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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, October 16, 2020

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 2-9-8-5
H Horse Comment
1 MAY I CRUISE WEST Won his first race of the year last week with the big driver change to Pat B. It’s back to the GSY Club tonight and back to longshot status. I doubt he repeats.
2 CAPTAIN CUT THROAT He’s got speed, that’s for sure! And, in races like this, I wouldn’t discount that. He’s also got the post edge on #8,9. After that acclimating mile here, I think he’ll go a lot further. The one to beat?
3 WATCHMENEIGHNEIGH One of the many Minnesota shippers that show up the entry box here. What do we do with them? I really have no idea. Some will probably fit and some won’t. The Judge will try to get this closer a smooth trip.
4 GOOD DAY MATE Manages to win one every once in a while, but he rarely strings them together. Does have some history here, but I will rate him a medium longshot in spot like this. Would need exactly the right kind of journey.
5 NA NA NA BAATMAN Left Minny on a sour note, so that’s strike one. Barn wins a lot of races in California and at Running Aces too! Have to give a little more respect to this outfit. I see some speed here. Might take a shot, gun.
6 MAJORETTE ANGIE I’ll keep her on the longshot list for now, moving out to a tougher post. Not for me.
7 DONTDOUBTTHELAKERS The Lakers just won the NBA Championship, so never doubt! Not much early zip in the tank for barn’s other starter in here. I may want to watch one, to see if this is the right spot for him. Not sure.
8 WALKS OF LIFE Can he win? Of course! Marianna sports a pair of driving wins under her belt so far. This is veteran pacer that knows his way around the track. Only has to overcome the post and leave a little. Lots pressure early.
9 ROLAND N ROCK Closing in on 150 lifetime starts. Some have been here. Harmon gets him back from Iowa again, but they do land a tough post. He will be fast enough to keep up with these, if not try set the pace. The one to fear. Trainer: The post hurts, but he can, and probably will, race from behind. He can finish pretty good! I’ll know when the gate springs.
10 MCNULTY Z TAM Yes, I can see that he’s on quite a roll right now, but nothing derails good form sprees like a post 10 start. Pilot did win one last week, but he might need to get ultra lucky to sweep the whole pack.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-3-2
H Horse Comment
1 RED REDEMPTION Barn has four of the five in here. Race is sponsored by Team Svanstedt, so they’ll get their money back! This one has a mixed bag of efforts on view, so likely to just ride the pylons and try to keep up. For a piece.
2 ROYSON’S PUNCH Has been in position last few legs of the Kindergarten, but has lacked the knockout punch. It won’t be easy to battle the four stablemates tonight. So, it will be up to Scotty Z to keep him out of trouble.
3 LINDYSMUSCLEMANIA Went off at a ridiculous 1-9 a few weeks ago and miscued. That’s never good! Especially for the bettors. So, how will this Lindy bounce back? Was very impressive when Andy drove two back. Gets G Nap now.
4 CAPTAIN COREY Son of the very fast Googoo Gaagaa did not make the trip to Lexington, so he shows up here in very soft spot. He’s been perfect so far, and I don’t see that changing tonight. Very talented individual.
5 CAPSTONE I do wonder what Yannick’s gameplan will be? Drew outside his heavily-favored stablemate. But, this colt does pack strong speed. Perfect confidence builder down at Philly. He may take a good run at the fave with right trip.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 7-6-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 ROSE RUN REANNA Bounced back a little better on short rest last time in the qualifier. Maybe we can look for a bit more here on the big track? I’m not so sure about that, but we’ll find out. Definitely a longshot until I see more.
2 ALEXANDER HANOVER Finds his way back to Club Med with that 0-20 record this year. Not good. Pass.
3 CHIEF JUSTICE Took all the money last week, pounded down to 6-5. Tried to steal it up front and just ran out of gas. Maybe different kind of trip coming tonight? He can finish too! Better post. Power stuck outside. A real maybe.
