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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, January 04, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-10-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 BIG CHECKMATE Flashed pretty solid speed last time, considering his 73-1 odds, but did get tired. Still, the recently added Lasix seems to be helping. Might get a little luckier one of these nights. From the rail, Kyle can save something.
2 TECH TITAN Pete hops back in the bike tonight, and we’ll see if he can properly “motivate” his trotter from a better post. Horse is still a handful, and not easy to drive, so this is a big test for both. Wishing them the best, vs. flat field. Trainer: Races well from off the pace. If Pete makes it there, he will get the job done!
3 CINNABAR HALL Certainly hasn’t enjoyed his Big M experience thus far! Two starts. Two breaks. Takes a drop to the bottom now, and that could spur a wakeup call. But, we do have to guess. Take a long look out on the track first.
4 ANOTHER CHAPTER Looked like a winner about midstretch last start, and was barely outkicked. Remember, that race fell apart late, so by all rights, this guy probably should have won. Trip wasn’t easy, however. Needs a smoother one.
5 MUAY HANOVER Also launched a bid, but flattened out more last time. Retains longshot status, based on that.
6 ZETTE STARLING Steadily working her way down the class ladder, but I haven’t seen any signs yet. She needs more trot, and until we see it, it’s hard to expect it. I’m not ready to hop on board just yet.
7 FAT BOY Took a couple of “road trips” down to the Croft and that didn’t work out. Freehold regular ships up here to try the big track and I can’t say that’s going to work out. A lot to prove here.
8 MUSCLE FASHION Not a whole lot going on in this corner, but I say that about most of these. One of them has to wake back up, right? Nap knows the horse now, so maybe his second time behind will be the charm?
9 TWO HIP DIP Can he win? Yes. Is he worth betting on if the price is short? Probably not. Especially from a tough post like this. Just too many question marks and too many breaks for my taste.
10 KNIGHTOFVICTORY Gelding shows some subtle improvement of late, and gets a driver change to the Double D. I just wish the horse had drawn a better post. It’s a real reach from this slot on horse that shows little early speed.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 BIG CHUTE Mare scoots down south from Canada for Auciello. She’s rounded into form willingly of late, so I can easily take a positive view on her. I like the rail. Wasn’t DD’s choice, but might end up being mine. Usable.
2 OUR ELS DREAM N Found that class hike just a tad too much, so that’s a problem. I do like the inside post again, so pilot is liable to sit, save ground and try to get lucky late, like two back. It can happen. Mare has some back class.
3 GIVEMEYOURHEART Ordinarily, this is the spot to take a shot with the Heart. She wins on drops like this. But, there are a few other key rivals that are taking drops too! Expect Eric A to flash speed and she could go a long way.
4 PIRINEA’S PRINCESS Hard to believe, but she failed to win a race last year. That’s not good. So, before you risk taking a short price in here, consider that. The post is a little better, but I’ll probably use underneath, not on top.
5 SHOCK N AWE It wasn’t shock, but that “awesome” rally put her back in the winner’s circle. Nice effort. But, with that said, she begins the ascent back up the class ladder now. But, she was Nap’s pick over #4. That’s a big call.
6 OK HEAVENLY Okay, folks. Is this finally the level where she’s supposed to win? Probably! May only need to be close enough, or the Double D will change up the tactics. She can leave, if he wants. Clearly the one to beat at this level.
7 HIGHLY THOUGHT OF 11YO war-mare invades from Pennsy. She’s suffering a case of the bad post blues too! I’d say we have to watch one over the mile track first. This is no easy spot for a Club Med debut.
8 DEUCES FOR CHARITY Just a two-time winner from last year. She was put in play last week by Mitch, but that trip was too tough. I don’t really envision a smoother journey from way out here, so she’s still a longshot.
9 NARCIAN JEWEL Barn’s other starter drops back down a notch and she probably needs it. I know she blasted from a bad post when she won and this might be a spot for it again. Won’t win coming from last.
10 NORTHERN SWIFT Got cooked in the hot pace battle last time. She figured to be fighting in that spot, but she did get pretty tired. Gets slammed with 10-hole again, so I have no idea what to expect now, on the hike back up.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 BLITZ VICTORY Had the obligatory 10-hole tour of the track last week, so now it’s time to turn up the jets! This guy closed the Spa on a winning note, so let’s expect a lot more in here tonight. Decent speed, plus the rail.
