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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, November 16, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 6-2-7-5
H Horse Comment
1 TARAMAKAUREACTOR N Still not delivering his best and still a pass now in my book, until we see some sort of wakeup call. Must be considered a longshot until then.
2 ONE TOUGH NUT A bit hard to gauge right now. Was awesome here three back Was flat here after that. Appears to have been flat again down at Freehold. So, they bring him back up the Turnpike and into good spot. Very tough call.
3 TWOMACSONESHADOW Recent form at Yonkers is pretty poor, and so is his overall record. BUT, this barn is our Big Dee’s Tack Trainer of the Week, so they’re turning things around. Let’s see if this horse wakes up a little here.
4 MASTER OF PUPPETS Came pretty close here last week. That’s one of his better efforts. I rarely hop on board his boat, though. You just never know what you’re going to get and he often isn’t that big of a price. Not for me.
5 ARTISTIC CRUISER We’re going to leave him on the longshot list for now. I do see that he jumps up with a big one every now and then, but those are hard to predict. I do like the post for trip potential. Maybe for a share?
6 WINNING LINC Gave it another great try from a real tough post, and seems to be razor sharp for a hot barn too! Gets a new driver tonight and might even be facing a lesser bunch. Will be very tough to beat if primed, ready.
7 SIR BRADFORD Seems to be giving honest efforts of late. I still remember the night he won for me at good odds. It’s been a little “uphill” climb since, but he does pack that turn of speed. Can never ignore that. Problem is post.
8 RICHARD HILL Barn has brought several shippers in this weekend. See how they did last night. Some of them are in tough spots with a lot to prove. That’s how I feel about this one. I do see he took mark on big track. A big maybe.
9 OHIO LARRY Like several others in here, Larry is getting harder to predict. That was a very good try chasing an uncatchable winner last week. But, this post is a big problem. Can’t be used too hard early, or he tires.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 8-4-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 CAVIART EDEN Barn makes first appearance of the fall meet tonight. This is a 2YO tackling older, and I’m not usually a fan of that. It appears to me that this guy will need more experience, AND have to learn to go faster.
2 ODE TO GRAY This barn has several coming back off layoffs. I think we all remember a few of those great tries here earlier this year. I don’t know what went wrong in April, but I hope Harry fixes it. This could be a very nice horse!
3 AMERICAN VISION Invades from Pocono with his 1-38 lifetime record. I’m just going to take a pass for now.
4 A MAJOR OMEN Had a trip over the track in a very different class. This transition might be the right one! He paced faster than normal here, so he could take a step forward with a group like this. Don’t be shocked if he does.
5 BICORNE HANOVER Plied his trade in the New York Sires Stakes all summer and failed to win one. Maybe he was overmatched? They gave him time off and he came back with okay qualifier. This is the right spot to start back.
6 DUDDIE’S LOR Very tough call here! Loved his effort and finish in the first go off layoff. I did NOT love his finish last week. Yes, I can see it’s a big drop, but I want to be very careful here if odds are low. He’s no cinch in here.
7 HOT DAY COOL NIGHT Came to a stop in that qualifier, so that wasn’t exactly a great introduction to the Med. Will have to amp up the stamina considerably, and I need to see it first.
8 ACTOR HANOVER I have no idea what happened at Philly last month, but it definitely wasn’t good! Shut air off? Sick? Tied up? There are always many possible reasons for bad effort. Here’s hoping he shows up sharp tonight!
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 6-8-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 IN ROCK WE TRUST Gave it everything he had last week, with a gallant try! Moves back over to the regular conditioned race tonight, but got some love from the post gods. Will take another big run at it. Offers a price.
2 AMERICAN MUSIC He’s been just fair since arriving here. I think this spot is better than that last Trackmaster race, so maybe he’s got a chance to show more? I’m not really on board yet, but will be watching closely for future.
3 DRAMATIC POINT Not quite ready yet for the Hoofmaster. Let’s pass and watch one here too!
4 LUCK N ROLL K Clearly a bit of an underachiever out of this barn. Just 1-26. He’s tried every size track and several different classes. The only good effort came at Rosecroft. I would have a tough time expecting a big one tonight.
