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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, November 10, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 DIVINE SPIRIT Took an aggressive try in that final here last week and was just no match for #4 on the attack. It was still good effort and this gelding is continuing to prove that he's okay. Maybe different trip coming from rail?
2 NO DRAMA PLEASE Definitely a big question mark in here, off that last loss and the sick scratch. This is a $50K race, so they're taking a shot that he might be ready again. I do have my doubts, so demand fair value if you fancy.
3 HUDSON RIVER This colt has been Grand Circuit all stakes season and he's more than held his own! This is a touch of class relief, while getting ready for the Valley Victory. He just might step up and surprise these. Nice colt here!
4 REIGN OF HONOR Finally put it ALL together last week in the Kindergarten Final. Yes, he did benefit from the favorite's miscue, but he finished up very strong. Much, much better since hopples went on. The one to beat!
5 GERRIS TRIX Been bounced around with these stakes and hasn't proven up to the task. Looks like a longshot again.
6 BATTENBERG The field's other big question mark, due to sickness. It's been going around through many barns, so I have to feel this is a "tester" race to see if he can compete in the Valley Victory. Not sure he's primed and ready.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 WINDSONG JACK Unleashed the definition of a blowout win here last week! A real Wow mile! Draws the rail, as if he needs it, but I'm sure he'll get a bigger test tonight. #3,5 will make presence felt. Might have to earn it a bit more.
2 SWORD OF THE SPIRIT No match in chase of #1 last time, but he does get the benefit of inside post again. All he has to do is ride the pylons and try to keep up. That might be good enough for a minor share. You never know.
3 LONE WOLF TERROR I'll admit when I'm wrong, and give credit to Rich Mattei on this one for last week. Gelding brushed and crushed for the Captain and he's back in the bike. He gets along with this guy. Will he brush by #1? No.
4 SOUTHWIND INDY Also playing the role of "minor player" tonight, but he was a bit better last time. I've been waiting for The Mann's horses to start waking up and we're getting there. Hoping for some sort of duel between #1,3 to help.
5 NOBLES FINESSE IF you want to try an upsetter, this is probably your pick! He's got tons of back class, and now he's had an acclimating mile to get fit again. On best night, he can easily go with #1,3. Will offer the better price too!
6 JOE'S BID Yes, I've been a little disappointed in Joe so far, but he had NO chance in either recent race. Does that mean he can step up and threaten the faves? Probably not. But, if he wins this, I won't be happy. Off the bandwagon.
7 TIE YOUR SHOE ED Also had a nightmare trip last week and still came on willingly. Give credit for that, but he's stuck in the same boat from another bad post. Not sure it's going to work out any better tonight.
8 SPORTS COWBOY Slow starter. Where's he going from outside post? Likely not very far. A longshot.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 TAYLOR SWIFTLY Nice homebred here for Lindy Farms and they've done great job of managing her through freshman season. She's not nominated to the Goldsmith Maid, so this is important race for her. Should be solid!
2 GOLDEN TRICKS After racing over her head in some of those stakes, this filly got important confidence builder over at Pocono. The 'ol lightbulb on angle. Expect her to be solid in here too, and the price should be right in good post.
3 SPECIAL HONOR Was good enough to make the Crown final and did okay! Nobody was catching that winner, so filly did good work to keep up. She's done almost nothing wrong all season. Let's hope she's healthy and ready to go!
4 PRINCESS DEO Took a ton of betting action in that final and really did race well from a tough spot. I know she likes to finish second, but any mistakes by the favorites and she could easily upset. Definitely in the right spot here.
5 EVIDENT BEAUTY Barn on a roll right now, and this filly is definitely talented. She IS nominated to Goldsmith Maid, so this is just a prep for those elims next week. Keep in mind she hasn't raced in more than a month. Be careful.
6 FLOS CONCH SHACK Regressed into a miscue last time, so that's not a good sign. She's made eight starts, so hoping for the big bounce back here, and I don't really expect it. In a tough spot from an outer post.