2 SHADY MCCOY What’s going on with Shady right now? Followed up the flat effort with a very rare break. He never breaks! So, I really don’t know what to expect again tonight, and the price is always low. What do we do? Trainer: Got a little tight in the first turn and just took a bad step. This week a little more inside and I expect a good race.
3 SWANCREDIT Here’s a real nice horse that gets back into a reasonable spot. Could easily have been overmatched in those Preferred’s. Gets a cozy inside post, with a questionable favorite. Guess I’d rather side with the Swan here.
4 SOUTHWIND COBRA Has not raced since November, so consider that, folks. Yes, he’s moving into a new barn and that could easily spur something more, but will he really be cranked and ready for this? I’m going to guess no.
5 DULUTH He’s missed time too! And not too many places to race right now. Looking like a longshot to me.
6 ILLINIMIGHT I guess we could call that an “improved” effort last time at Freehold. He stayed trotting! Not that fast, but track was way off. Shows big track experience. I want to take a good, long look at him out on the track first.
7 THE LINDY TREATY Just a two-time winner last season. Closed the Saratoga meet with a decent try. Showed up here and did not show much. I guess I’d need to see a lot more first, before I could endorse.
8 BASTILLE He’s been here before. Comes off a particularly disappointing effort down the Turnpike. Gets a real tough post here and his history from bad posts isn’t all that good. I’m probably more negative than positive here.
9 APLOMB HANOVER The other Derue horse gets saddled with a much tougher post. This guy also has a race over the track, but I don’t think we can bank on big speed. Might have to wait for a slightly softer spot.
10 MISTRESS VALENTINE She’s got speed, but only suspect mile track stamina. Still, when pilot looks this field over, he’s probably going to send. Let’s see if she can finish better with any kind of decent trip.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 7-3-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 SUTTON SEELSTER -Going fairly well down at Freehold and opts to transition up to the mile track. He does have some winning history here, and he does have a good post tonight. Both help out. Very usable from the inside post.
2 FREESPIN N He didn’t figure to get close from the 10-hole start last time. Moves all the way back inside, so that’s a small plus. I still haven’t seen a winning move from this guy. Must rate him a longshot again.
3 WESTERN REDHOT In a wide-open race like this, Red’s definitely got a shot. He seems like a one-move type, so the inside post is essential. I foresee a lot of movement in this one to set up a rallier. Could easily be this guy.
4 JUST N BERLANDER That really wasn’t a bad acclimating mile last week. Picked off a few late, showing that he could handle the mile track. That was just first start for new barn, so there could easily be more coming tonight. A maybe.
5 DIABANDO Not exactly in good form right now, so I’ll take a continued pass on his chances.
6 HEART BREAKING Now has two races here under his belt and he hasn’t offered much. Tough to like for now.
7 SMOOTH MOCHA Just went a little too fast up front last time and when the winner came calling, it was over! I’m not going to hold that against him. The Double D had a choice, and opted to #10. That’s a tough call. What’s your call?
8 SPORTS COWBOY Not really sure what to tell you here. Hasn’t shown much here, but against much tougher fields. Now dangled for the bottom pricetag, so is the wakeup call imminent? I don’t know. I still don’t like the post.
9 HUXLEY Went off 123-1 from similar post last time and showed nothing. Hard to get excited at the moment.
10 ABOUT THE BENJAMINS All kinds of traffic troubles when claimed last week. But, it’s a new barn. It’s post 10. And most importantly, Dexter opted here. So, we might be looking at a short price allowed on this guy. Still needs a trip.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-4-10
H Horse Comment
1 HEPBURN HANOVER It’s been a couple weeks since she raced, but she finds a prime spot for a big one tonight! Lots of other question marks in here. Hep has faced a few good fields. It’s her turn to shine from the rail. Trainer: Finally draws inside. Has missed a few weeks but that hasn’t hurt her before. Club Med is a different story, however.
2 LOOKOUT STOKK ZONE Took a touch more betting money last time, but didn’t really come that close. I have to rate her a longshot again, even from the good post. I’d need to see a lot more before I could endorse.
