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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, October 09, 2020

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-10-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 MAJORETTE ANGIE Coming off a pretty good effort over at Yonkers, but it’s usually a brand new ballgame here. I’m going to keep the mare on the longshot list until I see a strong effort here.
2 PROPHET BLUE CHIP Tough trip two back from the bad post. Downright flat effort last time. In need of a big wakeup call and those are hard to predict. Maybe we’ll see some speed again? Demand fair value if you fancy.
3 LEAR SEELSTER After the flying finish win from Lear, you took it on the chin as a twice-beaten favorite. I do believe the price will be better tonight, but the trip needs to be too! Marianna must time that one good burst perfectly.
4 CAPTAIN CUT THROAT Definitely have to give this guy a little respect for the efforts out in Minnesota. We don’t get too many invaders from Running Aces, but I like what I see on paper. Let’s see if handles the big track now.
5 HOPETOBEFIRST Tough call here. It’s dangerous to ignore Joe Lee, but this one enters off a scratch and a slowish qualifier. Would need to go a lot faster here and I usually need to see it first.
6 MCARD ATTACK Didn’t make the gate up at Monti, so that’s a problem. Retains longshot status after that.
7 BADIX HANOVER Keeps racing well, but can’t get over the hump and win one of these. With that said, I will use underneath in the gimmicks, but not on top. I don’t expect much of a price either.
8 URBANA BAYAMA Another Monticello shipper. Most times, they can’t handle it here. This one drew an outer post, but does show speed. Will Alexandra take a shot and blast? That’s a good question.
9 IN THE HUDDLE The only one in for the claiming tag. Took a ton of betting action upon arrival. That line was okay, but not great. I’m not in love with the post. So, I have very mixed feelings and wouldn’t want a short price.
10 SCIROCCO MISTYSAID Really put it all together for Team Silva last time. That was the type of effort we kept expecting. So, now that he’s won, he gets “assigned” the outside post. That never helps! Be careful at low odds.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 CHOCOLATE MATTERS Picked up a check in her first go-around down at Freehold. Barn opts to switch to the big track now, but she’s running into much more seasoned foes. She would have to go much faster here.
2 BEYOND ORDINARY Chased #5 in those two starts here and was no match. Took a shot down at Philly and couldn’t get the job done. I just don’t see him beating #5 tonight. Hard to leave off the ticket, but needs more to win.
3 COCONUT KATE It’s taken a while to get her going, but I was encouraged by that last effort. Somehow, they have to work on those slowish starts. It puts her out of position, and it’s never easy to make up that much ground.
4 AP HALL OF TRIX Just 1-23 life, which is hard to believe, because he does have some talent. On Lasix now, and transitioning out of minor stakes. Will need the right trip, but can threaten #5 IF he stays trotting. Likes big track.
5 QUESTICHAP Absolutely cruised in the two wins here, and almost gets a “free pass” because she hasn’t made $30K yet. The post is perfect to let Trond do whatever he wants. We’re looking at a pretty short price here. Your call?
6 WHISK ‘EM Been picking up some checks by passing tired rivals. Maybe that’s the goal here again? Longshot.
7 NEVER LATE KAIT She jumps up with a good one every now and then. Not sure this pace scenario will help here. Needs somebody to soften up #5. And, that might not happen.
8 MARVELOUSTRIX No, I did not get the memo on her last week. But, she kicked in with her usual late burst and blew right by them all. Now must deal with #5 again and that didn’t work out so well last matchup. Post hurts.
9 UNPAID ADVISOR Figures to get away near the back tonight and that doesn’t look like a recipe for success.
10 ZOE F Interesting spot for Francisco here. On occasion, Zoe has turned in a good effort. But, what’s the plan from post 10? How does she get into it? That, I don’t know.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 FOR A DREAMER Ended up in a good spot last time behind an impressive winner. It wasn’t a bad effort. Gets the pole position tonight to flash that touch of speed. Should end up with another smooth journey. Needs bigger kick.