5 CAPTAIN CAL Here’s the other Nock starter tonight. At least he got both horses in early. Is Cal a real fit for a group like this? I’m going to go with no, until proven otherwise.
6 SHATTERED GLASS In a field like this, he has to be given extra consideration. Has mostly faced far better along the way. He’s won here before. Gets a decent post with the power outside. Let’s see if Vinny G gets aggressive.
7 THE DARK SHADOW Gets the extremely tepid vote as morning line favorite, in this very hard-to-handicap race. Gets a big switch to Yannick tonight and that alone could propel the Shadow into better form. I just don’t want short price.
8 DEMOCRACY N Looking to take a little drop and pop for our Trainer of the Week. 11YO warhorse does seem sharp right now. The only knock might be the post? Horse isn’t usually loaded with early speed. Will need a trip.
9 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN I still don’t think he’s quite primed and ready, so let’s take a pass again.
10 SOME GOLD Firing back on short rest here, after squandering a good trip at Philly on Wednesday. That’s not my recipe for success here, and neither is post 10.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 DECOY Used pretty hard last time at Yonkers and paid the price late. 4YO just doesn’t appear to be sharp right now, so he’s a tough take, even on the drop. Can the Captain wake him up? Maybe. He knows the horse well.
2 MARINER SEELSTER Bouncing up and down the class ladder of late. He’s been okay too! Owns enough speed from a good post to get involved and Andy seems like a nice fit. Sits in, saves ground, tries to get lucky late?
3 CONSTNTLYSIDEWYS A Just missed when well-backed last week. Barn had a super week too! Everything was live. Tonight’s problem will be the step back UP in class. Horse has been inconsistent overall. Must get fair price.
4 STATEMENT MADE A Andy Mac said in pre-race interview he was racing this fella from off the pace last week, and horse was good! Made up good ground from tough spot. This is both post and class relief. Maybe it’s his turn now.
5 MAJOR BUCKS Doesn’t exactly seem to have that winning habit. Looks like he was just okay at Pocono, which closes tonight. He was just okay here. I need to see a bigger kick before I could endorse.
6 ROOTIN TOOTIN Got a couple months off for Blake Mac. Sometimes, his horses need a race or two before we see their best. I’m going with that for tonight. I will be watching closely, however.
7 DA MAGICIAN As soon as I “downplayed” his chances two weeks ago, of course he went out and scooted around the track with vicious effort! Now, Dave Miller takes over and they must into nice spot. Must deal with #4 late.
8 THISBEACHRGHTHEREA Was absolutely awesome here, and then the wheels came off after quick fractions at Pocono. Probably should have stayed here, right? I don’t like post, but we know he can gun. Saves for late?
9 CHASER HANOVER Stuck in another impossible spot from worst post. Will need a lot of luck tonight.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-6-9
H Horse Comment
1 PROPHET BLUE CHIP Usually needs a few things to go his way to have the upset chance. The rail post will keep him close enough, but no traffic troubles allowed! That’s tough to rely on. Bit of a drop. A big maybe.
2 BORN OF FIRE Gave it a real nice charge at the end of the mile to sharp winner. In same exact spot here, from even better post. Was Marcus’ choice over #1. I can make a case, IF he can get smooth trip now. Your call, folks.
3 WHATSTROUBLNUROCKY Off a layoff here and he didn’t look all that ready in the qualifier. I will pass and wait.
4 EASTEND EDDIE He’s been here before, but not in a while. 11YO is true warhorse, with 240 lifetime starts. I’m guessing he’s been buried in those tougher claimers. Will need a bit of a wakeup, but that can happen.
5 BOOGIE NIGHTS Had his race over the track off a short layoff. I didn’t see enough, so I’m still taking the wait and see approach. I expect that he’ll wakeup soon, but we may have to guess when. That’s the hard part!
6 ALL IT TAKES What got into him last week? That was a real wakeup call! So, the gelding now begins his ascent back UP the class ladder, but Tetrick still aboard. Somehow, he just gets this guy to go sometimes. Short price again?
