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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, October 23, 2020

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 JULA PRO HANOVER Been a little overmatched in this series so far, but did pick up a check last time! Same goal tonight, starting from the pole position. Will just try to keep up.
2 SPEED AWAY Made that untimely break late in the mile in Lex. Was going very nicely prior to that too! It was a big step in the right direction. Let’s see if we get the same speed here tonight. Could go a long way again if yes.
3 BEE FOREVER Gelding by a horse of the year, out of a horse of the year is still learning. There is talent in the tank, as eventually she will figure it out. Requires patient handling again from a good, inner post. Tough to bet, however.
4 SONOFAMISTERY Steamrolled the last time we saw him here in Kindergarten action. They thought enough to send him all the way to Kentucky. Back in the more reasonable spot and will definitely be the one to beat. Grinds it out.
5 TYPE A Might have the best chance of upending the favorite. Tried the hopples once and that didn’t work. Came back with strong qualifier. Needs that speed to try and get the jump on #4. That’s the best way to win.
6 SEVENSHADESOFGREY Already 0-10, but seems to be coming around now for the Burke Brigade. That was a decent late kick last time, and it will be a follow trip again. Would love to track #4. That would be great trip.
7 SOUTHERN MAZZARATI Gets toughest post in a while, but there isn’t a ton of early speed in here. Pilot might look this field over and know he’s got to take a shot. Seems to be finishing well too! Not totally out of this one.
8 SWAN BY LAND Regressed a little in that last one down at The Hold. Okay. Back to mile track and he did have a few good efforts here. Still, it’s a tough post and he will need to get lucky here.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 THREE WAY SPLIT After a slowish start to her career, she seems to be on the improve for the Alagna Armada. Sometimes, it just takes a while and that’s what this series is for. The late bloomers. Has rail, but loses T Mac.
2 IN LOU OF MONEY A little tough to figure out lately. Some good efforts. Some flat ones. The one brush and crush at the Red Mile was impressive. Needs that kind of speed or move tonight. Not sure we’re going to get it.
3 LINDY AT THE BEACH Paced home strongly in every Red Mile try, but just didn’t get lucky. It’s time for that to change. This appears to be a softer spot and Lindy will be on the move earlier here. Probably the one to beat.
4 DRESDEN Not sure what happened there at the end of September, but it wasn’t good. The qualifier here last week was a complete turnaround. Still not sure what to expect tonight, but I’d love to see that speed again.
5 CLASSICIST Overall, going pretty well. I like the speed. I like the consistency. May have to go a touch faster tonight, but that’s not out of the question. Stablemates both got the outside posts. This one has the speed, though.
6 HEART OF MINE This is no easy spot for filly that hasn’t shown too much early zip. If she takes back here, it could be a long way home. She definitely has ability and hasn’t made any mistakes. Tough to bet, if price is short.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 OFF THE RECORD Hasn’t found a way to win yet, but is banging on the door! Gets an inner post tonight, which is new for her. Can sit and stalk in close spot. Don’t be shocked if she kicks home smartly and hits the ticket at price.
2 THINK OF GALAXIES This lass has proven herself so far in the series. Likely to step right around #1 and then stalk. Would be very hard to leave off the ticket, as long as she gets trouble-free trip. I see a perfect journey coming.
3 HIGH MINDED One of three in here coming off a win. Pocket-rocketed down at Philly and I do wonder if she will get that kind of journey again? That is the question. I’m also not sure what the price will be? They can’t all get bet.
4 LADY MIDNIGHT Homebred owns four wins already and that’s most of the field. She seems very versatile too! Tried grand circuit stakes and certainly didn’t embarrass herself. This should be easier, right? Switches to T Mac.
5 SKYY Raced pretty well in that one try here. Doing great work since down at Philly. Back for another round-up of points to try and make the final. Another that will need the right kind of trip, and they can’t all get a good one.
6 SOUTHWIND XENA Somebody in here has to be the longshot, so this is probably it. Seems like she’s been a work in progress and I’m not in love with this post. Could easily get away last and that won’t work out too well.
7 ALBERGITA HANOVER She’s the key to the race. Barn has two in here and they both have talent. I’m a touch worried about the post, since she doesn’t seem to blast. Might have to leave a little, just to grab good position.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 6-9-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 ABOVE THE CLOUDS Seems like she’s been a little overmatched lately. And, hasn’t been finishing her miles.