2 SOUTHWIND FROST Just never wins! Sometimes, it’s just that easy. Squandered his best chance in years last time. Will try to snap that skid and might even be the one to catch. It’s all about what #7 does. Stalks her?
3 BIZET He’s won here this year, so consider that. This is also desperately needed class relief. He’s best with one solid, pouncing move and should be close enough to deliver it. I’ll take a shot at the expected better price. Trainer: Looking forward to being back on a mile track. I’m hoping for a more aggressive drive than his last. Drop in class, inside post.
4 LIFETIME ROYALTY He got real good there for a while and then what happened? That break last time concerns me. Extra week off. Vic K driving very well here lately, so I’ll give a shot based on that. Also a one-move type. Your call?
5 MUGSHOT JESS Looks like the longshot again, but I’ll give credit for the check-getting performance last out. That’s not bad when you go off at 58-1. Stevie will try to do the same thing and be patient early. Maybe for another share.
6 MANNY L Little bit of a wild card in here. Had a rough trip that one time Derue sent him down here. Seems to lack any speed, so likely to get away last. That’s probably not going to work out too well.
7 MORAIRTIME She’s easily the key to the race. But, WILL she trot? She’s beaten better fields than this in the past. It’s a big class drop. Hopples recently back on, but she’s made breaks with them on before. A bit risky, especially from post.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 SUNSHINE INN Shows a couple of lines that would be competitive here. I can’t guarantee that she’s a true big track horse, so I’ll probably take the wait and see approach. This class level is where she belongs. Has some speed, too!
2 OUR MISS REESE Took a ton of betting action last time and I’m not sure why? It was the typical post-10 tour of the oval, so I feel bad if you bet. Do you swing again tonight from better starting slot? I won’t. Good luck if you do.
3 BRONSKIMACKENZIE A She’s either going to crush this field or have something go wrong. The quick fractions two weeks ago ruined her chances, but boy did she come to a walk. It’s another plummet in class. All or nothing!
4 SHELLIE DE VIE IF you think the favorite is vulnerable, then you could easily try Shellie. She’s got good history here and is used to facing much better. I guess I’d let price be your guide. If this one is the value, make sure you use her.
5 TEAL HANOVER Also a chance for a pretty big wakeup call tonight. Had a few starts under her belt. Got a little speed tightener with two moves last time. Missed a couple weeks, but maybe just didn’t get in? She can win, if primed, ready.
6 DALI DELIGHT One of the many “0-fors” in here. Meaning they haven’t won a race yet this year. This lass doesn’t pack much early speed, so she’s totally at mercy of pace and trip. I’m expecting her to be a longshot.
7 KISSIMMEE BEACH She’s never won, so that stamps her out as a big longshot. Arrives with lot to prove here.
8 SPECIAL ACHIEVER Hasn’t lived up to her name so far. Some of those NW2 races at Pocono come up a little tough. She’s had a few good races from outer posts like this. I’ll be anxious to see what the plan is. I’m not sure.
9 BRUSH N CRUSH Barn has a pair in here and they both look like longshots to me. Slammed with another bad post.
10 JOHN’S ONE DESIRE Another sufferer of the bad post blues. Was maybe a touch better last time, but this is asking a lot. Would need some sort of dream trip to get close enough to threaten.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 9-5-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 STICK THAT LIP OUT Gets another class drop, plus an inside post tonight. She’s a stalker type and could get that classic sit-in, save ground and get lucky trip. Can be used underneath in the gimmick. Price should be okay.
2 EDEN PAIGE N Continues to race well and keeps being ignored by the bettors. That’s a mistake. Vic K knows her now and will try to work out that one-move trip. The inner post aids that cause. I wouldn’t leave off the ticket at any price.
3 KAY’S DELIGHT She doesn’t win all that often, so that’s strike one. She is improving now, so that’s the plus. It’s taken a while to get Kay back to better form. Maybe we should ride the wave and use her again. Trip potential here.