3 ACEFOURTYFOUR ALEX Not a lot going on in this corner at moment. No speed. No rally. Definitely a big drop, so maybe this is what they’ve been waiting for? I wish I had answer for that. I guess we watch the tote board a little.
4 JOHN’S ONE DESIRE Used up in that hot pace battle upon arrival. I will forgive that. It was rare speed too! The kind of sign that mare might be ready to return to form. I know I wouldn’t be shocked if she raced better tonight.
5 CLARA BEA One of the big question marks in here. Bea hasn’t shown anything lately. In dire need of wakeup call.
6 BETTOR CHILL OUT Broke and hopped right out of a hopple last time, so just forget about that. She’s on the comeback trail and things are bound to go a little better tonight. IF primed, ready, she can threaten these.
7 LIVE ODDS Shows a dull effort, and then a scratch. That’s not exactly a recipe for success. Pass.
8 ROSIEMUNN Not a whole lot in her recent form says you want to bet on her. She’s shown no speed. She’s stuck outside. What’s to recommend? Not much.
9 MYLITTLESURFERGIRL Yes, maybe that last one is a slight hint that she’s ready to return to form. BUT, she gets slammed with a bad post now. I won’t guarantee a better effort, but this field is full of questionables. Good luck.
10 DANGEROUSPRECEDENT In a race with very little form, this mare looks a LOT better than most. At least she goes forward. But, she hasn’t had a bad post in a while, so that could make the task tougher. I like, but hate the post.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 JUST FOR YOU 5YO racing pretty well of late. That is, when she races! Those gaps are always a concern, but I’ll take the positive viewpoint. I think she fits here and only has to prove it on mile track. I think she will, with Jimmy Jr. Trainer: She’s been a good buy from the Lexington Sale. Seems tied up slightly her last start, which was reason for the weaker last eighth. Trained good this week!
2 MISS RUBY Shipped in and showed up sharp for Big Red. That was impressive effort. Confidence builder too! Gets a better post and I don’t see this as much of a step up. She fits on lifetime earnings. Could easily be a repeater.
3 FLY FLY SELENA Don’t be too quick to eliminate this lass. She’s been buried in some tough spots, and from some really bad posts. This is much more like it. Technically, she trotted fast enough in last one to be a big threat here.
4 CHELSEES A WINNER Got parked once from the seven hole, but then won when she made the lead. Is that the key? She could make the lead in here, if Vinny wants. She had NO chance vs. Trolley when last seen here. Dangerous.
5 PANDORA’S BOX This mare got the Meadowlands shuffle last week. She folded under pressure before that. Not sure what the plan is, with #4 likely leaving. She’s simply going to need a smoother trip. Midpack post may allow that.
6 EXS AND OHS Somehow found a way to gear up and get by Bizet last time! That was nice trip, and even better drive! With that said, Dex had the option for the re-ride and chose #2. That has to tell us something, right?
7 ALASKA Super brush and crush down at Freehold, but this will be a brand new ballgame here. I can see the speed, but I see speed from others in here too! I probably wouldn’t want short price, but if the value is there, usable. Trainer: Haven’t had her around the big track yet, but she came a slow last quarter at Freehold. It was sloppy track that day.
8 LENNY MAC Not much since the claim, so let’s consider her longshot status, from a switch to tough post.
9 CASINO CUTIE IT Had those two good starts at Philly, and the wheels have come off since. Gets stuck with a real bad post and wasn’t Yannick’s choice. I have too many negatives to like.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 KARETS Up and down the class ladder all over the place lately. At several tracks too! The rail should be a plus for horse with his speed, but isn’t this just a tad too tough? I think so. So, he’ll have to prove me wrong, if he can.
2 TOBER 11YO won only once all of last year. That’s not good. But, he does show some quality efforts in very tough races. This is certainly no easy spot, but a smooth trip gives him check chances. I can make a small case for that.
3 PAPPY GO GO Pappy reverted back to his “good” self, with that storm home behind impressive winner. He gets another key inside post to give Yannick options. He’s probably going to like Pappy. Very nice horse.
