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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, January 11, 2019

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-7-8
H Horse Comment
1 MANRO Gelding is definitely a work in progress and he doesn’t appear to be quite there yet. Pass for now.
2 TRIXAR Exits a disappointing first try here. Made a break, so that’s a problem. Was getting a bit better when Philly closed, so that’s what we’re looking for. Above all, must simply stay trotting.
3 AB’S ROYAL PUNKIN For a brief, shining moment, it looked like she was gone! Would have paid $111.80! That was major league improvement and I’m anxious to see if she uncorks that kind of speed again. Heading right direction!
4 FLEUR DE HILL In the Mixed Sale on the 21st, so we’re getting to crunch time. This is probably the spot she’s been waiting for, for a long time. With Yannick on board now, it’s time to make a play! Congrats to YG on 7,000 wins!
5 CARTIER ZETTE MIA for almost a month, and coming off a break. That’s not exactly a recipe for success. I would suspect he’s going to need this, so I’ll be watching closely for future evaluation.
6 STORMING MIST What happened last time? Wasn’t even close to making the gate and then recovered to get back into it. Obviously, there is some talent here, but maybe not the manners just yet? A huge question mark again.
7 HAMMER CREEK Keeps outracing his odds. That’s a good thing! The outer post will be a problem again, but he looks a lot better on paper than some of these. Can easily hit the ticket, if he avoids any trouble.
8 NO DRAMA DE VIE Launched a big move, only to flatten out late. Took a ton of betting money that night too! I don’t see much speed on view, so the bad post will hurt. Needs to prove he’s a mile track horse. Hasn’t done it yet.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-6-4
H Horse Comment
1 TWO AM Charged home hot on the heels of Pappy last week, with another good start. Always a threat, and we know he likes the mile track too! The pole is interesting spot, because he’s versatile. Bound for an inside, close-up trip.
2 BUEN CAMINO He figured to “need” that first start back off layoff and came charging home. A very good return! Took a ton of money that night, for some reason. Now, he’s in against the killers, so this is no easy spot, folks!
3 PAPPY GO GO Pappy took a couple of funny steps last week, before Yannick settled him down. After that, it was business as usual! Talented trotter takes the final step up to the top level and he’s got a lot to prove with these.
4 CASH ME OUT Can’t really knock this guy either! That was very impressive charge home last time behind the uncatchable #7. They’ve both been off since. I guess it’s all about pace and trip. If the faves battle each other, watch out.
5 FRASER RIDGE Here’s the “new shooter” to the group! Couple weeks off. Uber impressive down at Dover. Is he a true Preferred type horse on the mile track? That’s a good question. I need to see it to believe it. Your call, folks.
6 TROLLEY Looked just about invincible until deep stretch on the 21st. Still, it was several straight strong miles. He deserves a little bit of a break. Renews the rivalry with #7, and they’re both well-rested. Should be good battle.
7 MUSCLE DIAMOND You never have to worry about gaps between races with this fella. He shows up sharp every single time. Yes, he must overcome the outside post again, but it may not matter. He’s just THAT good!
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-1-9
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKNROLL FAN She’s certainly got speed, but lately not the stamina to go along with it. With this post relief, maybe she can save more for the end? Destined for a sit-in kind of trip. Still needs to show more.
2 PANCAKES This was Corey’s choice of three, so that’s a big plus. Both recent Big M starts were a little better than you think, so tonight’s the night to hop on board. Will be close enough to launch whenever. Just don’t expect much price.
3 ALWAYS AS FAST Recently picked up her game down at Freehold, but doing it there, and doing it here are two different things. A lot to prove on the big track, and Vinny will try to get her a trip.
4 GATORS BEN WINNING Wasn’t much of a factor here, and then found a field of her “friends” down at Freehold. Scoots back up the Turnpike and back into the tougher spot. Mitch will try to get her a trip too! Might not be enough.
5 LILAC LAUREY Had the “obligatory” tour of the track and got a check too! There is chance more could be in tank tonight. Drew ideal midpack post. Let’s see if she’s good enough to stay here.
6 SHE’S MY ROCK Burned a lot of cash down at Freehold with a rather flat try. Quickly finds her way back to the mile track where she was also inconsistent. Wasn’t Corey’s choice and won’t be mine for now. Needs big improvement.
