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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, November 16, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 GIANNI That was SOME try from the outside post last week! I feel bad if you had him at 42-1 and just missed. Won't offer nearly those odds this week, but gets the post relief he needs. Maybe mile track woke him back up?
2 SHADY MCCOY Somehow, someway, Marohn worked his way out of the traffic jam and then burst home to win easily. That's the kind of mile I've been waiting for. Dave lists himself again and needs that kind of aggressive steer.
3 DOG GONE LUCKY I had a feeling this horse would take money last week, but 8-5? The trip was pretty rough and horse got a little tired late. Understandable. Should be a little stronger tonight, but I don't want very short price!
4 CRESURREY We haven't seen much of Bob Krivelin this year, but when he shows up, you'd better pay attention. This is a reliable speed type of horse and I give him big chance to go all the way. Either way, a must use with Kriv!
5 DANISH DURANGO Was in-to-go on Wednesday, which is after press time for this program. No matter what he did, I've seen enough of his act here lately. Horse just isn't sharp and short rest racing isn't going to solve the problem.
6 SERGEANT SEELSTER Liked him a couple of weeks ago when he showed up, and he broke after tough trip. That's not good, but even worse is the layoff. They're probably still tinkering with him, so let's watch one, to see if any better.
7 HOT SUMMER KNIGHT As previously stated, there's LOTS of sickness going around. That's why he scratched last time. Horse is always easy to predict however. He needs the right kind of pace and setup. Owns a potent rally if right.
8 FOX VALLEY STEFFEN As expected, the trip was quite different last week and so was the result. The outer posts are not a friend to this guy, so I'll probably prefer others for now. Wait for a better spot.
9 PINGALING I expected a lot more from this guy last week and didn't get it. Now, I'm left wondering if horse is good enough for this. Track should be fast for tonight, so maybe we need to give him one more chance? Maybe!
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 SUTTON SEELSTER Gets some much needed post relief and a driver change to boot! Was facing much better in some of those earlier starts, so a wakeup call mile wouldn't shock me! Plots for a nice trip, if he can just find that kick again.
2 DANCING RUSTY Hasn't offered a whole lot in any recent start, so I have to rate him a longshot again. Pass.
3 POP POP JOE On the comeback trail after a mini-freshening. Basically toured the oval up at Monti and finds himself in a much more reasonable spot here. Also had some good starts against better this year. Chance for lot more.
4 WESTERN TORO Rolled along at a fairly good clip for John Mac last time and got run over by a well-meant barn changer. It happens. Still, have to respect his speed in a short field like this. If left alone and rated, goes a long way!
5 SMOOTH MOCHA Barn spotting everything very well right now. Rounded right into good form down at home base, and now they're taking a shot here. If he's primed and ready for a big track mile, he has a chance. Nice comeback!
6 ATLAS ALLIANCE N Had been racing well of late, right up until that scratch. That's a problem, and so is this post. Yes, he can leave, but so do many of the others. Plus, I'm not 100% sure he'll be sharp and ready. Very tough call.
7 ABBEYLARA Another coming off a scratch and a series of dull efforts. Would be very hard to like tonight.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 2-8-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 KNIGHTOFVICTORY Looks like another of the many horses that suffered a bout of sickness. Didn't look all that ready in the qualifier, so I'll take a pass and watch one, even with Dexter on the rail.
2 LINDY'S BEST YET I remember his win here earlier this year. Think I even picked him that night! That's his only win this season too! Returns in exactly the right spot for Team DiBenedetto, so I'll hop right on board again. Must use!
3 PEGASUS POINT I was a little worried about his stamina level upon arrival and it was clearly lacking. Not sure how to cure that, but probably won't offer much value with Yannick in seat. He'll need to save more for the stretch.
4 SCREAMING CONWAY 5YO is 0-12 so far this year. I guess that's not a bad mile off the layoff, but look at the time of the race! And the track was rated fast! Will that really have him ready for a mile track try? I don't think so.
5 BIG CHECKMATE Was acting up behind the gate last week and broke. Of course, that's not good. I guess I'd need to see a flat mile, and improved performance before I could consider. Demand decent price on filly if you fancy.
6 VERDI D EM Finished up with a good kick again last time. He's rounding into form for Team Harmon and this is definitely a "field of his friends." No killers in here, so if he swept them from the flow, it wouldn't surprise me.
7 AXIOS Maine connections shipped a few down for this weekend's races. Some are in okay spots. Some look a little buried. This gelding appears to lack any early zip, and I don't see him outfinishing #6. So, it's a tough spot.
8 MUAY HANOVER Looks like the "key" to the race! Because he does have some speed. Pilot will look at this field and know that he's got to go to have a chance. Horse has been here before. Not completely out of the question.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 ODDS ON STEPHANIE Still can't get away from #2. Two straight losses to that foe, and we're liable to see number three tonight. I like the post relief for her solid speed, but she'll need a little luck to upend the fave, and others.