4 QUEEN JOSEPHINE No, I have no idea what happened at Yonkers. But, the judges made her requalify. That qualifier doesn’t look special on paper. I can see the serious class drop, but big wakeup calls are hard to predict. Watch board?
5 GLORIA PIERRE She’s been here before and has had some success. Returns after a month off and makes first start for new barn. Overall, Sodano is strong with this move. She could get healthy in a hurry. I’ll be watching very closely. Trainer: New addition! Loved her qualifier. Tough mare who likes the big track.
6 DARKRSHADEOFPALE N How much do we believe that steamroll win over lesser? That is the question. This is going to be a tougher assignment, but Noel D has her moving in the right direction. Very dangerous despite the class hike.
7 PATANJALI N After that one good try a while back, she’s tailed off since. Back to big longshot status in this post.
8 GIRL ALMIGHTY It would be hard to make a strong case for success out of this girl. Stuck outside. I’ll pass.
9 ALEXA SKYE The key to the race! Why? Because it’s second time Lasix and I imagine we’ll see some newfound speed. I don’t see pilot just grabbing up and taking back to last. It wouldn’t take much improvement to get a lot closer.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 CARRICK Put it all together last time, given a perfect trip and drive by Simon. Forced to bump up in class now, but at least he moves to the rail. That will keep him close. Let’s see if he can trot with some of these faster foes.
2 HELL PATROL Tough spot for a 3YO, but you have to race them somewhere. He was good enough to make the PA final and got a check! I don’t like that he regressed after that. I will take a good, long look out on the track. Not sure.
3 MAGICAL WINNER K Burned a few bucks when sent off at even money down at Philly. So, Harris switches him over to the big track. Probably a good idea! That win in first go for new barn was strong. Let’s see if he stays trotting.
4 CLASSIC VENTURE How does a Hawthorne Open level translate to this class here? That’s a great question! Have to respect this fella’s speed and consistency. Might as well give him a shot and send. I’ll just hope he’s ready.
5 LASA DIDA LADY Regressed back to her bad habits, so this is still too high in class. She’s not for me tonight.
6 THUNDER I really don’t know where they’re at with this horse. The disappointing break two back. The shuffle, but good finish last time. A few more weeks off. I suppose he’ll be overbet tonight, but doesn’t have to win. Your call?
7 HENDERSON SEELSTER Brushed and crushed when lowered to his favorite level. No surprise, as he was pounded down to odds-on. Tonight, we step back up and we move outside. That will make the task a lot tougher. No easy spot.
8 ALL CHAMPY That’s not a bad effort last time down at Philly. It’s not easy to make up that kind of ground. I just hate the post here tonight, however. There might not be enough pace in here to set up his kick. Demand price if you like. Trainer: I really like this horse! He’s going to be one to watch this winter. He will need another start or two to tighten up off the break. He showed last time he has a wicked sprint home. The eight-hole doesn’t bother me with this horse.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 9-6-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 STREAK THE LAWN That was some display of speed she offered last week. She did a little tired, but I liked what I saw. From the rail now, Mike K can protect, but save a little for the stretch. She has check chances with no shuffle.
2 PRINCESS HOLLY N Offered a bit of a kick when she shook free last week. That’s the way she races. Still a longshot.
3 JUSTABITOFCHARM I didn’t see that coming last week. Raced much better than any recent line shows. Was it a fluke? Maybe not. Sometimes Simon can just make speed. Will try to do it all over again. A maybe at lower odds.
4 ADORABELLA Can’t fault her effort in the elim for this final. Was used pretty hard and dug in like a champ! That’s two good efforts in a row, so expect her to stay sharp. A big chance to make it a threepeat with the right trip.
5 ELLA IS AWESOME Looks like a minor player tonight. Hasn’t been much of a serious threat yet. I will pass.
6 CHUPPAH ON Harry turns over the lines to Troy tonight. Filly flashed some speed too last week, but lacked any knockout punch late. I don’t know what the plan is here. She also finishes. Might have to wait for cover in the flow.