4 TWO AM Here’s another very nice horse! Super win when last seen here. Yes, he did have good trip that night, but he can fight you too! Tyler will look this field over and realize speed gives him best chance to win. Hard to leave out.
5 ROCK OF CASHEL A few of us loved him at that price last week. We got excited for a little bit, but then the Rock crumbled. I really don’t know what to make of that. Do we give him another chance? Change of tactics? Not sure.
6 SYLVESTERAMERICAIT Followed Pappy from the back of the pack and finished up nicely himself. That showed promise, and talent. Gets a midpack post now, but he also shows versatility. Is he leaving, or rallying? Wish I knew.
7 OSVALDO BLUE CHIP Regressed into a miscue last week, so that’s a problem. Moves out a few slots and that will create a few more problems. Might need to get a little luckier to have check chances tonight.
8 BUEN CAMINO Classy 7YO here, coming off a short freshening. The qualifier was very good, since he trotted home strongly. But, do you really think he’s primed and ready to tackle a field like this? And, from a post like this? I’ll wait.
9 DYNAMIC EDGE Uncorked some nice speed a few weeks ago, in race with Muscle Diamond, who would be 1-9 in here. However, I hate the tougher post. And I do question his mile track stamina. So, I’ll probably go against.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 STYLISH BEACHWHERE Basically just rode the rail in a race she probably needed. The inside post will keep her close, but I do wonder if she’ll need some class relief before the wakeup call comes. Tough call.
1A KAK’S SHARK ATTACK Kak got cooked in that hot pace battle last time. So, I do wonder about a return to “off the pace” tactics tonight. The inside post will keep her close. Race could have a lot of action in it. She’ll be part of it.
2 BELIEVE IN ME Back in too high with these, so she’s back to longshot status and a pass for me, even from the rail.
3 KAY’S DELIGHT A Nap had a choice and opted here over #6. With the right kind of journey, Kay can go with these. She really wasn’t bad in either try here. Only needs to turn it up a notch or two. Can be used, and at a nice price.
4 FANCY CREEK JOLENE I’m beginning to believe that Jolene is a little overmatched at this level. She was so razor sharp there a while back, but eventually everybody tails off a bit. That might be the case in this corner.
5 PENPAL They listed Dunn here, but he chose #8, as expected. So, look who gets the call? The Captain! I believe he’s driven her once and she exploded away from the field. She won’t offer much value, but will be the one to beat!
6 D GS ELSA This is definitely too high in class for her. That’s why A Nap opted off. I would too! Longshot.
7 CUTS LIKE A KNIFE Jimmy opted to stick with this mare over #1. She was perfectly steered to a nice upset victory over lesser. Unfortunately, she’s forced up the ladder here and gets stuck with an outer post. That will test her.
8 DELIGHTFULMEMPHISN Classy mare here ended her season with seven wins. Showed good speed against her stablemate last week to help set things up. Guess what? That same speed will be coming again. Hooks up with Pen!
9 ITTY BITTY Another one coming off a win, but against lesser foes. Not exactly “rewarded” with the hike up and the bad post. Things would need to work out exactly right again, and you can’t count on that from post 10.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-6-9
H Horse Comment
1 CAN DO One of many possibilities in this very wide open race. I thought that A Nap would choose this guy, but he did not. I still like him! It’s always the class spot on mile track where he can wake up. Expect to see speed from rail.
2 BETTER CALL SAUL In the realm of races for this condition, some fields are weaker than others. I feel Saul has tackled the weaker groups. Andy Miller could have driven this one, but he stuck with #9. Not a surprise. Medium longshot.
3 DOWNUNDERMATTER Beat the bottom class when the race absolutely fell apart late. This is too big of a step up.
4 POSSESSED FASHION Nap had choice of four in here and chose this guy, so maybe I better take another look. I see only one win from limited starts last year, but it did come here. Plenty of back class. Maybe he’s ready for a big one?
5 MANDELA BLUE CHIP Just fair in the first one back here. Wasn’t Nap’s choice and probably won’t be mine.
6 TEXICAN I’ve been waiting on a wakeup call from this guy, and finally did get one. Saved ground last week and snuck right up the pylons with better trot to grab second. He loses Andy here, but I expect improving trend to continue.