4 VENTURE PRINCESS I would have a tough time making a strong case for success here. Needs big wakeup call.
5 TWO HIP DIP Probably needed that last race, after missing time sick. I usually let him beat me, IF he can and that rarely happens. Drew good post for his style, so let’s see if he wants to stay trotting tonight.
6 BIG SMOOVE Here’s the wild card in here! Rounded into form quite nicely at the end of the Minny meet. Willie H was here in the winter and won some races. They listed Dexter, so that’s big sign of positive intent. Underlay price?
7 TT’S D-JAY Jumps up with a good one every now and then. Note the class drop tonight, and Corey will look this field over and know he’s got a chance. Just has to overcome the outer post. Should be better price than #6.
8 CHIPLOSIVE Gets the tepid call as morning line favorite, since he raced so well last week. Did a lot of the dirty work and just got collared late. Any repeat of that effort gives him huge chance to snap that yearlong skid.
9 TRIXIE DUST Trixie disappointed last week, with that break. She’s better than that. But, do you bounce back and bet her again tonight from the worst post? That’s a very good question. Not much early speed. Will have to get lucky.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 AP HALL OF TRIX Regressed back into old bad habits upon return. Would be tough to like off that. Pass.
2 UNPAID ADVISOR Both of barn’s horses made breaks last week, so that’s a long road trip for nothing! I credit them for trying again this weekend. Better post and some speed here. Let’s hope he stays trotting for Alek.
3 DA BOOGIE MAN Is this a new barn in play? Possibly. Mr. Derue is very good with “project” horses like this. Don’t be surprised if Boogie races a lot better tonight. The price should be okay too! Worth using. Take long look on track.
4 GROSSETO AS Shows only one lifetime win, so that’s not great. Dexter was listed, but opted to #7 as expected. Gets a better post to start from, but will need an easier trip than last time. That’s possible, but not guaranteed.
5 WHISK ‘EM Seems a touch overmatched up here on the big track. I’ll go with that, until I see a lot more.
6 MISTER WALKER I know he’s just 1-17 lifetime, but he’s got a good chance in here with Todd Mac. I’d like to see a little more speed to get into the game early. I do wonder what the price will be? I wouldn’t want short price.
7 BEYOND ORDINARY Didn’t really have any excuses last time, chasing the favored winner. But, I see good, strong speed and I see the switch to Dex. He just has a way of making them go faster. Looks like the one to catch.
8 ZOE F Got stuck with post 10 last week, and this isn’t that much better. She will be a longshot again.
9 NEVER LATE KAIT Another one that’s suffering a post position blues problem. She doesn’t usually gun out of the gate, so she’s totally at mercy of pace and trip. Demand fair price if you think she can reach.
10 MARVELOUSTRIX She’s pretty sharp right now, so don’t discount that. Upset the applecart with that sweeping rally two back, and was then good again last week. I just hate this post! Stevie will have to be patient, as usual.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 3-10-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 UP THE ALLEY He’s had a couple starts to get used to the track. Now gets the cozy pole post and The Mann knows him now. Likely to sit in, save ground and try to shake free late. A possibility at a price.
2 BROADWAY PROMISE Should we just box the Broadway’s? Note that Team Silva drops the price again, so that’s not usually a good thing. But, we all know that IF he trots, he could blow this field away. Take your choice, folks.
3 PIERCEWAVE HANOVER It’s been a long season for him, with just one lonely win. But, if he was ever to have a good chance, it’s this field tonight. I’m going to try him one more time from perfect post on drop. No excuses, please.
4 DEO Was in a much softer spot down at Freehold and couldn’t get the job done. Ouch! Back to the Big M wars and back to longshot status. Owner will try to keep him trotting. Good luck!
5 MARTZ STICK Tough trip two back. No real moves or threat last week. It’s time for him to step up with a bit more. I like the midpack post and feel he can be a lot closer when the real racing start. A nice price play?