2 AUNT IRENE Enters tonight off two breaks in a row. Not good! Will try another new driver tonight and the goal is to get around there onstride. I need to see a good one again, before I could endorse.
3 THE NUN That was a tough beat down at Philly if you had this lass. She rated a nice, kind pace and was barely outkicked home. Still, a step in the right direction. Hopefully, she’s over those breaking issues. Will have speed.
4 SAADET Haven’t seen enough from her lately, so she retains longshot status. Will have to step up her game.
5 QUEEN TILE NO Another that will simply have to find more speed when it counts. Looking like a longshot.
6 PIPER HANOVER Hasn’t found a way to win yet, but seems to be getting closer. That was solid speed try out at the Red Mile, and that should tighten her up. Nice pedigree here, and it’s beginning to show up. Usable at right price.
7 MISS CLEOPATRICK Has shown touches of speed at times, but not the necessary stamina to win a race like this. There isn’t a ton of speed in here, so she might take a shot and fire out again. I need to see more late.
8 A HOPEFUL PRAYER Looks like they’ve finally got her figured out, with the hopples on. She did some promise back in the summer. Maybe got sick? Few months off and a slow, but winning qualifier. Not sure what to expect.
9 HOT AS HILL Probably the most consistent of these, in a very hard-to-handicap race. She’s faced top stakes fillies and has been good. Trots faster than most of these and she doesn’t make mistakes. The one to beat for sure.
10 THE QUEEN B Another “work in progress” filly here. Stuck out in post 10 and that will make the task nearly impossible. In good hands, however. Let’s see if she can sneak her way onto the ticket late.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 MCNULTY Z TAM That was a pretty good rally from an impossible spot in this event last week. Now moves all the way inside for driver that’s been hot of late. I do wonder what the price will be? I don’t want a short one.
2 PROPHET BLUE CHIP I thought he might ramp up back into better form, but he has not. I’ll pass again.
3 NA NA NA BAATMAN Has the benefit of a race here under his belt now. Melissa A hops aboard tonight and she’s got good hands. Another that might be a touch overbet, but I’d consider using if the price is right. Shows speed?
4 PEMBROKE JOEY Did all the dirty work on the front end last week, setting things up for the ralliers. Will it be the same again? Trainer takes a turn doing the steering, and note he’s in for the tag. Trackmaster rating is pretty high. Trainer: Kind of upset with that run last week. He had no excuses. Hopefully some luck lands us in winner’s circle.
5 CAPTAIN CUT THROAT Also whacked it out on the front end for Matt Z. Just got a little tired at the end, which is perfectly understandable. Speed is the main weapon, but no duels allowed with #4! Or, they’ll just kill each other.
6 JK KISSNTELL Up the NJ Turnpike from Freehold on a good note. Wired that last bunch confidently, but I just don’t see him getting the lead in here. Has shown ability to rally before. Will need that right kind of trip to reach.
7 DRAMATIC POINT I keep waiting for him to break out of the slump and it simply hasn’t happened. Have to pass.
8 WALKS OF LIFE Took the big shot leaving the gate last week and got parked out by #5. Okay. So, what’s the plan tonight? It’s the same post. It’s the same field, loaded with early speedballs. Will have to make it easier somehow.
9 WATCHMENEIGHNEIGH Didn’t make it around there in Club Med debut. Definitely a longshot now after seeing that. Not sure why he was just 7/2 last week? Demand a bigger price if you fancy from this tough post.
10 GOOD DAY MATE Jimmy F just put this guy in the right spot last week and swept on by the tiring leaders. That’s two wins in a row for the horse. Tonight’s task should be significantly tougher from post 10. And, the value is gone.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-8-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 HIGH BALLER Seems to be coming along slowly, and hasn’t found a way to win yet. Barn has a pair in, and G Nap chose the other one. Might be all we need to know.
2 SHAKESPEARE T Mac had an option in here and chose this one over #8. Chased a monster out in Kentucky and this does look a lot easier. Had a few good tries back in September. Let’s expect him to step it up with more in here.
3 HOMEBODY This has to be considered a pretty serious class hike. Really no excuse last two. Needs lot more.
4 WINNER IS COMING Owns a couple wins already, so that’s a good thing. Just toss that last one in Lex, from the bad post. This is a lot more like it. Expect the aggressive steer tonight and that will put him in play. Have to use.