7 CHEAP THRILLS Another erratic sort. Couple okay efforts, surrounded by a bad one. Not really sure what to expect and the outside post never helps. Might be time for the Double D to gear her up and send? Don’t know.
8 ASHOK ACE Let’s move her back to longshot status, after a just fair effort up at Monti. She wasn’t really a threat in most tries here. At mercy of both pace and trip and I doubt she gets that lucky tonight.
9 LOTUS SEELSTER Probably the key to the whole race! Because she will have to show some speed from way out here. Nap’s choice means she’s a go in here and she’ll have to send. Still tough to like a lot, with that 1-33 record last year.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 OPULENT YANKEE We haven’t seen the “real” Yankee in a while, with that patented speed. Maybe this class drop will do the trick? Gaps between starts are always a concern, but it is time to show more. He’s been good in winter before.
1A FLY ON Was raced conservatively last time, as expected from the bad post. The luck at the draw just hasn’t been there for this guy, but he did trot nicely through the wire. If you think he’s gunning tonight, then go ahead and use.
2 SEVEN IRON Bound for the mixed sale in a few weeks, so it’s important he makes a good impression off the layoff. That qualifier was strong, so he might be sitting on more than you think. Was stakes-quality sophomore. Watch out.
3 KARETS Seemed overmatched against that bunch last week, and also takes a drop like a few others. Normally, he can go with these, given the right kind of journey. Sits in, saves ground and tries to get lucky late.
4 ZLATAN Was racing really well, until that last lame scratch. That raises all kinds of red flags. He’s now missed a couple weeks, so I don’t really know what to expect tonight. His best puts him in play. But, are we going to see his best?
5 TEXICAN Has rounded into form quite nicely for Camp Cullipher. After that solid second, he came right back and parlayed perfect trip into a win. Those are confidence boosters, folks! And he’s got plenty of back class to handle hike.
6 ARRAKIS Had a nice, easy cruise on the lead last week, until the real threats came calling. He gave it up. So, I feel this is just too high in class for him. And, he moves out a slot too! I’d be surprised if he wired this group tonight.
7 CHROMEO Last two mile track starts were both good! But, he also moves out a few slots and I don’t see Trond rushing him out of there. Probably at mercy of both pace and trip and he might also get overbet. Not my type.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 MAX VOLO Gets much needed post relief and fits this field perfectly. Anything like last week should probably be good enough to get him home vs. this group. There’s no Bizet in here! Has a betting partner to help too!
1A DIAMOND STARLIGHT MIA for several weeks, so that’s an issue. Wasn’t exactly lighting the world on fire down at Philly either. I prefer the partner here, so let’s expect that this mare needs a race.
2 HAMMER TIME That was a pretty good try here two back. Found that last field a little too tough, so quickly back in the right spot. The inner post helps. He should be able to stick up close and then launch a move. Timing critical.
3 BRUTAL STORM I’m just not convinced this is a true “mile track” horse. Hasn’t been fast enough yet. Pass.
4 WINBAK NOELLE She’s in the Mixed Sale coming up, so it’s very important to make a good impression off the layoff. Set a very slow pace in that qualifier and still got outsprinted. I have a feeling she’s going to “need” one. I’ll wait.
5 LUCKY SHEILA Regressed into a miscue last time, but I’m just going to forget about that. In this spot, she’ll be back to her speedy ways and it should get her into a great spot. I like her chances to hit the ticket tonight. Price okay too!
6 FINNICK ODAIR Showed nothing at a billion-to-one in first try here. Scratched after that, so that raises a few red flags. Did show more down at Philly, so I expect to see more one of these nights. Barn heating up, so take long look.
7 BABY I’M WORTH IT Picked off a few of the tired ones last week, but that’s a key race to me. Tonight’s problem is the post. She can leave every once in a while, so Billy D might look to left and take a shot. I would. Won’t win from last.
8 VERY DARK Gets slammed with second straight bad post and looms a large longshot once again.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 DANISH DURANGO Andy opted off here, so Nick put himself down to drive. Does that mean he’ll scratch? Horse has been off a month, so he may not be ready for this anyway.
2 MOSCONI HANOVER Very tough call here. Horse gets the much needed class relief. Also gets a nice inside post. Wasn’t Dex’s pick, but definitely fits with this group. I wouldn’t be shocked if he uncorked some solid speed in here.
