but Tyler will have him out and moving. Big possibility!
4 JUST N BERLANDER Had a real tough trip last week and certainly paid the price. He wasn’t sharp and that’s rare. Overall, he’s been a very consistent performer. Any easier trip will surely have him in the hunt from just off pace.
5 BECKYS DREAMBOAT Tired against lesser down at Freehold, so I can’t really make a case for him up here.
6 STELLA’S PHELLA That was a very nice kick he offered, when the Red Sea opened up at the pylons last week. Always needs that kind of trouble-free trip and it doesn’t always happen. That, plus the price will be lower now.
7 SIR BRADFORD Liked the Sir last week and he responded accordingly, at a VERY fair price! That was then, and this is now. He bumps up and even Vinny G bails on him. Will need even more to be a repeater vs. these.
8 BR EZLIKSNDYMORNIN Good luck to Ken trying to pronounce this name! Barn ships him down from home base to try the Metro area. Will he fit? I have no idea. I guess I’d just like to watch one first.
9 MATEO This was Vinny’s choice over Sir and that surprised me a little bit. This gelding has ZERO speed and is stuck with post nine. How far back will he be? I’m guessing too far back to win. Your call, folks?
10 KERRIN JOSEPH A Did not show anything in his Big M debut. Why should we expect more? I will pass.