2 DELIGHTFUL FEATHER After that super solid front end win off the missed time, she bounced right back with a powerful uncovered assault last week. This IS a nice filly! Moves inside which helps. Faces a few new shooters now.
3 DO YOUR JOB Philly invader worked her way down to the lower level and scored. Now, begins the ascent back up the ladder. Do note that she's won here this year, so that's a plus. I don't think she can beat #2, but very usable again. Trainer: Has been freshened up for this and has been training pretty well.
4 PROTECT BLUE CHIP That really wasn't a bad try in first go here at Club Med. Moves a touch inside and plots for another trip in the flow. If it's live, and it should be, she has check chances again. At a decent price too!
5 GIVEMEYOURHEART In the right spot, this is a pretty good mare. She tries hard when put in play. I like the post to give Andy options and he gets along with her, as you can see. Also a "usable" option under #2 in this race.
6 DOUBLE JOY Pretty honest mare here. That's a very nice overall record, so have to respect that. She shows up here in a rather difficult spot, so I just might need to watch one first. The outer post isn't going to help either. Must prove it.
7 QUIKSTARTMYHEART Flashed good, solid speed at both ends of the mile last time. Completed a nice exacta, if you used her at 15-1. The price will still be good, and the trip must be smooth. That's asking a lot from post seven.
8 SILK REED Ended up with a really nice trip last week, hot on heels of the Feather, but could do nothing with her late. It wasn't even close! Now, you see the bad post again. Will need even more luck, and more kick to get any closer.
9 TEARFUL OF HAPPY Ordinarily, I would say this is a good spot. Unfortunately, with #2 in here, it is not! But, barn was absolutely on fire last weekend, so have to respect that. Yannick will find a way to get her into the race.
10 ZANE HANOVER Had she drawn a better post, I'd be taking a much longer look. This looks like bad spot. Trainer: Classified well, but must overcome outside post.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 3-7-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 WAITING ON A WOMAN I have NO idea what happened last time, folks. Simply put, the horse was not good. It should have been the spot to wake back up, and horse stopped instead. Drops again. I have NO idea what to expect.
2 ANOTHER CHAPTER Liked him in that spot last week and he promptly broke! Ray will probably blame that on me! Since the horse now shows nothing but breaks, I am officially off the bandwagon. He'll probably win and pay $20!
3 ARRAKIS I thought he had a pretty good sniff in that race last week and he got completely locked in and boxed. That's no good. Have to give him another chance, on the proper rest. Hoping he still offers a decent price.
4 LAUDERDALE With the hopples on last time, Brett was able to get him to the front. Should have swelled right up and showed some of that back class. Unfortunately, he did not. I always pass on this horse, so let him beat me, if he can.
5 BOB N TONY Certainly has respectable speed. Having a pretty good season too! His one and only win last year came here. I like the post, and the switch to Yannick. There are plenty of reasons to consider using Bob N Tony.
6 MONTALBANO BI Big M lover in back in the Harmon barn. They rested him up a bit, which he certainly deserved. Had a couple of much needed qualifiers, but is he fully cranked and ready to deliver the goods? I wish I knew.
7 DOWNUNDERMATTER Like #3, he got completely boxed in last time. Took a lot of sneaky money too! This post will make things a little tougher, but he did have trot last week. That's the kind of sign you're looking for. Very usable.
8 SAILER EDDIE Looks like the longshot of the bunch, having drawn the worst post. Didn't show much in the debut here, so let's watch another.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 CELEBRITY RUTH Didn't get very lucky in the Crown final, going offstride. She went on nice roll over the summer. Likes this track, but I guess I can't guarantee she's rip-roaring ready for tonight. Just prepping for TVG, like the others.
2 ICE ATTRACTION Raced her eyeballs out in the Crown final! What a try! Certainly sharp right now, and she gets a new driver in Andy! I guess if the price is right, I'd be willing to use her over others. But, remember, they're prepping!
3 DAYSON Found a nice "field of his friends" last time at Yonkers and zipped around the oval. This will be different. Yannick was listed, but opted to #5 as expected. Is he really as good as these? I'm going to lean towards no.
4 LINDY THE GREAT Usually a little "over his head" against a field like this. Been battling in Preferred's and stakes all year with a couple of wins. Always needs exactly the right kind of trip to threaten. Maybe he'll get one tonight?
5 PINKMAN It's been a tough year for the Hambo hero. Has cranked out only one win so far. Showed up here with a strong qualifier last week before the Saturday card, so he looks ready. And Yannick chose him over #2,3. Ready? Trainer: Very happy with that qualifier.