3 HOT SUMMER KNIGHT Won like the “International Good Thing” a few weeks ago. Not surprised. So, now he begins the ascent back up the class ladder. He’s got the back class to handle it. The knock: wasn’t Yannick’s pick to drive.
4 NOWS THE MOMENT That flying finish last week really surprised me! I mean he was loaded! And, after a month off! This is very lightly-raced 4YO that might have found a true home on the mile track. Let’s see if we get same big finish.
5 INAPERFECTWORLD Pretty consistent down at Philly, but that scratch and gap between starts is a major concern. Also wasn’t Dex’s choice, so that’s double knock. I guess we have to respect that choice and go with others tonight.
6 RUBBER DUCK The Duck rushed out of the gate into turn one and made a break. Of course, that’s not good. But, we get Yannick in the seat tonight, AND an additional class drop! That makes him hard to go against in here. Your call?
7 MARION GONDOLIER Ordinarily, this would be an okay spot for this guy on the class drop. But, from an outside post, with a prohibitive favorite inside, it’s not! I’m going to take a pass on this guy and wait for softer spot later.
8 ARCH CREDIT Andy must like this horse, because he keeps taking him over others. Gelding has speed, but not always the fine finish you need to win here. Tough post. Not an easy spot, so if he’s short price, I may go against.
9 T BARRR This was Dexter’s choice, so let’s take another look! Barn quietly having a good meet. Horse raced okay in first try here, to acclimate. I just hate that he’s suffering a tough case of the bad post blues. Has to show speed.
10 APLOMB HANOVER Despite a very good try last week, he looks like the longshot, stuck in another horrible post.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-6-9
H Horse Comment
1 CHILLIN IT DE VIE Those were both good qualifiers, so don’t hold it against her that she got caught. The much bigger problem is the strength of this field she’s facing. Will almost surely need this, and hope for softer spot later.
1A BELIEVE IN ME Moves back to an outside post, so that greatly limits her options. Totally at mercy of both pace and trip and I just don’t see it working out. Maybe she’ll get to follow Penpal? That’s best case scenario.
2 EDEN PAIGE N Didn’t make a move in her last try here. Then rolled to two straight down at Freehold. On the mile track again, she appears to be overmatched. I guess I’d be surprised if she beat these.
3 STORMTRACKER Endured a much tougher trip two weeks ago, but still dug in bravely to win! That was impressive. Deserved a week off, and now takes that big bump up in class. Is she really this good right now? Answer might be yes!
4 GEMMA’S BEACH GIRL Probably not in the right class here, so let’s take a pass on her, and wait for softer spot.
5 PENPAL As expected, the Pen was sent off at even-money last week and she was way too far back. Will it be the same here? OR do the gloves come off and she shows more early zip. Facing a few very sharp foes, so let’s roll tonight!
6 STYLISH BEACHWHERE We still haven’t seen her best here yet. Okay. Do note that she took a real nice run first over here last time, so she’s getting much closer. However, I do feel she might need a softer spot too! We’ll find out.
7 CUTS LIKE A KNIFE They raised the condition a touch to “allow” her into this, but it’s NO easy spot! She can leave at times, but I don’t envision her blasting in here. Hoping for a very live flow, but she may be too far back.
8 KAY’S DELIGHT This still looks too high for her, and the outside post is a killer. A longshot.
9 DELIGHTFULMEMPHISN Picture perfect drive from the Double D on this classy mare last week. That came from post nine, and this is now post 10, which she was assigned. Can’t get that lucky all the time. I might prefer others tonight.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-7-5
H Horse Comment
1 SWANCREDIT Didn’t look all that ready in the return to Club Med. This is pretty much the same spot, so I can’t be too positive about his chances at moment. I need to see more before I could endorse.
2 DULUTH That really wasn’t a bad effort here in his return. It also came after missing time. But, I do feel that group might have been a little softer than this one. Inside post keeps him close. Let’s see if we get similar rally.
3 MANDELA BLUE CHIP Have to think this is a prime wakeup call spot tonight! Horse has been buried against better for a long time, and he finally gets to drop in class to the right spot. Has post edge on #9. Will give big tussle.