7 ROCK THREE TIMES Got bet off the board here last week, but failed to deliver the goods. I really don’t know what to expect off that effort, but I do see he drew a much tougher post. That won’t make the task any easier.
8 ROZEWOOD Over from Yonkers in rather suspect form. I would have a tough time liking from this starting slot.
9 MESSI N He is good right now, but The Mann will have to find a way to get an easier trip. Moves out to even tougher post, so that won’t help. Let’s see if they can sneak their way onto the ticket. Horse loves this track too!
10 BAY RUM It’s going to take a while to get this fella used to Club Med again. And, it will take a softer spot, AND a better post to produce results. Not from out here.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 RICH N MISERABLE The Pride of the Buter stable fired right back with a very good one last week! Snuck right up the cones and outmuscled a few for second. Gets prime real estate with rail post and will have to protect vs. good field.
2 GUARDIAN ANGEL AS Was in to qualify at Philly Wednesday, but elected to race here instead. That worries me a bit, but he needs something to get ready for next week. The Crown was disappointment. Must bounce back big.
3 JL CRUZE You just have to love veterans like this. When he finally got chance to drop in class a bit, he completely dominated. So, how he has to step back up and he loses Dexter to #4. I understand that. This won’t be a Cruze!
4 HANNELORE HANOVER Great mare will be retired next Saturday after her appearance in the TVG. What a deserving champion too! Actually raced her eyeballs out in the Crown with impossible trip. Figures to fire out with stablemate.
5 ATLANTA Was sharp as a tack a few months ago, but disappointed at Yonkers when she suffered the “thumps.” Bounced back nicely from that in Crown behind Bold Eagle. Hopefully, she’s headed back in right direction.
6 SOUTHWIND CHROME Was really tearing it up for the Cullipher Crew until the Crown miscue. Remember, the track was miserable that night, so let’s not be too hard on him. Drew outside the main foes here. Makes it a tough call.
7 MISSION ACCEPTED Hard to believe it was just a month and half ago that he was favored over Manchego at Dayton! Won the Harry Harvey nicely with pretty strong sweep and setup. Not sure he gets that setup now.
8 FIFTYDALLARBILL Fifty has clearly tailed off and would probably benefit from some time off. It’s been long season. Trainer: He’s had some allergy issues and we think we’ve resolved them. Hopefully prepping for the TVG.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 SANTAFE’S COACH We haven’t seen him here in quite some time. Been plying his trade in Pennsy. At one time, he was a good-looking stakes colt. Pocono closes tonight, so he will try to transition here. Might be fit w/Dexter on.
2 GRIFFON HANOVER The Grif moves back inside, so that immediately raises his profile. He tends to find this NW10,000 level a bit much most times, but with the right trip, he can threaten. Should offer decent value, if you like.
3 CHIP WALTHER Chip didn’t like the class hike, or the bad post last week. Okay, so we solve one of those problems. I would still have a tough time expecting him to handle these. It’ll be up to Scotty Z to try and trip him out.
4 ARQUE HANOVER Got some times off from Eric A, and that’s probably a good thing. He’s got a few good efforts here from earlier this year, so he’s not totally out of it. But, I will wait for a slightly softer spot on down the road.
5 AWESOMENESS Offered up a brief bid last time, but that’s about all he’s capable of at this level. He will also need to wait for that drop and pop spot before we can try again.
6 BACKSTREET LAWYER Fought all the way down the stretch to land back in the Big M winner’s circle. Showed his back class too! Tonight’s problem is the “double jump” back up the ladder. Can he handle it? I’m not so sure.
7 WILD GOOSE CHASE The Goose was bet like the International Good Thing from the rail last week. Unfortunately, he just didn’t have it. Now, it’s post seven and maybe even a tougher field for this level. Needs a lot more luck here.
8 TOATSMYGOATS You saw what Toats did from similar post upon arrival. Same thing coming? Probably.
9 FATHER SARDUCCI His game lately is speed! And that was some display of it two weeks ago. Probably needed the extra week off. Exits the Trackmaster spot for this tougher class. He may blast, but he may not last!