7 MARVELOUSTRIX As previously stated, they've done a good job of teaching and managing this filly. Picked up many checks along the way, but perhaps her luck has run out from this post. Hoping for some mistakes by others.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 2-11-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 NO TEARS BLUE CHIP Got bet pretty hard on the class drop last time at Vernon and did not get the job done. Overall, recent form just isn't very good. Taking a shot at Club Med, but he'll have to go a lot faster here.
2 INTHEBLINKOFANEYE I remember this guy! Won in 1:49 and change here a while back. Looks like he can still pace, when he stays off the steward's list. He probably won't look good on track, but he will race better here. Very usable.
3 FLIGHT AGAIN Not much in his recent form to expect a turnaround. Two tries here so far, and little offered. Pass.
4 MAJOR STARLIGHT Ran into some buzzsaws recently, so don't be too hard on him. Overall, I think this will be an okay claim and that could start tonight. Clearly facing a softer bunch, so he'd better take advantage. Must use.
5 ABOUT THE BENJAMINS Also looking a little bit flat of late. I always like the midpack post, but Ben would need more than a few things to go his way to have a chance. At least he's got the Double D in the seat.
6 CLOUDED VISION Coming out of some similar class levels as #1 up north. Overall, having a decent year with nine finishes in the exacta. Definitely has something to prove here at the Med, but I do like speed. Maybe takes a shot?
7 DANCING RUSTY Didn't offer much stamina in the first go for new barn off the claim. Have to pass off that.
8 SUTTON SEELSTER Hasn't raced since October 20, with that sick scratch on view. That raises huge red flags, and so does the bad post. Not sure I can guarantee a top effort coming. Demand big price if you want to take a shot.
9 ALL STEINAM Loses that inside post edge and it's going to hurt a lot. I don't see a whole lot of speed on his resume.
10 ABBEYLARA Failed to make a move at 100-1 at Pocono on Tuesday. Guess what? Same thing likely here.
11 IDEAL CANDIDATE The outside post ruined his chances last time. This second tier start should make things a LOT more interesting. This veteran has a decent move in his arsenal, so timing and trip will be critical. Hard to leave out.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 JACKSRLUCKYTOO Jack took a BIG step forward with that potent rally last week. We all knew it would come, but it was matter of guessing when. Tonight, he jumps up the ladder a notch, but it's not a bad spot. Can easily be used. Trainer: Raced like his old self last week. I would like to see another start like it.
2 ASHLEY'S HUSBAND Barn has a bunch in this weekend, and several are in good spots. Gelding dips back down a notch, which he needs. Definitely a factor with this grouping and he's a grinder. The right trip gives him big chance.
3 ROCKN MOTION The Burke Brigade put on a clinic here last weekend, especially with 3YO's like this. Finds way to NJ, after some good showings in Kentucky and Indiana. This looks like the right spot to me. I guess we'd better use.
4 STILL FRISKIE Took ALL the money and blitzed right down the road last week for Team Lounsbury. Barn is off to great start at the meet, but even I will admit this is a BIG step up. Friskie will have to go even faster to compete here.
5 SPORTSMANSHIP I believe he was Harrisburg sale bound, so maybe they withdrew him? Horse was very solid in that mile last week, beaten by trip-sitter. Don't hold that against him. Very sharp now, but also hiking up to tackle tougher.
6 OCEAN COLONY Just missed in first go for new barn. It was a top level effort and if he repeats that, watch out! Maybe my only knock is the switch to an outer post. Will have to get into it earlier. But can do, if primed for best.
7 DULL ROAR Making 41st start of year tonight, so that deserves an award. Is this the right spot here at Club Med? Maybe. But it's definitely not the right post. Will need a bunch of things to go his way to have a chance.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 HOWSABOUTAKISS Current form is rather dull, so let's just rate him a longshot and pass for now.
2 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN This guy's now rounding into form, folks, so it's definitely time to take a longer look. This is the class drop I've been waiting for, so let's toss him onto the ticket at the expected decent price. Will go forward.
3 GOTAROCKINMYPOCKET Lone 3YO needs some class relief and this is certainly it. That qualifier here was pretty good, so I'm expecting this guy to step up a little on the big track. Homebred did good work in Ohio. Maybe here too! Trainer: I think he will fit in here nicely.