4 ODYSSEY BLUE CHIP Closed the Saratoga meet with a flourish! Love to see that! Wish he’d had a race here since then, but full respect to sharp, speedy horses. He should fire out and then sit a trip. Let’s see if Derue has him ready.
5 BLITZ VICTORY Pretty nice trip and drive to get this guy home last week at 12-1. With that said, the “other” Derue horse is in same spot, but maybe against a tougher bunch? Similar trip required, but the midpack post is perfect.
6 MIKEY LIKES IT Really don’t know what to make of Mikey right now. Very inconsistent. We just don’t get the same effort twice in a row. Therefore, I’ll probably go against for now.
7 UHLAN NOIR It’s far past prime time for this guy to show up sharp. Involved in hot and heavy pace battle in the slop and he stopped. I can forgive that. This class drop is exactly what the Doctor ordered. He will be “heard from” in here.
8 CAN DO I liked this guy last week and he was simply awful. I have no idea why this guy hasn’t performed here yet, but I will now pass until I see a good start. Yes, he needs the class relief too, but he’s had NO stamina at all.
9 TECH TITAN Ya think Yannick got along with this guy? Wow! That was dazzling performance. So, Tech begins his ascent back UP the class ladder, and this is NO easy spot from post nine. If price is short, I may swing against due post.
10 SHADY MCCOY Shady’s had a couple of chances now in this class and hasn’t gotten it done. Now post 10. Pass.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 QUIET GIANT Qualifier was okay, but this looks like way too tough a spot for the comebacker. I’ll watch one.
2 CHELSEES A WINNER She’s made no real impact here thus far. Might need additional class relief before we see some sort of wakeup call. I’ll be watching for future evaluation.
3 ALASKA Flashed some pretty serious speed in her Club Med debut. I liked that. If anything, that should have her speed tightened now. Draws a better post, but in against a heavy favorite. Eric may send, and hope to get a trip.
4 DOWNUNDERMATTER Found the bump up to this level a little too tough. That’s understandable. In same spot once again, from similar post. Would need to turn up the jets substantially to get any closer. Not sure about that.
5 DERF HANOVER Derf has been fabulous here the last month. And, he gets a nice, cozy soft spot tonight. Gets into this race on the lifetime earnings cap. I think we’re looking at a pretty short price here. Catch, if catch can. Probably not.
6 MISS RUBY Loses Corey here, for obvious reasons. But, Ruby is racing really well right now. Can she put a scare into Derf? Probably not. But, I do expect her to race well again. Would be very hard to leave off the ticket completely.
7 EXS AND OHS Well, I guess that first big upset win wasn’t a fluke! Came right back and scored at 17-1! Very nice two-week parlay if you bet her. I have no idea what the price will be tonight, but I won’t start picking now. Your call?
8 JUST FOR YOU Got stuck in a tight spot last week and that’s what caused the DQ. Oh well. I will say that it was a real nice effort, considering the gaps between starts. Tonight’s problem is the post. What’s she going to do from out here?
9 DAWSON SPRINGS Got shuffled out of the race last time against Derf. Even though this is technically a class drop, it’s still a brutally tough spot. I probably have to play against him in here, but will be watching for future evaluation.
10 FINAL DREAM Also buried in a real tough spot out here. Would be a tough play, no matter how big the price.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 HEPBURN HANOVER Liked her in that spot last week and she just missed. Still, super solid try and she’s got huge chance again. The rail gives Andy options, and I wouldn’t leave her off the ticket if I were you. Nice mare!
2 JOHN’S ONE DESIRE She’s now had a couple chances here and neither trip was very good. Seems overdue for a bit better luck and maybe it’ll be tonight. Good post. Should be close. Let’s see if she gets a lucky journey now.
3 CLARA BEA Bea just isn’t very sharp right now, so she’s a continued longshot until we see more.
4 ACEFOURTYFOUR ALEX I guess she wasn’t ready for her mile track return. Was out in the flow and came up empty. Will there be any more in the tank tonight? I don’t know. Likely to offer bigger price tonight, if you fancy.
5 EMBASSY SEELSTER Burned a lot of cash last time down at Freehold. She’s caught three straight sloppy tracks, so that could be the excuse. We’re looking at a fast track tonight, so maybe she can wake back up. Has back class.
6 LOOKOUT STOKK ZONE After several flat miles here, she took a step forward last week. Will that trend continue or not? I don’t know. I don’t think I’m quite ready to hop on board her boat just yet. Let’s see another good one.