5 STELLAR YANKEE It’s taken a while to get this guy qualified. I don’t think he’s ready to win one of these yet, so let’s keep him on the longshot list for now.
6 MONTEREY JACK This was Mark Mac’s choice, understandably. He’s run into some pretty good ones lately, so don’t be too hard on him. I liked that qualifier, with the big last half. Definitely fits with these, and I expect to see speed.
7 HURRIKANE GEORGIE It’s tough to get too excited about his chances from this outside post. Let’s just say pacing tonight, please.
8 DONTPASSME HANOVER Turned in another strong effort last week, proving the win was no fluke. Even showed that he can leave the gate! Will have to do that again for another new driver in Marcus. Can’t leave him out either.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-8-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 WET MY WHISTLE Last try here on the big track was excellent vs. Insta Glam. Nap’s choice, and he’s won with her before, so let’s expect that speed to be strong again. Might be the one to catch, as long as she trots.
2 DAZZLING REIGN Won her debut for the new barn, so why not take a shot here? Corey takes the call on a filly with some upside here. Should offer a good, square price, and I like the inside post to keep her close. Take a long look.
3 DUTIFUL Tough call here, because the filly definitely has talent. She was good enough to make the KY final, and had way too tough of a trip. She’s missed time since. IF she’s ready, she’s the one to fear. That’s a big if.
4 LIZ”S CHAMP She’s burned a fair amount of betting cash lately, so that’s a problem. I’ll probably pass in this spot.
5 DERAILED HANOVER Got a few months off after the miscue in July. Comes back with two okay qualifiers. I think I’ll rate her a longshot tonight, expecting her to need a race or two. Wait for a better spot.
6 AVENIR Absolutely no idea what we’re going to get from her tonight. IF she trots, it will probably be big speed with Simon in the bike. That was a very good-looking qualifier, and fast enough to beat a field like this. Your call, folks?
7 SCIROCCO KATHY W Bit of a late bloomer here for Team Silva. Hasn’t done anything wrong yet. And, picked up a nice check against a good one in debut. This is no easy spot either. And the post won’t help the cause. I’ll watch.
8 DUCHESSPEDIA She’s rounded into form quite nicely for Trond. Has the pedigree to do it too! Raced well behind Insta Glam and will probably do the same tonight. Needs a touch of speed to get into it, but I expect that to happen.
9 ME THREE Scratched out of scheduled debut for new barn. She will definitely need this, stuck in bad post.
10 FOX VALLEY LIZA Drew the second tier post 10 up north. Gets the outside post 10 here tonight. That’s the bad post blues! First go for the new barn here, and she has flashed speed. I sure wish I knew if she was gunning out. Maybe.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-6-10
H Horse Comment
1 GODSPELL HALL That was a tough, grinding trip he endured last week and didn’t pack quite the same late punch. Okay. Moves all the way inside now to keep him closer. Should be good hook-up with #6 at some point.
2 POUND STERLING Was clearly outkicked from behind in the elim last week. So, it was an okay effort, but not a great one. Will need a lot more to upset the applecart in this final. Must step it up more on the big track.
3 WISHYOUDTELLME Sports three good starts here, all with tough trips. Overdue for something easier and I like this post. If you were searching for a live longshot, this one gets an extra look. Barn going well now too! Usable.
4 BIODETTI HANOVER Got rolling late from that live outer tier last week. It was good finish. Should still offer a nice price, if you think he can get closer tonight. It’s all about the pace and the trip for him.
5 CAPTAIN KRUPNIK Did a lot of the dirty work grinding on the rim upon arrival. Sometimes it takes a race to acclimate here. This is perfect midpack post to do whatever G Nap wants. It will be interesting choice. Leave or stalk?
6 SKYWAY KON MAN The Cullipher Crew are absolutely on fire right now, so it’s hard to discount anything they send out. This gelding has gotten very good again and remains dangerous, even from this post. Only needs to be close.
7 MAJESTIC FIRE This one’s also raced very well here. But, in a field full of similar closers, I do wonder how far back he will be? It’s a legitimate question. I just don’t want to bet something that will be too far back early.
8 TAKE A WISH Things didn’t set up quite so nicely for her last week. Will need a lot more luck from this post.
9 WHAT CHAPTER Couldn’t track down #10 in the prelim. Didn’t quit that badly, though. Doesn’t exactly seem to be a blast-out type leaver, so that’s a problem when you land post nine. How does he get into it?