4 FRANKANDJOANNE Tough trip last time pretty much did him in. On the right night, in the correct class like this, he can do some damage. But, he will also need a trip and that one big move. A definite maybe, but a longshot.
5 DREAMFAIR MESA Another Ohio invader for dangerous barn. They had one race well in tough spot last weekend, but this guy appears better suited to this class. I guess I'd be surprised if he didn't get put in play. Price too?
6 TERROR OF THE NITE Coming out of a MUCH tougher race than this, folks. Durant would be 1-5 in here. While this guy hung a little late, it was still subtle step in right direction. Barn is overdue to break out with one. Maybe this one.
7 MACH DEJA VU Went on some kinda speed show in debut here and ran out of steam. That's two straight on the engine, so it's time to get this guy a different journey. It might work too! Horse does have ability, back class.
8 MAJOR WAR Had the merciless task of going first over into Windsong Jack last time. That wasn't going to work. Tonight's problem is the switch back to outer post. I don't see him blasting, but he can if pilot wants. Tough spot.
9 LIVE ON Actually had a lot of pace here two back. Raced evenly in the Philly follow-up. I hate the post drawn tonight, and Brett did opt to #5. More negatives than positives.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 AWESOMENESS Got stuffed in last time, but I'm not sure how much he had left. Might be a little bit overbet due to that and this is a slight step up in class. At least he has the rail to help the speed, and possibly get smoother trip.
2 DRAGON TIME That was SOME mile here last week, upon arrival, and after missing a bit of time. He's just a 3YO, but tries hard. Have to respect that and give him his due. This is a tougher bunch tonight, but he seems solid.
3 BETTOR'S EDGE Makes his second start back off the freshening, and we all know he's a legitimate Free-For-All pacer when right. This is perfect spot to bounce back in and get healthy. Do I think he's ready for this? Absolutely!
4 NEXT SUCCESS Looked like he was buried in against #2 last time and it continues here. If anything, this is even tougher spot. Have to rate him a longshot, despite barn being on fire of late. I'd be surprised if he beat these.
5 GEEZ JOE Liked Joe a little last week and he had way too far to come. But, he did finish with that sneaky-good pace, along with #7. Yes, he'll have to be closer, but he offers right price to be used on the ticket. Only needs a live flow.
6 SOLO STORY Loved his way here two back. Earned it! Decent try over at Yonkers after that. Finds way back to Club Med, but it's much tougher spot now. Might need a little luck to have any upset chance from this slot.
7 BILLS FELLA Won for me nicely two back. Had plenty of sneaky late finish last time. Unfortunately, this looks like same situation. He figures to get away last, and you all know how I feel about that.
8 BURKENTINE HANOVER Couldn't possibly have been any more impressive since arriving. Every start a good one! BUT, he takes huge jump up again, Yannick had choice, and opted for #2. Doesn't that have to tell us something?
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 7-6-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 EXPRESS STRIDE N I'll admit, I'm getting tired of getting beaten up by this guy lately. This is the right class level for him, but he was not Dave Miller's choice tonight. I'll still use, but not key. Can't rely on him like that anymore.
2 SPIRIT OF TRUTH Did well to just tow along in that wicked mile by Ghost Pine. Kind of the same boat here. I think he's a bit overmatched, but from post two, he only has to try and keep up. Sometimes, that works.
3 MAJOR AUTHORITY No idea what was going on last time, but he came to a complete stop in the slop. Was it the track? Was it the hot pace? Maybe both? Either way, the 3YO is a tough play off that. Your call, folks?
4 K RYAN BLUECHIP Had Brett Miller opted here, I would make more of a positive case. When he chooses off a horse for these connections, that worries me. Must feel that K Ryan is a bit overmatched at this level. We'll find out.
5 BROOKIES PRINCE N Has not been able to duplicate that nice rally in debut here. I guess he's still a longshot.
6 MEETYOUATMIDNIGHT This was Brett Miller's choice, so let's take an extra look. Horse has plenty of experience here. Up and down the class ladder, with a ton of on-the-board finishes. I guess we'd better use him in gimmicks.