7 SWEET ROYALTY Offered plenty of speed up at the Spa, but took few weeks off and finds himself buried in a spot like this. I think these are too tough, so he will have to prove me wrong.
8 EYORE HANOVER I think we’re also looking at a longshot here too! Most of his success has come against some lesser company. It’s an outside post. It’s a loss of his regular driver. If you choose to bet, I will simply wish you luck.
9 STAR STUDDED CAST Andy’s choice of this one was no surprise. But, gelding will need ALL of that speed to fire out from this post. He’s good right now, but this is still a pretty tough assignment, against a very good field. Your call?
10 TOUR DE LINDY 11-21 in the exacta last year, so that’s pretty good. However, he’s got NO early speed, and post 10. I think I’m going to wait for a slightly softer spot.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-6-3-9
H Horse Comment
1 MOSCONI HANOVER Had his race over the track last week, and moves all the way inside. However, I feel this is still too high in class for this guy. I’ll pass again and wait for an even softer spot.
2 NOWS THE MOMENT Unraced since the ninth of last month, so that’s a problem. Did pretty good work up north, so I’ll give credit for that. Lands a nice, inside post here, so let’s see if he can hack it here. I do have my doubts.
3 TORKIL Here’s a sneaky kind of longshot, if you choose. Clearly faced better over in New York. But, I also see that overall record. I’d probably be willing to use underneath, but maybe not on top. Another new driver.
4 CHROMEO Has more than a few good efforts here in the past, but recent form shows a lot of breaks. Broke even with the hopples on last time at Yonkers. Maybe he “needs” the return to big track? Or, maybe he just needs a fast track.
5 ARRAKIS The Double D must be impressed by this guy. He chose him tonight, despite a significant bump up in class. Held on over my pick last week, because of that perfect trip and drive. Is the horse this good? We’ll find out.
6 RUBBER DUCK The Duck raced okay in a VERY tough spot upon return. There are no Winning Shadow’s in here. The Duck also likes to win, so this kind of field is where he can do some damage. Barn is on a roll right now. Trainer: Happy with his effort last start being out the mile. Think the drop in class will help get him back going in right direction.
7 SWANSEA Nice trotter here too! This now 4YO should make a lot of money for connections. Packs versatile speed, which is always a plus, and he doesn’t make mistakes. I wish I owned him! Nice to see Minster of Speed here tonight!
8 TONY SOPRANO A slight drop, but maybe not enough. And, the post stinks. I’m going against.
9 FEARLESS MAN Jimmy had option and sticks here over #8. Those qualifiers were very good, but this is a real test, folks. Barn has definitely had them ready, but it’s a layoff since June, and a top-notch field. Very tough call, folks.
10 FLY ON Was raced very conservatively two weeks ago, but it worked. If anything, that will give horse more confidence, but what do we do tonight from post 10? Not 100% sure Andy wants to fire him up and blast out. Your call?
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 WALTZACROSSTHEWIRE Dex opted for this guy over #9, so maybe we better take another look. Was sneaky good when he finished second a few races back. Gets much needed post relief. I can make a case, and at a price!
2 SHOW ME UP Mitch put this guy in the right spot last week, but he just ran into a couple of sharp foes. The switch to inside post presents options. We know horse loves the track. Will probably take more betting action against these.
3 MCCITO He’s pretty good right now, so that’s why Eric sticks with him. I like the versatile speed he’s been offering. Usually puts him in position to make a run at it. That will be the case tonight, and I would have tough time leaving out.
4 SKYWAY BILLY Recent claim got sick. Probably needed that last one. Transitions to mile track here and he’s got experience on it. He’s no lock, but I wouldn’t be shocked by some improvement tonight.
5 LINDYTHEFOURTEENTH Waiting on a wakeup call here. You can just dismiss the post 10 start. Wasn’t Eric’s choice here however, so that’s a concern. Gets better post, but will need a much bigger punch to threaten on the mile.
6 DAVID THE SAINT Went an absolutely monstrous trip last week, folks. But, everybody saw it, so don’t expect much betting value. Can he win? Yes. Will he be worth low odds? Maybe not. It’s your call. I tend to swing against this type.