10 LEVITATION I must admit, I didn’t see that coming last week! What a nice mile! Supposedly, this is only horse in the barn. Gets slammed with post 10, but has to be firing out. Let’s see if he makes it to the lead. Maybe.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 TAKE THIS SOCIETY That was an untimely break at odds of 1-5 to close out the Red Mile meet. Oh well! Back on the truck to NJ. Only making third start for new barn. The post is perfect. There is talent in this tank. Gets close again.
2 MAGICAL MUSCLE MAN His last start was one of his best yet. Chased a good field all the way around and was finishing up willingly. That should aid the cause. This move to inside post should help too! I could be convinced.
3 JULA MUSCLE PACK I will keep this one on the longshot list for now. I need to see more before I could endorse.
4 DEE’S RED DELICIOUS Been rock-solid, except for the one time he went for big money. Bad timing! Did good job of chasing last week. Has the speed to get involved early. The Captain will get him a trip after that. Very usable.
5 CALLE PALEMA Cruised in a couple of easy spots down at Freehold. Stevie gets to keep the drive in what figures to be a much tougher spot. Prior starts here were just okay. Will need to build on the confidence of those two wins.
6 SHARE THE WEALTH Looking very much like a work in progress. Ray will drive himself tonight to see what’s up. Let’s see if they stay trotting.
7 ROYSON’S PUNCH Had a VERY good start behind the unbeaten horse last week. That was solid! Switches to Mark Mac here, and figures to offer speed from this outer post. Reliable, and will give them all they can handle.
8 ROBERT’S HANOVER The scratch out of a stakes race worries me. But, colt was solid against the overnight field before that. Tonight’s problem could be the post, since there are plenty of speed types. T Mac must get him a trip.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 3-10-1-9
H Horse Comment
1 BROADWAY BRUISER That was some trip he went last week, from the dreaded post 10. Hung right in there despite being out a long way. Moves all the way to the pole now and Eric A will blast to protect. Top effort gives great chance.
2 HALLANET That trip Brandon put on him last week was perfect! It’s been a while since we saw a $100-plus dollar winner. But, as I always say, if you missed the wedding, don’t go you know where. What odds will he be tonight?
3 TRIXIE DUST This mare is tough. When she gets close, she just wants to fight you for it. With the speed, and power stuck outside, Alek could have Trixie in the perfect spot tonight. Expect a big kick. Maybe enough to go by them all.
4 ALLINDOTIME Took a ton of money last week, on the hopeful drop and pop and rallied from a tough spot. It was improved effort, but I’m going to prefer some others in here. Would need a much easier journey.
5 BIGBOY ROSCO By all rights, he probably should have won last week. Got away with soft pace under mile pressure and just didn’t have it late. Will need a lot more to hold on against this group. I wouldn’t want short price again.
6 TWO HIP DIP The Dip actually raced pretty well last week! That’s best I’ve seen in a long time. I do wonder if it was a fluke, but you never know. Should still offer a big price, if you think he can get close again.
7 SHADY MCCOY That was a real tough beat if you had Shady last week. Yes, it was a 60-1 that measured him off, though. He’s going to need every bit of that speed again, just to get involved. I’m probably playing against.
8 NORTHERN CREDIT Passed a few of the tired ones last week and will try to do the same. The bad post hurts.
9 PIERCEWAVE HANOVER Figured to be good in that spot last week and was! Gutted out the win. This will not be so easy. I’m surprised that JD turns the lines over to Vic K, but we know what the instructions will be. Send!
10 CHIPLOSIVE Absolutely dominated in the prelim. Won so easy and in much faster time than the rest. So, what do we do from post 10? It’s so hard to go against this barn right now. And, horse has proven he can overcome bad posts.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 PRINCESS HOLLY N Tough to get a real handle on her form right now. That last one wasn’t great. I’ll pass.
2 TEAL HANOVER She turns in a good one every now and then. This is the class level where she belongs, so let’s expect another solid effort. The inner post will give Vic options. She’s versatile enough to do it either way. Trainer: Got a little rank and had to pull up early in class last week. That didn’t work out well. Hoping for a better trip this week, and this looks like a good spot for her.
3 SHELLIE DE VIE I haven’t guessed right on Shellie too many times. Oh well! She makes second start at this reduced level. Will need an easier trip than last, but that could easily happen. Would be very hard to leave off the ticket.