7 MCTHRILLER Once he got out at 3/4 pole last week, you just knew race was over! Finished up under wraps with an explosive kick. Takes the appropriate step up the ladder here, but Dave Miller stuck with him over #1. That's key.
8 SEEL THE DEAL N Talk about up and down the class ladder! Was facing better horses a few months ago. He's got nice overall record. He actually fits NW5000, but ends up in here. Fourth straight bad post. Do we watch one?
9 WHATAORSE I've always kind of liked this guy at age 12. He tries hard. But, this is impossible spot. Pass and wait.
10 PLAY JET RAY Really don't know what to do, or expect from this one out of post 10. Barn has been spotting everything perfectly, but those breaks at Pocono do worry me. I'll probably go against for now.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-4-9
H Horse Comment
1 LIFE HAPPENED One of the many possibilities in this "Dropdown Derby." Barn hasn't had much luck here this meet, but that's due to change. Chased an absolute runaway last week and got tired. Still needs to find more late.
2 MORE DRAGON Still not right, and still unplayable, until barn figures it out. Eventually, they will.
3 SANTIAGO STYLE Got a week off, after another well-bet, but dull effort. I'm not going to the well in this corner until I see a much stronger effort. I will let him beat me, if he can, for his new driver.
4 ROCK THE NITE Exits a very strong race behind Burkentine and Durant. This is no easy spot either, but the post is good. Barn's off to solid start. The Captain back in the seat. Might only need a trip to make presence felt.
5 BULLET BOB Got cooked in that hot pace battle last week and paid the price late. If anything, that should tighten him up, and get him used to mile track stamina again. Bob definitely has a shot with these, but given different journey.
6 NEWBIE Newbie to the Big M shows just one lonely win so far this year. He probably needed that last start off the layoff, so he could be stronger here. But, this is pretty solid bunch for this level. He'll need a lot more to shock.
7 BUSHWACKER Offered a pretty stout bid to that front-runner last time before giving way. Each and every race should see him get a bit stronger. On the drop here, I guess no excuses accepted? One more chance to get it done.
8 GIRL CRAZY 4YO is in way too tough with these. I'm going to pass from the rough outside post.
9 PONYTA BOY After the fair one try here, he went back home and did a bit better. Remember, he's beaten better than this on THIS track too! I do HATE the post, but recognize he owns that wicked late kick, if the setup is right. Tough call.
10 QUALITY BUD Still not ready, and back to a brutal outside post. I'll be watching very closely, because this is the drop I was waiting for. Bud will be ready soon.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-1-5
H Horse Comment
1 SHOW ME UP We all probably thought he was home free in the G Notes final and he was no match at all for the the Reider. Goes to another new barn via the claim and has the rail now. This is a better bunch he's facing too!
2 CHARMBO CURIOSITY Gets lucky every once in a while and he is quietly rounding back into form. I like the inside post to keep him close. I rate him a very usable longshot in this situation. Might complete a nice ticket.
3 WESTERN TORO Handled the slop nicely for the Double D two weeks ago. Now, it's his trainer in the bike. That does worry me a bit, but I will respect the horse's speed and back class. He is clearly the one to catch and one to beat.
4 MAGNUM MIKE You don't see too many 10YO's get claimed. Scratched out of a race on Wednesday at Philly. I can see who claimed him, but it sure would take a big improvement to jump up and beat a field like this. I need to see it.
5 CC BIG BOY SAM His solid form spree ran out of steam last time, with a much tougher trip. I can always forgive that. Draws the ideal midpack post here and should grind his way into it. If the trip and setup are right, watch out late.
6 MEDOLAND JATE Mike Merton gets the drive back on this fella, and opted for him over #10. A tough call. Like #5, the Jate is pretty much a one move rallier. Can one outkick the other? Yes. Or, they might both be too far back.
7 PUMPED UP KICKS After that disaster a while back, he's been a lot better last few. In field full of closers, it's good to look at the speeds, like this guy. No doubt he will fire out. We'll see how long he lasts with potential good trip.
8 IWILLNOTBEMACHED Over from Yonkers and Pocono with just fair recent form. Doesn't appear to have speed. Pass.
9 ITSNOPROBLEMMAN Went a big trip two back. Followed it up with a not-so-great effort. In the same field, from an even tougher post, so I can't be all that positive. Will need to get lucky from out here.