6 MASSIVE TALENT Several horses in here have not won yet this year. This is one of them. Those are really slow races at Freehold he’s coming out of. I can’t be overly positive that he can trot fast enough to threaten here.
7 MOOSE MADNESS Drops to softest spot in a long time. Bouncing back and forth from Pocono to Yonkers, to here. Eventually he has to find the right spot. This is probably it. Seeking to snap that 0-18 skid. A big maybe.
8 COMMANDER PARIS N I guess we could call this 10YO on the comeback trail? I need to see a good one first.
9 NORTHERN CREDIT Suffering a case of the bad post blues right now, whether it be here or at home base. This one does have some history here, but it seems like a long time ago. I see very little early speed on view. Tough call.
10 BROADWAY BRUISER This is the kind of field where the Bruiser usually steps up. No, I don’t love the post, but know that Eric A can leave with him. He will try to steal away at some point and it just might work. Not much price, though.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 LIFE WELL LIVED Fires back on just a few days rest off that big win at Yonkers on Tuesday! Solid, and sent off at 26-1. That was huge bounce back off the break and he had to grind it out too! Will he stay sharp here? Good question.
2 CAPTAIN KRUPNIK No real excuse last time at Pocono when he was odds-on. This is a better post, but I’m not solid on his big track prowess. Would need to put together the perfect mile to upset these.
3 POUND STERLING Also looking like a longshot to me. I know the Freehold win was a confidence booster, but it’s a brand new ballgame here. He will have to prove it to me first.
4 SKYWAY KON MAN Steadily working his way down the class ladder. I will remind you that he has won here before. Has enough speed to try and control this one. Might be the one to beat, but I’m still not biting at low odds.
5 WISHYOU’DTELLME He’s had no luck in the trip department here lately. It will be up to pilot to not end up first over again. Any softer journey and he can easily hit the ticket. Horse has some talent.
6 BIODETTI HANOVER Has now had two chances at the lower level to get it done and simply did not. Steps up. Pass.
7 BOY MEETS GIRL K Finds way back to the big track off an improved effort. Still pretty fresh, with just five starts this year. The post won’t make it easy, but he can win if primed and ready for a big one. Wouldn’t talk you off.
8 OMAHA OMAHA What a nice drive by Vinny to get this one home at long odds. Technically meets the same class level, but I’m guessing this field is a little tougher. The post is tougher too. Demand fair price if you think he repeats.
9 MUAY HANOVER Have to admit, I didn’t see that coming last week. Also won with a perfect trip and drive. Was it a fluke? This horse doesn’t win too often, so the repeat seems unlikely. I can’t try now, after missing the boat.
10 TAKE A WISH Even the Wish jumped up with a win last week! It wasn’t exactly a super-hot pace either. The mare gets slammed with post 10 tonight, so that never helps. She’s a closer anyway. Big step up in class hurts too.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-8-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 FASHIONWOODCHOPPER The Chopper had a little trouble with the class hike and bad post last time. At least he gets some relief in the latter part. I do need to see more before I could endorse again. Must step up his game.
2 LASA DIDA LADY She drops back to her winning level. This is no easy spot, and I’ve never guessed right on her before. That’s not going to change tonight. If she beats me, she beats me.
3 TROLLER Has probably worked his way too high in class. Odd to see the ship here from home base. Does Mike think he’ll be any better here on big track? That, I don’t know. Your call, folks. I’ll try in an underneath spot with Dave M on.
4 OBERTO I will keep him on the longshot list for now. Don’t like to see those breaks. A pass for me.
5 THUNDER I hate to say it, but it’s now or never time! Former stakes-quality trotter is on the comeback trail, but his last couple have left me lacking. There will be no excuses accepted here tonight. He should deliver the goods.
6 FOR A DREAMER Gelding has been okay of late, but not great either. Maybe he needed a few since coming east for the Cullipher Crew? Simon has driven him well, but horse needs to find a bigger kick when it counts. Not sure.