10 NO EASY DAY A little hard to gauge right now. Perfect trip in the win. Empty when hiked up to this level. Another difficult trip last time. And, post 10 tonight. That all adds up to no easy day.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 MARLOE HANOVER Did you watch the Kindergarten final? Marloe dug in to stave off challenges on BOTH sides late in the stretch. She’s been rock-solid all year. Gets an inside post tonight. This elim goes through here. Hard to deny.
2 BABY YOUR THE BEST Didn’t have much luck in the Crown when she drew that bad post. Prior to that, every start was a quality one! This is no easy spot to try and regain form, and she was clearly outkicked by #5 in qualifier.
3 PERFECT STORM It’s great to see Bob Mac back at the Big M! He brings this late-blooming lass in pretty good form right now. That was impressive try down at Dover, so why not take a shot here? Sears fit her very well too!
4 RAPUNZEL BLUE CHIP Just towed around there down at Dover, but that’s still a check-getting effort in big money race. Not bad! She’s still seeking to prove she’s a stakes-level performer. I need to see one on the big track.
5 JK FIRST LADY She was ready to go right from the get-go with that immaculate pedigree. Had some really good tries against the very best in division. I think she benefits from that little time off. Exploded home in qua. Very good!
6 ROCKNIFICENT Tried that difficult grind chasing Marloe in the Kindergarten and couldn’t quite get by. I will note that she never stopped trying hard! That’s important when you get a tough trip. Post might make tougher. Z back in bike!
7 SHOULDABEENATD She’s been doing a lot of chasing this season. Have to keep her on the longshot list for now.
8 HEN PARTY Very much the “key” to this race! Mostly because of her newfound speed. This will be second start for the new barn and hopefully, she can get a better trip than she had at Dover. Remember her strong miles here. Trainer: Nice addition to the barn! Raced phenomenal in Matron off five days rest, being parked ¾ of mile. Couldn’t be acting any sharper at home and on her “A” game right now.
9 JK FINENDANDY Secondary starter for the barn, and she got NO love from the post gods. It hurts.
10 THE BETHINATOR I really don’t know what to make of this filly. She was awesome the first week in Lex in the late closer, and then not as good in the stakes race. Crown try was uninspiring. This post is a killer too.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-6-9
H Horse Comment
1 JEREMES GENERAL Seems pretty sharp right now for Pavia. Gets another key inside post to go along with some versatile speed. Faces a few droppers, however, and that might make the task tougher. Still hard leave off the ticket.
2 KEPT UNDER WRAPS A That really wasn’t a bad debut here! Was huge price and came charging home behind well-meant winner. I’d like to see more of that, especially with Corey back aboard. Maybe he likes this guy?
3 XTERNAL Second start back off the layoff and I imagine he’ll need this to acclimate to Club Med. Pass and wait.
4 ELECTRIC WESTERN Still banging out checks. He doesn’t win all that often, but he races a lot and rarely misses a share. So, make sure you put him underneath in some gimmicks or you may get burned.
5 ROCKIN JIMMY BROWN Pretty much rode the inside in his first try here. They were getting jammed up in there too! I am more than willing to give Jimmy another chance from the midpack post now. Will be out and rolling.
6 BIG STRETCH MARK Stretch also had a few “traffic” issues against a better field. This is the level that helps him. Looking at this bunch, I expect Eric to be aggressive as usual and send! Any smoother trip and he can surprise.
7 STONEDUST What do we do with the Dust tonight? Had his race over the track off the layoff. We all know he’s going to wake back up big some time soon. But, we all have to guess. Tetrick’s been very live for this barn lately.
8 HAPPY TRIO Maybe he reached his limit with the hike to this level? Andy had him in a good spot last week, but gelding got tired. There’s a ton of other speed to his inside here, so maybe the strategy gets changed?
9 SHNEONUCRZYDIAMND A Dexter opted here and I don’t blame him for that. Horse does have a solid class edge on many of these, but it’s no cakewalk from this post. Can’t afford to get parked like last time at Yonkers. Your call?