4 SUDDEN PASSING Set a wicked-hot pace down at Philly last time. The Burke Brigade decides to bring her north for a big track try and she has won here this year. You know where she’s headed. Right to the lead. May be hard to catch.
5 NARCIAN JEWEL I have guessed right on her before. This is interesting spot. Because there’s a ton of speed to her inside. Usually, The Mann likes to leave with her. Might need that early seat to stalk. And, what will the price be?
6 INDY ROSE Now 0-19 and counting on the season. Ran into a well-meant bearcat last week and was just okay. I don’t see her winning, but the right kind of journey could see her get a check again. It’s all about the trip.
7 LITTLE HONEYBADGER Ended up favored down at The Hold and wasn’t able to get the job done. Don’t worry. She won’t be favored here, especially from this post. Nap takes over and will probably have to race from behind.
8 MILADY DENVER A Got parked out with the blast try down at Freehold. This is no easy spot either. Too much other speed. It might be time to race her from behind in this post.
9 OVER SPEEDING Drops for second try here at Club Med, but where’s she going from post nine? Likely not very far.
10 ENDURING HOPE Can’t really make a strong case for her either. Suffering the bad post blues right now. Pass.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-7-5
H Horse Comment
1 COMMANDING OFFICER T Mac’s choice over #4,6 was an understandable call. He gets lots of drives from the Alagna Armada and that’s a good account to have. Was just a little too hot out in Ky. Let’s see if rateable tonight.
2 CAPTAIN SLEAZE Looks like Marcus “stole one” down at Philly. Gelding did dig in nicely, though. Those kind of confidence builders usually help. I imagine he’ll be in stalking spot here. Likes to chase and will get a check.
3 ILDERTON AM Squandered a pretty good opportunity out at Red Mile. Needed a lot more late. A longshot now.
4 JK OBJECTION Had a very good start after returning to the Takter barn. Just kind of cruised around there. This will be much tougher and T Mac did not choose. So, the Captain gets the call. Speed is best weapon and he will be gunning.
5 SIMON SAYS HANOVER Won both times out in Lex and paid decent twice. He’s strictly an off-the-pace type, so you know what the plan will be. Hoping the favorites soften each other up, and that is possible. Needs huge late kick.
6 GRETZKY Disappointed twice against #5 in KY. I would have a tough time backing him vs. this better bunch.
7 CRUNCH HANOVER He’s probably the key to the race. Mark Mac opted here over #3. Colt has some speed, so he will have to go forward early. Barn didn’t get much love from the post gods with their starters tonight. Guns?
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-7-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 STENHOUSE HANOVER Right now, this is about the only underachieving horse in the barn. But, that can always change. The pole, plus G Nap. Should be close enough to launch a big move. That is, IF he stay trotting.
2 MUAY HANOVER Beat these two back, given a very nice drive by Leon B. The follow-up saw the horse stop. So, he’ll step right around #1 leaving the gate, but what happens after that? Needs to follow, not set the pace. Tough call.
3 CAULFIELD Never really got rolling here upon arrival. Have to keep him on the longshot list for now.
4 EXPLOSIVE He hasn’t made much of an impact here either. I would need to see a lot more before I could endorse.
5 BABY MAKER HANOVER Looks like speed in his best weapon, but he doesn’t often couple the stamina with that. It takes a lot of that to last here on the big track. Let’s see if T Mac can keep him going longer.
6 OBERTO Gets the very tepid call as morning line favorite, simply because he’s dropping. I know the recent form looks a little suspect, but this is a field begging to be beaten. I imagine we might see some newfound speed. Trainer: Fits well here, IF he behaves himself. Should be good.
7 TOUGH MAC Here’s the other “dropper” that’s overdue for a wakeup call. Jimmy F will do the driving again and he’ll be more aggressive early. I wouldn’t be shocked if he gunned out and went a long way tonight. Expect it.
8 CYCLONE MAXIMUS Only 1-17 this year, so that’s a problem. Stuck outside the two class droppers, so that won’t help either. It’s the mile track stamina that’s lacking in his corner. I don’t see that changing from an outer post.
9 IT AINT THE WHISKY Transitioned to this class level last time and broke. Benefited from perfect trip and drive before that. This will be no picnic from post nine, so I will probably be going against.
10 DISCUS HANOVER Really don’t know what to expect from this guy out of post 10. He’s just a 3YO and also comes off a break. Doesn’t seem to be a blaster, and this is toughest post in a while.