6 MUSCLE DIAMOND Ended up with a nice, easy cruise around the track two weeks ago. He was "supposed" to win that, and did handily at 1-9. Loves this track and is clearly the one to beat again. Won't be 1-9 this week, though.
7 WILL TAKE CHARGE This is a tough call. Like several of the others in here, he's merely prepping for next week's TVG Championship. Therefore, I expect Tetrick to just take him back and let him finish. Might not reach, so be careful if you decide to bet from this post.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 FROG POND PRINCESS After scratches, she almost "had" to win that race last week and did so easily. This is now a three-level class hike! At least she has the rail, but loses the Double D to #4. I expected that. May not be this good.
2 BRAZUCA Maybe the Cancelliere's will race a few more horses here. They're two-for-two, and likely three-for-three after Delightful Feather wins tonight's fourth. This mare packs plenty of speed, but only suspect stamina. Tough call.
3 FOLLOWTHEWIND N Racing very well right now. She's rounded into form nicely since arriving in the states. She can definitely go with these and Marcus seems to fit her very well. Figures to give Shady a real good test tonight.
4 PERPLEXED IF you wanted a price option in this very tough race, go with this mare. She seems best as a one-move type, but this race could easily set up for her burst. Don't be shocked if she goes sweeping by at about 5-1.
5 ICOMMANDMYSPIRIT Did a very good job of picking up a check from the 10-hole last week. No, she was never going to win vs. those. These are even tougher. Hoping for minor spoils again.
6 CLEAR IDEA Well-traveled 4YO picks up Dave Miller for Blake Mac. Mare comes off nice confidence builder, but has bounced up and down the class ladder all year. This spot might be one notch too high. But, I've been wrong before.
7 SHADY CAROLINE Been battling the Invite's out at Hoosier. Hoosier is now closed. Right on the truck back to New Jersey. Finds a "soft" spot here? Barn is winning with everything. Why not hop on board? Should get to the lead.
8 OK HEAVENLY I swear this mare finds more ways to lose than I do! Tonight's problem will be the post, so I will simply wish you luck if you dive in and bet. She's often not worth short price. A lot to overcome in this starting slot.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 MONICA GALLAGHER Iron-tough mare just went over the $100K plateau for the season! And she's earned every dollar! Loves the Meadowlands too! Loses Yannick to #8 as expected, but always gives her best. Usable.
1A WINDSUN GLORY Like several of these, she's prepping for next week's TVG Final. Closed Hoosier on a nice note, zipping down the road. Has post six here, so is she blasting, or is she waiting? I wish I knew answer to that.
2 I'M TRIGGER HAPPY Did a fairly good job of "towing along" in the Caviart Ally crush last week. It was nice effort for this filly, tackling her elders. Same thing coming from rail. Sits in, saves ground, tries to get lucky for a share.
3 FUTURE HEADLINES Just have to think she's a tad overmatched with the likes of these top mares. I'll pass.
4 PENPAL Didn't have an easy trip last week and paid the price late. From this inside post again, I think same kind of thing is coming. She can grind, but I doubt she passes them all tonight.
5 SHEEZA SHARK N Like #3, she also looks a little outgassed with these. Also coming off a sick scratch. Not for me.
6 DARLINONTHEBEACH I have absolutely NO idea what to do with her tonight. Was all prepped and ready for that comebacker and got scratched. That can't be a good thing, right? Hoping we get to see a good comebacker now.
7 BLUE MOON STRIDE Will jump up and surprise you every once in a while. Unfortunately, I don't think it's tonight. Likely coming from the back of the pack and will have too far to come.
8 PURE COUNTRY Passed her free-legged qualifier test with flying colors. Has more than enough manageable speed to give Yannick plenty of options. I would think they want a strong start into her tonight, before next week's career finale. Trainer: Happy with her in the qualifier. Will be interesting to see how she goes without the hopples. Felt nice in her Q.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-9-1
H Horse Comment
1 HANRAHAN Had every chance in that mad scramble finish last week and just lacked the knockout kick. Okay. Sometimes it takes a race to acclimate to M1. Has the rail. Loses Yannick, but I respect that speed to get a trip.
2 POSSESSED FASHION Been off since April, and Mr. Fanning doesn't always have them rip-roaring ready for comebackers. I'm willing to watch one. Will be eligible for a class drop some time soon. Trainer: Qualified good. Coming off long layoff. Lots of back class.
3 LANDONFITZ Keep in mind this horse likes this track. Been saddled with some real tough posts out of town, so this is the spot Eric A has been waiting for. I think he'll offer square price too! A must use, in my opinion. At value.
4 CRITICAL MASS Coming off a nice, confidence-boosting win, but this field is a LOT tougher. He's a longshot.
5 MISSLAROSE Had the great misfortune of running into the hottest horse at the track! Otherwise, Rose would have found herself back in Big M winner's circle. It was nice bounce back effort for her off the break. She's sharp now.