7 MUGSHOT JESS Cranked out two checks last few starts, so that isn’t bad. Still a longshot to me, however.
8 INFINITI AS After couple weeks off and fair qualifier, he was still in too tough last time. Continues to plunge on the class ladder and wakeup call time seems imminent. I’m not in love with the post, but know he could show more.
9 LIFETIME ROYALTY Just when I thought he was about to tail off, he jumped up with a good try again last Friday. Not exactly “rewarded” with this post drawn. And, early speed doesn’t appear to be his best weapon. Not an easy spot.
10 TOUGH MAC The outer post and slowish start gave him no chance last week. Same situation here. Have to pass.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-9-1
H Horse Comment
1 CLEAR IDEA One of a few in here hoping to drop and pop. I guess it’s possible, and Dave Miller chose over #4,9. That’s a big call! Should stalk in right spot after a pole position start and cannot be ignored. Trainer: Hasn’t been on top of her game, but was put into a terrible position last time and it just kept getting worse. Gets more aggressive steer.
2 PRAIRIE EASTER Hasn’t been much of a threat yet. This is third start off the layoff. Maybe a wakeup spot?
3 KOTARE YARRA N A Nap put a nice trip on this mare last week and made it work for a good second. Went off huge odds too! So, the price will be a lot lower and I’d be surprised if she got that lucky again. Will have to send.
4 BE BEST Back over from Yonkers for barn that’s starting to heat up. Her tries here really weren’t bad. This is the proper level and she seems versatile enough to do it either way. Would be very hard to leave off the ticket.
5 MANHATTAN PLAY I really don’t know what to tell you here. She just hasn’t been good lately. I will pass again.
6 TWINSBURG Still doing good work for her barn. Won in very game fashion with speed two back. Had a tougher journey last week and is slated for a driver change tonight. It’s ALL about pace and trip for her. Must work it out.
7 SEZANA N Was in-to-go at Yonkers last night, which is after press time for this program. So, let’s assume she scratched out of that. If that’s true, it’s been a long time since she raced. Probably too long. I want to watch one.
8 ALEXA SKYE Keeps racing from behind and it’s hard to back her when the price is short. Recently added Lasix probably helping, but she will hope for a very hot pace and some live cover in the flow. That’s her strategy.
9 AMERICAN EMPRESS N Ships up the Turnpike for a rare big track try. She’s only got one win this year, but it did come at similar level. I’d like to see some early speed, just to overcome the post. No easy task from way out here.
10 STICK THAT LIP OUT Beat the weaker group last week and now gets forced up in class, with post 10. Pass.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 PRINCESS DEO I guess we could call that a slightly better effort last time? She wasn’t good in Ohio. These road trips sometimes catch up to one. Gets the rail and will be sitting and stalking again. Will need more late stages.
2 ARABELLA’S CADET Tough to get a real feel for her on the big track. Seemed to do her best racing down at Philly. She does like to win, but I can’t really put her in same class level as #3,4 just yet. Will have to prove it.
3 FELICITYSHAGWELL S She figured to romp in that spot in Kentucky and did. Perfect confidence builder. Now, she runs into the Oaks winner and it should be very interesting. I think she’s got great chance to upset. Speed kills!
4 WHEN DOVESCRY Her races have been sparsely separated lately. Went all the way out to Ohio to draw post nine. “Nuff said. This is classic spot to grab another win, like Hambo Day. Will have to deal with #3 at some early point.
5 NO DRAMA PLEASE Seems like he’s worked his way too high up in class. I can’t really put him in same league with the mares here. Will have to be patient too! Maybe they’ll soften each other up? That would give rallying chance.
6 MISSISSIPPI STORM Barn’s other starter has the better chance tonight. He’s been solid all year. However, he is totally at mercy of both pace and trip from this post. I’m not sure the pace scenario works out for him.