7 INDY ROSE Now 0-17 and counting on the year. Couldn’t track down #4 come crunch time last week, but she still raced okay. This post may be the problem tonight. Totally at mercy of pace and trip. It has to work out perfectly.
8 PETAL TO THE METAL Turned in an awesome try when sneaky well-bet in the prelim. This is the perfect level for her, but maybe not the post? She can be part of this, if Stacy can get her mare into the game. It won’t be easy, though.
9 JAZZ FEST This series was perfect for her too! I know it’s a tough post, but she motored by these in pretty handy fashion. Marcus will leave a little with her and then wait to pounce. Just don’t expect to get rich. Low price coming.
10 ROCK N ROLL ROSIE Moves from pole to post 10 after an even effort. Not sure I can back her from way out here.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-9-1
H Horse Comment
1 DISCUS HANOVER Left Vernon on a pretty good note. All solid, consistent efforts. I like that. But, it’s usually a brand new ballgame here. He can protect from the inside and then see if that kick home is solid. Must go a little faster here.
2 EXPLOSIVE Comes out of a pretty good qualifier, but of course, those breaks concern me. Closing in on 100 lifetime starts, so we know he’s a warhorse. But, he might not be a big track horse. That is the question.
3 STENHOUSE HANOVER Mixed feelings here, since I made him the morning line favorite. Mostly because of the connections. The bottom level win at Philly was solid. The step up and subsequent break worry me. Likes to grind.
4 TRIXIE DUST Trixie finds her way back to Club Med, and don’t forget that she’s won here. The classic one-move type closer gets the perfect post to just sit and stalk. I don’t know about pace scenario in here, but will stay out of trouble.
5 MUAY HANOVER Just doesn’t win all that often. But, he can hit the ticket at times. This level might be too tough.
6 BABY MAKER HANOVER Invades with some very mixed form that’s hard to translate. Shows some speed. Shows some rallies. Shows a break. I have no idea what to expect here. If price is right, then use. If overbet, pass.
7 CYCLONE MAXIMUS Burned a bit of money when favored last time at Yonkers. Barn opts to ship him over for a big track try. Horse’s only win this year did come here, so that’s a plus. Will need to find some speed. Won’t outkicked #4.
8 ALLINDOTIME Just fair here and then tired at Philly. Drew tough post. I can’t be all that positive tonight.
9 WISHYOU’DTELLME Had a pretty tough trip upon arrival, so don’t be too hard on him. Overall, barn is doing well here. Any easier journey gives him much bigger chance to win or hit the ticket. I would use at the right price.
10 MAKERS MASS Tends to get overbet, especially early, but is very unreliable. Not my type of play from post 10.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-8-9
H Horse Comment
1 CHASE YOU Outraced her odds the first two tries here, hitting the board both times, so that’s a good thing! Same situation here in same class. Will be glued to the pylons saving ground. Can she get any closer late?
2 KOTARE YARRA N Finds her way back to Club Med. Been bouncing up and down the class ladder for a while now. Tends to use her speed early and then follow. Might not be easy to get around #1. Will need to get lucky.
3 MANHATTAN PLAY She’s not exactly in razor sharp form right now, so that’s a problem. Gets a big break with the move inside and I do remember her doing well in spots like this. No mistakes allowed, but she will be heard from.
4 CAY’S BLESSING She’s been all over the place lately. I do believe she’s a fit in spot like this. But, I wonder about the price. I would not want short value, because she has to prove it here first. Good post to stalk, or blast. Interesting. Trainer: Last week was the first time we ever tried her from behind, and man was she good! Flew home. Will look to race her the same way and hoping for the same result.
5 PRAIRIE EASTER Was lated for a driver change here, but it’s not enough to make me want to bet. Needs big wakeup.
6 SWEET LUCY LOU I think everybody saw her come flying home from a very tough spot. Those kind of efforts lead to bad value the week after. Lucy has faced better, but she’s just 1-12 so far this year. Is that worth a short price?