6 FROST FREE HANOVER Also appears to be in a little bit steep at this level. Was also coming strongly in that scramble last time, so that was good. The step up is bad. He'd need to get very lucky to beat these from well off the pace.
7 ARCH CREDIT Looks like part of the speed show tonight. I cannot guarantee that his stamina level will go up on the mile track. And he'll face a lot of company early. I would be surprised if he beat these.
8 CHROMEO Had some very nice miles here earlier in the year. It's been a tough road since, in against some difficult competition. Can't really say I like that break upon return, but this is a drop and Trond is back in bike. Consider.
9 ZLATAN One of the many possibilities in this wide open race. He's got more than enough class to tackle these, even from the outside post. Needed that qualifier and it was better than it looks. Note he was "assigned" the 9-hole.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-2-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 AB'S ROYAL PUNKIN Two starts here so far, and two checks! That's a good thing! Same thing again tonight?
2 WAR STORY Had #9 not been in here, I probably would have loved this horse. BUT, Yannick sticks with the 9, as expected and we get Andy Miller aboard for Ake. Good qualifier and easy first win for new barn. How good is he?
3 NOHILLFORACLIMBER Invades from Philly with some mixed recent form. Making 40th lifetime start tonight, so not sure what to expect on the big track. Drew a good post, so that helps keep him close. Let's see how good he is.
4 SEVEN ROSES That was a pretty nice try last week, considering the 68-1 odds. Nice steer by Marcus that night, flashing speed, but Marcus opts for Dad's horse #6 tonight. Will we see that same speed? This is tougher bunch.
5 PINE BUSH ROSE Never really sure how those Yonkers races stack up against ours. Shows a 2-20 record. Shows a lack of early zip. Gets a good, midpack post, so I have very mixed feelings. I usually need to see a good one here first.
6 I WIN HANOVER After the two breaks, he came back on short rest and won a slow qualifier. Was in perfect position here when he broke. I guess I don't really know what to expect tonight. Let's start by seeing him just trot.
7 LUCKY SHEILA 3YO filly scoots up the Turnpike from Freehold and into a rather difficult spot. Another case of where I want to see her handle the mile track first. Then, maybe I'll consider in a softer spot.
8 IF NOT WHY NOT Simply found his best stride a tad too late last week. But, it was solid effort, and the added Lasix must have helped. Again, it's a bad post, so that's a problem. Not sure what the price will be, off that effort.
9 U NEED STONES That was a weird race last week, with all that movement. This guy provided a nice brush, before giving way late. This spot looks a whole lot softer than that one. Yannick back on, and the one to beat for sure.
10 ALVISI HANOVER Shows three straight breaks on three different tracks. Drew post 10. Good luck!
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 9-4-8-7
H Horse Comment
1 ANGEL SPEAK Shows a fair qualifier up at Spa, after whatever went wrong on Nov. 1. Showing that, I guess I want to watch one here first. Mare is used to a big track, having raced at Vernon. Maybe she fits? Still not sure just yet.
2 MYLITTLESURFERGIRL I distinctly remember this mare looking exactly like this when she showed up and ripped off several wins here. SO, let's expect a sudden return to form, second time Lasix, and Yannick back aboard.
3 PERSUASIVE HANOVER Had a really tough trip last week, against a heavy favorite and didn't quit all that badly. Those are the kind of efforts that catch my eye. I didn't think she belonged here, but maybe she does. Let's see.
4 BEST OF JENNA Have to think this IS the spot Mr. Stratton has been waiting for. He will again do the driving, so he's got a little something to prove. The mare is more than good enough, and should give the filly (#9) a real tussle.
5 LIVE ODDS Launched a big move, only to flatten out here upon arrival. I didn't see enough, so I will pass tonight.
6 ASHOK ACE Recent form is very mixed. Firing back on short rest. This is a tougher field. Looks like a longshot.
7 PETAL TO THE METAL We all remember this mare, and her incredible late kick. She's even added an early speed option to her arsenal. IF the faves mix it up a little, which is possible, watch for this lass late. Has upset before.
8 WYNNFRITH Speedy mare shows 11 wins this year, but none of them here. Mr. Surick decides to try her on the mile, and gets Tetrick to take the call. That's positive intent. No doubt she'll be firing out. Does she have mile track stamina? Trainer: Got shuffled out last time when a 1-5 stopped in her face. Anxious to see what she can do at M1.
9 CUTS LIKE A KNIFE Mr. Saunders did not get much love from the post gods tonight, but he sure has a fast filly who finds a pretty soft spot tonight. You all know I hate the post, but can see that she may just be faster than these. Trainer: Classified well, but must overcome outside post.
10 AMERICAN SWEET PEA Coming off a stop effort at Vernon and lands post 10 in impossible spot tonight.