7 LION SAFARI AS Likely to get away last in this field and I just don’t see that helping his chances. Not for me.
8 LEAN HANOVER Clearly the “key” to the race, because of his speed. But, this is first start back from layoff and he qualified at Freehold, not here. It would be long road to the top against the mares. Might race from behind.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-6-5-9
H Horse Comment
1 ARMAGEDDON SEELSTER Tends to win or race well when he gets class relief. That’s not the case just yet.
2 CARRICK Found the class hike just a bit too much last week and guess what? He’s forced up again! So, I will probably be against in this spot. Simon may flash a little speed with him, but I doubt he goes by late stages.
3 INNISFALLEN Invades from Philly on a pretty good roll, but doing it there, and doing it here are two different things. He hasn’t raced all that often here, but I don’t remember any wins. I’ll rate him a medium longshot vs. these.
4 CLASSIC VENTURE Somehow gets bumped up in class and that isn’t going to work. Wait for better spot.
5 GOTWUTEVERITTAKES You just have no idea what to expect from this erratic trotter. He had no chance to get around those turns at Yonkers, so that was odd move. Back to mile track. Will he trot? I wish I knew.
6 PILGRIMS TIDE Team Tritton winning anywhere and everywhere they go. Do note he’s in for the optional claiming tag here, but protected with a better price. It’s very hard to go against this outfit, but can he deal with Trolley?
7 EYE OF A TIGER AS Just way too many breaks for my kind of taste. On best day, he can probably go with these, but we’re all just guessing. I hate that. Your choice, folks?
8 TROLLEY Left the east coast for simpler waters out in Indiana. Ran into Majestic Player once too! So, he ships back east and into a much softer spot, provided he’s ready. That’s big question! Hasn’t raced since Sept. 19. Tough call.
9 ALL CHAMPY Raced very well upon arrival, so that’s shows promise. But, he won’t be helped much by the class hike, or the bad post. Shows little early speed, so how does he get into it? That’s the tough part.
10 JUSTLIKEHIM See how the Minnesota horses did early in the card. Were they short? Did they race well? This guy ships in sharp, but where’s he going from post 10? That’s a very good question. Not sure. Want to watch one.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-8-9-1
H Horse Comment
1 WHAT CHAPTER Tends to get bet every time, almost too much so. And, he’s yet to deliver the goods in 15 tries thus far this year. The pole is tricky post and it’ll be up to Dave Miller to keep him going. He can win, but not for me.
2 EXPLOSIVE Had a start over the track, so that should help. Why he was bet down to 4-1, I have no idea. I would not want an underlay price on either of the inside pair here. Hoping to see some improvement with acclimating mile.
3 LEVITATION Shows breaks and scratches, so he’s a pass in my book for now. Would need to see a lot more.
4 KATKIN AND COKE I really thought this guy would adapt to the big track, but he really hasn’t. I’ll keep him on the medium longshot list until I see a better response through the stretch. Second time in for the optional tag.
5 CAULFIELD Barn brought three down from home base to take a big track shot. How did the first two do? This one seems very consistent, but can he go fast enough here? That’s a legitimate concern.
6 CYCLONE MAXIMUS Really can’t fault his last few, all hitting the board. Did manage to rate the pace last time and couldn’t quite hold on. So, I’ll consider for underneath spots, but not on top.
7 STENHOUSE HANOVER Burning a lot of cash lately! Never really got going in that last one. This is a switch to outer post. One of many question marks in here. Not an easy horse, or an easy race to try and figure out. Good luck!
8 DISCUS HANOVER It’s hard to get any more consistent than this. Down from Vernon and why not? 3YO was doing well against older up there. Why not take a shot here? He’ll sneak onto the ticket somehow with any smooth trip.
9 MAJESTIC FIRE Tell me we can get a little magic to get this one into the race. Uncorked a pretty potent late kick in both local tries. That’s good! It’s all about pace and trip from this tough post.