10 GLASS PRINCE And, finally the last of the one-way closers. He ended up in a good spot last week, but was just fair finishing. Usually, he's stronger than that. Merton did opt off, but that didn't surprise me. In for a long night.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-8-9-7
H Horse Comment
1 DAYLYN HORIZON Got lost in the wake behind Windsong Jack last time, and he tired pretty badly. That's not exactly a good sign. I would say this is a slightly weaker bunch, but he's a tough play off that. Will need a LOT more. Trainer: Not impressed with his effort last out. Changed up his routine and made some minor equipment changes. Hoping for a good trip and an aggressive steer.
2 HOPE FOR BADLANDS Dexter put a perfect trip on this fella last week and horse had absolutely nothing. That's two straight, covered, no rallies. Not good. Still a longshot in my book.
3 GRAND THEFT IF you watched this guy carefully in last Big M start, you saw just enough sneaky late pace to warrant the extra look now. This looks like easier field on the drop. I pronounce him clearly the one to beat in better post.
4 AWESUM ACE Have to consider him a little bit suspect in the stamina department right now. With Vernon closed, they're taking a shot here. I guess I'd be surprised if the Ace jumped up and beat these. He'll have to prove it.
5 RATHER SWELL Still waiting for that right kind of pace, and right kind of trip. Hasn't happened yet. I'll pass.
6 MAY I CRUISE WEST Wasn't bad in that one recent try here. He's had some good history over this oval and he is versatile enough to try it either way. This could be good spot to send and try and stalk. A maybe at this point.
7 CLARA BEA Mare finds her way back to Club Med and it's definitely a drop. She's been buried in those tougher claimers of late. She did win here nicely earlier this year. I can make a small case for her at a nice price.
8 ROCKIN THE HOUSE Had several VERY good starts here earlier this year. I know it's a "leap of faith," but I do think he'll race a lot better back on the mile. And he gets driver that gets along with him. Dangerous, despite post.
9 OH MY JOEPA In a race without too much speed, it might behoove us to look at this guy. See how barn's starters are doing tonight. Joepa is going to leave and this isn't the toughest spot in world. Chance here.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 4-8-10-3
H Horse Comment
1 COLONIAL ROAD Not much in his recent form suggests a turnaround. But, he does get Super Brett!
2 DANISH DILIGENCE His story is always the same. He's a one move horse. Needs exactly the right kind of trip and setup. You can't rely on it. But, post is decent and he'll be sitting and stalking from the get-go.
3 IDEAL ROMANCE Yes, everyone can see the driver change here! BUT, since that first real good speed try, horse has regressed a little in each appearance. Guaranteed to be overbet with Scotty Z. So, I have very mixed feelings.
4 FCEE N Mr. Macdonald has several good chances this weekend. This is another. Have to respect this one's form and ability on big track. IF barn has done well, then this is a must-include. Might even be the one to beat.
5 E L DARTSMYBOY Second time Lasix and back to the big track. He was impeded at Freehold, but raced sub-par after that. Picked up a check here before that. That's probably the goal tonight from the ideal midpack post.
6 OFFICER BLUE CHIP Struggled home his last pair. I can't really recommend him here, until I see a stronger effort.
7 ONE MORE MIRACLE Yes, he flashed that speed again last time, and then got lost trying to chase and keep up. Simply put, the stamina just isn't there right now. Until I see a finish, to go along with the speed, it's a tough play.
8 BAY RUM Working his way back into shape off the layoff. This is definitely the right drop that he needs. Don't be surprised if he jumps up with more solid effort tonight. I don't like the post, but feel he'll be a lot better.
9 ATLAS ALLIANCE N Stevie just keeps sending this guy out of there, and into good spots. Horse, unfortunately, hasn't had the needed late kick to get the cash. Same boat here, and from another rough post. I'll use, but only underneath.
10 JAMAICAN COWBOY Leon Bailey listed to drive, coming down from Vernon for a post 10, last race longshot. I guess the horse was THAT good in the VD finale? It's a long drive, folks. I hope he gets a piece, for traveling money!