10 BARIMAH A One of the winners that propelled Blumenfeld to Trainer of the Week honors! He brushed and crushed a weaker crew, but he is NOT “rewarded” with this assignment, AND he loses the Double D. Lots working against.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-2-4-7
H Horse Comment
1 SHARP ACTION MONEY Hung a little when it really counted last week, but still no shame in not getting by Americanprimetime. This field has some good ones too! Plus, Yannick opted to #7. Not good for this one.
2 WEONA SIZZLER A Out of same race as #1 and he probably needed it, just to acclimate. Barn’s been going well. Would probably love some class relief, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he stepped up with a bit more tonight.
3 ANNIHILATION This NW15,000 level is usually too much for this gelding and it continues here. Loses Dunn too!
4 NEW TALENT Tetrick had some options in here and chose the Talent over #8,10. Big call! The pace pressure might have been a little too much for him in the comebacker here. I wouldn’t mind a change of tactics from this post? Maybe.
5 MCTHRILLER I had a feeling he might need that race last week off the layoff and he did. But, he’s still in the same class and this time, Dexter opted off. That’s not exactly a vote of confidence for this guy just yet. Maybe wait for drop? Trainer: Could need another start, but trained well!
6 FRANCO TOTEM N Won like the International Good Thing last week, and everybody knew about it! So, we didn’t get rich. Takes a one notch step UP the class ladder, but DD sticks! That’s a big call! Has plenty of back class to work with.
7 LIKE CLOCKWORK Here’s the wildcard in here! Arrives back in NJ after two good tries at Pocono. Yannick didn’t drive him then, but choose him now But, it’s also a hike up for him too! Can he handle it? I guess we’re going to find out.
8 NASCAR SEELSTER Beat a lesser group all out, and when Tetrick bails for this barn, I’m usually out too!
9 ROUGH ODDS Got a couple months off from Camp Ryder and he will almost surely need this race tonight.
10 VEGA STAR N I really do wish he’d drawn a better post tonight. Was very sneaky-good in his Big M return with a solid finish. Technically, it’s a slight class drop, but when you get post 10, it mitigates it. Very mixed feelings.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-9-10-3
H Horse Comment
1 SPICEBOMB Is it time for the Bomb to light back up? This could be a good spot. Andy Mac sticks. Lots of post relief. Potential for plenty of action with the two favorites outside. He just might trip out and get lucky tonight for Red!
2 CENTURY CHURCHILL Somehow he found a soft spot to win one two back. Then towed along when hiked up a notch in class. Overall, he’s disappointed most times here this year, so I won’t be hopping on board just yet.
3 SPORTSMANSHIP Yes, he was pretty good in those last two, so that’s nice. But, I keep seeing that 1-37 record this year pop into my eyes. Therefore, I will not key near the top, but I might consider using underneath. Moves inside.
4 HEARTLAND REVENUE Last week was his chance to win and he ran into the buzzsaw #10. Posts a little different this time, but they’re both stepping up. Of the two, I prefer the back class of #10. This guy will need to upset. Trainer: Trained well and I expect a strong finish from him.
5 JUST PLAIN LOCO Dropped and popped in a much softer spot down at Philly. Paid a nice price too! Now, it’s a big track try, not back to Freehold. Interesting. I would probably need to see a good one here first. I will wait to see if fits.
6 STORMONT CZAR A Used his speed last week and then got shuffled a touch. Didn’t have a whole lot once free. I wouldn’t mind seeing the speed again, but the Czar will have to find more late. Maybe this is still too tough?
7 WILLIE BOOTS The Boots is still buried at this level, so it’s large longshot status again. Would be a shocker.
8 ASHLEY’S HUSBAND Loses that needed inside post help and is still probably in too tough anyway. Pass.
9 NEAT Barn brought in a few with this being closing weekend at Pocono. They’re going to see if they can hack it here. Some will. Some won’t. We just have to wait and see. This horse is clearly sharp right now, but wasn’t TT’s pick.