7 THATS INCREDIBLE Barn’s got two in here and they are both intriguing. This lass worked her way right up the class ladder at the Ridge. Is she a fit for these? I think this might be a tad too tough for her. We’ll find out. Trainer: Mare has been very good of late. Got stuck first over off a pedestrian half. If she can work out a trip, she’s a major player.
8 TWINSBURG Great job by Pat B to get this mare across the line on top last week. He basically stole it. So, with a move to tougher post, and other speed-types in here, he may not get away with that again. But, he will try to! Trainer: That was not her trip last week and she still got it done. We will look for a helmet to follow this week. In top form.
9 JK FINENDANDY Made good coin in the state-bred races, so full credit for that. But, what do we do tonight with a 3YO vs. older. And, from a bad post! If she blasts, that could set up some mayhem. Needs a trip after that.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-10-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 AMERIMAN Gets the very tepid call as favorite in this wide-open race. This is the consolation, so it makes handicapping impossible. I suppose his best would be good enough, but we can’t even bank on that. Your call?
2 BRICKYARD VELTIC Managed to pick up a check from the post 10 start, so that’s a good thing. Moves inside tonight with her 0-40 record. Another check would be about as good as she can do.
3 COLONIAL ROAD Have to keep this veteran on the longshot list. Will need to find a bigger late punch.
4 MITTNAGE A TROIS His trip was impossible, so don’t be too hard on him. I suppose a softer journey, or a switch to come speed would give him a bigger chance. Not out of this one, from a cozy inner post. Makes one move?
5 FIREWATER JAKE Jake is a little bit of a tough play right now. I don’t know where that speed came from last time, but he did get tired. At least that’s better than he did at Pocono. Not sure what to expect tonight. We have to guess.
6 AMERICAN ISLAND Another that flashed some speed upon arrival, but couldn’t negotiate the long stretch here. Sometimes it takes a race over the track. Could be fitter now off that effort. For Vernon’s leading driver this year.
7 MISTER TRUTH Why was he 4-1 last week? I can’t answer that one. Do not accept that kind of price again. Pass.
8 MARVALOUS ONE Was running over horses two back. Didn’t seem quite as sharp in the follow-up where he wasn’t bet that well. This is a field begging to be beaten, so who knows. I just hate these outside posts.
9 JERICHO WILLIE Willie picked off some of the tired ones in both tries here. It’ll probably be the same thing here, from an even tougher post. Would need exactly the right kind of journey to sweep them all. Can’t count on that.
10 ONE MORE MIRACLE The Mann is just going to have to take a stand and send this guy. He won’t get much by taking back to last. Horse is usually consistent enough to make two moves. Will need two strong ones to get it all.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 PEMBROKE JOEY Just 1-40 over last two years, so consider that before you hop on board after the nice second last week. He just doesn’t win. So, I’d think about using underneath in the gimmicks, but not on top.
2 NORTHERN ROCK Was the favorite last week and just missed. Might end up favored again in this final. Just got collared by a horse-for-the-course in Walks. Any repeat of that speed and effort make him the one to beat tonight.
3 PIRATES ALLEY Wow did he come flying late! I didn’t see that coming. But, I must note that Vic K drove him to that win and ends up taking another tonight. That has to tell us something, doesn’t it? Will just hope for mayhem again.
4 THUNDER DOME Can’t really fault him. Simon controlled that race exactly right and horse dug in nicely. I do wonder which elim winner will end up on the lead in here. That’s an interesting question. Take your pick and don’t get shut out!
5 THUNDER SOME WHERE Captured the third elim last week, but his was a big surprise! Off at 20-1, and another superb steer from Vic. Proved he could handle the big track. Proved he likes a trip. What will the price be tonight?
6 CENTURY FERRARI Came back to hit the ticket after that rough start. Okay. Not sure about his early speed level, especially after that mistake. So, he will totally at mercy of both pace and trip. Will need it to go exactly right.