10 GODSPELL HALL Here’s another horse that will just drive you crazy. Somehow, someway, he came back from the break and still won. And, that was after missing several weeks. So, will he be tighter now? Will he trot? Who knows!
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 8-7-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 BIGBOY ROSCO What a difference a year makes! 11 wins last season. Just one lonely win this year. At least it came last time over at Pocono, so it’s the lightbulb on angle. Can he repeat? Absoutely! Seems lot better than some.
2 CRAZY ABOUT PAT It’s tough to get very excited about him right now. Pat B gets to drive Pat the horse. Will hope to keep him onstride, and then maybe launch a late kick. Not totally out of the question.
3 AUTEUR HANOVER Simply put, he just doesn’t win all that often. So, I always side against horses like this. He does hit the ticket a lot! So, I suggest using underneath in the gimmicks, but probably not in top spot.
4 CAN DO Can Do hasn’t done it in a long time. Not my type of play, lacking that knockout punch.
5 HALLANET Finds his way back UP the Turnpike from Freehold. He does have a few decent efforts here in the past, but he always rates longshot status. At least the post is good for his stalking style. Needs the right kind of trip.
6 SHADY MCCOY Shady continues to be a bit disappointing. Now 0-21 this year. Offered up just a fair rally when lowered to this level. Why should we expect more? I don’t know. The price is never that big, especially with DD on.
7 BET BIG ON BLUE Seemed like he was in position to launch a big move first try here, but did not. Sometimes it takes a race or two to get acclimated. With so many question marks in here, why not take another shot? I will! Use.
8 FRIEND OF NATURE S I lost a nice bet on him a couple months ago here, so that still stings. Since JD took over, he looks like he figured him out. There is talent in this tank! I guess I’ll take another swing. Must overcome the post.
9 ALLINDOTIME That try here three back at this level wasn’t bad. But, what do we do from post nine tonight? I can’t answer that. His best puts him in play, but Stevie will have to get him a nice trip. That’s the tough call.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-9-4
H Horse Comment
1 ELLA IS AWESOME There’s not a whole lot going on in this corner. Moves all the way inside, but I’m not ready to bite and use her. I need to see a lot more first.
2 AP EMILY’S DANCE Finally found the field of her friends down at Freehold. Gutted out the win on front end. Probably won’t have the front here. Can she handle the big track? That, I’m not so sure about.
3 PEPPERMINT MOCHA Invades from Pocono off a sick scratch, so that’s a red flag. Recent form is flat. Have to pass.
4 INDY ROSE Rose had no shot last time, so don’t be too hard on her. The trip worked out better in the debut here. This post will keep her close, and it’s up to A Nap to get her rolling late. Not out of the question.
5 STREAK THE LAWN This has got to be the spot, right? Mike K listed Dexter this week, so that’s the sign of positive intent. She’s flashed speed. Had tougher trip last week. No question she is the one to beat tonight. Lower odds.
6 PATANJALI N Been waiting for this lass to get some class relief and this is it. Just tell me she will stay pacing, and I’ll tell you to use her on every ticket. Just hoping the price will still be good. Cory may be more aggressive here.
7 SPECIAL ACHIEVER Tries Club Med again off a pretty good effort upon arrival. I see that she’s 0-13 this year, so that’s big concern. But, I would have a tough time leaving off the ticket. I will use underneath #5 in gimmicks.
8 SPILLING THE BEANS Only because she has some history here, would I consider using. I’m not in love with the post. I do like her speed. Likely to fire out and land a spot. Stalks after that. Let’s see if she keeps up in late stages.
9 SUMMER ROCK She’s also been here before and won here before. Seems like a long time ago, but I do improve her chances even from this post. Corey will remember her and take a shot and send. Also likes to get a trip. Maybe.
10 ROCK N ROLL ROSIE Blasted out of post 10 last week, but I highly doubt that will happen again. There’s plenty of other speed types in here. Might be time to race her from the back.