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There were six new members of the Sub 1:48 Club in 2012:  Panther Hanover, Hurrikane Kingcole, Put On A Show (only female), Bolt The Duer, Sweet Lou and Thinking Out Loud.


Despite the continuous evolution of speed in harness racing, the sub 1:48 club remains a relatively exclusive list, mostly of those pacers who definitely earned their respective speed marks.


It’s an interesting collection of the sport’s fastest performers of all-time, and each one with their own story, creating their very own dramatic moment when they stopped the teletimer with an eye-popping number.


There have been 40 sub 1:48 miles, and of the 33 members of the club, seven have accomplished the feat twice:  Somebeachsomewhere, We Will See, Art Official, Won The West, Lis Mara, Holborn Hanover and Real Joke.  The first three of those seven did it as sophomores.  In fact, more than a third (14) in this special group took their sub 1:48 marks as a three-year-old.


Although there are only two time trials on the list, Cambest continues to rank number one for his 1:46.1 mile at Springfield, Illinois.  It’s also the oldest sub 1:48 mile, coming back in 1993 off fractions of :26.1, :51.4 and 1:19 with Hall of Famer William O’Donnell.  Jereme’s Jet reeled off his 1:47 time trial in the Fall of 2007 at The Red Mile and remains the fastest mile of John Campbell’s illustrious career.


Jim Morrill, Jr. guided two in the top six, Holborn Hanover, the longest shot in Meadowlands Pace history, who came back at age four to win the US Pacing Championship in 1:46.4.  Then, Morrill drove the recently retired Won The West to the fastest Breeders Crown mile ever at 1:47 in 2009.  Morrill also put a mark of 1:47.4 on Shadyshark Hanover in the 2011 Oliver Wendell Holmes.


Somebeachsomewhere’s 1:46.4 race mile in Lexington came a few months after his gallant defeat at the hands of Art Official in the 1:47 world record Meadowlands Pace in 2008, one of the greatest races of all-time.


We Will See’s pair of 1:47.2 and 1:47.4 in 2011 with Ron Pierce came in his $1.2 million four-year-old season when he was beaten out for the division title by Foiled Again, whose mark of 1:48.1 leaves him an outsider here.   


Hypnotic Blue Chip paced the fastest mile of 2011, 1:47.2 in the US Pacing Championship, one of two 1:47.2 trips in Jody Jamieson’s career, and one of 26 sub 1:48 miles recorded at The Meadowlands.  Jamieson’s other 1:47.2 sparkler came with the oldest member of this crew, the nine-year-old Primetime Bobcat, who stunned onlookers on a 53-degree night at Woodbine back in 2006.  That is still the all-age track record at Woodbine.


Bettor Sweet was another who took his mark of 1:47.2 at age four at The Big M, just won his second straight Breeders Crown and is closing in on $3 million.


Sometimes you get lucky and set up by hot fractions, like Hurrikane Kingcole’s record 1:18.2 three quarters, and the lightly-raced Panther Hanover with Sylvain Filion pounced in 1:47.2 to win the 2012 New Jersey Classic in only his tenth career start.  Hurrikane Kingcole had previously romped in the Pace Consolation in 1:47.3 in rein to Yannick Gingras.


Jenna’s Beach Boy and William Fahy sat a perfect trip behind Riyadh and the result was a 1:47.3 before-its-time clocking back in 1996.


Space Shuttle and Ron Pierce tripped out behind Western Ideal in 2000 to win in 1:47.4, one of many in the daytime heat of Hambletonian Day.


Lis Mara and Brian Sears came charging off stunning fractions of :25.2, :52.2 and 1:20.2 enroute to a 1:47.3 Breeders Crown triumph in 2006.


On the other side of the coin, Well Said and Ron Pierce simply dominated the 2008 Meadowlands Pace in a 1:47.3 blowout.  Rocknroll Heaven did the same in his 2010 Pace elimination, yet had to settle for second to One More Laugh in a 1:47.4 final.


Hall of Famer Ron Pierce leads the way with seven sub 1:48 miles.


The Sub 1:48 Club not only stands out as a collection of fleet of foot pacers and some great champions, but a legacy of the constant quest for time standards and a memory book of heart-pounding moments.


Cambest  5,1:46.1TT 

Holborn Hanover  5,1:46.4 

Somebeachsomewhere  3,1:46.4 

Jereme’s Jet  4,1:47TT 

Art Official  3,1:47 

Won The West  5,1:47 

We Will See  4,1:47.2 

Hypnotic Blue Chip  4,1:47.2 

Primetime Bobcat  9,1:47.2 

With Anticipation  5,1:47.2 

Bettor Sweet  4,1:47.2 

Panther Hanover  3,1:47.2 

Won The West  7,1:47.2 

Jenna’s Beach Boy  4,1:47.3 

Lis Mara  4,1:47.3 

Soul Chaser  7,1:47.3 

Well Said  3,1:47.3 

Real Joke  4,1:47.3 

Real Joke  4,1:47.3 

Rocknroll Heaven  3,1:47.3 

Hurrikane Kingcole  3,1:47.3 

Put On A Show  5,1:47.3 

OK Commander  3,1:47.4 

Somebeachsomewhere 3,1:47.4 

Lis Mara  5,1:47.4 

Four Starzzz Shark  6,1:47.4 

Holborn Hanover  5,1:47.4 

Space Shuttle  4,1:47.4 

Ultimate Falcon  5,1:47.4 

American Ideal  3,1:47.4 

My Boy David  3,1:47.4 

Mister Big  4,1:47.4 

Shadow Play  4,1:47.4 

Art Official  3,1:47.4 

One More Laugh  3,1:47.4 

Shadyshark Hanover   3,1:47.4 

We Will See  4,1:47.4 

Bolt The Duer  3,1:47.4 

Sweet Lou  3,1:47.4 

Thinking Out Loud  3,1:47.4 






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