7 THE TIME TO WIN The time to win definitely wasn’t last time. It might not be tonight, either. But, if she takes any serious tote action, then pay attention. I’d still like to see an improved effort before I endorse.
8 LADY OF HEAVEN Mixed sale bound in 10 days, so running out of chances to impress. IF you took 3-5 on her last time, I feel for ya, but you’ll get a better price tonight. Still needs to show that same sterling speed from bad post.
9 ROSIEMUNN Like #3, Rosie’s just not in good form right now, so she’s a pass from the bad post.
10 FOX VALLEY BAILEY Huge test for this mare tonight! She was rock solid, and VERY good in her last two, but it’s a brand new ballgame on the class hike from post 10 now. Remember, she doesn’t leave all that well. Tougher spot.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 8-10-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 MISTRESS VALENTINE Moves from post 10 to the pole, so that helps a lot. She’s teased us a little with some speed on the mile track, but she’s lacked critical stamina here. Aiming for a sit-in trip tonight. Maybe pick up a check?
2 STARSABOVEALLERAGE When this guy drops like this, he’s usually pretty dangerous. That, plus the inside post are big keys for him. Owns one good move, so timing and trip will be critical too! I’d hate to leave him off the ticket.
3 BASTILLE That wasn’t a bad return try here. Sometimes it takes a race or two to re-acclimate to the mile. Flashed nice speed. Gets a better post. I still think he’d be better in that bottom class, but he’s forced to go in here. Needs more.
4 LINDY’S BEST YET Did well enough to pick up a check at 68-1 in this class last time. Same boat. Still a longshot.
5 CANT U SPELL Obviously, I have no idea what happened late last year, but it seems Bill has the gelding back on the right track. Since he’s driving himself, that means horse isn’t ready yet. Pass for now.
6 ILLINIMIGHT Took a ton of tote action for his Club Med debut and broke. That’s never good. I guess we can call this a “work in progress” for Team Orange Crush. Eventually, they’ll figure him out.
7 TRIUMPHANT’S CHIP Still questioning whether this is a true “mile track” horse. Stamina just isn’t there yet.
8 EYORE HANOVER Gets the very tepid call as morning line favorite, in a race FULL of question marks. He’s taking big drop in class and any of his “good” efforts would be good enough to beat these. Let’s hope he comes up good.
9 IRON DOME The Dome is slowly working his way back into shape, but do keep in mind, he doesn’t usually leave all that well, and this is post nine. I don’t see him going off at huge price, so I may swing against from out here.
10 NO RECESS Just might be the “key” to this race. Why? Because he’s been here before, and he can blast. Corey takes the call, and that’s usually a sign of positive intent. If he offers the right value, I will include on my tickets.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-3-2
H Horse Comment
1 MONTALBANO BI Simply put, I don’t know what to tell you about the Bi right now. After a very positive start, where Jimmy talked him up, he reverted right back to the bad habits. If you bet the Bi, I will simply wish you luck.
2 FELONA Interesting invader for new connections. They’ve got to start her somewhere and choose to do so here, and not Monticello. Is that a sign of positive intent? And, is the mare fast enough? We’ll get our answers tonight.
3 BELL A CHICK I think we’ve all fallen into this trap before. The Chick trotted up his usual late storm in the comebacker, so does that mean we should bet now? Be careful, especially if the price is lower than it should be.
4 JUSTCALLMEARNOLD Dexter opted here over #10, but that was no surprise. Horse has been relatively consistent and endured a few tough trips here so far. Wonder what he could do, given a good, trouble-free trip? Nice price too!
5 GUSTAVO FRING Burned a LOT of cash over those last few at Philly and has now been MIA for almost a month. Looks like a grinder type of horse, so I can’t guarantee he’ll be good on mile track. Note his 1-24 record last year too!
6 PHOTO KING Pretty sharp right now, isn’t he? Now you know why barn reclaimed him! In against the same field, from a slightly better post, so he is definitely the one to beat again. I would have tough time going against.
7 DRINKSFORTHEHOUSE We haven’t seen this guy here before. Makes me wonder why Kyle is trying mile track now. Seems to have rounded into form recently, so let’s look for positive things here. He’s got speed, so expect a send.