10 WHITTAKER N It only took a start to get ready, but boy was he good last week! Tetrick stays aboard, but it’s both a post and class hike. Not sure I’m willing to take a very short price, if that’s the case. It’s your decision, folks.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 U S CAPTAIN The Captain raced like a horse possessed last week, and everybody seemed to know it! Was bet early. Was bet late. Rocketed out of the gate and blitzed right down the road. Will get challenged moving to inside post.
2 DA DELIGHTFUL That was one tough beat if you backed him last week. Yannick did everything right, but just got a little unlucky when horse got out of pocket. Also moves inside and might play stalker in here with #1. A trip?
3 FEHERTY Could be any kind for Team Wrenn, but boy did he find a tough spot for Big M debut. Simply put, I guess I need to see one here first. And, IF he can tackles the likes of these. Certainly went fast enough out in Indiana.
4 HARAMBE DEO I still remember that impressive Big M debut last month. Ran into some good ones after that, but he’s still deceptively sharp. I think he will appreciate the return to mile track. Wasn’t Dex’s choice, but can be used.
5 RESPECT OUR FLAG Also losing Dunn here, but I understand that, so Sears will take a turn in sulky seat and he’s going to like this hard-tryer. An easier journey required, but he’s never out of a race. Young gelding is that good!
6 COVERED BRIDGE Here’s the real mystery tonight! Was supposed to be very good in this spot last week and came up unusually empty. Trainer told me he was going into Matron, so obviously he did not. Miller still sticks with him.
7 JACK’S SHADOW N Every once in a while, you just get lucky and that’s what happened to Jack last week. Got out o the box at the very last minute and burst home for the upset. Tetrick hops back aboard, but can they get same trip?
8 SOUTHPORT BEACH Won one at Yonkers and then broke, so I don’t know what to make of that. Since he shows up here, I would imagine he needs a bigger track? Seems to have distinct closing style, so this post may hurt.
9 NUTCRACKER SWEET We’ve seen him here before too! And, with that speed, he might be the key to the race. IF he guns, we could get a little mayhem to set it up for a closer. That wouldn’t surprise me. Still a tough play out here.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-3-9
H Horse Comment
1 WESTERN DYNASTY There isn’t a whole lot to go on, in his recent form. This is a field of question marks, though, and he’s one of them. In need of serious wakeup call and we all have to guess on that.
2 WILD AGAIN Have to give him a legitimate chance in here, coming off that confidence builder down at the Hold. I know it was a lower class, but this is post relief and it’s Tetrick aboard tonight. That will attract attention.
3 POWER DREAMING N He’s got six wins this year, but none recently. Those last two rallies suggest he’s ready to return to top form and that would be fine in here. Wasn’t Vinny G’s choice, but I expected that. Still has a chance.
4 JUSTIN CREDIBLE Down from the Spa for first starter of meet for this barn. The form up there was just fair, so I probably want to watch one here, to see if he belongs. You always have to prove it here at Club Med.
5 SUNSHINE WEST Maintains longshot status, after a scratch. I know there are Dexter fans out there, betting him on any horse, but you’d better get full value to take a shot. Horse just 1-31 over two years. That’s not for me.
6 STELLA’S PHELLA Very quietly, Shane has his Phella VERY good right now! He needs that certain kind of trip, but horse has been finishing gangbusters! It’s ALL about the pace in here. A hot one helps him out a lot.
7 IMAGEOFAROCKER The Mann blasted this guy last week at 92-1, so I do wonder if that was to speed-tighten him up? Horse did get a little tired, but not overly so. Could be hint he’s ready to come around very soon.
8 BROOKDALE FLETCHER Here’s another one that was “sneaky-good” last week. Showed me that he could handle the mile track. The Z chose him over #4. That’s a big call! I just wish he’d drawn a better post. This won’t be easy.
9 MATEO Vinny G’s choice in here makes sense, but before you take low odds, I caution you about overall record. It’s STILL post nine, people and he’s limited in the early speed department. Very mixed feelings, if he ends up favored.