7 OUR ART AND HEAVEN I figured he’d end up favored last week and he was. Simon gave him every chance with a good trip and they were barely outkicked home by a flying Pirate. Moves back out to tougher post. Not sure tonight.
8 YS SUNSHINE Another of the many “closers” in here. They can’t all pick up checks. The move to bad post is killer.
9 ANDWIN HANOVER Brings a nice piece of speed to the mix. Pilot will look this bunch over and know he has to send at least a little. It surprised me that he raced that well last week. Task is still tough from another rough starting slot.
10 BLUEBIRD GOLDWYN Pat B almost pulled another solid upset with the Bluebird last week. But they’re not exactly “rewarded” with this post drawn for the final. Barn has two big chances to win this, but the Bird needs to get luckier.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 6-8-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 GODSPELL HALL A career underachiever, unfortunately. Down south from Canada and I think back into the Nifty barn. At least he was staying trotting up there. That was his problem here before. IF he’s ready, he’s facing blank bunch.
2 LUCKY ARNOLD That really wasn’t a bad try down at Philly, and he’s meeting no killers and a lot of question marks in here. Stevie will just try to stalk and save ground early. I like that he doesn’t make mistakes. For a minor share.
3 SHADY MCCOY Shady is now 0-20 this year. That’s so hard to believe. This has to be considered a class drop for him, and those last two were a tad better. I can make a case that he gets a little closer tonight from good post.
4 AUTEUR HANOVER He doesn’t win too often, so that’s a problem. He likes to “trip-out” and follow. I’m not expecting him to pass them all, but he might pass a few for a piece.
5 SWEET SOFIE T Sowers took a shot with her out of the bad post last time and she just ran out of gas. Okay. Sometimes it takes a race or two to acclimate here. There isn’t much in here. Must slow it down this time.
6 BIG BET ON BLUE You’ve cashed some nice tickets if you big bets on this Blue! Yes, he’s clearly faced lesser, but Alek has two great chances to win tonight. Must deal with the filly early, but I like chances in a no-passing zone type race.
7 MARTZ STICK I thought he had decent chance in that first try here, but that trip was too tough. He lacks speed, but will get his chance from the outer tier at some point. Hoping the speedsters mix it up early to set it up for a closer.
8 CHIEF JUSTICE Might actually be the key to the race! Taking a big class drop, off a sneaky-good rally. But, what should we expect from the outside post? Vinny G will have to get him into it. That IS the question.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-8-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 SMART TALKER Boy, those are slow-looking races from Monti. Will the gelding really be able to keep up here?
2 GAIUS CRASTINUS It’s been a while since he won here, but it has happened. Marches up the Turnpike from Freehold off a good confidence booster. Sometimes that helps a lot. There are plenty of question marks in here tonight.
3 ARTISTIC CRUISER Slowly working his way back into racing shape off the long layoff. Not just yet for me.
4 DEMOCRACY N Before you hop on board here, take a look at his record last two seasons. Because this is a price drop, I suspect he will take action. I will always swing against a horse like this, especially when the price is short.
5 THE MIGHTY MARNER Back and forth between here and Freehold with a real mixed bag. I hate to see that break on the lead last out. Some of his races here were more than fast enough. I like the midpack post. Have to consider now.
6 TERLINGUA Not much to recommend in this corner at the moment. I will let him beat me, if he can.
7 RUTHLESS DUDE Owned, trained and reined by Greg M! He’s sure found the right spot here against a group like this. Paced in 51 and change here when overmatched back in July. This is his chance to get healthy. Expect speed!
8 ALWAYS A FORCE Mitch gave him a good steer last time at Freehold. Chased and finished up okay. Since he’s in for the $10K tag, he gets stuck outside and it’s hurt him. Packs enough speed to leave and get position. Will he pounce?
9 MR MCDREAMY Up and down the price ladder lately, but without much success. I would have tough time making a strong case for overcoming post nine. Your call, folks?
10 SPORTS CHARM Tired at Freehold from the rail. How’s he going to do from post 10 here? Not my type of play.