8 YOOPER No match for the King when they last squared off. This is toughest post drawn in a while. I’ll take a pass.
9 SERGEANT SEELSTER The gaps between races were a concern before. And, first time he raced back-to-back weeks, he was sailing along and broke for no reason. I’m guessing he has “issues” so back in for the $10K tag. Your call?
10 BREAK FREE Not ready for this yet, so he looks like an easy pass from the dreaded post 10.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-10-7-5
H Horse Comment
1 R SAM At the ripe old age of 12, I just don’t think Sam is fast enough for the mile track anymore. Pass.
2 BROADWAY ROCKS Here’s an 11YO for his owner, trainer, and reiner. Unraced for a month, and this is a race he has to need. A maintenance kind of race. Maybe he’ll find a better spot later on.
3 LUCRATIVE SON Looks like a “project horse” for new connections. Did not make the gate down at Freehold. I wonder about his mile track prowess. So, I will take a pass tonight and watch, to see if he belongs here.
4 GONEINAPUFFOFSMOKE Off the long layoff, he doesn’t look ready enough for this just yet. The second qualifier was a bit faster, but I’d have a tough time endorsing right off the bat. Let’s watch one from him too!
5 TWO HIP DIP Another horse that just about impossible to figure out. Some nights he’s good. Some nights he’s bad. You just have to guess. At least he gets a little relief in the post position department. IF price is right, go ahead and use.
6 RUFAS DE VIE In the Mixed Sale in 10 days, so we’re running out of time to impress. Fact that he scratched out of the comebacker is not good. I really don’t know what to expect from him tonight.
7 LAUDERDALE It’s almost NOT fair that this one, and #5 are in same race. It makes it virtually impossible to try and handicap. That said, this gelding did turn in a good try last time. Will he follow that up? Wish I knew. Good luck!
8 A J DESTINY Liked his chances last time, and he was a bit overdriven. It happens. Now, it’s post eight, so should we expect the same speed? Absolutely. In a race with questionable favorites, you have to send. One more chance.
9 NEW YORK ATTITUDE Stuck in bad post, off a scratch. So, that makes him a longshot again.
10 FRANKIE MULLINS This was A Nap’s choice, but he’s also coming off a miscue upon arrival. What do we do tonight? I have no idea, so more luck wished your way if you decide to bet. Only won once all of last year too!
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-7-1-5
H Horse Comment
1 ICOMMANDMYSPIRIT Enters off a scratch, so that does raise a few red flags. On best night, she’s more than competitive with these. She’s got the rail. She’s got speed. She’s got Eric A! She will be firing out. Have to use.
2 OUR ELS DREAM N Loved it when she won, but it’s been a little tougher with the hike up in class. Do we have to wait for the drop back to the bottom? The answer might be yes. Sits in, saves ground, tries to get lucky late.
3 DEUCES FOR CHARITY She’s worked her way down in class, but we haven’t seen that wakeup call effort just yet. Pass.
4 MY SISTER LUCIE Did not impress in her debut here. Would be very hard to play, after watching that.
5 SHEER TALENT This mare is going to jump up and surprise us one night soon. I just don’t know if it’s tonight. Comes out of a key race when last seen here. Stormtracker would be 1-9 in here, so she did okay. Maybe live longshot?
6 BETTOR CHILL OUT I don’t know how, but Vinny did real nice job of gearing her up to win with that pocket-popping surge. With that said, everything went her way that night. This is a step up. New driver. Needs even more to repeat.
7 OK HEAVENLY Yes, we ALL saw her get locked in while loaded last week. So, we’re looking at 2-5 odds once again. She’s found more ways to lose than I can count, so be careful, folks. Will she likely win? Yes. Is she worth 2-5? No.
8 BIG CHUTE Also mixed sale bound shortly. Her debut here was nothing to write home about. Gets stuck with a tough post, drawn outside the huge favorite. Will have to take a significant step forward, to inflate the sale price.
9 NORTHERN SWIFT Man, I wish she’d drawn a better post! Went a HUGE mile from this slot last week. Corey knows he has to “get the jump” on the favorite, so hopefully, he can clear early and easy. IF so, chances go WAY up.
10 SHOCK N AWE Did very nicely to beat up on the weaker group last time, but the missed time since, and post 10 now probably make her a pass on the class jump. Your call?