7 ROLLING SEA Still not sustaining his moves, so he retains longshot status. In need of wakeup call too!
8 RATHER SWELL Exits conditioned events, to transition back to claimers. I do like that move, but I’m not in love with the post tonight, or his slow starts. Will need a few things to go his way to have a chance.
9 FOUR STACES Had Dex opted here, I would probably like a little more. Fresh claim here, and Fusco barn is doing very well in that category. Gelding has some speed, so he needs to leave, just to have a chance. Demand value if you like.
10 MODERN YANKEE After some time off, a fair qualifier, and post 10, I think we can await a better spot next time.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 10-7-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 WITH PRESENCE Didn’t show a whole lot of mile track stamina in the debut here. Okay. Gets post relief, but doesn’t get The Double D back. That’s a concern. I think we’re looking at a sit-in, save ground kind of trip. Will it work?
2 NO EXCUSES Added Lasix last time and definitely produced an improved result. And, it came from a tougher post, on a sloppy track. Nap chose her over #6. I can make a case we’ll see a little more. Might offer the right price too!
3 BABY I’M WORTH IT Taken out of claimers, which is usually a good thing. But, isn’t this spot too tough? I think so.
4 YANKEE PHOTO Looking like a work in progress. Hasn’t shown enough speed to warrant a wager yet. I will pass.
5 SHES INTOXICATING This was Dexter’s choice, so let’s take another look. I don’t like that she’s missed that much time. I don’t like that last break over a sloppy track. I do like that she’s got speed. Maybe gets a trip behind #7?
6 FINNICK ODAIR Showed nothing upon arrival and guy who drove that night chose another. Isn’t that enough said?
7 BIZET Well, he did get beat last time, but overall, he’s been pretty sharp. Mixed sale bound in two weeks, so they’re looking to impress. New driver tonight in Yannick and I think he’ll like this guy. No doubt the one to beat again.
8 SEVEN ROSES Moves back to an outside post and that kind of ruins her chances. Having trouble keeping up late in the mile and that’s always an issue.
9 BRUTAL STORM None of his races here were extra special. Did find that soft spot to win up at Monti, but it’s back to the wolves here, and from a very tough post. I’d have a hard time making a strong case for success.
10 MAX VOLO Here’s the key to the race! Why? Because he will be blasting from the bad post. Eric C might look for a seat, but either way, horse comes off very nice win. And it was a slick steer! Gelding will need another.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 REDLINE RUSTY Rusty almost got lucky last time, but couldn’t get past the gallant 14YO! Still, it was good speed and a good try. I don’t think he’ll win this, but he definitely has major check chances. Would be hard to leave off the ticket.
2 SPANISH ART Finally put it ALL together with a convincing attack to pay off for Scotty D. And, horse looked good doing it. With that said, he runs into a good one in #3, but he might have conditioning edge on that foe. Consider.
3 ABBEYLARA Couldn’t possibly have been any better in last few. Yes, it was a few weeks ago, but horse deserved a little time off. He’s tackling a sharp customer in #3, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he came back and won again. Trainer: Very sharp since private purchase. Not sure how she’ll handle missing three weeks, but trained up very sharp.
4 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Pulled again last time, but without enough pace to get close. Now, if you think the faves will hook up at some point early, AND you want a closer, go ahead and try this one. He’s getting closer to a big effort.
5 DEBT OF HONOR Unplayable in current poor form. Would be a very big surprise if he won. I will pass.
6 IDEAL CANDIDATE Now a 13YO, but he’s awfully good right now. Haltered out of last start by new barn. I was surprised by the speed last week, but it put him in the right spot. Same thing coming? Or will A Nap wait for cover?
7 DREWBERT Pilot put him in a pretty good spot for second try here and horse got tired again. Longshot again.
8 GAIUS CRASTINUS Found a nice, cozy, soft spot of his friends down at Freehold. He’s raced here before, but I don’t remember much success. I hate the post, so he’s got a lot to prove here back on the mile.
9 FLIGHT AGAIN Nothing in his recent form suggests a wakeup call is imminent. Would need huge reversal of form.
10 MEDOLAND JATE Gets slammed with second straight bad post. They hurt! Jate doesn’t leave the gate all that much, so I see a few issues for tonight. Will probably pass a bunch to earn a minor share. I doubt he passes them all.